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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 20, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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play with the boys and win. thank you for watching. friday we are back with a new show. the united welfare states of america. matt welch and kmele foster and i am kennedy. thank you for watching again. lou: good evening, global outrage tonight after the isil released a video of radical terrorists beaheading an american journalist, claiming they committed the act in retaliation for u.s. air strikes in iraq, the expansion of isil, is accelerateing in the region, and isil's decaptation of an innocent journalist prompted president obama to take another pause in his two week vacation to address the killing of james foley. >> the united states of america will continue to do what we must do to protect our people.
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we will be vigilant, and we will be relentless, when people harm americans anywhere, we do what is necessary to see that justice is done. and we act against -- iselle isil stapbging along others. lou: u.s. will continue its air attacks against isil. despite its threat to kill another wh-rp american hostage. obama administration may send 300 troops to iraq. there is no final decision yet, but it would bridge total number of american troops to more than 1100. at issue, whether president has
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underestimateed both al qaeda, and isil. the group he once dismissed, as a quote, jv team, of terrorists. after the president expressed his condolences to family, he went to play here round of golf, his searchth ground in -- 7th grounthround in 10 days. in contrast to prime minister cameron, when he was advised that foley was suspected of being a british citizen, he went back to downing street. more on the tragic death of james foley, senior administration officials reveal a u.s. special tration team
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tried and failed to rescue foley, and other americans held host an in syria, during a secret mission this summer. it took place on a remote area of syria, where commando echargeed fire with militants but did not find the hostages. his parents today of spoke about their son, and his killers outside their home. >> jim's captors believe strongly in what they are doing, they you know, they knew jim was innocent. >> they are ruthless, they knew jimmy was a symbol of. >> the goodness of america, the best of america. >> he would be a person of concern. that going bad happening to him would be -- >> it hour the hurt. would hurt. lou: the foleys asked iselle for
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mercy for other americans held captive. intelligence analysts are analyzing video of foley's murder, looking for any clues to find those responsible, fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. >> the identification of the executione owner, whether he isa known jihadist to the fbi. >> every spec much information on that video will be a clue for the intelligence community, to verify if accurate and true, if that were the case, can they put a place, can they work to try to oeufp who that individual might be. >> reporter: jihadists reposted images on the web of american nick he was beheeded last year.
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year. >> while the u.s. officials believe two other mornin morn as are held by isis, the state department offered few details. >> we're aware of other americans citizens. i i don' don't have a number bed that. >> the video carries phuts up ilmultiplemessages, orange jumpe -- with guantanamo bay. the facts that they are together, in isis strong hold shows level of coordination. >> across two war zones is complicated, with enemies in both countries to keep the hostages sheltered from.
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>> reporter: while al qaeda and taliban were swaps hostages, isis does not need the money after that taking control of northern oil fields. >> with the james foley video, they are using hostages in a way that would shock us into submission. submission. >> reporter: the obama administration will rely on a law enforcement model, to bring foley's killers to justice, u.s. intelligence officials have complained in the past about the difficulty of operating in syria and iraq. lou: thank you. turning ting to ferguson, misso, fox news learned that police officer who shot michael brown suffered severe injuries in the incident that resulted in brown's death, officer darren wilson was severely injured in a violent altercation with the six-foot, 4 inch, 300 pound, 18-year-old, police sources claim wilson of hit so hard the
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bones around his eye were smashed, and officer wilson was hospitalized. this that not deterred obama administration in anyway, attorney general eric holder on the ground, meeting with the investigators, fox news correspondent mike tobin in ferguson, missouri with our report. >> my month. >> reporter: a warm embrace between the nation's top cop and trooper credited with reducing nightly chaos in ferguson. holder met both with fbi agents and community leaders, telling them that the government's most experienceed federal agents were investigating the death of mike brown. >> that is giving us inspiration. >> reporter: state case is also underway with grand jury meeting
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today, that drew protestors on county justice center, a supporter of officer wilson was confronteed. police removed her, for her own safety. as state case moves forward, a petition is circulateing on remove county prosecutor bob mccullic from the case, his father, was killed by a black a black man in 1964. governor nixon suggested he should step down, and mccullic refuses, he said that governor could force him. >> man up, say, i have a story, i am not removing mccull ai am me officering mccullagh let's get on with this. >> reporter: dedemonstrations almost made it through the night without clashes, but began about
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it started up about midnight. that officer from nearby st. ann has been pulled from duty here, and relieved of active duty, and sussuspended. lou: thank you mich. >> former own justice attorney will join us later in the broadcast with his thoughts on why his former boss is seemingly incapable of conducting a fair investigation. turning to israel, and the conflict in gaza. which raininged on today. israeli prime minister netanyahu, vowing to tennis really'ing to continue is
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--? comments a day after talks in egypt collapsed. palestinian terrorists have fireed rock into the israel over the last 24 hours. israel retaliateing with airstrikes against hamas positions in gaza, including the home of hamas' military chief. there are conflicting reports on whether he was killed in the attack. israeli intelligence sources tell fox news he was killed, a hamas spokesman cid h said he sd but his wife and child were killed. lou: turning to worst ebola outbreak, and the death toll that continues to rise, 1350 people have died from ebola in west africa. most of those deaths occurring in liberia ufollowed by guinea, sierra leone, and 4 deaths in nigeria, no confirmed cases of oh, bolsa outside of -- ebola
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outside these 4 countries, officials in california are testing a patient in a sacramento hospital for possible explosure to the ebola virus, until those test results are in, the patient is kept in isolati isolation. >> liberia effort to contain the outbreak today turned violent, police in capital city, clashed with hundreds in a local slum who are angered because they have been cordoned off by the government in its effort to stop the disease from spreading, we're welcomin coming right bac. lou: isis terrorists beheeding journalist james foley has been authenticateed. former u.s. ambassador to iraq, ♪
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lou: a court victory in 7 for answers in "fast and furious" gunrunning scandal, a federal judge ruleed that justice department must turnover documents related to the "fast and furious" scandal, by the first of october. chairman of house oversight committee, said those documents quote, will bring us closer to finding out why the justice deputy hid behind false denials in wake of reckless conduct that contributeed to violent death of border prae patrol agent brian y and countless mexican citizens. >> in iraq, the obama
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administration ramping up airstrikes, and weighing additional troops following the beaheading of american journalist james foley. joining us. former ambassador to iraq. good to have you with us ambassador. does the beheading in your judgment, of james foley, does it mark an escalation in the get tfight against isil? >> i think probably they have been quite spooked by the effective american airstrikes. i kurdish peshmerga and some iraqi special forces took back the mosul dam, it would not have been possible without the ache strikes, and -- without the airstrikes, now it appears they
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have intensified, perhaps as a result of this hideous crime, i suspect it could be an important moment. we're seeing the world, is outraged. i think we'll you know have people will start getting the wa paint on over this. lou: you say war paint? any of those people include president obama? who seemed rather frankly, mute, emotionaly in his remarks then he troded off to the golf course, a peculiar tone. >> i think you have to lock at action on the ground, we have done more airstrikes now in the last 24 hours, as a result of this. there is also good news in baghdad. with a incomeing prime minister, not named maliki. and seen kurdish foreign minister who was in the previous
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government, had left, has now come back in, we're see more cooperation with the kurds, we would like more with the sunnis and sunni countries in the region, but my hope is we see an effort against isil, not just pin 4 46 prick bombings of the , it appears that isil is feeling it. lou: this is the same organization as i noted earlier, president once called the jv terrorist team, this is a peculiar under estimation on part of our intelligence service on the part of isil, of al qaeda, at what points does your government recognize that this is a threat, that has to be eradicateed? do you think it a threat?
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i should ask you? >> i do think it is. lou: that we can coexist with? >> no, it is a threat. the more we're in it, the more we engage in the airstrikes and bring in special forces to help the iraqis and peshmerga the morris ill oris is -- that isil oris is realizes we're in the fight, that is ha what happened with this beheading, i think that, whether we like it or not we're involved. the question is, how far does the president want to take us, he seems pretty firm about no u.s. boots on the ground, it appears they were able to coordinate iraqi and kurdish boots with our air operations, the big question, yo you can't t solve this with airstrikes, have to have a broader plan some concept of you are doing in syria, a number of people, including hillary clinton talked
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about hugh we need to provide weapons to some participates in the syrian civil war. it appears that you know it, is difficult to find moderates and give weapons to, and that does not rail aamount to a future strategy for what is going to happen in syria, there are still main more questions. lou: i think that is is candid of you to say that i also think that a large question looms as to why we are still listening to leaders who have been unsuccessful in achieveing strategic goals and laying you on a strategic decision to defeat radical islamist terrorism. without that, i don't see how we will ever succeed. >> we have a tough time, with --
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they want to see regime continuation in iraq, with regime change in syria. change of regime that is a mortal enemy of isis. that has been a tough one to harmonize, and work on together. i think to solve this, we have to look at a more regional approach, get countrys that have been aiding and abeting isis to stop doing that, and get them on the right side of this, a huge heavy duty diplomatic chore, and the question is, whether we have the interest ethe staying power to do that dip plasticly. lou: -- diplomatically. lou: ambassador christopher thank you. >> thank you. lou: time for a look at ouro lynn poll results. -- our on-line poll results, we asked whether you believe that president obama and attorney general holder are seeking a
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fair investigation of the ferguson, missouri shooting or have they already prejudgeed outcome. 97% of you said they have prejudgeed outcome. >> and tonight's poll, coming up short, again. tea party, in effort to beat established republican candidates. in alaska "night at the sayers club," dan sul von defeated joe mill are by 8 points. sullivan, faces senator mark begich. the midterm election, 75 days away. can you wait? up next, my commentary on how and why we seem to have become a nation that can no longer protect our citizens, abroad or at home. stay with us.
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lou: coming up tonight, attorney
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general holder in ferguson, missouri afternoon highly critical remarks about local and state police, former obama justice department attorney, christian adams will join us with his analysis, and jason riley will tell us why he said that al sharpton should get out of ferguson and now. and what inner-city african-american men are really afraid of. but first a few thoughts on a president and a white house staff that seemed put upon to acknowledge the death of american citizens, who seems to think nothing of offering brief remarks of condolence, and fewer words of assurance to the nation, and went minutes heading straight out to the golf course. >> cameron cut his vacation short to deal with what is a worsening crisis in middle east, and possibly a terrorist connection to his nation, our
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president shows no signs of being so distracted. major general harl greene was killed this month in a afghanistan attack. president obama stayed fast his vacation and did not attend the general's funeral. despite present of missouri national guard, calm does not appear near. the national guard is deployed in a state as well, working to secure our southern border with mexico, governor rick perry ordering next next national guard to take up positions along the border to secure the boreder that president obama seemed to have abandoned, even aztec tech democrats -- texas democrats play political games, and indict their governor, the party leader
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plays. we're coming right back. >> attorney general eric holder is i in ferguson, missouri. he promises a fair investigation, but he has already joined president obama in questioning, local and state police tactics and integrity, former obama justice deputy attorney, christian adams, will joijoin me next. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7 it's just i'm a little reluctant to try new things. what's wrong with trying new things? feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do... try a new way to bank, where no branches equals great rates.
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lou: in the indictment of governor rick perry for political reasons, new reports that a democratic activist, was a member of the grand jury, that indicted him on alleged abuse of power charges. not only activist but that jury or reportedly attending a democratic party even while the grand jury proceedings were going on. many legal expert have said they support governor perry's claim he did nothing wrong, when he
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tried to oust a democratic district attorney who was convicted of drunk driving. our next guest said that traerpb attorney general eric holder civil right -- his appearance in ferguson, missouri today, all about divideing americans,o the basis of race. joining us craig adams former u.s. department of justice attorney, served under presidents bush and obama. author of the book, injustice, exposing the racial askwrepd av agendav the -- agenda of the obama justice department, good to have you with us, those are tough charges. doj investigating police departments all over the country, why? >> part of that larger narrative that america is a place where nobody can get a fair shake, and
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police are occupyingers, the way that holder justice department deals with this, by prosecutor police officers, engaging in extensive shake downs and trainings of how they should behave, so, this justice department, as soon as they took power ramped up the efforts again local police departments. some of the effort have been purely abusive, lou. lou: abusive. have they succeeded? or been turned back? >> let's define success. in new orleans, they charged a number of police officers in the wake of hurricane katrina with civil right violations, that thing you are looking at in ferguson, there was extraordinarily grotesque prosecutorial misconduct,
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outrageous, secret blogging at the times, and lying to the court, it since credible when you -- it is incredible when you read the 120 page -- of a federal judge, he ruleed that justice department lawyers working for holder committed gross prosecutorial misconduct, but they still work for the civil rights division. lou: they have checkered history, if terms of corruption. and misconduct. the attorney general, said he will insist on a full and fair investigation. after making some rather it seemed prejudicial remarks about the integrity of local
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government, local prosecutor police department. what are your thoughts? >> here is why he is doing this. this is about politics, this is about the election, it is important for the obama administration to keep the fable alive that america is an o pressive place -- oh, prisive oppressive place for minorities, it is about the election, you have to mobilize the base, holder's appearance today in a boeing 757, which i think is the vice president's, his appearance today, was designed to have the look of a concuring fellow who'll come in and solve everything, it is all about politics not about substance, we have gotten used to that after 6 years of this dang. administration. lou: black leaders, protesters
10:36 pm
calling for the governor of missouri, jay nixon calling for ouster of bob mccullagh, county prosecutor one removeed from the case, governor has the power to do so, but, has not done it, just calls on him to resign, why he is under attack. >> he is under attack because his father almost 50 years ago, was a police officer who was killed, by a black murdered now the civil right group an tate to have that man remove from the case, because of something that happened during the johnson administration. this is how ran cid -- rank rand -- rancid, and rotten the civil right movement now really is, this is turned upside down in ferguson, we see it every night whether bottleed start hurling.
10:37 pm
lou: mccullagh was elected by the predom predominately, black community of ferguson, 4 times. >> it probably is, but, this is the same governor, nixon who can remove them who said he wants to see a vigorous prosecution, not an investigation, but a prosecution, who knows what is coming out of that with pressure applied by the racial interest groups. lou: you talk about rancid, it soups like state of mo has a missouri has a state government or local organization of politics that is rancid in its political motivation, astoneishing to witness in 2014, thank you christian. lou: thank you.
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kraeugs adams. christian ad adams, our on-line poll? wore coming right back. stay with us. lou: al sharpton, jesse jackson, and others are being blasted by fellow african-americans for their presence and actions in ferguson. jason riley is one of those voices, he is here next. wondering what that is? that, my friends, is everything. and with the quicksilver card from capital one, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase. not just "everything at the hardware store." not "everything, until you hit your cash back limit." quicksilver can earn you unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you could possibly imagine. say it with me -- everything. one more time, everything! and with that in mind...
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lou: on wall street stocks closed mix, dow up 60, s&p you up 5, nasdaq down one. and industrials best performing sector. consumer staples the worst. gold down.
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and a reminder, listen to my financial reports three times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. turning to jason riley and latest development in ferguson. saying we need to confront the basic fundamental problem in black communities, he said it is black criminality, and black leaders need to stop makesic s excuses for it. jason good to have you here. >> good to see you lou. lou: ferguson is a hotbed of confusion, and contradiction, and violence, and seemingly without explanation. we have watched 11 days of conflict without any impull it seems in that community to wait for a judgment about what happened this day. >> and the irresponsibility
10:43 pm
starts in the white house with piggybacking an investigation, rather than leting it run its course, the way it is normally done, nothing has been alleged in terms of misconduct by the people doing the investigation, that is a reason to get involved by federal government. or, if this police department history of civil violations. which it has not been alleged. this is like your last guest said, done for political reasons, own has a base, particularly a black base he is trying to appease here. lou: oh, my gosh, the political problem he must have if he has to alike this to secure a base that voted for him,95 percent, a quote, from senator jamillah, saying if you should decide not to indict this police officer, the rioting we have witnessed this past week will seem like a
10:44 pm
picnic. compareed to the havoc that will likely occur. >> and by eric holder going there, he is reinforceing that, what kind of pressure is he bridgeing to bear on those local prosecutors? and eric holder of all people, the reason you want an independent attorney general, is in case they need to step in to a situation, but his rhetoric on race over the years has been so irresponsible, i don't think he has any credibility. you go on a sunday show, and accuse criticism of the president, and the attorney general, of being racially motivated, you are acting very irresponsible, you appear in harlem, with agitateiorors likel sharpton arm in arm, you are not acting responsible, you lose credibility. lou: black leaders have been
10:45 pm
critical of the way that obama handled this, michael eric dyson said that obama fail #ed us not only as black people but as a nation. you have, i mean, jesse jackson, saying this was a state execution without a tinsela of a -- evidence in his command. >> you talk about professional agitateors, al shar sharpton and jesse jackson, they have been doing this for 40 years, this is how they line their pocket, but they don't want to talk about the real problem. it is black criminality, they are way over represented in the country. you see blacks arrested at 2 to 3 times rate in population. and that is what is driveing this tension in the communities that is what is driving conflicts with law enforcement that is what the bloc the black
10:46 pm
leadership does not top talk about, it is not just a perception based on nothing, this is hard data, we need to do something about black behavior, this is tragic whether you look at, you know cheap. between 1976 and 2005, black committed a absolute majority of murders in this country, you look at stats like, that we have to confront hem head oyou can't make excuses that is property or unemployment. -- poverty or unemployment or racism this is black behavior we need to confront head owe are not going to solve it problem if we don't talk about it honestly. lou: where are the african-american community leader, jesse jackson in chicago could condemning ferguson, a little town, without any evidence, in his own city, there were i think there were 26 shootings in chicago over the
10:47 pm
same weekend, and al sharpton goes to ferguson. >> leaders have a separate agenda, that is keeping themselves relevant, they talk about what whites should be doing on behalf of blacks instead of what blacks should be doing on behalf of themselves. if they do that, they lose rel strengthrelevance. >> are saying for political purposes, obama administration professional agitateers are willing to expend a community of 20,000 people. >> we have evidence this obama administration, thinks nothing of divideing us racial to meet its own political agenda, eric holder talking about republican conspire ras that's suppressed black vote, is a voter i.d. laws
10:48 pm
is that doing, that it divideing this nation by race. to meet a political end this obama administration has engageed in that for years. lou: that the truth be damned. jason riley thank you. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> quotation of the evening. from rupert murdoch. talking about middle east, and in particular isil. or isis. saying, isis can only be beaten by a policy of elil nation and even then with difficulty. this is a historic war of bar bearism, verses civiliation. up next, missouri governor jay nixon sounding as though she has already decided a fate of officer wilson, two of our favorite radio talk show hosts will join us next.
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lou: joining us now, two of our favorite radio hosts, mark simone, knock fuse radio talk show host john gibson, john, we start with missouri governor jay nixon saying he wants a vigorous prosecution of police officer darren wilson, that has to be helpful to restoreing calm in the community of ferguson? >> yeah, well, community of ferguson wants him in a perp walk and locked up now before any facts are known, it is obvious governor is decided to pander to the crowd, hopeing to calm down, but now we learn
10:53 pm
stuff, wilson got busted up in the face really good. and there are witnesses who tell story of michael brown charging wilson, it is going to get ago get ugly, i stood by for rodney king 2 trial, wearing a bulletproof vest, i know how ugly this is get if a guy like wilson is acquitted but he might be. lou: if he is acquitted, let's hope because he is innocent. and idea that a community or a members of that community, would insist on his being charm -- chargeed, irrespective of the facts, and there does not seem to be a single leader in missouri with the guts to say, wait a minute, let's calm down
10:54 pm
here. you even have the president who sends in eric holder. >> original report was that first thing brown did was shovel shovel wilson in the car, you see first thing he shoves him, that is a bit of a coincidence. have you eyewitnesss say he was chargeing the officer, i think that president has been lack. he should have prepared this crowd, these protesters saying this cop may be innocent, he may have unfortunately had to do the right thing there. and where is eric holder there? >> they said it about politics, not about quality of the law. it is negateing much of our judicial system that works
10:55 pm
better here than anywhere element. john, if, the governor of the state is prejudging the case, and pandering as well to a community of 21,000, and trying to score political points, because they face a tough elect come november. what in the world has become of the democratic party? >> well, look, if there are politics involved, it is not just ferguson or missouri, this it national, if eric holeer has been sense down to convince black people to calm out fall and vote for democrats this is a national issue. but, it appear that is what is going on. and what they have to break the news, the day after the election day, it looks like officer wilson is not going to be charged or if he has been charged, it looks like evidence shows he did what he had to do,
10:56 pm
maybe he didn't want to, but he had to do, it will be a severe disappointment for those w.h.o. people who that i want to get out to vote for them, that is why there is doing this, stiring up right now, to try to get those people to go to the polls, in november. >> and where every sharpton shows up, things are worse when he leaves and where ever helder shows -- holder shows up, things slowdown, he puts a delay of years everything on he touches this is a recipe for disaster. lou: a recipe for disav ira diss the officer, we hear has severe damage t to the bone around his eye, he was hospitalized, 12 witnesses confirming his account. the narrative is just beginning, that the president, and
10:57 pm
administration, governor of state seem to what coconclude prematurely. >> thank you both, thank you for being with my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love.
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. >> day 12 in ferguson, missouri and they're still protesting over the shooting of michael brown, or perhaps are they really protesting something else entirely? welcome, everybody. i'm david asman in for neil cavuto. attorney general eric holder meeting with fbi and local officials as part of investigation into what is going on in ferguson. but seems the media has figured that out. many outlets blaming income inequality for all the unrest but is this really the cause and effect of bad policies to conservative black chic


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