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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  September 1, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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cash like this one. don't forget to tune in every weekday at 2:00 p.m. eastern on fox business. if it is money you're after, we've got it. liz: making money, whipping you into shape. getting tough, when the going gets tough, the tough get filthy, running, climbing, crawling, tough mudder, raking in cash from popular endurance runs, we ask, are you tough enough? want to look like you rode in college but don't want to get up at the crack of dawn to brave chilly rivers? city row gives you same workout, helping burn twice as many calories it says as spinning. back to school. taking you back in time with throwback fitness. exactly what it sound like. dodgeball, jump rope, even tug-of-war. reminders of your middle school gym class of the throw back
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fitness cofounders are profiting from the boutique fitness craze. watch them put our staff through the paces. flywheel and fox business taking off together, fox business team joins cycling studio presentation for inside look at this spinning craze. the ceo joins us for a fox business exclusive for his company's stratosphere growth and strategic investment from the executive chairman of coach. it is a county down special -- count down special, fit for business and we're kicking off right now. liz: hi, everyone, i'm liz claman and welcome to this special edition of county down, fit for business. this entire hour we're show you the hottest trends in the $22 billion fitness industry. everything from mud runs to color runs, fly wheel classes to
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underwater cycling, all this taking the fitness industry by storm. i want you to imagine that this stationary bike entirely submerged in water. underwater cycling has become very hot. so is it time for you to take your spin shoes for a swim? let's give you a behind-the-scenes look. if you combine swimming, with spinning, what do you get? will you get and underwater cycling work out that can burn as many as 800 calories in a single class. but guess what, so far this is in its baby stages. only one of these aqua studios in the entire country. but it is huge overseas. joining news a fox business exclusive, aqua studio founder. this is part one of our fit for business week long series on most innovative fitness trends in the $22 billion fitness industry. thanks for joining us, esther. >> thank you for having me.
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liz: aqua cycling, you took a class in paris. you were looked like that. how did this all start. >> yeah. exactly i took a class three years ago in paris. they call it aqua biking in paris, it was love at first sight. i thought it was brilliant idea and already living in new york and so surprised i never heard of it. so, i instantly decided that i had to bring it to the u.s. liz: i find this fascinating. usually workout trend start in los angeles and move to new york and filter through the midwest. absolutely. liz: this one started in italy where it makes sort of sense where you have the greatest cyclists in the world and the cinzano team and you add pool component. you came back to the u.s. to decide to open a studio? how did you do that? >> i was, the same night after this class i started working on a business plan. i was going to bring it to new york. i thought, like you said, why wouldn't it be in new york city? new york is such a big fitness scene.
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i knew it would be welcome in the new york markets. liz: you launched a year ago. no membership. but the classes. how much do they cost? >> so a single class is $40. but we offer packages so comes all the way down to 33 a class with a bigger package. first time is $34. liz: what i find interesting is that i do flywheel. there are people at fox do soul cycle. i like flywheel. but that is less expensive than $40. do you find that is prohibitive for some people to spend? how do you then expand? >> how do we expand? no, i think what main difference is, that it provides difficult benefits. and also, the we're only place where you can do it right now. so, when it is so unique, you have to pay a little bit of the price. liz: "vogue" magazine has covered you, business insider, "new york times," everybody is jumping on your story. you need investors. are you working on that? >> yes. it was really most important for us to open first location and
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explain the concept and show awe the benefits which we've done and it has been a year and been a great year. now we received a lot of inquiries and we have, we were lucky. we had a lot of national tv, so even, people across the country contacting us wanting to take the class. liz: how do you make sure the bikes don't russ? >> they're special bikes. on that it is quite amazing. absolutely no issues on that level. liz: that is fascinating. it is called aqua cycle. it is in tribeca. >> tribeca. liz: south of here in manhattan. fascinating. let us know when you become a chain and you will be a magnate. >> to be able to those classes to more people, expand in the u.s. liz: well, our theme there is money in sweat. it is fit for business, fascinating thank you, esther, booed luck to you. >> thank you very much. liz: okay, speaking of getting fit, yours truly took part in the new york city triathlon. team fox business rocking it for
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liz: have you longed for the chiseled victim's of a rower but didn't have time or inclination to find a boat or river to do it? check out city row and ceo helping out the land-locked and helping them achieve that look. are you look fog burn calories but just dread the idea of getting on a desolate treadmill or high-intensity spin bike for an hour? maybe rowing is your solution? it's got a comeback here. this fast-paced, high energy workout, leaving you long and lean without the stress on your joints that other cardio exercises push. they are taking over group fitness throughout the country. with me in fox business exclusive is one of the leaders in the rapidly growing field, hello lane knapp, city row founder. it is right here. in a way water-based rowing, correct? >> absolutely.
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the shoes we're using not the shoes you do with your dad in the basement. what we're tap something a beautiful water rower made of wood with a water wheel that you row against for resistance. liz: how does it work? >> the class is built into intervals, on the rower and off. six minutes of rowing and six minutes of matt work. back on the rower, back on the matt. liz: why is there better than one hour on the owe limit call that i burn so many calories? >> people are looking for something smart and better. more resources. people crave something low impact but also total body. when you look for something like that, that is very rare. liz: these machines cost bp $1500. our own benny, who is our floor director, the intrepid benny is mounting one right now. putting his feet into it. strapping in. and so the classes have what, 19 per class? >> yep. liz: eight classes per day. 32 buck as person. i am thinking you're hauling in
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money and doing well? so far exceeding expectations? >> we're brand new. seven months old. it is in union square. people are coming in droves. liz: that is how it starts, little studio. how do you progress, elaine? because in this day and age you grow? >> we're planning our second location. liz: where? >> in new york. all about there continued expansion from new york to l.a. and across the country. liz: why does it work better? i imagine strength resistance has a lot to do with it, learning years from being person doing aerobics and doesn't really do much for you. you have to use the mouse sills and dot strength training right? >> misconception about rowing your dad did it a long time ago. you're bringing it back because it is really good for you. every single stroke engages 84% of your muscles. liz: tell me why i shouldn't be board on rowing machine doing
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what benny is doing right now? >> when you are in a class with our instructors and kick ass music and instructor. liz: instructor is yelling and hilarious. we wish you success. the boutique fitness is crowded. other companies are out there, brooklyn crew, endurance, shock wave. these are big companies starting too. how do you win? >> absolutely. the demand is out there for a variety of workouts, as the first rowing studio in manhattan, not only the amazing cardio equipment and high-intensity workout. liz: not the dusty one in your gym. >> no. it is smart and sexy and pretty. liz: we wish you luck hello lane. city row founder. we'll wait to see how you grow. thanks. when team fox business competed in the 2014 new york city triathlon for we did it to build mortgage-free custom homes for wounded heroes
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like army sergeant joel tavera severely wounded in iraq when the humvee he was in was hit by five rockets. joel was burned over 60% of his victim's, blinded, lost his right leg, his fingers and he suffered a permanent head injury. he survived. bidding homes for heroes built him a gorgeous home in florida. today he is competing in 5-ks of the he is helping other heroes overcome their injuries. help us build custom homes mortgage-free for other heroes like joel. you can donate throughout the years. go to hilling homes for press the donation button and support team fox business. liz: next big thing in fun runs is already here. it is called color run. one. most popular running events on the entire planet. coming up we will find out what the secret ingreedent for color run is and why they're raking in cash. travis snyder, the color run founder in our county down
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liz: the color of money is green, right? unless you're the founder of this next athletic event. with record numbers
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participants, this rainbow run is highly profitable and so much fun. take a look. you may have seen images like these over the last few years and wondered what on earth are these people up to, plastered in colored powder? they're some of the happiest runners you have ever seen. mystery solved. they're participating in one of the most popular running events now on the planet. it is called the color run. this is 5-k, non-competitive fun run where egoers get blitzed. what is that stuff? dyed cornstarch powder at each mile marker with a different color and everyone is color of the rainbow. it was held last january 2012. here are the numbers. 1.6 million people taking part in 240 events around the globe. who is the mastermind behind this phenomenon? yes it is for profit. he is smart guy. travis snyder, fit for business series, hi, travis, with some of
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the more innovative trend. it wasn't exactly as colorful but i had the fox business yellow and black on. >> very good. liz: go ahead. >> congratulations on that triathlon. good accomplishment. liz: thank you. congratulations to you, for really coming up with an idea that has crystallized a lot of attention in the minds of people who want to get fit. let's start from the beginning. where did you get the idea to spray people with cornstarch powder in different colors? >> you know, it sound really crazy, i actually used to put on triathelons, highly competitive events and, you know, over time, you know, recognized that people still wanted to come out and run and be fit but maybe without such an expectation of competition and, you know, winning and times. and so, really just started thinking about ways that you could sort of motivate people to get out and be active in a more fun and kind of crazy way.
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you know, there is, different stuff out there, like, you know, disneyland has world of color and there is color festivals and different types of things. one day it hit me, what if we put runners all dressed in white and sent them off at beginning of the run and at every kilometer color then in colors and sort of by the end made them a masterpiece, it went crazy from there. it has been really fun. liz: it has been fun and profitable. are you partnering with people? this is for-profit. how huge do you want it to become? at some point do you maybe partner and go public? you. >> know, we're really just focused on our people, you know. when we did the first event it sold out at 6,000. obviously with social media, it is really easy to recognize the demand, you know. one of the stories that kind of encapsulates this, we did our first event in singapore about 18 months after starting.
3:23 pm
i read on twitter, a young lady wasn't able to get in the event because it sold out quickly. she said on twitter, i'm so disappointed. i've been waiting five years for the happiest 5-k on the planet to come to singapore. she had no idea it had only been around for 18 months. we've been focused on participants and how to deliver a great day for them. liz: well you've gotten people involved in fitness. at a time when there is so much obesity in this nation you make it a lot of fun, with the totally safe by the way cornstarch powder in many different colors. travis, good luck to you. we're watching this and really thrilled to profile it. >> thank you for having me. liz: travis snyder, the color run founder. how many showers do you have to take after that? if you follow me on twitter@liz claman you would have known that i competed compy
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sixth new york city marathon and i do these races for some of our greatest heroes, sergeant aaron heal, blinded and brutally wounded in afghanistan while neutralizing a roadside bomb. thanks to your donations last year, we built at, a mortgage-free custom home for him, his wife kelly and four children to live in. help us build more of these. you see the team fox business donation button. whatever you can give, will go to building a gorgeous home for our wounded heroes. apartmently named throw back fitness is reviving games like dodgeball and jump rope and hoping to launch the next unique fitness craze. we speak with the cofounders,. another fox business exclusive in our county -- countdown special. fit for business in
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liz: we made this one a true team effort. come along with team fox business behind the scenes, to flywheel. one of the hottest fitness trends started in new york city but spreading across the nation and around the world. fox business team has been trying out one of the hottest trend boutique fitness business, flywheel. a spinning class. come on, like no other. in a moment we have a fox business exclusive with flywheel's cofounder and ceo jay galluzo. find out what happened when our own "countdown to the closing bell" and "after the bell" team decided to see what all the buzz is about. ♪ liz: okay, we have invaded flywheel, the brand new cling
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consenter freestanding store. 26th in the entire family of flywheel. it has grown exponentially in just four years. team fox business. we're here. we've got our shoes. we're ready to go. whoo! let's go. ♪
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♪ liz: adam, one of the best, we loved those instructors and thanks to the team, they came ready to roll. now you know about how really hot this is. but when the executive chairman of coach wants in on the action, yes, flywheel just received a hefty new investment in its expansion plans and are setting the company up for national and international expansion. here now fox business exclusive, jay galluzo, flywheel ceo and cofounder. the first interview since you got the big investment from lew frankfort's family investment arm. what did you think of our team? weren't they great? >> i think it is terrific. i wish i had been there to ride with you. liz: that is so much fun. they're in the booth working on the show. >> we'll get you back. liz: there you are, hi, guys. none of us could walk. everybody is in there saying hi. we had so much fun.
3:32 pm
tell you something, jay, when i first started noticing you guys, fran, beat me. i want to kill her. when i first started noticing you guys, just a couple of years ago, i thought to myself, then you opened one in new jersey, got excited about that. suddenly more than 25, just amazing, the growth. why did liz frankfurt who was excited about you guys decide to put in this investment. >> lou and his family invested in flywheel couple years ago. it started with the product. they saw potential in the business. first thing lou said after experienced flywheel. this is big brand. the brand is bigger than the business. i want to be involved in it. that was couple years ago. he brought in another round of investors. one of the premier private equity firms in our space. given us the capital and guidance to take it again to the next level. liz: you're already all throughout the united states and you're also in dubai. where next? >> there is a lot of space in
3:33 pm
the united states. that is our promarry focus. both in cities we already exist and new cities. eight to 10 openings coming up over next few months. combination of new cities like raleigh, north carolina and washington, d.c. additional studios here in new york city. additional studios in miami, chicago, places like that. liz: i think to myself internationally. now every city i go to i check to see if there is flywheel studio. much. i was just in london on vacation i not one in london. what about paris? farris loves the aqua cycle we profiled. >> we think the brand works everywhere. transcends, nothing american about it. we think it works in london, asia and very much think it works in europe. it is about timing, sequencing and partners. liz: talk about the price, still at per class? >> opening price point in new york city per class is $34. there is volume discounts. pricing is different in every city. liz: boutique, fitness
3:34 pm
organizations and operations have become so incredibly popular with private equity. how do you maintain your elevated status first in, how excited are you? make sure that the quality remains really high as you grow? >> well the first thing we do is we focus on quality every day. we wake up every day how can we evolve the product and make it better? we focus on every single customer experience. i personally wake up every day afraid the whole thing is going to go away. only way to stay ahead of the curve is to work a little bit harder and be more innovative and more attentive to the details. liz: isn't that interesting, a lot of entrepreneurs say the same thing. you better not sleep at night, constantly be on edge, especially the soul cycles of the world are out there. they got bought by equinox. there is resolve and crank and studio 360. get as little crowded. >> i think it does. for us the boutique fitness space, one of the reasons why private equity is so interested in boutique fitness these days.
3:35 pm
there is not a lot of fad risk what we do. maybe two or three years ago you worried this was a trend. now i think it is here to stay. there is competition, but we're expanding the pie. liz: you're also expanding the brand by selling apparel now in bloomingdale's. >> that's correct. liz: i think it is great because it ups the brand profile. is there a little bit of worry that then becomes too mainstream? flywheel is so hip? >> we're very focused who we choice choose to partner with. bloomingdale's partnership is caption collection much fitness world. we have window facing the street. instructors are riding in the window, miced into the street. liz: there is picture of one of the bloomingdale's windows amounts we finish up, lew frankfort, executive chair of coach is smart guy. he wants positive return on money. you're cash flow positive. you're making lots of revenues. what is the next step? is it eventually to go public? >> we don't know.
3:36 pm
next step is next studio is one after that and one after that. we'll get where we get, hopefully we'll do it in big way quickly. liz: team fox business had so much fun. did they have to put me next to pat trees? look at pat trees. i sit next to patrice. supermodels. i love my team. they're brilliant. so much fun. great to see you. >> fox business branded cycling shorts. liz: absolutely. we can work on that. jay galluzo in fox business exclusive. try out flywheel if it is in your town. old school workouts could be the next big thing in the 22 billion fitness industry. if you're nostalgic for days of dodgeball and jump rope you want to hear from these guys who are making money on it have to say. in today's fit for business
3:37 pm
series we're channeling the '70s, 08's spirits from physician he had. you remember that? forget become picked last on the team we'll make it fun. throw back fitness, we look at some of the most innovative and profitable companies in the fitness industry. throwback is getting inspiration from the days of yore. cofounder brian gallagher and brian will key are here to whip us into shape, reliving childhood phys-ed classes? you were both in the financial world. >> that's correct. we worked in investment bank and that's where we initially met. liz: why did you come up with this idea? how did you come up with it? what was the genesis? >> we like working out together. we push ourselves and like the competitive team aspect. when we looked for offerings in new york city, we didn't see what offered exactly with we wanted. we decided to go create it ourselves. >> when we were younger we were in such better shape. we use not even think about working out. that was something that was fun.
3:38 pm
as we became adults it became boring and something a lot of people actually dread. so we wanted to, recreate the care-free days of getting in shape when you're young. try to make people forget they're working out. we crafted workouts after dodgeball, capture the flag. liz: that is shauna by the way. shauna works for our staff. she went in there. and to me this looks like, brian, you're helping her with the rowing machine. i love it. this plus the more, fun is not adjective, more hilarious aspects of phys-ed classes and never fights and things like that. talk about the fitness level you reach from doing that? maybe i'm a little skeptical? i just did the triathlon, i was really putting out. how much can you really burn using these? >> we incorporate the rowing machine the most effective piece of cardio equipment out there. liz: really. >> break the class into two parts. one is very rowing intensive. the second is more recess
3:39 pm
intensive. we focus on the fun. kick your butt in the beginning and leave with a smile and playing games. liz: you were in finance but where did you get your financing to start this? these ventures are not inexpensive? >> he winded if ourselves and went to friend and family for the next round. liz: did you guilt them? come on. >> they loved the idea. we tested the idea. got great feedback and knew it was going to be -- liz: how much are the classes. >> i'm sorry. >> they're standard for new york prices. $32 for a single class. you can buy in bulk and get cheaper option. liz: boutique fitness is getting crowded. flywheel, i do that. soulcycle. aqua, the underwater bicycle stuff we profiled and color run and mudder you did brian. what is your marketing and gonzo getting attention for this. >> we like to focus on the team and competition aspect.
3:40 pm
group you're working in class with 40 or 50 people. working out basically by yourself. you're interacting with your teammates and we found that, the teammates are able to hold people more accountable than us, yelling instruction at them and encouragement. if you have a team accountable for what you're doing, that helps people. liz: there is money in it. what are your expansion plans as we wrap up here, ryan? >> we're one studio now. soon we'll probably outgrow the studio and open up couple more in the city. look to other markets like boston and d.c. to expand. liz: i see this big in l.a., big in l.a. great to see you. >> thanks so much. liz: ryan and brian. again, it is called throwback. check it out if you're in new york, fest avenue, right. >> 31st and fifth avenue. liz: location, baby. ryan and brian, we'll watch your success. thanks for joining us. stay tuned to see fox business compete in the
3:41 pm
new york city marathon and as we subject ourselves swimming in the lovely hudson river, cycling up central park and running in central park. joe lost serving in afghanistan in 2011, while bravely investigating an yerriden with landmines. thanks to your donations for building homes for heroes to support me during this year's triathlon, we built joe, his wife and tiny son, mortgage-free home in florida, so he can live the life our here reese deserve. go to whatever you can give, whatever amount you wish, every little bit helps. it is for a fantastic cause. coming up, time to get tough with some of the toughest guys around. they have created an obstacle course run they call the toughest event on the planet. draws upon training techniques of all kind but can tough mudder, keep turning mud into money? a fox business exclusive with
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this is truecar. ♪
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liz: getting down and dirty has a whole new meaning for our next guest. he has figured out there is some serious money in mud. and he is cashing in on your desire to get getty. meet the tough mudder. fire in your hole. let trick eel, cage crawl, dirty ball reason narcs, twinkle toes, walk the plank. all those expressions invoke both, a little it about nightmare mixed in with fantasy. if you're familiar with the mud course obstacle, they are challenges you find in a tough mudder run. the self-proclaimed, toughest
3:47 pm
event on planet, puts you to the test with obstacles that challenge your grit, strength, determination. people say it changes their life to participate in this. don't assume you are not tough enough. in fact you aregh. you're only as strong as the team around you though. and that is the whole concept behind tough mudder. mud makes it fun but pretty good business because we're a business network. the company has grown from three events in 2010 to 60 plus, spanning globe from u.s. to europe and australia. alex paterson, tough mudders, one of the originals, now the vp of the brand, joining us exclusively in the latest installment of fit for business series. we're saying money in sweat. talking $100 million you pulled in revenues, correct? >> people all over the world want to get muddy and be out there with their friend and challenge themselves. we talk about tough mudder, people say i really want to do that. people say wait, people actually pay to do this? you couldn't pay me any amount
3:48 pm
of money to do this. it is pretty funny the reaction you get when you work at tough mudder. liz: this is for everyone, isn't it? this is not for real soup strong athletes, correct. >> tough mudder is not a race, it's a challenge. about overcoming obstacles with other people as a team. time doesn't matter. tough mudder is saying turning around, leaving no mudder behind, pulling them through obstacles. liz: we were saying parts of this. there is the electric eel, which terrified me you get electric jolts. what is the point of that? >> well you know, tough mudder is not just a physical challenge, it is also a mental challenges. saying i want to become a tough mudder, get to the end, get my dos equis beer ann be part of the tribe. we have obstacles like electric shock therapy, arctic enthat ma. >> jumping into bucket of ice.
3:49 pm
liz: arctic enema. >> 80 pounds of water and ice. worst ice cream headache you ever have. liz: you and your harvard buddies worked to create tough mudder. you why? you see vacancy in the competition world? again it is not a race? >> we saw a lot of events that catered to people who wanted to put themselves on the clock. we saw mayor tons and triathelons and about personal best and fitness and exercise. we said you know what? there seedsneeds to be event more than physical, testing your fiscal abilities. something more about mental grit and overall character. liz: your corporations are sending team. >> we do. have a huge corporate program. liz: on your screen, this important. there are people who have to stop what they're doing, reach down and help you come over? >> that's right. liz: see in the triathlon, nobody is helping me i can tell you that. >> in fact our ceo, in the very beginning he had been a triathlon and got his sipper stuck in the back and had an
3:50 pm
event. help me unzip the zipper. liz: would have taken three seconds. >> against the rules. sorry man. took five people until someone would break the rules. he decided to break the rules and create tough mudder. liz: you have a quite a franchise. everywhere as we mentioned australia to montreal to ireland. talk about business partnerships, with the new york city triathlon this weekend it is panasonic. i will be compete in that. what kind of partnerships do you have? in perpetuity, are people trying them out? >> we have great run of partners, many who are with us at very beginning. dos equis is beer you get at end. most interesting man campaign. tough mudder is not just serious but a lot of fun. underarmor, they gave away t-shirts. we came out with underarm tough mudder shoe specifically designed for mud. liz: alex, don't get mad at me. are you guys going public?
3:51 pm
seemed if could you have ramp up big if you launched on type after ipo. >> good news we haven't been able to take outside investment. we're funded by participants. liz: how much does it cost? >> 100 to $108. like being private company. arctic enema. could you do things as public company? who knows. liz: that is freight point. >> we sit around with beers at end of the day come up with new obstacle ideas. we have to bring you in on one of those sessions. liz: alex paterson, tough mudder's vp. congratulations, we love this kind of stuff for the fit for business series. >> thank you very much for having me. liz: keep us posted. new york city triathlon, i ham happy to report team fox business crushed it. fox news contributor chris hahn, did the swim. there he is. coming out of the lovely hudson river, emerging, putting time be chip around my ankle. i was off to dot 26 had of mile bike portion in pouring rain which was lovely. here is the best part.
3:52 pm
chris, chris!. i arrive back from the bike portion of race, chris was in the bathroom, running out of the port-a-potty. timing is everything, isn't it, folks. i was banging, where are you? which one are you in? he finally came out. sprinted up. we all met at finish line for the real payoff, not the metal, not the banana, not free bagel, but to the cheers of the building homes for heroes gang. [applause] my arm is around the guy sitting, that is captain james biler, marine corps. he was wounded in afghanistan. lost both legs and go of his pink is and build a mortgage free home along with the building homes for heroes gang. gary and our medals. we raised thousands of dollars thanks to you if you ware a denture, take the simple test.
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liz:-- >> so it was most important for us to open the first location and show, explain this concept and show all the benefits which
3:56 pm
we've done and it has been a great year. and now we received a lot of inquiries and we have, we were lucky. we were, we had at love national tv shows. people around the country contacting us. >> people all over the world want to get muddy, have a great time, be out there with their friends and challenge themselves. we talk about tough mudder. people say i really want to do that. people are say, wait, people actually pay to do this? you couldn't pay me any amount of money to do it. it is pretty funny the reaction you get when you say you work at tough mudder. liz: it is for everyone? >> that's right. tough mudder is not a race, it's a challenge. overcoming obstacles with people as a team. time doesn't matter. we say that tough mudder is about turning around and leaving no mudder behind. pulling them over obstacles , them through the event. >> it sound crazy. i used to put on triathelons, highly competitive events and over time, you know, recognized that people still wanted to come
3:57 pm
out and run and be fit but maybe without such an expectation of competition and, you know, winning and times. and so, really just, started thinking about ways that you could sort of motivate people to get out and be active and a more fun and you know, kind of crazy way. and you know, there's different stuff out there, like, you know, disneyland. one day it hit me. what if we put runners all dressed in white and sent them off at the beginning of a run and had every kilometer cover them in colors and by the end, sort of made them a masterpiece. kind of went crazy from there but it has been really fun. liz: it has been fun. it has been profitable. are you partnering with people? >> we did our first event in singapore about 18 months after starting and i read on twitter, a young lady, wasn't able to get in the event because it sold out so quickly. she said on twitter, i'm so disappointed. i've been waiting five years for the happiest 5-k on the planet
3:58 pm
to come to singapore and she had no idea it had only been around 18 months at the time. we've been focused on our participants and how to deliver a great, great day for them. >> we like working out together and we push ourselves and we like that competitive team aspect. when we looked for offerings in new york city, we didn't see what exactly, what offered exactly what we wanted. we decided to go create it ourselves. >> when we were in younger we were in such better shape. we used to not even think about working out. something we did that was fun. as we became a adults it became boring and something a lot of people dread. we wanted to recreate the care free days that they're working out. we patterned them after dodgeball and. >> something like the not like your dad in the basement. we have a water rower, made of wood with a water wheel that you
3:59 pm
row against. liz: how does it work? >> the class is actually built into intervals on the rower and off. there are six minutes of rowing and six minutes of mat work, doing total victim's high-intensity work. back on the rower, back on the mat. liz: why is there better than one hour on elimit call and i end up drenched and burn some calories. >> people are looking for something smarter and better. they're looking more resources and looking something more impact and total victim's. when you look at that it is very rare. >> it started with the product. they saw real potential in the business and first thing tallulah said after he experienced flywheel, this is a big brand. the brand is bigger than the business and i want to be involved in it. that was a couple years ago. this year he brought in another round of investors. he brought in partners, one of the premier private equity firms in our space and have given us the capital and guidance to take it to the next level. liz: that will do it, for the
4:00 pm
countdown special, fit for business. tune into the "countdown to the closing bell" every weekday at 3:00 p.m. eastern. we're watching your money for you. we do hope you have a healthy and fun filled labor day weekend. bye. neil: cyber war games from new york here is neil cavuto. >> we know that cyber


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