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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 6, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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thanks to all our guests. thanks to you for watching, and for matt welch and kmele foster and sweet little pelosi is fine, read >> he played well the part of an honest man. he was addressing the congressman but was never candid. occasionally forgetful and never forthright, seeking often refuge and ambiguity and ignoring contradictions of his ambiguity contradictions of his own mak g making, and all of the while, he was the most earnest if not the most forthcoming person in the room.
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here is mr. morrel explaining why he decliped to answer questions during the talking points destroying the truth the of matters and while asking about the knowledge of general petraeus' role or who exactly he briefed on benghazi and when. >> i don't remember the timing of my awareness of that investigation. i did not know anything about what was go g ing on with gener petraeus. and so i don't remember, i don't remember saying that there was briefings, so again, i don't remember, but as i said, i would not be surprise d if i briefed the deputies on the 13th that the attack had evolved, and i don't know exactly which ones, and you will have to ask the agency for that, but it was coordinated. >> morrel went on to claim that he changed what he called
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certain, quote, insignificant editorial words in the talk points before he sent them off to the president's national security council. morrel did admit that it was his e decision to ignore an e-mail from the station chief in libya. an e-mail that stated clearly and une kwquivocally that theres no protest, that the no demonstration occurred before the terrorist attack at the benghazi consulate. and this is morrel telling the committee that his analysts in d.c. had in his judgment, quote, more compelling evidence than the cia station chief and the people on the ground in benghazi and all of that before he decided that he actually agreed with both views. four americans killed in a p protest, and he acknowledges against a video that the demonstrators apparently had not seen, and also an attack by al qaeda affiliated terrorists whom
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the president had told the nation repeatedly were on the run. >> i would, if i am looking for the cia's judgment about what happen happened in a particular case, i would go to my analyst. >> and not to the people on the ground? >> i believed what my analyst said, that there was a protest. i also believed it to be a terrorist attack. you see we never saw those two things as mutually exclusive, and soy believed both of those at the same time the. >> a difficult balancing act indeed. morell went on the blame the removal of reference of terrorist groups al qaeda and al sharia on the public affairs office, and he claimed a he had no knowledge of the white house plan to put then u.n. ambassador susan rice on five morning talk
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shows to talk about those talking points even though he admitted that the talking points were changed and if he were ignorant of those talking points, for what audience would he have been editing or altering them? and now turning to the first guest who says that the whole tragedy of the whole talking point controversy is that it obscures two critical facts. the state department knew about the worsening situation in benghazi and the worsening situation for a year before september 11th, and yet it denied increased securities for the facilities, and following the terrorist attack the white house knew and so ansar al sharef carried out the attacks. joining us is general jack keane, and fox news team analyst. good to have you with us, jack.
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>> good to be here, lou. >> and let's start with mike morell and his testimony i found just absolutely flummoxing. this is a man who had basically denied much of what he had acknowledged and admitted to today, and at the same time, seemingly, he was very artful in not giving up anything new. your thoughts? >> well, i was very disappointed to the discover that he had clearly information from the field, multiple sources from the field, primary sources who actu actually saw what took place and others who were reporting on what took place, and chose the discount those in favor of a langley analyst. this analyst that he is making reference to unnamed, obviously, is well thought of at langley and obviously well thought of at the committee he is briefing today, at least he alleged that.
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and beside that i am stunned that he chose to go with the analyst's judgment on this the all of the way to the weekend when finally he could not ignore it anymore. and all of that said, mike morell and while he has a great reputation in the government spent most of his years at langley and not in the field where he was getting most of the reports, from and maybe he has a biased for the analytical team, pause that is who he was, and that is what he spent his career with, but i am not excusing it. it is a judgments thing here, lou. his judgment was at a fault. it is contributed to misleading en formation to susan rice and the administration. >> was the cia in effect under morell, under petraeus and under in effect leon panetta, and so-called
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so-called politicized under the direction of mike morell that the judgment could not be brought to bear. because there is a horrible disconnect of september 11, to whom he was the first to believe it was a al quaid and the tell president so, and then in 2012 to decide to go with the silly video story, and by the way, it is silly in any context no matter the reputation of the analyst who would push it or not, i think. your thoughts? >> well, i mean, we have to be frank. anybody that's been around washington, d.c. knows that the cia at times has been certainly apolitical but has been politicized, and that happened in the bush administration when they were pushing it against president bush's prosecution of the war, and it may have happened here. i can't get down to all of the facts, because i have not seen the thousands of documents, but much i do know about the ci a
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aings and this is what is disturbing me about it, the people who work there, day in, day out, and the intelligence they provide and the analysis they provide and the people in the field who risk their lives in the field on a daily basis are extraordinary human beings and we are a 9/11 in the cia because of what happened there, and the efforts of finally running down bin laden, and so i resist in getting involved in the politics of the cia, and one, i have opinions burk not a lot of fact ,but i don't have a lot of facts to support it. >> and i'm talking about the politization of the appointments at the top, and the bureaucrats who are also a part of the top leadership, it is very disturbing particularly as it is working out in the search for truth for example in benghazi. i want to quickly if we may quickly turn to the ukraine and
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the judgments that the russians are capable of within hours' notice of moving on e eastern ukraine and capturing it. your thoughts? >> well, that is true. we have to take those capabilities that they put in pla place, and they have essentially doubled the amount of forces they had in essentially crimea and sitting on the border of ukraine and they can obviously dominate eastern ukraine and moldova if they choose to move, and that is why the supreme commander of crimea is concerned, because he is looking at the capabilities, and we are all trying to figure out putin the's intent. there are two options for putin. one, to seize the territory thes and the second thing is to continue to intimidate. and what he wants, for sure, is that the government in ukraine as a result offian yankovich's
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fleeing, he lost a friend in ukraine and moving to europe. and now he wants the government aligned with europe out of there. and this intimidation could be one of the ways to achieve it or he may have to the move in, seize territory the, and then e negotiate for his removal of the territory that that government be more aligned with him. >> general jack keane, good to see you. >> always good talking to you, lou. the new coo of general motors is on capitol hill apologizing again, and blaming the old gm. congressman joe barton however believes that the new gm is not doing too well either h. he is doing too well either h. he is next. many of my patients still clean their dentures with toothpaste.
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well, general motors and the new ceo are having a rough go. congressman joe barton questioned ceo mary barra, and he wants answers. >> it is your position fou that general motors will not accept parts that don't meet specifications? >> we won't accept part s ths t don't meet our performance, safety, durability specs. >> what you just testified to is gobble di go gobbledy goop. >> and congressman, good to have you with us, congressman joe
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barton. what you called gobbledy goop. >> well, i believe she has been coached by the team to be as neutral as possible without lying under oath. >> so she is covering up? >> well, i hope that she is sincere, and that there is a new culture at gm, and i open that she pushes this investigation to tell the truth, but i can tell you this, the energy and commerce committee on a bipartisan basis is going to pursue this investigation, and we will get the facts on the table for the american people. >> and we have got people who are dead here. people who have been injured. a company that knew about it, for ten years. >> right. >> and we have got a coo who i was cheering as she had the guts to walk up to the hill, and say, she is going to answer the questions and take a, take the oath, and sit down and start
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testifying. i could not have been more disappointed as you were, when this is what, you know, with was coming out of her mouth. i mean, this culture of cover-up. i mean, i don't give a damn about the legal teams, and i don't care one wit, and i don't think that congress should care about their legal teams, and it seems to me, and i want to applaud you all in the house in particular, and frankly the senate as well for trying to get at the truth, but this business of taking into account the immense legal liability for killing people, because that is what this is about, it is absurd, don't you think? >> look, lou, i agree with you. i still can't understand how they could accept the part that did not meet their own specifications, and not once, but twice, and when i say that it didn't meet the specifications, it wasn't close. it was like only about one-third
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or a one-fourth of the force to move that ignition switch from the on to the off for accessory, and as a former engineer, i am absolutely astounded that they would accept that. i was very disappointed with her answer when i asked how many more parts they are using right now that don't meet their own specifications. if it is one, it is too many. bottom line, they are liable, and people have died, and many people have been injured, and we don't need to just change this at gm, but we need to figure out a way that if it is possible to prevent this type of thing that it is prevented, and it should not be a congress telling industry, but it should be industry want ing ing to do thet thing from to get-go. >> and mary barra to be candid with you has convinced me that she does want to repair to the higher standard, but at the same time if congress accepts a witness who is playing games
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with words of evading the question questions and not answering forthrightly and truthfully, it does not matter what you do frankly with my judgment with the regulator, because you don't need more regulator thes, but more honest people, and i'm talking about on both sides of the testimony, asking the question, like you did, and answering tm as mary barra did not. congressman joe barton -- >> we will follow up, and the committee is going to follow up, and the members on both my side, the republicans, and the democratic side are going to insist that we get the truth. you know, murphy is a very honest chairman, and diane is a great ranking democrat, and with people like myself and john dingle, we will get the truth out and you and the american people can decide what we need to do. >> congressman, thank you for being with us. >> good to be here. >> congressman joe barton of texas. and no deal. the russians refuse to back off
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bush's prime minister dmitry medvedev made a visit to refer to russias a crude violation of diplomacy, and as russia pulls closer to the borders of ukraine, the u.s. makes the first delivery of aid to crimea with meals to eat. joining us now is fox news's analyst k.t. mcfarlane. what do you make of the foreign minister of russia dmitry medvedev, and they have talked long and hard and what do you see? >> it is a lot of hot air. putin has the leverage at the border, and when you saw medvedev going to crimea today, he is tauklking about handing o the good dis and make it worth
8:23 pm
crimea's while, and forgive some debt, and make loans to them, and give them cheap energy in contrast to what they are going to do with the rest of ukraine. >> and meanwhile, it is status quo. the russians have pulled back one battalion about 1,000 troops. >> yeah. >> and by the way, some have estimated 60,000 to 80,000 troops. and let me ask you this, aren't you surprised that we don't have a better count of the russian tro troops on the eastern border of the ukraine? one number varies to the next, and hopefully that is us disguising our sophisticated intelligence and assessment rather than not knowing. >> the numbers are all over. some say 30,000, and some say 80,000. >> hopefully more news media than intelligence. >> i am not sure what intelligence is put into this, because we are certainly not acting very intelligent. and are that i am massed at the ukrainian border or the crimean
8:24 pm
border? because i think that putin goes e goal is to take the ban of a large group of countries, and russia has a large russian-speaking ethnic group near the border. >> you think that he is going to cross the borders? >> i think that he has to. he has the troops lined up, and he has to ultimately, ukraine could fall into his lap, because they are in economic basket case, and at the end of the day, how much better to have it just happen rather than have to move the troops? now, what would happen if they did move the troops is that the ukrainians would fight. >> you think they would? >> yes. and but with those mres. >> and the other part is that they have no real reserves. >> no. >> any battle-tested troops whatsoever. >> no. >> and it would be a futile sacrifice. >> yes. >> and i would think that the leadership would be wiser than that, and that president obama and the european leaders could be effective enough in the
8:25 pm
negotiations with putin to forestall such an even chul wall ti, and i don't know what the, you know, i don't know what that possibility is. i want to turn to, if i may john kerry landing in israel tonight there to straighten things out. k kerry coming up with this idea that no longer testing apparently the idea of some of the reports go, that israel should try out not being referred to as a jewish state, and i got the idea that maybe they would be a cultural center in jerusalem, and is -- surely that is not true. surely, that did not happen? it is like american foreign policy and you look around the world and you have a house and the roof leaks and there are termites in the walls and mold in the basement, and what is r kerry going to do? he is going to decorate the poolhouse, because the center of foreign policy is what is happening in china and japan and south korea and what is
8:26 pm
happening in the middle east with the iranian nuclear program. and what is kerry doing? this fruitless, futile effort to bring the palestinians and the israelis together, and even if he got a deal, which he can't, it would be blown up by two people to sabotage the deal. i have always thought that the israeli/palestinian problem is not the first piece in the puzzle, but the last piece in the puzzle. >> k.t. mcfarlane, always great to see you. >> thank you. and so much for france's socialist revolution. francois hollande's revolutionist party suffering a brutal defeat in the localelect than 100 towns. europe going conservative in france, in spain, in germany, and soon we will know if the united kingdom is joining in the trend. their elections in may. we are coming right back. stay with us. of all of the decisions before the supreme court, they decide to free up a little money
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joining us the i-team, don dioriano, and new york's wor, mark, and syndicated host, author and fox news contributor monica crowley, and monica, we want to start with you. the president is on a victory tour, and this has to warm your heart and you have to be feeling good that the man finally crossed the rubicon and got to the goal. >> i have never seen so many people happy and celebrate inin total disaster. this number 7.1, which charles
8:31 pm
krauthammer referred to as a phony number is still a number that who knows how many people have paid -- >> and i don't know, who says that the number is phony? i am waiting for that. and the usual krauthammer geniu genius. >> and we all saw the president put on this victory lap, but what we know is that the structural problems of obamacare are real and not going away. and we also know that the structural problems are going to kick in as the year progresses, and rates will go up, and those e notices will be going out right before the election. >> and it sounds like conservatives, don, and they are naming names and moving the goalpost, and what about that 7 million? is monica right? >> no, she is not right. come on, lou. what is an en row lee, and i like the great nancy pelosi channeled george washington and the founding fathers and told us what a milestone day it was and people said that we will not
8:32 pm
talk about obamacare again and yesterday was the last big day, and we will see as we move to november. >> mark, is it over? mission accomplished? >> well, we should have had a banner behind, mission ak k accomplish and not only 1 million, but 7.1 million. and we will find out that most who signed up will not actually pay for anything, and who knows the it is the right breakdown of all of the young people we need. >> i don't want to dampen anyone's parade, but this is jimmy fallon putting nit context. >> as for the goal of people enrolled in obamacare, and it is amazing what you can do if you want to make something mandatory and fine people if if they don't, and then keep moving the deadline deadlines. it is a cinderella story. >> jimmy fallon, and he nailed it. absolutely nailed it. >> you will know that it is
8:33 pm
called obamacare when it is nailed down. now they call it affordable care a act. but you will know when it is called obamacare. >> and nancy pelosi is saying don't call it obamacare. >> and you will see he she is fleeing the scene of the accident. we are proud of the affordable care act, and with we aren't going to talk about it, but the jobs, and this is the 18th p million time they have pivoted to jobs. >> and sarah palin weighing in and adroitly if i may, calling the ryan budget a joke. i mean, she was not mincing words. >> yeah, i don't think that it is a joke, lou, and i differ with palin -- >> as i said, i can't believe she would say such hurtful things. >> well, something is up with paul ryan and i don't get the budget either, and i don't believe this is a serious attempt to reduce the budget or
8:34 pm
anything else. so no, i'm not on board with paul ryan. >> what about you? >> well, it is not what we want or what we can get, but i watched "house of cards" for two seasons, and i don't trust anything coming out of the white hou house. >> and i don't believe you will see a cameo role, but now he has moved on to immigration reform, and he is hitting the gang of eight for amnesty, and he is just apparently on the way to the chair of the way s as and t means, and the power at the top. >> yes, the most powerful republican. from what i understand of the blueprint, there are serious stab at the entitlement reform, and removing the government c control of fannie and freddie and so on, but to sarah palin's point, he does not address the here and now. >> i love that plug. >> well, i have a special part in my heart for paul ryan, but sarah palin is correct to the point that it is not dealing with the here and now, and not the current deficit, but it is dealing with the future congress or president will deal with the
8:35 pm
numbers, and there is no assurance of that. >> right. and pollard the spy and 400 palestinians the terrorists do a little trade here at the america's request, and america gets nothing for it, and those guys, you know, the palestinians, and i mean, the z israelis start talking again. and dom, really? this is diplomacy? >> well, lou, this guy powered all of the years and i think that as long as mark has been on radio, this guy has been in power since i started talk radio and he is a mythical character out there, and i felt like i was transported to 25 years ago. >> i am delighted that you are taking us down memory lane, but is it a good deal or a bad deal? >> i don't think it is a good deal. i am just back from israel, lou, and john kerry is seen as a bigger joke there than president
8:36 pm
obama is, and that is the bottom line. >> and this is how bad this is, even jonathan pollard has rejected the terms here and this is not an april fools', pollard has rejected the terms of the deal. you won't bring the israelis and the palestinians to the table this with this. >> and hundreds of millions of people and the smartest brains in the country, and we have sent john kerry to handle this, so i am sure that it will work out. >> tough group. thank you, mark, dom, and monica. from the left wing, assaulting the 2nd amendment, and chairman richard mack urging the vermont police to respect the constitution, and ignore new gun control laws in the state. he is next. when folks in the lower 48 think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. thousands of people here in alaska are working
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a new gun control provision passed last month in vermont is
8:40 pm
being met with criticism from law enforcement, constitutional sheriffs and the peace officers association president richard mack calling on the vermont sheriffs to ignore the new gun control legislation and to protect the 2nd amendment. joining me now is sheriff richard mack. good to have you here. >> thank you, lou. it is good to be back in new york. >> what is the reaction of those who you have asked to say, ignore it. don't enforce it. it sounds very obamaesque if i may say. >> well, we want the borders protected. they ignore the immigration laws and they do pick and choose quite often, but we don't want to pick and choose, and we want the constitution the enforced. by those in local and municipal jurisdictions who swore an oath to do just that. and so this is really a badge versus the badge situation. and i believe that the biggest badge in the county is the county sheriff. the county sheriff is the only elected law enforcement officer in the county.
8:41 pm
he reports directly to the people. she is not a bureaucrat, and he does not answer to another bureaucrat, and if we are going to take america back, then we must do so one county at a time, sheriff by sheriff. >> and your organization has issued a resolution calling on congress to follow the laws set out in the constitution, and what are you trying to accomplish there? >> well, not just congress, but it would be nice to have them on boar board, and we want every federal official, and all of the fbi agents in the country, and the epa and the fda and all of the federal bur kra i ises, and yes, they are controlled by congress, and we need congress on board, too, and that we are going to tell them that if you don't enforce the constitution, we will. now, remember, this is a peaceful process, a nd we are nt trying to fight anybody or trying to cause civil war or a revolution. we want to -- >> that is reassuring. >> but the thing is that they keep pushing it. i mean, they are pushing the envelope on this, and right now we have --
8:42 pm
>> when you say, "they"? >> the federal government with raids going on against honest citizens all of the time. even the department of education raided a man's home in stockton, california, because the estranged wife, who wasn't even there, and estranged wife had not paid the student loan. this is the type of thing that we want to stop. >> that all happened last year. >> yes, it did. and what about the irs? who is going to protect the americans from the irs? we believe everiy esheriff and guard in the country should be the guard of liberty just a as they promised the do. >> i think that the even has great confidence and faith in the sheriff and the law enforcement. >> but they don't have it in washington, d.c. >> i understand that, but we also have to acknowledge that constitution calls for the supremacy of the federal government when those laws are laid down -- >> pursuant to the constitution. >> exactly. >> and pursuant to the constitution, and the federal government has not followed the
8:43 pm
constitution in decades, and what we are saying, and all we are i snag the resolution, the cspoa resolution, and anybody can see it on the website, we are saying just follow the bill of rights. why not? why is that so hard for them? why can't they get that? they have violated it all of the time, and the families right now being abused that were raided and the families abused in montana and wyoming and these are things happening all of the time, and the irs abuses, and we know that they commit crimes all of the time. it is almost routine. >> and s so whwhat is the recou that you are suggesting? >> well, the recourse is the checks and balances as required within the principles of the 10th amendment and the state sovereignty and who is going to enforce state sovereignty? the federal government? they are destroying it. we are saying that every governor, every sheriff, every county attorney and city councilman should be on the side of liberty, and why not? why shouldn't we say, hold it,
8:44 pm
the supreme court case when i sued the federal government and i sued the clinton administration as sheriff. >> over the brady bill. >> and we should have had thousands of sheriffs involved in it b we didn't, because people are afraid to get involved, but we can't be afraid anymore, because this is not a mess anymore, lou, it is america dying, and we can save her and make it all peaceful if we have sheriffs and local officials that will just tell the federal government that there are a few things that you are not going to do here. >> and in vermont, what is the reaction to your call for those sheriffs to uphold the constitution by ignoring state restrictions on the 2nd amendment? >> well, first of all those laws -- >> we have to wrap up real quick here. >> those laws are a complete violation of the vermont law, and the state law in the constitution, and why not do it the sheriffs? >> well, we have not heard too much from the sheriffs there, because they don't even think
8:45 pm
that it is going into the effect, because it violates vermont law. >> sheriff richard mack, good the talk to you. thanks for being here. thank you, lou. a 28-year-old british sniper firing what is being called the shot of the century. last december he fired a single bullet against a tall ban fig fighter in afghanistan that nots only killed his intended target who was nine football fields away, but he also killed five other suspected fighters with that same bullet. how did he do it? his shot hit the taliban's suicide vest and the explosion took the out the rest. by the way, a happy note, not a single with one of our troops killed in afghanistan last month. the first time that has happened since january of 2007. up next, new york time's best selling author, ted bell, a
8:46 pm
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or add a car to your policy. personalized coverage and savings -- all the things humans need to make our world a little less imperfect. call... and ask about all the ways you could save. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? the newest novel in the acclaimed alex hawk series, "warriors" comes out tomorrow in the latest installment, the mr. hawk is tasked with the rescue of an american scientist as the united states and china start moving conspicuously close to an all-out nuclear war. and joining us is new york time's best selling author ted bell. >> thank you, lou, for having me.
8:50 pm
i ap preepreciate it. >> congratulations on the book. >> thank you. >> and i was thinking that it has been over a decade since i started reading you, and reading hawke in particular, and as always one of my favorite characters. how did you select the china as the, you know, as really the menace in the tale? >> well, i will tell you that it came from a very lucky circumstance, lou. and about three years ago i was at a book signing with a friend of mine who went to cambridge a and professor at cambridge and he brought along a friend of his, and we went to dinner and talked about what china looked like and russia looked like and i got into some of my theories about some of the things that i was exploring in my book, and he said, wouldn't it be fun to have a guy at cambridge to have
8:51 pm
dinner, and he turned out to be from m.i. 6, but he got elected as a scholar there at cambridge and so it was spy heaven. >> and the character and the context for it, china is one of the companies that one of the things that i worry about in what i perceive is reality is the unintended consequence of the way in which the government right now and europe are pushing russia. >> right. >> that is towards china, and the unforeseen, and the, if you will, the unintended consequence that might be an alliance. >> right. >> and china, as you represent it, a very significant threat, and the rest of the world does not quite see it that way. >> i think that what if you were going to talk to the pentagon right now, and this is cambridge stuff, and lot of it i can't, but -- >> right. >> but most people would have
8:52 pm
said, we are ten years away from a serious confrontation from chi china, and they are just not ready, and so that the plot of warriors is a rogue chinese general identifies the sicientit who is in charge of all of the futuristic weapons designed for the u.s. pentagon, and instead of taking the guy out, they kidnap him, and the wife and the two small children and put him over there on their side of the chess board. and so while the family is in a north korean death campp, th ca scientist is developing weapon s that are far above what the u.s. has got. >> and therein lies the tale. >> yes. >> and i will talk about one thing, which you talk about alexhaalex hawke, and i talk about alex hawke as one of my very favorite character characters, but as you try to talk about the book, how do you talk about it without giving tup much away and entice the reader?
8:53 pm
>> well, i was always told to treat the mind as a temple, and i taught mine to be an amusement mark, and it comes through in the book. >> thank you so much. i can't wait. and the book is "warriors" and i could not recommend it to you higher anymore than i could, and it is available for preorder on bookshelves nationwide tomorrow. pull the trigger and have some fun. up next, my commentary on congressman paul ryan's budgetary proposal, and we will have a lot of your comments as well. stay with us. (agent) i understand. (dad) we've never sold a house before. (agent) i'll walk you guys through every step. (dad) so if we sell, do you think we can swing it? (agent) i have the numbers right here and based on the comps that i've found, the timing is perfect.
8:54 pm
...there's a lot of buyers for a house like yours. (dad) that's good to know. (mom) i'm so excited.
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8:56 pm
if you, like me, are a little tired of congressman paul ryan spouting off on the budget about which he at least knows a few things and on illegal immigration about which he seems to know very little, then you
8:57 pm
will be pleased to know that mr. ryan has produced what is likely his last budget. congressman's term limited run as the house chairman of the budget committee is come ting tn end, and he has delivered the gop 2015 budget resolution which would cut spend big $5.1 trillion and try to balance the budget by 2024, and feeble, but very, very worthy gesture. the ryan path to prosperity as it is called, doesn't raise taxes, but repeals obamacare, of course, and that brings in about $2 trillion, and alters the medicare benefits for future retirees by turning it into a voucher-like program. don't ask. clearly, it is upsetting democrats, and although you have to wonder why. they are giving to ignoring sound fiscal policy and sound budgets and whether this is one, i can't tell you, but
8:58 pm
nonetheless, it set off the irascible majority leader harry reid. >> it is a blueprint for a modern coke, how would we say it coke topia. yeah, that is it. kochtopia,and in fact, call it what you want, and we might as well call it the koch budget, because that is what they are doing, protecting the koch brothers. >> koch topia, and don't you love that? the republicans understand that no fiscal edifice will be built on mr. ryan's budget blueprint, but it is not going to prevent republicans from debating it for the next two weeks. that gives the democrats another opportunity to distract like ly voters from their record, and their feig ures of both domestic and foreign policy, but then we all get a break. congress moves on the easter break, and you and i get a two-week break from the well
8:59 pm
intentioned ryan, reid and the brothers and the sisters in congress, but it is never too early to note election day. please circle november 4th on your calendars, because the midterms now are 216 days away. yippee eye yay ki yay. and now i was written by debbie, president obama doesn't follow, obey or enforce any of the laws of the u.s., and so why would he bother enforcing bord security laws. and this one, these folks from the obama administration could screw up a vacant lochlt i thought i was the only one who used that expression. and now, this one, victory is a little bit premature, and what about the buyer's remorse when the premium renewals come out? keep e-mail iing me at
9:00 pm and free copies of my book "upheaval" to those whose tweets and e-mail posts are read on this >> people are going to do it whether you like it or not. >> seeking immediate action. >> gambling is popular. >> it has negative consequences that began to ripple through society. >> my poker game would be a crime in half the state. the one we have people arrested for gambling when it is okay for the state to sell lottery tickets.


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