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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 30, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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question and can't let a person finish their answer. if must be part of -- danny won't blathering about other nonsense, i got bored and threw the e-mail away. have a g g g g g g g g g g g gu lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody, wreaking news tonight, islamic state terrorists may attempt to cross the mexico border, bulletins issued by the department of public safety. social media. reporter jana winter reporting that islamic state terrorists have taken notice of our porous southern border. they have expressed an interest in secretly crossing that border to carry out a terrorist attack on the united states. the watchdog group judicial watch is reporting islamic state operatives are already in juarez, mexico, just across the
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border from texas and are planning to attack the united states with car bombs. the joint intelligence bulletin from the department of homeland security and the department of justice reports online reaction from suspected terrorist sources but says as of now there is no known credible threat. this news comes as the president is traveling to his third fundraiser of the day. time that critics say should be spent crafting a strategy for combating the islamic state, one he shockingly admitted he does not now possess. yesterday's comment put the white house in a position that is, unfortunately, becoming accustomed to after months of scandal, damage control mode. and the remark so egregious, it required backtracking from the white house, the pentagon and the state department's press secretaries. >> there are some who probably would make the case that it's okay to not have a formulated,
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comprehensive strategy. >> i think that anybody who has any knowledge of the united states military knows that we're ready. we're ready all the time. that doesn't necessarily mean that the planning process is complete. >> first of all, the united states has already taken steps to address the threat of isil by doing the strikes we're doing in iraq. what we're talking about now is building an international coalition. lou: adding to the firestorm of criticism, the pentagon also announced the united states has already spent more than half a billion dollars just since mid june launching airstrikes in iraq against an enemy the president just months ago labeled jv. across the atlantic british prime minister, however, struck a much different tone. cameron said in a news conference that islamic state terrorists are highly likely to attack the united kingdom. cameron promised tough action by his government and raised the country's terrorist threat level to severe. that is the second highest
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level. as fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry now reports, cameron's resolve to to defeat the islamic state stands in stark con to president obama's -- contrast to president obama's response. >> reporter: a tale of two leaders. one day after president obama admitted he has no strategy to deal with isis in syria, prime minister david cameron revealed the u.k. has raised its terror threat level to the severe and vowed to challenge radical islam head on. >> this is not some foreign conflict thousands of miles from home that we can hope to ignore. >> reporter: that came as white house aides said the department of homeland security has no plan so far to raise the threat level here. and officials tried to dig out of the fallout from the president's news conference. >> but i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. >> reporter: leading critics to charge the president is vastly underestimating the threat. >> cameron stands up there resolute, he's telling the british people what they're going to have to do, and our
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president is still trying to figure out what to do. >> reporter: white house press secretary josh earnest spent 24 hours trying to clean that up. >> the reaction that we had at the white house yesterday was not in response to the president's comments, it's this response to the way it was being reported. >> reporter: it was the president who promised one year ago this month he was putting together a strategy to deal with emerging terror groups like isis. >> that requires us then to make sure that we have a strategy that is strengthening those partners so that they've got their own capacity to deal with what are potentially manageable regional threats. >> reporter: now isis is a threat beyond the mideast, but some of the cabinet's own president secretaries have warned they could be dangerous to the home lambed. >> one year later how could he not have that strategy? >> the president has been very explicit about what the comprehensive strategy is. >> reporter: white house officials explain the president is justifiably cautious about getting involved in syria's
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three-year-old civil war whiling with aggressive about a military strategy in iraq. 110 u.s. airstrikes aimed at isis which the pentagon revealed is costing $7.5 million. why is he still raising campaign money, laying golf when he's acknowledging he doesn't have a strategy to deal with this? >> well, ed, the job of any u.s. president is to be able to handle a lot of different responsibilities at the same time. >> reporter: at one of those fund raisers the president said if you watch the nightly news, it feels like the world is falling apart. he tried to reassure the campaign donors though by saying the world has always been messy but, quote: we're just noticing now in part because of social media. however, it was the president's own defense secretary, chuck hagel, who recently said the world is exploding. lou? lou: ed, thank you very much. ed henry reporting from the white house. well, there is no relief for this president or for the united states.
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turning to europe, as we do now, to the crisis in ukraine and dimming hopes for a dip 40matic solution there. both ukraine and russia today ramped up their heated rhetoric a day after ukraine accused russia of an invasion. first, ukraine said it would attempt to obtain full membership in nato, something which russia considers a threat to its interests. then russian president putin, for the first time, directly addressed pro-russian separatists in eastern ukraine. in a message posted on his web site, president putin praised their actions and lashed out at the government of ukraine, accusing it of backing peace talks only as a smoke screen to continue military operations. the obama administration, however, till -- still at best tepid in responding. president obama yesterday ruled out altogether military action against russia, and the pentagon spokesman today declined to label russia's actions in ukraine as an invasion.
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>> whatever verb you want to put on it, whatever you want to call it, it's just, again, an intentionification of the same -- intentionification of the same behavior we've been seeing russia do for several months. so our position hasn't changed. we continue to look for ways to support the ukrainian armed forces and the border guards. we continue to look for ways to reassure our partners. lou: much more in this broadcast on putin's moves in ukraine, the situation in syria and iraq. we'll be talking with retired navy captain chuck nash. here at home a shocking new report from health and human services reveals just how broken our immigration system is. more than 37,000 children detained on our southern border this year, only 280 of them have been deported. nearly 30,000 of them have been processed, so-called, and turned over to sponsors who are supposed to insure the chirp
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appear at -- the children appear at future immigration proceedings, though most do not. the movement of these children into some communities has put a tremendous strain on school districts that are required to educate them. fox news chief congressional correspondent be mike emanuel has more on our report. >> reporter: with schools opening for a new academic year, many such as those in maryland are seeing a surge of new students, unaccompanied minors who recently illegally crossed to our border. >> they may have only gone to second or third grade, have limited literacy in their first language. that does create a different kind of teaching impact on a school than our traditional a immigrant family. >> reporter: the children are sent to sponsors, typically extended family members who take care of them while they await proceedings. sponsors live in many states. harris county, texas, the houston area received 2866 children. nassau county, new york, on long
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island has taken on 1,096. essex county, massachusetts, has added 204 children. a local mayor there says she's proud to represent a diverse community, but now she's taking a lot of heat for expressing her concerns. >> by speaking out about this, i have been called a racist, a hater. that is not the case. i'm simply looking at this from the point of view of the economic impact it has had on my city. >> reporter: louisiana governor bobby jindal says cabinet secretaries promised to keep state governments in the loop but gave no warning. >> in my state the obama administration sent over a thousand children without telling us, without telling the schools. >> reporter: yet president obama says things are trending in the right direction. >> the number of apprehensions this august are down from july, and they're actually lower than they were august of last year. apprehensions in july were half of what they were in june. >> reporter: congressman lamar smith wrote this letter signed by 24 texas republicans asking
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mr. obama to discourage any future border surges and to reip force existing law, but he doesn't sound confident. >> i really think that 95% of these illegal minors are in the country to stay. the administration is not serious about sending them back home to their families they left behind. they're going to be end rolled in our schools. that's for certainty, and that's going to be an additional strain on the resources there. >> reporter: house judiciary chair bob goodlatte warned today about a fraud loophole. with immigration firms not verifying documentation as part of the deferred action for childhood arrivals program. their concern is ap applicants gaming the system. lou? lou: that couldn't possibly happen. game the system? mike emanuel, thank you so much. much more on the border crisis tonight. the president's plans for executive action. and the latest threats from the islamic state south of the border. we'll be talking with texas congressman henry way car. we're coming right back. stay with us. a terror alert in the united
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kingdom. prime minister cameron issuing that warning while speaking the truth about what he calls poisonous islamic extremism. retired navy captain chuck nash on why americans don't hear such straight talk from our nation's leaders. ♪ ♪ ♪
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lou: the world's worst ebola outbreak continues to worsen. senegal today confirmed its first case, that brings the number of countries affected to five. a suspected outbreak of ebola in congo has also killed 13 people, but the government there says it's a different strain of the virus that has killed more than 1500 people across west africa. turning to the threat from
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the islamic state, my first guest tonight says that we need to launch a devastating campaign of airstrikes in syria. not the piecemeal approach that the administration is taking in iraq. joining us tonight, retired navy captain chuck nash, fox news military analyst, and, chuck, great to have you with us. let's look at the president's, first, his statements. talking about not having a strategy. we heard a fellow naval officer, admiral kirby, tod the military always has a strategy, we're ready for everything. your reaction? >> the military is very adept at contingency planning. contingency plans are options, tools that you can pull out of the tool box if the time comes. but that's not a strategy. a strategy contains three major components. there is a political/diplomatic,
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there is an economic, and there is a military, and it supports the overall strategy. so the pentagon can do what it does, and the troops in the field, quite frankly -- that's who's doing it under the unified commanders -- are putting these plans together, but those plans are rather in a vacuum until there is a national strategy, overall strategy that gears that military effort toward achieving a particular goal. and if you don't know what the goal is, then motion can be confused with progress. lou: and there seems to be so much confusion in washington. the president ruled out military action against russia and its aggression against ukraine, basically said there would be a requirement for something beyond military action against the islamic state. what in the world is this president signaling here to our enemies, whether they be russia or whether they be the islamic state? >> i think the signal is what it
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has been since the beginning of the administration. which is the united states has been declared by the administration to be war weary. we are no longer willing to soak our blood into your sands and spend our treasure. we are withdrawing. this is going to be a world where there are equals. there will not be a singular strong remaining power in the united states. well, when we did that, all of our potential adversaries and and all of our friends saw the same thing. the adversaries were emboldened, our friends were scared, and when the arab spring came, things started falling apart. the wheels are now off, and the inmates are running the asylum. lou: and calling the inmates gives them something just short of possession, at least, in washington d.c. but the reality is there hasn't
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been a national discussion about what the new world order is that you describe. there hasn't been a national debate between these two parties or our best intellectuals or our most sophisticated geopolitical thinkers. so who in the hell is coming up with the idea that we're going to be relegated to the, if you will, the eddies of geopolitics for the next century? >> well, this is the administration and the congress, and as you are well aware, we are a republic. and the voters vote, they put the people in, and those people are sent to washington to do -- lou: i got that part, captain. >> yeah. lou: what i'm trying to understand is how the hell we got to this conclusion. >> well, as the president is fond of saying, elections have consequences. [laughter] and the election in 2008 and 20123 have certainly had consequences.
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lou: well, let's conclude with one thing, there's one consequence, certainly, of that, of politics today in washington, d.c.: this is an administration and a president who won't talk about the islamic state, al-qaeda is what we are or hamas or hezbollah as the radical islamists they are. he won't acknowledge that, nor will the pentagon, that what russia has done in ukraine is carry out successive invasions. >> right. lou: if we are aa grade of language, how in the -- afraid of language, how in the hell should we think it's possible to put fear in the hearts of our enemies? >> they have no fear in their hearts. i think, lou, because of that and so many other things they have contempt, and that is very, very dangerous because at some point we shall exert u.s. power again, and what's happening now is causing them to act out and to overextend and do things that
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had we just shown resolve, they wouldn't be doing. this is becoming a very, very dangerous world. lou: chuck nash, thank you so much. thank you, captain. >> my pleasure. lou: time now for a look at our online poll results. we asked whether you believe the president has given vladimir putin a green light by saying there won't be a military solution to russian aggression in the ukraine. 95% of you said, yes. tonight's poll, the question: who would you trust more to protect your country; david cameron or barack obama? we'd like to hear what you think. cast your vote at two volcanos 8600 miles apart erupting in new guinea, a volcano on the island of new britain erupted early today sending a thick tower of ash 60,000 feet high. rez debilities -- residents in the south pacific nation evacuated n. iceland a smaller eruption that produced my mall
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airborne ash but forced officials to briefly issue a red alert aviation warning moving planes out of their corridors over iceland. coming up next, my commentary on david cameron's use of the english language and why that language still seems to the separate our two nations. next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ lou: coming up tonight,man henry way car joins us on a shocking new report about children on our southern border who have crossed the border illegally and the prospects for the president to issue an executive fiat of amnesty. we'll also be talking about the a-team about the politics. but first, a few comments on a president who yesterday confounded each his most ardent, devoted supporters by calling a press conference for no other reason than to tell world that he had no strategy with which to meet the threat of the islamic state ask no intention whatsoever of using military
4:25 am
force to blunt the aggression of vladimir putin against ukraine. and president obama in that one press conference offered more comfort to the enemies of freedom and western civilization than to his own people. mr. obama, as i said, after his comments is obviously now a leader who's traveled well beyond his depth. a president who in that news conference showed himself to be at once listless and seemingly utterly lost. so this is our president as he spoke of the most pressing threats against our nation. >> i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. i think what i've seen in some of the news reports suggests that folks are getting a little further ahead of where we're at than we currently are. lou: that was a truly sad, dispiriting moment at the white
4:26 am
house. in contrast, the british prime minister -- the news conference from 10 downing street today -- and this is david cameron as he presented the threat posed by the islamic threat to his people. >> the threat we face today comes from the poisonous narrative of islamist extremism that we cannot appease this ideology, we have to con front it -- confront it at home and abroad. to do this, we need a tough, intelligence, patient and comprehensive approach to defeat the terrorist threat at its source. lou: the prime minister, you notice, did not hesitate. he did not equivocate as he identified the islamic state as islamist extremists. and he did not hesitate to say firmly that those who live in the united kingdom adhere to british values. there is, he declared, no option, no choice. he did not short sell the
4:27 am
intelligence of the british people who know well the difference between those who peacefully practice their muslim religion and the radical islamists who assert their poisonous ideology. oh, for such straight talk in our nation from our leaders. what if we had a president who had a strategy and also the courage to name our enemy? radical islamists. what if we had a president and a pentagon who could call an invasion what it is -- an invasion. oh, what might be still. we're coming right back. shocking new statistics about the nearly 38,000 kids who have been detained at our border. congressman henry quar on the border crisis and why the president says it's over, for now. next.
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♪ ♪ lou: quite a week on wall street. the tow jones industrials up -- dow jones industrials up 19 points, the s&p closing at a new all-time high. volume on the big board -- are these people coming back to the market? 2.2 million shares. this last week of summer. man. all ten s&p sectors higher. stocks closing out august with strong gapes, the dow up more than 3%, the s&p up 4%, the nasdaq up about 5%. and be sure to listen to my financial reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. joining us now with his outlook for the markets, s&p capital iq chief executive strategist sam stove value. this was an impressive performance for a month that's usually a little dicey. >> exactly. august, september, october are basically one, two, three in terms of the worst months of the year. and so to get a nice return,
4:32 am
almost 4% for the s&p 500, yeah, goes a little bit against history. lou: now, this volume this week even by recent standards incredibly low, are all those folks in the hamptons, and would they return tuesday perhaps? >> they could be at the hamptons, but i haven't been invited, so i can't tell for sure. i think that's one of the concerns that coming back into september you might think, oh, everybody's going to get scared and sell, whatever. no, my feeling is that s&p capital iq mutual fund research shows that 80% of active fund managers are behind the s&p 500 versus the five-year average of 73%. so for those people who say i want to earn my bonus, they might actually start kicking in the octane and trying to catch up to the index by the end of the year. lou: despite mixed news still on housing, that verdict is still not in. despite horrifying news from the middle east still even with the
4:33 am
truce between israel and hamas and russia's aggression. putin's aggression in ukraine which, apparently, nato and the united states are quite content to let stand means there could well be a lot more of it. >> well, i think it's because while those are humanitarian tragedies, while those are headline issues, they are not necessarily bottom line issues. and also when you do take a look at the housing data, that offsets very strong gdp numbers that we got. most people were expecting a lower revision, not a higher revision to second quarter gdp. so the big worry outstanding right now in my opinion is that the fed has to start raising rates sooner than anticipated which right now is about third quarter of next year. lou: i'm going to say loud. i would think -- janet yellen impresses me as a very bright person. it would be idiotic of this fed to listen to these, i consider them at the margin of fed bank
4:34 am
presidents, blathering on about raising rates. surely, everyone understands what a calamity that would be. >> well, the economy is certainly right now still on an upward trajectory, but i think people are worried that it's quite fragile. but if you look to the normal relationship between cpi and the ten-year note yield, it should be more than 2% higher than where we are right now. so instead of 2.3%, we're probably looking at something in the low 4s if this were a normal situation. lou lou how about household net worth? how about average income in this country, household income? when we look at what is happening to job formation, it still has the fed chair acknowledged, it's still a disaster, for crying out loud. >> sure. lou: and if they were to contemporaneously, i know as economists they can hold competing ideas in their heads, but looking at that empirical evidence, they were to raise
4:35 am
rates, my god, what would happen to the market? >> well, i think that's the reason why wall street is doing as well as it's doing, because they don't think that they're going to be raising rates sooner rather than later. i think what they're going to -- what the fed is going to be saying to themselves is we know how to fight inflation, we don't know how to fight deflation. we don't want to allow ourselves to go into this downward spiral which is very hard to get out of. so i think wall street is playing the odds that they keep rates low for a very long time. lou: and the market? you're positive through the rest of the year. >> yes, we are. positive and still belief that it's probably one of the better areas to be in. lou: terrific. sam stovall, thanks the for being with us. diabetesser chain denny's -- diner chain deppny's catering to the 1% of manhattan. that's right, denny's and the 1 percenters. it also breaks from the chain's normal men you and offers several higher-priced options. you're not going to believe this, the grand slam breakfast,
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a different version. the breakfast includes eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon, a bottle person on. sets you back $300 for brunch. man, denny's is stepping out of its brand a little. good luck. up next, democratic congressman henry cuellar. we'll be talking about our border crisis and the president's executive fiats. will he make another one on amnesty? congressman cuellar joins us here next.
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lou: hillary clinton speaking out about the widespread unrest in ferguson, missouri, just about 20 days after the shooting of michael brown. her comments come after a firestorm of criticism for not addressing the issue as a presidential candidate prospect. >> we can do better. we cannot ignore the inequities
4:40 am
that persist in our justice system. ip equities that undermind our -- undermine our most deeply-held values of fairness and equality. i applaud president obama for sending the attorney general to ferguson and demanding a thorough and speedy investigation. that's both appropriate and necessary to find out what happened, to see that justice is done. lou: wow. praising president obama, most recently she'd been criticizing the's policies on iraq and -- the president's policies on iraq ask and syria. as i said, took her 19 days to actually make a statement about ferguson. islamic state terrorists eyeing our southern border with mexico to carry out an attack on the united states according to a new bulletin from the joint intelligence bulletins in the federal government. for more now on the border, the president's prospects or issuing an executive action on immigration, on amnesty, i'm
4:41 am
joined by congressman henry cuellar, a member of the appropriations committee as well as the house steering and policy committee. and it's great to be talking with you tonight, congressman. let's -- >> thank you so much. lou: let's deal first with the issue of the warning all fins -- bulletins coming out from the department of public safety, from the joint intelligence bulletin as well. what do you make of it, and does the state of security on our southern border trouble you? >> well, you know, i live on the boarder, and i'm very familiar with it. i think our men and women are trying to do the best job that they can. anytime there's any warnings then, of course, we have to take any warnings very closely, and we certainly have to work with friends across the river in the republic of mexico, and we've got to make sure that we secure it correctly because, as you know, we have to get it right every single time. the bad guys just have to get it right one time, and it can cause a lot of damage and, certainly, it could kill some of our folks
4:42 am
if we're not careful with that. lou: the white house today refusing to commit to executive action on immigration by the end of summer. the los angeles times reporting that what looks to be at least something of a holdback on the part of the white house. are you surprised there's any reticence at all from a who heretofore has been adamant about he's going it alone, he's going around congress, and he's going to deliver the goods for the left wing of his party and for the boarder and amnesty -- the border and amnesty activists? >> well, you know, certainly, i wish we would have had some sort of bipartisan agreement on immigration. that did not work out. the last time we had a bipartisan agreement was back in 1986 under president reagan, and the democratic congress. but nevertheless, it didn't happen. if the president moves on some sort of executive order or orders, we've got to make sure
4:43 am
that he does can it under the limitations of the law. again, that -- we don't know what the president's going to do. but we're going to wait to see if he does do something before or after the november elections because there are some conservative democrats that probably are a little concerned if he decides to do this before the november election. but at the same time, he's been pushed by certain folks to do it as soon as possible. lou: give us your best judgment. if this president did issue an executive order and as many are are suggesting, affected -- amnesty that would affect some five million illegal immigrants, did so without national consensus, did so ramming it through without even, without even the support of the democratic party and a vote in the house and the senate, there are many who say that a it will be, you know, hell fire across this country and that the result will be devastation for democrats in the polls in november.
4:44 am
do you agree? >> well, you know, certainly there are some democrats that are concerned about certain executive actions that he might take, action or actions. number one. number two, we don't know if, you know, what he's going to do. so we have to wait, but i would tell you that probably people on the far right would not be happy, and there'll be people on the far left that are certainly not going to be happy because they'll feel that he didn't go far enough. lou: i could understand those slivers of popular opinion, but most moderate americans, democrat and republican, do not support what the president is doing in poll after poll. and right now "the new york times," for crying out loud, gives the republican party a 67% chance of taking back the senate. you would expect, would you not, that that number would rise if he were to commit to an executive action of that sort? >> well, you know, as a democrat, i have to certainly
4:45 am
say that i hope the senate stays in the democratic side. but again, at the same time, i do understand that there are some conservative democrats that are probably a little concerned if the president does decide to move on immigration by himself, especially the he does it before the november election. but, again, can he do something? i think he can under certain limitations under the law, but if he goes beyond that and tries to go what congress -- the prerogative of congress, then i think there certainly would be a backlash if he goes beyond the legal limitations that i believe he has. lou: congressman henry cuellar, always good to talk with you. we thank you for joining us, and i'm going to wish you a speedy, safe return to washington next week. thanks so much. >> thank you so much. and it's always a pleasure, sir. lou: google announcing it's testing a system of drones to deliver similar to what amazon announced last year. now, that set us to thinking.
4:46 am
google's drone comes equipped with rotors to allow for vertical takeoff and landing as well as a fixed wig for odder -- wig for ordinary flying. it's unclear what the ultimate goal is. commercial drone use is mostly banned in this country. the technology raises both safety and privacy concerns, and the last time a company, amazon -- well, got some publicity for this, the result wasn't favorable on its margins. we'll see what happens with google. up next, the white house heading into this holiday weekend defending the president almost across the board. at home, abroad. angela mcglowan, john fund join us. stay with us. what about that tan suit? we'll find out, next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> the president stands squarely
4:50 am
behind the decision that he made yesterday to wear his summer suit -- [laughter] the thursday before labor day, he feels pretty good about it. so -- [laughter] lou: joining us now, the a-team. republican strategist angela mcgrown, national review columnist john fund. good to have you both here. angela, great to see you. and what do you think about the brown suit? the beige suit, the tan suit, whatever you want to call it? >> when obama first came on the scene they said he was like the new jfk. well with, he should have taken a page out of jfk's book because i don't know the if you remember when nixon and kennedy debated, nixon wore a tan suit. it wasn't a suit of strength. lou: the president president is so gnatly attired normally -- natalie attired normally.
4:51 am
>> one thing by watching the president the last few weeks, he's making up his own rules, and he's not listening to anyone. so this is part and parcel. >> you can dress up a pig and take it to new york, and it's still a dressed up pig. you are the imagine. it's not what you wear, it's what you say, and he has no strategy. lou: okay. i got it. and going to a couple of other things he momentum have, and that is -- he doesn't have, and that is the ability, apparently, to say that the enemy of this country are radical islamists. he doesn't have the ability to say that vladimir piewt isen is carrying -- putin is carrying out an invasion in ukraine even as the whole world seems to have forgotten that he just absorbed crimea. it's startling. >> but you look at president obama's foreign policy speeches of the past, the war in afghanistan is winding down, the war in iraq is over, and al-qaeda's been decimated. even after the attack on thesule
4:52 am
the statement that al-qaeda has been decimated each when global leaders even stated and domestic elected officials say that al-qaeda was involved. so he's totally not in reality. >> i keep in touch with people overseas. they say it's worrisome because every time the president appears on their television screens, they worry more about america's future in the world. >> isn't that sad? >> this president no longer knows the game's rules. if you don't have a strategy to deal with the islamic terrorists, you don't go on national television and say i don't have a strategy. lou: there seems to be a compulsion in the white house driven by the president, one presumes, but not entirely with great assurance that thick do pretty much -- they can do pretty much whatever they want. there are no protocols, there's no template from the past or traditions or genuine -- >> you're making it up as you go along, is what their strategy is.
4:53 am
lou: well finish. >> but, lou -- lou: it may seem that way, but they're not even making anything up. they're basically trying to just hang on. i mean -- >> actually, democrats are so nervous about the november election. the president is the political leader of his party. and, yes, of course, he still raises must be for them. he's, in fact, in new york for them raising money for them and in rhode island. but the president is a leader that one of them can follow. i mean, if he were leaving -- leading a caravan in a parade, you wouldn't want to trust him. >> but if you look at the last election, i mean, you know, even with immigration, 11 million hispanics voted for obama. but also you talk about a parade, they fall at the president, the liberals. every vote, everything that he's wanted to do. lou: that's an interesting point, angela, because it is not sufficient for the democratic party to say this man has simply lost interest in the job, has
4:54 am
revealed himself to be incompetent -- >> all of a sudden. lou: -- whatever your conclusion about him. the fact is that the democratic party has remained in solidarity with him. only a handful have departed from the president's policies and -- [inaudible] >> they have gotten vicious criticism. henry cuellar has been bombarded for the things he said about the president on the border even though they were manifestly true. i think the democratic party is going to take a shellacking this november. they got stuck together, and they're going to sink together. >> yeah. lou: and henry cuellar, let's point out because we just talked about it with him, is a man of principle, a man of integrity, and he is, he's going to be holding others accountable. he stands with his constituents, understands exactly -- >> and is more popular than ever. lou: and should be. >> and the democrats that have not followed obama, they're up for re-election. and when you have the black
4:55 am
caucus going to campaign for senate incumbents and not the leader of the party, that's a problem. lou: well, they've got plenty of problems. and amongst the problems is the inability of hillary clinton to launch any excitement. i mean, she comes out 19 days later and has a comment on ferguson? >> this is the problem when you're the inevitable nominee, you know? you don't take any political risks, and you basically become boring. [laughter] i don't think she can pull this off for two and a half years where she just says i'm the front runner, i'm not saying anything substantive, i'm boring. lou: she was looking at a prompter today. >> of course. lou: it was horrifying to watch her try to grasp the next line. >> it shows a sign of desperation, but if you look at over 50 years ago, martin luther king gave the i have a dream speech, and today we're still talking about an unarmed black man being shot. lou, this is an american issue,
4:56 am
and hillary wants to be safe on that issue, not to alienate black voters. blacks are very emotional right now with what happened to that young man with the white police officer, and she doesn't want to be seen as a victimhood vendor trying to get the vote. lou: well, it's still a time for straight talk for all americans, and that means enough integrity that all people, all americans listen to our leaders. one would hope if she wants to be in that role, she would be such a person. angela, thank you so much. john, thank you. time for a few of your comments now. and the president's tan suit a hot topic on social media yesterday. rob in reno defending the president saying: i wouldn't care if obama came out in an impeach suit. the color of his clothes doesn't make man. not so from -- [inaudible] he tweeted: he's looking for, i love this, taupe and change. [laughter] oh, i've got to tell you, that was great.
4:57 am
ernesto tweeted: community organizer in a tan suit does not make a commander in chief, and we don't need one in a pant suit east. everybody's -- either. everybody's getting a
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
gerri: hello, everybody, i'm gerri willis. coming up today on the show, nearly 30 million americans are hitting the road this weekend. so what should you expect to find at the pump? also are you sick of the superheros that is or just sick of doling out the cash? why movie-goers are staying home. a look at innovative new ways one entrepreneur is teeing up new generation of golfers. the 19th hole gets a makeover. "the willis report" where consumers are our business starts right now gerri: we begin tonight with a serious topic. more than 1/3 of the country on the dull. newly-released data from the census bureau reveal 110 million americans are receiving some kind of government


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