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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 12, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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i can track down the url right down to where to live. think nsa. i italian style. goodbye. lou: good evening. house speaker john boehner and of members of congress have joined forces to find a common opponent, the republican party. blaming republicans along with donahue for not supporting a comprehensive immigration reform. that is legislation that offers both amnesty for illegal immigrants and open borders. of speaker boehner who has been wildly divergent with his views on such legislation today blamed members of his old party for resisting his leadership on the issue. he told the san antonio hispanic chamber of commerce
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'' back there are some members of my party that just do not want to deal with this. you will remember he mocked his republican colleagues of the same issue with his home district three weeks ago. >> the appetite of my colleagues for doing this is not real good. this guy is back here with the camera but don't make me do this. [laughter] this is too hard. you should hear them. lou: again telling an audience washington telling the party it is of big business because it is the and open borders are the most important priority for multinational corporations. donahue told republicans to give up baum the white house altogether if they don't pass open border legislation "the if the republicans
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don't do it then they should not bother to run a candidate in 2016. to the chamber aligning itself with the democrats and u.s. multinationals on the issue of amnesty legislation while the most recent opinion poll says that most americans oppose amnesty and open borders. the most recent fox news poll shows pai-hua 69 / 20% that americans are in favor of new security measures. moving to more reform of the chamber by the republican leadership is the republican legislative agenda itself and what will the tea party may play we are joined by juan williams and ed rollins and our fox news analyst. thank you for being here. what is the speaker doing
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trying to turn this over single-handedly? >> he has a different point of view. for his respect -- perspective they are trying to do of reach to bring in hispanics we believe that is due to religious outlook and business oriented values but they are using them over immigration. speaker boehner thinks this is the way to get them and there is an open window in the month of june and july after the primaries are dead within the threats from two-party candidates and at that point he can get this done with the caucus in the house. >> not at all. he has been a friend of mine over 30 years but at the end of the day there is a majority of republicans and the house that are not satisfied with the emigration bill. they want to do it
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individual. of the 1986 bill to look five years to get that done with the bipartisan effort. if this is not become a bipartisan effort and it would not have been. i have respect for the speaker but he is way out in front of his own members and his criticism is used against them. the key to the vote is the key in reelecting house members feel the way we get them is the people who believe the same thing. lou: and juan williams is adjusting the latest poll shows the lowest intensity far lower than in 2010 banned the republicans driven by the energy of the tea party that led them to a historic wave the election and victory. what does this portend on the part of the republican
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party and also a leadership that seems committed that goes well beyond what the membership is prepared to do? >> i have not seen the exact numbers but they are willing to go along with john boehner. where he has a problem is the 20 or 30 hard-core two-party people of the hill. that is to he is making fun of in cincinnati as they just will not come along. it is not a high political priority it is nowhere near jobs or energy. lou: but 97 percent of americans don't care. >> writes. soap get it out of the way. now head says this will divide the republicans.
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but once you get it out of the way this is a turnout election to fire up the base but have you done anything on the big issue? but to say we have something done with immigration. >> first of all, i am glad to see the chamber thinks this most important issue is not tax reform that they keep baum the highest tax base of job creation but if the democrats will help them do these things they are crazy. is john boehner had the majority of his own caucus he would move but the number is higher than 20 or 30. we have a rule the majority is to move a bill out. there clearly is not a majority to move forward. lou: with that, of juan
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williams, and there is such a thing -- a strange setting taking place. so as a potent force in this election. looking at the g.o.p. establishment or the unified strategy across the country leading the of republicans to victory. >> that is an important point because even from speaker boehner even with the heritage what you see is say appreciation for the tea party with the energy and when he was mocking people he said he likes them but some of these guys are just out to line their pockets but he made it clear that he
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wants their energy and the party needs that. they want to the teapartier but he wants to get immigration done. lou: he is trying to kill the two-party single-handedly. but perhaps as he suggested mckee rights from a different perspective. he does it well but i would argue with john boehner does not want to be the republicans that are there than he began the speaker but you have to represent the group. he would not be the speaker today without the energy of the tea party. he wants death their voice but not their voice. their voices loud and clear and will not go away. many are committed to making changes country and they are not happy with republicans either. can the key to whether we
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use lead the senate. lou: i will leave with the question although we don't have time for a dancer, with 41 percent of independents and moderate less likely to vote for a congressman or senator who votes for amnesty, why would the republican party decide to cast its lot to the chamber of commerce and the u.s. senate with a gang of a bill on amnesty if that is clearly a hallway for them to lose midterm elections? we will just leave it there. thank you for being with us. i do reports of half a billion of taxpayer dollars were wasted to build obamacare to changes that failed in four states massachusetts organ maryland and nevada now transitioning to the federal web site that
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didn't work either/or to decide to salvage their own web site. lou: that is wise we can provide that choice. also to save the obama administration should scrap the man day. that they would gain health care coverage if it were eliminated because most will likely choose to pay the penalty rather than offer obamacare benefits. we are coming right back. stay with us ; as lerner in contempt but john boehner says noah rest. will eric holder make an arrest? when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here
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lou: a new report finds immigration and customs enforcement release 36,000 convicted criminals awaiting deportation last year. ranging from a drunk driving and homicide. the speaker says it is up to attorney general holder to rest lois lerner in the fox news interview with maria bartiromo. he said he does not think invoking the of in terror it -- inherent claus is worth being upheld although a poll by the supreme court. he has caused the g.o.p. to negotiate against itself. the former department of justice attorneys serving under bush era obama author of the book did justice. good to have you with us.
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why in the world is this speaker does not want to prosecute after his investigation why bother with a contempt in the first place? but mac. >> why would the speaker even say this when they're trying to do get information of the irs abuse? he says they will not do everything they could for this sort of behavior by lois lerner. don't forget to say eric holder will do something is a joke. they're both in the contempt of congress club together. they will lead to anything at the department of justice lou: we should point out is a very exclusive club. they are all cited together for the first time. one has a very simple time
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to explain the strategic thinking and his political thinking. do you have any insight as to why that man would adopt the orders of the chamber of commerce multinational? represents literally billions of small businesses but this is not their view on illegal immigration that is being represented by the chamber but u.s. multinationals the most elite. >> but speaker peter just has misplaced faith in the attorney general. but this is the same attorney general that is opening up of borders not enforcing immigration law and nothing about the irs said is a sorry state of affairs at the doj in of the g.o.p. house if they want to win in november 5th need to make it clear they are against irs abuse because there is a lot of people out there that want to use every
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part of the ball aiken's eighth the irs abuses and to say that today is unfortunate. lou: unfortunate and i have heard from a couple people today, political that this speaker could be interpreted to go to work for either the chamber of commerce or the democratic party. what you make of that? >> i think. lou: it is strong in sheikh but why is he taking a few such and at that is a sensible view from his party's. >> but your last segment talk about that and how the base with the midterm election. just today a report was released where 36,000 criminals were released by this administration as part of immigration policy including 193 murders
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released by the obama administration from immigration proceedings. it is wonderland. you cannot explain it to a and speaker days to take a tough position. lou: but then he has reversed himself by a my accountant times of the past year on the issue of amnesty in amnesty legislation. to have the contradiction to say it is a failure of this president to establish trust with the republicans they did not feel he was trustworthy now blaming his own caucus. >> if trust is the issue why speaker boehner will not move legislation that will baum moved. because it is totally untrustworthy and with tens of thousands of criminals released into the american mainstream that will never be deported.
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they have been released stand almost zero chance to be caught and returned to their native country. once you really somebody out of custody statistics show they're almost never deported. this administration cannot be trusted. lou: good to have you with us. time to look at the results of last night's online poll. at we ask about the family scandal should republicans ryan -- look at -- well, hillary run for president? yes 44%. now 56%. we would like to know your thoughts on tonight's poll. caster votes that now for the weekend box office the new movie pilaf
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the amazing feat throwing of the spider man movie at the top. the comedy neighbors bringing an impressive $51 million taking the number one spot. and the amazing spider-man drops 37 million and then the other woman $9 billion. stay with us. >> new video of schoolgirls kidnapped by radical islamist terrorists. k.t. mcfarland on next. weekdays are for rising to the challenge.
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common side effects include skin redness headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about axiron. lou: the radical islamist nigerian terrorist group boko haram releases a video to show nearly the 300 girls abducted from their boarding school last month. the video shows about 100 girls covered in veils reciting prayers. the leader of boko haram appears in the of video/p
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federafederal health officials m a second case of the deadly middle east respiratory syndrome, or mers in this country. the man in south korea traveled and attracted the virus going through orlando. a patient indiana was released from hospital friday and has fully recovered. now our quotation of the evening, this one from general george patton. a quote john boehner may want to think about when it comes to leading his party to the midterms.
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lou: l.a. clippers owner donald sterling has now publicly apologize for the racist comments made on an audio recording released last month. >> i'm a good member who made a mistake and i'm apologizing and i'm asking for forgiveness. am i entitled to one mistake after 35 years? i mean i love my league, nmi titled into one mistake? it's a terrible mistake in all never do it again.
7:33 pm
lou: he raises an interesting question, right? this change wife shelley said she wants to retain her share of the club if the team is sold forcibly or otherwise. the league has said she would lose her stake. and johnny manziel, his jersey is already the top selling jersey. and michael sam may be the 249th overall pick but his jersey is now the second most popular among all rookies. joining us, cofounder of roost rooster. and fox news contributor. let's start with -- i cannot even say. donald sterling, he deserves, he
7:34 pm
says, a second chance. america is about second chances, what do you think? >> that video is proof it has become a religion and the way these sinners even the tone, make one mistake, it sounds like a confession. we have a new religion in this country and we demanded you pray at the altar. >> he has a history of bad behavior when it comes to racial issues. not renting apartments are or ws not. that aside, this was an issue somebody taped him without his knowledge and we all say stuff that wouldn't, we wouldn't want publicly disclosed, so it brings up the issue of should people be penalized for discussions they have in private regardless of the content if that discussion was and said in a public venue. lou: it was between lovers, apparently, but the fact of the
7:35 pm
matter is there is a lot at play here. there is too much money for everybody to be jumping to conclusions. you are talking about a million dollars piece of property and they are playing like it is a chip to be pushed across the table. he has prostate cancer, you can tell the is in a pedal. and look at all the athletes to get second chances, fourth chances, are you kidding me? now this guy is supposed to be run out on a rail? >> what if he is bad for team now? >> you are giving them credence. like they think she is a witch so we have to get rid of her even if she isn't a witch. we are using this fear. maybe magic johnson is using this fear to get in and by this team. lou: oprah winfrey and all tho
7:36 pm
those, you're talking about people trying to take private property on the basis of abominable racist comment. with the fact of the matter is there is still due process by the mob, if you will come in this case as represented by an nba, i don't know what their merchant interests are, but this doesn't seem to be completely about a purity of heart as i look at the past performance of the overall league. >> he did say that you can sleep with him. we have a guy who says you can sleep with him and a guy who tweets omg when a gay guy becomes a part of the league. these are our villas now? >> it brings up the issue of privacy, if that exists.
7:37 pm
if it has been used against you. that is what people are saying. without any due process. lou: president obama, where are we culturally? lou: meanwhile, tim tebow is railroaded because he is a christian. what in the world. >> their team crops on them. before you obliterate everything that made this country, you might want to have something better to bring along. on top of that, we don't even care that he is gay. they cry too much when they get picked. lou: welcome aboard.
7:38 pm
the truth is we don't know if is a problem, he is 249, he was a consensus all-american. that's draft time we are hearing he is not an athlete, could not play if his life depended on it. something is wrong. either when they were voting for an all-american were to decide who to draft. >> is not cool to be christian. to defend tim tebow, they will say that is not cool. supportive of gay rights, trendy, and pop culture, you are revered and the president will be revered for doing so. lou: should we give donald sterling a second chance? >> if you don't give him a second chance, you have given up
7:39 pm
on freedom. >> i am all for forgiveness. i was raised christian. if he is apologetic. lou: that is not exactly forgiving him. >> i will not make that call. lou: i appreciated, thank you so much. good lord, i have to tell you. we get to vote on who wins, who survives. thank you both. >> i am getting my vote. lou: and new study showing london is the billionaires playground. london now has 72 residents whose fortune exceeds a billion
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pounds or $1.6 billion. the most of any city in the world. moscow comes in second, followed by new york, san francisco, los angeles. while the united states can still claim the highest number of billionaires, britain does have the highest number per capita. a reminder to vote in our poll tonight, do you believe americans should pass immigration bill passed by the house of commerce? tweet your response. we are coming right back. mine was earned in korea in 1953.
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but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america. lou: our word of the evening, news to describe republican party's plans for the midterm elections, tonight's word is additive for the effects of the leadership pursuing policies that are not yet on the consensus level among the caucus. we will put it that way.
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the record-breaking day for stocks, dow jones industrials up 112 points, the s&p up 18, both closing new all-time highs. how about that. the nasdaq up 72 points. today's games on paper. tech and industrials the selling sectors. crude oil up to the sense selling above $100 per barrel, gold $8 posting just below $1296 per ounce. the yield on the tenure rising 2.66%. downloads of microsoft office on the ipad topping 27 million, just six weeks after being released. microsoft saying thank you, apple. i couldn't imagine i would be listening to that, but listen to my financial report three times a day coast to coast for all of the day's market and business news.
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dr. dre not wasting any time spending his beats money. he bought tom brady's sprawling mansion in brentwood, california. they bought the land in 2009, built the six bedroom home, added a state-of-the-art gym, infinity pool, spend 40 million, broke even just about selling it for about the same amount. dnc chair accuse republicans of using the benghazi attack ahead of the midterms, meanwhile house democrats still undecided as to whether or not they will participate in this select committee. lot of people are asking who cares, but we will turn the politics of the day now. "new york times" best-selling author, his upcoming book is entitled "act of war," available for preorder now.
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great to have you with us, congratulations on your new book. >> thank you, congratulations on your i would like to announce my new fox tv show is coming out because it is he on the way i will be able to compete with you and o'reilly now that you are both in the book business. lou: i am so glad that you could include me in such rarefied company, but i will leave it to you and o'reilly to keep up that contest. let's turn to first speaker john boehner. he is expecting his entire caucus to follow him without building consensus, without an agreement of any kind and with every poll saying they will get slaughtered after polls. >> it doesn't make much sense to me the things we are seeing out of his office. one of the things you are seeing out in the midterm elections and all this kind of stuff is that
7:47 pm
while we do have people getting behind tea party candidates, the tea party has largely been underestimated by the media that wants to believe the tea party people will stay home or back bad candidates. when you see that they are doing, it is not because they are that fantastic, they are united and defeated first and foremost. you can't survive another four years. they are stepping up and doing the right things to get republicans into office and carl has been very good to me, promotes my books and stuff, so i'm not that guy. i disagree with knocking tea party people out early. i do agree when he says let's send the best people in the fight to fight the best. i don't want to send mitt romney in the gunfight wher were he wao fight those rules. the tea party united behind the movement.
7:48 pm
lou: i think that's an optimistic view if i might say. i think the tea party basically is absent here. not generating anything like the energy it did in 2010, at least so far, certainly early in primary season. i want to turn to a couple of other issues as well though, that is marco rubio, a tea party favorite saying at the age of 42 with public service, he is ready to be president of the united states, what do you say? >> i don't think so. obama had a lot less experience, we see what he's done. less than 150 days in the senate. he can't even become the fry manager with less than 150 days on the job. while marco rubio might be a popular figure, we really need somebody with true proven leadership experience, potentially somebody with a background as governor or something like that. it doesn't mean we won't have
7:49 pm
somebody emerge that unites the party, but i just don't know that marco rubio is that person, at least for me. lou: i look forward to seeing you in new york. the book's act of war. coming up july 8. very important. up next, my commentary on the state of confusion in our nation's capital. that and your comments are next. unlimited cash back. let that phrase sit with you for a second. unlimited. as in, no limits on your hard-earned cash back. as in no more dealing with those rotating categories. the quicksilver card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase, every day. don't settle for anything less. i'll keep asking. what's in your wallet?
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lou: john boehner reversed himself repeatedly throughout the past year on the issue of immigration. often blaming president obama as unworthy of republican trust, but this weekend the clearing members of his own party are to
7:53 pm
blame for the failure to pass immigration legislation. which is it? senator rand paul regressed it further when he declare the republicans can't support voter identification anymore because some people are offended by voter id law. between john boehner and paul, this install room for republicans to support border security or elect oral security. which many wise minds believe would be fundamental to our national sovereignty. janet yellen is not even overly certain what to call our political system. bernie sanders, a socialist with quest. >> are we still a capitalist democracy or have we gone into an al gore just society in which economic and political power leads with it.
7:54 pm
>> i prefer not to give plate full, but there no question we have had a trend toward growing equality and i personally find it very worrisome for the policymakers. lou: winsome he says they don't want to use labels is because they don't and the label they want to use will be accepted very well. i like clarity of language, clear thinking and people who speak clearly. if our leaders can't even define our system of government or apply haply and confidently a label to describe our governme government, our economy, then we have to put it mildly, a problem. it is a capitalistic economy, it
7:55 pm
is a federal system of government, a constitutional republic, i hope that's helpful to a seemingly growing number of people who believe ours is properly divided government with executive branch of the federal government. who may understandably believe our economy is now a command economy given the ever growing prevalence of government role in our market economy. i hope our current condition is transitory and returned to those early labels is rapid and soon and sure. time now for a few of your comments. the authors of the nice e-mails, and facebook posts read here receive as they do every night one of the first copies to my new novel, "border war."
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former dea agent and currently florida state law enforcement officer. now your thoughts, plenty of reaction to our poll question on whether or not republicans should welcome a hillary run in 2016 because of her record. no, there are too many in this country who will vote for her regardless of her record. treated to say 2008 an and 2012 provided it. keep your comments coming, e-mail me and follow me on twitter. go to the facebook page or at thank you for being with us.
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have a great night. ♪ >> >>. neil: end of mood for infrastructure? what about $300 billion over the next 10 years? the president hasn't with the vice president to make the big time push to get the cranes to do their thing. the only detail is out to pay for it. but we already fork over $120 million per year and i am leaving out what the oil and energy company's payout to address parts of this conundrum. where is it going? welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto.


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