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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  April 15, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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we will see you tomorrow. >> finished paying your taxes is get ready to pay for more because you will not believe this but liberals are seriously talking about a wealth tax and guess where they got that idea? the french. the french. the dice a more? our top story tonight. welcome everybody i am neil cavuto. something that will get you fried. a scheme hatched by a french economist that the rich pay more. >> they will not change by magic it is the only way to
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slow down the process. neil: really? really? we take advice from that guy? if you go by 1,000 people on the street so in addition to the wealthy the more you have the of more you pay i suspect this does figure if they don't cut spending here then just bring getut of the rich? that is assuming the rich don't up and go because that is exactly what is happening in france were the top rate hits 75 percent they really did hit the road. that when we take our financial cues from the french we are scrambled. [laughter]
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you don't appreciate it to that is your problem. steve forbes? finigan goes to show the problem if you look at europe subpar growth with a very high tax rates where to get that money from? people who created to have capital to invest and they don't get economic growth. looked at the world's richest people two-thirds are so starters you see the same thing in the united states we have more cap and creation of the we do our best to visit but with capital and creation people are not punished to try to get ahead goodhings are getting done. neil: it is amazing how creative people can be but not cut the spending but then to add insult to injury
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it is double jeopardy. >> it is like taking a vice how to play bessel bullwhacker -- basketball from spike lee a. and not michael jordan. [laughter] but steve "forbes" is write the real lesson is that the european countries have been in a free-fall and the asian countries have led the world economy why would we want to chase the losers? i am off this afternoon to go see heraldry and in oklahoma he is a billionaire he did not have electricity in his home only in america. neil: what worries me and i know you try to simplify the
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decade -- the texts -- the tax code for decades but part of that it is looking out the various things that are out there now they look at ways to tax the perks that he is sitting on the expensive home. we could tax that. this is the spending their requires these taxes? >> there was a restaurant near the office too much was is never enough. look at southern iraq. why is greece just showing signs of life with 27 percent unemployment? austerity hits the private sector not the public sector so it escapes and it gets
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crushed and then with neighboring belgium nobody thought of that as a tax haven. [laughter] >> i remember when the united states used to be a tax haven. >> i don't think this comes to fruition but i have heard from some of white house with the latest budget numbers with the deficit under half a trillion dollars but it is still money added to the dead and half a trillion is still not that great but they say it is aside what they have been doing with taxing and little control of spending is working senate the ada to celebrate half trillion dollars deficit is news to be but the get the
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presidency although almost all have been designed to reduce and cut many quality do you know, what has happened? the people of the stock market at the top have gotten richer what we have seen is the of middle-class hurt the most. neil: if not by any other means they will raise up that will take the top tax rate to crunch it down. >> but my point is they have been doing those things making inequality worse. with states like they york has more in come the quality than any other state with that high tax rate rate, minimum-wage, welfare benefits all the things that should create the workers' paradise if it has not worked. >> who do want to be in charge of capital? bill gates or steve jobs over nancy pelosi or harry
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reid? neil: but bill gates says the rich can afford to pay more but that is a difference between that and $250,000. neil: so but the capital be created. >> you get the reduction of a standard of living people had so much more today with he and health and health care that is what you should look at. >> taking our cues from the french. stick with the food. another sneaky thing? said tip this built-in but they don't tell you that. [laughter] my wife speaks the language fluently but in the meantime looking at ukraine you are
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not supposed to doha but they are russian and soldiers cleverly disguised rand of white house does the know-how to deal with them. just no warning. after this.
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♪ neil: they do you see the blood red moon? told by the nonsense of a lunar eclipse casting their red shadow is at the exact same moment russian shoulders are moving in on ukraine. coincidence? and in a way this is driving the former mccain operative crazy. in all seriousness the russians are definitely getting more aggressive and it looks like they want the rest of ukraine to make it come true. >> putin once all of ukraine and will not stop that you craig he wants to redraw the map and frankly the use a problem because they don't want to stomach the sanctions it will take because they seem to prefer
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natural gas over human-rights. said he will keep marching intel somebody gets tough and hopefully our presence will change his strategy of. >> this is the right to left issue do we really want to get heavily involved? is in our interest to threaten them militarily? how would you do it? with your old confidante john decade that you can do more then make a military presence known around a the region but i think that titans' the stakes. >> unfortunately he is to say unchecked aggression has the ability to end up in your backyard or your neighbors the ideal situation is to call un peacekeepers because russia will have the feel of the security council so on tel sanctions bear fruit is armed the ukrainian
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government said intelligence help them to defend themselves because he will keep going through ukraine but the question is where does he go next hopefully then the you will get back from. neil: that we have to be suffering a little pain to inflict pain that if we freeze their assets there will be a boomerang effect on our bans. not to mention those individuals from elsewhere but unless we are willing to tolerate that or the europeans especially to go with that natural gas. neil: administration figures we don't want that. >> unfortunately the problem is the acxiom peace through strength you are perceived to be strong but the concern is not just ukraine but the
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fact other bad actors to dictators will say guess what? they have lost all credibility that it means nothing because nobody will help them stop us. may go down a slippery slope but unfortunately it is in the best interest to stop the to before he goes any further. neil: if we don't now he has ukraine. are you saying he would then look at the other breakaway republics to take them back as well? to make yes. he's sees himself like peter the great. caller: stuart spee and his influence whether through the every key controls or the sabotage invasion tactics he will go to moldova oral latvia or discussions on the kremlin plot about did linty wants to reestablish the former soviet empire and he sees himself has said he can do
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neil: tax day as companies try to make it a little less taxing we thought it would be great to have faye give away so today we are giving away free access to our facebook page. it is free every day.
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that we are trying to be like the others. we'll also have free tweets also we are free every day we are basic cable. work with us. speaking of freebies maybe democrats should try to keep the millenials happy for whatever reason more adults pitch that democratic party as independents so why the shift? nobody better to talk to them our guests. ashley, what is going on? what is exploiting the generational shift? young people like yourself have been in lockstep largely with certainly the democratic party what is going on? >> what we have found at the young america's foundation that 60% death of young
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people almost three-quarters are unfavorable to the president that is not shocking that he told the light of the if you like your health care plan you can keep it. those that have been hurt by his policies are young people who are saddled with student debt the highest level ever and 29,000 then racked up the national debt himself of that 17 trillion he racked up 6.7 trillion from his presidency. neil: i looked in the bigger terms that you night -- unites the older people because he promised a lot more than he delivered a blunt of clotheshorse were reversed but -- completely it was forgotten too quickly >> he promised that
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millenials would be less but i pay $48 after why internet bill that is a lot less than obamacare it is a bunch of other issues like that nsa they feel they have been let down. he promise to usher in a new era of honesty in transparency but looking at paul after poll young americans are distrustful in 2009 they asked if they trust the government 44 percent said yes it is now 29%. they don't trust the government anymore and they feel so let down by the president. >> 6710 vote for the president lets get all the issues from marriage equality, a change from immigration there on the wrong side of the opinion and intel they change who will be the first national republican to come up with marriage to quality thing to
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bring in the voters but until you have a policy change republicans will have a tough time. >> rand paul appeals to more young americans then we have ever seen. >> does he support marriage equality? to make he cares about the issues that young people care about. they don't care about two guys that are in love. pride of their focus to catawba -- get a job. neil: but are these wedge issues? a lot of people switch they did not make the move because on the social issues for whatever reason they don't think republicans are quite yet.
8:23 pm
that they could capitulate? >> there is truth to that was social issues republicans are not doing well with young people. but they are most profoundly pro-life. from the research study so you can see the outpouring of support spinach even look at the economic issues like pay equity where was the party last week it? they voted that down. >> come on. neil: i just want to be clear that all young people share the view that minimum-wage should be higher? >> broadly speaking on economic issues young people
8:24 pm
wind up wwth the democrats. >> no, no, no. senate nato person. >>. neil: and if he is talki aboutlashing anything. he looks brave in this environment. >> they are not just cuts but scaled the growth but what you make of the argument they want to embrace the views that republicans might have they are larry of being socially backward? >> young people are libertarian they agree with republicans with economic issues but they are backwards with issues like gay marriage. there is the opportunity for republicans to stop talking about gay marriages. neil: so don't talk about
8:25 pm
there. with financial security? >> when you have one daughter for young people living at home i am pretty sure that is how they will start to see politics affects them. they realize there is no jobs there were promised free health care. >> then another and another senate can having health care. civics something to account for the anxiety of young people? >> there is a slow recovery. of course, there is no question but that the end of the day you look at what republicans believe there is the big gap. for the republican party the promise to be more open and excepting to bring people in is not doing much of anything.
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>> and going to howard university to people who are not republican. neil: we save a significant amount of time talking over one another we would not have gotten done. remember when blumenthal told us that gm better not hide under the bankruptcy law? >> when gm leverage without any liability i say the department of justice sought to compel gm to bear responsibility. neil: i think i heard ralph nader cheering because he is here of the set. ♪
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il: gm now shaking things up as a to executives leaving general motors are not connected to the recall so ralph nader wonders what
8:30 pm
are they really doing about the recall? to better to way and then the man who literally wrote the book, it? 1965 and said eddie speeseven will handle the change the way automakers treated customers mainly to keep them around as passengers are now we know about seatbelts, a tire pressure and car companies gloss over things like safety. pleasure to have you. what do you make how gm handles this so far? >> from a public relations point of view in the right direction they will recall the car speeding up the repair kit giving tons of material to congressional committees cooperating with the justice department criminal investigation but in the long run the test will be if they support a
8:31 pm
stronger legislation to make the badacquit engineers and enforcement of policy to prevent this from happening again. inside gm to reorganize that multi tear bureaucracy vertically or horizontally sell engineers can and go to the independent ombudsman to divulge what they know instead of being afraid they may lose their job or not get promoted the reverse incentives that mary barra talked about they do get incentives to cut pennies off parts with high-volume but they don't get incentives to cut casualties neil: anybody would say if there is $0.56 or $2 but in the scheme of things that would be as a cheaper way to address the problem than almost any other option. i don't you think to yammer
8:32 pm
nhtsa were even aware of that? >> it was not the watchdog it was supposed to be and they knew about this years ago and did not push it to the investigativeonclusion but the other point is they have gotten away with this in the past and they figure they may get away with it again but this was too personal this was the ignition switch. they did not realize it was not handling issue or materials issue but right to the driver losing control. neil: but the ridiculous solution they say don't put too many keys on your key changes soon as somebody would see that they would think this is stupid to compound the stupidity of the fallout.
8:33 pm
>> that is the old gm mentality to shift the responsibility to the driver. it did not work right now we want them to support two bills the dangerous product warding act and the corporate crime database. they are in the hopper now and that will be a test if mary barra is presiding over a new gm with a culture of caring replacing the old gm that she criticized to have the cost culture. neil: vichy was part of that.
8:34 pm
it's all out. >> even if it gets hit with the sec find babs, it's hardly a scratch for these global corporations.
8:35 pm
what gm is afraid of most as personal prosecution. officials, they are afraid of jail time. that is what really deters them, makes them clean up their act for future deeds on safety. neil: ralph nader, a pleasure. i don't care if you are the right or the left, millions of people are alive today because of the things ralph nader brought to the world attention. almost 50 years ago. all right. stay here about the guy is to make you wonder about this guy. it is a guy who gambles away a fortune and then sues the casino. no big deal. happens all the time. what about the casino will sues the gambler because the guy won a fortune. after this. i've always kept my eye on her...
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♪ neil: all right.
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let me be brief. one lucky gambler or maybe one very clever gambler. to hear the board got a casino in atlantic city tell what he did not win nine and a half million dollars displaying cards he was exploiting apparently unknown defect in those cards. here to judge whether the casino has a case. as you said, they do. randy says they don't. why do they? this. >> this is going to come down to whether or not the courts determine this was illegal. essentially the casinos had a policy, and he brought that policy. they have rules in place. new jersey gambling commission has rules, and he violated them. it was exhorting. he was not supposed to be doing this damning technique called edge sword angry was looking at the cards, counting the cards and then asking the casino to deal the cards in a certain way so that he could keep track of the cards in the order that there were coming out in. that's illegal. neil: so he didn't -- he did not
8:40 pm
do anything. >> right. he took advantage of the situation, but the question is going to be whether or not taking it into the situation violates the policy of the casino and a policy of the gambling commission. neil: what do you think? >> ladies and gentlemen of the jury, who marked these cards? did fill idea? no. to cause the cars to be tampered with? did fill idea? no. why is the manufacturer being sued? because it was the manufacturer screwed up. you know something, the same way the casinos, alcohol and women and the house always wins, all he did was nothing more than back, walking some of his house and seeing cocaine on the table and not needing a warrant. he could see with his eyes that there was an issue. he took advantage of it. that is fault. neil: what did he do? he knew that there was something a regular. >> apparently the manufacturer when the back of the cards are created they're supposed to be a
8:41 pm
pattern that is supposed to be the same throughout so you can't tell the difference between a four, five, nine. with talk right you are betting on who will be close to nine. apparently with certain car telf you will, was different. he was able to pick up on that. it means i'm marking the cards, making it so i can tell what started is. he didn't do it. th manufacturer did. neil: what do you make of that, he did nothing more than take advantage of the situation that was provided via the casino for him. he did mark anything, cat anything. >> i agreed to get into the situation, but i think it goes further than that. it's much like a ballplayer taking steroids. it's taking advantage. neil: wait a minute he is smart enough to say, wait a minute. there is something here that i can observe and ticket manager jeff. >> but it breaks the rules is the issue.
8:42 pm
neil: did it? you say it broke the rule. >> he broke a rule, a casino rule, and he broke a gaming commission rule. those are the rules that he has to play by. neil: you're in that same situation. card cut a deal it. just jimmy out. the tell that guy, you're going to need a new pact because the back of the cards is not like the rest? >> he went beyond that. he actually game to system and ask for a special dealer. he had a partner who spoke mandarin. a dealer specifically so that his partner could speak in a different language. he knew what he was doing. you left that out.
8:43 pm
>> the bottom line is it's no different than stealing signs from the catcher. you cano it. nothing wrong with it. no different than reading a picture and seeing that and as a particular move always going to throw a curve ball. there is nothing wrong with it. quarterbacks pick their own footballs' before a game. he did nothing wrong. the shoe was on the other foot and he lost because of a defect in the cards, do you think the casino would write him a check? neil: it would mark the other way around. >> i think you would be suing the car dealer. the point is, he can walk away. he does not have to be at that casino. if you ener into an establishment you play by their rules. he could have walked away. campbell somewhere else. he went beyond just speaking in mandarin to the dealer. neil: that changes everything. >> it's illegal this be commander in. neil: and it would hurt you, certainly. when we come back -- thank you
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you actually bought these today. are they worth it? >> i'll let you know. honestly, i'm behind the curve when it comes to technology. at the smart phone, tablet, laptop. this might combine everything. this is the future. i don't want to continue to be behind the curve. want to be part of it and it generally. an excited about it. the price is probably reasonable . neil: $1,500. >> well, what do you pay or a computer and laptop and smart phone? if you look in all those services its ballpark. neil: what do you make of this? >> it's not actually a sale. this is the exact same price as it was before. they won't disclo how many people are joining. why they're doing it, i think they are just experimenting in a lot of different directions. neil: i bet they do very well. the way they're doing this to legislate the old days when
8:49 pm
apple would deliberately limit the available supply of hot new iphone ipad when it comes out, i think they have staged their own demand, not that there was heavv demand anyway. this is a brilliant marketing move. i don't know if it warrants it, but it's a gd marketing move. >> i think it is a good marketing move that think the price themselves out of the middle-class market. what they have done is put themselves in a position where only the wealthy tech nerds can go out and buy it. and no offense,, but can you imagine a hundred people walking down the street all at the same time checking mary mallon walking, bumping into each other ? neil: she stumbles coming into the studio. take a stupid glasses off. >> that's the thing. you are a experimenting with new contact lenses as well. there's a new patent out for that. neil: how will that work?
8:50 pm
>> blanking in a certain pattern will allow you to take a photo maybe it might also help blind people see things all according to patton reports. nothing has been -- neil: i don't know what's more amazing, that finding or they you repentant reports. it is twitter said to be have? there will indeed hang on. could that be a problem? remember what happened to facebook when a lot of its leading shareholders who sold stock on mass. early investors bolted and sent the stock to record lows. it was a stron hard climb back. what you think? >> i think that this is actually going to be a little bit better for twitter since they say they're not going. it's not only the early investors. so good news for twitter. they could be. they could change their mind. so far it looks decent. the real pressure is going to come on the earnings to april
8:51 pm
april 29th. grown at a higher rate. a stagnated in the previous quarter. a lot riding on that. they hired a new vp of products. just today they are trying everything they can. neil: on the day the glasses come out. sean, i'm just wondering, we always make a big deal. it ends up being, you know, we get over done about it. these people have no money but will take a first of which in the cash in and protect some of that well before it disappears eventually. i guess we just have to watch some many do so and how much the takeout. >> i agree. this is not really a big deal. after seeing what happened with facebook, when the exploration was up and the insiders began to sell they hammered the stock continually. the founders and the ceo collectively have about 14 percent of the share and have no intention of selling.
8:52 pm
there was no plan to sell. that doesn't mean they won't sell after may 6 the seventh. at some point they will have to pay taxes on gains. i think there will be selling, but they are not announcing it. neil: all th positions they have available, they could just for bookkeeping purposes take a couple of the table. >> absolutely. >> the insiders are looking at the same data i'm looking at. the tudor spending, losing $3 a share. i understand. maybe other wall street analysts call me old-fashioned, i like stocks with earnings. insiders are saying that earnings are negative, the p-e ratio is infinite and the stock price is down 30 the 40%. that being said, insiders run for the door as soon as they're able to in large part. it. neil: well, you are old-fashioned. you don't like google glass,
8:53 pm
raining on the twitter parade. you're an old man now. thank you very much. meanwhile, split screen. i'm on one screen. i'm on one screen. to be put why relocating manufacturingpany to upstate new york? i tell people it's for the climate. the conditions in new york state are great for business. new york is ranked #2 in the nation for new private sector job creation. and now it's even better because they've introduced startup new york - dozens of tax-free zones
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kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. [ male annncer ] and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. ♪ >> what is the deal, neil? lou: and what is the deal with the rare lunar eclipse? frankly i think it is almost no jumbo covering up the real reason it is red. the russians announcing that they all want to be a part of our ultimate satellite, and the moon. we got into it last night. jason says the chinese and russians see the value of space travel. when we do get there, we will regret cutting nasa. and jim says is false and
8:57 pm
everything else, obama is trying to weaken the united states. who is surprised by this remark and janet says we are sitting ducks now. and mark writes to us that as long as obama has been charged, we love letter to do hat he wants and much of it will be hard to undo. that is what happens. and chong says that by reputation go to the moon and stay there. he just might. in another viewer, says that neil cavuto coming you should play up there and report firsthand what's going on. they can keep the moon but like that cadillac and the gm commercial, we got bored. that maybe so. but we also got right into space travel as well. and i think we got stupid in the process area this way you can swap a few pounds and we can all
8:58 pm
be saved from your drew scratchy voice here on earth. so meanwhile the irs has become so powerful that they behave like a criminal entity and that has to change. well, don't hold your breath. we need the fair tax asap. let's demand that now. in another, the irs has sown the seeds of its own demise. get them out. until he says i am so happy that i made the switch to neil cavuto at 8:00 p.m. you're what is the deal, tran-ones segment makes me laug. and i am a corporate attorney and i feel like i can't measure up to this twist of fate. well, john, no, you can't.
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and peter says i'm a high school teacher and i always tell my kids that you never know where life will take you. i mention your career with little apparent talent or rationale and they watch in awe. you're providing reason to be part of this. and so emily says what should i do? shirley's my husband? leave him, emily, leave him now. and here is what you do, alicia. make sure that you have the dvr recording on fox news 4:00 p.m. show and then play it with firefox at the end show a 8:00 p.m. it's like the best of both worlds. but youave to make it part of
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a large screen tv. i am told that it's part of . rich: happy tax day, ingrates, friends on facebook say tax is the price of civilization by which we mean harassing patriotic americans so much they cheerfully renounce citizenship rather than comply with the irs? yeah, we're going there. gavin mcinnes, sherrod small, stossel, foster, how the heroin epidemic is sweeping the nation isn't. pour out a 40 for your hard earned scratch. this is "the independents." hi there, i'm


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