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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  September 26, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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1:00 p.m. eastern time. 10 a.m. specific. thanks for joining us this week. melissa francis has you covered all the next hour. "money" starts now. you. breeding lone wolves. fbi warns americans are being recruited without ever needing to leave home. could aol be the answer. chicago at a standstill. a bizarre event canceled hundreds of flights and stopped air traffic in the midwest. we're live at o'hare airport. the anti-facebook. we'll introduce you to the mysterious invite-only social network with zero ads everyone is obsessing about. peter respond -- peta responds, responds to this ball. even when they say it's not, it is always about money.
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melissa: military strikes against isis move proving more costly than first expected the pentagon upping price tag to $10 million a day, higher than initial estimates. president obama rallying support for his strategy with another national tv appearance, with approval ratings hovering near personal lows. he will appear on "60 minutes" this sunday. here to discuss it all, charlie gasparino, james freeman of "the wall street journal," james frischling, president of new oak. "60 minutes," is this the way to go? james, go ahead. charlie passes on that. >> so. >> i think, $10 million a day, that's fine. of the probably ought to be a little higher right now where out in the open. remember we're not, this is not a discussion whether we ought to try to run syria or runner rack. it is just, do we want to take out terrorists who would like to kill us? at that price, 3.6 billion a year, less than 1% of the defense budget. melissa: how about taking strategy to "60 minutes" on sunday. >> better than going on in
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between two firms where he took the health care debate. this probably better venue. the. melissa: what does it say to you though? steve kroft but they have been pretty soft lately. it says that you're going to a friendly crowd. >> something cheap about this though. you need money. you need to get the nation behind you to do something. you need your democratic base. so you go to "60 minutes?" >> i think nation, i think, i think the nation got behind and money is really not an issue. melissa: no, i'm surprised he didn't go to jon stewart. >> what is the difference? so much trivializing what we have here. we have a massive terrorist threat. we have a self-financing. there is huge business story here about how these guys, basically get away with selling stuff to other people, who by the way, if there is ever reason to bring back the cia and assassinate people it is now. kill the people that they sell the oil to. if we catch a rich sheikh in
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qatar and send the cia in there and blow his brains out. melissa: i don't know about that. >> you don't know about that? when they crash into another building you will agree with that. melissa: to me says he is focusing on his approval, the messaging, the image and optics and reality -- >> what reality is -- melissa: in a bunker working on this, not "60 minutes." >> the reality they have to kill more of them than they kill of us. the reality if we really want to make a statement around the world, do what mossad up, and every now and then blow some guy's brains out. >> it is concern that too often political. if you look at team around him there is not a lot of people with experience in this area. let's hope he gives a good case. melissa: marisa mayer hangover may be getting a lot worse. activist investor starboard is looking to explore a merger with tech relic aol. it is voicing concerns about mayer's acquisition strategy. that is insulting, you know what you need? what would make you better? aol.
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like dial-up will improve your business. >> one plus one hopefully better than two. melissa: you are texting. what are you doing over here in we're in the middle after segment. put your phone down. participate, what is going on here? >> i'm participating. >> neither one of -- >> i just said we should kill people. melissa: who are you tweeting right now? who are you texting? what are you doing there? i will take this away. >> somebody gives us information. melissa: give that to me. >> gives us information. melissa: what is your opinion on aol and yahoo!? >> i think it is like, you know the, two tallest midgets in the room getting together. these are both crummy companies. less's face it. there is reason why yahoo!'s stock went down, when alibaba happened. it own ad major piece of alibaba. people don't trust this company. it is nothing. what do people use yahoo! for? i kind of like the finance part. other than that it is done. >> valuations are kind of high for tech companies that are not young and not really growing that fast. >> not doing anything. >> i would say -- >> they're not doing anything.
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did i not answer that right? melissa: i'm in. that was fine. i feel like i need to confiscate your phone. >> we have -- melissa: now on to the story. charlie's full attention for. bond king bill gross making surprising departure from pimco, swapping long-term phone from his post at janus capital. not just wall street that is affected. pimco oversees investments for, this is why everybody out there, this is why this story matters to you. you may not know who bill gross is but they manage investments for millions and millions of retirement savers. public and private pension plans, educational institutions. you, you probably have money with pimco. this is why this matters. charlie, go. >> also matters, correct me if i'm wrong, after the fed, who controls interest rates in this country? guys like bill gross. bill gross runs one of the biggest bond funds. if you notice, announced leaving this morning, bond yields went up. prices went down. this is big from that
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standpoint. a fascinating story. there is lots of stuff about him being fired tomorrow. melissa: right. >> i don't believe that. >> you don't believe that. >> i think this what happened. both side hated each other. i know internally bill gross was resisting attempts, he created pimco, sold it to allianz, the big german bank. resisting attempts by allianz to have succession plan. bill gross wanted to be there as forever. he looks at himself as warren buffett, will do it 15 years. he is 70 years old. the rubber met the road. melissa: do you think the rubber met the road when he started writing investment letters about his dead cat bob, who happened to be a girl? do you have a picture? kind of like he lost it. >> he might have lot it. i don't think if he lost it to janus which is publicly-traded mutual fund company. melissa: there is the cat. he wrote about the cat always watched him. >> you know what i think happened? he was telling pimco, that he is sick of them he will run his show his way.
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that is what he was saying. >> i think also, maybe a reminder that, he struggled the last few years. there have been investmentout flows. >> right. >> the fact you're quirky, weird, whatever you want to call it, doesn't mean you can't make money for investor. what the market says allianz has lost ad big asset and janus gained that one. >> definitely saying that. melissa: became increasingly that the firm's leadership and bill have fundamental differences how to take pimco forward. that is not a nice departure letter. >> eight months of consecutive investor outflows. an sec investigation into asset mispricing. all good things have to come to an end. in the spirit of derek jeter it was time for bill to move on. melissa: okay. >> i think it was more than that. him not agreeing some day, some day he might have to leave and people there want to take his job that are younger. at that point, you both sides move on. melissa: apple shifting its setting to panic mode, respond
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so-called ben-gate, inviting press into secret iphone torture chamber. they brought the press in and showed them where they, tested the phones to prove that they, sat on them properly before they sent them out to people. they began to break. this is very unlike apple. this caught our attention. normally they don't make any apologies. they do what they do. first they denied there was a problem. then they invited media in to see this it is like they're panicking. >> we haven't seen anything like this at apple since antenna-gate which was about four years ago. melissa: they didn't respond this way. they didn't invite you in to see where antennas were invested. >> that is worse. you don't make calls. they work and bend still work. with the exception of fact iphone 6 is biggest rollout they ever had for the iphone. >> i don't look at it as panic. melissa: no? >> they're welcoming story and opening people in and they have a good story. this is massive product launch.
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nine phones out of how many million they ship? melissa: new york heavyweights playing game of musical chairs. charlie gasparino has scoop on this i didn't give him his phone back. he is focused. >> as new york city mayor because because is talking, people around him that he wants to be governor of new york state. what fox business network learned that wall street guy wants to be new york city mayor. howard lutnick. head of cantor fitzgerald. from what i understand, lutnick is telling other wall street financiers, people he might want to race money from he is planning to do it. like to talk to them in the future. he told them he has a shadow sort of campaign finance staff ready to go. so this is interesting. howard lutnick as you know, every year we do a shot, fox business does this thing where lutnick does a charity event for 9/11. very controversial, not just for that but for other things. a lot of people were part of that 9/11 fund are still mad at howard lutnick saying he did not give back a lot of money to
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families. cantor fitzgerald had massive launches during 9/11 attack. melissa: he would have been there himself that day if not dropping his son off at school. >> i don't think they're mad at minimum for that. they're mad about the money part. howard would come in here say we have given a lot of money away. be that as it may, a lot of guys come and gone on wall street, dick grasso was new york stock exchange, and left. this guy has been there 25, 30 years at same firm. melissa: okay. >> from what i understand he wants to cap off career as new york city mayor. he would run as republican. melissa: based on that i will give this back to you. it is buzzing. but you're in for another segment. during the break. i want it back. >> like it is howard. melissa: drop it like it is hot. gas prices heading below 3 bucks a gallon. how long will the relief at the pump last? rapper is joining with forces with jared leto. what could those crazy kids be up to.
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melissa: stocks at session highs. the dow up triple digits. let's go to nicole petallides on
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the floor of the new york stock exchange. we've seen a big move here in last couple minutes. what is going on? >> we have. vix index taking a breather. at this point we're erasing losses we've seen for the week. part part of this at least is nike. nike continues to gain throughout the day and bringing the dow up along with it. right now nike is up 11.6%. great sales number, great profit. outlook of orders going forward. they anticipate doing well with that. high margin sneakers and stuff. boots for soccer have done very well for them. that is something going forward. as nike is gaining it is bringing the dow up along with it. earlier today i reported it was 52 points to the dow. now it is about over 60 points. it is accounting for about half of the dow's gains all by itself. that being said, it is worth noting that despite the fact we've had a great day for the bulls, we're still down for the week about 200 points. back to you. melissa: nicole, thanks so much. so this is it.
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a sure sign of the top. snoop dogg, yes, snoop dogg, wants to help you invest in the stock market. let that sink in for a second. the rapper joining winner oscar winner jared leto in a investors in a new app called robin hood makes to aim trading stocks simple and freeport average joe. charlie gasparino is back. scott martin from unite advisors. jonathan hoenig from capitalist pig. both fox news contributors. when i hear snoop dog, first thing i think of is investing advice. isn't that who you want to invest alongside of? >> in snoop, some of husband trust, melissa. that is what you've seen. look at the line so to speak around the block of people that want to download this app it is pretty substantial. people will actually try this. i don't know if it will work. as old saying goes, nothing is free. would be great to go on there and trade stocks and do things like uber, kind of like a
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uber-like idea. you need good advice and good information. a lot of people could lose their butt on this thing. melissa: forgive me being suspicious. when i see -- >> got nothing to do with trading. melissa: go ahead. >> got nothing to do with trading stocks. you remember the era, melissa. this is exactly what this is. be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy. they used to say the guy at the post office, or taxi driver is talking about stocks, time to get out. now we have snoop dog talking about stocks. melissa: snoop dogg, jared leto. letting you trade for free. letting people trade on margin. >> why do you need them to trade? melissa: i don't know. >> i just don't understand it. maybe they give you a little bit of a break. remind me of one of the credit cards that charge zero interest and goes up to 20% in a week. melissa: that's what i'm worried about. >> i would say this. i remember all the networks were doing stories great investor
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former baseball player lenny dykstra is. you know where he is? bankrupt. >> not playing centerfield. >> not even investing anymore. would i say this maybe these folks have best of intentions. but you know -- melissa: maybe they don't. i don't know. >> maybe they don't. almost doesn't matter to me. investing is a different sport. investing is a sport where, when a fad comes your way you ignore it. you do, do this pretty logically. melissa: okay. >> getting involved with snoop dogg is never logic. melissa: blackberry defying odds. shares of the company amid signs of turn around efforts might finally be working? i'm sure the square phone will push it over the top. what do you think, jonathan. >> old soldiers, melissa, they don't die. they just fade away. blackberry has been fading away for years now. perfect example what happens when a company, technology gets usurped by other technology. what i foresee for blackberry is exactly what we saw with sun
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microsystems a decade plus ago, quiet understated buyout by much larger concern makes blackberry go away. that is the way the markets are. melissa: revenue fell 42% year-over-year. somehow that was good news. charlie gasparino. >> the stock price is pretty interesting. they were a penny stock, right, not too long ago. i will say this. on thing.agree with jonathan. i know a lot of people like blackberry. there is something about a blackberry. when i talk to people, they like the way to feel. melissa: the thing i confiscated is not a blackberry. >> charlie, who is lining up for blackberry? >> jonathan i agree with you. >> tens of millions of subscribers though worldwide, guys. >> the first thing you say when you get one of these, these touch things, i miss my blackberry. i'm telling you. melissa: i almost got it again. >> can't bend it either by the way. the blackberry does not bend. melissa: that's true. thanks for sharing. coca-cola share a coke campaign
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is being credited with a 2% surge in u.s. sales according to an analyst at wells fargo. this was a huge victory. you could go and find a bottle of coke with your name on it or not in my case. although i onethought one said melissa on ebay. i think someone drank with it. charlie gasparino, do you have a coke with your name. >> i don't do coke. melissa: leave that there and move on to scott quickly. >> i do not have one with my name on it. i do drink coca-cola, melissa. sugary are on the outs. food police are after them. they're trying to drop calories and sugar content which will not make them taste good. melissa: this was a good gimmick america jonathan. they printed special things on labels. people bought more. give them credit. >> they are able to make what we know as commodity, all of sudden for a moment, feel personalized. melissa: there you go. >> when it comes to marketing in general, when you think it all has been tried before, this pretty simple solution ended up having quite a boost to coke's bottom line. melissa: thank you so much.
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melissa: flights slowly resuming at airports in chicago after fire causes thousands of delays and cancellations. jeff flock live at o'hare airport with the latest. how is the situation now? >> very slow. i'll tell you, they're getting
2:24 pm
back, you say getting back to normal. not really. it is an an extraordinary picture, if you look this is world's busiest airport, regained its title this week, not a plane to be seen. you will see one. flights have resumed, if laurie is able to see it way out there in the distance coming in for a landing. here is the lowdown on the shutdown. flights have resumed although in very limited fashion. this was not a terrorist attack. it was a disgruntled contractor who had access to the facility, the air traffic facility in aurora. set fire to it and apparently slashed his own wrist. so we haven't confirmed that yet. a thousand plus cancellations here at o'hare and midway in chicago as well. and, i'll tell you, southwest by the way not even starting flights again until 8:00 eastern tonight. and in my view, melissa, we're going to be well into the weekend. we talked to a lot of passengers. because flights are so heavily booked now, when you get a
2:25 pm
shutdown like this, there is no way getting them rebooked anytime soon. people are look at sunday, monday, tuesday next week. i saw one come down. i was starting to hear a takeoff. i can hear it but can't see it. there is another landing coming. we've resumed but very slow pace. this is the worst possible place for a shutdown, melissa. that is what happened here today. melissa: jeff flock, thank you so much for that report. i want to turn your attention to the markets. all three major averages are climbing. quite the reversal after yesterday's steep selloff, had the dow closing down 264 points. look at that. a lot of climb we've seen in the past 30 minutes or so within the dow, nike really rocketing higher. it is up about 11%. some other big winners in there. coca-cola having a great day. home depot up better than 1%. exxonmobil leading the charge as well. jpmorgan, nike far and away the biggest winner. we want to show you the market. we're seeing quite a rebound
2:26 pm
here. look at that, just within the last few minutes going even higher. good news for drivers at the pump. gas prices sputtering to a seven-month low. in fact the national average for retail unleaded gas now, $3.34 a gallon. is that a dime cheaper than a month ago. oil guru, phil flynn joins us. >> phil what is behind this? >> it is about u.s. oil production. melissa: everything going on in the middle east. normally you see oil prices jump on the back of that. >> yeah. melissa: are drivers going to be feeling that?
2:27 pm
>> no. they're not. i mean, i'm telling you what. melissa, if this had happened even five years ago, we probably would have saw the cost of a gallon of gas go up 50 cents or a dollar a gallon almost overnight. that is not happening. we've got the buffer here in the u.s. it is u.s. oil production and u.s. refiners. i'll tell you what, u.s. refiners done a fantastic job even though they're not totally set up to take advantage of this crude. they're producing more gasoline in this country than they ever have before. that is keeping prices down. i'll tell you what. i said it before. i think we're entering a new era of lower gasoline prices. we'll not see the big price spikes like we've seen in the past. melissa: oh, boy. >> every time i say that i jinx some refinery somewhere blowing up. melissa: absolutely. >> every time that happens. we lost a refinery. sorry about that. melissa: phil flynn, thank you very much. have a great weekend. melissa: homegrown terror reaches new heights as lone involves don't have to leave their home to make an impact.
2:28 pm
plus the threat against the new york subway. we take to the streets to see how americans react to the latest warning. "piles of money" coming right up. when the world moves, futures move first. learn futures from experienced pros with dedicated chats and daily live webinars. and trade with paper money to test-drive the market. all on thinkorswim from td ameritrade.
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>> there is no credible information about any specific threat to the new york subway system. the subway system is safe to ride. >> so that was new york governor addressing the iraqi's claims of an immanent threat. as the threat lingers, we want to see what you think. so money took to the streets. >> it's not going to happen. it's not going to happen. >> i don't think that's going to happen, no. either way, i can't do anything about it.
2:32 pm
>> i don't have any concerns about using the subway. my husband is a service member, and they're here to keep us safe. and especially when i went to pen station, i saw the army. >> for more on this, we have bill daley. peter, let me start with you. what's your reaction to that threat specifically on the subways? >> well, obviously we needed to run it to ground. it turns out that it doesn't happen to have as much substance as we first had thought. but you have to take these threats seriously. we have to be concerned perhaps in an international sense about iraqi intelligence perhaps was there a political element to what the prime minister said because amping up the threat to isis to the united states. but i do believe we do have a significant international threat to the united states whether it's from isis down the word.
2:33 pm
>> and bill, i'll ask you because you're an fbi veteran and the fbi is saying that the threat has changed. it's these lone wolf attackers. they don't need to go to to syria, the middle east to learn these tactics. now with the internet you can learn how to do all these attacks through social media. i mean, how serious is that specific threat in your mind? >> i think that's probably right on top of the list next to people returning from being foreign fighters and coming to the u.s. or traveling from europe and been trained over there. there's one threat that came out yesterday. as peter said, this is indicative that there is an ongoing focus on our major cities. although the specifics of those threats haven't manifested themselves. they're out there. the people like the homegrown people are good examples of
2:34 pm
that. look at boston. the most self-motivated. >> extremists are using the web. they're using social media to train and recruit people. to me, there's a digital footprint. if you're trolling these sites and talking back and forth, doesn't it mean you're leaving evidence on the web of what you're doing, and does it make it easier to catch these people? >> you're right, but the fact of the matter is is that there are people who can go around that. people are very capable today in the cyber world and there are ways to mislead people and circumvent leaving footprints. so we have to be very cautious about that. and you're right people can be radicalized and recruited and build a bomb in their mom's kitchen. >> bill, there has been this
2:35 pm
twitter war, the social media war where isis and other similar groups have gone on and recruited people. at the same time we started think again, where they were tweeting out very graphic pictures things that these extremists groups have done to other muslims in order to say, here are the atrocities that you're signing up for. still, it's our government tweeting out gruesome pictures. >> in this war on terry, there are many campaigns you have to launch. one has to be this counterencouragement campaign, if you will, on the other hand you have to say, if you are printing out these horrific pictures, if this is what someone is treakd to, you're almost encouraging them. i don't want to dismiss. everything from community outreach in the u.s. to working with our allies, to putting out
2:36 pm
contrary marketing information to try and deter people. i think the intention is good. i think we have to wait to see if it proves itself. >> it is of some controversy, melissa. obviously, we've been dealing with this for a long, long time. i think they probably have talked to people who have some sort of insights of what encourages or discourages radicalization. >> i hope you're right. >> gentleman, thank you. the fbi warning how apple and google may be endanger lives by blocking criminal investigation. plus the social circle that has everyone talking right now. take a look at the new site that is out to conquer facebook. tend of the day it's all about money.
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2:38 pm
>> i'm melissa francis with your fox business brief. nike after a huge jump in sales purchases rose 70 percent last year. it allowed shoppers to customize their shoes in seemingly endless ways. the fbi is blaming apple by blocking access to phones.
2:39 pm
new forms of -- had to access to it. the fbi says that information is needed to solve various crimes. google's eric schmidt will be talking to neil cavuto about that at eighth 8:00 p.m. there is a new machine in time for the holidays able to brew a lot of coffee 25789. that is the latest in fox business network.
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2:41 pm
>> take a look at stocks rocketing higher right now. the dow climbing. we have been watching it all hour. we're now at 200 points. it's the biggest gain since march. all three major averages currently at highs. the dow gains boosting the s&p higher. there are a little bit up on nasdaq. we're keeping an eye on the market. say hello to the newest social media network on the black block. everyone is buzzing about he will zero. some are calling it a -- thank you so much for joining us. how are you going to make money. so you don't sell ads. it doesn't cost to join. right? >> no, it's totally free. all you need is a heartbeat and
2:42 pm
an invitation from someone else. >> so how are you going to make money. >> it's a little alike the app store in a way. the network is totally free to use. if you go to to the home page it features all that we have. it's pretty simple. every so often we'll put up special features that someone might want. it keeps ello very simple and uncomplicate the. you have the features you want and you'll never have to look at another advertising again if you don't want to. >> if you're goin going to makee or $2 on these features over time. it doesn't sound like a sustainable business plan. the show is called money so i can't get off this angle, paul. >> i get it. you can make quite a bit of money from that if you need to. one of the interesting things about data is it's more interesting than ung you think. we have thousands and thousands of users who have suggested features. >> it's by invitation only.
2:43 pm
i was looking at something that says you're averaging 20,000 requests per hour. >> it's at 50,000 right now. >> 50,000 an hour, it's not really that exclusive. it sounds like you can invite anyone to come on. >> it's not exclusive at all. it's in beta, it was only released n6 weeks ago. it's kind of buggy here and there. we're fixing things as we go. we're putting in new features as we go. we're telling our users what works and wharnlingsz. >> why are you a facebook killer. >> i don't think we are. we don't consider ourselves competing with facebook at all. we see facebook as an advertising platform not a social network. >> okay. >> so, you know, facebook is run basically to sell ads and that means it tiffs to the customer and the user is what is being
2:44 pm
bout and sold. >> they're the product. >> yeah. and ello we're just making a social network that's fun to use. >> paul, good luck to you. thank you. so ello is here to stay. here now samantha kelly is here with us. >> i think again the money aspect like you mentioned is sort of one that's hard to wrap your mind around because i think at the same time companies like facebook and twitter, they need the advertising because, you know, if there's a glitch especially we've seen recently with apple, you need the equipment, you need the resources for people to come in and have a reliable network. and incidence the money aspect is up in the air, i think that is a major challenge. >> scott, what do you think. it's an interesting idea. what he says is true. if you're not paying for a service, you're not the customer, you're the product. right? >> you are. and that's true. i think the point he brought up
2:45 pm
about making it a kind offal acart service is kind of cool. because it's similar like he said to the app store. obviously stuff you don't buy, you don't get. here's the issue wide receiver there is a site out there that kind of reminds me of this. it's tumbler. and tumbler isn't doing poorly compared to facebook. because at the end of the day, i think the whole point of these sites you do want to sell that content. that's where the buck starts. >> samantha, do you think they have to find another way to make money. >> i do. and they keep saying people are the product with facebook. and i think that's right. but then at the same time, you're opting into these things if you're posting stories about politics or religion. if you're letting people tag you, you're opting into that too. i think facebook is trying to find a line there, and i think that's something we'll have to deal with. >> we have to go.
2:46 pm
let's check in with liz. >> well, absolutely and, of course, the markets rain here. they do not erase the losses from yesterday. look at the nasdaq, look at the dow. thank god for nike. let's say our blessings for nike. which is creating more than 50 points of gains for the dow industrial. but it's the technology sector a lot of juicy developments. yahoo has another activist investor. well, now, a brand-new activist investor wants to put these two together. the head of aol and marissa meyers saying unlock the value at yahoo. yahoo is tricky on this one. both stocks are moving higher. colin guiltins is the top analyst who looks at all these names and more. we originally have him coming on
2:47 pm
talking about blackberry and he will. blackberry is up. narrower than expected. colin is going to talk about approximate blackberry. and, messy melissa, is popcorn the new you can't nola. we've got the ceo -- brand-new flavors. wait until you see the top newest flavors. come. it will be smell and taste with a test. >> russia threatening to turn off the gas. the new york city mayor under fire for what are some calling the groundhog cover up conspiracy. peta will weigh in. next smart money on the way. you're driving along,
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>> every corner of the globe money is flying around the world today starting in russia, which is still unwilling to supply gas to ukraine. the two countries are in serious talks to get a solution before the start of winter where the ukrainians will need gas to stay warm. the two sides are running out of time. over to syria leone which has quarantined a third of its people in an effort to contain ebola. 2 million citizens have been sealed off. and their movements have been heavily restricted. north korea where kim jong-un has not been seen for weeks.
2:52 pm
his recent absence from a high level meeting raised eyebrows. no one has seen him since september 3rd and some speculate. another around the world story that we've mentioned to you yesterday, the running of the bulls. how peta wants to swap out the bull run in spain. a 220-pound ball. peta spokesperson ashley joins me now. it looks ridiculous. i'm going to come out and say it. it looks like a giant run away ball of mozzarella is chafing people down the street. this is the idea to replace the bull. >> when you think about it, the running of the bulls is ridiculous. i mean, why would you hold an event -- >> more so than this. i got you. the running of the bulls, i know
2:53 pm
it's a tradition. seems really stupid to me. they're definitely going to kill you. someone is going to get hurt. i guess the visual is very dramatic, but very scary in my mind. where there other ideas that you guys kicked around. >> well, they have been replaced with everything from tomato throwing festivals to the giant balls here. but what's really ridiculous is the idea that we would release a a bunch of dangerous ideas in the street to torment and frighten them until they chase people until they are very often gored and killed. >> i hear you. i think we should workshop some more ideas. the groundhog cover up. bill de blasio dropped the groundhog earlier this year. we were led to believe the hog known as chuck, which was actually a female.
2:54 pm
was alive at the zoo, but in fact chuck died just days before the incident. ashley, i know you were upset about this. look at that. the fall right there. >> we have been after this organization and we still are to stop harassing groundhogs for stupid stunts. we're sure the mayor cowho cares about animals is devastated to learn about what happened. >> it feels there is a cover pick up. they said the groundhog died of acute internal injuries consistent with a fall. are you angry with the mayor? >> no, we're angry with the organizers because the news came out yesterday said the mayor's office learned about this as well. and, again, the organizers have known for years that this is absolutely no way to be treating using their influence to encourage respect for wildlife. in the wake of these disturbing
2:55 pm
news, we have asked the staten island zoo to implement a policy where no animals will be used like this. >> groundhogs are right 90 percent of the time still no good. >> i think we have slightly advanced ways to tell. jarks thank you for coming on. it is professional and practical the suits used just one of the delights we have in stores. to make sure you get the most bang for your buck this week. fashionable money to come. don't go away. [ breathing deeply ]
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2:59 pm
>> it's a suit. more of a onesies. i bet charlie gasparino has one of these. >> i think it's called the suitsie. do you wear a diaper under that? scott martin, what do you think? >> i don't know if i can comment on that. right up there with the famous inventions of the slugy. the slanket. i might try it. >> what do you think? >> tech meets fashion. selfie versus sombrero, a glittering pink hat, perfect for picture taking. >> are you going to get one of those and wear it? >> i was thinking about it, the pink put me off a little bit. >> scott martin, what do you think of that one? >> the thing looks completely ridiculous. you know what's funny, there are so many bad selfie takes in
3:00 pm
this world, maybe that fixes the problem and teaches them how to do it right. >> absolutely. i hope you're making money. the market is rocketing higher, up 183 points. "countdown" starts right now. . liz: good afternoon, everybody. i'm liz claman, one hour to go on a pretty huge day for the markets. we had a huge day to the yeste. today it's to the upside, the dow is having the best day in six to seven months making another triple digit move. take a look the the dow industrials. only merck and pfizer, red, the west we widen the screen, the rest of the dow industrials all moving higher. but it is nike in the top left corner, that's the big throne corner, up nearly 10 points to $89.70. do


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