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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  October 28, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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spiriva helps me breathe better. sfx: blowing sound. does breathing with copd... ...weigh you down? don't wait ask your doctor about spiriva handihaler. >> tonight on cavuto, where czar you? where is our tom rich for this terror? he's here, of course. this chief is itchy to get something off his chest about how we're screwing up his response. another terry i'd saying situation. keith alexander says in a world full of ad, the nsa could be doing some good if we just let it. and one week out, are republicans about to take democrats out? senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, hear exclusively as what a majority leader he could do especially with regard to the health care law.
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monday night's football turning into political football. see the prime time ad that got our fans riled up. cavuto kicks off now. welcome, everybody i'm neil cavuto. pump it up because the price at the pump keeps going down. most gas stations see gas prices below three bucks a gallon. below three bucks a gallon consistently now too. good news for shoppers because now they'll have more money presumably to shop. which is costco and walmart are excited. they can see the dollar signs. unfortunately a lot of oil rich states can see the dollar signs too. not the dollars coming in, but out. a lot of job growth have come to expect goes down. still i'm excited more than bummed, and here's why it gives consumers a break when they need it most ahead of the holiday season when they'll open their wallet, so good for retailers,
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good for santa. good for kids expecting things from santa. good for parents getting a break from santa. good for the economy to use the consumer to get it out of this lackluster recovery ditch. all that while sticking opec right up the, you know what. what is not to love? there are more pros than cons. so play out the rest of this falling gas prices good news scenario. >> neil, it's very, very positive. in 2009, i was paying $4 a gallon for gas. now, i'm paying less than three. that's a 20-dollar savings every time i fill up. for the average consumer, it's about $20 a week for savings. that's money they can spend at walmart or kmart or target? neil: how about is your tank? c5a? i digress. >> the point it's like a
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tax cut. companies make more money. it grows their businesses. it causes them to create jobs and it puts upward pressure on income. so not only do we pay less at the pump and have more money in our pockets, maybe if you're unemployed this allows for a job for you to take. maybe it increases your wages. it is a wynn situation. neil: you know, if it stays low or if it kips going lower, play that out for me. play that out if it's a worldwide phenomenon. >> first we have the shell oil companies (?) in north dakota and other places around our country. what happens with them is they're still on a rise. gas prices to have go down a good bit more so they continue to grow. i would expect them to continue to grow their oil production. opec, saudi arabia, they have doubled their production just to hang onto market share. so with shale oil
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increasing from energy independent standpoint that puts us in a good position. if you love america, and i do, energy independence is a good thing for it. so that's very, very positive. neil: the whatever gas prices take away, they give it back. they start moving up either on global tensions or whatever, and that this is all going to be short-lived. if that happens, then everything good becomes bad. right? >> well, it could neil, but we're talking about stopping quantitative easing. the dollar gets stronger if we stop printing money. and that puts downward pressure on gas prices. if that were to happen, there's even more money in our pockets. that would be a very positive -- a very positive thing. so the dollar getting stronger, gas prices going down, that's the shot in the arm this economy needs. i hope it works out that way. i hope we stop printing money. it will be positive for
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our economy. neil: these are average prices. more than half the stations across the country they are below $3 a gallon. that's what we meant by average. meanwhile, while democrats might not be capitalizing on falling gas prices, don't be surprised if it proves the wind on the end of the road. veronica with us. tracy byrnes. tracy, what do you think. >> i think the democrats will try to take credit for it. china, india, not buying so much. saudi arabia has pulled pretty firm what they're selling it at. neil: you're being intellectual about it. people see the price at the pump. >> but they won't say it's the democrats. neil: i think you're a hater. it always benefits the party in power. >> the oil prices are a
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lose lose for democrats. if it goes up it's not because the economy is great, it's because of some stupid policy or business rule. neil: but it gives them more room to put taxes on it. >> if it goes down the presumption by the liberal side they squeezed out a baby seal. it's because of drilling in every hole you can find in approximatively and all these gas states. they don't want to sell that. neil: you know they squeezed that -- how do you live with yourself? >> they can't brag about it. it's a shame. >> they've got more money in their pockets these days. that's a good thing for them. neil: that's all i was saying. >> i don't know if they'll attribute it to a specific party. i got more money, maybe i can go out to dinner more often, maybe i can go on vacation maybe i can pay back my overdue bills.
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neil: fine. what i'm saying is, you know, when the democrats get together for their convention in a couple years, tracy, they'll look at this and say, and you can explain all these numbers that the unemployment is what it is, that the job wages are meager, but -- but they're up from what they are that housing is still pathetic, but it's better than what it was, they can make a case along with the gas prices, i'm not championing one party over the other, under our watch. >> during our years, we did these great things. at the end of the day, i know what you're saying, it's not enough to change my lifestyle these gas prices coming down. a couple penny here and there. >> i still -- i'm not seeing it. psychologically speaking the price of gas hasan overweight affect on people's minds. neil: you see it every day. it's different for you. you plug your car in and
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say, find me an outlet. >> me and george clooney cruising around our -- i'm a little jet legged. anyway the savings on the low interest rates is much, much higher than this 20-dollar a week gas garbage. don't wish the rates to go higher. if gas goes any lower, something big in the recession. somebody is in a bad strait. neil: what is driving this? >> a lot of it is the -- >> i tried to tell you. >> a lot of it besides the production the big fortunately is the commodity trade is over. people lost a lot of money in this stupid pro inflation trade the last few years. neil: you're worst than by reasons. >> that money is leaving the table. driving the prices down. >> get banks to be a bear on it and the herd follows the bear. neil: when we come back, it's 8:00 p.m. do you know where the
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czar is? tom ridge on how the guy in charge who is in charge is missing in action and people are demanding action. and did mitch mcconnell just say he won't rip obamacare from its roots after all. what he just told me he'll do and maybe not do when it comes to the signature law of the land if he ever becomes the majority leader of the us senate.
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>> we're talking about his seventh day on the job, earn didn't get the chance to take the weekend off. that's somebody that since wednesday has been very hard at work in coordinating the whole of government approach that the government has
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mandated for responding to the ebola situation. neil: the white house spokesperson josh earnest trying to explain the whereabouts of ron klain. he is our ebola czar. and i'd have no problem with his lack of a medical background. i have a problem with finding out where he is. even in the new york daily news making funny of it. where the hell czar you. we knew where he was and what he was thinking at a time when our nation seemed on the security brink our first homeland security -- of pennsylvania. governor good to have you. we had general honoree and he said you just need someone out there who is giving you a clear direction. (?) we don't have that. >> obviously we're right back to his experience in katrina. i relate back to my own
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in anthrax. i was in the white house for a couple weeks. and i wasn't doing my job as effectively as i should have because we had multiple voices within the administration talking about anthrax. neil: you had to bring those two characters together? >> we need to speak with one voice. when you have different people speak on behalf of the administration it gets lost in the air. they're a little confused. the czar challenge is perhaps the administration doesn't know how quite to handle it. they want to treat the military one way and the other people another way. i want to talk to a single person from the government, but i'm getting mixed signals from the administration. neil: you had that military background as well. not blowing you smoke. i'm wondering how we see through the smoke on this. you get governors so frustrated by -- they take matters into their own hands and get beaten into the press.
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chris christie comes to mind. quarantining and then unquarantining a woman. at the behest of the krbd. not at the behest of the cdc. he looks like he's all over the map. >> the most important principle is not only did governor christie articulated, but six governors have articulated that if the federal government can't give me a clear, precise, policy. then i'm going to adopt my own. there are several that have said, look, you're heroes and her ions to expose yourself to that pathogen to risk your life. the world needs to be thankful to that humanity, but when you come back to our state, we'll put you in quarantine for 21-days. it's risk management. the risk is low, but the peril is great. for the time being, this is what you're going to do. neil: it makes perfect sense to me governor. (?)
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i'm not trying to slap these governors who have come up with this. what confuses me, that was their message, that go through the full incubation period then we'll take you out of quarantine. this nurse was ebola-free. and she was out. so someone obviously told governor christie, you can't be that black and white on this stuff. go slow. don't be cavalier. >> i want to go back the broad principle that governor christie has articulated and has been embraced by others. at the end of the day it's my understanding that she is still quarantined in her own home. so i think the point of it is, you don't want, whether it's a hospital or a home someplace else, you don't want them -- neil: they're driving in public. >> look, first of all, there's a lot of controversy in decision around banning people from that part of the world coming into the
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states. federal government is no, no. cdc said no, no. then you have an administration that says we'll treat the military one way. we have to treat civilians so you have this mixed message from the administration. if i'm the ebola czar, what could i articulate? neil: people forget, that whole office was established to try to get everyone on the same page, get competing allegiances and egos to sort of share information and work ultimately through you as the first guy. and it did work. you were clear, consistent voice. now, it's a bunch of people -- not disparaging democrats or republicans, but i don't know what the drill is because the drill keeps changing and the people making the statements keeps changing. >> i have enormous respect for the professionals at nih and cdc, but ebola is not a new pathogen. and i realize it always
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happened over there just like terrorism was over there, but one would have thought, given the genius and the expertise that we have in both those institutions, they would have thought about a protocol in the event -- if you're interested in manning that potential risk -- in the event that happened. it's quite clear they had no protocol. before you lay it at the floor of the ebola czar, you have to look at the cdc and the nhi and say, where have you been? ebola has been out there for a long time and you don't have a clear protocol. that confusion has trickled down to the administration that doesn't have a clear message. this accomplished lawyer is trying to sort through it. neil: they offered you the title czar. you turned it down. governor, it's always a pleasure. thank you very much. i don't think anyone had -- talk about inheriting a not that i can remember coming into office. first one, he did not accept the czar thing. he liked to be called
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omnipotent. meanwhile, if the republicans take the senate next week, if that were to happen, i want you to meet the guy who could be calling the shot and shooting down, but everyone of the president's big spending initiatives. which do you think that is? senator mitch mcconnell next.
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neil: all right. you didn't hear from me, but there's an election a week out. regardless of who wins, you would think the affordable care act is not long in this world. republican voters hoping that a republican senate would begin dismantling the law, but senator mitch mcconnell saying even if they gain control of the senate easier said than done dismantling it. >> remember who is in the office obviously he won't sign a reappeal. there are pieces of it that are extremely unpopular with the public that the senate ought to have a chance to vote on. trying to restore the 40 hour workweek. voting on whether or not we should continue the individual mandate which people hate and despise. i think obamacare is the
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single worst -- neil: reappealing the medical tax might be the more doable of those options when it comes to the affordable care act, a whole dismantling likely unlikely. >> well, it would take 60 votes in the senate. and it would take a presidential signature. no one thinks we'll get that. yeah, we'll be voting on that sort of thing, but he's the president of the united states until january of 2017 and people need to understand that that constrains our ability to do for this law what we'd like to do which is get rid of it. neil: i think he thought aca was the affordable corvette act. it's weird. anyway so what did you think not the corvette thing that if you think this will be ripped from its roots it won't be in
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the next two years. >> he's right. you've got nine governors adopting that whole thing. the republicans don't have a better option. what are they going to do to block this? they'll try to reappeal this. that won't work. they'll lose party support on that. they don't have enough meat to go to the table with this thing. he's right to chop it up and try to get rid of some of the pieces. neil: maybe that's the best we can hope for. >> this is the president's core legislative policy. this is his crowning achievement in his eyes. he's not going to sign it away. this is here to say. what's sad, so many millennials, which this policy was designed to help can't benefit from it because they can't afford it. the premiums are too expensive -- neil: if everyone is saying what you're saying, on the left and right and the young and old, but it's here to say, why is that a given? >> first of all, they're blaming it on the white house. when the white house goes republican, watch
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how this doesn't get dealt with. they'll remove a tax. yeah, we're going to remove that. people are outraged about the tanning tax. the bottom line no one will have the political power, if you control everything to remove it. at the end of the day you'll be kicking somebody with cancer off health insurance. neil: it's amazing how a government program gets into the system. >> that's the problem. okay. millennials can't -- young people can't afford it, but there's certainly people on it right now. are you going to grandfather them into the next thing? that takes more taxpayer dollars. this will cost us a fortune -- neil: the right thing would be to junk it right now. it's only going to get expensive. >> the smart move would be to plan in two years to know what you'll transition to. neil: we've got ideas. they never get credit for the ideas -- >> it takes years of
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planning. especially the health care industry and the lobbyist. they have to get that going. >> i don't think it's going to happen. unfortunately, the mo of our government, and this is a big complaint by so many americans it's this reactive approach. it's not the proactive planning. duo years from now, this is what we could do. >> we need better pr. nobody, but you apparently knows about them. you're privy to. neil: we'll see if tracy comes back after this. did any of you see this? this plane wavering back and forth while landing. a lot of people think it was because of strong winds. but the pilot was watching our sneak peak of our coverage. everyone is all right just so you know. i'll have an exclusive election analysis from some of the biggest names in business. we won't be talking to anyone else, but fox business. live coverage. you can set your dvrs right now. set the dvr on brett and megan. they're wonderful, but
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it counts for them ratings-wise. i think you you want to be here. the redskins leaving harry reid red face. why the push for redskins name change could cause a change of control in the united states senate.
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neil: and what is the deal with walmart? walmart listing plus sized costumes as fat girl costumes. really? the retailer apologizing after the complaints, but lots of you on twitter are still complaining. anna says popularity has gone to walmart's head they feel they can say and do anything and the public will accept it. glad someone got upset. a lot of people got upset. major goof they alienated 70 percent of their customers. maybe. they could have added sexy to the label in front of fat girl. they did come out the gate badly. james said, no more apologies accepted.
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another writes the following, headlines should read walmart apologizes for lack of judgment in the whiney political rainy. >> won't be long before plus sizes become politically incorrect and we have to use a different term. holly, fat is fat baby. just because you choose not to say it doesn't make it so. anyway mike tweeting this from the doghouse, does this dress make me look fat to which i replied, no your fat makes you look fat. now, i need a sofa to crash on. you're lucky it's just the sofa. watching the redskins taking -- republican challenger running this ad during last night's football game. harry reid has a bill to force the redskins to change their name.
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mark warner refuses to answer if he supports the bill or not. why won't he answer the questions and fight the bill? >> good for him i'm so sick of the stupid crap reid will vote on the important things never makes it to the floor. love it. let's let the redskins decide what they want to call their team. i support the use of the name. i do not support the government intervention in a private business. good, i'm tired of pc crap being shoved down our throat. leave the name alone and get back to trying to serve the american people. brenda hates the ad. that that is the first thing he thinks of opposing reid on. roman is burning. this is what he's focusing on it. the only reason he's talking about it is because democrats like the one running the senate are talking about it. keep those tweets and
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emails coming. you can follow me at twitter at team cavuto and facebook. special shout out to those who avoided lumping me to the whole walmart costume campaign. a man charged through a bloody chase that could have been preservatived from the nsa. why many say the nsa is far from poa.
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neil: well, alleged killer in california left a pretty clear trail. so why weren't authorities on that trail? we're hearing a police suspect had a track record that authorities in several states were well-aware of. he was deported twice had a drug conviction before killing two
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officers and someone had given them the heads up that this guy was a threat. he's not the only bad guy in our midst. ottawa shooter had extremist ties as well and the man who attacked police in new york city had islamic. -- maybe we should loosen those spying reins to keep track of these guys. the pendulum is swinging back to maybe we need them doing this stuff again. what do you say? >> there's two issues that we have to look at here when we talk about external threats. first, nsa's roles and responsibilities are s foreign he intelligence. there has to be a foreign intelligence nexus that they can see that then points back into the country so we can help tip off the fbi and local law enforcement. neil: wouldn't the local guys here -- a lot of this is coming
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from local information here of bad guys here. >> right. so that's the second part. i think what you're referring to, is there a possibility for a program similar to what nsa does on the foreign side for a domestic application. there maybe. i don't know. i've looked at this sacramento killings. our hearts and prayers go to the families of these officers, but i don't know there's actually a nexus that intelligence could help. i think the real question, is there a way we could use domestic or our law enforcement capabilities to help with programs like this. i don't see it yet because i don't see the connection to overseize into other areas where you can connect dots. what we were able to do with the programs that nsa runs is you're able to see foreign communications coming into the united states. what nsa's responsible for in that case is
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connecting those dots. what you're suggesting perhaps giving something like that to local law enforcement to solve these problems. neil: what about if the nsa did what a lot of people were upset about before? a lot of libertarians resent the spying and phone records and stuff, but maybe allowing it to get onto social media and the rest that would have picked up the rantings this hatchet attacker in new york and maybe in canada would have picked up on the same thing. what do you say? >> well, i personally would not be in favor of that. i can see where you're going on that. i'm not sure that you would catch all of that. and i think there would be more people out there, kids messing around then people actually doing it right. that's a tough one. what you're trying to get to, this is a tough issue, how do you connect the dots when this is one in 1,000 that are really ones you want to go after. i don't know the answer. i think what we get out
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of sacramento and perhaps this other, the axe thing, put those together and come back and address those same questions that's what we need to do as a nation. part two of what i was going to address, i think what we should do is put the left and right limits of what we're going to allow the intelligence community or law enforcement to do so the american people see that up front. now, that this is up in the open, doing that, i think is a step in the right direction. neil: that's not bad. i actually understood that. that's probably a good balance, too, general. very good to see you. thank you for stopping by. all right, two years after hurricane sandy, hundreds are still out of their homes because of sandy. like staten islander who told me that this back in june. >> and a lot of people are paying a mortgage on a house that is destroyed. >> i'm paying a mortgage and flood insurance and homeowners insurance and
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property taxes on a house i'm not living in. it's as if we're not in need. neil: and they're not pressing any urgency about helping her. four months later, she is still waiting for the government to give her something, anything, as promised. she's back. and i can tell you she's not happy.
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>> this federal government's performance has been extraordinary. >> today you hear nothing, but good things about fema and they've been helpful to us. >> i want to thank the governor for his leadership from the very beginning. neil: hip hip hooray. they're celebrating their response as if everyone was taken care of back then. they weren't back then and they aren't still now. a lot of sandy victims
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are still waiting for that help. still getting no response. been a couple of years. tomorrow is the second year anniversary to sandy. good to have you back. i'm sorry under these circumstances. i can't believe that. what are you screwing up? >> i didn't get my paperwork in on time? no. they have all the paperwork. they have all receipts. we filed an appeal. we're with the build it back program. new york staten island. neil: it was demonthlyished. what did they tell you to do? >> they agreed to elevate our house. we had been hit by hurricane ire even also and we believe our house should be torn down and rebuilt (?) neil: right. so we filed an appeal and we filed that in july. it took them a month to review it. they sent out an engineer, the engineer
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agreed, and she came to the house. filed the paperwork and said, yes. we agree with them. their house needs to be reconstructed. she sends the company to another company, ibts, the alphabet soup, and they -- neil: they'd end it in bs, of course. >> yeah. and then they still -- they have the engineers report. neil: they origina originally we saying it has to be built higher 10 feet? >> 12 feet for our neighborhood. right now we're at 6 feet above sea level. our house will be 8 feet high. neil: all right. so -- >> our paperwork is still in the maze of bureaucracy. neil: and we attended the sandy proceeds for new yorkers and new jerseyans and those directly impacted by the storm who
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haven't seen the money. how do you feel about that? >> it's so stressful. you know, i have to pay -- i'm still paying a mortgage and real estate taxes and flood insurance on a house i'm not living in, on top of rent. rent is insurance because the way our luck has been going, i need renter's insurance. neil: yeah. you're going to need that. i had a couple staten island residents a little while ago that they think something grander going on here. they want a completely regut, redo this, make this like the hamptons. is that true? >> possibly. but not on -- not my house because everyone around me is back. they moved back in. we are required to be built above the base flood el vacation. we need to be rebuilt. our little postage stamp -- neil: the only quibbling is
8:48 pm
what? >> the bureaucracy. neil: what has your paperwork? that was one of the things that both christie and como said they would rip through the delays in paperwork. >> nope. none of that. it's all bureaucracy and red tape. neil: is it fema. >> i don't think so. they have their own mess with the flood maps and our -- neil: will you be compensated after the fact for the rent you're paying and the double margin you're paying? or no. >> no. neil: the best you can hope for is getting your house reconstructed. >> yes, and i'll pay my taxes and i won't have to pay rent anymore (?) neil: were you given any incentives, here's money, don't bother us again. >> we can't afford it. i have a mortgage and a loan taken out for hurricane ire even. they need to pay it all off. so we weren't eligible for that. neil: so if they had offer that, money to get the headache to go
8:49 pm
away. >> i would still be paying a loan on a house i'm not living in. neil: are you angry with the politicians who are saying what a great job they're doing? >> oh, absolutely. and they keep hiring people and these other companies that are getting paid millions and millions of dollars to just sit on their hands. i call this ibts company. they had the paperwork and for two weeks, i called after two weeks, and the woman said, oh, can i put you hold while i open up the report? so let me read the report. you know what i mean? you haven't read it yet, you haven't looked at it yet? she gave me verbal confirmation that they will rebuild our house. but they still haven't passed it to build it back so i haven't signed any paperwork. it's still up in the air. neil: there will be a lot of backslapping in two years that staten island is back. >> i don't expect to be back until 2016.
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neil: hang in there. we'll follow your story closely. come back. hillary clinton backing off on her comments. i asked senator mcconnell what he made of that. >> it's astonishing. look, one of the reasons this has been the most tepid recovery after a deep recession since world war ii is this administration's view toward business in general as if they're the enemy. who do they think hires people and makes the economy grow? neil: all right. that's someone who do not flip over hillary clinton. you should hear what some of those who do flip over hillary clinton are saying. why her backers could be bucking her after this.
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>> don't let anybody tell you that, you know, it's corporations and businesses that create jobs. neil: i created my job. don't you forget it,
8:54 pm
rupert. anyway in tonight's biz blitz, hillary clinton backtracking trying to rephrase the comment that isn't well-received even among democrats. should she be surprised that wall street is backing from her. >> i feel that this woman has nine lives. she's made a lot of mistakes. really hasn't started on the campaign trail. she looked tired. she looked almost bored with the whole thing. still she's out there. i don't know the clinton has some little halo -- neil: if mitt romney has said anything on this -- you know what, forget it. >> what she said is baffling. it's baffling people on both sides of the aisle. especially the folks on wall street. she's been a little moore friendly to wall street. they're wondering is this a strategy shift. does she mean what she says? is she going to shift
8:55 pm
again? neil: that's the point to be made here that she's cutting to the left and hoping the general election she'll cut back to the middle. this is the woman who accepted six figure speaking fees. >> hillary hates corporations. look, she lost in an election because the left with someone else because she comes across as a little too moderate. she'll gear up early. she's just like the warren and the corporations -- neil: you think she likes -- >> she wants to reposition until the general election that she's far to the left. neil: so it was all by design. >> maybe it came out wrong -- >> it came out way wrong. neil: you might have a point. >> that is very calculated and i'm impressed because i didn't think they were that calculated. neil: really? meanwhile, unions are taking wisconsin governor scott to court again. labor unions suing the governor to force him to raise the minimum wage in the state.
8:56 pm
if you want more money, you can take the governor to court. they're going to make this a big central issue to this in this race. >> i think it's a good issue for democrats in general. this is how you ruin the issue is going through courts and trying to prove that in wisconsin, you can't live on minimum wage. i think there's a lot of other states where the minimum wage is harder to live on. you want to go with the populist ways. the people are like -- when you go union and courts, you'll lose people on this issue. >> it's dangerous. more companies hear about minimum wage rates, minimum wage, we'll hear more companies like the mcdonald's saying we're going to automate these jobs. there will be less jobs. neil: what it does. you've got me going here. it does get out for democrats their base. that tests well with their base. it tests well with a lot
8:57 pm
of people. you ask people do you want to see a minimum wage in can the ago are a gate, of course, they'll say yet. (?) >> it hurts the republican base altogether. he's shooting himself in the foot if he takes this anywhere, quite frankly. i think enough people realize that it hurts the economy at the end of the day. >> you have companies that did it themselves on their own. that to me gets more positive publicity than like jonah said taking it to the courts and the union. >> there are a lot of voters who are willing to sacrifice a higher unemployment rate like europe has for higher wages. that's what they're going for. neil: will they endure higher% french fries? >> i don't think they're focusing on the negatives as much as the positives. people will take those negatives. voters. neil: as i mentioned walmart is apologizing for labeling plus
8:58 pm
sized costumes fat sized costumes. we've been getting a lot of outrage on this show, tweets and the like. is this anger? >> this is so stupid. who let this through? fire the guy/girl. whoever did this. fire them. that is mean and terrible. everything. they should get all the backlash they're getting. neil: there was a channel there -- several, you would think. neil: what do you think? >> i'll probably get in trouble of this. there's been years of sexy girl costume advertisement from all the halloween shops. none got mad about that. >> the minute you put a woman's weight in the issue -- >> once you start doing the fat girl thing, it's outrageous. >> yeah. no woman wants to be called fat though. neil: the sexy nurse outfit. >> there's no fat boy outfit. >> it's mean. neil: i'm trying to give walmart the benefit of the doubt here to
8:59 pm
be fair and balance. i cannot see the upside. >> the conspiracy theories, the idea is to remind -- that we sell costumes at the walmart. we fired this guy, but there's still all these costumes at walmart. >> it doesn't make any sense. neil: we've got something for you, plus sized people. >> it doesn't make any sense. it had to be planned. >> it's so insensitive. pick another group. pick cheesy italian costumes or something. neil: drag our people down. what are you going to talk about mob outfits for halloween. thank you guys very much. fat or skinny, here is our skinny on the election one week for today. we invite anyone of any size to watch because it kicks up at eight p.m. eastern that continues to when ever. i will probably have multiple outfit changing throughout the show. i eat a lot during the
9:00 pm
coverage. so by the time alaska is in, i'm john candy, but you never know. because we're gauging with the foreign market as it's happening with some of the best and political names. one place. this is the place. right where you are. kennedy: the big, fat rocket destined for the interchlt space station burst into flames. i know the origins of this flight aren't fully known. you can hear those opposed to private space exploration sharpening their attacks. the projectile was unmanned. the explosion was spectacular. the flame out of the republican party. the election is -- is there a chance one party or another will succumb to elect this function and explode in an embarrassing supernova. both sides have been pretty quiet. my money is still on some weird horny republican to make a big gap. speaking of spoilers,


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