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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  August 8, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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next week is the political events in iraq and eastern europe after u.s. launched air strikes, now we are moving on. >> that's right, thank you very much for having me. >> thank you for being here, deirdre. see you 1:00 on monday.. >> hello, everyone. i'm cheryl casone in for gerri willis. coming up on "the willis report" health care for $4. walmart's latest push to be your primary health care provider because only walmart would do it. the first of two massive storms hits hawaii with the possibility of a foot of rain there. we're going to have a live report coming up. and we are breaking down those big new changes to credit scores with tips how to boost your own score. "the willis report" where consumers are our business, starts right now. and we begin with the crisis rocking the globe and the impact to your bottom line.
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u.s. fighter jets launching a new round of air strikes in iraq after bombing islamic militants early this morning prompting the faa to ban u.s. flights from iraqi airspace. check out the markets. not what you would have expected. investors appear to be completely unfazed, all three major indexes in the green with the dow and the s&p 500 posting largest gains since march 4th of this year. so is your portfolio out of woods? jonas max ferris is here with important you need to know. what do you make of what you saw today in the markets, jonas? >> you know, it doesn't seem the conclusion would be, but at the end of the days, this kind of political stuff doesn't hurt the markets as much as financial crisis. we haven't seen a financial repercussion just yet, maybe a bank in russia failing because of sanction that led them not being able to get money. rates skyrocket in certainly
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countries. you're seeing interest rates lower not just in america but other countries. investors are not taking money out of markets. they're adding more money to foreign markets than u.s. markets which is counterintuitive. >> interesting too for the u.s. market today, you saw when the news broke that russia was backing off and things were easing up between the ukraine and russia that the market took that as a reason to buy. the low volume situation, so how much can you really believe the numbers that you got today, right? >> it's been weighing on foreign markets. in our market for the last few weeks, a little early, russia keeps going back and forth into the news and it's going. i don't think this is all pile into russian stocks which around as cheap as you think. >> you're the guy to ask. you actually did business there.
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you probably know it better than anyone. >> i owned part of a russian fund in the late 90s when no one wanted to invest in russia. an etf in russia will fund over a million dollars. with no real negative reason you can't get any money into the funds. today they're invading other markets, emerging markets are going fast. multiyear underperformance by all emerging markets especially russia, and news is scary, argentina with debt problems and that's where the money thinks that's going to outperform the u.s. market over the next ten years. >> if you look at what's happening with u.s. corporations, we're in the middle of earnings season right now. 68% beat estimates, maybe you are not surprised by that. if you look at gap, coach, the companies are doing great. purses, shoes, that's all selling. i guess investors think bombs are going off overseas but the
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u.s. economy is in good shape. >> there is no good alternative to run to the earnings are good, the tech companies are doing good it seems tempting, 5% money market or cd, the alternative is sold protection against crisis, gold, commodities, inverse funds. you go down the line if it was sold as a protection, it is a disaster. people are starting to realize that finally. >> we haven't had a correction since 2011 and you kept hearing we're going to get a pullback, do you think this is it? banking on this? today aside, friday aside. >> i don't know if it's going to get as bad. greece looks like the financial crisis where it could spiral to other bank. i don't know if it is going to go that direction. if most of your money is in bond us and see problems in the
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countries that are financially resulting from this, you see the cascade happen like in the late 90s with the asian contagion, you lose 10, 20% in the emerging markets. >> customers are comfortable with u.s. markets, that's where the money is flowing, that's a good point. a lot of our viewers when equities started to pull back, everybody went into cash. if you look at number one holding of money in the u.s., it's cash number one, real estate number two. >> there's not as much -- there is actually more in money market funds earlier this year, there hasn't been a run to this because of people between whatever investment trade, but in general, it's not like the 09 when everyone was panicking and going into money market funds. this week was like 10 billion, which is nothing, and in general, someone going to
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long-term government bonds. you have seen interest rates go low or government bonds, but definitely hasn't been a retail panic, maybe more institutions jump on, i would agree with that trade, i don't think higher risk debt is a great place to be in this environment. things are piling up. >> you are a great guy to talk about this, and you had russian experience for years. who knew? jonas, thank you. fox business alert with, two new recalls to tell you about, first off, more trouble for gm, general motors is recalling a group of suv's for a third time to fix power window switch these can catch fire. problem so serious that gm is telling customers to park the vehicles outdoors until they are repaired in case of a fire. that will be a while down the road since parts are not ready until october at the earliest. the automaker ordered dealers to stop selling the suv's as used cars until they fix the issue. this recall covers about
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189,000 vehicles from 2006 and 2007 model years. vehicles infected include the chevy trailblazer, buick rainier and the saab 97 s. i'm not done, there's more. the automaker announced host of new recalls adding to 29 million so far this year including more than 200,000, 2002-2004 saturn vue's, ignition key can fall out while the car is in motion. and buick encores, the seat belts don't keep the passenger in place. you can't make this stuff up! finally moving from the garage to the living room, vizio is recalling a quarter of a million eseries l.e.d. flat panel tv's because they're falling over unexpectedly. this recall involved 39 and 42"
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tv's sold between december and june of this year. no injuries reported but another recall to tell you about there. how about health care for $4? that is the latest walmart promise to customers. the retail giant today opened another primary care clinic. they now have six in the country with more on the way. how does this work? is this a good idea. joining me is abbott croy, you can eat at walmart, get socks at walmart. now health care at walmart. do you like it? >> the bottom line with health care in america, the thing everyone complains about is that it's too expensive. who do you want to disrupt the health care system in this country? gerri: walmart. >> exactly. a lot of us in the health economist community are excited about. this they can deliver that low cost. >> i want to be clear here, there's a couple things that are interesting. you walk, in see a doctor, but
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you see a doctor for 40 bucks but they're not taking third party insurance, if i go to cvs or walgreen, they have the walk-in clinics. but my insurance covers it. why is walmart choosing not to take third party insurance? >> they are take medicare and medicaid which are third party insurers. they're not taking private insurance. so if you're getting insurance from employer, unless it's walmart. people with walmart health insurance are getting covered through the $4 plans like you said. it's going take more time. because the billing practices is different and there's a lot more i.t. involved. eventually they'll get there, it's sim toll take the big government programs first, it's a relatively straightforward billing process, it's simpler from a bureaucratic standpoint. >> i'm going to go walmart, i'm going to get a flu shot, socks, popcorn, wouldn't that strategy
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kind of play into why they're doing this? they're getting the customer in there, i got a headache and buy advil and whatever, and you end up walking out after your doctor visit with $50 worth of stuff. >> that's part of it, another part of it is walmart has a huge presence in rural areas where physicians aren't located. they're strategic and smart about. this they're investing these clinics in areas that aren't well served by primary care physicians. >> interesting as well. they're only in texas and they're in south carolina. what's interesting about that, and the reason i bring this up, two states that expanded medicaid. >> have not expanded medicaid. >> have not. is that part of the thinking why they're choosing these particular states. >> the biggest low income population that doesn't have health insurance. texas and south carolina is another. and there are also states with rural areas walmart's presence
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in rural communities is a strain. >> carrollton texas is a suburb of dallas. the other cities are smaller areas. but you know real quick, do you think that target and other stores are going to follow? >> i think over the long-term, yeah, but walmart will be able to build up a presence, they're going to learn, they're always the best at optimizing these things and optimizing in a low cost way how to get the products and services to be as competitive as possible. i'd bet on walmart over target. >> another story for walmart. we want to know what all of you think at home. here's our question for you tonight. would you go to walmart for medical care. log onto gerri, i'm going to share the results at the end of the show with all of you. a lot more to come during this hour, including your voice, your voice very important us to, during the show we want you to go facebook, tweet us or.
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forget the tips and trick, some changes on the way that could bump everybody up a couple of notches. it's a good thing. stay here! don't move! be right back. [ male announcer ] hands were made for playing.
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businesses can operate tax free for 10 years. no property tax. no business tax. and no sales tax. which means more growth for your business, and more jobs. it's not just business as usual. see how new york can help your business grow, at . >> it's about to get a lot easier for people to get a loan or a lower rate. you also may be able to boost your credit score. fico is tweeking the system. we brought this to you last night. credit score won't be affected by unpaid medical bills or overdue bills you have already settled. john from credit is here to explain. let's talk about what this means. they are making it easier to basically get your credit score back in line. is this going to happen tomorrow? next month? next year? when do we see this program
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taking place. >> don't hold your breath. the new scoring system will be introduced and commercially available in the fall of this year, it takes several years before lenders gravitate off of the lower versions to the newer versions and achieve critical mass. current version that's being used was actually implemented in july of 2009. it's five years old. it takes some time before you see a large volume of lenders move to the newer system. >> i would think that lenders in particular that are anxious to make loans because especially with banks because they can earn interest and make money off of the customers, i would think they would move a little quicker, no? >> that makes perfect sense, it takes a lot of -- >> it's not reality. makes sense, not going to happen. >> the reality is it takes a lot of time and money to study the changes a new scoring system is going to mean to any lenders bottom line. it takes time. in the mortgage environment fannie and freddie prevented
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the entire mortgage industry from being on the now current version of the fico scoring system. when the newer version comes out in the fall, mortgage lending will be based on a model two generations old. we may be having this conversation in two or three years, and the new system may not be used in mortgage environment but may or may not have critical mass in the credit card and auto environment. >> i want to show viewers how fico score is broken down. you look at payment history, you can see that the biggest thing here, amounts owed, another chunk of it. length of credit history, new credit and types of credit used. but also if you look at what a score should be, and again a lot of us don't know this, i do, they don't. 750-850 is excellent, right? if you look at mortgages right now, you know 740 is the -- 729-740 is good.
5:18 pm
in this country, the average score is 692. the average fico score is fair and barely. doesn't this tell you this motivates not just fico but banks to re-evaluate how they're going to lend. if can't have the middle american in there that has the fair credit score a loan, that's a big problem. >> controlling default losses. sure, they can all lower score cutoff requirements to 650, 600 and let in this deluge of customers but losses skyrocket. so generally banks are very deliberate when moving those score cutoffs up or down, they don't want to cannibalize revenue to take on new risky borrowers. it's not as simple as swapping one score for another and say cut off number by ten points because those may not be the customers they want. >> really quick does.
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this help americans get loans. a lot are trying to get loans does, this help? >> it's not available yet. when it does become available it doesn't help the lender who is trying to use it. this is for a person who has a credit report but for medical collection or other collection they are unable to pay. yes, you will see scores go up and may not only get approved but much more competitive terms. >> how can i boost my score? top thing. >> the most actionable way is pay down credit card debt is the best way. >> if americans can get jobs, maybe that would happen. john, thank you very much. good to see you. >> likewise, thank you. >> coming up in half hour from now, we're going to have the latest move by the government to change the rules surrounding student loans. another big chunk this american kids are dealing with. later on in the show, we'll head outside for summer grilling ideas. you know what? it's hot outside, let's grill.
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next, the eye of the storm hitting hawaii with a bigger hurricane trailing close behind. we're next to the aloha state when we come back. i had no idea i had shingles.
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there was like an eruption on my skin and burning. i'd lift my arm and the pain back here was excruciating. when i went to the doctor his first question was
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and for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch to liberty mutual insurance and you could save up to $423 dollars. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. . >> a wildfire burning in oregon's river gorge is threatening 100 homes. one home destroyed with two others damaged. resident have been told to evacuate. the blaze covers about five square miles and continues to spread despite the efforts of more than 400 firefighters that are battling that blaze right now. we are tracking more tropical trouble for the state of hawaii.
5:24 pm
hurricane iselle has been downgraded to a tropical storm, the storm packing a punch with strong winds and heavy rain. will carr is there with the latest on ground. will? >> reporter: hi, gerri, it was downgraded, the storm pounded this area overnight. and right now there are still 20,000 people in this area who don't have power but they are making progress slowly but surely. let me show you behind me. couple hours ago, a huge tree with massive branchs across this street. we saw guys come in with massive chain saws. they cut right through it. and moved to the next street because literally in this area street by street there is debris, trees all over the place. businesses and home owners did a pretty good job of preparing for the worst. they boarded up windows and it paid off. we haven't seen a lot of damage
5:25 pm
to businesses and there were no injuries and no deaths which is very good. now all attention is turning to julio supposed to come sunday and monday and may go north. i can tell you residents here are very worried about the potential of another storm tracking and coming through the area, especially after what happened last night. biggest concern is more damage and rain to the area which is saturated over the last 24 hours. one resident says if anything bad does happen with hurricane julio, they will come together with the aloha spirit and push forward to make sure they can continue forward, gerri? >> it's cheryl casone, i'm in for gerri tonight. do you feel they were prepared? because one of the things with regards to hawaii, three major storms since 1950, and they're not used to this. this isn't florida. this is hawaii.
5:26 pm
when you got there, did you get the sense they were ready for this? >> well, and my mistake, cheryl, we have gotten a pretty good sense that they were pretty prepared. they told us that going in, and there were skeptics, but so far we haven't seen any damage or loss of life. so they tell us that they knew what was coming, they prepared, they hunkered down and made it through this storm. all eyes going to the second storm and want to make sure they don't take that one lightly either. >> we all remember aniquey 1992. will carr fors you in the big island. >> you bet. >> there is some minor good news for travelers to hawaii. state is home to the two best airports, according to based on fees and prices. kauai and honolulu the best airports. in tonight's top five, we bring you the worst airports when it comes to impact on your traveling wallet. and number five lax in los
5:27 pm
angeles of course, this is an expensive airport with average ticket prices of 400 bucks. number four is just a few hours north in oakland, california, if you want to fly into northern california, stick with san francisco. sticker prices in oakland can vary by as much as 20%. number three, the much smaller airport in myrtle beach, south carolina, this tourist destination can be a trap with ticket prices varying 21%. average price is only $275. number two is chicago's o'hare airport, the nation's third busiest behind lax and atlanta can take you for a ride. the number one airport that gouges you is shockingly dulles airport in washington, d.c. that price can vary by more than 23%. all right, yeah, shockingly, getting gouged in d.c. other airports getting a
5:28 pm
thumbs-up, orlando, west palm beach, indianapolis, give those cities a try. coming up, our legal panel is going to decide if it's okay for a school to d cheerleaders can say? this is a big case that's just gone to a state supreme court. and coming up next, we're going to head outside. you're looking at live pictures right now. we're going to get you grilling. there's more to summer eating than burgers and dog. doesn't that look good? i'm heading outside. you're watching "the willis report." to buy a car.
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♪ cheryl: if you are looking to us which of your grilling routine this summer, we have recipes for you. this guy, not me. i am a terrible cut. let's bring in michelin star executive chef joel is a dory. you have one of the hottest
5:32 pm
restaurants right now. >> pretty hot. they grill is hot, too. let's talk about. you're all about health. your customers want to be healthy. >> it is really easy. we keep it light, fresh, healthy. today we have some alternative grilling ideas in that vein. cheryl: you are speaking my language. i am not a burgers and hot dog girl. let's start with this amazing looking to in a burger. >> your going this season that. okay. buy pepper. coriander seasoning. a little bit of olive oil. you basically throw it on the grill. cheryl: just like this? going to grill for about two or three minutes on each side. and then you're going to slice it. and this is going to be your final product. cheryl: check that out. that looks really good.
5:33 pm
the hard part about cooking tonight, you want to the spirit, but not -- >> the more rare the better. so start right there. throw in avocado or two on there. some radish sprouts. some chipotle manas. cheryl: japanese -- >> japanese mana spirit a lot more rich. we have a little bit of chipotle, sir roger, fresh lime, salt, pepper. basically you have your to in a burger. get this in half. if you want to dive into that, you can. cheryl: utah and i'll eat. next up is grill zucchini.
5:34 pm
once again, you're doing this. salt and pepper, a little bit of olive oil. and then we're going to do like a japanese. once again really simple. on the grill. let that cook for couple of minutes. cheryl: i want to show some other things. again, this is healthy. >> we make in my salad. really quick. once again. capers, linens, manas. potato chips. next to that we have a tomato salad stray from the garden. cucumber car red onion, basil. add a touch of buttermilk or ranch dressing. it kicks up a little bit. cheryl: all right.
5:35 pm
>> dictatorship to. you made these. >> i made them myself. he made these himself. hang on. get the ball. get the ball. cheryl: all right. is anybody got to tell me what they think? >> it's delicious. cheryl: homemade please. there you go. strawberry mid. >> though, yes. cheryl: where are you from, by the way? >> louisiana. cheryl: a cake. >> strawberries and cream. we will get to that next. cheryl: we have that going on. none of major hit, by the way. i'll work on the business and with you after the show. all right preassembled. and going to help you out. a little bit of a garlic elite. bellows cuba.
5:36 pm
all of, powder. take these herbs, with the mob with your hand. there you go. and one. there you go. very, very simple grilled zucchini. that's it. like as said before, strawberries and cream. peaches, plums perry's just take your favorite. cheryl: all right. thumbs-up. thumbs-up. all right. and once again, the name of the restaurant. you are there every night. >> every night. cheryl: all rights. been very appreciated. of course you're watching "the willis report." a little more snacks out here. stay with us. he will be right back. ♪
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2016. cheryl: we are getting some breaking news into fox business right now. we have been falling that gm recall extensively. recalled over two and half million small cars. dow jones now reporting that the gm victim compensation program has received 65 death claims in the first eight days. phar-mor that were estimated 65 versus 13. we have been told that we have the administrator right here on "the willis report" the first day that he is staking claims. the spokeswoman says that he still has to determine if the clams are eligible, of course. breaking news. well, also tonight our legal
5:41 pm
eagles will hone in on of fiery case involving cheerleaders, jesus, and the texas state supreme court. a high-school squad is appealing a ruling banning them from showing bible verses. joining me here. >> the school district has a history of allowing cheerleader supplies any information or slogans on any of these banners. when the players come out they walked through the baena are run through. breaks in its spirit going. this particular group in 2012, and cheerleaders are putting on scripture, jesus-oriented type statements of a religious nature people objected, it ended up in the courts. now it is on appeal. cheryl: what do you make of this they're already been struck down
5:42 pm
once. is this religious freedom? >> that is the thing. they only see one thing. it is all black and white. any time the state is involved, any state actor with anything in religion it is a violation. that is simply not true. recently the supreme court this summer decided that they can open up meetings with a prayer. it is a matter of tradition, and as long as there is no coercion -- and that is the key. as long as there is no coercion that is the test that needs to be determined. think it will be determined. cheryl: do you think that this is -- i was a political. we were talking about like a jewish scrip cirque to the scripture or muslim or buddhist. the cover religion. will we be having this conversation? >> we are having the conversation because in taxes this seems like this is may be in line with what people want to here. people go the football to watch a football.
5:43 pm
but the real issue year his that that cheerleaders who are allegedly saying it is there speech, not the speech of the entity, putting on the placards, sexually inappropriate comments. people that are complaining, holding the school district accountable. that's why as public speech and it violates the establishment clause. >> it does not promote a particular religion. it is not a religion. they start a prayer before the game. it put up placards. they're not promoting it and saying you must follow this religion. there simply exercising their right of free speech. they have a right to do that. the freedom of religion foundation does not recognize that aspect of it. they don't care. wind. cheryl: there was a case this morning covered extensively on both of our networks about the fact that this teacher was fired because she wanted the kids to
5:44 pm
speak english. we're going to school in the united states. we getting to the point where it's frivolous lawsuits? enough is enough we have gotten too politically sensitive. >> overly politically sensitive on this issue because there are different aspects to that. they're is a practical aspect, but in this particular situation religion and football, i don't really see it to coming together. i think that is the problem. cheryl: college football is not a religion, what? [laughter] white a minute. where am i. another story and wanted to ask you about, yesterday there was a federal judge. this happened in new mexico. to remove a monument inscribed with the ten commandments from in front of city hall. city hall. >> the supreme court has already spoken on this issue. if your dealing with something that is simply promoting the law because remember the ten commandments were lost. their laws that we have on the books today.
5:45 pm
religion in different situations , you might have a problem. there are facts that need to be looked at. i think in this situation it is simply a matter of tradition and demonstrating resistance. >> in this particular case this is a monument that people drive by whenever they go by city of, whenever it is. public property paid for essentially by the public, the grounds. why should it be there? as jewish law, muslim law, christian lot. that is the whole reason we don't have any of that. >> a reference to the ten commandments. many court buildings make reference to the ten commandments because they are a body of laws. if it is good enough for the supreme court it is good enough. >> the old testament kelly can go on forever on that one. cheryl: a little weekend reading it sounds like. thank you very much. now we want to hear from all of you. we told you about the new plan
5:46 pm
earlier in the show from walmart to put medical clinics and some of its stores. would you go to the superstore for medical care? here is what some of you are tweeting about our poll question tonight. why not? there are probably better than some of the doctors available to choose from in higher-priced obamacare policies. mike says, no, i don't think i would. for many folks it may be only viable choice. on facebook, reggie posted if they employ topnotch doctors and staff would be open to try it. same goes for randy. for quick care such as solutions, headaches, antibiotics it would do okay. i can see where it would decrease the backlog making it easier to get an appointment. here are some of your e-mails on the other topics we have been covering. andre from texas, if i can cash in on all of the bs from this administration i could be teaching bill gates and warren buffett how to make money. fred from florida wrote in and said it is disingenuous to say
5:47 pm
that 401k were never intended for the middle class just because they were initially designed as a tax dodge for executives. there are a lifesaver adding to income from social security and augmenting pensions. richard from arizona agrees. retirement accounts are not as campus restart young. read and digest understand how it fits into your life goals. make investing for retirement part of your budget for life. you are very smart and vocal. send all of your e-mails to the show. go to still to come, the the current of education making major changes to the rules surrounding student loans. details coming up next. and here is your consumer gauge. the numbers you need to know. and what a day it was for stocks . the s&p 500 posting its largest one day gain in five months of four and a half% for the year. those of the numbers to look at. we will be right back. cheryl: in
5:48 pm
shingles affected me tremendously as a pilot. the pain in my scalp area and down the back of my neck was intense. it would have been virtually impossible in that confined space to move to change radio frequencies. i mean it hurt. i couldn't even get up and drive let alone teach somebody and be responsible in an airplane.
5:49 pm
as a pilot that meant i was grounded.
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cheryl: and time now for a look at stories that you are clicking on tonight on stocks trading higher today. investors trying of several international crises. by one gains in u.s. productivity certainly helped. there you go. there are your markets for the day. a global sales figure. the ongoing safety scandal in china, a major contributing factor for the company. the world's biggest hamburger chain, declined included in more than 3% drop in the united states. new worries about the world's second-largest economy. china's export growth accelerated in july. imports sagged by 2 percent
5:52 pm
after a five and a half% increase last month. a survey by the federal reserve shows that a quarter of household say they are just getting by financially. this is the first time the fed has issued this snapshot my. warm however, the survey was conducted way back in october of 2013. we should point that out. those are some of the house stories right now on we are going to be right back with the answer to our question of the day. would you go to walmart for medical care? stay with us. ♪
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♪ cheryl: you got bad credit? no problem. the education department announcing it is easing restrictions even more on some of its student loans. should taxpayers be concerned? we have the editor-in-chief for campus reform with the latest.
5:56 pm
what is the government's motivation for easing standards yet again what we've got a student loan crisis in this country? >> well we really do have a crisis. there is a student loan bubble being created. the department of education arguing those with bad debt, around $2,000 for students and parents, restrictions on their applications for loan should be taken a back a little bit so they can access that. the motivation as arne duncan said and president obama said they want to increase the access to higher education. but if you look at the facts, cheryl, here's the thing. america has over $1.2 trillion in student loan debt and the cost of education has increased over 500% since 1985. the problem here is not access to education or access to loans. the problem is the cost of education. cheryl: so is that your biggest concern i'm assuming? is the fact that it is the cost
5:57 pm
of education. so is that being addressed at all? doesn't sound like it is from what you're telling me? >> it is being addressed. the problem is exacerbated by government interference in this problem. if a student or a parent has really bad credit, and has been proven, you know it is not the government's role to simply step in and because higher education on such a pedestal to grant them that ability. higher education ising you need to work for and earn. the government's job is not to step in to demolish any roadblocks getting that. cheryl: what incriteria would you recommend? you know, would it be to have no debt? we're talking about fico scores earlier. would you have some kind after change? what would be the solution those that need loans, deserve loans, get them so we're not discriminating against them? >> solution is very simple. you have all of these candidates running around how we need to solve the student debt bubble being created. i think solution is simple.
5:58 pm
the government need to take its hand outside of trying to fix the problems. personal responsibility, and teaching kid to stay in the financial lane. the average cost of a private college education is around $30,000. a public, in school education, in-state education is aroundthousand. -- 8,000. you need to look at majors you go into and choose accordingly. cheryl: do you think system will implode? i mean the system, the loan system is going to implode? i'm sure taxpayers do not want to be on the hook for all the defaults because more will come, frankly companies are not hiring. a lot of college grads living at home. you've seen that story? are we in danger right now? >> we're definitely in danger of the system imploding. you hear it all over the place the student loan bubble is about to explode of the look at students that are graduating. they're graduating with around $29,400 in student loan debt is
5:59 pm
the average. and they're going off, for millenials going off into job market one employment rate of 16%. how will they pay that back? somebody will have to pay that back. if they don't have jobs that will implode. cheryl: that the taxpayers will get stuck with it. this is huge story we'll stay on. caleb, thanks. >> thanks for having me, cheryl. cheryl: told you earlier this hour walmart's move to make it a one-stop shop literally. they will introduce a medical clinics in their stores. will you go there for medical care. 22% said yes. 70% said no. seriously, 70% said no? are you kidding me? walmart you want to go to walmart for flu shot? i'm just saying. epically small proportions. the white house briefly locked down last night after a toddler
6:00 pm
squeezed through the iron bars along pennsylvania avenue. the secret service spokesman said we will wait until he learn to talk to him to question him. in lieu of that he got a time out! that's it. "willis report is over. good night. charles: tonight, on making money, keep calm and carry on. geopolitical headlines do move markets but they don't always change the fundamentals. we'll read the tea leafs from bond to oil to gold and stocks. fear and opportunity, why this is not the right backdrop for you to flee the market. but holing through volatility i know is one of the toughest things to do. noing when to bite the bullet is paramount. knowing also when to take a stand. we'll get some help. weekly no pain, no gain. get out your calculators. you should make a ton of money. majority of these ideas went through the roof. you are viewers, making a lot of money. it is not too late. i have a great recommendation. let's do this, let's


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