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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 4, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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minute of "making money." i'm hosting opening bell in the morning, but right now lou dobbs is next, keep it right here, fox business. lou: good evening, record performance today for president obama. his job approval has dropped to lowest points of his presidency. his disapproval rating at highest level. gallup polls finding 38% of those surveys approve of mr. obama's performance, 54% disapprove. president obama comforting some critics by pinning an op-ed to terrorist group, ic state -- islamic state he vowed to quote, not be cowed by bar barbaric murderers, putting his thoughts in writing one day after arguing with himself on the world stage.
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>> or objective can clear, that is it degrade and destroy iselle so it no longer a threat to iraq and the region and the united states, we know that if we are joined by the international community, we can continue to shrink isil's sphere of influepbgs, its effectiveness and financing, its military capabilities. to the points where it is a manage amanageable problem. lou: we take up the president's colliding messages and his lack of strategy. and to forestall vladimir putin's aggression in europe. with foreign affairs committee member ted poe and worl col coly mcknight, also, fast-food workers hitting picket lines in
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cities demanding a national $15 an hour mi minimum wage. white castle's jamey richardson here to discuss the impact. >> benefits a few but hurts many, makes it difficult to create more jobs, 6.7% of our total team member population is at that starting rate of $7.25, this is a starting rate, it was not meant to are a living wage. lou: joan rivers has passed away at the age of 81. here is the famously self dep deprecateing come meadion. >> i bought gifts for the staff, i didn't buy yours yet, i was looking. i. ed to get yoedlooking. i helped to get you something hip, something with fur on it.
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i said, i went to the store, i said what do have you with fur on it, they said look at your upper lip. lou: we look back. career was 5 decades, stale goinstill goingstrong at the ti. >> we begin with what is billed ed most important nato summit in the 65 year history, president obama in wales meeting with allies how to counter russia's aggression in eastern ukraine, while looking to build a coalition do help combat isil. tkpobgs newfox news chief whitee correspondent ed henry with our report. >> reporter: a nato summit billed add most consequential in years ended with more talk about ending combat operations in afghanistan, and pushing back
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putin over ukraine. president obama of late. he was with king abdullah of jordan. >> it is clear that nato is at vital to our future as it has been in our past. russian troops are illegally in ukraine. the extremists islamist threat has risen in a new form in iraq and syria. >> reporter: cameron has been more forward leaning with aggressive thoughts about isis. and u.s. brushed it off with more foreign fighters with british passports, but prime minister and president were eager to showcase their chummyness, as they visited a school today, and insisting they are on the same page. the leaders declare, we'll be more forthright in defense over
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values not least because of world of a greater freedom is a fundamental part of how we keep our people safe. as white house down claim president saying that isis could be manage abproblem. >> how do you tell family of foley and sotloff this problem can be manage stph-d. >> whamanageed? >> president said, we need it degrade and destroy it. immediate term you will not eradicate without putting in place a coalition. >> reporter: a number of democrats are raising questions about the president's approach, senator warren ducked a question from yahoo!'s katie couric, but whether he agrees with diane feinstein, the president has been too cautious. >> we need to be working now full speed ahead. with other countries. to destroy isis. that should be our number one priority. >> reporter: democrat gene distances herself from the president after appearing with
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vice president biden in new hampshire yesterday. >> shea should know we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice. >> reporter: shaheen locked in a reelection battle, saying do not believe that isil is manageable. they should be chased to the gates of hell. asking how concerned are they about a terror attack on 1999, saying there have been a lot of sideline cop veryining conversah those foreign fighters from isis with western passports. lou: ed henry thank you. obama administration is expanding investigation into august 9 shooting of ferguson, teen brown. attorney general eric holder announceding in to looking into whether wilson violated brown's civil rights, the justice
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department is launching an investigation as well into practices of the inter department. -- entire department. >> people express concerns steming from specific alleged incidents from policeing practicing and lack of diversity on police force if ferguson. they were score history of distrust of law enforcement in ferguson has received a good deal of attention, as a result of this history, and following review of documented allegations and other available data, we have determined that there is cause for the justice department to open an investigation. lou: in addition to the department of justice a duel investigations, st. louis county grand jury is hearing evidence on whether to bring charges against officer wilson. >> the world is mourning the death of one of show business'
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brightest stars, joan rivers, she died after going into cardiac arrest during a routine medical procedure, her daughter said she died surrounded by her family and close friends. joan river's career legendary. a comedy pioneer on stand up circuit, fill in host for johnny carson on the tonight show, a billion dollar jewelry line with qvc, and known for her antics on the red carpet, and defacto commissioner of celebrity fact police -- fashion police, fox news michael with a look back at her career. >> these are all my jokes over the last 30 years, why should a woman cook? so her husband can say my wife makes a delicious cake to some hooker, you wonder why i'm still working. >> she was born joan malinski in
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brooklyn, new york in 1933, and worked odd jobs before changing her name to joan rivers, she gained attention on 1965, when she appeared on the tonight show with johnny carson, he told her, you are going to become a star, her career and life had a number of sit backs. -- setbacks, she helped launch fox network in 1986 with late night talk show, something carson considered a betrayal. they first spoke again. show lasted two seasons. months later edgar, her husband, long time producer committed suicide. in 1989 she returned to daytime tv with joan rivers show that earned her an imy and garnered a tony for ter tray -- portraying lenny bruce's mother on broadway. she never stopped doing stand up and making -- she jokeed with
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her own love of koss mittic surgery. >> i am in love with this. >> she launched a poply jewelry and clothing line, and starred in several cable shows with her daughter mellis. >> my mother used to buy bathing suits with blowholes in them. >> reporter: she will be remembered as a comic legend, set a standard for female cam comp eadians -- comedians and made her fans laugh for a half century. >> 40 years in the business, this is where you end up. lou: joan rivers, 81 years old.
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lou: al qaeda later, al-zawahiri today released a new 55 minute video announcinga al qaeda's expansion into south asia. al-zawahiri's message is about raising al qaeda profile in wake of recent successes by islamic state, which has been competing in international jihad movement and succeeding of late. joining to us talk about president's failed foreign policy in fighting al qaeda and the islamic state, and how to forestall vladimir putin's ambitions, we're joined by congressman ted poe. great to have you here. >> thank you. lou: this has been a terrible week for united states, and this president, on the world's stage. what can the president do now to
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make clear what his strategy is? he is in possession of one. lou?arctic lacearticulate a dir. foreign policy. >> the president needs to lead, being leader of free world has some responsibility, one is to lead. this issue, with isis, we should have a plan. the president should have a plan. america should know what it is, and isis needs to know wha whatt is. we're not sure we got a plan, president said, well we want to manage the group. what does that mean? puz them oput them on bro buyine -- probation and make them do community service, isis needs to be defeated, mr. president we need a plan, congress goes to suggestion, congress will help him with that plan. lou: a helpful congress would be helpful.
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deputy national security adviser talks about a coalition with a saudi arabia, and uae and others standing up, can this be economy effective without po powerful ab states. >> we need arab states, u.s., has destroyed our relationships with many countries, egypt, and saudi arabia, and north african countrys, now we want to go back to them, say we need your help, they don't trust us, thee don't have confidence, but u.s. has to trachthe lead, and go after is isis. strategic airstrikes. bombing the kurds a -- arming the kurds and a few other things. lou: we've gone from persei pern gulf war to the iraq war with a coalition of the willing, united states has a natural alliance with nato, and if you will,
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effective alliance, it has been historically. why is united states now depending on coalitions and does that in and of itself allow united states to act outside of its natural sphere of inthroughins and own natural interest, are these coalitions too willing, is the united states too eager to form them? >> united states does not -- appears now, isis is a threat to the united states but the united states says, not so fast we need to get others involved in this process. this is true but we need to protect our own natural interest. lou: if we believe that republicans, democrats and independence, all of us believe that the islamic state is a threat to united states, why in the hell should we wait on anyone? >> we should not, we should not wait on nato or uk uk.
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we should protect our naitonal interest. lou: with that clarity. why do we not understand that the beheading of two american citizens, gruesome, repulsive, and angry to every american, doesn't even come blows to tipping the -- come close to tipping scales of offenses of state of iran against the u.s. responsible for a third of your casualties in iraq, and hegemonic in east, we don't respond we don't speak their name. what in the world are our leaders doing? >> we're not leading, we're not doing anything. people, in the world, americans even. what is our policy? what is sour foreign policy -- what is our foreign policy? toward people and groups like isis, the worst group that ever existed in our lifetime, about
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killing peopl it, do did in terrible ways, we're waiting, what are we waiting on? take the lead, protect national interest, and say we're going after you. lou: national interest as nato, is trying to if you will straight en itself out, tighten up and get ready to meet vladimir putin. but all of the while despite words of bro testation -- protesting a to otherwise, crimea in hands. part of the russian federation now. and it does not seem that europe is eager to join a coalition that would engage vladimir putin, and the forces of russia. >> no, russia has doing what they want to do. they took georgia, the world outraged, did nothing. 1/3 of georgia belongs to s to russia, crimea same thing, outraged we did nothing, now that is part of russia, eastern
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ukraine the statement thing, we'll protest, not doing anything. putin, he is aggressive he gets away with it he laughs at west, we do nothing, no sanctions network nog. lou: in mid st*r o -- no sanctig works. lou: in midst of this, criticism hurled at president, in absence of a stkraepblg strategy that rn house speaker finds it necessary to talk about immigration reform which and i guess at hand -- your thoughts. >> >> we need to deal with isis right now that should be the talk, and action that takes place with congress. immigration does have to be dealed with, it has had it be tkeld with fodealt with for yeas the issue now. lou: hardly proximate issue that isis has become. >> congressman ted poe, always
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good to see you. >> likewide thank you. >> thank you. >> and take a look at our on-line poll results we asked whether you of whether it would be better for republicans in midterm elections. is speaker john boehner remains silent. you can pass this along. 80% of our audience said yes, and vote in our poll, question is, do you believe president obama's approval rating will remain underwater, for the remainder of his presidency. cast your vote at, up next, my commentary on why letter writing and pretty speeches don't hold a cand told true leadership, next. musical c. fun, right? welllllllll, not when your travel rewards card makes it so hard to get a seat using your miles. that's their game. the flights you want are blacked out. or they ask for some ridiculous number of miles. honestly, it's time to switch
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lou: coming up tonight, inspiration between hein behindk hawk dine. >> and why minimum wage could wipe out many jobs, jamey
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richardson will join us. quote of the evening. president obama has been criticized for his respond to islamic state. and british prime minister cameron, who hu has won praise r his respond have come together to write an op-ed in times of london, saying, if terrorists think we will waken in -- weaken in face of their threats, they could not be more wrong, mr. obama chose well his
7:26 pm
editorial partner but should have given him the lead in its writing. they are not likely to be for a moment doubtful when reading assurances of two leaders. they won't be cowed by terrorists? who were dismissed as jv at the beginning of the year, mr. obama is having a difficult time of it with these jvers who condition cocan't cowus. after being up staged by his vice president bro vado, just the day before his spoke. our vice president, yesterday --
7:27 pm
>> when we'll harm americans, we don't retreat, we don't forget. we take care of those who are grieving, when that is finished, they should know, we will follow them to the gates of hell. until they are brought to justice. because hell is where they will reside. hell is where they will reside. lou: now our president. >> we know that if we are joined by the international community, we can continue to shrink isil's sphere of influence, its effectiveness, its financing, its military capabilities, to the points where it is a manageable problem. lou: an unsettleing tone to many, giv difference.
7:28 pm
to stark, democratic senator shaheen blasted president obama on twitter wrote, do not believe isil is manage an, agree the terrorists must be chased to the gates of hell. some of our national leader's blood thirst demands war with the islamic state right now, they beheaded two of our fellow citizens, they are appropriately angry, and outraged, but those same leaders have not demanded that iran be vaporizeed it was responsible for a third of our casualties in iraq, is now a sponsors force behind global terrorism. among those leaders some who wanted to arm and supply the islamic state just months ago, because it opposed al-asad in syria. one of our national leaders seems to believe he can avert his eyes from the reality of
7:29 pm
pressing challenges and mortal threats to our nation. all of this, leads to a series of questions. among home, how many failures are required for a failed presidency? and when do the failures of the president amount to failure of a nation? when should the people demand better of all their leaders, not merely a president. >> you can't accuse this president of being all talk, he has a letter writing campaign now. the inspiration for book and movie, black hawk down, danny mcknight will join us.
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lou: joining us now, retired army co colonel danny mcknight.
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his battle at mo da dish you was recreateed in black hawk down. thank you for joining us. first, speaking first of a manageable problem then degrading and destroying the enemy. what do you make of such confounding language? >> what really gets me, we use words manage aable problem, we'e going to manage something, we are talking about people who beheaded americans and are willing to do anything o anythio destroy us, it makes no sense, i promise you the soldier on the ground would be scratching his head right now. lou: how do you, with your distinguished service to the
7:34 pm
nation, for which we're all grateful, and troops you commanded and work with, how do you feel when you hear a u.s. senator or two, who only 7 months ago were crying out, for american arms and heavy weapons to be delivered to the islamic state, because they were opposeining al-asad, now the sae senators want to chase them as vice president put it to gates of hell. >> first thing that comes to mind is something that you have mentioned, talk about leadership. it tells me they don't have a clue about leadership, they were just looking for a quick, easy answer, 7 or 8 months ago, they did not look at the big picture and how it could impact down the road, i think we see the results of what happens when you somehow support people, who are not willing to be on our side, but kill us. lou: and the president,
7:35 pm
authorizeed a stkroepb strike drone strike against one of the warlords believes to leadingal shaal al b in somalia. what is your recommendation? i think people want to know from you colonel, what you would have this country do to eradicate the threats, to the united states? >> well, the first thing is we need to have leadership in the country. stand up, don't worry about being politically collect. but make the decision that we need a strategy, we'll g go out there we'll erat gate the enemy that so dealerlly -- dearly want
7:36 pm
to harm us, state what it is and go forward with it, until we do, that it is not just the president, we need our general officers to stand up to him, and say, this is what needs to be done. if we -- they don't get him to agree, they need to step down then. because, all they will do is pacify him, that is unacceptable, we need to understand thatal sha al shabaad isis, they are not friendly, they will harm us, it will take an american soldier, hopefully supported by other countries, if the coalition does not come to be, and other country don't support us, we have to worry about the united states of america. first. and that is what we're not doing enough of in my opinion right now. lou: you know, my colleague, brett baier recount a story he heard from a shoulder -- soldier reactinging to vice president's biden's comment about chasing islamic state to
7:37 pm
the gates of hell. saying, in response, quote, how theic pwhre at thiic are we goit when we can't leave the front gate of our base? your thoughts. >> well, that is interesting, i promise you the soldiers that are thinking, that they want to know, what is the next move for them are they really going to be allowed to go out and beat this enemy, that is what isis. is the enemy, are we going to defeat them or wait for them to come to us and harm us, i promise you that the soldiers are scratching their heads right now, wondering what the president means when he talks about managing a problem, then he will destroy them, and you use a drone. we can put soldiers on ground, defeat al shabaab if we need to, but have a strategy, lay it out, soldiers deserve that leadership, we do in the have it today. >> colonel danny mcknight.
7:38 pm
>> thank you lou. lou: on wall street today, stocks ended glad, dow down 9, s&p lost 3, nasdaq 10, volume 3 billion shares, bp lost 6%, federal judge ruled to bears majority of responsibility among company's involved in the worst offshore oil spill ever. decision could lead bp liable for up to 18 billion in finds. >> and listen to my financial report 3 times a day on sale imradio network. >> a handful of fast-food workers did strike. but our next guest said that a 15 dollar minimum wage would force his restaurant to down size, white castle's jamey
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richard son will join us next.
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lou: fast-food workers demanding super size wages today, walking off the job in dozens of cities. we don't know how many walked off the job, and how many were hired to demonstrate, 400 people were reportedly arrested in cities in chicago, new york. birl en roeser is pr firm reportedly receiving $8 million from unions to stage a national appearing movement. healthcare aids machines o membe employees union were brought in to march, calling for wages are
7:43 pm
last 15 an hour. those are realitys of today's fast-food demonstration. in support of $15 an hour. that would more than double the minimum wage in the nation. joining us now to talk about the demand, white castle vice president jamey richardson. you know we can judge how many people walked off the job, you are in the industry, have you some secret source you can share with us? the data? how many were actually workers? >> we've seen a pattern with it, in last year, different demonstrations everything we heard indicates vast majority of paid or volunteers, we know that fast-food workers who work at white castle and other places, they don't want to walk out, they want to move up, they are dedicated. 9 of 10 restaurant works of lov
7:44 pm
love their work,. lou: and the reality here that 15 hour -- $15 an hour is a demand in employees union at forefront. some of their maybe upset because -- membership is u upst because there are no fast-food workers in their union. what is hold on service employers union on this issue with this industry. >> we hear they want to grow their membership, we want to grow our customer base, one thing we've seen, we're a family owned business at white castle, we know one thing, politics of ex pro preing a never leads to more prosperty, it crushes job creation. we're hoping more people can get more jobs, that is what the restaurant industry is about,
7:45 pm
people started at restaurant, at a stafting wage bu starts wage , that part of the story is not told, we're tired of getting flicked in the ear by these who don't work a day behind the counter proposeing our jobs are less than, because they are incred like hard working people. lou: half of your workers about 22 years of age or number, numbers i look at turn every it double national average for all industries, it is a difficult industry to make judgments about what the pay should be. because the market determines what wages are. is there anything wrong in assumption i am makes? >> you know, not at all. a great starting points for a lot of people who decide to have a career in restaurant industry or graduate with skills they learn, hospitality, team work, how to run a register, those are
7:46 pm
skills we can take with them wherever they go. we have a generous benefit plan, we have good pay, he'll health insurance and pension plans but the market best decideer how we reward people, and let them grow, we're about nourishing more people. lou: jamey thank you. >> crave on lou. lou: just box one up. big news in world of chicken. perdue farms said it is stopping use of human antibiotics in about 95 percent of its chicken, remaining 5% will use human act antibiotics when prescribeed by a veterinarian for a specific problem, this is a huge move, the combined grain and meat sales to top $7 billion this year. lou: up next, white house,
7:47 pm
already decided today who is at fault in the michael brown shooting, in ferguson, missouri, we take it up with the a time, next. musical chairs. fun, right? welllllllll, not when your travel rewards card makes it so hard to get a seat using your miles. that's their game. the flights you want are blacked out. or they ask for some ridiculous number of miles. honestly, it's time to switch to the venture card from capital one. with venture, use your miles on any airline, any flight, any time.
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>> scott walker has given women the back of his hands. that is direct, but that isry atty. what republicans tea party extremists like scott walker they are grabbing us by the hair, and pulling us back it is unacceptable and not going to happen our watch. lou: that was dnc chair deby wassermann -- monday, joining now, a team, angela, and james.
7:51 pm
this dnc chair is quite something. you should know, she has apologized for those amazing statements. what are your thoughts? >> i think she apologized for words she use but said it not detract from the point she was trying to make. my thoughts are that, they are trying to do what sort of worked in 2012. they were able to hammer todd aiken with this and problem is scott walker is not a nail. lou: a good way to put it. the man greets a lot of hammers. he has been hammered in every quarter by democratic party, labor unions. angela, what do you think? >> when you don't have policy to stand on, lou, you create a message, but the war on women won't work now.
7:52 pm
it will backfire on her, have you domestic violent victims that have come out against what she said, that is why she apologizeed. if no one came out they would have used that because it worked in 2012 but not now. lou: a lot of attempts and fits and starts that democrats seem to engage in. whether it is playing race card or it is the wor war on women, l this nonsense. it is not -- just not sticking to the wall. >> perception is reality, if you have a job today, you live from pay check to paycheck, poverty knows no color, no sexual orientation or gender, people are realizing, they were sold a bill of goods, and you people who voted for obama, how is it working for you now? >> and that and obamacare, and world falling apart, we after it on nightly news, a bad year for
7:53 pm
democrats for good substantive reasons. lou: i take it about what had thpresident said about social media, he just had to shut down, facebook and a few others there goes the world problem. >> but he was candidate that utilizeed social networking after every debate, he would get a tweet, now we're blaming social media for his lack of leadership. lou: lou: ferguson, missouri, and this administration, eric holder saying they are going after police department, as well as the police officer darren wilson, who shot and killed michael brown. >> well, i have mixed feelings about this i don't have a problem with abstract with justice department duplicating the investigation, if there are public doubts, or investigating the police about whom there have been questions about possible civil right violations, but i am hesitant to trust eric holder,
7:54 pm
he has had an agenda of desperate impact, i wish we had an attorney general i had more confidence in? jim: if we had a justice deputy that was no -- if we had a justice department that was not so politsizeed by this administration, a neutral objective justice department, that is its proper role? >> i agree, but when you invoke race, that is what he has done, he is bril brilliant but they at seen as great leaders who happen to have a 7 race. they are not great leaders who are black, they play that race card, when they get a chance. lou: their critics are now summarizeed and decried by them as racists. racial will inspired, that gives s them in their mines a guess a free ticket to wherever they want to travel. >> when you fail, what you do
7:55 pm
do? you fall back that is when liberals do, fall back on race, this is whateric holder is doing to try to placate t to the black caucus. the black caucus is even taking their own stance against this administration. >> i will say, the president in his public rhetoric ferguson well, he resisted temptation he succumbed to in earlier -- >> with trayvon martin. >> to weigh in and take sides, i think he is to theic tepg there iextent.>> doesn't the attorneyl work for the president, last i checked. he could utilize his spokespeople to do his bidding. lou: we'll find out a great deal, we'll get the results of autopsys, and compare them, and we'll have the st. louis county
7:56 pm
grand jury tkhreupbrations then deliberations, the facts are going to be if you will rising here at the same time as long as polltings are heating up, thank you for much. >> thank you. lou: time for a few of your comments, lou, i don't believe that most americans understand how dangerous the president's actions and policies really are. but i do believe if they are getting a good sense of it. family, has even the president seen this is not the time for executive order on immake with immigration with no clue about who we are allowing in? a copy of my book. a couple programming notes join in to cavuto, coming up at top of the hour. host by neil cavuto. tomorrow a pal of ours, charles
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payne. doing double duty, filling in for ma maria bartiromo on openig bell. tomorrow elitel, lieutenant coll ralph peters will join us, good night. we've never sold a house before.
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(agent) i'll walk you guys through every step. there are a lot of buyers for a house like yours. (husband) that's good to know.
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neil: welcome, i am neil cavuto, just because president obama and british prime minister cameron can cowrite a column does not mean they are on the same page, especially when it comes to dealing with isis, writing that nato must stand strong, but it cameron or the president that seems to be standing stronger. not me, but mainstream media. consider this headline from new york daily news, asking after beheading of the second american journalist, do you have a strategy now, ar mr. president. or i


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