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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX Business  November 8, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> thas r letting us into yo home tonight. w a special on the record right now. >> i have wanted to a u-turn. and i couldn't. there was no way to do it. i knew this could bad. i triedcallg 911. there was helpfor me i was there whe prisoners we walking by me uncuffed. i fe vy vulnerable. >> t tey were telling me storie about the guards. soone acts up does someing ong they get beat. i was actually joyfulo tak that beating. st bring it on. >> there areessed u people in the world. prison is a good e to find them.
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>> it syou, ouriers wh helped raise awaren a helped bring him home. w our conrsation wi seeant arew tahmooressi. >> andrew, nice to see you. >> ne to see you, o. >> i neverhought we wld hve is chae. i d ven uphoe. >> you gave up hop >> no. >> dn't thinkso. >> lot ofpeople behindyou. i ow. >> are you different now than before you endedup in prison? >> wt say different. would s i'mttych the
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same. but withou know, maybe, think i ha learned some leons. i have learn some life lessons. din i prison was a ti self-rleion. it just helps me t notice a lot of things and a lot of my ults. so n want to rk on wking to fixthem. >> told you when me a few minute ace go in person, we hve spoken on the one. turnt at first, ma ang i didn't buy it until i went o andre it. it was exactly what i would ve ne yomake an accidental turn and all the sudden you're in meco yeah. at's how it was. >> i mean i don't s tha que as false. i see it as a bad turn. >> know. i'm just hard on myse. >> why a y so hrd on yourself? >> i guess m the alws
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being displined, maybe? not being able toe mylf. certn ciumstances in the past. the past haunts me, i ess. >>s any of it relad ptsd? ou know, my life wasn't perfect befo i joid th marine corps. mari kno joining the marinecorp it was tou and it was amazg. thisyou know,w, war dog. th's how i saw it. >> whenoure inhe pris s the facthat you were t fit prisoner that yo we an americ o marine, d that ke y specltarget? did anyone say anything to you
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out that? >> i felt like a rget. did seem like a targ. i had been watching lot of conspiracy lmlms. itade me change tway i thought out things and thin at i beeved. i just can'temys >> do you trust me? >> i do trust u. do tst u. yoknow, i nev hadeen in the otlight like thisbefore, too. >> it'crazy. it'so crazy being i the spotlight. e y everything is normal, thnext d're in the >> a then i'm walkin around re lik m on show. i'm show. i just ke to younow, normal. >>yorebout to hear a lot re from seeant tahmooress
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wl tell you about all of the horrors from behi the ba but f a look back at ho it l stted. >> 911 emergency. >> hi. i'having a little bit of an emergency here. my problem iscrossed the border by accident and i have three gu in myrunk a they're tryg to ssess- they're tryg to take my gun from me. >> s you're in mexico >> ah. >> theres nothing i canelp you with then, sir. do aloze. >> seeantndrew tahmressi, a decorated waher a marine took a wng urn, amiste laing him in a butal mexican >> was punched in th stomach a few times to point where i co't breathe. i was gaspg forr. i watru in the face a bunch of times. >> this was de by guds >> it was done b guard s. >> 214 days inhe. >> pleget meme out of her
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>> sufferingng ia cel we tok action a on t record took you to mexico. that's e prison he's bng held in. that's one o t mor mn prisonhere >>e's not a criminal. he made a mistake and made a wrg tu. andrew's mother goinonthe record frotse the prison. >> he just edto stay alive so that he ca eventually have freem. >>utut freedoms still a long way off for our marine. >> i played ic tack t with one e itound le it ul bhe lastme wouldver play. >> pleas m backo america. >> tling trifyg stories of his treatment. >> they put t handcuffs on me nice and tight. haed me to thebed. >> and 214days after hiswrong turn through two prisons through
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beatings, mistreatment sufferinptsd,ow this. our marine finally hme and ady to g"on the record >> h tells allbo his rugh treatment prison and bei handffed to a bed. let's go back to mch 31. >> w parked our r rit wher you rkedou car. you walke , got a rom, upleou ler come back, get in t car andakeh >> turn. >> and when you nt into mexicothtopped yo what did y say to them when th stopd yo >> what did iay to e they askede wt do yo have
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in your truck? toldthem isaid hall my stuff in here, cth and atno and i have treeun i told the that imdiately. ld the i didn't wt to be in mexico. i want to be in amica and i waed to do a u-rn. d icodn't. there wano way to do it. from what i and he saidat he was gng to help get back toamerica. he was very helpful. he was a nice man. but tthe was one guy who steppe who wn't -- didn't seem to know wat wasng on. anjust asmed, spose. he just li we g auy out here withhree guns. he juswent about handling it thway he handles t. >> right when you'reat t checpoint and you sa i have guns ahey got theguns, what goes thrgh your mind? you kn, i'm like man, this could be very bad.
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i s thinking hoefully these guys wereing to be nsider rate a ate and ustandi. i started eling the thi j thing sh the, yokn th we very helpful and then it shift. and then knew, you know, this wa-- this could be bad. soi did everything thought i could do. tried calling911. it seemed pretty ch that there noelp there for me >> you re in tprons in mexico, right? >> yes. >> the first one was at? >> la es they tk me to the first prison where was taky mysel and i wasut in a small ce with one other dude. two othe gu in e cll xt
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me. were arguing an fighting and th guy seed ety. i was skeketched out. i was sketched out. i was just sleping, thinking just layg there thki what's going tohaen next and i ju lost all of these awhings life. and you know, i fltike i lost a person tt lov very much, too. thisirl that i was daing. and it seemedike she was going to leave me at that poi. was heartbroken. feelg helpless. and thenrom there, maybe two days later they took t another prison. i kno ere's like someessed up peoe in this world. d lie, that a prison i a od pced em. >> how many were i theell with you at th fst place? >>tarted off tre wasbe
6:11 pm
t people. it prressed to ybe 20 peoe a cellha wasorsix me six parers. >> were e other men in the cell cordial to you? did they ge you aa me? >> they reordial. they we nio . wus myself worrying a whe bunch you knif iould ha plad it cl withthem, i think things would have been col. but wasn't playingcool. s worrd. i was vulnerle, feeling very vulnerab. theyeen my weaessand i think they ard taking advantage of my weaknes just to ha fun wh me. or maybe they ft thrteneby me becse i wasn odd out guy eping to himse over the. >> how did tey tea you? what did th do? >> it was just things that they
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were saying that were rlly bothering >> there was aprisonerthere who wa you knlrea getting at me, picng at my he, trying to and he succeed. but, he made itseem like a tic toe game that wewe ayed, he de it seem ke it s th last game tic ta toe that would ever pl >> how didou your first ll out tven tellanybod >> it was probably maybe 24 hours after they bout me to the police stationor t prison. i got theca maybe hou. proxima appraty. i did get cal t bororder told my mom what the situatiowas that i w probab goinget arreed and
6:13 pm
what exaly ppen e was, you ow, very wored about me she ben very woied about me this whole time, i think. >> s understand, you're you're taken to the police ation, held foromeime d then yougo t this first cility a you're in a g cell with all of these and one of t gs you' playing tic tack toei i giving y a hard time. did the othe ones, did they give you a hd time,too? >> s. ere was -- there was one, tw e thre -- maybe three guy three guys giving me a hard time. was payed. i asdone guy what are tse two guys talking about or there? ey are talki a putting
6:14 pm
down cel pho numbs. i'm like i can'tpeak spanish anandhey're spking spanish so i'curious as t wha ey'r saying. anthere is one guy theret speaks some english i ask whatheyking about. he said ty're hiring a hman ishat he. so i was lehey're hiring hit man? i an, what doeshat an? what doehat mn they're hiri a hit ma what's about to appen? and a y comesin, aeruy comes in maybe day lar d he wou fit the persona wod thk s a hit man. this guyseem le he coue a hit man but i was justuggi aole lot. justyou know, trying to g out of there. like t they st lockede u in this cage and i'm just- i have beenalking at my whole
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life. you kn? maybe i was the only guy in there to be the for the first time,to ibelieve. these guys a all, yu know, veterans of this. and herem like ththefit titime in il. just az to get out othere. the time that you were in there,ou and i seon the phone. >> yeah. >> and i saidow ar u and you said something le you're good. okay. re you gd? well,you w, i wanti to b bgood. i w telling myselit was od. it od. but really? . it wasod. it wasn't good. but you kn try to look at e positive that will cme o of it. and i was like this is going to bring my family closer tother. is ihopefully going bring america cler together and tother. exico cser >> a lotf peopre mad at mexico. we st of wanted you at aer minimum dert him,e him
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ckhere. we'll take h a lot of peopleere not ha withmeico. it cld havbeen spe up a lot fast. it defininily could have. i thihey knew at it wasn't righand you kw a lg ti before i got rested. i mean a longtimeore i got releas. i think they . i think they felt in their hetshat i -- that i wasn't guilty. but they deced to keep me there. th want to look a certain way politics, mayb >>id ty phically restrain you at anyoint in the whole 4 days. ke handcuff you? unr wh rcuta re youhandcuffed to a bed or anything like that? yes i was. i was handffed to a bed.
6:17 pm
tworms le his,wo legs likethis. for about a nth. >>hy? why? cae i wasn't behang. i wn't a behav prison. i slashing out. and t lashingut le being srespectful. i neveranted to come off as disres disrespectf disresctl bui just uldn't tke it. >> what'st like? >> wh's like? well, it's --t's frustratg. very ustra. you st got to tryo relax a trying to relax and you know, just accept it.
6:18 pm
>> i wldeghem to undo it. u as them likeo knowsttraining me? >>wel, i didn't g them. but i di politely them. kn? i would say hey,ow much longer am i going toa to do this for. i s there in four point straint where psoners were waing byme unffed. i felt very vulrable right there. i fe extmelyulnerable like can't do anything to protect se if i h to. >> don'tunderstand why they woul that. i blieve they did iteuse they were afraid of me, afraid that i might somethinggainin and really e updoing sothing ke successfully killinmyself harming somebody and thathey would get in trouble for it by not bein ab tontro t sition. so they found tha -- i think they thought that b them just
6:19 pm
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>> w asked t marine abo the guns he was carrying is r.
6:23 pm
theu that got him into big ouble. whyidou have tho guns in the c? >> becausi ke gs. i enjoy gun yokn? grewp liking guns. i had a beebee guns akid. i woululd shoott targets as a kid. i shot trap with sister and taught my sister how to shoot tr. wh y're stre out an so pe go and smoke cigarette d some people go agunnge and reas se stress. that's how i see for self. u know, know a lotofeo use guns for badreasons, bu i prerthat thead gys have theirs. e bauys a alws going to have theirsbu th there's going to be someone like me who has got mine if sometng ever d happen i
6:24 pm
hope that i would have the ure to you now, and if need be, ifit had t happen, that iould defend mself or somebody else. >> is thereny pnt in which you had thouts abusi the guns badadly? have you been worri someone is ng after you? >>badly. therwas on instancee where i di make a mistake. >> what happen? , whahappen i was i a position where i feltke soone wa threating my mily mber and i felt very threatened. i kept askina ma toleave the hous ets inyace ahreatens me and we are arguing with ea othe and i have my coealed carry permit i h m sitting he sma of myback because i just had cleed t. ii thought, you kw, plingut
6:25 pm
gun would b a quick resolution to the issue. instd i was trying to avoid confrontation. doing that. he bacd off. heid back uf. >> policeald. >> i call t police myself. i'm not ingo do anything with my gun. n't even tnk i'm gngo ve aore guns to behonest. i can ste one away in a nge ou guys will still allow to. this is a normalthing. us marines have guns them all the time. oun isur sety. so when you gete and you'ree vulnerable, you feel like o in thisorld because you have all ur bs ere in the marine corps therwith you and yore protecting each otrndou
6:26 pm
get outn in the w you feel very vulnerle. it like urfety, i guess. yocango fromhere tothe civili world carryg a gun around. u feelikerom there to here a. saight ahea isonbreak, rgea tahmooressi feang for his li and runningor his li. he describes s despe escape attempt next. from fashion retailers hlthcare provers,
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>> thi i might havewent 24 hours with no wawate >> we thought he had ptsd before ent fr liforn. >> everythin vietnam, you know, prisoner of war camp type stf. >> the first time since his relee from a mexican prison,n, sergea andrew tahorsi telling his terrifying ry talk about it owier using hash tag marin freed. during tahmoorei'2 dys nd bars the mane often fearing for his lifend he telluse made aaring escape
6:31 pm
attempt. do you try to escape or try to commit suicidehile you were in prison? >> -huh. both? >> uh-huh. >> whi camfirst? >> the escape. >> and wt wthat where s that? which acily? number one or t seco? >> numberone. >> a what happened ther >> well, once i deci to ca. once i felt like there was, i felt extreme afid, i s very afraid. i felt like i would be the last night of my life rght there that the guy were going to ki me, thatthese gu were into -- and brutally ki me, i was thinking. i built uptrength to run away on he to get aw from a a my situioni tha
6:32 pm
>> ando whatapped? obviouu didn't esca. how far didyou get? >> i got pretty fa i made it to the frontgates. but ere was no way ound t front te had mybeclimbe over four barb wir fences and scared away some dogs. an almostgotcaught. mo gotptur. e gu reached up to grab my fo and he h jus brushed th his ngertips. it was exhirating maybe to sa what happened after t caughtou trying to cape. what their response to ? the response was afte had given up afte i h
6:33 pm
surrdered, i laid - i lai on eround, i laid on the groun and tn a guard comes over runninand you knw,tart whacki me with a tick hetarts whacking lgs with a ti anothegud puts his boot on my head inhe ground. d enrag me in the wa and putennees up against the wall. ann theyey start hittin m ininhe fe with openpams just like --nd then ter tey were done beatine up a lite bi then -- whi i was actuallyjoul t take that atg. i was happy about that beating. >> why? >> i knew the bating wa coming. theye telling storie about e gguards. out how if meone acts up or doeset wrong theget beat i aladknew wt was going to happ to . i was glad asan be to ta
6:34 pm
that beating. i was like just bring it. was just ther joul knowin that iot aw from that plce the beating didn'both me. then ttookme to a bunk b in the cellnd strapped arms nd the post and my legs around the bottom of the bunk be after theyhad stripped me down. i was standnding theretotally nakelike that in the cold at night jutre. no oneells me how long i'm going there for. i'm just there, naked. >> how long we you strip searched and basically held down like tha lockedown likethat? >> for maybe ne hours, eight hours. eight ours, ninehours. >> they had you stan like that? and what were you cuffed to?
6:35 pm
a po? >> yes, a poll >> a the expectation w that you were going to stand there naked ff like t for nine hours. >> i don'tnow how long the idea was thought it's got to be the morng. it'sotbe tomorrothat theyillet me go. ey letego that morning. they took me to a small ll. a sll dark ll e i was put myself. and then put on a bed with e leg up over here and my arm ov here. one leg this way. my a over here handffed he and thre. i was just thereayin on t bed li that. >>aked ill? >> no. thad given me some clothes. eyad ven meome clothe i uld just lay ere. justwaiting. telling thards i have got to mymom, pack i've got to call my mom. i've got to talk to my faily.
6:36 pm
>> how lonwere you i that roomextended likeat? >> for 12 hours, maybe. >> and thehen what happens? >> andhen --hen i haveogo pe so i can't t theoile thatat's rht here. but ye there's a styrofoam cu so i grab it and i p ihe cup and iut it in the toilet. i can't flush so i havegot to smell my une. en i have to do somethg else. so go and takethat same cu and remeer my arm's over here and my leg is over here and i can't, youknow, i can' -- so, yoknow, i managed to some
6:37 pm
somewhat -- -- and i felt li guards tside were hing fun wth t whole thi. like, th we mocking me outse. making funf me. sohatas hard. like some kind an aim in a caere with no, lik i n't ev hlife in. >>s y watch,p tweetg usinha tagarine free spate to fd another way t, sergethmooressi also tempting suice. tempting suice. he i caneach ally bank 24/7, but there e bnches?
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>> twooursuty fighting for his countryor you a for me marine sergeant adrew tahmooressi ends uiging to survive inmexicaprison the are mmentwhen he thought the only wayut was kingis o llife. >>t somepoint, you try t take your life in th mexic ison. cape.wft the aemed do youhave any idea about how long aer that it was? >> i it s mbe tworhree days afrds. >> whatere the rcumstance what happened? >> i wasthinking,as worried. i s thiinthat these gu were gng break out their cell aome afterme. and the guardare gog le em her forthem to get me.
6:43 pm
i thought th wou get informion om m about the restf my mily. and i woul break and tell them or maybe would tell the i n't know i was rrie and i was thinngng, wellmayb king my life is the best thi thing. so the was ligbulbs up on the ceiling. two of them two nelightbulbs. the tubular kin
6:44 pm
i wa thinng knew was in bad place and i w the lightbulbs a said y wld they have these litbulbs in here. meone could kill emselveses wi these. t ias ing at em as my way ou i lking these lighbs as way out. so i took onef them and broke it on the toilet afte they had taken me off the ndcu handcuffs. theyad tsted me that i wasn't going to do athing el they started to trust me. they took my handcuffs oof me athis point ah ga me a anket. i wa starting to earn some trust. i was just spping back in worries and theparanoya.a.
6:45 pm
i stabbed myselfn e neck i lo quite a bit of blood and passed out. e guards thankful heard lightbulb being br ca in and saw there, i guess, on the ound theren my blo. me to the dtor there the prison. andhey put some -- they put the sn m th put couple ivs in me. got rived. i i came back >> and then fnally lonawaited good news. sergeant tahorsi talk abt th moments leading up his leas 3rd and 3. 58 sonn e cloc whatm i inking about?
6:46 pm
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seeantandrew tmooressi filly freed fr tha mexic prison. w for the first ti marine going on the record about s long fit f reedom. andrew even though we w ttg outside yur secd isonaitingo t inat the time -- >> did knowthat. >> how did youear that through my mom. >>he was allowed to g innd see you? >> yes. after they had stripped her down completely bare andheck her. >> inredie wasn't ? ah. incredib tha they would do tho my mother. >> howt the courtom? we wanteto g d wat the court proceed and sure u'rekay but we were told th the rm sn't big enough. about how big was that
6:51 pm
courtroom? theyouldn' let u in. >>t cld have f you, eta, yoan a cameraa man, probably. hey don't wantthat. >> in the 214 ys, ashe da were mching on did youhink okay, tomorrow i'moing to get out? the xt week? what wasgoin through youri about getting out and expectations? >> kt on thinking it'sgo this nth. it's going to be really soon. it'soing too reay s i kept on getting my hopes up, you know? and it ju kept onragging on and dragggon. in riskof years did th t you that? atas incdible. >>irst i wastalking everyobout my sittionnd they were saying oh you will probably be in here for six yearor five yearxyears. and iou jus ink an, that a long tie. i waslike okay.
6:52 pm
mom se m somecollege books or sometng and maybe i will eaea a degree inhis place or something like that. just-- i was, u know, its whatt is and i will justave to accept it. sll right. let's now go t the good news when y finout you're getting out. i assume y'r siing in your cell. uh-huh. >> wt happens? tae thugh . who como the or? wh do they tell u. >> m mom wasellingng m she thinkst'soi t be soon. i was looking for signs th it's going to beoday. erwere signs how ththey told me to ke a shor det rey an shave. i clean up a then they had me sign se paper wor thatad not been signed yet. was like, oh, these are a go signs. thi itille t. and then they come to m cell mae in lateafternoon a the sasoone so and so is here from theourthouse t have you
6:53 pm
signome pap wk and i was li, okay, hofu this is it. e lady cam fro courthouse and hadape work for mend sayinghat my immediate andbsoluteease is -- has beenomed by somebody sohatwasat. >> what did it feel like? when you final got the idea afte4 days, that at let it's over. what d it ellike? >> glad. happy. i know you're marine a you're tough. i lked tyou in themecan pr and you dd like everytng was fine and knew it wasn't fine ishere something we cando to lp make you life bettr? w aboua jo u t ajob? >> a job wod be excellent. >> a job hep. >> a job wld help. getting busy would help. dogroductive tngs would help. it's not st going to goee a ctor.
6:54 pm
's doingood things, you kn ing good things for oer ople and being busy. just helping out. and u next,ergean tahmooressi talks moving forwd. how mu mey do you han your pocket right now? i ve $,, $21. uld meg that small make an impact on something as bi as your tirement? i don't think so. well if yostart puputtinthattos your retirent evy we and let it groover time, for twentyo thirty years, th retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪ (reception guermais growing.up. geing in a groov owth is gratifying gotta gegreater growth. just talked to ups they got experadvise, special scnts,o ups new techgies. ke smart pick ups. they'll oy sh up n yourint a label and it's automatic. we save timend money.
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>> ts is miniature suzer. >> how old is wesley? >> nine. >> he is a goodboy? >> great boy. >> i love wesley. >> iswesley your dog, fily dog? who t wesley? >> i got wesley >> 's a handsoguy. >> he's my dog. >> wase happy to see you? >> oh yeah, h was exc. >>ergeant andrew tahmoossi >>ndrew is thenything we havet covered? >> i don't wan this to me off as t people against those ople or those againstthe.
6:59 pm
we're -- w me stakes.not -- i think if w take the leon fr thind that is tt ne to look after each we all need to ok after each other. all should care for each other. takehe time to care andot -- not blame anybody either. not blame a groups a whole. but just, you know, the f indials that made some decisions th cause this to happen. >> a lot of americans, pecily thevets, youave peopople like montel, a ne, they reall want to help you and th reay appreciate the fact
7:00 pm
-- they appreciatehatou d for ourcountry. >> i ow. i ow. and theant toake sure you'reokay. >> i'm okay. i'm going to be okay. >> kn >> i'm going to beokay, . % lou dos. ov thet 24 hours president ama anhouse spear boehner have madar. even mebrs othe president's own pty exprsing dismay dismissivene of the mid te election resul duringis press conffrce yesterday and todayakaking car that pelancand ilateralism wil have consequees. here is the speaker rning t president ab


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