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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  August 14, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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to be polite. we'll turn things over to melissa francis. "money" starts now. melissa: it sure does. beating back isis in iraq. the militant siege broken by u.s. efforts. now president obama says he plans to wind down the mission. boxed in, americans not spending money at walmart. the dismal outlook from the world's largest retailer. track-and-field. the nfl taking tech to the next level. we're at dolphins training camp with an inside look. put the blackberry down! why your summer vacation doesn't have to end with a pile of email waiting for you in the office because even when they say it's not, it is always about money. dierdre: walmart rolling back the world's largest retailer reporting second-quarter earnings today that were in line with analyst expectations but cutting its outlook for full-year profits. let's bring in today's panel.
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heritage capital president paul schatz. "the wall street journal"'s simon constable, and new oak president james frischling. what did you think of what you heard out of walmart? what does it tell you about the economy? >> the walmart thing is not new news and the stock really didn't react too poorly. it is more of a small data point. i think walmart is having problems. they're blaming it on health care. it is convenient way. i may not be for obamacare. melissa: you think it is convenient? you don't think that is realistic? headwinds from higher health costs higher than they estimated and people are not shopping. simon what do you think. >> this economy left people behind and people trading downplayses cheaper than walmart. melissa: cheaper than walmart. that is bleak. >> dime store. >> the dime store or whatever it is 99 september store. melissa: that is bleak. what do you think? >> walmart has been in the line of fire being pushed to raise wages. this company's margins are skinny. seven quarters in a row of
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losses. primary consumer lower end of the range is struggling. there is circular argument their own customer can't afford their store. melissa: you're saying they're having troubling numbers are ones getting targeted to raise wages. how can they possible do i that based on what we're seeing here. >> walmart is steadily saturating market. there are saturation of walmart markets already. melissa: that's a good point. pay finds 43% of the americans consider themselves underemployed. at very same time a note from wells fargo find retail sales jobs are in the decline. almost half of america, says you know what? in order to make end meet i need more work. the crummy jobs at bottom, retail jobs, part-time jobs are going away. like bad news on top of worse news. >> disruption. technological disruption happening to a lost industries. happened to the newspaper business, when the web came in. happening here too. amazon's done it in large part. not just amazon, a lot of other companies too.
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melissa: you say that is where retail sales jobs are going, everybody is buying online. so you don't need crummy jobs? you can't find enough work? >> yeah. e-commerce clearly continues to grow. it is creating higher-paying job to focus on trends and data analysis but -- melissa: maybe, but not the same number and not with the same training. >> if you go to retail store you don't want educated specialist salesperson to convince you and help you. i think a lost lower end jobs are being squeezed out. melissa: what do you make of this. >> this is unintended consequences. dot-com bubble was all the rain. this is long-term unintended consequences going online of economy evolving of technology becoming part of our lives 24/7. unfortunately for now. there will be new higher paying jobs but fewer of them. melissa: fewer in number and totally different training. where does it leave people left out of work now? they're not appropriate. >> circular thing. if you go over to the gap there nothing in there. there are very few things on the
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shelves. you can buy a lot more selection on the website. but, if you don't want to buy on website you can't feel fabric it is not there to buy. story. -- sorry. >> this is shorter period of time how manufacturing happened here. over long period of time manufacturing jobs went away and replaced with service jobs. now these are kind of low-end service jobs they're being replaced. something else in the economy will pop up after the next, business cycle. but receipt now, if i'm one of those people i'm not so enthusiastic. melissa: yeah. rockin' robin. shares of burger chain red robin are getting burned reporting second quarter profit and sales missed street expectations. take a look at decline. wow. you don't want to be one of those shareholders today. james, what do you think about this one? talking about lower margins resulting primarily from higher food costs. >> tough segment. food costs one thing. employment costs going up. a lot of litigation in the restaurant space. typically hourly workers are looking for more full-time employment situations.
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i don't say it's a mess. consumer, customer expects more for less and running specialals constantly getting people in the door you're seeing result in margins. >> food costs are typically transitory. over history. this is not a long, long-term problem. melissa: workers daimler getting a break from their email while on vacation. order according to report from the financial times the employees can have incoming emails automatically deleted when on vacation. i love this. taking it one step further. don't take emails, don't take blackberry, but you know when you get back you will get many ha erred first day back from vacation is nightmare. so they're blowing out your in-box. while you're on vacation. do you love that. >> i love this. this is great. melissa: it terrifies me. what am i missing? >> for certain people i would like them all to be deleted all the time. melissa: that is just block sender. show you how to do that after the show. stop by your office. >> this is goes back to before
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you had these in your hand. suddenly orders those, you take two weeks off back-to-back to see if you're cooking books or not, remember that. melissa: i don't remember that. >> politically correct comment. i expect this out headline out of italy and germany. melissa: you think there is connection? you're blaming daimler. >> if they're getting ready for people more relaxed vacations taking their foot off the gas i don't think that is good sign. melissa: i don't think you can blow them out. you can't see them. you have no idea what they meant. >> nobody can rationalize this. this is absolute irrational. come back from avacation, first day back. people know you came back. they will bombard you emails then. worker productivity, it is zero. melissa: i guess. french fried. burger king dropping satisfries less than one year after the low-calorie treats came on scene. there are five fries in there.
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lower calorie fries seemed like good idea. they offered franchisees choice of keeping them or dumping them. vast majority dumped them. >> customer spoken when they go to mcdonald's and burger king. they're not looking for healthy fries. clearly didn't sell. they're cutting it and god bless the choices. melissa: they were good. i don't know. i'm a french fry lover. i'm a junk food love. better than regular fries? melissa: of course not. less calories. >> who goes to burger king for healthy food? melissa: i have kids, go to mcdonald's, looking for anything you possibly get you can have not as bad as all the rest of the crap that is on the menu. >> water. melissa: water, right. >> apple slices. melissa: water and apple slices. i love that. when my kids are having quarter-pounder and cheese, sitting there with apples and water just great. just what we want. lands end in hot water after
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mailed this "gq" magazine to customers as part after free giveaway. that is not the whole story. what happens here they get the list, we're one of the schools on this list, family who is have kid that are in school and by their buy their uniforms from lands end. they bought them list. sent them free copies of "gq" to get them to subscribe to the magazine. got your first-grader and pre-k and open up the "gq" magazine, there is woman who is basically naked on the cover and got that, my name from lands end. >> not all over the cover either. melissa: i don't know. what do you think about that? anyone horrified. >> moms are horrified. the moms at our school are very upset about it. principal is upset it. they sent a letter around. this is not only one. it was everywhere. on huff post. you don't look like you're outraged. you like picture of that woman. you can't even talk now. >> i don't dislike the picture of the woman. don't want to say trend is going on. my parents can't watch sitcoms because the humor is so raunchy.
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lands end just sold the list but things are changing. melissa: now parents want to say they want to drop lands end as uniform provider, this is what they're doing with their information. from marketing standpoint for lands end this will cost them more than whatever "gq" paid for the list. >> they sent "gq." not "playboy" or penthouse. melissa: she is naked. she is naked. >> walk doesn't street in manhattan to all the magazine stand and see the exact same thing. i think it's a little different with this. want excised. >> you have to send this in brown paper parcel or have to have dad, dad goes to the post box gets them out. nobody else does. he will be happy. melissa: bad marketing. why would "gq" buy the list from lands end anyway? why do they think that is crossover? >> customer is young. i don't know. melissa: all right. exactly. thanks, guys. sudden change in course, that massive convoy of russian
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aid trucks taking a strange detour on its way to ukraine. plus dark times across the eurozone. concerns grow as the recovery's region hits a wall. more "money" coming up. ♪ she inspires you.
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melissa: president obama speaking just moments ago on the escalating crisis in iraq saying that the u.s. military has complete their humanitarian mission to protect those iraqis in need. >> the situation on the mountain has greatly improved and americans should be very proud of our efforts. pause the skill and professionalism of our military and the generosity of our people we broke the isil siege of mount sinjar, we helped vulnerable people reach safety and we helped save many innocent lives. melissa: the president went on to say that the majority of military personnel sent for the mission will be leaving iraq in coming days. to the crisis at the ukraine border, nearly 300 russian humanitarian trucks are on the move once again towards ukraine's border but reportedly taking a detour to avoid
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inspections. here now are chris harmer from the institute of stud different war and fox news strategic analyst lieutenant colonel ralph peters. colonel, let me start with you. what do you think putin's plan is with the trucks? >> this is very straightforward. trying to provoke the ukrainians fire on the convoy or use violent means or use force to try to stop it. he needs that. and if the ukrainians, they're damned if they do, damned if think don't, if they do try to use force to stop it, interfere with the convoy crossing the border from russia into the ukraine that is putin's trigger to launch his military into ukraine to resolve a humanitarian crisis. but putin, you know, if one thing doesn't work, he will try something else. but he is not the kind of guy to declare victory and go home as president obama just did in the last clip. melissa: yeah, no. chris, what do you think about that? it's a different idea. not that these trucks in particular are filled with guns
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and weapons but rather, they could be filled with aid but the idea is to look threatening and provoke a reaction and starts something? >> i agree with colonel peters that the priority here for put fin is to get the ukrainians to engage with that convoy and hit it. i don't think we should be under any delusions this is civilian or humanitarian aid convoy. i don't know exactly what is in the convoy. what i do know it has been escorted continuously by russian military helicopters, russian military vehicles, russian state police and it has been stopping off at russian military bases. for all i know that convoy is full of food, water and other humanitarian supplies. but as strategic issue is functioning as element of russian military. second observation, the russian separatists rebels in eastern ukraine are failing. rebel commanders were resigned or fired by moscow if you believe moscow is in charge of this. the ukrainian army is outperforming expectations and pushing rebels back. the russian military has to
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consequentially intervene and substantially increase its aid to separatist rebels or accept the defeat of their separatist rebels in eastern ukraine. melissa: colonel, you say putin is somebody that doesn't go in reverse. it is very clear what it is he is after. how do you think this plays out and what he is doing and rest of the international community is doing. >> if ukrainians use force putin will send in the troops. his pried is involved, his strategy is involved. he rarely miscalculates. he is ugly but brilliant leader, consistently underestimated by the west. but as you just heard, after crimea, where ukrainian military which had been infiltrated by pro-russian officers failed to fight, failed to put up struggle, putin assumed he would be able to roll right over east ukraine too after taking crimea. the new regime in key very much, president poroshenko and others
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replaced pro-russian officers insinuated into the force. while the ukrainians are poorly equipped and poorly trained, they are fighting for their homeland. they have put up surprising good fight. it surprised putin. the economic sanctions surprised putin. melissa, it is the first time in 14 years that put tin has run into a significant roadblock because the west has always underestimated him. and now he is determined to win, as you said, he doesn't have a reverse gear. melissa: it will be frightening and interesting to watch. thanks to both of you. all right. troublesome signs for europe as eurozone gdp growth comes in at zero for the second quarter. look at that. big goose egg. back here at home u.s. markets are higher in today's session as the dow is officially in positive territory for the year. what is the disconnect there? let's bring in profitable trading's jared levy and paul and james are back with me as well. jared, why isn't this unsettling? why is the market shrugging off the idea that the european
2:18 pm
economy is going nowhere? >> it should be unsettling if you look at yesterday's poor data in the u.s., the market rallied, why? because people view it good for equities and lending. this is the theme, america is the best thing going. europe has had negative gdp over last two years. only expecting 1% this year. i don't think we get it. i think we go back into the negative. the mine set money will flow into american equities for some reason. we're globally connected. at some point we have to see ramifications of actions. i'm not happy to you. melissa: james? >> it does, i'll tell you reason why i'm concerned about this zero growth. eurozone represents 17% or accounts for 70% of global gdp. if they're stagnant and they don't have buying power there are a lot of u.s. companies will feel that, autos being one of them. this is a headwind that needs to be factored n that said the bad news for europe the fed might stand pat. people say that is good news for the equity markets but i'm tired of selling that story.
2:19 pm
melissa: i feel like that is getting old. paul, what do you think? >> regarding european gdp i think market doesn't have reaction because it is baked into the take. i think markets lowered their expectations. regarding the fed, i don't agree. i don't agree with the fed but i think they're on course to end tapering period. i think regardless they will raise rates towards middle of next year. >> stronger dollar. >> i think you still need, for the fed not to raise rates you really need some kind of out of the world event that really shakes the fibers. i don't think is going to happen. melissa: we'll leave it there. thanks, guys. playing new kind of field. unusual place that the new york jets are looking for love. good news for salt lovers everywhere whoo-hoo! add a extra dash of salt to your french fries. i love this story! do you ever have too much salt? ♪
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ melissa: whether it is on wall street or main street here is who is making and losing money today. anyone with a piece of cisco. the stock is dropping today after earnings report that revealed profits continue to slip. it also said it will be laying off up to 6,000 people. wow. ceo john chambers feeling that the most. he has two million shares. meaning he lost about a million bucks since this morning. that is a rough day. making a lot of krypto money., the site revealed its bitcoin sales totaled around $300,000 a month since it started accepting the digital currency. in fact its bitcoin sales are doing so well the ceo expects
2:24 pm
them to total around $8 million by end of the year. that is a lot of krypto change. trying to make money off an old bridge. this town in oregon, the zellwood bridge, is 90 years old. it has been heavily used but its owners still think it is worth a pretty penny. interest folks have until september to submit their bids. any figures at all are welcome. no bid is turned away. here is the catch. you have to collect the bridge and arrange for your own transportation. you will need a real big truck for that one. does a healthy heart need more than a pitch of salt? new research suggests that people can eat twice the amount of salt currently recommended, whoo-hoo! as you might imagine the research by "new england journal of medicine" met with a pitch of criticism. dr. manny is shaking your head. >> hold your salt lady, come on!
2:25 pm
>> this is adding more confusion to a medical problem. we're not ready to tell you just yet. we know for a fact that americans, a lot of people around the country and around the world eat a lot of salt. melissa: because it is delicious. >> because it is delicious, yes but associated with heart disease absolutely. hypertension, absolutely. it is black and white. all the studies show that. melissa: but they're saying some people have too little. >> so what happens is, the pendulum has been moving. the average consumer here in the u.s., maybe, 3.4 grams. the american heart association wants less than 2300 grams. so on so forth. they want you to cut back. now the study came out of "new england journal of medicine" looked at 17 countries, 100,000 people and saw up tick in deathpeople consumed very little salt. melissa: that's what i've been waiting for. >> no no,. melissa: come on! >> listen, the american heart association is sort of poo-pooing this study a little bit.
2:26 pm
melissa: yeah. >> because there are flaws with perhaps the way they calculated sodium intake. the bottom line is this, we eat a lot of salt, excessive salt is bad. we don't, we're not sure yet what the right amount is, i will give you that. could be three grams a day or 2500 or less than 1500. melissa: who are the people having so little salt killing them. >> the salt police. people like me. they want to save the world. melissa: okay. >> they're telling something that is good for you. melissa: unless it is killing you of course. then it is very bad for you. fda approving a new sleep drug help keep patients suffering from insomnia a long amounts time. they go to sleep. wake up. i heard about it, talked my doctor. wake up too early, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. that is but worrying and neurotic. >> there are ways to deal with that. fine. melissa: how about a pill. >> 61 people suffer i am some
2:27 pm
nia. it is made by merck -- insomnia. they're looking at the pathway, this is one of the pathway west have in our brains, basically, shuts down, binge, off you go. and you sleep all night. i got a problem with this pill. melissa: of course you do. >> i do. because look, there are over $1.4 billion being consumed in sleeping pills between this and the other. 56 million prescriptions. and keep looking at side-effects of some of these pills, which is, you wake up in the middle of the night, you make funny phone calls. melissa: eat a lot. go driving, you don't remember it. >> and they have an addiction problem. i know people here in new york city that can't go to sleep without an ambien. melissa: yeah. >> that to me is impossible. melissa: so you're writing this pill off? >> i'm not writing it. it will be huge because, imagine taking a pill, 30 minutes you're out. melissa: all night. all night. sound wonderful. >> yeah, right.
2:28 pm
melissa: dr. manny, thank you. >> i don't know. the brain -- melissa: lots of fun. growing concerns in missouri. fifth night of unrest in ferguson. some think the situation can only get worse. meanwhile president obama and hillary clinton setting their differences aside at martha's vineyard at a birthday party but what about that hug they have been talking about? "piles of money" coming up. ♪ me where'd
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melissa: a foreign policy critique among enemies with surf and turf on the table. president obama and hillary clinton putting their differences aside in a slinky birthday party in march that's vineyard and the white house assures us the president and first lady also happy to have the chance to spend time with
2:32 pm
secretary clinton and former president clinton. no word on the road we were appalled promised. fox business's tracyhug we were appalled promised. fox business's tracy byrnes back with us. >> hillary clinton successfully embarrassed the president of the united states. she has mostly gotten away with it but there will be a price to be paid. the score will be settled by team obama. david axelrod already indicated that the stupid bleep kind of policies they bartok king about included invading iraq which hillary clinton voted to do. melissa: i have to wonder did the president really care what hillary was saying? does he really care? tracy: i am not sure any of us care. she didn't do such a bang that job in benghazi says she is not one to talk and what else is the
2:33 pm
white house going to say and then kiss kiss hug hug when they are two miles apart in some island. melissa: the president appreciates her counsel and advice but more importantly appreciate her friendship. >> i am a giraffe. i don't know. who knows? it is politics. melissa: is clear she is trying to distance herself for political reasons. is in the impervious to criticism? >> from what i understand, he wants his candidate -- a lot of signs to point to that. melissa: i will give you the last word on this one. >> i thought you were snickering, say something snarky to close it out. >> there was some snicker meant.
2:34 pm
barack obama care is what hillary clinton says about him as it relates to foreign policy. she is making a bad situation worse for him. his foreign policy situation is dire, was deemed by the american electorate as relates to the issue, benghazi notwithstanding she has high marks, she humiliated the president and her campaign put out a statement, we are going to hug it out. that is disrespectful and she rubbed the president's nose in it. melissa: president obama enjoying himself on vacation with the white house reporting, quote, the menu consisted of surf and turf and possible. the obamas dance, a good time was had by all. a local photographer snapping this photo of the president on the dance floor. president obama enjoy his seafood medley, violent protests continued in missouri where
2:35 pm
police and demonstrators clashed after an unarmed black teen was killed by police officer after days of chaos. president obama address the situation earlier in the day. >> made clear to the attorney general we should do what is necessary to determine what happened and to see that justice is done. i also just spoke with governor jay nixon of missouri, i expressed my concern over the violent turn that events have taken on the ground and underscore now is the time to reflect on what happened and find a way to come together going forward. melissa: he is on vacation having lobster, dancing, doing all these things and then makes this statement, is it enough for too little too late? >> i will join the minority that says the president is the president wherever he is whether it is crawford, texas, where martha's vineyard or san clemente, calif. the president is always the president and i
2:36 pm
submit this president is probably having a terrible vacation. he may be playing golf and eating surf and turf, not that he's portly the rest of the time, he may be doing those things but i imagine this is a horrendously bad time given what is going on internationally and domestically. melissa: not getting a lot of rest and relaxation. tracy: god no. i can't sleep with my own day today, this guy must sleep left and right. this needs to be resolved quickly because when we talk about this, you are talking 1965 all over again. there is rioting, things happening that will ruin this community forever if they don't address this quickly. melissa: we believe that there. markets edging higher, the downie of highs of the day. let's go to nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange, watching the big retail winner. nicole: we will bring you to the post where they trade.
2:37 pm
look at how kohl's is fairing. you are seeing coles up 3%, 5674. the ticker symbol coles, expect great things. guess what? came out with a great quarter been number and that is why kohl's is a winner, such a contrast to names like walmart, really has given cautionary tons. polls saw strength in july, didn't outpace may and june but they saw profits better than expected quarterly profits because their costs were to the downside so poles doing well in the quarter that some other retailers didn't really pull through. also some names to watch in the after-hours from now to the end of the they would be j.c. penney and nordstrom. both of those reporting "after the bell". >> thank you so much. tim tebow returns to his old stomping grounds, florida's favorite getting back to college football.
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2:40 pm
largest price per share for any stock in the u.s.. companies often split their stock prices to keep it simple but warren buffett thinks such a move could downgrade its quality. governor jerry brown has signed aath7.5 billion plan to help wih the severe drought across the state. the budget is 25% higher than he said the state could afford. funding will come from new bonds. the number of americans filing new jobless claims rose more than expected by 21,000. last week's figure was revised upward to reveal a thousand more applications than originally thought. that is the latest from fox business network giving you the power to prosper.
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melissa: universities in the southeastern conference spending big for a little southern exposure. espn's hotly anticipated network launches today but not without some cost to the schools involved. tennessee's shelling out $10 million for a tv studio in its athletic center. auburn took $5 million from its financial reserves to at two control rooms. those amounts pale in comparison to the $800 million in revenue the network is expected to generate in the coming year. gps for the big game. more and more nfl teams are
2:43 pm
turning to technology to gauge their players's performance but more importantly help reduce extremely dangerous injuries. will the rest of the league to get in their game plan? phil keating is live from the training camp in florida. the assignment today. >> aside from the sweaty heat that players are complaining about. here is the new model of football, the helmet and shoulder pads and little devices, gps monitors which send data from a satellite. and underneath the shoulder pads and players, still experimental gps 9 is all about keeping key players on the field in the game and off of injured reserve. the satellite includes things like velocity, acceleration, deceleration, changes in direct and all of which goes back to
2:44 pm
the practice field right into the coach's laptop. >> gives us a better understanding of what a player goes through prior to getting an injury and we take that data year after year and understand it and say this is what was leading up to this injury, that would change the workload for the day or for the week. >> florida state university the reigning national champions in college ball use these gps devices last year and the head coach says soft tissue injuries will reduce by 88%. some of the dolphins play as we talked to said initially they were suspicious about these devices. showing who is not giving 110%, who is slacking off but as soon as they realized this was about improving their own health, preventing soft tissue injuries like pool hamstrings and foreign acls and extending their football career they embraced
2:45 pm
it. >> more output, back in the day it was two days, no mercy, no hope. these athletes stay and protect them. >> aside from the dolphins the other nfl teams include the cowboys, giants and eagles. only during practice this season, still they are not allowed during the actual games themselves. dierdre: thank you. even pro athletes have trouble finding love in an effort to find real true love the new york jets players are taking it to tinder. they are not shy about it. 11 gained remembers telling the wall street journal about their smart phone swiping experiences. one guy even found a girlfriend. looking for love or genius marketing? jerrod simon and tracy are back with us. they claim that is tied for and nfl player to find mrs. wright. their workplace is all male, their hours are from free sunrise to post sunset and many
2:46 pm
feel the women will just be gold diggers. what do you think about this? >> that is tough. i have done some research on tinder. melissa: just for the segment. >> the most superficial dating site you can go to but it is like walking into a huge bar and looking at people and swiping if you like their picture and go as deep as you want to go. if someone is a little shady spot. it is viable and a good move. melissa: these guys didn't identify themselves in some of the cases as professional football players who is this was a huge article in the wall street journal and this is interesting to our audience because it shows genius marketing on tinder's part. what do they need more than anything? women to come on the sites because men are trolling all the time. you need eligible women who are pretty and you say they are professional athletes on here and not sane who they are. you could end up finding a
2:47 pm
loaded professional athlete who is on there, looking for mrs. wright, genius? >> why the jets, why not the cowboys? i am just saying. melissa: your turn, tracy. tracy: why is this any different from going to a strip club and taking her home at night? i don't see how this is any different? it is the same thing. however you pick her up you are picking her up whether it is technology -- melissa: you are seeing all the women on tinder our servers? tracy: everyone is out there, same girl, who cares how you get there. is maury efficient using tenderize oppose but who cares? melissa: they respect tinder as the company after this smart article in the wall street journal? >> i do. i think it is very superficial but i disagree with crazy. in my research i found it is
2:48 pm
viable, there are some viable good people. the price at which you find that site, you would be very surprised. melissa: i tried to make it a business segment but you weren't interested. all-american team of lacrosse brothers kicking salad dressing all the way to the cage. multimillion-dollar business that is tearing up the astroturf coming up next. you can never have too much money. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ tires screech ] chewley's finds itself in a sticky situation today after recalling its new gum.
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2:52 pm
superstar, and this is the prime minister must resign over election fraud. the protesters will travel hundreds of miles by car and truck and bike and a jeep over to cuba where there's a serious case of stage of the. russia is about to return with its soviet-era days. russia wants to fire on united states and was manned by 3,000 personnel. russia eventually shut it down as a goodwill gesture during friendlier times. landing in australia, opening a bizarre, $500 million resort with a chinese twist. it is called, wait for it, chancy high china time. it has been described as the chinese disney land. will feature a giant dragon, roller coasters, a field of pandas, australia is trying to win over the growing number of
2:53 pm
chinese tourists. i don't know if that is going to work. time for fun with spare change. greg, brian and matt. after retiring that pennies they turn their mom's famous all address into a multimillion-dollar business. thank you for joining me. i see the dressing here. a lot of people think they have a good product at home. this was your mother's addressing, to get you to eat your vegetables. how do you get started? you went in and pitch told foods? >> i started it five years ago and a friend of mine stole it from my house so i came home from lunch and it was missing from my fringe. if a man is going to still another man's salad dressing i will find the bottle so i called a whole food and walk in with the tupperware -- melissa: a regular supers for. >> picked up the phone and said i make salad dressing, can i
2:54 pm
meet with you? they thought i was crazy enough that maybe i was on to something. melissa: did they say yes on the phone and you got started? >> when i went to the meeting and we had the lettuce in a tupperware container, he said you have something special so i had to google my way to figure out how to be a food manufacturer. melissa: what was the biggest challenge and how much do you sell now? >> the biggest challenge was getting great people. that is why the brothers were involved. brian hammons the sales and business development, matt comes up with all the products. you see those there and we are attracted to $25 million. melissa: what would you take to someone who has a great thing and want to turn it into a multimillion-dollar enterprise as you have? >> start with passion, have a group of people you trust and don't take no for an answer. continue to push every day. melissa: you agree with that? >> i would say good luck. melissa: good luck to you also you don't need it at this point. the name of the dressing?
2:55 pm
>> tessie may's on natural. melissa: a penny saved is a penny earned, what some college graduates are not doing with their cash and why an apps may change the way they handle their money. at the end of the day it is all about money.
2:56 pm
2:57 pm
2:58 pm
>> the markets may be up, but young people aren't buying it. when it comes to young adults and money, most are holding onto cash, while only a quarter are investing it. my next guest wants to change all this. 17-year-old actress and day trader rachel fox joins me now. i was shocked by the study out of ubs that said 39% of millennials say cash is the preferred way to invest money that they won't need for a decade. not like they're saying they're going to pay down debt, they'll
2:59 pm
leave it there in cash for a decade. why is this? >> i was so shocked when i saw it, too. people are so scared of the market, the stock market is just kind of a victim of a really bad reputation in a sense where it's uncertain. you can lose all your money so easily, and the great way to solve it is get people educated. stock market and economics is not something that is enforced in school, high school, and middle school. but if we can't change that, there should be great ways of educating people about it. liz: what do you do to encourage them? >> well, it's -- the app so basically our concept is when people try and teach you about the stock market or go online and read about it, it comes at you with long big walls of text, and really difficult verbiage, it's hard to understand. our app breaks it down into ibl sized pieces of knowledge. it's interactive, it's fun.
3:00 pm
liz: what's it called, we're out of time. tell us what it's called. >> it's called stox, s-t-o-x. liz: that's all the time we have. i hope you're making money no matter what your age is. "countdown to the closing bell" with liz claman starts right now. liz: investors try to second-guess the fed after jobless claims rise to a six week high and eurozone growth stalls. janet yellen will delay interest rate hikes next year? the answers that will protect and grow your portfolio. walmart's shelves of worry. the largest retailer slashing profit forecast for the year amid health care costs and online race to catch amazon. is the real elephant the slow spending american consumer, should you buy, sell or hold? two


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