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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 15, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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soon as they crack the shell, they move the sea. they don't move to the sea because they are christians, they are wired by god. >> bishop t.d. jakes. you are phenomenal. good evening, everybody. the cold war has resumed. russia is not only racheting up its cold war rhetoric, but dispatching troops and scores of tanks and advanced weaponry into eastern ukraine to further advance vladimir putin's unchecked and so far unchallenged expansionist ambitions. nato's top commander today confirmed that the russian army is indeed invading ukraine from the east. >> we have seen columns of russian equipment, primarily russian tanks, russian artillery, russian air defense systems and russian combat
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troops, entering into ukraine. forces, money, support, supplies, weapons are flowing back and forth across this border completely at will. that is not a good situation. >> not a good situation. and a situation that is deteriorating quickly. the general also said russian forces already deployed in crimea are being reinforced, that russia is sending what he called nuclear-capable troops into the disputed territory with heavy weaponry. the general made it clear as well that nato has not yet assessed nor confirmed that russia is sending nuclear weapons for positioning in crimea. also tonight, russian defense minister announced that russia will be returning to the cold war era of more than two decades ago as it's set to reinstitute long range bomber
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patrols that will be approaching u.s. territory interests and our military presence throughout the western hemisphere. those patrols will likely be stretching from the arctic region into the gulf of mexico, a threatening and confrontational extension of military power by russia that hasn't been seen since the fall of the soviet union. the pentagon today, however, responded to all of that with constraint, almost passivity at this latest round of provocative actions by president putin. steve warren said quote, the russians have patrolled in the gulf of mexico in the past and we have seen the russian navy operate in the gulf of mexico. these are international waters. it's important that the russians conduct their operations safely and in accordance with international standards. returning to the apec summit in china, russian president vladimir putin and president
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obama awkwardly crossing paths on three different occasions, one of which you see here. a spokeswoman for the national security council would only say their conversations covered iran, syria and ukraine. it is the first time the two leaders have talked in person since june and the conversations we're told lasted only about 15 to 20 minutes. joining us now, the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, bill richardson, also former energy department secretary, former governor of new mexico. he is also successfully won the release of hostages on numerous occasions, american service men, prisoners in north korea, iraq, cuba, sudan, and he also is instrumental in the release of sergeant andrew timorisi. good to have you with us. i would like to begin by updating our audience on what we know and that is that general
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breedlaw, the nato top commander, has just said at least eight russian tank brigades are being moved into the border with ukraine, that heavy fighting continues in donetsk and some of the forces as the general put it are nuclear capable, all of this taking place against a backdrop of summitry in beijing. your thoughts tonight? >> well, i'm very concerned. this is a very respected general. there is obviously a russian escalation in the ukraine. i'm unhappy about this deal they just struck with iran on nuclear reactors. it means that possibly russia is not going to be helpful if we try to reach a ukraiy uranium enrichment deal with iran. on the other hand, the ruble in russia is in bad shape. you are an economist.
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the oil prices have really hurt the russian budget. i'm not sure putin is going to follow through with actually putting nuclear weapons there, but his hostility continues towards nato, towards the united states, and now he's trying to make a move with the chinese. >> this is -- we will continue with the information as we get it on what is happening right now in ukraine but these are deeply troubling reports that we are getting here just within the past few moments. this emerging alliance among iran and russia and china, is it possible in your judgment that the united states policy on sanctions against russia, the heavy-handed way we have acted and i'm talking pre-invasion of ukraine, is it possible that we simply have been driving the creation of such an alliance?
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>> no, lou, this alliance has been moving for quite some time. both russia and china are very wary of our intentions globally, obviously, way before the ukraine situation. and what has emerged as a possible alliance, although for instance, the chinese don't like what the russians have done in ukraine. they don't like these separatist movements, witness hong kong. there is big cultural differences between russia and china, so i'm not sure a very solid alliance is going to emerge. it's an alliance of convenience right now. but at the same time, an energy alliance is something that is going to give china the ability not to be concerned about american military presence or geopolitical problems by having i guess a second natural gas deal that would basically provide china with unending
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ability to get natural gas, and that's from russia, it gets russia foreign exchange but what is troubling is iran. that's what worries me. i have been supportive of this administration's foreign policy, but i hope we don't go into a deal with iran that is difficult to verify and the russians are pushing them, and so i'm a little concerned about this nuclear deal that they just struck with iran as a harbinger of an alliance that is going to be very difficult to separate between russia and iran. >> is there any sense on your part, with all of your experience and your talent in assessing these leaders and the interests they represent, is there any sense on your part that this was a carefully constructed moment, that is the
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announcement of the deals, the russian construction nuclear power plant construction, the announcement of the second pipeline, the western route between china and russia, and the action on the part of russia, it appears, to move on the border of the eastern part of ukraine? >> well, yeah, i mean obviously they are trying to squeeze us, lou, russia, china, iran. there's no question. we're still the big guy. what concerns me right now is this potential deal with iran. that's what concerns me. i think russia and china, i think we can deal with that. i think one of the things i do like about what the president has done, he's trying to build a personal relationship with the leader of china, spending a lot of time with him, private time. that's what you need to do. and this is something that putin and obama have not been able to
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do, not even a personal relationship. in fact, they don't like each other. that, you know, when it's big power politics, you want to be able to pick up the phone and be candid and get along with each other, and i wish this were the case more between putin and the president, but putin has made it very difficult for that to happen. >> let's hope that he has not made it impossible as we continue to watch developments in ukraine and we will be bringing you the very latest as soon as these details become clear. but again, the top commander at nato announcing that eight tank brigades, russian tank brigades have moved into position on the eastern border of ukraine as heavy fighting continues in donetsk and, and nuclear-capable forces are moving into crimea in support of the forces there in disputed territory in crimea.
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world health officials today announcing the death toll from the west african ebola outbreak has passed 5,000 people. beginning in liberia, making headway in their battle against the outbreak but ebola still spreading rapidly in sierra leone. because of progress in liberia, u.s. military troops are being sent there, will top out at 3,000 troops, not the 4,000 that had been expected and initially approved. here at home, the family of ebola patient zero, thomas eric duncan, announced it has settled with the dallas hospital that initially sent him home despite having a high fever. terms of the settlement not disclosed. texas does cap malpractice awards against hospitals at $250,000. obama administration officials today facing some considerable skepticism about a $6.2 billion emergency funding request to fight ebola. at an appropriations committee hearing today, the ranking
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republican, senator richard shelby, criticized the confusing white house response to the crisis. >> instead of an effective response, what we've witnessed, i believe, these past few months from various agencies, has been confusing and at times contradictory plans. for example, the cdc's guidance to hospitals has been a moving target. this uncertainty may have exposed health care professionals to unnecessary risk. >> our next guest attended today's hearing and has traveled to west africa on several occasions. joining us is senator john boozman, member of the appropriations committee, also serves on the veterans affairs, agriculture and environment and public works committees. senator, good to have you with us. the critics of this bill, this request, $6.2 billion, the money coming from the united nations, world health organization, they
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put the price tag at $1 billion. this is six times that. does that seem excessive to you? >> well, that's what this hearing was all about is trying to ascertain their plans. what they are asking for really is two or three different things. they want enough money to put the fire out in africa and then also help the africans with training and equipping and things like that so that it won't reignite. the other thing is to do a much better job of making us more prepared as a nation so in case we have another event like this, and that would carry over into some sort of a bacterial warfare thing or whatever. it's a much broader scope. but the europeans are involved, the eu, and then france is in guinea, britain is in sierra leone so it's a combined effort. >> it's a combined effort, senator, as you put it, but it's again, if you will, another
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parallel adventure, it seems to me at least, with taxpayer money. >> well, you -- >> i'm sorry? >> i don't disagree. so often we are in a situation where in order to do good, we throw money at things. so that was the idea behind the meeting today. we will take the president's request, the administration's, and sift through it. we will be supplying funding, you know, for this but not -- i don't think at that level. >> it occurs to me, too, we listen to the world health organization, the united nations prattle on about various crises. the world health organization telling us what was happening in sierra leone, in guinea, in liberia, and some of our own doctors, including tom freeden at the cdc were warning us what was coming. we were waiting on basically the world health organization, the u.n. instead, we are the ones doing the work now, cleaning it up and
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fixing it. why in the world is the united states so hesitant on its own to take care -- if we are going to spend this money and take this risk and put our men and women, our citizens at risk, why do we want to give the credit to the united nations and to the world health organization when we could be doing ourselves a lot of good so people know where the help truly does originate? >> well, lou, we should have stepped in much earlier when this thing was smoldering before it really erupted into fire. but it's interesting, it doesn't matter what you represent. i'm an optometrist by training and a senator. if i go overseas and represent either one of those professions, it doesn't matter, the whole world looks to us for leadership regardless. so we really can be very very proud of the work that's being done in liberia. we have got that where it's on the run now and it's reducing the numbers dramatically. but it's taken a lot of work but we can be very very proud of that. i agree we should have stepped
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in earlier and certainly, we deserve a lot of credit again because of our efforts, if we hadn't stepped in the rest of the world wouldn't have, either. >> and to be very explicit, we have a president who denies the exceptionalism of this country and i see it on display every day and for the life of me, i can't understand why that is so difficult for any american to accept. i'm also curious at your view of what's happening right now in ukraine. the nato commander, top commander, is saying explicitly this is an invasion by russian troops, it's a reinforcement of nuclear-capable troops. we don't know yet whether or not they have moved nuclear weaponry into crimea, into that disputed territory, but there is not a word emanating from either the pentagon or this white house. your thoughts? >> well, we've got the russians pressuring us on this front, we
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have the chinese emboldened with their dispute over the islands. you've got the talks that are going on regarding the nuclearization of iran, and all of these people are just pushing us as hard as they can because they feel like that we have a weak president right now. so it's good that we're in session. i think that the senate will weigh in strongly really on both sides with disappointment and hopefully we can, you know, get some of these things sorted out. >> senator, we thank you for being here to give us some of ight into what is going on. senator john boozman, thanks so much for being here. >> thank you so much for having me. up next, the optics. the president is having a rough time in china. the reality, it appears, could be even worse. that's next. go ahead and put your bag right here. have a nice flight! traveling can feel like one big mystery.
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you are gonna need a wingman. and my cash back keeps the party going. but my airline miles take it worldwide. [ male announcer ] it shouldn't be this hard. with, it's easy to search hundreds of cards and apply online. now a few comments if i may on the president's diplomatic struggles in beijing. diplomacy is often described as a delicate dance and in diplomatic parlance, a pas dedeux for which mr. obama apparently has no gift at all, as he calls for a level playing
7:25 pm
field with china. the next day, telling their leader that he wants to take their relationship to a new level. they must be wondering about the president's obsession with the word level. he was trying to court the chinese president while they walked in a sprawling garden compound next to the forbidden city but in the end, he was left sulking in the corner, his dreams of being crowned king of the summit crushed by an axis, if you will, of russia, china and iran. mr. cool unable to find a clique to run with, it seems. the president seemed open to working with mr. obama. he offered up a chinese proverb that a large body of water quote, begins with many drops of water. that is profound and very confucious-like but the president's faux pas are overwhelming his small ball of achievements in beijing such as coming up with longer expiration
7:26 pm
dates for some visas and china's reduction of some tariffs on high tech exports, but only some. chinese social media is also endlessly spooling footage of president obama chewing gum while at the summit, prompting disgusted chinese critics to brand our president as an idler. it's not just chinese outlets focusing on the president's foibles. the "new york times" reporting on the traditional summit sartorial silliness, saying the president's purple satin shirt he wore earlier this week was, in their judgment, goofy and the styling in their words looked for "star trek." on the other hand, russian president putin, who is considered something of a sex symbol we are told in china, is garnering headlines for his chivalrous move in draping the shawl over the shoulders of china's chilled first lady. the chinese state media censors
7:27 pm
saw putin's move as too suave, even flirtatious, and they scrubbed the chinese web of all video and references to the incident. putin was less considerate of president obama's comfort. putin and obama seemed strained and downright awkward at times. the coldness between the two broken by only a single putin pat on the president's back, much like the pat a patient parent would give a petulant child. overseas trips are normally scheduled to show off the president acting presidential among the pomp of a gathering of presidents, premiers and prime ministers and perhaps dim the public's memory of seemingly endless scandals, crises and last week's drubbing at the polls. but not this time. not for president obama. little looks like it will improve for the president when he returns home this sunday. with all that is going on now in
7:28 pm
crimea and on the eastern border of ukraine, it is probably fair that we should reserve in our prayers some considerable room for the president and hope that he returns to washington, d.c. soon. he is a president who has to steady himself now for what looks like even more, more challenges. we will continue in just one moment. we want you to be part of the conversation. follow me on twitter. i've got more than 92,000 followers, trying to push that to 100,000. you can help. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates.
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but i gotta take a sick day. moms don't take sick days, moms take dayquil. the non drowsy, coughing, aching, fever, sore throat, stuffy head, power through your day medicine. for more now on russia's growing military presence and provocations, we are joined by retired three star army lieutenant general daniel bulger, also the author of the lost, an insider's account of the iraq and afghanistan wars. thanks for being with us. congratulations on the book. we are recommending this book highly to our audience. >> thank you. >> very important, i believe, message for everyone. to today's and tonight's developments, russia, there seems to be a hesitancy within the administration, within the pentagon, to call the insertion
7:33 pm
of russian troops into ukraine an invasion. why is that? >> i don't understand that. we should always remember the russians are one of the countries in the world that has the capability at any time to launch a nuclear attack and destroy our country. they still have the missiles, the submarines, the aircraft. you mentioned their bombers. those can carry nuclear weapons. they are one of the countries in the world that is a moral threat to the united states and from their rhetoric and from their actions now in the ukraine, we need to understand, these people, especially people like putin and the current defense minister are very serious about flexing russian muscle. the russians will push until somebody presents a credible force to stop them. >> will that push come from nato? we heard -- the general talks like a man isolated, not the supreme commander of nato forces representing europe and america's finest troops. >> general phillip breedlove is
7:34 pm
a combat experienced fighter pilot. there is no doubt about his resolve to deal with this. i'm certain that behind the scenes he's conveying deep concern about what's going on tonight in the ukraine. >> his deep concern shared by some, i'm sure, if not in fact most at the pentagon, seemingly by only a few, if that, at the white house, and i for the life of me can't figure out where the germans, the french, the english, the british, are on this and why they are so quiet. do you? >> well, one of the things we should keep in mind, the united states has a lot of energy developments especially in recent years that have made us less dependent on foreign imports. that's not the case for our european allies. the great german economy, the french economy, even to a degree, the british economy, depend on getting imports into europe from russia. the british do have their own source of oil. particularly on the continent, russian oil and russian natural gas powers their economies. so the russians essentially have a very important spigot they can
7:35 pm
turn on or off and people are well aware of that. that's particularly true in ukraine. about to be winter and we know how winter can be in ukraine and russia. the russians i'm sure are making no secret of the fact that if any of these countries cause any trouble they will adjust that spigot. >> we have had now just about a one year advance notice from the russians that winter is indeed approaching and that they are going to use energy as a weapon of war or at least the run-up to war. we know also that a few weeks ago, president poroshenko and president putin came to an agreement on a cease-fire that has now been broken, that russian troops are filing in. what should nato, what should this president, what should we do about those ambitions that are right now unchecked? >> great question. the best military advice that i would give if someone were to ask me is that we need to make a firm public statement backed by exercises of our forces in our eastern european allies so
7:36 pm
places like poland, the baltic republics who welcome our troops and aircraft for exercises, need to establish and announce a robust program and tell president putin and his people we are not going to tolerate any more of this. and i think particularly the thing you mentioned, the bomber flights, we need to make sure each of those is properly intercepted as they reach the edge of that international air space. same for their ships driving around the caribbean. that's not a russian ocean. i don't know what business they have out there. >> or what business they have in crimea or what business they have now in eastern ukraine and what business they have with nuclear weapons, the prospect of them. >> very, very disturbing. >> general, we thank you very much. the book is why we lost. we recommend it to you highly. breaking news tonight as well. sources telling fox news that the president will make good on his promise to issue executive
7:37 pm
actions on giving amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, issuing a ten-part plan as early as the 21st of this month. the obama plan contains initiatives covering everything from increasing border security to boosting pay for immigration officers. the controversial parts, however, are the body of the work as that is put, and expected to give deportation reprieves to five million illegal immigrants, some of whom came to this country as children, parents of u.s. citizens, legal permanent residents, in other words, we begin with five million and then their families. this is an extraordinary if he follows through, an extraordinary provocation against what many consider to be the foundation of our constitutional laws. well, we have more proof tonight showing that obamacare's authors deceived the american people in order to pass the president's
7:38 pm
signature health care law. just after -- hours after obamacare architect jonathan gruber, the m.i.t. professor, said he regretted making comments about what he called the stupidity of the american voter, there are now two new videos that have surfaced that shows gruber once again commenting on americans' stupidity. first listen to gruber last year, arrogantly discussing how the administration passed the so-called cadillac tax on high end health insurance plans. >> for people, they will no longer get a 40% tax break. why does it matter? you'll see. americans are too stupid to understand the difference. >> m.i.t. has got to be very very proud of their professor.
7:39 pm
m.i.t., by the way, we have contacted, they have no comment on the joy that they must feel in employing such an ethical individual. here's gruber back in 2012 talking about exploitation of the american voter. >> we just have insurance companies that pass down the high prices, it ends up being the same thing. it's a very clever basic exploitation of the lack of understanding of the american voter. >> despite obamacare's unpopularity, health and human services secretary is out making the case that the law's benefit should be extended to dreamers, the name for illegal immigrants who enter the united states as children. >> dreamers are not able to be covered in the marketplace and this is an issue that i think is more than a health care issue. it is an immigration issue and i think everyone probably knows that this administration feels incredibly strongly about the fact we need to fix that.
7:40 pm
we need to reform the system and make the changes that we need that will lead to benefits in everything from health care to economics to so many things. a very important step that we need to take as a nation. >> the wonder is she should make such an expression without sounding awfully condescending and patronizing. a wonderful gift. it's certainly more vindication of republican congressman joe wilson, who had this infamous outburst in 2009 when the president was promising obamacare would not benefit illegal immigrants. no way. >> there are also those who claim the reform efforts would insure illegal immigrants. this too is false. the reforms i'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. >> a lie! >> not true. >> the not true was also a lie. we have found out so much of
7:41 pm
obamacare to be a lie, haven't we. we are coming right back with much more. stay with us. up next, another government agency under cyberattack and early reports identify china as responsible. [ breathing deeply ] [ inhales deeply ] [ sighs ] [ inhales ] [ male announcer ] at cvs health, we took a deep breath... [ inhales, exhales ] [ male announcer ] and made the decision to quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. now we invite smokers to quit, too, with our comprehensive program. we just want to help everyone, everywhere, breathe a little easier. introducing cvs health. because health is everything.
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president obama may be in beijing, but he is really, really setting off a firestorm in this country, particularly among those in the cable industry and the internet service providers, after urging that the federal communications commission take a tougher stance against the creation of the so-called internet fast lanes. that's when internet providers reach deals with content companies like netflix, youtube, to bring their movies and content faster and at a premium. the move is a potential source of revenue for those companies, but president obama says that it should be banned and heavily regulated. >> ever since the internet was created, it's been organized around basic principles of openness, fairness and freedom. there are no gatekeepers deciding which sites you get to access. there are no toll roads on the
7:46 pm
information superhighway. this set of principles, the idea of net neutrality has unleashed the power of the internet and given innovators the chance to thrive. >> i don't know about you, but that's sort of stirring for me. and if the president approves, the president's recommendations would be regulated just like other utilities, telephones, electricity, water, you name it. and we are going to be taking that up in just a minute. chinese government operatives reportedly behind a massive hacking scandal that involves the postal service. some 800,000 workers now victims of a cyberattack accessing personal information, including names, dates of birth, social security numbers. i mean, the hacks continue, the cyberwarfare against this country continues without response. joining us, john lucich, ceo of network security group. john, the postal service breach, it's one after another, whether it's the postal service, target, home depot, the entire banking
7:47 pm
industry, the federal government. what in hell is it going to take to stop it? >> you know, we just got a call over the weekend about a company in the midwest that actually had millions of dollars transferred out of their bank to multiple banks in china. this is going on everywhere. it's two-fold. number one, the governments of foreign nations are attacking us but it's our job to make sure we're secure. there's a lot of things companies aren't doing. i'm familiar with managers out there that don't even have firewalls, yet every place that's been broken into has a firewall. >> and supposedly very sophisticated firewalls. >> but you know the weakest link is always going to be individuals inside clicking on things that install these trojans that look like one thing but they are doing something, they open back doors, they are key loggers and get your user name and password and they are in your network. >> that includes into the federal government t white house itself has been accessed, attacked. >> absolutely. >> and successfully. >> this is nothing new.
7:48 pm
>> i know that. but what i don't understand, we are the inventors of the internet. we are at the leading edge. >> al gore. >> we should call al gore. we are at the forefront of technical innovation and sophistication and knowledge. how can it be, if that is true, that this is happening and without response by this federal government and by these companies? >> well, let's look at it two ways. number one, we have the internet and all this connectivity that does great things but by giving us access, we create the risk that causes these things. it's now the job of responsible people to look at each implementation, then mitigate those risks. what i believe is happening is that everybody -- >> when you say each implementation, what does that mean? >> you think that every network is going to be the same and it's not. we have different things, different protocols being utilized yet everybody says throw a firewall. >> what we need then is more regulation so we will know what
7:49 pm
the protocols are, right? >> negative. negative. less regulation. what we need are qualified engineers who know how to design secure networks. >> we got to bring them over from china? >> no. we have them right here. >> we have them here, really? >> the management is going out there and saying look, just go out and buy a firewall, that will solve my problems. how do we implement and configure that is what will make the difference. >> to be clear, i wrote a book on war on the middle class in this country, i'm being facetious when i say bring in the chinese engineers. it's one of the absurdities. we have the technology industry crying out to bring in cheaper paying -- well, folks being paid less from foreign countries than with the engineers and the systems, folks we've got here, encoders. it's appalling. >> it is. >> this president is sitting there using -- i mean, talk about false flags. he wants to regulate that which he says with such stirring words is now free.
7:50 pm
>> right. net neutrality in my opinion is going to be massive regulations and social programs. it is definitely a trojan horse just waiting to happen. we were told obamacare was going to bring us all this free health care, where everybody's policies were going to go down but they build the framework of control and that's what i think is going on inside because all the promises that happened with obamacare didn't happen, just the opposite. the government sells a product to us one way and delivers it another. i don't trust net neutrality at all. have you had access problems getting any content? little kids are getting addicted to pornography because it's everywhere. nobody has access with accessing the internet. more people on the internet than ever before. what's the issue? i want a way to control you. >> well, the fact of the matter is there are parents out there and grandparents, i will add to that, who want to be sure that they can control. >> but they won't be able to. >> i understand. we've got to get, you know, you folks need to come up with a new word rather than net neutrality for what is, because it sounds
7:51 pm
like the obama administration is on the side of the angels when he talks about that. it has a nice safe ring to it when in point of fact, it is the opposite. >> absolutely. make it sound really good and next thing you know you're sitting in the seat of a proctologist. >> elegantly phrased. that's one of the reasons you're here, you speak straight and we appreciate it. i just don't know. the chinese, he lets off with a simple -- >> please don't hack us. >> yeah, please don't hack us. >> could you imagine the u.s. attorney going and saying please don't do this? >> we just witnessed it. we appreciate it. john, thanks. up next, six international banks accused of supporting iranian-backed terrorism. one of those families joins me here next. want to know how hard it can be... breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
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among the stories we're following here tonight, the republican midterm wave just got bigger. republican dan sullivan of alaska has now officially defeated incumbent democratic senator mark begich, the eighth senate seat picked up by republicans in this year's elections. the former marine and assistant secretary of state under president george w. bush up by 8,000 votes before the state election commission began its count of absentee ballots. it leaves the balance of power at a 53-46 advantage, a number
7:56 pm
that could rise to 54 if democratic senator mary landrieu loses her run-off election in december. republicans have also picked up 12 seats in the house, six races yet to be decided. republicans now hold a 59 seat advantage in the house. we are concluding tonight with an unusual story. about more than 200 people, including families of service members and journalists filing a lawsuit against some of the world's largest banks. they accuse those banks of financing terrorism through their ties to iran. joining us tonight, the attorney who has filed the lawsuit. he recently won a case against arab bank that was found liable of supporting hamas. i am also joined by one of the plaintiffs in the suit. her husband, journalist steven benson, was kidnapped and killed in iraq in 2005. we thank you both for being here. this suit, you have prevailed in the lawsuit against arab bank to
7:57 pm
this point. how confident are you that you can prevail against these banks? >> obviously the banks have enormous resources, almost unlimited resources to bear, but all of them except for the iranian bank based in london have entered into deferred prosecution agreements with the united states government. >> you allege basically that these banks were supporting terrorism. >> well, they entered into a conspiracy with iran to launder money through the united states, more than $300 billion, and some of that money actually went to hezbollah and to the revolutionary guard corps who were waging war against our troops and against iraqis and other civilians in iraq. >> and why did you make the decision to join the lawsuit? >> steven was killed in 2005. he was kidnapped by five members of the basra police force and executed. they were never brought to
7:58 pm
justice. to get him some kind of justice, to make his death a little more meaningful than just winding up a body in the dusty road in southern iraq, i joined this lawsuit. >> well, as you move forward here, what is the next step and what must you do to prevail at each stage? >> well, the next step will be for the banks to appear through their counsel. no doubt they will hire some of the most august law firms in new york who handled some of the other legal issues they've had. >> you've gotten lucky against other fancy lawyers, as the saying goes. >> i hope it's not all luck. but the evidence i think is quite strong and the question is accountable for what they've done. none of the bankers who were involved in this decision making process have ever gone to jail. >> that is the record, and if we could put up these settlements,
7:59 pm
if we may, as a result of previous cases brought by the united states government. these are for sanctions violations. these are the settlement amounts. some of the banks you named have settled for violating sanctions. they include hsbc, as you see there, with the largest, credit suisse, rbs, and barclays. this is significant. how soon do you expect to have a resolution? >> it's impossible to say, because obviously, the banks are eager to settle with the government. some of them settled an just today. with the commodities future trading commission for manipulating currency. it's very hard to know but hopefully they don't all fight to the bitter end. >> all right. well, thank you so much. and don't be insulted when i refer to luck. it's been my experience in life
8:00 pm
that luck is made up of providence, preparation and some considerable talent. i wish you luck without any intended offense. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> good night from new york. this program contains footage of military and special forces. recreations, illustrations and authentic footage are also used to illustrate what s.e.a.l. team 6 experienced while preparing for and executing the mission that killed osama bin laden. viewer discretion is advised. ♪ i learned as a sniper on recon and surveillance missions they're boring for 72 hours of wa


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