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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  September 21, 2014 9:30am-10:01am EDT

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>> big on snow blowers. overpriced now. buy it on the dip. >> that it's it for "forbes on fox." have a wonderful resident, everybody. keep it ride here. the number ockckckckck continues with eric bolling and "cashing in." profile to protect america. the threat to attack us right here in the homeland are piling up but a common thread to these attacks on america. is it a time to profile? it's the controversial but common sense plan that no one has the guts to talk about except us, and then -- wave the white flag on the war on poverty. the most expensive war in u.s. history a colossal failure. the shocking numbers to back that up and then this -- more controversy in the national felon league. benches players at center of the abuse scandal and beaters are still getting paid, but should they? "cashing in" starts right now. hi, everyone.
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welcome to "cashin' in." the crew, wayne rogers, jonathan, michelle and jessica. welcome, everybody. are we safe from terrorists right here in america? >> we have not yet detected speck plotting against our homeland. >> the intelligence community has not yet detected speck plotting against the u.s. homeland. >> there is no evidence to indicate that isil right now is actively plotting to hit the homeland. >> the white house says no credible threat here in the homeland but we know isis is recruiting terrorists to attack us right here on our soil, and this guy just got busted recruiting gjihadists right her in the u.s., while the administration birs its head in the sand we know how to find terrorists among us. profile, profile, profile. most croft topic we'vin done here, but isn't it time to profile? >> eric, absolutely.vzx makes common sense. if you're looking for a fuvti v fugitive a white male over 50 years of age you're going to
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profile. look for that person. you're not going to look for somebody who's 21. yes, absolutely you should profile. got to profile. a delicate balance between liberty and if you will and security in these cases, there's no other way. you've got to do it. yes, of course. it's stupid not to. >> jonathan, are we trampling or treading on the constitution? >> should have done it september 12, 2001. the last war this country won we put japanese-americans in internment camps. we dropped nuclear bombs on residential city centers. yes, profile at least a good start. it's not on skin color, however. it's on ideology. muslim, islamists, jihadist, a good start but only a start. we need to stop giving korans to get more prisoners, stop haves
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ramadan celebrations in the white house. stop saying the enemy is not islamic. they are. that's how you get started. >> a couple instances. 83 marine beirut bashgts bombs. 1988 over lockerbie. pan am blew up killing everyone onboard. 1993 world trade center. i was in the building. 9/11, on the wait to the building to the world trade center. someone in common. nome muslim, not only islamist, muslim males. is it okay to say it's time to start profiling muslim males? i say, yes, it is. >> yeah. i mean, i don't think we can actually use that as a fully effective tool, because i was down in the buildings in 9/11 also down in new york, one of those folks down there and we have to start using all of the tools we talked about in the 9/11 report. and that is building a profile that isn't just going after these men. we've seen this now nome in the u.s. but over with isil, they're
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recruiting women. we really have a problem here for the hearts and minds of people. this is a war like we've had before, whether with communism or anarchy in the last century. we need to focus on what is really the issue and as jonathan said, it's not about going after the color of someone's skin or whether someone has dark hair or looks swarthy or -- there's things they look for in terms of a profile that need to be addressed. >> ideology. >> allow me to get michelle in here. look, people say this is crazy talk. you can't profile /1cpöeverybod. you have to focus your attention and resources on things that happen most often. in this case, muslim males have killed americans. why not time to profile muslim males? >> a piece of information, right, to ignore it, irresponsible. the fact of the matter, we don't have a problem with extreme buddhists. we have a problem with extreme muslims's to ignore that is not
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fair. this is to protect all americans. christian and muslim-americans, everyone. because they pose a danger to all of us. if you're a muslim who's going to syria, yes, you should be tracked. we should know what you're doing there, why you're going there. i don't think that's irresponsible. >> john, you want to jump in? >> and a stop gap measure at befs. homeland security, the whole notion of homeland security started by president bush, however, has been a failure. you don't protect yourself building walls. for triss yourself up hoping the enemy can't get through. you need to -- talked about it before -- name the enemy. declare total war and delegitimize the idea. gives up the will to fight. >> go ahead, michelle. >> i disagree. this is not all muslims. these are extreme muslims. they have an extreme point of view. that's who we should be going after. >> but aren't all muslims suspects? don't we look at all of them with some suspicion given the history of islamic -- >> we can't just go after every
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single muslim. >> isn't that what profiles is? >> a real-life example. at the airport, waiting in a long line. would anyone have a problem with a tsa officer saying, i'm not -- i'm kernen a the way you look. i want you to come into this line? anyone have a problem with that? i don't. if i'm picked for that line, by all means, check me, profile me. go ahead. >> eric, as i've said earlier. >> it's a combination of things. >> if you're suspicious of somebody -- in other words, this is an all-points bulletin out for a guy whos 6'3" wearing certain kinds of clothes and all that you're going to stop and ask all of those kind of people. it's natural. it's stupid not to. of course you're going to profile. that's what you should be doing. in addition to which we have neglected that in this country out of the, oh, yes, you've got to be fair and worry about this guy or just pick out people who are this way and that way. well, no. you are going to profile everybody who is committing a crime or is about to commit a
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crime by you think it's suspicious of committing a crime. >> last word -- go ahead. >> yeah. it's not just fairness it's actually being aware. if we close our eyes to the possibility they would be converting your next door neighbor or someone else, the people who say i didn't know my neighbor was a serial killer. yes, and any otherology ologid >> look at the boston bombers. home-grown. muslims -- a. growing threat of women happening, too. we need to be aware, need to address it. have a policy and implement it. >> certainly amount of resources to go around. can't profile everybody. focus on the common thread, the common thread happens to be muslim males. thieve it there. another amazing week on social media. this 30-minute show put town a bigger social media footprint than competitors networks did all day. think about it. 30 minutes twitter reach outperformed the full programming day of competitors
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the war on poverty is a flop. tax pacer spent $2 trillion in the past 50 years. more than 45 million people, 14.5% of all americans still living below the=h9÷ poverty li last year. 109 million americans, over one-third of the population, getting government assistance. a time to end the most expensive war in american history? >> i don't get it, eric. we can declare war on pov ted but not jihad. it's a failure to your point. you don't fix poverty by taking from one group and giving to another. the last 50 years have proven that'sthe poverty rate fallen by half before the war on poverty
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began. we spend $900 billion a year trying to fix the war on poverty. the poverty rate does not go down. the only thing that can make it go down, free market capitalism including for example getting rid of minimum wage. getting people back to work make them independent. not dependent on governmental funds. >> long as you keep people comfortable and things they don't have to work, what's the insensitive to work? >> a better deal to sit at home and collect a check than go out and get a job. we have over 45 million people on food stamps. one out of three americans live in a household that has some form of welfare. our policies right now should be focused on lifting people out of poverty. instead our policies are focused on making people feel more comfortable living in poverty. that shouldn't be our goal. >> yeah. and jessica, president obama made it easier for people to stay on these programs. he's lifted the work requirements. bill clinton institute add work requirement if you're getting
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some of theetz assistance programs you had to look like you're trying to work. president obama said, no, no. that's too honoris on recipients. meanwhile, we're scrolling through things considered people in poverty they have. almost one-third of the people in poverty are getting assistance have two cars. jessica, have we lowered or raised the bar to encompass more people getting assistance? >> no. that's what happened, we've actually sort of raised the level it used to be 50 years ago when the war on poverty started, if you were in poverty it meant you didn't have electricity, plumbing or access to education and a totally different world there. now we've actually made huge strides for everyone. so it's a boat that as it rises, everyone rises. that doesn't mean that these people are -- >> that -- but -- >> there are people. >> isn't that the point? >> are we going live in a
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utopian society where there be ever be people not no poverty? no. >> you're disincentivizing people to work. >> once we hit the 51% tipping point of people who vote getting stuff. it's all ober. how are you ever going to take it away? >> you're close to that, eric. 47% of people in the eyed do not pay any federal tax as all. close that that now. the haves, if you will, people working, supportingal people not working. you hit on something very good, though. in 2004, as you know, the clinton administration in conjunction with the congress passed a work requirement for people to get welfare. now that went away in 2004. why? i do not know. why was it not reinstituted? congress dropped the ball. administration's dropped the ball. of course that should work. that helped. got people back into the work force andpoverty.
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>> that period wayne and michelle referenced was the only time in the last 50 years you actually saw the poverty rate decline, eric. so free market capitalism is the only thing that can happen. the problem, this is up coulded in moral duty. don't you care about the poor? don't you want to help people in need? if you do, help them. it's wrong to use force which is what government is, to force people to help those who you think are in need. >> leave it there. coming up, new controversy in the national felon league. teams paying players in the middle of abuse scandals. maybe if they cut out the checks they'd cut out this nonsense. man when i got shingles it was something awful.
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way at the top of the hour. join us at noon. benched but still getting big bucks. nfl stars like adrian peterson still raking in $11 million this year despite not playing over allegations of domestic abuse. should they lose their pay too? >> i think so. look, the nfl's in a tough position because they have the media that's telling him they have to go but then there are the unions who say he deserves due process. you can't cut him off completely. they're trying to meet in the middle. i think he shouldn't get paid. >> you're involved in professional sports. what about pulling the paychecks of these guys? >> first of all, eric, i think domestic discussions like this are a private thing. i don't think it's any business of the government to get involved. in other words, unless someone
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has filed a charge and said, oh, you've assaulteded me or this person's assaulted me, it's a legal question. it's not would be of morals. if the people are going to pose their own judgment on what goes on between a man and a woman in private, i think that's insane. they've got to work it out themselves and let the courts do it if somebody files something. no, she though nthey should not >> i think they need to negotiate these contracts going forward with the business in mind. it's not a moral issue. this is a money and business issue not only for the teams but for the nfl itself. so with the current players, the way their contracts are structured, it just depends because each one is individual. they each one have mandatory, they automatically get that money. >> quick thought on this one. >> it's a business decision. is this player an asset or a liability. michael vet with the whole dog fights or -- what was it, that to me wasn't a major çliabilit. when you start talking about
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children and domestic violence, that's tremendously serious. >> i'll stay with you right there. that's the transition i wanted to make. open up another debate whether or not people -- whether or not people should be spanking their kids as a form of punishment. adrian peterson switched his 4-year-old son to the point of bleeding. yes or no. what about the spanking? what about a parent's right to do that? >> i'm no dr. spock, child rearing isn't my expertise. when kids are preconceptual, before they can use reason, a slight spank to the tissush isn going to be that big a deal. once kids get older, spanking for any -- is totally unacceptable in my opinion. >> your thoughts? >> i agree with jonathan. i think he's absolutely right. before the age of reason, you've got to get somebody's attention. when you train an animal, you use certain things. you use bait and switch.
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you've got to do the same thing with the kids. >> i went to jesuit high school. we were up on the loft of the gym and a kid was going on a out from under him and he fell on his butt. just then, the5p gym teacher sa, grab your ankles. i got a paddle to the back side i'll never forget. you know what else, michelle, i never messed around in gym again. it worked. i'm okay with it. >> my parents -- my parents were like that. but, you know, as soon as they got out the belt, i knew to shut up. my brother wasn't as fortunate. he got the belt. he turned out okay. as long as you're not making the child bleed and have terrible bruising. i don't think a little spanking is that bad. >> let's get our liberal opinion of this. jess, is there ever -- okay for a parent to discipline using a spank? >> discipline is always important. i grew up in the south.
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so my friends had to go and pitch their own switch before they got hit. i understand what that is. but there's a point where this is out of control and there's a legal issue here as well, a moral one. where you're talking about a small child or you're talking about a larger child and you cause them to bleed or to breeze bruise or things like that, that goes beyond discipline. that's the idea here. is it's not just training an animal. you wouldn't do that to an animal. we have animal abuse laws. if i did that, i would end up in jail. >> quick thought before we go. >> i agree with that. i think it's about the parents and the child and respecting that relationship. and when it comes to any type of violence, i mean, spanking is one thing. hitting is something completely different. thing that's unacceptable. >> quick thought, is this generational? >> i don't know, eric. it's interesting you say that. there's a movement certainly to a certain extent. now to be much more lenient with
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9:59 am to see stock picks. failed leadership. for months, we used wake-up america to shout from the top of our lungs a warning to obama that these isis terrorists are the real deal but nobody listened. then we saw the videos of americans beheaded. then stuff got real, real fast. just like the nfl knew about rice's violence against his fiance because there were police reports and they knew about reports of peterson's tendency to beat his defenseless kids because he has a history of that. then the video surfaced and the pictures of peterson's bloody 4-year-old son surfaced and stuff got real, real fast. the president didn't act until we americans saw fellow americans heads roll. the vikings and ravens didn't act until we nfl fans saw the videos and pictures and demanded action. leadership means seeing a problem before seeing tkí problem literally. the president's job is keeping us safe. do you feel safe? if not, he's failing america. the nfl's job is entertaining
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us. are you entertained by the pictures of domestic and child abuse? if not, they're failing america. maybe our leaders in d.c. and sports and business and entertainment can take a cue >> announcer: the following program is a paid advertisement for the shark rocket brought to you by euro-pro. >> [ laughs ] [ british accent ] this is me new dyson slim ultra-light vacuum. >> this is my new shark rocket. it's also an ultra-light vacuum. >> now, my dyson has no-loss-of-suction performance and go-anywhere versatility. >> same no-loss-of-suction and same go-anywhere versatility. but my shark rocket is the only ultra-light vacuum that can truly deep-clean carpets better than a full-size upright. >> deep-cleans carpets better than which full-size upright? >> lab testing proves that the shark rocket deep-cleans carpets even better than your full-size, $500 dyson.


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