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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 25, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm EDT

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thanks for joining us. have a great weekend, see you on sunday. it is time for "varney and company". stuart: we have the story on steve jobs, eric schmidt, nasty e-mails and lawyers who will win big. amazon, big loser. and bad news for realtors and just about everybody else connected to housing. the number and value of mortgages is tumbling. the world that market weighed down. is this what russia is doing? please look at this spectacular video otherwise known as free advertising and guess what? this is not from go pro. big shows this friday. "varney and company" is about to begin. ♪ new developments in and
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around ukraine. the market does not like it. russian troops lining up at the border, vladimir putin says there will be consequences if ukrainians go after perot russian forces inside the country. john kerry says if russia ignores the agreement to be escalate the crisis it would, i am quoting now, not just be a grave mistake but inexpensive mistake. he is threatening more sanctions. what is the financial response? the russian stock market is in free-fall, standard and poor's cuts russia's debt, it is one notch above junk. moscow hikes in interest rates. look at that, the dow a big triple digit loss, nasdaq down big as well. sandra smith, america's love with me. the market, america's market is down because of russia. >> it is on the rate of the nasdaq is leading the sell-off
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-- stuart: amazon is down. >> that is a special case, one of the leading things in the nasdaq. i am not going to eliminate the possibility ukraine is causing some selling. it is in the back of everybody's mind if you're going to buy into this market, major tensions geopolitically. stuart: gold is up $10, gold is up. russia, clearly hurting financially. john kerry friends were sanctions. pressure on russia could work? >> if we had actual sanctions on russia, yes, they be. president obama is not cutting off russia from the system. russia's behavior, i think that is where the word comes from. begging for more sanctions.
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begging for more help. stuart: you can still move money around the world very very easy. i put it to you. if you did interrupt the system, there would be significant fallout here as well. >> what do you prefer? i think i would prefer the latter. stuart: what will happen here? >> if there is any major destruction, oil would be bid. oil is down in today's trading session. stuart: let's move to individual
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stocks. we mentioned amazon. down. i mean way down. we have the same old story with amazon. another example of that. big news that amazon is testing its own delivery network. sandra, they want to take the package that is delivered to you the last mile. sandra: they want more control. their profits were up 23%. $20 billion in sales. the prophets were a measly 108 million. what is cutting into that? delivery costs. they are trying to get a grip on that. it is missing a major debt in their profits. stuart: they plugged everything back into the business. now, it is not working for them.
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sandra: have to do something about those shipping costs. sandra: this also enables them to deliver same-day. things that are making the shipping world completely come positive. >> they force other companies to compete and compete more efficiently. they will force them into bigger losses. maybe we will finally have a conversation in washington. stuart: do you want to traumatize them? it may force us to have a discussion about that and that is a good thing. stuart: whether or not amazon could or should by the u.s. postal service and take it over. i do not think that they will.
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i have a couple more big names. we followed them closely. it is a mere $0.02 higher. 39.88. pandora cut its losses. listener growth disappointed. down it goes. nicole, ford motor company. i have to believe the stock is down. nicole: the stock is down. we know that the f series continues to do so well.
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mark fields has been soon named back as a disaster. stuart: they tried to sell me one. remember? i am not in the market for an f150. i will be in the fall of this year. nicole: note to fort. see you in the fall of this year. stuart: thank you very much, indeed. let's get to politics. hillary clinton already courting millennial's. she was shunned by them in 2008. reportedly, she will not let that happen again. kaylee is with us. tell us how ms. clinton is
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courting people like you. millennial's. >> yeah, it is really interesting. many of the engagements are at college universities. wednesday, she went to uconn. talking basketball. really trying to be likable with these millennial's. in addition to hillary, the super pack is ready for hillary. brought on board rachel schneider. obama's national youth coordinator. she has already set up hillary organizations. they are already working from the bottom up. i am not sure republicans are putting in the same effort. >> i have to believe that hillary clinton is the front runner. >> mullaney earls view her favorably. with that being said, i really
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think that going into college campuses, this is what needs to be done. they recruit officers and they have this group of support. it is a really good idea. stuart: are you tempted to go out and get a government job, in which case, you would qualify for the forgiveness of your student loan debt in a few years. >> my belief is really the private sector is the way to go. i want to go out. i want to earn. i want to put my skills to use.
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i do have student loan debt. i can sympathize with a lot of these millennial's. c 2 to go into politics? do you go into television? who wins? >> i could be pulled either way. stuart: you could have my job if i am not careful. >> no, stuart, you are great. stuart: bad news for the housing market. rising interest rates. sandra: it has gone up substantially. we saw interest rates shoot up.
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>> this is not a real market. look, my fear is that if we do see this, you will see washington step in and say no. please go out and start lending again. that is what i watch. stuart: it does not look like we have it right now.
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>> housing is not an investment. stuart: no longer a bright spot. it does not lead economic growth hard case right there. tell it how it is, young lady. time is money. free headlines for you. check this out, please. look at that. chuck aaron performing stunts. he does barrel rolls. it is a dramatic video. red bull logo. / all over the side of the helicopter. your grandkids millions of views. next item. happening this morning. northwestern football players voting on whether or not to
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unionize. remember, the nlrb already ruled that those scholarship players are university employees. to baseball, yankees pitcher michael pineda thrown out of the game on wednesday for using pine tar. up next, job coaching in silicon valley. tech giants settle for $325 million. does not seem like a lot of money. ♪ ♪ you are miles and miles from your nice warm bed ♪ ♪ you just remember you've got a
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down 147. it is just .89. where is the price of gold this morning? it is up $11 higher. >> i thought it would go up. starbucks attracted more customers. they spend more on each visit. the stock is up $0.49. look at tesla. tesla should be able to sell its cars directly to consumers. it should not have to go through dealers. let's get to that story on steve jobs. really nasty e-mails. they came out during a lawsuit.
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colluding to keep wages down. one e-mail sent to steve jobs, google's eric schmidt said he filed a recruiter who was trying to poach apple employees. the firing news came through. that is a lot of hostility from steve jobs. >> i do not think it is any surprise that steve jobs got excited and was a bully sometimes. do you really believe that 64,000 people were affected by some sort of collusion. the government has an unlimited check both.
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well, there are often other fact there's. >> you do not think that there was collusion on a mass scale. >> we do not know. we have not read all of the documents. there were some very selective e-mail cases. nothing going on behind the scenes. stuart: let's bring in the attorney. it seems to me that the technology companies, the workers, they got them called. i do not care whether they were selective or not. why did they settle for a lousy
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324 million -- >> they brought this case to state court. the defendants have that option. it is under a state antitrust action. stuart: why did they settle for a lousy $324 million? >> the case is not quite as strong as you would think. there were two claims. we colluded not to hire each other's employees. the fact of the matter is, while i agree with you, i think if you crunched crunch the numbers and found out he was underpaid what, it probably attracts the settlement. they sued for 3 billion. guess what, you can triple the damage.
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that is all the more incentive to just get out. stuart: where do i begin with this. technicalities. i have my attack already. you just informed the jury. [laughter] stuart: this page under $24 million, the lawyers will take 100 million of that. >> probably. >> it is outrageous. >> class actions are an interesting animal. if a client says i have a $5000 plan for wages, i cannot really litigate that. you pile it all together. the lawyers end up winning. stuart: you do not think that they got those technology companies.
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>> no. stuart: that is collusion. >> you are talking liability and you are talking damages. they colluded not to hire each other's employees. it is crystal clear. stuart: a digression. >> the point is in terms of damages, i am not so sure they could have proven people were underpaid much more than it comes out to. stuart: apple made $10 billion net lien profit. you do not think they could have added up a billion or so and walked away? >> they should have taken a few lessons from you three have settled earlier for 20 million. that is not a big number. the remaining four settled. stuart: if you would have taken this case, would you settle for
11:23 am
$100 billion? >> probably. 100 million. stuart: it is friday. thank you so much. what's your name again? [laughter] stuart: thank you very much. diamond dallas page. he got into yoga. things got animated on the set with the yesterday. there he is. he is next. ♪
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but don't worry about that right now. okay. how do i look? ♪ thanks. [ male announcer ] troubleshoot, manage appointments, and bill pay from your phone. introducing the xfinity my account app. stuart: the momentum stocks go down. down 10% this year. that is $11 lower. facebook. that is up. it is down right now at 58. we bring you many stories of costars, pro sports stars turned entrepreneur on this program. i guarantee, you will not see interviews like these on any other program. you make serious money with yoga tapes. that is your business. >> ddp yoga.
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it ain't your mama's yoga, stuart. stuart: you put the whole shebang at risk. >> yes. stuart: are you nuts? >> i am nuts. stuart: you enjoy those segments. some of you do not like it. whether they sell their companies for $100 million. like i did with the ceo of confines yesterday. would you sell right now to me for $100 million? >> no. stuart: why? >> this will be a massive, massive business. stuart: would you sell today for $1 billion? [laughter] stuart: that gentleman played along. some guest do not. the audience thinks i am being rude.
11:29 am
>> he is coming on fox business to talk about his business. we had governor rick perry on. i asked if he would run for president because politics is his business. totally fair question, stuart. stuart: take notes, viewers. do you think, however, that sometimes i press a little bit too hard? >> no. stuart: because i have. >> all questions are fair until they become personal about the person. i may want to invest in the business. stuart: i think that is establishing a decent standard. it is legitimate for me to say, would you take 100 million. >> absolutely. if you do not want to answer, just say that is a good question. the real question is -- [laughter] stuart: that is how you do it. juan williams says democrats can win in september.
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we know you will not like what he has to say, but please stick around. we have his case after this. ♪ tdd#: 1-888-852-2134 there e trading opportunities
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tdd#: 1-888-852-2134 so you can take charge tdd#: 1-888-852-2134 of your trading. stuart: watch out ups. watch out fedex. amazon is testing its own delivery service. that is not helping its stock. the stock. there is a big drag on the dow. it is costing the dow 50 points. i have another number for you. oregon. $248 million of taxpayer money into a safe healthcare exchange. the only one in the nation which people cannot still enroll online. the white house coming to the rescue. what is going on?
11:35 am
>> centralization. the rolling debacle that is obamacare. you are right. there is also word out that they may have put up a fake website to convince their overseers. things were going okay. look, this will have an impact on the midterm elections. you cannot have this kind of taxpayer money wasted without voters getting upset. stuart: was that state taxpayer money? >> american taxpayer money. stuart: they have not enrolled a single person online. not a single one. is that accurate. >> that is correct. stuart: forget about the irs scandal. forget about the obama scandal.
11:36 am
joining us now is fox news clinical analyst, a friend of the program, at least until now, juan williams. [laughter] stuart: wait a minute. i have to make my case here. you are telling our fox news, love you, by the way, these voters in november will ignore a relatively weak economy. ignore the relative absence of the laws. ignore a declining and shrinking middle class. and ignore the horrors of obamacare. you have 30 seconds to make your case. >> it is not hard to make the case in person. we need to make sure that they understand both sides of the case so they do not get surprised. so many were surprised back in 2012 when obama won his second
11:37 am
term paired democrats lost. i believe it is like 12 seats by less than five percentage points. they lost another 18 seats by less than 10 percentage points. the democrats are by far the more popular party in terms of the brand. do not forget that on big issues, you know what, the public is with the democrats on this issue. i am just being contrarian, stuart. every political strategist where wears his or her stripes in this town. the odds are long against democrats ever coming close to 17. i just think that people need to be aware of this.
11:38 am
stuart: may i paraphrase your argument like this. hope springs eternal for the hard left. [laughter] >> i do not know about the hard left. steve israel, the chair of the democratic and congressional committee says this is just a tough landscape for democrats right now. there are so few swing voters and most of the democratic voters are concentrated. they are not impacting some of those districts. you saw democrats get more than 50% of the total vote. they did not win more than half the seat, obviously. stuart: i think the public has lost its faith and trust in the president of the united states. the obamacare debacle. i think it has made a dramatic impact on voters in america today.
11:39 am
i do not think you have a prayer of getting a majority in the house. i think the republicans will extend that majority. i think it is even stephen for winning the senate, two. >> that is why i came on here to give you a different point of view. make sure you are prepared in case things begin to shift on you. you know how you ask people if they would sell for $100 billion? i am saying to you, stuart, if you had to place a bet right now on republicans expanding their majority in the house, would you sell for $100 million? stuart: i would make a sports men's that with you, juan williams, for $10. i think we both can afford $10. i say the republicans will extend their majority in the house. i will put $10 on it. >> i am no mitt romney, but i
11:40 am
can match $10. stuart: are you a tom sayer? you are a tom sayer. that is what you are. thank you for being with us. check this out. this is a matisse. that is a painting. it is going up for auction. it is worth millions. how much do you think this matisse will go for? we have an answer coming up for you next. ♪
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♪ stuart: look at ford motor company stock. they had a big drop in stocks. allen mcnally is staying on as ceo for the rest of the year. starbucks stop reflect the in a down market. it is up 1%..3 pandora cut its losses. down 13%. visa saying u.s. sanctions against russia are hurting transaction volume. that is interesting. revenue growth will slow. that drop takes 50 points.
11:43 am
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11:45 am
check the big board. worries over russia and ukraine. we were down 140. that is only .8%. i have a big name you know. nicole, tell us about deckers. nicole: we are talking about boots, as well as sandals. the stock is up right now. this is a stock that could jump or sink with each quarterly report. it leaves shareholders always guessing. in its latest quarter, they had a smaller than expected loss. the stock is up. they continue to do well. the stock is jumping. stuart: thank you very much, nicole. we call this segment "old money." i do not know why.
11:46 am
today, we have a matisse from 1920. the work is from the collection of the late ceo of seagram. mark, welcome to the program. i am looking at this painting which is just over there to your right. we will put it on camera. why is that worth three-$5 million. >> the matisse is one of the most important artists of the 21st century. a woman by the window, looking out the window. who would not want to wake up every day and look at it. stuart: you are selling the artistic value of this painting. >> it is generally held to be true. that painting was last sold in the mid- 80s. stuart: 25 years ago, roughly, a
11:47 am
generation ago, today, minimum, $300 million. that is a good investment. >> it has proved to be a very good investment paired. stuart: what is the difference? stuart: you could not bring it in the studio because it is too big. it is a picasso. is it a painting, not a print? >> it is a painting. it is almost four by five delta. it is one of picasso's rate themes. it is voluptuous, beautiful naked woman eating a very succulent delicious piece of fruit.
11:48 am
for some reason, her boy friend or companion is very intent on writing his letter or his book. stuart: we did not know that this would be a comedy show. that painting makes all the difference. >> late picasso's are the hottest part of the picasso market. stuart: china. tell me about that market. in november, a chinese buyer came to our new york sale and spent $26 million on a picasso. the chinese are pouring into the western markets as they did before. particularly, they are buying impressionists pictures.
11:49 am
they love french pictures. they know them. they have seen them. they are the most loved paintings in china. stuart: are they buying four investment purchases? >> i think anyone wants to be shown that it is worth that the next day. speed. stuart: it is worldwide. $7 billion worth of art. a record? >> a record. stuart: i know it goes in peaks and valleys. it is at a peak at the moment. >> it is at a record. it is very dependent on what objects come to market. last year there was an abundance of great objects that came onto the market. stuart: i attended one of the auctions, when you had a talk
11:50 am
under diamond. i had a great time. i could not tell, looking at the audience, a lot of the audience was on phones bidding from all around the world, the audience right there, i cannot tell who had money into had not dared you just could not tell. i saw guys making bids for billions of dollars with a pair of jeans on and sandals and a t-shirt beard you just could not tell. >> as long as auctioneer could tell. stuart: thank you so much for being with us, mark. it is a real pleasure. mark porter, everyone. christie's american chairman, everyone. government steps in. they will regulate electronic cigarettes.
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up next, we talked to a person who depends on those you cigarettes for a living. ♪ at delta we're investing billions of dollars,
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stuart: the fda proposed new rules this week for the first time they will regulate this brand-new industry known as the e cigarette industry. i will give you a quick look at some of the proposed changes. strictly no sales to minors. e cigarette makers must place warning labels on all of their products. they will have to expose all of the ingredients. they will have to register all new products. we are joined now by a tally up iceberg. you are a manufacturer of the liquids that go into -- the liquid nicotine that goes into an e cigarette. >> that is correct. stuart: you have to be very worried, i would imagine, about the legislation requirement for you as a manufacturer. >> extremely, yes.
11:56 am
stuart: how could the simple registration of a new liquid cost you millions of dollars. >> the fda is using a framework that was set up for big tobacco. we are not tobacco and we are not big tobacco. hopefully, the fda will work with us to change that framework. stuart: you do not mind regulation that keeps this out of the hands of minors. >> i think nicotine is a medicine. it helps us focus.
11:57 am
it is not a carcinogen. stuart: you cannot say that, can you? you probably could not claim nicotine helps you concentrate. do you think you will be put out of business in a few years? >> absolutely. i believe this is the future. we see hundreds of people a week coming in and it is working for them. it is a powerful thing. stuart: thank you so much for coming in. a big second hour coming up. brian kilby joining us. joining america on whether bubba watson proved there is hope for golf without tiger woods. the second hour in two minutes. ♪
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sell-off, fenders point at russia. we are on all of that. how is this for a headline? home loan demand plunging. surely time to lock in, to get a loan in the first place we are on that one. golf alive and well despite the absence of tiger woods, so says the p g a of america. why was steve jobs such a nasty guy? jeremy catholic faces those tough questions. european soccer overshadows baseball. brian kilmeade, you know a few things about this sport, he can barely contain himself. let's not forget wrestling. what is the connection because to yoga? answer, money. hypocrisy, we will tell you all about the sierra club guy who
12:01 pm
drives suvs. it is a great show. here we go. we have a big drop on the market. we also have a huge drop in demand for mortgages. lending at the lowest level in 14 years, the vice president of addison young who helps us through the real-estate maze. this looks to me like a really bad sign for the housing industry over all. how bad is it? >> pretty bad. it wasn't the winter weather. we see march numbers came out this week were pretty poor. is an affordability issue. stuart: explained this. affordability. >> we had a 12% artificial growth year over year from
12:02 pm
2013-2014. that is artificial growth. that is prices. that is too high. we need 2% to 4%, healthy organic growth. stuart: went up too much? to qualify for those low interest rates? >> interest rates were nearly free money. you had very low rates and so people could buy homes and they boss hand you had investors in the marketplace and institutional investors so now you are seeing a lagging in the marketplace because interest rates have risen from a year ago and prices rose. stuart: there is not likely to be any change in how to qualify for a home loan? they will be tight on lending standards. that is not going to change. >> there have been some reports that they are accepting 3% down payment, some lenders, focused markets and also banks and there are also actually taking less credit score is, 720 used to be
12:03 pm
the threshold. now they are dropping a little bit. i am not saying it is happening all over but there are some specific banks doing that. stuart: when you have people who say it is back to the bad old days of giving anybody a loan just because they should get the money. we are not going back to that? >> no. we learned that mistake. stuart: i am trying to work out the future. this is the nasty drop in home lending. we have not a spike, a rise in prices and the fall in new home sales. if you are telling me we are only making marginal changes to get a loan in the first place and prices are not coming down i got to say the housing outlook looks pretty bleak. >> it does. like i said before we need 2% to 4% growth, that is unsustainable. stuart: but we have got it. it is not going away. we were expecting housing to give the economy a nice boost, that it would lead the economy
12:04 pm
forward to maybe 3% growth. you got to walk away from that. >> it trickles down to all parts of the economy. people don't buy furniture, building, a lot of things it impacts. stuart: all right. thank you for joining us. we were surprised by this news. i was surprised at the headline in the wall street journal, home loan demand plunges. >> very surprising. stuart: thank you very much, appreciate it. stock of the day, amazon down really big despite a jump in its profit. the problem, they put all the money they earned straight back into the company. in specific i got this news from amazon. is testing its own delivery network. it wants to take your package the last mile. from the warehouse right to your house, cutting out the upss and fedex of this world. jeremy, maybe this is a dumb question, why not just by the postal service?
12:05 pm
>> great question. build in infrastructure that reaches every house in america, just capitalize on that. i was away on a little vacation trip. i had waiting for me a stack of catalogs, direct mailingss, credit card offers none of which i really wanted. amazon wants to start fresh with something just for them that supplies only their product. a great little model. stuart: an extraordinary thing. they spent an arm and a leg on these warehouses. they have gone from 50 to 100 distribution centers in three years. they have invested heavily in a competing system, on robots and now they're going to buy a bunch of trucks because the truckers take it to your house. that is an extraordinary investment. >> it is interesting because think about the products they're -- services co. an entirely new business. brooklyn brewery makes beer in brooklyn. when they started they didn't have a distribution network. they build one and it is a bigger business than the actual
12:06 pm
sales of beer. the distributor the people's beer. perhaps amazon is looking to create a second fantastically giant business for themselves. stuart: they should buy the post office. that was the teeth to get it into the interview. i have other stuff in a moment. another tech name moving big time. pandora is down, way down. not enough people have signed up to listen in to the radio service. how bad is it? nicole: stocks down 13%, exactly what the options traders, 13% move either way, to the downside, the ones making money on this today. pandora right now 2442. you are right. they do have the advertisers, they do have listeners but not enough to impress wall street. several analysts cutting price targets.america merrill lynch kept their buy rating and rbc cut the outperform rating, the slowest target. stuart: you use pandora, don't
12:07 pm
you? >> no. stuart: when you don't? nicole: i know i should. maybe we should sign up. stuart: there isn't a musical bone in my body as everyone knows. dow is down 116 but look at microsoft. higher profits. i do own a few shares of microsoft. we are cheering. it is up in a down market. look at least of. that is a big drag on the dow industrials. it is a dow stock and it is down 3.5%. at last count that contributed 50 down points for the dow industrial average. look at the big board, down 114 points. we were down 150. come back a little bit. ukraine tensions, vladimir putin, all of that apparently one of the major reasons we have this, not a major sell-off. we can have 0.69%. back to technology, facebook is buying a fitness tracking apps
12:08 pm
called moves. could be a sign they are trying to break into the wearable technology field. you love this kind of stuff but i got to put it to you. nike just walked away from that whole market. they are not going to do that. >> they are up in the air. stuart: thinking about moving out of it. i don't think that is a viable product. don't know how many people i have spoken to who bought one don't use it anymore. reminds me of exercise machines which end up in a broad scale. >> a couple years back we never used again. i will tell you look what i have brought in to show you. the entire world is getting into this market. look at this. smart watches. i have reviews of these. stuart: i want to get a short of that because you are where all kinds of stuff. >> every tech companies getting into these things. that is why there are so many. stuart: that is the real watch. >> that one actually works.
12:09 pm
stuart: what is the other when? smart watches? >> two from samsung. this is the basis band which gets your heart rate and monitors your sleep patterns. they do everything. stuart: who cares? you buy them and discard them because you get tired of them. >> i don't thing so. there's a reason companies like facebook and as big as nike are gambling on this, pulling back a little bit but this is really going to be a big part of the future. stuart: why? no one is going to wear two watches? >> i talked to a tech friend of mine is as she does do that at the gym. deegan i am not going to do that. stuart: i know a few in my time. different from you and i. >> what we are going to see is some interesting takes. this one, see if i can do it in time. shouldn't be showing off but it pops out a few concede this.
12:10 pm
july and director, it pops out. >> instead of a watch like this you wear it in a laughing. there really is a feature in these things. stuart: i am totally skeptical. hold on a second. one more. got to get back to those e-mails from steve jobs that surfaced during the silicon bay lawsuits. it was a lawsuit. one e-mail sent from google's eric schmidt said he fired a recruiter who was going to try to coach apple employees, jobs for the bad e-mail to his age artie with the smiley face attached to the. we will fight this guy and steve jobs is ecstatic. he really was -- got another one for you. got to read this properly. an e-mail sent from steve jobs,
12:11 pm
if you hire a single one of these people, that means war. steve jobs doesn't come out looking like a very nice guy. and he wasn't a very nice guy to work for with. >> no. no. he was a caustic genius let's say. let's be honest was brilliant but also a tyrant. it wasn't just steve or apple, and couldn't coach employees from each other. as the business i understand that but as an employee, one of the people looking at these, i can't get a job at google because apple doesn't want to let me. stuart: they suit, these e-mails he emerged, tech companies, four of themselves on the wall street
12:12 pm
journal. $24 million. the people who fire this it wanted $3 billion. a great deal of money to take out of the apples of this world, $10 billion or whatever it is. >> it is the same--it ties back to the non competes everyone signs when they joy of for a company especially high-tech companies, i promise i will never work for my competition. i understand where the companies and coming from you have to sign with the employees in this case. you can't go get another job because they are preventing this. on a corporate level. stuart: as one of our viewers that one not just put them on a contract? macon's on a contract are here for two years at x amount of money and can't leave without two years being up, put them on contract. >> this is in addition to that. a senior level thing. we have steve jobs saying i am going to abide by these things and they go to a lot of tech companies. stuart: thank you very much
12:13 pm
indeed. yankees pitcher michael penn yacht using kind hard to get an edge to get ejected and suspended for ten days or ten games. brian kilmeade weighs in on that and after the break and new website helps you organize and book events with your friends and you get a discount. find out how much of the discount. that will be next. i've always kept my eye on her...
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stuart: a pitcher with the new york yankees suspended for ten games after pine talk was found on his neck. brian kilmeade joins the company now. that is really not a serious penalty to pay. he clearly had the pine tar. anyone can see is this wishy is suspended for ten games. the only missed two games but he was cheating. >> you are right. how ridiculous it was his attempt at cheating where he was
12:17 pm
almost caught ten days ago and goes back to fenway park after being heard for two legitimate years coming back, this guy was in spring training for the new york yankees outside tanaka. look how the new york post is handling it. fool on the hill. this is not nice. this is saying are you crazy? how can you put that on the back of your neck with 50 cameras on live national televised -- stuart: before he did that he said hi to somebody. he got the kind car in his hand, consistent cheating. >> give of two runs, a little concerned about gripping the ball. it is an embarrassment. to the yankees credit they say they are embarrassed. not trying to cover for him. stuart: next one still on sports. >> did you just blow up my opinion? you don't like the story? stuart: i don't think you were going far enough. >> how dare he did something like that. stuart: northwestern university
12:18 pm
football players voting on whether to joy union. which way do you go? >> there has to be a way to pay the top revenue generating top athletes but not through a union. i don't want to see the players union a bunch of 17 and 18-year-olds led by an expense of high-priced lawyer tell the n.c.a.a. how it should be done. you cannot treat them like pros, the unions look to maximize their health benefits, maximize their pay and that is not in the best interests of college football, college baseball, college basketball. stuart: when european soccer on a rise in america. i am told by my producer rival deal with that later in the hour. are you coming back? >> if you have me. stuart: he is staying in that seat while i do a separate interview and then we go back and european soccer. you are going to stay. stuart: stay right there. everything you want to do you can do on line and our next
12:19 pm
guest is an example of that. it plans your group be events from reservations to menu planning. the ceo joins us now. it is mulcahy. irish ethnicity? >> 100%. stuart: how many generations back you go? >> four. stuart: when you object to being interviewed by an englishman? >> absolutely. stuart: gaggle. come to your web site, the web site, i want to have an event with my friends, i tell you who the friends are, where i want to go, you organize everything for me. my producers told me i get a discount. >> we are not really about discounts. we work with great restaurants and trade partners and filling out space friday and saturday so
12:20 pm
we try to give good value, we build packages people pay what they would in the restaurant and it is not about a discount, it is about our tools. stuart: i have got used. i prepay. i come to your web site, you organize the event. i prepay and you go to the restaurant and say you have a few tables through their, a bunch of guys want to come, you give me a discount, you get the discount. >> we do make our money from bringing business to our partner network. we build schools and people would come end we could drive great business to our partners. stuart: how old is a >> we launched in may of 2013 but we have been up and running for six months. stuart: how many customers have you got? >> we have done over a thousand in the city, over 60 partners we work with, we are growing rapidly and excited about it.
12:21 pm
stuart: specialize in new york city. >> and hampton's last summer with eyes toward expanding in other cities in the future. stuart: when you own the whole thing. >> i work with partners, of former colleague of mine, mike mulcahy. stuart: a third of it? >> more than that. it was me when i started by myself. stuart: half of this thing? what did you sell? >> depends what the number is. stuart: $10 million. stuart: why not? >> i am a young guy. not ready to hit the golf course. i want to turn a few more cards on $10 million. stuart: $50 million. >> i would think about it. stuart: cash. >> i don't think so but if we could bring $50 million into the business and i could still run and be involved this is my life's work and i'm not ready to leave it behind the we could do a lot with $50 million. the cliche answer might be to say yes or say no but we could do a lot. stuart: i ask this question of
12:22 pm
everyone. >> i've is excited u.s.. i was ready. stuart: our producers said varney will ask that question. you knew it was coming. what you did was the exact opposite answer to what many people do. they say no, i am in this to save the world. i am interested in helping people. stuart: we help people plan social events and bring people together but it is a business and we can do a lot of great things to further our business with an amount of money. stuart: when you are the salvation army by different name. kevin mulcahy. is that right? >> you got it. stuart: it is un nice product. >> really appreciate it. thank you for having me on. stuart: the sierra club, hypocrisy and gas guzzling cars. my take on that is next.
12:23 pm
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all the latest episodes. all included with your service. it's like hi-fiving your eyeballs. xfinity...the future of awesome. stuart: lots of big names in the moos. ford motor co. down profits, down in the stock, expedia flat on the year, today is not helping, down 3%. sports, bubba watson's masters
12:27 pm
victory, great for golf and shows the sport can thrive without tiger woods. the pga of america president joins us in a couple minutes right here. you do have to practice what you preach. if you tell others to do something you better follow your own advice. if you make policy for others you better support that policy with your own actions. if you don't you could rightly be called a hypocrite. here is my take. i am going to pick on the sierra club, an environmental activist group, specifically i am going to pick on them for not practicing what they preach, gas guzzlers, mpg. the sierra club is big on this, they supported president obama's command that automakers get their fuel economy average of to 54 mpg. the sierra club has a ton of
12:28 pm
money and put it all behind leftists who just love to tell us what kind of car we ought to drive. and enterprising conservative group, the mind mental policy alliance checked into the vehicles this year club executive board actually drive. 15 board members, top guys, 32 vehicles registered to them, they found seven suvs, two gas guzzling luxury jaguars and an average mpg reading about half what the president is aiming for. this is the group that called climate change a threat to our children and the threat to the planet as we know it. if it is that bad why don't they take the action they recommend for others? why are there any gas guzzlers driven by their top people? i get a little tired of this. they tell us what to do but they do the opposite. they set national policy and
12:29 pm
ignore it. the policies which they spend big money to promote costs as a ton and we have got to pay it. no choice. why do you think gas in california is $4.20 a gallon. please. can we change course? can we stop giving so much power to hypocrite's? probably not but you know, you can't keep america down forever. i hope sooner rather them later the hypocrite's will be swept aside. i live in hope.
12:30 pm
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12:33 pm
stuart: major league baseball ratings and ticket sales have been on the decline. at the same time european soccer continues to grow in popularity in the united states. saturday and sunday morning on network tv. brian kilmeade still here. is my premise correct? european soccer on the rise, based on the decline. >> they spend that money on a property, stocks got the world cups and nbc, european soccer, premier soccer going through the roof and shocking everybody, it is fantastic but not really related to the fact that baseball is at a slow start.
12:34 pm
i don't think the american sports fan is making a choice. i knew this was happening five years ago because i have been around a soccer community but i have known soccer players, not soccer enthusiasts talking about these games, the champions league, whatever they going to do with all the middle eastern money, wait a second, you don't play, follow the game. people wants to see the action. stuart: you can watch the best players from the best teams in the world, said back and watch them on tv. that is very attractive but i am told tickets for the world cup final in brazil in early july, they go for more than super bowl tickets. >> we don't know who is going to be in it. super bowl tickets feet up,
12:35 pm
certain people will go. it is going to go on for three weeks and you get a chance to see the story lines built. if they are going high now, you will be through the roof. as far as brazil, sacrificing the entire infrastructure, they will never use again. that is another story. everyone is keyed up for it. if you put the u.s. in the semifinals or quarterfinals, there will be abuzz about american soccer. stuart: a huge boost for major league soccer and united states. >> most of these players are playing in america and begin to selva sport and watch it and it is steady and here in european soccer is coming. stuart: i you done with this? >> cleaned up. you are still on the show. don't move. >> you seem disappointed. have you read your run down? says i'm saying the whole block unless you want me out of here.
12:36 pm
that he rented the space or something? have you ever seen someone so anxious to get me out? you asked me over. stuart: your cutting into the time of the next guests of the quiet. bubba watson came away with the second masters earlier this month for the big story that came out of the tournament, the masters was the absence of tiger woods. ted bishop is with us, pga america's present trying to get a word in edgewise while brian kilmeade dominates the show. welcome to the program. >> i love hearing this soccer talk. tiger woods and play in the masters. the ratings went down. that is bad news for golf. you need the guy. >> golf needs tiger woods. the other thing that impacted the ratings this weekend, the first night weekend of weather that we had across the northern half of the united states, a bigger factor than tiger's absence. stuart: ratings or down over
12:37 pm
four year period, 20, 40, 30% depending on the day. really surprises me because that final day i watched a gripping tournament. that was having a go with bubba watson. that was terrific. >> was but it is not the first time tiger woods has been absent from the game. there are other factors but that being said, he is important to the sport and we need him back. >> another major win for him needs consistency, rivalry. phil mickelson is almost there. when tiger woods wins phil mickelson is here in terms of importance but i need to see him win again and i want to see the matchup and same thing, matchups, great quality but we got to know the guy. stuart: when you got to love bubba watson after he won the game, he goes down with his son
12:38 pm
in his arms, with that crowd. that makes him an attractive personality. >> i think there is a big segment of the population that relates to a guy like bubba. it is a blue collar segment but an important part of golf. it was a good win in that regard. stuart: what you doing to get youngsters into the game? >> a couple great programs, the pga junior league, golf's version of the league baseball, 7 to 13-year-old, boys and girls that play on the same team, each has a golf shirt with a number on his or her back that promotes the team aspect of it, they played nine hole formats, three holding grumman's, two person scramble and the other thing that took place during the masters, this contest which is again it is going to expand into all 50 states.
12:39 pm
we anticipate over 50,000 kids that will participate. stuart: as the little league for baseball that declines. not so many kids play. along comes golf and snatches those youngsters for their sport, you baseball guys got to take a lesson. >> you are taking a listen from team sports, saying instead of a little phenom on the corner of the blocky want to say you could be good and there will be a place for you and will be teammates because that is what kids do. they want to feel a part of something. i couldn't agree with you more. >> having two girls are junior players. back then 15, 20 years ago it was a lonely game. tough to find other girls to play with. to promote the team concept, the social aspect of golf is a huge. stuart: when is tiger coming back? chipping and putting this week. stuart: that is august.
12:40 pm
golf club in louisville, ky. >> one of the greatest things of the next decade in sports will be tiger gets close to closing out on the final day for another grand slam. when we see another major go his direction and get close to jack nicklaus the world will be talking again and i think he needs that. stuart: when you can't keep this guy out of an interview. stuart: did you want me out of the interview? stuart: from here on out, brian kilmeade and company. thank you for joining us. here is a headline for you. gold, $5,000 an ounce. what? the real halftime report is next. ♪ [ cows mo] [ sizzling ] more rain... [ thund rumbles ] ♪
12:41 pm
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stuart: the latest from ukraine, russian troops lining up at the border. vladimir putin says there will be consequences if ukrainians go after perot russian forces or inside the country. john kerry stepping up his warning to the russians saying russia needs to take immediate steps to ease tension or face more tough sanctions ahead. russia is making an extensive mistake. president obama in south korea, the war memorial earlier today.
12:43 pm
the senior administration official said negotiations have reached a breakthrough with trade talks with japan. progress on key sectors, i agriculture, automobile deals, no final deal has been made. they rain there, the real halftime report is next. is still with us. don't know where to go. all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
12:44 pm
this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. stuart: halfway through the
12:45 pm
financial day. the real halftime report, scott kennedy from the stock exchange, nicole petallides, john layfield in bermuda and brian kilmeade you can't get rid of. it is all about russia? >> i will say a little bit russia. we will have more head winds as we get higher and higher. taking positions where they're going to single stock positions, not general overall position that if they have general overall positions, go to general overall safety positions. and a little more cover at these highs, that is what is happening. stuart: russia is making an expensive mistake. >> the only mean one thing, energy. the president says he has sanctions, you got to tease them.
12:46 pm
to the red line once, we ignored it. the only thing that will get their attention is energy so it is natural gas, oil, and european allies. they have something on the table, vladimir putin's attention. stuart: what are you hearing on the floor? >> traders focusing on these, that seems to be the number-1 problem here, the dow is down 123 points and is evidenced by the flight to safety. gold up $10 and everyone blocking the treasury, treasury 2.66%, the ten year, nobody wants to take these big stakes out of the week in. stuart: we have got it. more big names, stocks we are watching, amazon with its own delivery network. if they're testing delivery network why not just by the postal service? >> why not? that would be -- what we're seeing with the stock is to the downside, 15 or more analysts cost there price targets with buy ratings, not too hot on the
12:47 pm
fact that amazon has a lot of spending on technology. the latest number, the revenue increase is hit hard. stuart: come on in. are you buying amazon at $300 a share. >> i am very tempted. at this point it will be a compelling buy. haven't seen all 13 analysts the downgrade, at the average 39, the lowest price target is $320 with a high of $500 so a lot of people are very bullish on amazon, spending their current profits on future investments. i actually like this strategy. they are trying for world dominance. that is pretty remarkable. stuart: why not? if you can make some money. let's get back to scott. i see oil heading below $100 a barrel. what do you say? >> the worst recession the
12:48 pm
country has ever seen. how can anybody expect the u.s. consumer, paying at the pump on a weekly basis and on a table on a weekly basis. food and energy inflation, i can't believe geopolitical tensions, traders behind me say high prices cure high prices. stuart: market watch, peter schiff sees a reckless federal reserve pushing the price of gold to $5,000 an ounce. >> i don't see it. chicken little about the sky falling, i don't see it. in japan they kept it low for the past decade. we're keeping rates low, they got to come up that some point. everybody says that, but rates are artificially low for some time. and go as a safe haven, going where the only thing they are rewarded is the stock market.
12:49 pm
stuart: $5,000 an ounce on gold and you say what? >> it won't be long, that means the absolute armageddon, i am going for the farm and throwing up a ten football, have fun with everybody else. stuart: we are getting the message. yesterday we had one of your wrestling buddies on the show, diamond dallas page on the show. hope you can hear this. listen up. your name is? >> diamonds dallas page but most people call me gdp, feel the bad. stuart: the hand action. >> i bring that into my workout. pushing index and farms together reaching the back, come out, hold it up, brother. stuart: all right, i know you saw that. $10 million on yoga. your comment? >> that was a bit out there.
12:50 pm
he is a great guy, he is a good player, has done phenomenally well. the stuff he has done, he has a wonderful product, the perfect salesman in this gdp yoga, doing incredible things. stuart: a terrific show. john, brian kilby wants to stay something. >> i am working on both of those, a hybrid thing, the 1970s wrestlers. still looking to that. and although had full of gold and silver. stuart: i remember the camel club. that is it for the halftime report. finally, brian kilby is getting out of here. up next, get out of here. tesla, an example of where
12:51 pm
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stuart: the ftc says tesla should be able to sell its cars directly to consumers. is that the deal? liz: elon musk says the state model of dealers is now the fcc blog is essentially saying it does stifle competition to buy cars from dealers, we shot on the internet, even hail taxes so that is how we get service directly. stuart: it is below 200. we have a press conference. >> elon musk in washington d.c. with the q&a possibly about spacex about this reusable rocket they successfully launched two days ago. stuart: they will ask him about tesla so watch that stock. wait for it. more varney next. i've always had to keep my eye on her...
12:56 pm
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12:58 pm
stuart: it is time for the highlight reel of the week. roll it please. would you sell for $100 million? >> i would not. stuart: oh, please. >> the speaker of the house of representatives has a private plane to fly her family over the copenhagen. this is completely ridiculous. it is like a 37 hour flight. he is back there in coach. fred from melbourne is sitting next to him. a terrible flight. stuart: what do you say, doctor? >> i think it is fine you inquire about the financial pedigree of your guest. why not. what is to be embarrassed about? stuart: i think the republicans will extend.
12:59 pm
>> i am no mitt romney. i will say this, you still owe me money from the obama campaign. stuart: are you a tom sayer? [laughter] >> 100%. stuart: how many generations back to you go? >> that would be four. stuart: i was nice to the guy. >> very nice. stuart: that was good. excellent. jeanette somebody die on vic cavett show? >> we will get back to you on monday with the latest on that. i think it is time.
1:00 pm
stuart: here is deirdre bolton. deirdre: this is risk and reward. thank you for joining me. entrepreneurs, ceos, elon musk will be making an announcement from d.c. spacex successfully launched its dragon craft. the first time that spacex launched a reusable rocket. we will be covering that for you from d.c. momentarily. courses sake kkr and nasdaq may be soon unveiling a private equity exchange to make it sell small portions possible. trying to crack the code on making fund more acceptable for individual investors. making frenemies. it will be available via its natural en


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