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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  April 14, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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tomorrow. ♪ neil: have you finished filing your taxes yet? hope you are honest and hope you made note of the line above your signature under penalty of perjury i declare i have examined this statement and to the best of my knowledge and belief it is true, correct and complete. talk about heavy-handed. better make sure you're being honest when it comes to the u.s. government. do not assume it works the other way. lying to the government might be a crime for us, but the government lied to us is standard practice for the government. we have to sign on the dotted line under threat of perjury, the government is free to give
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us a line under no threat at all. that's weird, but that's the way it is. we can't target special tax breaks we don't deserve but the iris can target conservatives they don't deserve. the president can garnish our wages of replay fast one on them, but it is free to routinely garnish the troops as it pulled a fast one on us. we can go to prison pulling off this kind of stuff. nothing ever happens to them pulling even worse stuff. we can't say we will pay our taxes when we can. try that. like the government can push back deadlines, we sure can't. the government wants its money, no excuses. even as it wastes our money with no excuses. many innocent taxpayers have gone to jail for claiming ignorance. what is weird is we pay them for this kind of treatment, but god for bid we are late with that check. just watch the treatment, just
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watch the humiliation. the government can audit us, but just try auditing the government. nevermind we pay the bills, don't even think about being late to pay that bill. to think our government that can destroy our health care, collect our phone records, sta stupid e-mails, harass reporters and target groups because of their political persuasion can continue to yield such power without remorse, without one shred of decency or sense of hypocrisy. for us it is taxable. fitting for the government it is business as usual. the restaurant kingpin on just how taxing all of this is getting. with me now, andy and jerry. andy, irs, do as we say, not as we do, right? >> absolutely. the real distressing thing is how people feel about the irs
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now that we are finding it uses a branch of government that punishes people who disagree with the politics of one particular party versus another. so it's very distressing, a tough time of year for everybody, and there's a lot of concern about what we are taxing, why we're taxing. we're taxing people, higher capital gains tax, this is the capital we need, we need people to invest to grow the economy, create jobs and get things moving forward, but we are increasing the tax particularly capital gains tax when reagan, clinton and bush reduce capital gains, it thrives. what is the result if we tax them, and raise income taxes on people that are successful which includes subchapter s corporations, sole proprietorship's, these are the people who run the small businesses. we have to create jobs. they cannot enlarge the
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government and business. a lot of problems. neil: by the fear of god into them. they demand accountability for us, especially if they aut us. we better have every detail, but when we ask for accountability on infrastructure spending when we want to know, god forbid. >> i can't help but wonder when you and i talk it is one-on-one. and his here with us. have sandwiches changed hands in this transaction? [laughter] >> neil says here we go with the food again. neil: reason i like having both of you together. one can look at the business side, one can look at the practical side. the things i worry about is the government will hold us to these incredibly high standards.
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but if we dare question all the money we have given them, no such standards. what do you make of that? >> it is not just high standards, it is incredibly vague standards. there are a lot of judgment calls. when i used to be a tax accountant, that is how i started as a professional. no sandwiches rum me to you. lot of husband calls. if you are looking at the truth less of a tax form, you're leaving yourself open to all sorts of accusations from government when you are making claims that are your best estimation of where things stand now, but later on subsequent events make it appear maybe it could have been looked at differently. now you are open to all sorts of abuse. the traditional role of taxes is form over substance. if you follow the letter of the law, you are safe.
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now we are moving into this situation where they are actually holding you accountable for whether you violates the spirit of the law. that is so subject to abuse the irs we see using taxpayer groups will pale in comparison to what we see is going to happen after this particular change. neil: don't be so hypocritical about it. if you're going to blow through deadlines and re-create all sorts of dates on stuff, allow us to say april 15, no can do. may 15 maybe. june 15, this whole year is looking bad for me. you? >> absolutely. what we're seeing is a trend toward more delay filing of tax reforms the it tax forms. it is getting so complex. neil: god for bid we pull that off. we will not get the same treatment back, right, andy? >> we will not get the same
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treatment at all. the loosey-goosey policies on their side, but strict enforcement of the law when it comes to individuals particularly individuals in the business sector is ridiculous. we really have gotten to the point it is absurd the government can ask the way it acts. just have to listen to te irs wg and then look at your tax return to see how good you feel about it. it is a very distressing time. neil: we have to sign below that don't even think about perjuring yourself and yet i hear lois lerner not to say anything, get into the bottom of the investigation that involves far worse. >> they have executive privilege. the citizens don't have anything like executive privilege but they have a version of that. neil: i want to declare executive privilege on my tax form.
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>> the economy is run by real-life executives, not the chief executive officer of the government. if a decision is made in good faith, you can't be held liable for it. neil: you mentioned about the higher taxes and more scrutiny, higher income tax returns. it is clearly done with the idea not only with that is where the money is, but that is where the trust is. that is where the government is convinced the scoundrels are. what do you make of that? >> a lot of this is part of the ongoing theme of divisiveness. this is the income inequality argument. he wants to punish the people who have been successful, proven they can succeed, buthe problem is when you tax monies businesses invest, you are slow economic growth which reduces your tax revenues even though you have raised the rates. we have a situation where it is
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almost an animosity toward people at the top of the income scale, where if you rationalize your tax policy, if you actually made it we try to generate tax revenues instead of increased tax rates, you can bring more money into deal with the problems you have. there are proposals out there to deal with this. the tax code needs to be more rational. nobody understands it, it is a huge industry, just to make sure he can file your retur everybody is getting extensions until october. it is a very difficult situation. >> and the capital is going where? tax shelters. the best performer year to date is the municipal bond market. the money could be glad to protective activity but instead is going to tax shelters producing no jobs except government jobs. neil: gentlemen, i wish we had our time.
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i apologize to my uncle vinnie. that is a bad joke. >> the grilled cod. neil: coming up, forget going after ukraine. we have a russian plan for the moon. the moon. that is even scarier. and claiming she is the latest victim of irs targeting, but not for the reason you might think. first, forget the irs, why you might also want to keep an eye on the nsa. that whole heart bleed internet security scare, gets it might have known about it all along. what about the very folks who have been snooping on our e-mails. [ chilen yelling ] [ telephone rings ] [ shirley ] edwa jones. this is shirley eaking. how may i help you? oh hey, neill, how areou? how was the trip? [ male announcer ] with nearly 7 million investors...
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neil: here is the good news on this whole security fuss. they can fix it. here is the bad news. don't hold your breath waiting for them to do it. websites afflicted by this unusual security flaw that exposes customers passports and other information now have patches to contain the leak but there's one problem, restoring all the compromised user data and other information, no wonder
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the white house his backing as far away from this controversy and whether the controversy him back government itself might have been behind it. the federal government was not aware of the recently identified vulnerability. if they had discovered this vulnerability prior to last week, it would have been disclosed to the community. two former nsa mathematician who was not buying any of this. why not? >> well, quite frankly i saw a slide, and nsa slide published in the netherlands that showed all the resources they had around the world, and in their they said they had greater than 50,0 implants in the world network worldwide. that means they've got these implants around the switches and servers and in many computers around the world. neil: with a have connected those implants or whatever you are calling them to what would
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be this ultimate virus that affected 60% of the internet? >> i would think so. after all the virus would drain information about people including their address list and things like that. the community if you are talking to and so on, that is the kind of data intelligence unity likes to get. neil: what i thought was weird about it was another view amongst some in government visit this proves we need more nsa type activity like this. it protects us, think what they are saying is if you are right is their stuff. >> that doesn't make sense. service providers and information and operating's information, you do not weaken those if you are trying to protect people.
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that is shortsighted if that is what you are trying to do. neil: was it at least aware of for higher up in the government were aware of, we need to do something to better protect ourselves from stuff like this happening, even though the government is making it happen. >> unfortunately that is true. you can try to do it with encryptions, but that only goes so far. neil: i never made it past math. that is what makes you a genius and so good. thank you very much. >> you are welcome. good to be here. neil: she lost her leg in the brutal crash. gm issued a recall. for the very car she was driving. but first, forget whether russia is trying to annex the rest of ukraine, i think they're little
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i'm taking off, but, uh, don't worry. i'm gonna leave the tv on for you. and if anything happens,
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don't forget about the new xfinity my account app. you can troubleshoot technical issues here. if you make an appointment, you can check out the status here. you can pay the bill, too. but don't worry about that right now. okay. how do i look? ♪ thanks. [ male announcer ] troubleshoot, manage appointments, and bill pay from your phone. introducing the xfinity my account app. neil: forget about vladimir putin trying to annex an old soviet satellite. it sounds russia's federal anti-to stake its flag and other countries, but in some big old craters too. lsi announcing russia's plan to carve out an area of operations on the moon saying, and i quote, "this process has a beginning but it has no end. we're going to come to the moon forever.
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forever." lunar or loonie? ithey say just worry. it is scary. they're not even pretending their intention. >> that is true. i know it is kind of fun when i first heard the story, the fact is china, japan, the united states debate back for the presidential campaign for the republicans, gingrich and romney were debating this very issue. where will we get these rare earth metals that fuel our technology today as we are being depleted. oh, by the way, a lot of them have been coming out of china and the 2010 embargo against that got the japanese thinking. a lot of us ought to be thinking about where are we going to find these traditional rare earth metals. what has happened is we have actually explored some portions of the moon with a mapping
11:22 pm
capability looking for minerals. given what we have found, they suggest that had been moen at one time, and given that there is a likelihood these minerals are concentrated in one area that can be exploited. so it is not outlandish. neil: if they develop their own space program which has been firing on all cylinders, now we're forced to hitching rides with them for the pleasure of getting to the international space station. they are going gung ho to the moon. china is going gung ho to the moon. what are we doing in response? >> unfortunately not very much. half of the astronauts in space today are russians. the russians have pretty good capabilities, and the chinese sathe next year they intended to gather a bunch of rocks from various places on the moon, bring them back. neil: is this about getting rocks were also establishing a
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nice beachhead in space? >> it is about military intimidation. you control part of the moon and you are the only one there, you probably control the whole place. will they militarize the place? look at the history of the russians. they take their own thinking, their own paranoia about the west to those places. unfortunately unless we get our act together, we could be taking orders from the russians may be 2030 years. neil: it is weird they have gone from going over their own satellite companies to the earth satellite. thank you very much. >> thanks, neil be at neil: how woulyou like to get a gm recall notice two months ettrick losing heafter twomonths losing your la crash due to the very same recall.
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neil: sometimes a gm notices can be damaging. if not haunting things. now they're coming back back to haunt gm especially in the case of a houston woman who receives such a recall notice two months after losing her legs in a car crash. the very gm car getting those recall notices. a lawyer present in the women in the gm car crash. that has got to be doubling insulting and damning. what did she do when she got the notices? >> her life is already ju in shambles. remember from the accident itself it broke her neck, it broke several ribs and had a double amputation on both legs.
11:28 pm
neil: back to the ignition switch? >> absolutely. faulty ignition switch shut in the car off in the middle of a drive. no ara airbag deployment because computer things the car is turned off. they knew what happened in 2004 and kept putting the same faulty ignition switches in for six more years and then they wait several more before they do the recall. neil: this was the recall that talked about how much you could put on the key ring. if any of that had been done even in her case at the time of the accident, would it have made a difference? >> oh, who knows. we do know there have been accidents with nothing on the keychain at all. the whole reason every key you get has a little hole in it is for the keychain to hold all the other keys. it's absolutely ridiculous.
11:29 pm
theyeeded to get the safety ignition switches out of there, put in real one. it is a $2 fix. all of this for a $2 fix. it is criminal. neil: they say it is hard to link this particular case with others, it is too early to tell. you don't have any doubt about it, but i imagine many recall notices they have gotten since and in many cases those who died. kind of the latest damning evidence, right? >> it is. i applaud them for finally sending a recall notice, but it is way too late. we have several serious accidents linked back to this. i have been settling cases in days gone by. they knew about this as early as 2004. we get a recall notice two years later.
11:30 pm
the toyota thing had different layers to it. we have the economic asct. everybody has weighed individually on it. you will see significant liability. there is the overlay of the bankruptcy. senator blumenthal working on a bill. i hope you will ask him about it. neil: thank you very much. now richard blumenthal. a point that mark raised is whether the company can use its bankruptcy filing as a way to negate responsibility from the work of the old gm, what do you think? >> part of the 2009 reorganization. very bad mistake to give it that
11:31 pm
very broad immunity from legal responsibility, but it bears continuing responsibility for the warnings it has given now. and i asked mary if she would grounded vehicles if there is evidence that the vehicles are unsafe, if there are crashes, even without the key overloaded. i am calling on gm to ground these vehicles and worn the customers now because they will not be shielded from liability for these crashes one forward. neil: i imagine of the claims gets to be such they are just prohibitively higher than the billion dollars have put aside, they will try to e them. if they do, richard blumenthal
11:32 pm
says what? >> the department of justice ought to compel gm to bear responsibility established a compsation fund. neil: even if it drives them under? if it does potentially gets to be so onerous and drive them back into bankruptcy, that would take the cake, wouldn't it? >> it will not drive them into nkruptcy because if they come clean now and warn their customers to ground these vehicles, parked them, take them f the road until, emphasize until, they are repaired, the parts supposedly were shipped late last weeky the end of last week, we will see if they are. people should have their cars repaired. gm will not be hit with additional liability. neil: do you think in retrospect those rushing out of bankruptcy for gm should have looked more closely, should have looked at this earlier, the potential liability before we were rushing to get themmsafe?
11:33 pm
>> absolutely right, there should have been this avoidance of a broad shield from liability. the old gm should have paid for it. the new gm emerged without any liability. it was also a breakdown in several regulatory responsibilities. national highway safety transportation was either asleep or awol, failed to perform its function which is why i am supporting that legislation. we have been producing greater access for this kind of data information about car defects. stronger penalties for reporting, failure to report. reporting, failure to report. neil: thank you very, very much. predicting the future is a pretty difficult thing to do. but, manufacturing in the united states means advanced technology. we learned that technology allows us to be craft oriented.
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neil: they are allowing ncaa students to unionize is a huge win, but for whom? somethincertainly not for collee athletes. very good to have you. why are you leery about this whole plan? >> there are a number of reasons i'm a little leery about the current situation with potential athlete unionization. first i don't think there are current supporters or even current athletes fully understands the long-term ramifications of the decision. both in the athlete standpoint and the fans. neil: the ncaa and school make money hand over fist in these kids when you were in that position, the reason why. they come to the kids and say
11:38 pm
you should get something out of this. what is wrong with that argument? >> i do think there are a number of reforms that have to be made within the ncaa with regard to athlete pay. all college athletes wind up going pro in something other than athletics. we understand there is value in education, but ultimately what we are playing for. what that represents is a million dollars in potential long-term additional earnings. what i find to be more interesting is i worked with a number of northwestern players and other college athletes on wall stre who would attribute the value they have seen in their career not just to the fact they are athletes, but more importantly from the high level degree they got from northwestern or other prestigious colleges.
11:39 pm
neil: you are prestigious graduate, a smart student as well, you are more the exception of the will. they might turn around and say how can brandon speak for me if i go to a very good state school where i am a rising athletic star, i'm hitching my wagon to becoming a professional star. and then a union comes along and says here is how we can make that happen. you say it is a devious packed. >> there are other ways athletes can monetize and commercialize their brand value outside of being employees of the university. neil: but it is very hard because the school or the ncaa come back at you like a ton of ricks to say? i forgot the athlete who came up to sign items. they come down on him hard.
11:40 pm
explain. >> i completely agree with you. when you think about it, what is the difference from a student athlete and a regular student? a student is allowed to start up an endeavor while in school and make money. what is the value of their signature, what is the value of their likeness on a videogame or something similar? neil: you can say they can do that without the help of a union? >> they cannot currently. but that is something that should be made within the ncaa. i think that is completely different from unionization, which i ink leads long-term ramifications such as strained team dynamics. will you be able to fire an athlete? currently they will not be within this legislation unionization. it doesn't make any sense. i fear for the other sports outside of football and
11:41 pm
basketball that are the big money makers, what happens to field hockey, lacrosse and the like? it hurts the integrity of college sports as a whole. neil: good seeing you. >> thank you for having me on. neil: he does make you think. one thing for the tax man to rake us over the call, but gisele? gisele? that beauty.
11:42 pm
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neil: when beauty bust out. on this tax day eve, gisele is
11:45 pm
raising holy hell. the supermodel raising a super stink over what she calls an unusually timed irs audit almost to the day after she made forbes rich list issue. gisele saying it's sad because the people who write these things don't have my bank account details. i do okay, i earn plenty, but not as much as theyay. so she is slappingforbes more than the irs. i have already been audited because of this list and truthfully if i'm on this list or not doesn't interest me. oh, come on. better to be on that not. interesting timg, does she have a case? the iris gives her a call. pretty sure the eye residents checking that lists to see who they will audit but does anybody feel bad for gisele? she made $42 million last year.
11:46 pm
>> i am pretty sure every irs agent has a poster of her in their office, so i am sure that had nothing. matter of 20 years between us. the heart should not be bleeding for her. let him go audit her, that means less agents for the rest of us. neil: which is happening, this is happening. >> i am sure they pick up the forbes rich list and pick who to audit. who does the irs audit? wealthy, successful, productive people like gisele. neil: it would not surprise me at all. the list comes out, does not jive with a figure out there, it is an easy pick up for cash, i think. >> what is the implication? they made money, they must be
11:47 pm
doing something, cheating the system somehow. so they are targets. it is unfortunate because they are the producers that pull the economy forward. >> i have understand some people think the iris is a little confused, but if they looking for the forbes richest list, we have issues. we have bigger issues. you cannot believe that. they sit in their offices waiting for the list to come out. >> that is where the money is. >> i think gisele has people handling this for her like when she was multitasking while she was getting her hair done. she is so down to earth and in touch with the rest of us, don't you think? >> she is very much in touch with the rest of us because any of us can be targets for the irs. neil: there may be others on
11:48 pm
that list not coming out. you go, gisele. >> i don't feel too bad for her. neil: we're going to switch to another topic. remember former talk about interns who say they actually really want to came up with that idea for doritos taco? nevermind that was my idea. even if they had filed the paperwork it wouldn't matter because while they are on the clock with a company, their ideas are the companies. they follow the right to intellectual property as long as workers are conjuring up ideas on the property or something like that. >> you can create a government along people to be creative, i think you own it. i think that is where the entrepreneurs of the world can come in.
11:49 pm
what do you make of this? >> the right of individuals dropping. a story that several decades ago about 25% of individuals on patents. today it is under 10%. neil: the companies are taking us away from them? >> yes, they have the cash to do it. neil: is this a good or bad thing? >> these individuals are hired for their minds. not play they are hired for their muscles. they are hired for their minds. the idea is coming up on company time with company facilities it belongs to the company just as if the shop guys came in on off hours of use company tools to make petty equipment, they could not take that home, that belongs to the company as well.
11:50 pm
>> i want google to keep those people because they have to keep inventing things and reinventing themselves, same with apple, they have to agree. neil: like the do they came up with those stupid glasses. as ugly and ironic as they are. whether that person was, should they throw something their way? >> you would hope. neil: taco bell. you come up with an idea that has something to do with taco bell. you come up with an idea for world peace. but no, no, it is taco bell's world peace plan. >> are on the record saying tackles can create world peace. neil: that is true.
11:51 pm
>> on company time the idea you come up with belongs to the company. neil: what if i came up with it at home? if there is any company you would rather be an inventor servant to, certainly would be fox. what would be wrong with that? >> if you want to launch an idea, launch them on their own. neil: i didn't use any of their stuff. >> there was a time people would go in the basement creating the next can opener back in the day. it has be alive and well. make it your own. >> what it really stop you from taking a job at a great company like google or apple for an idea you might hypothetically come up with in the future?
11:52 pm
neil: allow them to steal your future. i'm just trying to help you. when i come back, the viewer asked me why i will never host "saturday night live." that is why, kind of. what's the deal? next. ♪ [ male announcer ] this m has an accomplished research and analytical group at his disposal. ♪ but even more pressive is how he puts it to work for his clients. ♪ morning. morning. thanks for meeting so early. oh, it's not a big deal at all. come on in. [ male announcer ] it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. ♪ a short word that's a tall order. up your game.
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dad, it says your afib puts you at 5 times greater risk of a stroke. that's why i take my warfarin every day. but it looks like maybe we should ask your doctor about pradaxa. in a clinical trial, pradaxa® (dabigatran etexilate mesylate)... ...was proven superior to warfarin at reducing the risk of stroke. and unlike warfarin, with no regular blood tests or dietary restrictions. hey thanks for calling my doctor. sure. pradaxa is not for people with artificial heart valves. don't stop taking pradaxa without talking to your doctor. stopping increases your risk stroke. ask your doctor if you need to stop pradaxa before surgery or a medical or dental procedure. pradaxa can cause serious, sometimes fatal, bleeding. don't take pradaxa if you have abnormal bleeding or have had a heart valve replaced. seek immediate medical care for unexpected signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. pradaxa may increase your bleeding risk if you're 75 or older, have a bleeding condition or stomach ulcer, take aspirin, nsaids, or blood thinners... ...or if you have kidney problems, especially if you take certain medicines. tell your doctors about all medicines you take. pradadaxa side effects include indigestion,
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stomach pain, upset, or burning. if you or someone you love has afib not caused by a heart valve problem... ...ask your doctor about reducing the risk of stroke with pradaxa. neil: a lot of you want to know what is the deal with some of the commercials we run during this otherwise fine hour. please stop showing that supid eharmony commercial bid is offensive to my kids who want to watch. it's not that bad, is it? susan wright's if there is one more guy hawking gold coins, gold bars or gold colored dixie dust, i will throw my remote through my tv. susan, calm down. at least do that when o'reilly
11:56 pm
is on. is it me or are all of these gold guys puffed up has been's? what's next, you doing these spots? it's always a career option. always hedging my bets. the tight high deal with these volatile times? i buy gold. how is that guy for the electric chair ever going to reach his tv room in time to catch your show, neil? tom in washington, d.c., why are all the prescription drug ads you show run in slow motion? i could see they were discussing constipation medications, but outside of that, i'm at a loss, so what's the deal, neil? their checks clear. what is wrong with appreciating life in slower motion, tom? chill, my man. doing so could put you at highe risk of rashes, amnesia, hallucinations and in some
11:57 pm
extreme cases death. consult a doctor before you do so as much as open a bottle of medication could produce an erectn lasting more than four hours. he is right. they are little crazy. huckabee: the irs a criminal enterprise. gloria writes this could define all of our branches of government. the power to tax is the power to destroy. rose write rights it is time to abolish the irs. the irs is getting more powerful. this is a horror movie in real life. what a republic if not to the health care law, just kill the health care law. i agree with tom delay. i cannot finding about the health care in the constitution. the law is unconstitutional. health care is a personal responsibility, health insurance should be an individual right to purchase or not. nobody has a right to force people to have it.
11:58 pm
it's not like car insurance, car insurance house protect you and others on the road from idiots. ceo writes if not a right, it's a good that is needing to be purchase. lulling the masses into being dependent on the government. that's the idea, right? making them cheap so the government can continue running on the lam. michael tweets i like your show and commentary. you seem like a man that truly cares. i do, i really do. listening to neil cavuto on tv i've heard smarter discussions and less yelling at fenway bleachers during yankees versus red sox games. you are apparently in the wrong bleachers. this from a ceo who says what's the deal, neil, is hilarious. she is no fan of may running this exceptionalism. showing behalf with ranting about american workers being better than european workers
11:59 pm
because they work so hard at something to aspire to, french automobiles don't kill unless some u.s. cars. indeed, giovanni e-mails we may not be the best drivers and should we fight a lot, and god knows we go through governments like you do pastries, neil. but i will tell you what, my friend, our cars don't kill people, although i would be happy to put you in fiat and cut the brakes to see what happens. i will pass on that, but a footnote. the reason you don't have these is the cars do not leave the driveway is a point of reference. thank you for writing us. you are the most intelligent and analycal anchor on fox. i like to watch all three of your shows, when will you host "saturday night live"? i have not got the call yet, but i will let you know. keep the messages come in. good or bad, we like to know and we like helping you out.
12:00 am
in english, we are on your side. we don't take rselves so seriously or find ourselves married to the prompter. see you tomorrow. >> one of the worst things politics does to our brave is too costly view the world as republican vs. democrat or libertarian verses aid is. londoners does a terrific triple murder in kansas has to do with the election of barack obama? why is there of fight late night over steven cole bear? and why does the pulitzer prize election depend on your politics? we will have a frank conversation with charles murray tonight on "the independents"


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