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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  September 23, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm EDT

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president obama takes his war on coal to the united nations. it is the battle over climate change but in this fight the big polluters like china are absent. it is the big day for the president. he has already addressed the nation, is about to address let un and he will find time for a fund-raiser at a private residence in new york city. "varney and company" is about to begin. here is where we are. the president has addressed the nation. it is indy a hot war. interesting. no significant movement either way on wall street as the bombing of isis inside syria begins. now it is on to new york where the president will address the united nations. we have advanced word on what he is going to say. he will propose the war on coal, bringing greenhouse gas emissions to the lowest level in two decades.
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wind power production has tripled and solar energy has grown tenfold. greenepisco founder patrick more is with us. this sounds like a success for renewables. is it? >> not at all. solar has gone up ten times, still drop in the ocean. the real reason:as gone down and the missions of gone down is fracking for natural gas which people are also opposed to largely. the wind and solar is intermittent, is unreliable, is very expensive and the only reason it exists is because the utilities are forced by legislation to purchase it even though it costs a lot more than energy they could buy for less money. stuart: what chance does the president have of creating a coalition with other major polluters to pass some kind of global climate change deal through the united nations.
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>> china, india, japan, russia, canada, many world leaders have woken up to the fact that this is a complete waste of time and energy and we should get on with the issues around energy security and dealing with problems in the middle east. serious issues facing our civilization and climate change is not one of them. as a matter of fact the plan out there growing in the forest and fields would rather have ceo to four times higher than it is today for faster growth. a force in germany, they just released statistics, studied since 1870, very intensively, the trees in that force are growing 40% faster today than they did in 1870. most of that increased growth has occurred since 1960 during which time we had this increasing carbon dioxide levels with i don't call it polluting. i call it fertilizing. stuart: we don't hear your
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opinion or opinions like express very frequently with in the climate community. are you beginning to make an impression in that community? is your point of view beginning to emerge more strongly? >> it certainly is and one of the reasons for that, nearly 18 years with absolutely no increase in average global temperature during which time more than 20% of all carbon dioxide humans have ever emitted has been put into the atmosphere because it is going up very quickly in china and india in particular and if there is no warming and we put all that co2 into vms you sure the that brings into question this idea that there is a direct causal relationship between co2 levels and warming and if you look at the historical record millions, hundreds of millions into the past it is easy to see that there is no direct lockstep relationship between co2 levels and temperature. stuart: if that is the case where does the climate change
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movement go from here? >> they don't even seem to know. they are calling for climate action. they are saying the science is settled. these vacuous statements that actually did not give us any real direction to go. what do they want us to do? park all our cars? we have 1 billion vehicles in this world, just automobiles. another half billion other vehicles that depend on fossil fuels for our civilization to work every day. if there was an alternative that worked i would be in favor but i don't know of one. >> at the moment the climate action people are running the show. they are winning. and the society begins to rethink a clear idea of climate change. when is that going to happen.
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>> it is some kind of new religion. is a belief system. there's no actual evidence in the real world to support what they are saying. there is no catastrophe. there's just whether. we started with global warming and then it morph into climate change when it didn't get warmer and now that the climate isn't changing it is like as if every weather event is caused by carbon dioxide. even a cold, the polar for tax was caused by warming so there is no logic to it whatsoever. it is like an illogical belief system or fundamentalist religion. at some point people have to wake up and realize they're having global pulled over their eyes. stuart: patrick more, co-founder of green peas, thanks for joining us on big day, thank you. the president calls on the world to fight climate change, germany has shown that renewable energy, their experiment with it has failed. their energy bills have skyrocketed. wind and solar are not providing enough juice.
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the full story on that is coming up at 11:30 eastern on this n tg up at 11:30 eastern on this program. you are awaiting up on a new reality. america is at war. air strikes launched against isis terrorists in syria. five arab companies behind saudi arabia, jordan and united arab emirates joined in the fight. that is an alliance of five sunni states, shiite iran not involve, turkey not involved. pulitzer prize-winning journalist and fox news contributor judy miller joins us now. there is likely to be retaliation for this. french citizen hundred threat of the heading if the french don't stop the bombing. i guess we could say there's retaliation likely, test of obama's resolve. >> absolutely. he is finally doing now what he should have done two years ago. better late than never but i want to point out bombing is not a strategy. bombing is at tactic to get you
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to where you want to go. where does barack obama want to go? dpbos he want bashar al-assad i charge of syria, does he want the other groups to take over where isis now is? we can't get carried away with bobbing because the pictures are wonderful and we should have done it and bombing definitely does not encourage recruitment to foreign fighters. there will be below that, we must be prepared and we shouldn't confuse a tactic with the strategy. stuart: trying to read between the lines. if you want to ded bat and destroy isis you have to have quote nick. on the ground? >> you have to have a strategy that may involve boots on the ground, when we separated al qaeda from this zunis of iraq we did them by paying them and protecting them. we are not in a position to do bombinther in syria and not in
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position to follow the 100 americans who are calling to come back at some point if they are not killed. you need a comprehensive strategy that includes the department of homeland security domestic component and i haven't seen the president laid that out. stuarwe to keep going with this. can't back off. it is retaliation inside america rose tbe nder threat of execution, if there's that kind of retaliation that tests the president's resong.e. will he go forward? >> we will see. he got slammed into this. did not want to do this. he did this because he got caught out when he admitted he didn't have a strategy. he is not a wartime president and no longer going to say the tide of war is receding. he is in charge of this war but can he protect us at home? it takes at least 20 american law-enforcement people to surveil one for infighter who
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comes back. that is a lot of manpower and i think they will try and hit us at home. the bomber who was so effective in serrdi arabia, who was fighting with al qaeda, the rumor is he is gone to syria, therf.s no confirmation of that but we should look for a things like that, ways in which isis will retaliate against that. stuart: thank you very much indeed. with america at war, please take a lave k at defense stocks, they're up double-digit smith's calendar year, easily beating the s&p 500. some big names, look what they're doing now. lockheed martin is ade 0% this calendar yea, wa down today,de up on the year. it makes the $400 million per cong in airstrikes against tyson's last night. northrop gpdostsan is up 15% this calendar year. northrop is a leader in unmanned sr
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raytheon make missile defense systems, tomahawk missiles. general dynamics of 33e evand me all manner of military hardware for land, sea and air. moving on to a completely difd brent subject. we knew this was going to happen. the white house idrbjng new pdoles to prevent american companies from buying foreign companies, the rules affect any deals that are not finalized. g makers love the lowers overseas, several of them have been involved in these deals. and astra zenica, abbott labs, all of them on the downside. president obama, that denies me as a shareholder the full value i can get with from the company auinvested in. atharles: ignores the fact we
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have the highest corporate tax rate in the wosidd. german companies taking over american companies, excessive growth cheaper for them to be headquartered. can't stop that kind of thing. stuart: you cannot stop merck buying the other company, can stop it. charles: it is also political. it is extraordinarily arrogant and almost ignorant to thie sh this is the solution. we need corporations to bring money back home. thefirsre making so much money around world. so what if some of it goes to dividend or baki backs, going t job aveeation. >> a big jump of that, he won't let it happen. stuarwe wants to beat up on t csiness,
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not patriotic. make them pay. athasides: people in power will take this money out of them. stuart: we will see you later. lois lerner sar her job as the irs. she has done nothing wrong, fine says congressman darrell idra. if that is the case come to capitol hill and testify. after the break becky garrison, president of the tea party group targeted by the irs. >> i want to protect and preserve the americas that i gromp up in, the americas that people cross oceans and risk their lives to become a part of and i am tee
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that is the way you get the price of gold up, not an international incident. it too is higher on the back of this bombing of isis and syria but that is not a runaway rally. $91 a barrel for crude. after the big run-up ali baba shares losing some steam, a new low we hear. what is going on? nicole: $87. we are looking at 8702 for the ecommerce giant. the largest ipo ever hear on friday came in. and despite the fact it was up 45% in the first day of trading you see it selling off. lot of people expecting that, finding footing, goes into the ipo indices. they usually wait about a week before they have taken the new idea to eliminate that
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volatility in the meantime, jack ma becomes the richest following which started in 1999 with $67. and a multibillion-dollar man. we know jack ma and his team tried to take over the world and the bigger than walmart that have high posts, $87 a day. , done nothing lerner has wrong, she should have no problem testifying before congress. comments coming in to political where she said, quote, a didn't do anything wrong, i am proud of my career and the job i did for this country. becky garrett is with us, founder of the tea party, whose group was targeted by the irs. how did you feel when you first heard about what ms. lerner had said about politico? >> so many things went through my head when i read that article but i see it for what it is. it is a distraction. it is a puff piece to make laws lerner look to be the victim in
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the irs scandal but i don't care she is a brownie baking puppy loving person she needs to be held accountable for actions. she had been retired -- planning retirement for months, $2.5 million home, receives a pension of $100,000 a year which is twice the median income, she -- we are supposed to feel sorry for her because she can't get a job? they try to make her out to be apolitical but she has a long history of political targeting not only at the irs for four years and calling for conservatives crazy and a-holes but in 1996 she targeted a conservative senate candidate, brought a case against him and told him she would drop the case only if he would promise never to run for office again. of course he didn't back down and when a judge dismissed the
11:19 am
case, she hissed back to him to the candidate, we will get you. i think what bothered me the most, she's been two hours talking to politico about her innocence and how she is the victim. i think she was really a woman of integrity, she would sit down with congressional investigators and she would get to the truth, and if she really -- the selected integrity or is there someone above her making her not speak? stuart: i wonder if you are running out of hope to. this has dragged on for years now. frequently on this program we have raised the issue and asked when are we going to get the truth here? self far we haven't. have you given up hope we are going to get to the bottom of this thing in the near future? i don't think we are going to get to the bottom of it until president obama is out of the white house. >> that may be.
11:20 am
the thing with lois lerner is not only that he targeted conservatives during the election but she set a precedent in that the department of injustice is just winking at this as if it is okay which really set in stone the targeting political opponents is what government agencies do now. is so much bigger than what happened to us. i definitely am holding out hope. stuart: i want to reiterate that point. this is a very big deal. what is at stake is the argument that the president and/or his reelection campaign, the two of us together or separately, interfered with a presidential election to pressure and intimidate his political opponents. that is the charge. that is what we are trying to get to the bottom of and that is a huge issue constitutionally for the united states of america. thanks very much for joining us so frequently. we appreciate your efforts and i am sure we will see you again. >> always an honor.
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stuart: we have the dow industrials very little change, down 45 points on a day when america goes to war bombing isis in syria. time is money, 30 seconds. three tech headlines. a few years away from being able to have a digital twin. according to futurist john smart, by 2020 digital twins will make appointments and decisions and decisions for you. they can even have conversations on your behalf. so says a futuristic. two stories from 3d printing. nasa successfully sending the first with 3d printer to the international space station and ups announcing it will offer 3d printing at 100 stores across the country, you bring your plans to the store, plug it into the machine, a few hours later you get your printed item. web sites like twitter, facebook, tumbler becoming agents of social change but what happens when social media starts
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spreading dangerous ideas? where do you draw the line on free-speech? we will discuss that next. "hello. you can go ahead and put your bag right here."
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stuart: the dow is down 45 points. almost all the dow stocks are down except a couple of holdouts, goldman, and a are up ever so slightly. in moved to downside. you have 27 dow stocks down. we talked a lot about the good social media can do when it comes to promoting activism. what should those people do when the bad guys get involved. members of physis over twitter hash tags. the strategy and outreach program for tumbler. welcome to the program, glad to have you with us. we want to know, we are running the show, you are running a social network. when do you say we don't want that on social network. get it off, take it away. windier get the judgment to say
11:27 am
that? >> it is accused responsibility to manage a platform most people approach as a form of public forum as a new form of public space. it blurs the lines of little bit. stuart: that is the attraction. let people see. when youtube james foley, he created shock waves. most people get it off. what criteria do you have? what criteria do you have to say get off? >> the rules of the road we have in the public's fear, we have very clear community guidelines that every user has to agree to. periodically revised and every user to reiterate, and clear
11:28 am
what content is acceptable or unacceptable on the platform. a clear policy against gore and of those videos were absolutely no problem, and controversial to take down. we air on the side of freedom of expression, freedom of speech. tumbler perhaps even more than the other platforms because of some of its features can be the platform for self expression and we take that very seriously. we don't always make everyone happy in terms of making those calls but in this case it was a clear-cut decision. stuart: you are in a difficult position with a very tough job to do and i respect the job you are doing. let me go to the other side of the fence. tumbler is working on something today. trying to get more young people to register to vote. that is the good side of activism in social media. what are you doing? >> we are part of a coalition of
11:29 am
more than a thousand organizations and companies and that number is probably growing as we speak around national voter registration day which this year is lois third year of this national holiday and it has been considered a national holiday by the secretaries of state. and organizations across the political spectrum and non-partisan organizations. and the constituencies to registered to vote, and the exercise of democracy. >> at an end of the day, the number you signed up to vote? >> it was the first year of voter registration day. he had 100,000 registrations. stuart: is that a one day?
11:30 am
>> leaving of activation for couple days. several more in the next couple days. stuart: i'm glad you hit it head on. trying to get to grips with free-speech versus gore east of, take it down, take it out of a public forum. very interesting stuff. president obama will pushes environmentalist agenda at the united nations. here is a problem. some of the biggest players, germany, india, not attending part of the debate. a lot coming up shortly. one of the most recognizable names in football, carol mullins, he is here, he is live, a couple minutes away.
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stuart: i'm going to call is a modest loss to the dow. america goes to war bombing isis in syria down 50.
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first solar one of the stocks leading the s&p 500. it is a down day overall but first solar is up. hardly surprising when president obama is due in about an hour and a half to tote solar power. the expression frequently used not only will the world's biggest looters, china, india, russia noticeably absent, but green germany will not be there either. we are trying to find ways to clean energy, they just can't get enough juice out of wind and solar. the full story from washington. >> you look at the german example especially, this is heavily subsidized green energy back in 2011. you have germany take all of the nuclear reactors off-line. i have had to rely on the renewables and the expense has shot up.
11:36 am
germany scene for more than a decade as a leader especially on this issue. china, russia, we talk about the big carbon emitters, president obama is the only one giving a speech today. executive action for what the administration is going to be doing going forward with the power plant regulations but beyond that, this does not portend well for the agreements happening in paris. stuart: it seems the germans are up a creek on this one. the danger of earthquakes, they want to go entirely or mercifully wind energy. they depend on gas and russia. the worst energy position of any european power of any at that. >> they were so busy for the
11:37 am
other renewable resources. especially having taken all of that nuclear. it is a carbon free energy. to rely on renewables that is incredible. stuart: we're talking climate change, the religion thereof, father jonathan morris is with us. father jonathan is here at noon eastern giving us the spiritual perspective. shares of apple please, they sold a record six play and iphones over the weekend but many are being sold on the black market. lauren is here. lauren: it is an interesting story and it has been happening for years. i camped out reporting from the
11:38 am
lines and look at the lines that go dozens of blocks and you can't help but notice majority of people lined up are asian, chinese, elderly chinese. are they going to use the iphone for themselves? no, they're probably going to sell it to somebody on the streets or sell it back in china be at you cannot get the iphone 6 in china because apple hasn't received the government certifications they need. eventually they will do that but you are seeing this on internet sites upward of $2000 in china. stuart: people stand in line to get the iphone 6, take it away and handed over to some guy who will send it to china and makes $1000. >lauren: we have seen arrests from this. they pay in cash. this is a market we are tracking. stuart: i don't see anything wrong with this, possibly save a
11:39 am
product is in short supply, somebody will sell it where it is more valuable and make a killing. the you have a problem with this? charles: all the money in china, they would make a car specifically for the luxury market in china. the chinese women driving up the price of diamonds and gold and silver, luxury items and luxury goods. they've got a lot of money and want what we make. >>lauren: it is an iconic produt and they cannot have it. stuart: some of the people at the head of those lines employed by websites to advertise themselves were out of aerial in line formation. lauren: a lot of companies touting whatever, they take some of their employees, deck, out in colors and gear and have them send in the front of the line to know idiots like us will talk these people all day long for weeks leading up to the
11:40 am
iphone. stuart: you reporting on the line and we did point out they were entrepreneurial. lauren: and they were helpful, they knew a lot about the phone. i got an iphone 6 and i wanted to tell this to the people in line. go to the at&t store, there was no line, i got them like that. and there wer they are waiting . the phone is $200 on contract. they were going you paid $900 for that? no, i would not pay $900 for an apple iphone. stuart: you told people to go around the corner. lauren: should probably not have told people. stuart: here is the worst-case scenario for yo ebola from the .
11:41 am
that will be a pandemic, wouldn't it? dr. marc siegel on that next. guys! you're not gonna believe this! watch this. sam always gives you the good news in person, bad news in email. good news -- fedex has flat rate shipping. it's called fedex one rate. and it's affordable. sounds great. [ cell phone typing ] [ typing continues ] [ whoosh ] [ cell phones buzz, chirp ] and we have to work the weekend. great. more good news -- it's friday!
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11:43 am
the s&p down two points, the nasdaq composite three points at the moment. take a look at general motors moving the cadillac headquarters from detroit to new york mostly sales and marketing. production will remain in detroit. earnings movers include carnival cruise lines raising the guidance going forward. people spending more on ford. carmax down after the company has been dropping. and dick's sporting goods saying the market share could be slipping to amazon and even alabama. down 1.1%. we will be covering ebola, the worst-case scenario in just four months.
11:44 am
11:45 am
stuart: so much for contempt. the latest projections have the ebola epidemi epidemics gettingh worse. cdc says 21,000 cases by the end of september in liberia and sierra leone alone. in the worst-case scenario, 1.4 million cases there by january the 20th. the doctor is in joining us now. now that is a worst-case scenario. keep saying that but that would be a pandemic, wouldn't it? >> a pandemic has to do with a number of countries involved. there is already an epidemic. they say 500,000 cases, but that is without intervention.
11:46 am
the hundreds of facilities is going to help, all of this public health resources from around the world is going to help, all the money is going to help but this underlines the announcements today underlined how huge a problem it is and before you tell me i was underestimating it, i wasn't. i don't believe it won't go airborne. it is a big problem because of these regions and lack of public health and the fear. the more we bring in official military type people, the more we risk inciting fear. stuart: are you opposed the military facilities facilities in west africa? >> i want to be careful the message we send. i am more interested i in the public health officials coming in to teach people in the area how to take care of people.
11:47 am
historically in the middle ages, military response hundreds of years ago we are calling off areas making people panic. this has to be done in a way that spreads information, not fear. stuart: are you saying don't coordinate areas off? don't do that? >> we should restrict air travel, i would like to see no big rope around the country, but i am all for stopping air travel to these countries, yes. you have got to intervene on the ground. what are the people who intervene on the ground doing? i want them to build hospitals and facilities. stuart: have we got time? >> no, it has to be now. it is burdening out of control. it is a big problem. it has been compared to hiv.
11:48 am
hiv spreads silently, you don't even know it is being spread. with ebola you cannot spread it without having symptoms. that will help with containment. it is not as easy to spread as hiv. stuart: what circumstances would create that worst-case scenario? what circumstances would create that? >> my messages the people who come in rather than containing, you're going to see more cases. i want the public health officials and the military in the region to work on the message, not on the fear message. it is about containment is getting people isolated who are sick and those who have been exposed to it isolated. most of the people in the region all they know is something bad is going on, something terrible is going on. we have to teach them what is going on and how to treat it. stuart: if it is not just you
11:49 am
can't get it by contact with somebody who has the symptoms, if it becomes an airborne thing, we can catch it from a sneeze or a cough 20 yards away, that is the moment of panic, that is where it totally makes out so i feel guilty sometimes imagining this. >> that to be a huge problem if it were to become airborne. that is extremely unlikely. stuart: why do you say it is so unlikely? don't these things mutate very rapidly? >> here is the science of it. influenza mutates very rapidly. ebola has been the same since 1976. it has been basically unchanged since 1976. could it mutate? it is extremely unlikely though. stuart: could there be a different strain that emerges?
11:50 am
>> there are five strains, four of them go human to human. i predict we will see mainly this one. the fifth stays in apes and primates. this is the worst one. and it is bad. up to 50% mortality rate, death rate, treat the patient early, get them intravenous. we still have some vaccines in the works, they are being fast tracked over the next year. if we vaccinate everybody in west africa against this ebola virus a year from now that will make a big difference. stuart: virtually impossible, wouldn't it? >> it is something we should be wishing for. public health officials have to isolate people who are sick, not spread fear. stuart: thank you very much. after the break president obama may be waging a war on call, but
11:51 am
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11:55 am
industries. look at peabody down 66%. down from five years ago. all for natural resources down 92% in five years and the big one down a whopping 95% under president obama's leadership. jeff flock joining us live, outside of a plant in hammond, indiana. could clean coal technology open that place up again? >> they're already deconstructing it, this is the state line power plant between indiana and illinois. one of the nation's biggest electric generator, that is going away. unintended consequences for the environmentalists because the use of the technology is enabling the plans now to burn
11:56 am
illinois call which is more dirty. they could not burn it before because it was too dirty to burn. eventually burns better. they can use it to use that. there is the use of coal from the illinois basin. look at the map, it is a huge deposit of coal. that could be 160 years worth of coal for the nation. it is now they are, because of the clean coal technology being employed, it will be able to be used again. stuart: i take it the environmentalists don't like clean coal because of the ability it is not clean and they do not like coal period.
11:57 am
>> i happen to be in the middle of the road on this but it is here be at look at how much is being used around the world, these are the trains, transports you can see up there. our coal is going overseas as well as in the u.s., used in europe on the rise, we're not getting rid of it anytime soon. make it as environmentally friendly as possible, let's move on. stuart: thank you very much, indeed. much more on climate change in the next hour including father jonathan morris. and is that belief system clouding our political and financial decision-making? plus u.s. launches airstrikes against isis in syria. president obama is a wartime president. a lot going on in hour two which is two minutes away.
11:58 am
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stuart: terrorists behead our citizens, terrorists publicly threatening homeland, america challenge at home and abroad, barack obama is now a wartime president. climate change is considered an equal threat from the president on down carbon emissions rank right up there as a threat to the world. really? the possibility of climate disaster in the future is as dangerous as terror atrocity now? really? perhaps a generation of indoctrination, our children have been taught the planet is doomed because of human activity, environmentalism has become a religion. some perspective is needed and we will supply it. >> they just released the statistics studied since 1870
12:01 pm
very intensively. the trees are growing 40% faster today than they did in 1870, most of that increase growth has occurred since 1960 in which time increase in carbon dioxide levels so i don't call it polluting, i call it fertilizing. stuart: the cofounder of greenpeace giving us a scientific perception. now the environmentalism seems to me has become a religion, use they what? >> i am an environmentalist. i am, i believe environmental movement heavily stolen the flag from judeo-christian ethic of affecting creation of a steward of creation.
12:02 pm
moving out those ethics in god man, god woman who said this is our new god. stuart: yes. they kids are being told we must respect the planet, i believe that is only one step away from worshiping mother earth. >> that, of course. let me give you purely anecdotal but there was a big rally in new york city the other day, huge. i walked through it addressed like this. i got heckled for my stance on abortion. by a number of people. yelling at me for my stance on abortion. new line with other groups that would like to what the name and the word of god away from our society so we can do whatever we want. stuart: in schools you cannot
12:03 pm
worship the creator, but you can worship the creation in that is my point, it is being taught as a religion. missing the aftereffects of indoctrination. >> love how you put it, i usually like to disagree with you but religion has to do with a knowledge that comes from other places besides just the senses. you jumped an understanding of things by faith. when you do that based on environment with them, not scientific proof to back up, second be called a religion. stuart: when i was going to change this? >> w we're doing this right now. charles: i have six children. they come out of it with an understanding that mother earth has to be protected, must be
12:04 pm
almost worship, it gets to that level, you have to almost worship planet earth and i don't see any change coming. the elites have grab hold of this and are running with it and they will not let go. >> who is in charge of the public system? the union that is ideologically driven. stuart: i'm going to drag you to the bottom half of this hour. we're not going to want to miss this, by the way. neil cavuto is going to interview sir richard branson that will be tonight on the fox business network. not much of a reaction to the bombing overnight. look at the s&p 500, it is down only a fraction, .1%.
12:05 pm
yahoo owns 60% of alibaba. up $5 at $12.23, that is it. as for the yield, 2.54%. actually falling as we speak. back to those airstrikes in syria, he is working with a coalition to pay down the terrorists. they're all joining in the fight, this is unprecedented alliance, sunni alliance in the war against terror. this is an interesting coalition because it is all sunni. what do you make of that?
12:06 pm
>> turkey is busy supporting turkey. it is important because who is eventually going to take control of iraq and push the isis aside has to be the sunnis, it will not be the shiite army under the iraqi government in baghdad. stuart: i get the impression the president is being dragged into this kicking and screaming, partners are not that happy about all of this and the coalition' is extremely limited. >> there is footage of firepower, but an army that is much larger than the taliban before 9/11, stomach. stuart: the president is pursuing a policy in line for the positive people of america want. they don't want to send an army to evade and crush isis, do
12:07 pm
they? >> certainly not if you have a half-baked plan. what comes next? by bombing the is and not going after assad, we are creating a void assad can fill. stuart: what should we do? what should we do here? you're going to bite the bullet and crush them on their own home turf? >> you have to explain how we got here. obama was handed and iraq, 3500 iraqi murders per year -- excuse me, per month, down to 500. this got a great situation to inherit. but all of those and before we have a big policy, would not put at risk a single american life.
12:08 pm
stuart: do you think america is at war with islam? >> not islam but the political theory -- stuart: do you think american people see it that way? >> i don't think it has been defined. american people instinctively know what is going on. they know it is an islamic government that is evil and they know that about the other terrorist groups but the political in washington don't. stuart: thank you for being here. tonight making money with charles payne, talking defense stocks all up big this year. is he buying, should you buy? 6:00 p.m. eastern on the day america bombs isis in syria, he is talking defense stocks. back to jonathan morris on the ebola epidemic. sierra leone could have 1000 cases by the end of january next year. that is a worst-case scenario.
12:09 pm
christian missionaries going to africa for centuries, and they are in the hot zone right now, aren't they? >> they are. this amazing to see the missionaries now going and putting their life on the line, missionaries who are going and risking their own lives in order to deal with this tremendous epidemic. they have always been on the ground in africa when nobody else would. i know they are extremely active on the ground, those of the people we should be working with, people who have been there before the epidemic and who will be there after we leave. stuart: you have it took sitting on a set right here, the way of serenity. new book. >> it is. i talk a lot about the contentious issues. rarely care about most is the
12:10 pm
ordered salz, we see so much disorder in the world but in the end if our soul is in order, we can live in serenity, that is why i believe in heaven. based on the serenity prayer. and he was adopted by double-a and made famous. sobriety first and foremost, but an ordering of the soul and a giving up of my control over situation i can control. i believe this prayer leads us to acceptance, courage and wisdom is a window into the soul of god that can help all of us. i think scott had not had to
12:11 pm
deal with alcoholism. stuart: father jonathan morris "the way of serenity." here's what we have for you the rest of the hour. the bogeyman, right? the koch brothers launch a new ad campaign to improve their image after being repeatedly attacked by the democrats. and a digital twin? able to make decisions for you, even speak for you in your own voice, does that sound like science fiction? it could be just a few years away. and 3d printing. so what will our astronauts be printing? find out. and after the upcoming breaks, a
12:12 pm
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12:15 pm
stuart: you are not buying used cars like you used to. disappointing profits at carmax, how bad is it? nicole: down 9.3%, you certainly did not want to see that, the growth we have been seeing for carmax and sales of used cars has been slowing. we cannot blame it on the five this one last saturday. stuart: i tell you what, i think it is because the average age of cars on the road in america now is 11 years. you don't buy a used one. nicole: is that true? stuart: the oldest fleet in america ever. that is my opinion. nicole: that makes more sense. titus subprime lending hurts
12:16 pm
carmax as well, so you can throw that in there. we are seeing the sales are weaker. stuart: thank you. a new app is called teen safe letting parents monitor everything a kid this do on their phones. install the app, link it to your child i to the count, parents can see where the kid is and what they have done on the phone, even messages that were deleted, you can see it. joined by the ceo of teen safe. welcome to the program. i am a father, i get a hold of my children's itunes account password or whatever that is, put it in here, i can install the app on my kids phone and i can see everything. >> that is almost it.
12:17 pm
you take their password, were able to show you the text and locations in real time. one of the things particularly the iphone sometimes companies offer this thing it show breaks the phone. for us it is dum done by loggino the computer. with a most far parents do, we believe in open dialogue. you could do it discreetly, yes. is a choice you as a parent would have to make.
12:18 pm
when my seven-year-old has a phone, w we're watching out for you, she will feel more protected knowing. stuart: i could check up on anybody, couldn't i? i could check up on all those people without them knowing, it is a spying device. >> that is possible, but we're only focusing on parents. we are extremely conscientious. and the other side we have a privacy issue, we have to protect the privacy of the kids. we keep it in a black box, we cannot be the judge of that but if you look at our marketing, or only focus on the parents.
12:19 pm
we have had over half a million downloads. stuart: so they are up there checking out. they are a free trial and a subscription service. $15 per month. teen thank you so much, stuart. stuart: president obama ball to address the nation on climate change. coming up after the break, another place where politico dogma is being pushed. also next line the most recognizable names in football. terrel owens. he is here. many was not afraid to speak his mind.
12:20 pm
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12:24 pm
this into a father jonathan morris had to say about it. >> the fringes of the movement have stolen the flag from the judeo-christian ethic of protecting creation of god's creation and instead they emptied out all their interpersonal ethics in god man, god woman relationship and said this is our new god. stuart: we are joined now by kevin. first of all, my premise, where mentalism is being taught as a religion in our schools, would you argue with me on that? >> i will not argue with you but the context is important. you had all of these people talk about this issue, but the person you referenced is most important. we need parents to weigh in on whether or not these issues are
12:25 pm
important, they are the ultimate decider whethe for the not the curriculum works and if the teachers make sense and nobody want to talk about the parents. stuart: at the moment the parents don't have a say on if i mentalisenvironmentalism is taur not. >> they don't have a say and that is the problem. you know those in texas are now minority and over 80% of those kids are not proficient. we should not just be focus on curriculum, but whether or not they can read and write because they cannot comprehend a lot of what is going on. stuart: what is okay to teach kids in school about climate change or carbon emissions, what is okay? >> that is the issue and that is not for me to say, frankly it is not for you to say. each parent should be able to make that choice.
12:26 pm
they should run the gamut the parents to that choice. the problem is we have to be people who are in charge of curriculum, too many people in charge of school districts trying to dictate those choices. check the big board, we started america with our allies bombing isis in syria last night. a new reaction to that news down 50 on the dow, holding 17,121. let's go to the nfl. what they knew or did not know about the ray rice incident. come on in, please. asterisk nfl player terrel owens. controversial guy. welcome to the program, i want to start on the serious deal we have going on here. what do you say about the
12:27 pm
players who abuse their wives and children off the field, what do you say about this? >> in terms of the players and wise, i don't condone them at all. stuart: we have chris carter on television saying get him off the field, and he was adamant about it. you say what? >> he was a guy who had off the field issues himself so a guy like that who has had some experiences i guess you can have some sort of a rant, but the other issue you raised is how kids are raised in terms of the adrian peterson case. i don't really condone warping a child to the extent of bruising and bleeding to that nature, but on the flipside of that i grew up in a household where i was
12:28 pm
somewhat a victim of beatings or whippings to that extent in terms of with switches, i heard growing up guys getting with with extension cords, things of that nature. that is the nature of how we were raised and i understood adrian peterson when he said he is trying to discipline his child how he was raised. now you have all these issues with all these kids, you think of domestic violence and these off the field problems. if we are raising our kids the way you were raised in terms of how they were talking about, there wouldn't have these issues in the nfl. you have to be careful in terms of how you deal with it. stuart: there are tight rules and regulations governing the violence on the field.
12:29 pm
as a global brand, i think we are held to higher standards. looked at as a superhero. don't you think other families are doing the same thing adrian peterson has done? to be honest and that was the case, he is getting disciplined, the way he has been disciplined for disciplining his child, that is the case, they would go and get my grandmother and lock her up because she will be and disciplined me just if not worse than what adrian peterson did to his kids. you have to use your level of discretion in terms of the age of the kid. stuart: you have to stay within the law too.
12:30 pm
we appreciate your honesty because it is a very serious issue and thank you very much for coming on with us. you have a clothing line? >> absolutely, i'm trying to be entrepreneurial post-football. stuart: you are welcome on this program. >> i have tried to incorporate this clothing ithat to do. for right now the message of what to do, that is my logo and design is really giving kids from the age 7-18 or 19 to give them the blueprint of what it takes to get to that in the level. some are not genetically or gifted, like the adrian peterson, lebron. they are not gifted to where you can step on the field and be a star right away. for myself a lot of people probably think i did the same thing. stuart: you are a star, even i know that.
12:31 pm
you were a wide receiver. >> but i had to work my butt off to get to the point where i am now. it took a lot of hard work and i want to give these kids, i want to give back the message and all this right here is to motivate, that is what i want to give back to kids. stuart: good luck on your clothing line. thank you for being with us. >> i'm going to get you one of these shirts. stuart: i will wear it. not on the air, but i will wear one. do you want to do this job? >> no, i will let you have that. stuart: thank you. you are a good man, thank you very much. this headline jumped out at me this morning. five years away from having our own digital twin.
12:32 pm
a computer making decisions for you, speaking for you, console and loved ones after you die. do you believe that? details next. whenwork with equity experts who work with regional experts who work with portfolio management experts
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12:36 pm
on 52 points on the day we start bombing a racist in syria. not much reaction. same with the s&p 500, down 0.2%. we always look in the price of gold in this time of overseas crises, not doing much today. scott kennedy is with us from chicago. in my opinion for what it is worth the price of gold only goes up sharply when you have a, inflation, or b, a big decline in the dollar. overseas prices don't make any more. >> we saw that happen, a short foot for those who wanted to cover their shorts or we call them week shorts and you'd know it doesn't work out for them. something bigger for you, we
12:37 pm
have these commodity prices. and happening to the livestock. when we see these commodity prices, a lot of times they could be the canary in the coal mine and giving us an idea what is to come. i am sitting here comfortably because i think with what we have happening in the commodity sector we have big bumps ahead for this economy and i think we're talking about rates later wrappers and sooner when it comes christmas time and we see we haven't gotten any inflation we try to buy it, we couldn't do it but you have deflationary instead. stuart: come back tomorrow. we have more time for you on this one. it is very important, thanks. this may sound like a crazy question but i will ask. how would you like to have a veritable twin? that would be a digital, physical copy of yourself which can activate personal
12:38 pm
assistance. take care of things, make appointments, console loved ones when you die. futurist john smart says it could be a reality. we could see this technology with in six years. how about that? makerbought's board member, bulls machines workshop. first of all before we get to these characters, 3d printed in which you make a movie of them. a digital twin? what do you make of that? >> i love to automate things. i have automated manufacturing, i love automated things, the things i don't want to do i love to make robots do them. i have to say i am all for the idea of a digital assistant, automatically schedule meetings and stuff but i draw the line at consoling loved ones. i don't need the robots -- stuart: the futurist says we can get a computer that knows me,
12:39 pm
knows my mind, knows my life patterns, can imitate them and therefore work for me in certain situations. is that -- >> you could call it in, say at home and ceo digital 20 the coming soon. >> what you have got there, let me get a camera on this. those are 3d printed characters. i you talking about maybe -- i know you will put these in a movie but could you make a 3d printed character of me and get a computer to analyze my style, my life and have me talking out of one of those characters? >> be careful what you ask for. we have a scanner in our retail store where we can scan your head and make a digital copy of view conlan as print out a model of you and next thing you know,
12:40 pm
we have many varney year. stuart: they are 3d. >> this is margot. you can download her. she is a hero, like a cross between nancy drew and that man. stuart: those things we see on our set, you put them in a movie. >> in the tradition of teenage me and ninja turtles and transformers, we are starting with the models, the characters, after we start talking to them. >> bold machines, innovation workshop. they push the edges, to make partners and see what we can automate in the world and make happen with 3d printing. stuart: those are elaborate,
12:41 pm
solid, gizmos $0.10 worth. and sophisticated design. >> that is what we are going for, furniture designers, jewelry designers and the prototype that we made. the future is full of things that you and i can make. that haven't been made before. it will be exciting. stuart: come back and show us good stuff. thank you very much indeed. president obama launches airstrikes in syria when congress is not in session. those libertarians are upset and i will challenge one after the break, nothing they can do about it. he has gone to war. [ male announcer ] some come here
12:42 pm
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12:43 pm
might not seem so big after all. ♪ nicole: i am nicole petallides at the stock exchange, stocks down across the board, the dow is down 47 points, 17,125. let's take a look at the names that may be related to some tougher rules on in version, trying to move abroad to get better tax rates. times endicott and empire to the downside the masters at the down 4%. apple, the funds in final stages of approval in china. they did not want sales. stock is up 165 at 10272.
12:44 pm
no word when they will be available but sounds like good news. and gotten fda approval of 24% this week. ali baba, new low, $87. ow... my scalp hurts. my hair hurts. this is what it can be like to have shingles. a painful, blistering, rash.
12:45 pm
look at me. she's embarrassed by the way she looks. if you had chickenpox, the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. as you get older, your immune system weakens and it loses its ability to keep the shingles virus in check. well i had to go to the eye doctor last week and i have to go back today. the doctor's worried its so close to her eye. the shingles rash can last up to 30 days. it hurts. it's hard. don't wait until you someone you love develops shingles. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your risk. >> let's go the real halftime report. michael robertson joins us from san francisco. we see ali baba right now at $87
12:46 pm
a share, down from the 92 that it was that on friday, day one. where is it going from here? >> down. we talked last week, the average retail investor i would avoid this. and it is really volatile, investors are concerned about the china growth story. long-term ali baba will be a winner but in the short term, i would not get this position. stuart: what price might you buy it at? >> 72. i would buy if they didn't get stupid or cheat or get staggered entries when i bought certain percentage of certain price, and generally, the first six months, go back and get stupid sheep i would pick it up. stuart: long-term is it going to be another google? is it going to be another apple? takeoff over the next five, six,
12:47 pm
seven years? is that what investors can look to? >> the margins are amazing. the earnings growth are increasing earnings in the last quarter. 100% earnings, stock could double in the next three years but you got to get through the first six months. stuart: a huge day for us. yes indeed, we got air strikes against isis in syria. virtually no financial reaction to that i got to say. bowls, loyal, stocks not moving despite what happened. let's bring in matt kilby, president of freedom works. i think you believe that the president should have gone to congress to get authorization for this bombing of isis in syria. you are a libertarian. he didn't do that. he has done it. what are you going to do about it?
12:48 pm
>> the hypocrisy of the president is striking on this because remember candidate obama was quite clear the war powers rested with congress and there's a reason for that. a debate that public cooling-off period where we discuss the consequences of our actions are very important. everything this administration has done in foreign policy on would argue has destabilized the situation in the middle east and to this day, the question is what is congress going to do about it? will someone have the courage to step forward and congress has this authority, the administration does not. >> what could congress do about it? your position is almost irrelevant. forgive me for being harsh but it is almost irrelevant. it has been done last night, authorization or not, he has done it. would you going to do now? impeach the man? it won't happen. >> you are making a broader argument, the rule of law seems irrelevant particularly under
12:49 pm
this presidency. we need to reestablish the fact that the executive's powers are limited and congress is not only the authority to go to war but legislate from congress, we don't legislate from the executive branch. stuart: that is a problem with you libertarians. i agree in principle, very principled people, free markets, free people, the constitution. you are irrelevant in several instances when you are talking after the fact. see where i am coming from? >> think about what freedom works is, we are community organizers. our job is to mobilize people, politics and even presidential election is a lagging indicator where the american people are. we create a referendum where there will be consequences, negative and intended consequences to what the president is doing today. we will have that conversation after the fact. that will be that teachable movement.
12:50 pm
stuart: where's rand paul? i associated with the libertarian wing? >> the things the president should have gone to congress. stuart: what will he do about it? >> he is going to push this from the senate floor, he is going to push it as he takes it to the campaign trail. stuart: a principal libertarian as usual. thanks for joining us. let's see what we got now. we have the dow down 65 points, further down but not huge sell-off, bearing in mind and his background. then the coke brothers, bogeymen of the left wanting an ad campaign of terror and. is not political. it is about their products. wire they doing that? we have an answer for you next but look at this. >> we build on each other's ideas to create more opportunities for people everywhere. together we are koch. means ken transactions flowing. and when weather hits, it's data mayhem.
12:51 pm
but airlines running hp end-to-end solutions are always calm during a storm. so if your business deals with the unexpected, hp big data and cloud solutions make sure you always know what's coming - and are ready for it. make it matter. hi, are we still on for tomorrow? tomorrow. quick look at the weather. nice day, beautiful tomorrow. tomorrow is full of promise. we can come back tomorrrow. and we promise to keep it that way. driven to preserve the environment, csx moves a ton of freight nearly 450 miles on one gallon of fuel. what a day. can't wait til tomorrow.
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12:53 pm
12:54 pm
stuart: a big name you know but may not know, we second, let me start again. big-name for you that frequently is the target of parts liberals, that big a name working on changing its image. roll tape. >> you may not always see our name on the products you use the we help make better food, clothing, shelter, technology and other necessities. here we build on each other's
12:55 pm
ideas to create more opportunities for people everywhere. together, we are koch. stuart: koch industries, the koch brothers. joining us from wichita, kan. prof. malcolm harris, longtime observer of the koch brothers. why are they doing this now? >> it helps to remember is that they are a very large company. koch industries is bigger than ibm, chrysler, hewlett-packard in terms of revenue. they have 60,000 employees in 90 countries, they are growing very fast. they're one of the most efficient companies in the country said they are generating lots of capital. they bought a company for $7.2 billion so that they are constantly needing new talents. historically since they are primarily a business to business market they didn't need to be known.
12:56 pm
they don't sell much to final consumers. stuart: are they doing this in response to the demonization, harry reid has stood on the senate floor and demonized the koch brothers. are they putting forward a different image because they are getting hurt by harry reid? >> and others have attacked them. if the company says quite clearly that they have not seen it hindering their recruiting efforts but they're busy growing and need talents. last year they had 200 interns in wichita, 300 in the country as a whole. university students were in there. when they acquired georgia pacific in 2005 they realized they needed to have a bench of talents. stuart: do they object to being demonized and want to put their best foot forward and put out an
12:57 pm
ad that makes them regular people? >> if they were asking my advice i would say that is extremely prudent. it is not what the company perceives as a problem. however, when i talk to students coming into which it talked thinking about going to friends university of brag about the company, we have great companies and it is a marvelous market for doing internships and so on and i also warn them politically the left is attacking the koch brothers. i don't know who the right is going to attack the this is politics. look at the company. don't look at the politics. stuart: thanks for joining us. is an important issue after this demonization of these two guys. appreciate it. more varney coming up next.
12:58 pm
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out of time, running up against 1:00 eastern time but i have time to say now here is dierdre bolton. dierdre: thank you for that hand off. a lot of national news, president obama will be speaking on climate change at the un headquarters ahead of a 2015 agreement. the u.s. and a coalition of arab nations are striking islamic states in syria, one hedge fund manager will tell you how he is measuring risk. on a lighter note the future of apple's music is in focus. industry experts will give you his take on the potential reprinting. at the un president obama is expected to call on world leaders to address climate change. rich edson with me from the white house. the un secretary general has asked world leaders to come to the summit and announce a bold action commitment that they will be taking in their country. which issues are getting the most attention? >>


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