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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  April 7, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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giving colorado three reasons to brag. highest obesity rates in huntington, mechanical len and hagerstown. nearly 40% of those city's populations clocking in as obese. i will bring in my colleague melissa francis. all i can say, melissa, my senior producer is from colorado. that reason to brag colorado got in there for a reason. it is a beautiful place, tons of mountains and reasons to get outside. melissa: i was suspicious why you were focusing on that but thank you, deirdre. what internal documents reveal about the iphone maker as it sits on a whopping $159 billion in cash. bears piling on with today's selloff. the s&p 500 has given back all of its gains for the years, for the year that is. the bad news may still be to come. the stocks to avoid as earnings season kicks off. a race against time for malaysia flight 370. new details in the search with just hours to go until the
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black box stops pinging. melissa: apple on a downward slide. an internal memo says the worse may be yet to come. consumers want larger models with cheaper price tags than the iphone. facebook and google are snapping up companies, apple's giant war chest lies dormant of. we have charlie gasparino and marketing expert bruce turkel with us. this is a feignful memo to come out in the midst of the samsung trial. they basically made a full screen to show to the whole company, consumers want what we don't have and they're talking about phones less than $300 with screens bigger than four inches. how embarrassing is this. >> this is embarrassing but if you watched fox business since last year this is what apple is worried about over the past year. we reported exclusively that
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apple's board was worried about the pace of technological advavancnce in the company a innovation and whether tim cook, the new ceo that replaced steve jobs, whether he had the chops to do that sort of innovation and this is a function of that. there is in a way affirmation of our story but shows you that it hasn't changed since last year. melissa: also tells you, james, what is so startling they are also afraid of the problem. one thing to have investors talking about here is apple's problem, here is what they're doing, but for them to acknowledge it, internally within their numbers see it as a problem and are they creating an answer do you think? will we see a big, cheap, iphone? >> you know what? they're sitting on all this cash and they're boring right now giant in their space. where jobs was amazing anticipating where the market was going and making sure the puck was there when the consumers were looking for it the fact his tim cook and his team haven't done that consumers want more for less and other companies are getting it and apple continues to sitting behind.
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>> i think we're missing the story here. it is no the just change, there may be a issue with the ceo and the board right now. i mean i think that based on what i know about this company and what we reported last year, i can tell you i got tremendous brushback -- melissa: blowback. >> blowback is right word, from the company that the board was angered at tim cook. what they were saying they are not angered with him but i think this underscores that they are. melissa: i want to bring bruce in before he gets lost here. what do you make of this? and how do you feel about the fact that a company made internal memo terrible and gets released and is everywhere? why would we create a full screen like this that would go out to everyone? >> what is important to remember, steve jobs famously said, it is not my customer's business to know what they want next. what jobs was such a genius, not anticipating what customers were looking for but what they hadn't even thought of and bringing in new products i think this memo is nothing more than jobs walking down the hallway ranting
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and raving at people to come up with the next big thing of the problem is, the ipad is only four years old. these kind of developments take time but investors, wall street and of course consumers are not used to waiting for the next big thing anymore. >> i guess what we should ask, is tim cook's job in jeopardy. melissa: what do you think? >> i can tell you they weren't happy with him a year ago even though they fought me back. that board is worried about the pace of innovation and whether he has the chops. melissa: leave there thanks to all of you. losses by apple and other tech companies sinking senates daca. jo ling kent at the exchange with more. another tough day. look at that chart. >> i'm here at the nasdaq. we're down about 1.6%, 1.5%. taking a look at momentum stocks it is clear investors are not letting go, basically letting these stocks slide on down. the biggest losers we have, dish, down about 6% when we last checked. trip advisor down almost the same, 5.8%. baidu down, tesla not faring too
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well ire, 3.5%. we're looking at underlying weaknesses in these momentum stocks. a lot of investors concerned they continue with profit generating or productive as they were off the highs we saw last year and the year before, melissa, jo, you talked to a lot of tech people during the day and there was concern whether this would continue today. what is sentiment like? >> there are certain analysts i spoke to very early before the markets opened thought it would be a better day on nasdaq. we're not looking at bad as of a day on friday. we're looking at worst in two years. other analysts over lunchtime feeling a little more bearish about some of these stocks looking especially at trip advisor and dish network. these are tech companies and mass media companies that appeal to a lot of different types of investors so we'll watch specific categories. melissa: thank you so much. the pain is everywhere. the nasdaq down 1.6%. the dow, triple-digit loss, 143
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points on the day. >> wasn't gm aware of a problem with the cobalt's ignition switch back in 2006? >> we're looking into that. [laughter] >> and what was gm's response when they discovered the problem? >> we are looking into that as well. melissa: oh, "saturday night live" poking a little fun at general motors's ceo mary barra, testimony in front of congress over the massive recall. repairs are beginning today and could take 30 minutes to fix the car. charlie, you have the scoop on this. >> what we're understanding that the gm's board lawyered up. they have what we understand a fairly prominent law firm. what that shows is this -- melissa: they had a lost lawyers before though. what is different about this. >> this is specific lawyer, from what we understand, and we'll report this out more today, that is handling this one situation. i mean what they're worried about quite frankly is liability obviously and here's the real
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liability. we don't know exactly who knew what when but if you can somehow prove, and i tell you need a lawyer on here, i'm not a lawyer but i know they're worried about, if you can somehow knew management prethe bailout, and know something might happen and there was something wrong here that could fall into question from the bailout. remember what happened in the bailout. bondholders got screwed like there is no tomorrow. melissa: they could end up owing money and void the bankruptcy and end up with gigantic debt? >> i don't know what people knew when and they have emails and they say they found out about it recently or if you prove they should have known or had reason to know best bailout that is ripe for plaintiff lawsuits. melissa: that is terrible news. bruce, at the same time, it is amazing to me when "saturday night live" pick up on a theme and they're making fun of it, a story i think is business and very focused on investors and they're poking fun at it, it
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really reached critical mass. >> yeah and the thing to remember is the only people laughing at this are the "saturday night live" audience. nobody else is laughing. remember, people died. we have it this teen deaths now and -- 13 deaths now. if this is shown to be a cover-up, as you just heard this is death spiral. ultimately their product brand is about trust. and if they lose that trust, i don't even know how they pull out of that. melissa: yeah. absolutely. jim, what do you think? >> feinberg has been appointed obviously. the go-to guy to help find a fair and up standing way going forward except his history is on american tragedies. gm ongoing concern. needs to have confidence of consumers. whether it is old gm paying a tab or new gm paying tab or rewriting books you have a consumer base not thinking very highly of this company. >> i like kenneth feinberg. he is a decent guy. he has been on fox business a lot. he handled stuff in tarp. melissa: right. >> compensation of bankers. remember the obama administration has skin in this
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game. they bailed these guys out. they have unions that they want to protect. my one caveat to saying this thing, that gm is going to implode there is political story here. i don't think the administration wants them to implode. so doj will not put them out of business. melissa: things to all three of you, we appreciate it. markets selling off. it could be just the beginning of the bad news and dismal earnings outlook. three stocks you should avoid like the plague! driving in spider webs. gas loving insect prompting mazda to issue a recall. have you heard this story? more "money" coming up. ♪ i ys say be thman with the plan
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melissa: earnings season kicks off tomorrow. already things are not looking good. 93 of s&p 500 companies giving negative guidance compared to 18 offering positive projections of that is not good. where should you steer clear. brian sozzi. and scott martin, fox news contributor and james frishing of net view capital. james, you say steer clear of
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netflix but i'm a customer. >> big netflix fan. as investor right now the competition is fierce. every day more people are trying to come up to imitate their strategy or supersede their strategy. i think netflix is completely overbought. competition, subscribers can reduce their memberships. essentially keep their subs and be losing money on the very same subs, so. melissa: brian, you want to throw out walmart. >> if you want to lose money buy shares of walmart. i think they're sitting on earnings warning. they issued couple months ago very weak guidance. black friday promotions -- melissa: there is little pop. dump it, get out of it? >> peace out. they're sitting on earnings warning. ordered too many goods for the quarter because of bad weather and no pricing pewer. not my cup of tea. melissa: scott, you say american eagle outfitters, you say avoid that one. >> that is low-hanging fruit. got email and underperformed and got absolutely smoked. teen retailers are in a lot of
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trouble for a lot of reasons. cool kids are not shopping at american eagle anymore or a lost competitors anymore. like publicly traded abercrombie & fitch and aeropostale are all hurting. you're going into consumer area which is especially weak, the weak job numbers. teenagers don't have jobs and want find jobs or want to work. would i avoid these in the retail season. melissa: what is the larger measure? charlie gasparino you call this market a puke. the nasdaq is puking today. that is charlie graphic. that is very him to say something like that. we're leaking at a dow down 144 points. we had a rough day friday, there is feeling, real loss of momentum. what do you think is going on, scott? >> well, listen, there are areas very sensitive, melissa. the pharmaceuticals, biotechs. there are places working out okay. ironically emerging markets which tend to be high beta areas which move a lot to the market and okay in europe and utilities and consumer staples.
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it is not all bad. think it is one of the tapes that feel a lot worse than it really is but we have to watch it, because if the areas i mentioned start rolling over we have a bigger problem. melissa: do you think they're not as bad as it is or is it worse. >> scott said people are rotating into the other names. pepsi and coke come back before earnings third week in april i'm getting a little concerned. melissa: what do you think? >> i think job growth has been modest at best. wages increasing. consumers want more for less. i agree with headwinds walmart is facing and certainly some of the lake bore issues i think there is good value and consumer feels their dollar goes further at places like walmart. melissa: would you get out of the market all together here? are you worryed? would you trim back what you have? >> i think at this point you never go broke booking profits. the fact given headwinds and housing we believe will create an issue for the economy, not a bad day to take money off the table. melissa: interesting.
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thanks, guys, appreciate it. from the u.s. to every corner of the globe money has been flying around the world starting in nigeria which has just become the biggest economy in africa. a recalculation puts its gdp more than $500 billion. that pushes south africa into second place. nigeria is the most populated country on the continent and the biggest oil producer by the way. over to the philippines which has poached 70% of the india's call center business. it is not stopping there. an estimated $30 billion worth of call center operations are likely to now head over to the philippines in the next decade. a lot of it has to do with manpower. only 10% of indian graduates are qualified to work the phones. voice training takes months. landing in the ukraine which is refusing to pay for nat-gas at the inflated price that russia has set, ukraine says it will continue to pay, quote, sentable market price and will not be dragged into a gas war with putin's government.
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russia is already owed more than $2 billion. up next a chicken war is brewing and it is getting pretty foul, get it? fc secretly striking out against chik-fil-a in its latest attempt to room the roost. finally for those that love denim almost as much as they love iphones. fashion got a whole lot nerdier. we'll show it to you. do you ever have too much money (vo) you are a business pro.
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(agent) i understand. (dad) we've never sold a house before. (agent) i'll walk you guys through every step. (dad) so if we sell, do you think we can swing it? (agent) i have the numbers right here and based on the comps that i've found, the timing is perfect. ...there's a lot of buyers for a house like yours. (dad) that's good to know. (mom) i'm so excited.
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melissa: pfizer shares taking a hit despite promising trial results for its breast cancer drug. let's go to nicole petallides on floor of the new york stock exchange. why is it down 3%? >> what seems like good news, just wasn't good enough. so i will explain what is going on. the stock is down about 3%. they came out with some mid-stage study data to fight
2:21 pm
breast cancer. turns out that the findings were that it stopped tumors from growing for median of 20 months, twice as long as what is currently out there, however, pfizer was talking about using the findings to speed up the approval for the drug. learing swan thinks that may not happen. it is a long shot to take the findings. there were people who had hirer hopes for what research would find. they're somewhat disappointed. it is overall good news but however does leave questions. with that the stocks dropped. back to you. melissa: nicole, thanks so much. to a delicious controversy brewing in the fast-food wars. yum! brands engaging in a game of chicken with one of its most bitter rivals. kfc parent company launching abu teak chicken joint called super chicks t looks like suspiciously like chick-fil-a. they are branding it as a
2:22 pm
mom-and-pop operation. it's a plucky move to be sure but will it pay off. bruce turkel, is back with the answer. bruce, we could not jam one more chicken joke in. which looked for ways but found that was the best we could do. chick-fil-a has finally beat them. did $5 billion compared to kfc to 4 billion. they changed the name from kentucky fried chicken to kfc to hide the fried angle. what do you think? >> i will stay away from puns. we'll talk about the business of it. pepsi's book how they moved up on coke, you remember the headline? the other guy blinked. and they're just taking a page out of this book. as we said on the show a few months ago, melissa, chick-fil-a is on the wrong side of history. they stood for something. it was not what the public wanted and now there is an opportunity and kfc -- melissa: really? you think this is connected to that? you're talking about, their
2:23 pm
stand on gay marriage, right? >> right. i absolutely think this is connected. melissa: took me even a second to remember what controversy you're talking about. you really think that is enough to -- >> absolutely. there are plenty of people who are saying, i love that chick-fil-a product but i won't eat there. this is opportunity. all you need is a door to open a crack and for the competition to come bursting through. you said it earlier about netflix. other people see what they do, they want a piece of it. melissa: see i totally disagree with you. i think it is so much simple than that. people like what feels like healthier chicken. if you eaten at both places, kentucky fried chicken sound like horrible for you. all side dishes are loaded with fat. you feel guilty going to kfc even if they changed the name. chik-fil-a as aura of being more wholesome, healthier for you, less -- probably not even true but that is the image. i feel like they're trying to steal that image. >> i think you're right, it is absolutely true people think the
2:24 pm
product is better and it is true it is no better for you but that is not the point. if it was bringing up another product, they would bring up another product like fill a, i must have original. i like it better. melissa: it is interesting, they don't want people to know kfc is behind it. three food obsessed friends started this on the website. we'll run out of time. iphone jeans, wtf jeans,.com, they sell $175 jeans that, the line pocket cleans your phone when you pull it in and out. holds liquid at bay including oil. there is mesh to keep the device from, for whatever radiation the cell phone would emit. what do you think about this one? good idea? >> why do you need to protect yourself from radiation in your pocket when you spend the rest of the time with the phone next to your head? this makes no sense. if you don't want to get rained on, wear a hat. if you want to wipe the screen,
2:25 pm
use a cloth. only reason to have the product, they can use the great ad line is that an iphone in your pocket i don't see it at all. melissa: we'll have to get to the spiders next time. thank you so much. before we head to break, something you might want to consider before going to a big interview, turns out people were missing out on a job because of shoes. interviewers can accurately judge around 90% of your personality, just by looking at your footwear. the main finding, wait for this, the more masculine looking your shoe the less agreeable the person is. do you believe that? tell me what you think about this one. you have been very lively on twitter. there is so much to say about that. wow. wild west currency of bitcoin's big money backers looking to launch 100 startups using digital currency in the next year. geeks rejoice. a huge night for tv, "game of thrones," silicon valley, kicked
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fifty-seven ahead. melissa: all lots of red on the screen today extending the loss. trader marc newton is at new york stock exchange within averaging continuing. look at that. also the s&p 1.2%. is this just the beginning? >> the movement of the nasdaq is much more concerning but if there are slow signs of the market starting to confirm that momentum has been telling us since made that more and more signs that has ben
2:30 pm
accelerating so with those when some stocks have rolled over but now with the s&p down at the lows as well. my thinking is, it is important and momentum has been broken english -- broken down even if there is a rally to tie that is a possibility going into the summer that cut this is the start of a pullback. melissa: we are looking at the chart next to you. s&p looks like a break down the wrestle -- and the russell 2000 that is the canary in the coal mine. what is the next thing you are looking for if it could be salvaged? >> a break of february lows is serious. as of right now we are quite a ways away.
2:31 pm
that would be 1740 with the s&p and with the dow jones industrial average under 16,000 but another thousand points below that if they break down in unison than the bigger uptrend will be broken and ford now that has not happened. with is just short-term deterioration with the nasdaq. melissa: 31 days since malaysia airlines vanished and search for the missing airliner is a race against time. and australian navy ship has picked up to signals that could be from the black box. , but maybe rendered useless as the batteries inside the beacons will likely die within a day. we have our national security analysts and former navy seals here. thank you for joining us. how serious is this?
2:32 pm
>> is supposed to last 30 it could last 35 or 40. they founded now they're focusing on is so this is the first news we have had that might be valid in 30 days. melissa: there is a sense we may have finally picked it up but it is running out of time. why do we not know how long it will last? >> there has been a lot of talk normally it is 30 days but we don't even know if they were stored properly to begin with so that time could have been shorter. there is so much mystery is like the hail mary pass at the football gave it is the luck of the draw. melissa: what have we learned? wateree doing differently or what should we? >> we may get to the point we don't know anything.
2:33 pm
to davy don't know much more we do know me don't have the international system to deal with this in a country can buy an airplane can have a national airlines but they may not be the best equipped to do a multi nation searched. also the bad guys said terrorist community are fixated on international air system. this is not the last time what we should do now especially the obama administration loves international organizations and solutions maybe go to the international community to say let's have a system. if we had an incident who is in charge and who will coordinate? melissa: one thing we have done is scanning passports of the way out. of a surprise we did not do that. it seems like they were scanning my passport but they bore not looking. does that make a difference
2:34 pm
and why is it pertinent to in this case? >> maybe not this case but it should be done anyway. we don't know what really happened or who did fly. but any tightening of security to allow people of the international airline with phony passports is not inconsequential by the major issue and and tell that is addressed we will still be vulnerable. that is t the futu. melissa: i would ask as a former navy seal what he thinks happened? are we getting any closer? >> it is hit or miss if we find it. that made important thing is to take away is exactly what was said. there needs to be a system set up with incredible foreign policy opportunity we will see if the obama administration takes it up. but whether research passports in or out of the
2:35 pm
country really needs to be lip dash and these airlines that have less security screening is a real vulnerability for the entire world. melissa: thank you. too big to fail is a thing of the past now they are too small to succeed. new dodd/frank rules are hitting the smaller institutions in the future does not look so bright. rich and sent has more spending smaller banks said regulation and compliance cost cost so much that they are forced to sell to larger banks. there were too rigid for bank mergers in 2013 with less than 1 billion in assets double from the year before president obama assigned a dodd/frank the committed the bank says over the past few years the pace of regulation has increased. >> we have had it regulation
2:36 pm
up to the past few decades we have seen a major increase in and not that community banks don't have the ability to comply but it takes a remarkable amount of time and resources and cost. >> the fdic said the government is reaching out for technical help for compliance and also points to a government report showing dodd/frank is primarily aimed at large institutions and some provisions have cut costs for community banks. back to you. melissa: rich edson. interesting story. what bitcoin can do. what he has learned so far. next. a billionaire status update. facebook said doc -- stocks slumping. at the end of the day it is all about money. you make a gre.
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delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immiate medical hp for an erection lasting more than 4 hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >> credits wes may be the focus of the new u.s. tax investigation. reuters says but the superintendent is requesting documents from the bank to see if it lied about seeking tax shelters. the doj is looking at a deferred credit -- prosecution from credit -- from credit suisse but looking from the subsidiary.
2:39 pm
hackers that broke into the payments system are said to belong to russia and cyber said tickets that have stolen hundreds of credit card numbers. it has been linked to attacks tuesday group banded dc-10 a. also sources say the tech company will order for shows 10 episodes each with budgets into the millions. this is the latest from fox business, giving you the power to prosper.
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thirty-seven. whether on wall street or main street, here is who is making money today. anyone with a piece of facebook is getting hammered today as lower shares are down over 1% right now. even worse those with the billionaire status lost money when it tumbled 9% she still has 17.8 million shares schaede loss 60 million but she has three times that much around the house. dice and food is still recalling tens of thousands of pounds of chicken nuggets sold at sam's club that need to be returned as they could have bits of plastic. it has already received reports of oral injuries. one homeless guy its main
2:42 pm
receive $37,000 from a faulty atm. can you imagine? it was spitting out with hundred dollar bills. how lucky. bitcoin on a wild ride near the cut in half from the $1,000 levels from december down holding of 40 to $50 but price swings don't stop one company. it will boost it set ups is the savvy business or risky set up? one hundred bitcoin start-ups are there that many right now? >> somebody counted there are 350 right now. melissa: impressive you news that off the top of your head. looking at five different categories for gore the companies that use bitcoin or are they related? is it infrastructure? gimmick infrastructure, a payment processing, mining,
2:43 pm
exchanges what needs to work in order to make bitcoin work as the business. melissa: remittances and up micro transaction is. >> it is infrastructure but how other people build application on the protocol. of there is a company that allows people to buy publishing content for a little slices of money like $0.5 vs. a $30 subscription. >> and a deflationary economy. >> argentina, venezuela the u.s. is the worst place bitcoin could take off we're 93 percent digital is the way it really is visa or mastercard. melissa: that is the criticism. >> we are a little spoiled how good our dollar progresses in the of world so people assume 25% inflation this is a huge
2:44 pm
life changer. melissa: which of these five has the most promise? >> we take bets all along the entire spectrum. i don't know what the best one is right now we are in the middle it is almost more it invaluable to invest in the currency than the company but there is a transition period where the growth of bitcoin is outweighed by the company's growth and that is where we want to position ourselves. melissa: people say why are we talking to you? you look like you're 17 you come from a famous investment family but you think it is the new internet. of everybody past to use the internet. you are connected. you don't have to have bitcoin. why? >> bitcoin is the internet's
2:45 pm
of many. the protocol is built on 30 years ago people thought of the internet is only used for communication and over 15 years products were built video, commerce, but would we do without the internet today? ipc bitcoin everyone needs to use money. its is how the many works. melissa: did you watch silicon valley last night? why are there nerds or geeks? i am not trying to cast aspersions but are attacked people talking about this is? >> i saw a couple of comments it sells like the overarching theme is we are a little disappointed in the stereotyping of our business. i would probably agree with them long term.
2:46 pm
melissa: if you actually watched. >> i could see immediately interaction on facebook. [laughter] melissa: you are a good sport. good luck. liz claman is up next. what do you have? >> watching the market's very closely. we just hit session lows. is a sell-off today compared to friday there could be some extreme stresses where we see support levels reached for the nasdaq and russell 2000. it has been a very rough day. we have traders thought in place across the trading floors we are watching everything for you don't look at the metals market but we do see the most bearish numbers since we have seen since the flash crash it is thus serious final hour in the meantime
2:47 pm
you want to make sure when you have money invested you can hold onto every penny of gains but not if you have hit in fees. the robin hood is coming to the airwaves. working with the guy a distorted google finding all the hidden fees when europe had found his parents were paying hi-fis even though they were highly educated. they will kill your returns. melissa: and captain america obliterates that competition and smashing records as this summer blockbuster movies are starting to come out now you can never have too much money.
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we will be right back.
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melissa: year's session lows also off the bottom nicole petallides at new york stock exchange. >> eric is no doubt the vix index would tell you that the dell is down right now with the majority of the dow components with down arrows with a few squeezing out gains but no doubt telecom, with the 10 year bond is 2.six 9%.
2:52 pm
you do see some treasury demand as well. melissa: time for some fun with "spare change." captain america and a silicon valley. boot came out on top? says senior editor of and touch weekly. start with hbo of big night to talk about the gave a throne's premier, a silicon valley bright dawn of the back we had it investor here through claims he did not watch but i don't know if i believe him. [laughter] >> game of throw some people that it was unable to be use clearly people were we. ♪ the premier for a long time it is a hugely popular show. silicon valley like on dryish tuesday word tea
2:53 pm
industry a little bit that was a big hit with people in the internet -- entertainment industries of the use the technical terms maybe things i did not understand. melissa: there was a lot of the of technical stuff that i thought it gave them credibility to win over like a guest who said people in my industry thinks the stereotyping is not there but once they watch it day macy's some truth that would be interesting to them. captain america. a big summer release i had no idea. >> exactly there was no on the ground yesterday. now the summer release comes out in april and has worked before with the name release so start in april you of '08 the gluts of the big blockbusters some of those
2:54 pm
were not blockbusters. we had a lot of failures of values start earlier with spring break for easter break in and they are huge. bigger than the last one. marvel is brilliant they know how to build upon each movie to make it bigger from the avengers to iron man and "captain america". melissa: we have to go, we will see it together. many stocks have officially entered their territory you can never have too much money. my dad has aor afib.brillation, he has the most common kind...'s not caused by a heart valve problem.
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stomach pain, upset, or burning. if you or someone you love has afib not caused by a heart valve problem... ...ask your doctor about reducing the risk of stroke with pradaxa.
2:57 pm
melissa: may be more than some investors can bear. facebook, tesla, netflix, twitter, amazon flirting with bear market territory. how much lower can they fall?
2:58 pm
any chance this is a big opportunity we look at some of the most popular names really beaten down, what do you think? >> i think so. some key support points. they never looked back. you can view that as a support. facebook broke above 55, it has never looked back. it is up 100% over the last year. including perspective. yes the nasdaq is down 7%, but still up 20% over the past year in the tech stocks. melissa: you have to wonder is there an opportunity there? elon musk has a magic, still a lot of confidence even if social media doesn't. what do you think? >> i think in a big picture 195 is the height to lean on.
2:59 pm
395% in the past year. we are still up 35% in that stock. year to date. this has to be an opportunity from a risk/reward standpoint. how much are downside is there? melissa: what is the sentiment like in your opinion? >> i am very optimistic in general. we are in a low because we're waiting for the next earnings season. typically you see a weakness without that reminder every day with the earnings numbers trying to put up big numbers each week. melissa: tune in tomorrow, two of the hottest brokers in new york city, they're going to be here to talk about the
3:00 pm
highest listings in manhattan. billions of dollars in real estate none of us mortals could ever afford. come back and see us. in the meantime, "countdown to the closing bell" with liz claman starts right now. liz: the battle for your living room might just heat them up again. google and yahoo are fighting their way in. which stocks will wi when the hardware and content were? it is being called the robin hood of banking fees. they scour your finances looking for ways to cut charges. the ceo here to tell us how it works at fox business exclusive. and hbo go dethroned again. thousands of subscribers rejected with a failed to


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