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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 18, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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secure the borders because police can focus on actual criminals and terrorists. that is our show, see you nexths week. ♪t. ♪ >> good every ending, i am sandra smith in for lou dobbs with breaking news, we're awaiting president obama at this moment, scheduled to speak after the senate following the house's lead, pass the bill that gives him authority and funds to train and equip syrian rebels to fight the islamic state terrorists. authorize in form of an amendment to a larger bill to keep government open and running until mid tk*eurs, th december,l headed to white house, we're awaiting for the president to address this we'll bring it to you live. authorize coming as list of current and former generals calling -- >> good evening.
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today the united states continues to build a broad international coalition to degrade and destroy the terrorist group known as isil, as part of air campaign, france will join in strikes in iraq. and as one of our oldest and close of the allies, france is a strapbg partner in our efforts against terrorism, we're pleaseed that french and american servicemembers will work together on behalf of our shared security and values, broadly more than 40 countries, including arab nations have offered assistance. this including support for iraqi forces, strength ending the iraqi government, providing humid to iraqi civilians in doing their part in the fight against isil. at home, i am pleaseed that congress, a majority of democrats and republicans in house and senate, have voted to support a key element of our
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strategy. our plan to train, and equip the opposition in syria though say can help push back the terrorists, as i said last week, i believe there that we're strongest as a nation when president and congress work together, thank you leader in congress. for speed and seriousness with which they approached this issue, in keeping with the bipartisanship that is hallmark of american foreign policy at its best. the syrian opposition forces are fighting the brutality of isil terrorists, and tyranny of the assad regime, we have ramped up our assistance to the military opposition, with this new effort we'll provide training and equipment to help them grow stronger, and take on isil terrorists in siria, the program will be hosted outside of syria and marched by our increasing support for iraqi government and kurdish forbes in iraq, in
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keeping with a key principle of our strategy, the american forces that have been deployed to iraq, do not and will not have a equipmen a combat missio. i told our troops yesterday, we can join with allies and partners to destroy isil without american troops fighting another ground war in the phao*eft midd, the strong bipartisan support shows that americans are united. these terrorists thought they could frighten or cause us to shrink from the world, today they are learning same hard lesson of petty tyrants and terrorists who have gone before, as americans we do not give in to fear, when you harm our citizens, threaten the united states, and our allie its unites us, we pull together, we standing it to defend the country we love, and make sure
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justice is done, and join with those who seek a beate better fe our strikes continue, we are taking out their terrorists, destroying their vehicles, and equipment, and stock piles. and we salute our dedicated pilots and crews who are carrying out these missions with great courage and skill. i could not be more proud of their service. american people are united in our support for them. and for their families, and as we go forward, as one nation, i ask all americans to keep our forces and their families in their thoughts and prayers. thank you verthank you very muc. >> that was president obama addressing authorizeing to expand airstrike to syria to dom bat the islamic state terrorists, we turn to australia, authorities have arrested 15 members of the islamic state who were planning
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to kidnap random civilians and conduct publicic cution, confirming over 800 state and federal officers cons conducteds across 12 cid 12 sydney suburbs. the good news, a new video with a western journalist in islamic state cost, he has been missing since 2012, he was abducted while riding in a car with american james foley, the video shows the captured journalist scolding britain and america and promising more to come, a departure from the 3 beheadings have, and islamic state continuesin its social media and propaganda war, chuck hagel confirmed today that airstrikes in syria have been drawn up and approved. ed henry has our report.
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>> reporter: the white house edgeed closer to airstrikes in syria as tkaf defense shatter hl revealed he and dempsey have approved specific war plans which now await a green light from president obama who was briefed on details yesterday. including targeted actions against isil safe havens in syria. including its command and control, logistics capabilities and infrastructure. >> reporter: today former commander said it is time for president to show the pill mayor i--military is all in, retired general adding his voice to drum beat of current and former defense heavyweights saying that combat troops should not be off the table. >> we have the most skeug full, most -- skillful, fearest, and certainly mosti thelg ethical gd forces in the world.
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>> reporter: forcing top officials to scramble, and insist they have not been off message. >> they or the same page as the command irand chief. >> president, chairman dempsey, general austin and i are in full alignment on all of our objectives and tactics and strategy. >> the president and his aides continue to stress that u.s. troops will not be part of a combat mission, they are fuzzer about whether they will be in a come bat zone. >> how far -- >> if you have to figure out the scenario. >> if you have the iraqi shoulders there, fighting isis, who president called these awful terrorists that sounds like a combat zone that the u.s. troops are in. >> iraq is a dangerous place. and american military personnel will have the equipment they need to defend themselves. >> reporter: hagel faced heat from democrats worried that strategy to train and arm syrian
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rebels is too vague. >> i find it disturbing we're having this hearing after we have taken a vote, i don't think that the plans that i have seen would declared enough to make he -- detailed enough to make me believe our plan will work. >> reporter: general dempsey made more news telling associated press it may take a year before the syrian rebels are fully trained, a key element in the president's strategy. sandra. >> thank you ed henry. >> ukraine president urgeing u.s. to provide his troops with hill mary weapons -- military weapons saying that battle with russia is quote, america's war too. >> are also important, but one cannot win the war with a blanket. even more we cannot keep the
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peace with the blanket. and most important, not to win the war. but keep the peace. >> president obama offer falling short pledgeing 46 million dollars in non-lethal aid, including counter mortar radar, vehicles, patrol boats and body armor, in the broadcast, former u.n. ambassador, joins us with his reaction to latest round of aid for ukraine. >> and the polls are now closed in scotland, and counting has begun to see if the u.k. will be broken apartment latest polls suggestions that referendum on ask thscotland's independence ao close to call, an announcement may not come until tomorrow morning early. we'll keep watching it we'll talk with former british parliamen member john browne in
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sandra:ur our 50 guest said that vote to train a rag tag group of syrian rebels who are fighting assad is reckless and dangerous, joining us congressman pe ted p. congressman, thank you for joining us. you voted against this bill in the house. president obama just stepped up to the podium at the white house talking about this senate passage of this bill tonight.
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your react? >> senate did pass it, and reason i voted against the bill in the house, i think it is flawed theory if we can arm syrian rebels and expect them to fight america's battles, if this is our war, have these mercenaries, and rely on them, what and i syrian moderate rebel today is an isis member testimony, we found this to -- tomorrow, we found this to be true many have openly switched side, and are now fighting in syria, this theory is flawed to try to expect them to come up to the plate. we'll end up doing is arming syrian rebels, they are not going to fight isis they are going to fight assad. that is why i voted no. sandra: the president appeared to be doubling down on no boots on ground, his words, we do not
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and will not have a combat mission. you know, former defense secretary robert gates was outspoken about the fact he believes that president is putting himself in a corner, by saying in no circumstance will he put american boots on ground at a time many american generals have said it may be necessary to put boots on the ground. >> well there are already boots on the ground in have trooped in iraq, once again. training the iraqi soldiers, once again, to fight isil, remember that the iraqi soldiers, threw their american weapons down, isis picked up those, they are using them, it is misleading to the american public to say we don't have them and never will. i don't think we should telu iss what we will and will not do in the future, i agree with the
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general, the president may be backing himself in the corner. sandra: you have an interesting exchange with secretary of state john kerry, you asked him to specifically identify who the enemy was. what do -- what was his response, what did you think of it? >> i thought it was important that if we're going to war, that we know who the enemy. is i asked him, tell the american public, name, the name of the enemy. and he said, well the name of the enemy is the enemy of islam. now, i thought that en enemy's e was isil. iraq, islamic state of iraq and sir jack he said the enemy of islam. i said are they the enemy of the united states as well? he said, yes, they are the enemy. i don't know why he is renaming this group, he went out of his way to say they don't represent islam, they represent a radical faction of islam.
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this is isil, isil is a foreign terrorist organization, a group called enemy of islam is not a terrorist organization, if we're going to do battle, define the enemy, and define the objective, i think he had a difficult time telling us what the enemy is. sandra: you seem adamant about war terminology, and john kerry did not seem to think it was important to specify that, you did, made your points clear, thank you congressman poe. >> thank you very much. sandra: path to war in middle east not seeming to have an impact on oil markets, oil down again today, that is down from over 105 dollars a barrel in june. a lot of supplies revealed in a new report, oil stocks rising last week, maria bartiromo talked with chevron chairmen and
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ceo on the opening bell. >> well oil market is well served right now, what happened with the shale revolution, we're seeing more product of oil, which has in some ways off set some of the product that has been lost overseas because of the conflicts in the middle east, and elsewhere. so, if we can produce more oil in this country that would make it better for the consumer overtime. sandra: be sure to tune in to opening bell with maria bartiromo tomorrow morning, maria bartiromo broadcasting live from dallas fed, joined by dallas fed president richard fisher, american airline ceo doug parker and texas governor rick perry. i will be part of that next as i am every morning at 9 a.m. eastern time, on the fox business network. >> up next, scotland has been part of united kingdom for over 300 years. we will know shortly if that association is officially over.
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former british parliament member john browne on the political and economic consequences of that decision, next.
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for the mastic violence. peter shrader joined us on that. and a vote for the united kingdom is underway right now. the cry for independence, some say goes beyond. >> it has been terribly mishandled by a guy that everybody knows, and it's very interesting. i think that there is meaning in this and it goes beyond scotland. there's a great groundswell. sandra: vote stands as too close to call.
10:23 pm
my guest says that that independence comes at a hefty price, one that the scotland people may not be aware of and one that may affect the global economy. senior strategist john brown joins us now. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> you just heard the words of chairman murdoch talking about this sentiment in the area. so what is your response? >> this is a totally irresponsible abuse of democracy where these scotland people can determine what is going on in the united kingdom. and the european union wishes to destroy nationhood and establish a whole lot of regions just like scotland, one that is more easily dominated and world from brussels. and this is the plan and they
10:24 pm
are doing their dirty work and will honestly did a fantastic job and if this was the time passed, he would be charged with high treason. so they are getting rid of 58 left-wing seats in english house of commons and therefore it will then a conservative majority. and so of course, here is a man that denied an opportunity despite a cast iron guarantee that he would hold a referendum and he denied it for the british people. but he gives it to 4 million people in scotland and that allows them to dominate the whole of the united kingdom. with enormous implications at the defense. britain has paid a fortune over the years to secure its northern border. sandra: there are a lot of questions about david cameron's future. so mr. murdoch also made a
10:25 pm
forecast on the bow, he believed that there was about an 85% turnout and there is an overwhelming turnout, they lowered the age to its team, which will boost the turnout. he's predicting that there is going to be a deciding vote, 100,000 votes in either direction. we have seen the predictions move to some now predicting it could be on the yes side. if there is a yes vote here, do you believe that other countries in the united kingdom will follow suit? >> well, i think that mr. murdoch is saying that there will be a close call. i believe there will be a "no" belt. the impact is that the european union is trying to get rid of nationhood and here we have the cotillion since spain, those in italy, the very ends in germany. all to be able to follow suit, people like texans might stay in
10:26 pm
america. so here we see an example of scotland, a democratic useful secession from a country. and it's going to take on a fashion which is going to hasten the dissolution of the western nations, just along the lines that secretary of state kissinger said in his recent book, world order. and i think it's a tragedy and it's going to lead to a fark greater tragedy. they have lowered the age limit because they think younger people won't understand. so it's an outrage and they have used doneness and everything. the scottish people are going to suffer tremendously. sandra: certainly that vote should be out tomorrow morning. and the independence for scotland has been campaigning on the access to that. and there's question about this
10:27 pm
two blaster they were down on this before. so these are shrinking flowers. of course, a lot of this will go to london, england. and it depends on the negotiations, whether they hit the coastline where the angle which they project that into the sea, it has yet to be determined how much of the oil will be determined. very undecided. a huge amount of steak far above the scotland. sandra: please tune into fox business tomorrow morning for the latest on the scotland vote. worry rothman is hosting special coverage of 5:00 a.m. eastern time. in the deadliest ebola outbreak. the death toll topping 2600,
10:28 pm
that's more than 5300 ebola cases reported in west africa. meanwhile, a british nurse that required from ebola traveling to donate blood to an american patient, to americans are being treated for ebola. we are coming right back. the nfl abuse scandal not going away as another player is arrested very at fox sports writer peter shrader on a lead unable to control its biggest commodities coming up next patented sonic technology
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♪ sandra: five fires in northern california doubling in size threatening thousands of homes east of sacramento as the california governor declared a state of emergency. authorities have arrested a man on suspicion of arson on the fire which has burned more than 100 square miles and is just 5 percent contained.
10:32 pm
remnants of tropical storm bringing flooding. arizona and new mexico and expected to see the wettest september ever. and joining me now is the "a-team". thank you both for joining us this morning. i understand you have some traffic coming over here tonight we're happy to have you. >> worse next week. sandra: always a fun time in manhattan. >> especially in my neighborhood. >> all right. we have the votes, the president spoke at the top of the hour. sandra: the president spoke at the top of the hour, the vote going through to arm the syrian rebels. where do you fall on all of this ? >> well, probably the right
10:33 pm
thing to do. i wonder if we will be able to find preble's will be able to find rebels were supporting but one thing that occurred to me, the last time there were votes on whether to aid rebels it was the contras in nicaragua in a very controversial. so maybe -- >> you're confusing me off the bat. the vetting process will be difficult. the concern. >> his own party has came into office, itck does not look as if he will carry through on any of those. his party is now very upset with them. >> that brings us to our
10:34 pm
next topic. we have seen a bit of this lately. have people saying this was engineered by the white house this seems to be those with then her own party. >> well, what i found shocking about this piece is that these attacks on debbie wasserman schulz are very gendered. they're all talking about her clothes, she wanted the dnc to pay for ) that the we were not supposed to talk about women that way. the we were supposed to respect women. >> i respect many women in public life. she challenges that. >> why? >> she is a disaster. she is not ready for primetime, breakfast tv, to a mtv. she was picked because she has contacts with donors,
10:35 pm
from florida, which is a key state and, frankly, what is hurtful to her is this is her own party leaking about her basically saying you are going to be the scapegoat. she is being set up. >> interesting. harry reid chimed in. that is not a ringing endorsement saying that dnc is not up with the president that being said, there are apparently some blast things of hillary clinton and the secret e-mails. how do you feel about as we head toward the election about hillary clinton? she has not made a formal announcement. some say that see is just -- a presences to saturated at this point and there is nothing left to pull out of the back. >> well, the thing about her is she has the clinton machine behind her. on the other hand she is really not that great of a politician and does not have the natural talent that her
10:36 pm
husband does. the left side dissension about her, and happiness probably is not that big of a story caller is fun to read about because the left is going to be unhappy with anyone in the mainstream. usually, the two big exceptions these 72 and 2008. >> democratic presidential nomination. if not hillary, who? >> well, that is the whole question jerry brown may run, believe it or not. >> we know governor mandel from maryland is probably running, but the point is this, left-wing democrats may have to take hillary as a nominee, but they don't want her. the party has moved further left than when she was in the white house and for the left when she was last to candidates. she will have to figure out how far to placate the left-wing base and still not herself running against the republicans.
10:37 pm
>> certainly there questions loom. >> and we now have evidence of a real cover-up in benghazi from an official inside the state department. >> really quick because we are awaiting the scottish vote possibly tomorrow morning, he wrote that the scottish independence campaign heavily from obama tactics. >> well, british reporters attending the rally a cover the upcoming campaign during the u.s., it was almost a carbon copy. yes, we can was the slogan. hope and change was the mantra. his eyes and everything else all borrowed from the campaign and social media strategy. >> but help enchains did not exactly turnout. >> i don't think that the skies will vote for independence. he will be getting a lot more subsidies from britain as the price. >> great discussion. we're coming right back.
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please stay with us. >> the new president of ukraine asks congress to help fight the russian president and allow his nation to join nato. a former ambassador to a former ambassador to ukraine [ breathing deeply ] [ inhales deeply ] [ sighs ] [ inhales ] [ male announcer ] at cvs health, we took a deep breath... [ inhales, exhales ] [ male announcer ] and made the decision to quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies.
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♪ >> the nfl dealing with a new discipline problem today arizona cardinals running back arrested yesterday on aggravated assault charges following an incident with his wife and 17-month-old son. been deactivated from all team activities and released from jail this morning. joining now fox senior sports correspondent. another one. >> yes. >> the nfl, is this the commissioners problem, the nfl's problem? who do we blame?
10:42 pm
obviously the players are to blame the are committing these offenses, but what we do about it? >> terrible timing on the heels of the previous situation. there is no good time. i do not think that the nfl has a crime problem. if you look at the national numbers, the percentage of players getting arrested is well below the national average of americans. what they have a problem with his handling these things and more or less tone deaf. now the microscope is on them. every incident that occurs from here on out there will have to act and react. it just looks like there is no consistency. >> the only thing that will drive change -- >> if you're pointing to your wallet you're absolutely right. >> we have not seen that yet . the female sponsored ads, a cover girl put out a huge campaign to target 45% of the nfl audience that as
10:43 pm
women. all they're doing is putting out statements. >> the last 72 hours has been fascinating. their name, they dropped their sponsorship. you know what, that will happen. and anheuser-busch comes out to mike cover-up comes out. they make statements saying they are against child abuse . isn't against child abuse? to show action you're going to have to pull that sponsorship, and none of them have because the nfl was a beast wet comes to money you watch football live and see the ads. sandra: as an lsu girl it is tough for me to say i like the line manning, but i like this. he came out and spoke on behalf of his colleagues. he essentially said, get your act together. maybe the change should be driven within the not -- nfl . >> i cover the nfl.
10:44 pm
i am at a different game every sunday. 99 percent of these guys are great guys. they go to work and go back to the family at the end of the day if they became out today and some other guys , they have been very vocal in saying this is embarrassing. we need to get things in order and change our ways. the truth of the matter is you have 53 guys on 32 teams when it comes to every circumstance it is different. we don't know how like i was raised or where he grew up. you will have some stories were you scratch your head and say, how is that possible. sandra: charles barkley's comments about that is where we were raised. >> coming off is adrian peterson thing multiple players said to my was speed as a kid worse. sandra: so let me put this to you a year from now back in football season 2016 -- 2015, will our memory of this begun? >> last summer i covered erin hernandez is murder
10:45 pm
trial. i thought that was the biggest story in all sports last year. twelve months later and no one talks about it. i would like to see change. i think it is a big moment. think there will be change and awareness. already the commissioner has appointed people in the front office. sandra: to you think -- >> to leave he would need 20 of 32 owners to vote him out. he makes them billions of dollars. would have to be something worth a vote him out. public pressure is one thing. the owners have to vote him out and i don't see that happening. sandra: thank you. >> thank you for having me. sandra: on wall street another record-breaking day for the stock market with the dow gaining 109 points, s&p 500 upton, both closing at record highs. nasdaq 31 points. volume over 3 billion shares . ollie bought up pricing at $68 a share ahead of its trading debut. can the commerce company in its highly anticipated initial public offering.
10:46 pm
fox news correspondent jo ling kent has the latest on that. >> reporter: sandra, the most anticipated ipo of the year is priced at $68 per share which means the three raced $21 billion. the demand from investors was just massive. the question for many is how the stock will do in the long term. although alibaba dominates the chinese e-commerce market, critics question the structure of the deal for public investors. alibaba does almost all of its business in china but is registered in the cayman islands as it prepares to it trade on the new york stock exchange tomorrow. at the same time it is impossible to ignore the sheer numbers. revenue of just 46 percent last quarter and now revenue that is 25% higher than amazon and ebay combined. if you look at the broader market, sandra, ipos in the u.s. have raised $47 billion so far this year. if you add alibaba to that
10:47 pm
makes, 2014 will easily be the biggest year since the dot com era that ended with the bubble bursting in 2000. sandra: thank you. and be sure to follow the coverage by jo ling kent on the record breaking alibaba ipo all day tomorrow getting started early. special guest will be alibaba executive chairman and founder. keep it right here on fox business for all the up-to-the-minute coverage. up next, the ukraine's new leader today on capitol hill pleading with congress to send him more than blankets. former u.s. ambassador to that ukraine and a former pentagon official up next. ♪ [ male announcer ] automotive innovation starts... right here. with a control pad that can read your handwriting, a wide-screen multimedia center, and a head-up display for enhanced driver focus. all inside a newly redesigned cabin
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♪ sandra: ukrainian president poroshenko called for immediate by the u.s. more on the situation between ukraine and russia, i'm joined by former pentagon official and fox's national security analyst k.t. macfarland and former u.s. ambassador to ukraine and now director of the eurasian center at the atlantic council. thank you for joining as. i will start with you first. it is not enough money apparently. should the u.s. stepped up its efforts to aid ukraine? >> sandra, i was in kiev in june. it is clear they needed to things in a big way, weapons from the west and, the united states and money. not just a little money, big money to the tune of $15 billion as well as loan forgiveness and foreign investment. they have gotten a little bit of each and very lithe weapl they get both they are in a very bad --
10:52 pm
sandra: should we -- >> i think we should give them the weapons they need. we should give them the weapons that they need to fight for themselves. we don't get involved the russians have their game. they can keep ukraine destabilized so that no one invest. 10% a year. by this winter there will run out of money. they will be forced to cut a deal with the russians. sandra: ambassador, i want ask you about a comment by president poroshenko same one cannot win a war with blankets, asking to give them special data security status. your reaction? >> ukraine needs weapons to deter further action by russia and ukraine. the congress seems to understand that. the senate foreign relations committee passed unanimously today legislation to provide that assistance. it is time for the white house to understand this is in our national interest.
10:53 pm
sandra: cell the impact that would have on the fight against russia. >> if they don't russia wins and particularly germany. germany understands that you do not make an enemy of a big, powerful country. it is a tragedy. it is sad. i think at this point it is difficult to see how russia does not, in the intimate what it once. sandra: john herbst. >> that is a very serious mistake. if mr. putin and russia succeeds in ukraine he will commit aggression elsewhere. he said a couple weeks ago, is not a real country and he has the right to protect ethnic russians wherever they may be. two weeks ago he rested a counterintelligence operative. a week later the russian foreign minister was in latvia saying that russia should not be discriminated against. there building a case to intervene elsewhere. this is a danger that goes well beyond ukraine.
10:54 pm
ukraine is willing to fight in its defense. we need to help them. if we don't stop putin and -- in ukraine he will fight elsewhere. and putin will stand down if the west stands firm. the problem is the west has not stand firm. sandra: these are serious words. is the west tried to do something about this? we will put this in your lap what about these sanctions. >> they're making things uncomfortable putin keeps going, and my guess is he is headed for nato. he understands there is a loophole in that treaty. as long as putin does not have an armed attack and it is this uncertainty, and snake strikes on the borders and it does not look like russian tanks across the border he knows the west want -- sandra: you and i have been talking all along about the fact that money is behind all of this, energy is behind all of this. how is it that we cannot
10:55 pm
threaten russia with energy supply? >> of the united states goes to russia and says, years the deal, you're running and of energy in the western part of siberia. you won't have anything unless we help you develop these and siberia and here is the price, stop what you're doing in eastern europe and help us deal with the middle east. otherwise your broken about five to ten years. but we never have that conversation. sandra: ambassador kamal last word to you. >> critical and hopefully the congress will step forward and pass legislation hopefully the president will understand this is in our interest and will do something serious at nato to back up our nato allies in the baltic states until the russians to knock it off. sandra: what do you see as the next thing that happens here? >> the russians are headed for nato, and i think the west is too confused about its own economic self-interest. the russians are ready to fight for this, and c4 is
10:56 pm
like a dog with a bone. sandra: i would love the opportunity to chat with you and pick your brain. i just quoted you the other day overall, the geopolitical situation right now, you have been fiery with some of your forecasts. how would you characterize it? >> it will be a lively couple of years. san years from now we are rolling. american energy independence will eventually happen and it is going to happen and be a real boon to our economy. sandra: more right now that we have been 25 years. >> there you go. sandra: that empowers us. all right. k.t. mcfarland and ambassador john herbst, thank you for joining us tonight. time for a few of your comments. have we not learned yet that the price of victory -- decisive victory cannot come from the air alone? isil has money and earns millions every day. we have to get serious before they find a nuclear weapon. stay tuned.
10:57 pm
see more of his exclusive interview with rupert murdoch. don't forget to check me out tomorrow at noon eastern on the fox news channel three thank you for joining us, and good night from new york. york. ♪ patented sonic technology
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. neil: great scot! even if the scots stay, there is no guarantee that david cameron stays. we'll hear rupert murdoch, skating a disaster does not mean the british prime minister necessarily avoids disaster. have a look. what happens to him, what does this mean? >> i think if they lose it, if they are splintered, he will probably have to go. just being totally mishandled by everybody on the north side. neil: well, to fox business's ashley webster with the latest on


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