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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  August 26, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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willis report." thank you for joining us, dvr the show if you can't catch us live. have a great night. "making money" with charles payne is next. . charles: tonight on "making money" -- they're back! the return of the czars. the congressional black caucus is looking to police the police. this, of course, in the aftermath of ferguson but for the constitution and the economy and our prosperity, the timing is never right for the czars. my pros can't wait to get into this one. a novel idea, when the government is the only game in town, economies crumble and people get crazy. the cost of socialism's failure in france and the long are you are on food stamps, the more likely you'll never stand on your own two feet. the most important question for investors, maximizing gains while keeps feet in check is a
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lot harder said than done. let's go make some money. . charles: hey, i'm charles payne, and welcome to "making money." right here, right now, exactly what we're here to do help you make money by investing in the stock market. the "real, real deal." we look under the hood and find the nuggets that make a difference. here to help, hitha prabhakar, i think that's a new guest, absolutely fantastic. back with us danny hughes, ceo of divine capital, hope you are ready to rock 'n' roll. and kate i never saw those shoes on you. do you have a hot date? >> i don't, but thank you. charles: tracy with the guys today, hope can you handle it. >> always. charles: and matt mccall, are you ready to rock 'n' roll?
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>> ready. charles: we're talking the aftermath of ferguson, all kinds of conversations and debates and maybe a couple of fresh new ideas, i hope so. already the riots, the clumsy law enforcement effort has awakened an idea they was hoping was just gone, that no self-respecting politician would dare to mention again, the return of the czar. the congressional black caucus wants a police czar, forget about how much an affront this is to the police department. the economic toll is a major anchor to the so-called recovery. think about the czars we've had already, a tarp czar, we've had a cyberczar, a border czar, intelligence czar, terrorism czar and it goes on and on and on and on. another layer of bureaucracy. here's the funny thing. they don't work! couple of government agencies have been one of the big reasons this is the worst post recession recovery in history.
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we can't get any traction. since 2009, 1910 new regulations that cost american businesses, each one $100 million plus. tracy, the "real, real deal." i get that there was a whole lot of public demand, we wanted to dampen unfeathered capitalism. was it a green light to destroy capital snichl. >> seems to be a green light to destroy capitalism in washington. the definition of a czar is a monarch who hates humanity and completely against entrepreneurialism, that in and of itself, they got the wrong word. we are slowly seeing ourselves move more and more towards socialism. we're going to talk about welfare and how people are on it and pushing everyone towards the common goal i'm here for the government and here to help. charles: france, they have a new finance minister. he's 36 years old. he's not even old enough, the
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last time they had a surplus in the budget was 1974. this kid wasn't born then, and that's the model we're following, matt. >> maybe getting youngblood in there. here in the united states, get rid of the gray hairs and get young people in there. obviously what's going on is not working. something needs to change. the administration loves the fact of czars. the more control they have, the more they can control the voting and keep going back and forth with d.c. >> president obama did not have white or gray hair when he took office. >> he does now. >> i don't know if you support your statement on that. local police departments would flip out if a czar was put into place. they're not in touch with main street and should be policing the people of that particular town. i completely understand the outcry of ferguson, people want answers, i don't think a czar is the answer. charles: to your point, what we've seen since the obama administration has been in place as a poir grab by the federal government. the federal government at the
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expense of state rights, when you do that is the expense of the constitution. >> the idea is to standardize policy across different places. but you really can't do that in this instance, and the only place we've seen hiring is the risk and compliance level of every business, that's where you have to put your money. but the fact is that unless the communities are really engaged with local law enforcement, that's when you really see change. it's not from the top. charles: hitha, listen to the czars, you can see maybe they weren't too successful, right? the pay czar, guantanamo closing czar, the afghanistan czar, the green jobs czar, absolutely nuts. >> there was a birth control czar. charles: a birth control czar. >> that's crazy. i didn't know these people existed to. danny and kate's point. when it comes to local police departments, i come from a town and grew up in albuquerque, new mexico, they've had rampant issues with the local police department. it comes down to the training.
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you can't have a federal mandate to train on the local level as much as we want to cry to the president to come and help us on a local level. >> speaking of training, you talked about taser the other day. if you make money off of this, there's a place to go. charles: yeah, i think taser certainly is a place to go, and there are individual names that can make money. i'm talking about bogging down the entire system. again, the czars cost a lot of money. complying with them. imagine the small businesses, one thing for ibm to say we need another 10, 20, 30 million on this. another 3 million a year? >> the political favor thing, they are unelected officials. maybe i can make somebody a czar someday. wouldn't that be cool? i don't call myself a czar at home. i call myself queen mother. the fact that we do this and allowing people to use these terms is a political move. >> to make him look like he's
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doing something. charles: so far it's an absolute disaster. >> they're going to oversee how federal funds are spent. >> i want to you know also coming up tonight i'm going to be with neil cavuto at 8:00 p.m., we're going to discuss more of the aftermath of ferguson and i'm going to tell neil why i think the black community is losing faith in president obama? right now, i've got to blow the whistle. let's open up another page from payne's investment playbook. the market keeps moving higher and main street continues to yawn. the most guarded skeptics might allow themselves to get happier. i'm not talking giddy, but maybe crack a smile after reading retirement statement. there's a chance we could be in the midst of that maybe. if you see the latest read of consumer confidence from the conference board, pretty good number, the headline number came in at a 7-year high. expectations number was down for the second consecutive month. higher confidence but still
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very weary particularly about jobs. in july, people saying jobs are plentiful, 18% saying jobs are hard to get. 30%. that is a huge, huge disparity. the market edged higher when the confidence number came out. the thinking is obviously people more confident, they go out and spend more money. when they spend more money, the economy gets going and sort of works its way up. we've got a long way to go before this overwhelming confidence and the "real, real deal," i think american confidence is hostage right now to the political scene, tracy? >> i absolutely agree with you, i don't think it's incrementally enough to make a difference. not enough going on for people to drop money at the mall. uncertain what's happening in d.c. they're spending time picking out czars. not doing anything right for us. worried about what's going on geopolitically. there is no guidance. that makes you hunker down. the rich, the luxury is doing well, they don't worry about
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that stuff as much as we do. >> confidence is key, i've been asking for years what is going to get the economy going? better tax code, less regulations, more jobs, confidence will get us. if you look at the market and the confidence number, 80% correlation. typically when confidence increases so does the stock market. >> the market is back at all-time high and confidence has a million miles to go before it's at the all-time high. >> 92 million people are looking for work and jobs. luxury stocks are going to do well. my picks, i love kors and kohl's for example. when the economy and people -- charles: i have forgotten about kohl's, where are they positioned on the retail lader? >> interesting. they're taking a lot of the market share away from target. remember four, five years ago, target was the step above walmart. charles: when it was tar-shay.
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>> kohl's is gross! it's gross! it's like sears. >> i was going to finish, basically what's happening now is people are trying to, kohl's is focusing on home wares. >> if you take a look at a couple of stocks that actually reflect the anxiety and trepidation that investors have. you can look at walmart and darden restaurants. both have returned nothing. charles: you are being contrarian, both of them have serious issues. clarence otis is out of darden. and walmart is having problems, too. you like both of these? are you saying they reflect it. >> they reflect the anxiety that the investors have, it's what we're seeing with investors. charles: i think as people feel a little more confident i'm going to stick with j.c. penney, acting great.
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>> oh! >> sitting back over there with you. i'm with tracy. charles: every day it creeps up there, i think this is the new target. look at that chart. i got a little money, i'm going keep the job, i can't afford to go to nordstroms but that j.c. penney. >> people at home aspiring to shop at j.c. penney. >> you will not see j.c. penney in a luxury video any time soon. it's really, really small. charles: you just made my argument for j.c. penney. >> not making the argument for why -- >> stock the shelves with something people want to buy. this is like apple fries at burger king, nobody wants this stuff. >> basically that customer that danny was talking about, the people that deal, they don't have to talk, they don't have to go to walmart, they're going to j.c. penney. charles: that's why tracy sits
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next to me. >> i'm with you, girl. charles: i've got two great investment ideas for you. the first one is a smoothie chain, over 800 stores. plus going around the world over 45 stores around the world. they've got ambitions, they want 500 franchises in the next five years. heck, you might get one. you might be a customer. stay with us, if you want to make some money. i bought a car, over and tells you, and you're like. a good deal or not.
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that's what led up to us looking at and with, there's no buyer's remorse. save time, save money, and never overpay. visit
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. charles: okay, doing it again, blowing the whistle. page from "payne's investment playbook." barbara sent this question via facebook they know a bunch of you want to know about as well. when you sell a stock and recommend buying it back. aren't there tax consequences if you buy back within 30 days. yes, there are tax consequences. i don't want to give you the tax advice, i'm going to let tracy weigh in shortly. let's focus on selling in general. when to sell. i got to tell you something, this is the biggest question any investor faces. after all when it's all said and done, some people make and
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lose money with the same exact stock. how do they do that? some people sell too early, sometimes sell too late. the decision-making process are the same. figure out what kind of investor you are, after you've done that, let's take a look here. after you've done that you have guidelines, are you a trader? want to buy for 1-30 days. long-term 6 months or longer. if that's the case, here's your risk, as a trader, you don't want to risk 1 or 5%. long-term 20% max. your reward should be double what risk is. if risk is 5% as a trader you want to make 10%. if you risk 2%, make 4%. intermediate and long-term, it's not unreasonable for 50% on your money. here's the vigilance, how much time are you willing to commit to this? if you're a trader, be ready to looked at market, four, five times a day, intermediate watch
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twice a day, a couple of glances with position on the markets on. long-term once a day, and finally, financial commitment, for me, this should represent one person, if it was one person, 20% money on the trades. 60% intermediate term and 20% things that you buy and hold because you believe in them. obviously, the idea is to find a stock that -- you want to find stocks that are undervalued, intermediate or long-term. traders, you don't have to care too much about fear value, you're looking for the greater full theory. i'm going to buy the stock and someone's going to buy it at a higher price from me regardless of the fundamentals. intermediate term, fundamentals like earnings, is the company taking market share? are margins expanding? long-term is a little different. you're looking at fundamentals from a different point of view. products, the pipeline, the potential. big picture dream.
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once that starts to come together, you must get that execution that takes us back to earnings, market share and margins. no matter what kind of person you are, obviously, there are a lot of psychological aspects in investing and that trigger actions that are not originally intended. you can be all these things and not hold it together. and by the way, you must take losses. from time to time, you're going to have to keep your greed in checks, be realistic, stick to who you are as an investor. don't be inconsistent. inconsistency you get the large losses, you have ten winners and one loser to wipe them all out. let's talk about this for a moment. we get this all the time. i'm in this stock, when do i sell it? and i don't know what kind of investor you are. here's the "real, real deal." people fret about getting into the stock market. the fact is it's a lot harder managing that position, taking a profit and especially taking a loss. matt, you saw my approach.
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what would you and ad do you have any steadfast rules for investing. >> i call it middle, intermediate and active investor. the one problem i have is trying to be all three at once. you could be that long-term investor but if you are short-term trading, you intermingle those and trading the position you are supposed to be long-term position. when have you one bad earnings number. the longer term story is there. i love that you put 20% loss. if you go below 20%. if you're done, get out. move on. never have a big loser. that will ruin the portfolio. >> do you keep three separate accounts? like saving for christmas and saving for vacation. charles: you know why i did that? to be honest with you, it's been my experience dealing with investors since 198 5, i can't get people to hold the long-term stuff if they're not
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generating money. i can't get them oo like the stock they want to buy and hold, i can't get them to do that unless i'm trying to generate money, and this diverts their attention, as long as they're netting profits, they'll let this long-term thing work out. i want to ask you this question, you saw what barbara was asking, people ask about that, i talked about the stock that we took a loss on. sierra wireless was up huge. she would be reluctant to do that. >> barbara is smart, it's the wash sale rule. keep in mind, you can sell at a gain. uncle sam is more than willing to take your money. he'll tax your gains any day of the week. people have offset gains so you can wipe out tax bill. he doesn't want to you do that. you have to wait 30 days before and after in order to get back into the position because basically it would be a paper loss and you are back in the position and that's not fair. charles: that's why we have you
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on the show. >> oh. charles: in addition to being from jersey. you are one of the best. my first stock idea, after rough sledding, this company smoothed out all the rough patches and committed to bringing money down to the bottom line. i think they've got great room for both. look at it. it's a great buy. i'm going to make you money in three minutes. many of my patients still clean their dentures with toothpaste. but they have to use special care in keeping the denture clean. dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident is designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula
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. charles: all right, let's get down to this and make you money. first stock recommendation is jamba juice, these names can be
6:25 pm
more volatile than the broader market. this company really seems to have found footing with respect to the message and execution. back-to-back years, increasing profitability. management just posted one of the best quarters yet. earnings 44 cents. the consensus was 37 cents. this is a number one smoothie selling brand in the nation. they won 500 franchises in the next five years. they hired cap gemini, they're going to perhaps reduce costs, that's great. people have been asking them to do that. a fund in gauge capital is pushing a stake in them. so far management is balking at that. they're making a big step in the right direction. in the meantime, developing a global footprint, they have 26 stores in south korea. 14 in canada, 11 in philippines, 1 in mexico. keep in mind, in 2006 this
6:26 pm
stock was on fire. remember when jamba juice came out, it was a $60 stock. it's come down a lot. here's the thing, have you technical resistance but a breakout from there, i think takes the stock to $20 maybe higher. danny, what do you think of this? >> i like this stock. charles: you like this one? >> yes, it's a refranchising story. what they've done is want to take a lot of assets off the balance sheet, taking company stores and franchising them out. they've gotten to 30% company owned. 70% franchise. they want to keep that going, they are developing more franchises all over the country and worldwide. it's a great story and breaking out now, and the stock has done nothing for two years. >> here's my question to you, though, aren't you afraid that they're not going to be able to maintain market share. >> what they were able to do is roll out something really interesting recently, their cold press all over the
6:27 pm
country. charles: gotta go, we're running out of time. anybody not like jamba juice. >> i don't like it. >> they're putting seeds in the juice. charles: that's what i love. another stock idea later on in the show, but first proof positive socialism doesn't work. the french president has a warning sign to anyone that thinks our economy can be boosted by spreading the wealth and government spending all the money. we're going to debate that next.
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[ male announcer ] it's one of the most amazing things we build and it doesn't even fly. we build it in classrooms and exhibit halls, mentoring tomorrow's innovators. we build it raising roofs, preserving habitats and serving america's veterans. every day, thousands of boeing volunteers help make their communities the best they can be. building something better for all of us. ♪
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charles: all right we're back i'll blow a whistle opening a page from payne's investment playbook, social implement as we know, is a losing policy it also makes people very lazy, the question of posed by la points
6:31 pm
magazine, they asked, are the french lazy? >> the nation continues to fall apart. how can they get back to work? think about this? france, you talk about big countries, on a yearly basis they work so many fewer hours, 1400, almost 1800 for america, and mexico 2200, and spending their budget, they spend 56%. government 56% of gdp is government spending, germany almost 45%, at 45%, america is high. here is the consequence of that in 2008, fifth largest economy, was france, but in 6 years, guess where they are? on cusp of slipping from the top
6:32 pm
10, behind them the hard working mexicans. all these that are essential to life, shared scenario that limits excess wealth, and creates a utopia for everyone, but more that government gives away. the less people have impetus to get for themselves, we have the same going on in america, longer someone is on welfare, and food stamps, the longer they will stay on that welfare and food stamps, 41% have been on 10 years or longer in america. i love what is going on in france. only because, it is cautionary tale. popularly down to 17%, his government is in disarray, we is segue to ills of big government and why america is on the wrong
6:33 pm
track, we can focus on human nature. here we track about fewer government programs, it is always colored by the word race. how do we deal with the fact people on government programs, they can be on so long, they don't know how to get off. >> they are not incentiveizeed. you know old proverb, give a man to fish, he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime. we have been giving people fish. we have to incentiveizize people to do things for themselves, i suggestion to incentiveize small business and they take grants or tax cuts to train or employee people. charles: you are asking for a form of corporate welfare yours?
6:34 pm
>> i am asking to align stake holders, the government with small business with people who need help, you align the same people in a straight line. >> to man hands in the coffer. >> i was going to say hard ta reconcile news we recouped all these jobs we lost in the recession, still 100 million are still on some form of welfare, that is an issue with mentally. >> it is not just mentality. the rules of the game have changed it is easier to qualify for welfare under the obama administration, it is easier. charles: look at money they spend advertising it, you drive to work, and could find out you are not eligible not to work. >> and food stamps. charles: i want to talk about the deal that people enter into, you said to yourself, and to government, okay, you will take care of me, i'm not taking care
6:35 pm
of myself any more in return have you my vote. >> that is what obama has been doing from day one in my opinion, keeping them down, they now need him, lower class did not need the government, but now they need a government to live, and put food on the table. what incentive then do they have to work? >> that welfare check is the same as flipping burgers at mcdonald's. charles: probably more. >> a tweet, we're conditioned to believe that welfare department see is payment from -- dependency from payment from government but what about tax breaks that waoeuplty get. waoeuplt wealthy get. charles: i don't know what tax breaks he is talk bwhen mitt romney talks about someone liking gifts, they say your mort tkpwapbl deductiomortgage deduca gift, but there are two sides to, that you do put into the
6:36 pm
system, you make the economy come to life as opposeed to sitting in bed watching cartoons and eating cheerios. >> sarkozy tried t to -- tried o reform pensions it did not work. and no one likeed it, people did -- it is whatever -- i don't think it is necessarily as much as we want to say -- >> this under scores points that you are proving my points, last time they had a budget surplus in france was 1974. once you give away 56% of gdp in government spending, of course, you cannot take it away. >> people were angry. >> two generations. if it goes to next generation, living off this then we're in struggle. >> how do you change the game? charles: take away, be tough. it is called tough love, emphasis on love, and emphasis on tough.
6:37 pm
governments spend a lot of money, those trying to buy votes spend more, those with private companies make money on socialism policies, nancy pelosi talks about all of the time, multplayer effect, rich people get those welfare checks and put it back in the economy. let's talk about vote of am made in socialist society. >> i have two for you, one if you are shopping, i think that tjx, i live next to one, i see that clientele in all of the time, the other one is pepsi, what is better than fre frito-l, and pepsi and gatorade. charles: you? >> i think walmart, targets those people, and getting welfare checks. charles: when they cutback food stamps walmart stock went down, and they increased food stomps stamps walmart stock went up, do have
6:38 pm
you any ideas? >> look at companys that you know cable companies like, time warner, and comcast, those are things that people don't have necessarily until they have a little bit of money in their pockets. charles: that is part of k50e7inkeeping itcomfortable en. we hear about how lazy the millennials are and how entitleed they are, when adults don't work a long period of time it creates an expensive problem for people who do work. and that is where we are. i understand that the sort of mentalty that i'm iceed to get -- i'm used to getting this, i don't know any different. but the people who are working, it is unfair for them. >> it is, and i am a millennial that works i don't like to see parts of my money go to people who nida,sistance, or may not nida, si assistance, i would lie
6:39 pm
to see young people get out, work hard and climb up that ladder. charles: we talked yesterday about millennials not wanting burger king or mcdonald's, they have extra cash to go to chipotle, really, the reason i think that older people like me got hooked on mcdonald's it was cheapest thing out. there i didn't have app suspicion, they have options they can -- i didn't have an option, they have an option. >> this is short-term gain that is why they do live in mom and dad's basement, there are not a ton of jobs. charles: thereure jobs, you have to work it just not the job you study for. my second stock coming up, a sports bar franchise. the stock took a big hit, i think it is starting to build a position now. >> and send your questions to me, keep it right here, if you want to make money.
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charles: monday ralph lauren introduces denim suits? really. i don't think so.
6:43 pm
charles: all right on sunday, video music award rapper riffraff, and katy perry broke out denim outfits, just like justin and brittney wore, i didn't think much of it, today i learned that ralph lauren is unveiling denim suits. i have to tell you, i am a fan of recall of lauren. -- ralph lauren but this looks horrible. the designer is getting a fair amount of press this week for his wearable technology clothes,
6:44 pm
on further review, what is the winner for the company? >> i think both. to be honest, i think that denim suit the will be great and wearible technology, ralph lauren has pricing power, not just in u.s. but in europe and asia, people in asia will' to wear them. maybe as separates. >> skinny people, because no athletic man is showing up in a office wearing that. >> denim is down 6% year-over-year, that is strange, people are wearing that athletic -- what is it,. charles: asking a millennial. you are at a spot, with your girlfriends, and a man walks in with that denim suit. >> that is called a canadian tux tux
6:45 pm
edie, i think that -- tuxedo, i think that dads wear it by accident. i think that wearible tech will be a hit for them. people are very into wearible ible tech, this tux made of denim is scary. charles: danny, have you a business, you get a resume, a kid comes in with that outfit. >> you know, not -- i one wouldn't determine the gig on the suit but i would put a check mark on it. >> it will be flocked to because it is ralph lauren. it does not matter. >> oh, my gosh. >> this is a hail mary. two-types of products, ralph lauren is in trouble, you don't
6:46 pm
want to be in his stock, nobody is going to buy that suit. >> they have investing and distribution all over the world, operation alley we'll see that increase over the next couple. but in asia and outside u.s., i think you are right. >> a have a burning question. so anyone guilted you buying lululemon yoga pants, could you be guilted into buying this denim suit. charles: no. this is weird. you think that ralph lauren is a buy? >> absolutely. charles: yo you too? >> i like it. charles: all right, i think it is a buy, but they do stuff like this, some more, i am shortene ing the heck out of it. >> my next stock you know it, now is the time to get in i'll tell but it because. beside denim jeans we're here to make you money.
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charles: all right time to try to make you some money, forget burger king, and tax evasion stuff, buffalo wild wings, they took a hit, like 3 weeks ago, i think that street over reacted management guidance, now the dust is settling, it probably time to build that position, this week they got a bump from news they are entering taco industry, with rusty tacos and pizza business. so. had. -so on that, i am more
6:51 pm
exciteed on the fact, are you read are for some football. football? they execute so well in football season, right now, i like to see it hold above 1.42, don't want to to fall below, 1.40 would be your stop loss, dani. >> what do i think about the poor chickens or the stock. charles: are you a vegetarian. i still think about th -- >> i still think about the chicken. we have talked about this stock before. i like the dip, i like they are investing, they are making acquisitions, long-term i would like to see them have a nice repurchase, and follow their peers. >> i don't care a chickens because someone is going to eat them, i bought the stock on the dip, and it broke
6:52 pm
above $1.45, it goes sideways for a few days, that is a major break out in my opinion, you will simone come back in. >> i'm sorry, kate, they are hiring, we talk about low income jobs, they are liveageing that, they increased their prices a little bit to make up for obamacare, they got, that they cover their costs, and come on not just football, you know, final 4 it is college ball,. charles: they did great with the world cup. >> i was going to say this is millennials who are watching that want a good stock for their portfolio, they love buffalo wings, 1.5 billion chicken wings are eastern during that super bowl. i am sorry, doni. that is just in one weekend, super bowl weekend we have full year, this is. this company positioned for growth. charles: you can hear it here with us we're optimistic, this
6:53 pm
is a company that be a victim of its own success. i think that is why that last earnings respect, most companies would have died for they were punished, i would caution viewers this is a name when it gets hit on subpar earnings report, double check before you take a loss, this is a great company, people own franchises in it, this is a great place for millennials and grandparents. >> one concern, they have those franchises there is talk about buying more, i don't want them to get too far out, you know wings stick with it. charles: me either, i want you to learn and make money and go out have confidence to rule the world. i want you to get in the game, me and the pros, we have a few words of wisdom for you, you don't want to miss it. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ charles: okay, guys, it's national dog day. and since i have three, i couldn't let the show go by without they just how important they are. there's a saying that if you want a friend, get a dog. i've had a lot in my lifetime. it was duke in san antonio, i love dogs. and now i have my low and sunny and fat joe. fat joe was supposed to pass away two years ago when he was sick, but now he is the bully of the house. and there's nothing on it that will ever replace our dogs. >> that's right, i have a dog,
6:58 pm
named oliver, he's movie started looking. and he is fantastic. he's a little rescue. [laughter] >> he has that scruffy look. >> what about cats? no one cares about caps on national dog day. >> i actually don't have a dog. >> everyone loves both. >> oh, how cute. >> i'm sneezing already. >> i don't have a dog, but i will call him that. i will submit a picture of zoe and she is a cat. but don't tell anyone. charles: for the last two years it's been a big movement demonizing pebbles. but i think it is great that
6:59 pm
people are more accepting i have two cats and two kids. charles: they certainly bark. all right,. >> i'm not going to take a dog out six times a day come i can't do that. gary: charles: we have to stay that this is the last night for kate on the show. charles: i've loved working with all of you. this was such a fantastic opportunity. thank you charles and everyone at fox business. i love you guys, you are awesome. >> thank you, we are going to miss you. thank you for everyone for joining us tonight. and thank you are for watching us each night. we will be here tomorrow night making some money. it's all about making money and
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up next, the man who knows how to handle it all the right way. he will take world events and the market and puts it in a pot and boils it down and he gives it to you straight on fox business ♪ ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everyone. we have a lot to cover tonight. the president stepping forward to lead the fight against the terrorists group islamic state. president obama's decisive words coming after the pentagon issued three different positions over a period of four days following the murder of american journalist james foley last week. here is president obama today addressing the american legion convention in charlotte and he warned terrorists that would target this country and our interests abroad of america's military might. >> as commander in chief, the security of the american people is my highest priority and that is why with the


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