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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  December 1, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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meantime a whole hour you don't want to miss. melissa francis is here. "money" starts now. melissa: we love. that thank you so much. hoping for a marathon and not a sprint the clock is ticking for retailers as holiday shopping season gets off to a very slow start. sony hacked. five new films stolen, some that haven't even hit the theaters yet. north korea may behind it all. the airlines industry largest expense slashed by 1/5. don't expect travelers to see the benefit of cheap oil anytime soon. we'll tell you why. plus, thanks give something over. now to time to plan the christmas getaway. the number one destination for holidays. it is about the furthest from your in-laws you can possibly get. even when they say it's not it is always about money. melissa: disappointing black friday numbers may be nothing more than a red herring despite lackluster projections for
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today's cyber monday shopping. the national retail federation is still expecting holiday sales to jump by 4.1%, outpacing last year's increase. here to discuss our very own charlie gasparino, veronica daguerre of "the wall street journal" and dan shaffer, president of shaffer asset management. are think optimistic or delusional? they still think we'll end up ahead. >> a lot of people are buying online. that could boost sales as they said. i think we'll see increase in sales. seems like we're headed in that direction despite the stretched consumer. the question at what margin? what profits are companies going to get the sales because they are discounting so details. melissa: you were online by 5:00 a.m. on thursday, right? >> of course. i thought economy is supposed to be getting dramatically better. isn't that what we're reading every day out of wall street. melissa: right. >> this is one indicator but pretty good indicator, people are not spending this time of year, they don't have disposable income, all the happy talk about
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unemployment going down is not happening. melissa: the argument is, they're not spending yet. the deals are spread out so people didn't feel pressure to shop. >> they started in october right after halloween. i talked about that several weeks ago. these sales that have been going on didn't start thanksgiving weekend. i've been getting tons of emails from retailers. 50% off, 85% off. two for one. melissa: putting on a lot of pressure. >> you see how the sales are -- with more ads keep many coulding. >> when the american consumer feels like things will be operate in the future -- melissa: we're bad like that. speaking of which, apple seeing the steepest intraday drop in almost a year but tech giant finding a ton of company at the laggard table. twitter, facebook, linkedin, all among social media stocks getting in the red, absolutely crushed. we have no idea what is going on. >> this because of oil prices?
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melissa: no one literally, heard a bunch much people make that connection. >> how? melissa: it is nonsensical. >> there seems to be some rebalancing that is taking place today. there was, without getting technical, there were technical things that happened into thanksgiving which were very interesting. i was trading on thursday and friday. >> that is really sad. you're trading on thursday and friday? >> when you get that kind of volatility there is opportunity. what is going on here is that, i've been saying this for a while, the markets are starting to deflate. we have the gold deflated. we had the grains deflate. now we have energy deflate. what's the next market, margin calls? melissa: veronica, do you buy that. >> i don't know if i buy that but keep could be doing tech loss harvesting and look sell. >> these were stocks killing it. >> donate to charity or what have you. >> although part of me thinks every time i hear tech, is this bubble bursting. melissa: right. >> i know we're giving investor
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out there conflicting signals what to do. if you're in these stocks now, think about them, common sense, maybe now is the time to take a little bit off the table whether you think this is complete bursting of the bubble or deflationary scenario or tax reasons why people are doing it, a lot of -- >> a lot of hedge funds are in these stocks. when we have the action thursday and friday you get a lot of margin calls. melissa: they will cover them in tech. that makes sense. congress back on the hill for the final two weeks of the ledgestive season. much like santa claus they're making a list and checking it twice, prioritizing issues like the budget, immigration and fight against isis. thank goodness, they're back in action back spending. >> well, that didn't exactly say spending. prioritizing issues. melissa: all my mind all they really do is spend. >> i think the president has something to do with this. listen -- melissa: when it comes time my graduation issue they're spending money, our money. >> we're cynical and we should be cynical of our lawmakers but
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when they do good stuff we shouldn't be attacking. melissa: like what? >> coming to the new year and prioritizing what they have to do is a pretty good step in the right direction. they're taking up issues. it will not be a do-nothing congress hopefully. we'll see what the president does. this is what we pay these guys to do. >> they have a lot to do i think the american people have spoken. they want action. >> certain times. >> want congress and president to work together to talk with each other and get things done. >> i think they got the message that the american people are frustrated. they will start to look like they will do things. we'll see over the next couple weeks whether they really do. they're talking about it. >> let's be clear here. some of this is posturing for 2016. the democrats are going, there is basically, they're eating their young right now. they're going at each other. the left, far left-wing and centrists, the hillary clinton types. you saw that with chuck schumer. the republicans are putting up issues, clearly wedge issues for 2016. we'll see how this works.
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but this is all posturing for 2016. >> play nice. >> i don't know about nice. melissa: go from saying they're working together and you're so glad about it to they're posturing. >> there is degree of both. let's face it, this is politics. they do both. they can walk and chew gum at the same time i hope. melissa: i don't know about that. >> look at those issues. those are issues that are wedge issues. they're necessary issues. see where the democratic party comes out on each of those. melissa: comedian chris rock playing monday morning quarterback with president obama, this is pretty funny, telling new york magazines, when obama first got elected he should have let it all just drop. let the country flat line. let the auto industry die. don't bail anybody out. in sports that's what a new general manager does, they make sure the catastrophe is on the old management. then they clean up. they don't try to save the old management's mistakes. interesting. >> i read the article. it was written by a former long-time "new york times" columnist, what the hell is his name?
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i'm not a big fan of his. he is a liberal. this was very fawning interview. you know, at republicans left and right. what else do you expect from "new york times." melissa: what i thought was interesting bit, it shows, sort of the hollywood community and a lot of people that were behind the president, how they are disappointed with him. >> he has done said a lot of good things about obama. melissa: he started as a genius. what, i got to keep doing that? it is hard. not that necessarily obama is disappointing but his best album might have been his first album. trying to defend -- >> why are we giving credibility about how to handle financial crisis, not we, new york magazine to a comic? this guy knows nothing about what went on. he has no idea of would have happened if we let the whole thing implode. he was completely protected. by the way his 401(k) did pretty well. no, the dow came back. chris rock did okay. i'm just saying, do we want chris rock setting monetary,
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setting fiscal policy and banking policy? melissa: i think it is interesting to hear how they explain away their disappointment with the president. >> i think what he is trying to explain, and he is connected with the communities, the communities are disappointed with obama. that is what he is basically trying to communicate. i don't think he is trying to do fiscal policy. >> who cares what he has to say? melissa: writer was frank rich. >> that's it. melissa: driving holiday travelers straight to gambling and booze of sin city. las vegas topping list of most popular vacation spots this christmas. orlando, new york city, orange county, and san diego, rounding out the top five. veronica, are you heading straight to vegas? >> my favorite place. my least favorite place actually. no offense to vegas. i can't imagine -- melissa: i hate you vegas, no offense. >> this is not a family vacation. this is away to get from -- that is the idea. before we had kid we used to go to vegas. >> i think las vegas is
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terrific. orlando is for the kids. melissa: that is where charlie goes when he wants to wear his fannie pack. >> i love vegas. i love vegas. i am going to l.a. listen, it's -- >> not vegas. >> i'm going to l.a. i think weather is nicer and better -- melissa: all right. thanks, guys. kim's revenge. north korea's dear leader is furious with hollywood. listen how he may be getting even. thanksgiving travel nightmare is still raw for many folks. one city's airport had tsa line more than a mile long. a mile! can you imagine? can you guess where it was? follow me @melissaafrancis. tweet me your answers. i love them so far. more "money" coming up. ♪
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melissa: the upcoming comedy, "the interview," is no laughing matter. one of five sony films leaked on the internet. north korea may be to blame. veronica is back along with our
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very own adam shapiro and lieutenant colonel ralph peters joins us. he is a fox news contributor. adam, what happened here? >> we have two hack events. one which the sony picture computers were all hit. there was a message of guardians of peace. copyright the name. that should be a movie. they should release the information, private contract deals involving sony pictures and megastars because they're upset with this film. melissa: mad about a seth rogan movie which pokes fun at kim jong-un. colonel what do you think? do you think north korea is behind this. >> yes i do, dirk tatetores and religious fanatics do not have a sense of humor. kim jong-un in north korea or putin in russia who hates to be satirized or religious fanatics of the islamic state. closely related note, really, almost a decade ago with the flap about cartoons of the prophet mohammed in danish
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newspaper. the other commonality is that we never respond strongly. we don't really do anything. and, what i fear, with this hacking of sony, which potentially is going to cost tens of millions of dollars. melissa: it is a movie? hard to get upset. it's a movie. i understand intellectual property and represents more serious issue. at the same time the movie is making fun of him. it is getting more pr than it ever did before. >> they should thank him. >> i'm not sure he is not a producer of the movie. maybe he has money in it and producing it. now everybody is interested in this movie which actually looks really silly, right, veronica? >> the buzz around this is so much more because of this controversy. who knows if he is behind it or not. what it really speaks to though, companies need to get active hold on their cyber security. they need to step that up. hacking has gotten so
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sophisticated, especially hackers out of china taking such a bigger role hacking across the world. companies big and small need to get proactive about cybersecurity. >> really going to get that upset about a movie that satirizes him? >> north korean government put out statement on one of their websites, calling it evil, right. melissa: evil act of provocation. seth rogan is an evil act of provocation. >> not so far off. melissa: go ahead. >> even our, even president obama can't stand it when fox news satirizes him. so you get a dictator like kim jong-un. he takes this very, very seriously. again there is much bigger issue here. that is that we are not adequately defended by our government or anything else against cyber attacks. theft of intellectual property in the broadest sense of intellectual property over decade now has been tremendously costly to the american economy, to our country and we wrap
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ourselves around antiquated laws. our laws have not caught up with the digital age. as a result we worry about lawyers while our enemies don't play by any rules at all. melissa: thank you so much. turning to markets now. stocks holding on to losses although we're well off the lows of the session. the nasdaq biggest percentage loser. oil prices bouncing back after hitting a fresh five-year low. at the low, crude traded below 64 bucks a barrel. i remember when it was 147. let's go to nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange with more on this one. what is driving today's trade? >> pretty amazing. oil is front and center as you noted. five-year lows there. traded overnight at 63.72. those are the lowest since 2009. with that we've seen energy as a weak spot for 2014 no doubt. that sector is down nine, 10%, while we've seen up arrows for others like health care around utilities. we're taking a look. oil at 68.64. look at some names bouncing back
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or trying to give it a go today including exxon and chevron. those are names trying to have some up arrows. so people are buying into this group. this group overall has been beaten down. conocophillips with names with up arrows. back to you. melissa: nicole, thank you very much. the national average of reef tail unleaded now stands at $2.77 a gallon. that is 50 cents a gallon cheaper than this time last year. check this out, 11 states have retail gas under the show-me state is downright bragging with gas in missouri coming in cheapest at $2.46 a gallon. amazing. whether on wall street, here is who is make and losing money today. anyone with a piece of best buy, the stock sinking after all the disappointing black friday data. shares down more than 5%. founder richard schulze losing out big time today. he has around 61 million shares.
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meaning he just lost $124 million. right before christmas, poor thing! hoping to make money in the digital age, girl scouts. they're thinking of ditching the door-to-door strategy by selling their delicious cookies online. this could really change things. around 1 1/2 million girl scouts sell about $800 million worth of cookies to me each year. making money from boxing, at the ripe old age of 62, mickey rourke. he returned to the ring in moscow to beat someone half his age, although reports are saying his opponent may have been paid to lose by the russian organizers. well, what are you going to do? melissa: new terror threats from the middle east. reports of a possible al qaeda attack could lead to charges, changes in airport security this christmas. could be a new holiday tradition. lawmakers calling for employers to double or even triple workers pay? if they're clocking in on the
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melissa: they are calling it, quote, a christmas spectacular. terrorists are reportedly plotting to blow up five planes ahead of christmas day. a british paper is reporting that al qaeda is behind the plan as it tries to compete with isis. joining me, peter brookes, a senior fellow at heritage foundation. lieutenant colonel ralph meters is back with us as well. let me start with you. how much credence do you give to this story? >> we don't know if that is true. that is a good place to start, melissa. the fact of the matter is it is certainly possible. we have heard about these plots before. there are number of them. timing to potentially bring down a aircraft with a lot of people
2:23 pm
on them, very important time of year, that is something we can not be complacent about. melissa: colonel, tough wonder if al qaeda is feeling competitive with isis? they feel like they're not getting attention anymore so they're planning something huge. that would be tragic. >> melissa, you just nailed it. there is great competition in the world of jihad. and al qaeda needs a big comeback. they just, they need to be frank sinatra in from here to the eternitity. they need the big one. they need the as carry. so going after aircraft, you have one problem to solve. how do you get past on the ground security? once you're past that aircraft, passenger aircraft remain incredibly vulnerable. they're iconic. and if you do take one down you also get the practical benefit of freezing air travel, slowing it for a long time. melissa: right. >> us mr. the economic ramifications as you know go far beyond the aircraft industry. it's a target they will keep going after. melissa: peter, do you agree with that?
2:24 pm
do we know anything about the details? >> we don't have any details publicly but obviously if being stalked about -- talked about there is scintilla of information or intelligence leaked to british source. there is something that looked at before. as ralph points out, something they continue to be interested in for all the reasons he cited. once again this is something probably of concern. melissa: i also want to bring up something about the fbi put out yesterday, issuing a strong warning about possible attacks by isis on military families here in the homeland. saying if you're in the military, you need to scrub your facebook page. there is wealth of information of ways to attack and harm your family. this is certain warning that -- stern warning that came out yesterday. colonel what do you make about that. >> terror is about terrorizing. you terrorize in small ways and big ways. our military will not back down
2:25 pm
in the face of this. they will not suddenly throw down their weapons and run away but the implication families could be attacked, that really hurts. but the bottom line, we, are our enemies are terrorist enemies, jihadis, are more committed to hurt us than we are to stop them. if they can hurt us, they will ignore any rules of god or man. we are, rely on lawyers to tell us what we can and can not do. melissa: yeah. >> melissa, lawyers win court cases, lawyers don't win wars. melissa: thanks to both of you. a few stories on our radar right now. president obama is holding several meetings today to discuss unrest in ferguson. reports say he will discuss funding and strategy his cabinet. civil rights leaders and law enforcement officials. the supreme court is debating issue of free speech after a man was imprisoned for making threats on facebook. defense lawyers say that aggression on social media alone does not justify an arrest. and that the police must go out
2:26 pm
of their way to investigate whether the threats online are actually meant to cause harm. and netflix just announces the third season of "house of cards" will debut on february 27th. all 13 episodes of the hit drama will be made available on that day. that is a lot of viewing. jeff bezos doing cyber monday in style. we're live at the warehouse where we hope jo ling kent has made friends with the robots. plus a raging case of swine flu. find out why putting this pig on a airplane wasn't so kosher. a run for your money coming up. ♪ 3rd and 3. 58 seconds on the clock,
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♪ ♪ melissa: amazon is gearing up for the mad holiday rush by bringing in some unusual help, an entire warehouse filled with robots. our own jo ling kent is live at the warehouse with more.
2:30 pm
jo, what's going on over there? >> yeah, it's actually a very busy santa's workshop, but all of the elves are robots here. the company that amazon acquired a couple of years ago, you can see behind me, they're dancing around. what they do is they pick up these tall shelves filled with amazon stuff, they bring it over to a worker who then picks out the items, organize toes them, then they're -- organizes them, then they're shipped out to you whether you're using amazon prime or same-day express delivery. the idea here is all about efficiency. they're able to pack 50% more goods in this warehouse in tracy, california, and workers actually touch each package much less than they would, so they're able to get stuff out faster. and this is certainly a big move on cyber monday. last year, melissa, they processed 426 orders per second on cyber monday, this year they're expecting even more. so these robots here very
2:31 pm
friendly, they don't run into each other, they're doing their job, they're programmed to dod, to be efficient, and that's where we are with these robots. they come right up behind me, actually, it's kind of creepy, but they don't quite hit. melissa: too bad, that would have been a youtube hit for a lifetime, jo. thank you so much. cool report. retail numbers are in, and they are not great, but pcs are a winner. people spent more money during thanksgiving and black friday on their personal computer than on their mobile devices. look like the clunky old computer still good for something. peter no race city is an economy -- morici and our very own lori rothman is here as well. bruce, it's just easier to shop on a desktop. this did not surprise me. >> yeah. except you have to understand that this whole idea of cyber monday is nonsense. it was created when people did not have wi-fi at home. you had to do it at work.
2:32 pm
but now it's ubiquitous, it's everywhere. it's marketers. there's nothing real about it. melissa: peter, how do you explain more people shopped on their pc than on their mobile devices? you may not have all of them, but you have something. >> this is my 2-year-old destroyed, and they were giving me instructions just now about how to order a new destroyed at the link and the web site that we have. i can't do it on this thing. the screen's too small. so i have to go home and do it on my desktop, it's that simple. i was ordering this afternoon on my desktop for my wife, and you can make comparisons more easily because you have a screen. melissa: you may be a well known professor, but you were still at work. you were shopping on work time, my friend. you're going to be in trouble. [laughter] >> tenure. melissa: shoppers are ordering the same number of items as last year, but they spent less, they spent about 4% less. i don't think that bodes well. >> give it time. you know, cyber monday, i turned
2:33 pm
op my computer, my desktop, by the way, cyber sunday deals were happening. so even though sales are a little slow, i think people are feeling better about the economy, so they're taking their time. a little bit better. i think consumer confidence is up. we've talked about cheap gas, the job creation numbers are moving in the right direction, so i don't think people are looking to deal with the frantic rush of fighting the crowds in stores, they know if you are shopping online, they know those deals have proven to us already that those discounts are going to carry on -- melissa: bruise, i don't know, i mean -- bruce, i don't know, people spent less per item. no matter what metric you looked at, they have done less so far this holiday season, and still the national retail federation thinks we're going to outpace last year. which do you believe? >> they don't know what to do. look, they have black friday, small business saturday, and then they have cyber monday -- [laughter] technology tuesday. i think wtf wednesday and the hell with it thursday.
2:34 pm
[laughter] they just don't know what to do. people are going to buy because they need stuff or want stuff, and all the rest of this is just projections. it means nothing. melissa: apple users outspent android users by 25%. that is logical. so those will be the people that spend the most. that's a good crowd to pitch to, right? >> absolutely. it's the high income crowd, the people whose incomes have been growing faster than average, it's the luxury good market maybe not, you know, big diamond rings, but certainly upscale products. so it only make r makes sense if they have more money to spend, they will spend less money. also they are less bargain conscious. a lot of people are holding out because the brand has been tarnished in recent years by the continuation of discounts as we go through the season. melissa: okay. we're going to leave it there. bruce, i loved the signs. bring them next time, that was fun. and all the cyber monday coverage continues on "after the bell," liz and dave will be talking to the big bosses behind
2:35 pm and blue nile. oil prices are tanking, but only carriers are reaping the we wards. plus the longest lines this weekend weren't at stores. look at this mile-long line of travelers waiting to pass through security. take a guess, tell me where you think it is on twitter. melissaafrancis. at the end of the day, it's all about "money." follow me. ♪ ♪ she's still the one for you.
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♪ ♪ melissa: i'm melissa francis with your fox business brief. car-sharing service lift now wants to connect regular drivers with people traveling in the same direction. under a new plan, daily commuters coulden extra cash by picking up other users who are standing on the street needing a ride. that sounds safe. what could possibly go wrong? the new obamacare web site for small businesses is getting off to a slow start. the part of drew just 200,000 visits in the first week. that is compared to more than a million and a half that looked at the individual plan. and more than half of all infants in the u.s. are said to be sleeping on unsafe bedding. a new study says that's because many parents still use blankets and bumper pads in the crib. that is the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper. ♪ (holiday music is playing)
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hey! i guess we're going to need a new santa ♪(the music builds to a climax.) more people are coming to audi than ever before. see why now is the best time. audi will cover your first month's payment on select models at the season of audi sales event. visit today. ♪ ♪ melissa: airlines benefiting big from cheap oil. jet fuel is notoriously one of the carriers' biggest expense, but cheaper prices may not trickle down to help fliers in the form of lower fares. joining me now is bestfares ceo, veronica and dan pack with us
2:40 pm
as -- back with us as well. this is classic, this is like the guy who sells gas on the corner, he's so quick to raise it, and when prices fall, he waits forever to lower it. with the airlines, they were only too happy to raise it, now they're not going to drop it? >> i don't think so because there's only so much capacity. the airlines are in lo with the -- in love with the fuel drops. if you saw what happened in the third quarter this year, the u.s. airlines made over four billion. probably with all the fuel surcharges and baggage fees and everything else, the airlines are going to do pretty good this year and 2015. but when you look at how -- if you go back when fuel was super high, almost $139, $140 whatever it was a barrel -- melissa: right, 145. >> -- the airlines put a little hidden fee in there on tickets to europe and -- melissa: that never went away. >> $516 to most of europe, and yet today with fuel half the price, it's still $516.
2:41 pm
australia's even worse at $680. melissa: it's amazing. dan, you look at american airlines, potential saving, $422 million based on the drop in fuel, all about the fact that we continue the buy the tickets. if they priced us out of the market, isn't that what it's about? >> no. melissa: hang on, dan, go ahead. >> wall street was expecting $150 oil, so we don't really know if they're hedging long and they were in the futures market or hedging somewhere on expecting higher prices. that -- melissa: so they may not be reaping the reward. >> exactly. we don't know that answer yet. melissa: if you're an investor -- go ahead, veronica. >> if you're an investor, you're probably doing pretty well. american airlines paid the first dividend, i think, in 30 something years to shareholders. so if you're on that side -- melissa: not if you buy a ticket.
2:42 pm
>> the consumers are the last people they're thinking about in these equations, it seems like. melissa: travelers at one chicago airport partaking in a cherishes holiday tradition, massive security lines. this line was more than average, midway international reporting tsa lines of more than a mile long snaking out of the terminal all the way to the el train stop and back again. tom, what do you think? the horror of it. >> i think it's definitely a snafu. i think tsa of any people in the world, passengers should be showing up in the morning, it should be those folks. again, i think that was a lighter schedule that morning. i think a lot of it was cleared up by 9, 10:00 in the morning on sunday. melissa: there were still people who missed their flight as a result, a lot of people guessed bigger cities like new york. veronica, you're pretty happy, a mile and a half -- >> oh, my goodness, i can't imagine how stress fortunately,
2:43 pm
frustrating -- stressful, all the germs, everyone breathing -- [laughter] [inaudible conversations] >> what if you had, and i'm a little older now, but i had three young boys -- melissa: oh, yeah. >> and a wife trying to coordinate -- melissa: i would have given up and gone home. >> this would have been a disaster for me. melissa: although, my older one would have caused an incident. [laughter] they would have been like, you know what? forget it. no one wants to listen to that. sorry, sweetie. he's at school, it'll be okay. before i let you go, have you seen this? a passenger with an emotional support pig. they were booted off a us airways flight bound for d.c. the crew initially allowed the pig to board, i don't know why, before it began howling and emitting some curious smells. the woman and her pig eventually both left the flight. she was able to get on with this pig because it's an emotional support animal, a growing trend.
2:44 pm
tom parsons, have you ever seen a pig on a plane? >> that's why they say -- melissa: when pigs fly. [laughter] very good. [laughter] >> but, you know, one more thing about airfares -- [laughter] melissa: no, no! we want to talk about the pig. i don't care about airfares. dan, what do you think can about the pig? would you sit next to the pig on the plane? it apparently had an accident in the aisle and it stunk up the whole plane before they threw the pig off the plane. >> well, they kicked them both off, but what kind of documentation is required to have this -- melissa: that's a whole other -- all right, thanks to the whole panel. joining us now, our very own liz claman to give us a preview of what's coming up in the next hour. pigs on planes. liz: no pigs on planes. let's just quickly say that we may have the ceo of the company that beat it all, beat the black friday sales. why? because they were the earliest of the early birds.
2:45 pm
gamestop, actually, he's the president, tony barel is going to be joining us in a fox business exclusive. they put in their sales a full eight days before everybody else. how did that work out for them? what are the best selling games out there? we're going to get the numbers from gamestop's president. by the way, this is a stock -- you want to talk long-term investing? over the past ten years it's up 233%. shorter term, three years, up 68%. so it's struggling here today, but we're looking at gamestop as a possible winner. we'll find out at the top of the hour when tony joins us. and, of course, for all of you who have been shopping online, don't do one more mouse click until you watch our interview with the agare ceo. they are able to look through six billion messages per day to make sure there's no malware. so you've got to make sure you're doing the right things before you shop online today. so stay tuned. that's another fox business exclusive. we'll see you at the top of the hour. melissa: very good. still angry at wal-mart, workers
2:46 pm
gathering over the holidays to protest the retailer's low wages. how many of them are actually employed at the store? and putting on a show at any cost, kremlin officials are said to have raided their national treasury to win the world cup. well, you can never spend too much "money." ♪ ♪
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2:50 pm
officials are said to have offered priceless works of art to secure the country's bid for the world cup. a picasso painting was allegedly given as a gift to soccer executives, are you kidding me? and in return, they helped russia win the rights to host the event in 2018. what a prize that is. putin is said to have taken a very active interest in the game, especially during the bidding process. yeah, seems like it. all right, landing in the u.k. where bmw is offering a ride-sharing service, users will be able to to pick up one of their vehicles from various ports across london at any time. you just pay by the minute, and then you leave it anywhere you like. a beemer. very seat. all right. -- vehement. we saw all the enormous lines, insane sales and walmart protests. for the third year protesters took to the streets to fight against walmart's wages. union organizers propsed, quote, hundreds of -- promised, quote, hundreds of walmart workers,
2:51 pm
that's what they said, yet a new report found only a tiny number of them actually work at wal-mart. veronica and dan are back with me. do you think it would change people's perspectives if they knew people out front are not walmart workers? i mean, these are, you know, community organizers, these are labor leaders who want to unionize the folks inside, want a share of their paycheck. >> who are they and who's paying them, that's what i want to know. and how can they take time off to go protest if they're not even working this? if they don't represent the workers, you have to ask what right do they have to voice concern if the workers themselves aren't voicing those concerns? melissa: dan, on top of that walmart workers, you know, make between $16,000 and $31,000 which is not a lot of money, obviously, but it's more than the average federal minimum wage which is only $15,000 a year if you worked a 40-hour week. >> yeah.
2:52 pm
it's ironic they would be doing this -- melissa: to walmart. >> like i said, i think this is kind of the beginning of this problem in this country that the people that respect making a lot of -- that aren't making a lot of money are bringing in other people to make it look bigger than it actually is. melissa: yeah. >> unions can work together, cross people in the unions. not everybody's working every day, so they can bring them in and be very coordinated to look good because they know the tv cameras are going to be there. melissa: right. another holiday tradition we might soon see, lawmakers in ohio and california are calling for employers to double or even triple workers' pay if they have to work on the holidays. i mean, it'd be very interesting, veronica, to see what the outcome of this is. i mean, there are already stores that are on the fence about being open because it costs a lot, people don't necessarily shop. so if you're forced to pay double or triple, maybe those stores will be open. >> maybe they won't be open that day, maybe they'll have less people, maybe they'll automate
2:53 pm
more. i don't think it's totally out of the blue to pay somebody extra for working a holiday, double and triple could really affect the bottom line. melissa: why do you have to make it a federal law? if you're having a hard time at your work to cover those shifts, you realize you have to say, hey, if anyone's willing to come in on friday, i'm going to give you double time. >> yeah. this is capitalism at its best. they're basically bidding to get people to come in. i think it's unpatriotic to actually be open on these days, but it's something that's now happened. melissa: yeah, i don't know. free market. [inaudible conversations] there you go. speaking of that, let it go is not a motto that disney is embracing. with reports of a sequel in the works, the frozen mania can isn't even close to thawed. plus pizza hut goes psychic. picture toppings in the blink of an eye. this is a crazy story. at the end of the day, it is all
2:54 pm
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melissa: disney's blockbuster film frozen isn't ready to cool off yet. the film had $1.7 billion at the box office last year which is the highest grofg animated movie ever. the star is ready for round two. laurie and veronica is back with me as well. the highest grofg animated film. obviously there's a sequel in the works. >> without question. let your money go. do you remember lion king two? oversaturated. that's my take on it. was there a lion king two? we've been to the play two times. >> the original is a classic. but the sequel was no good. melissa: i would be ready. she's rolling in this. she went from zero to
2:58 pm
60. she's set for life. i'm really sick of the song, i got to say. >> i like the song. melissa: i liked it the first trillion times. >> i use it as punishment. they binge watched this movie. now, when they're misbehaving in the car, i crank up the song. melissa: you're kind of punishing yourself with that as well. >> i do appreciate her voice. melissa: i spy with my little eye something cheesy and delicious. pizza hut introduces its subconscious menu using eye tracking technology to help identify which combination that you are yearning for. could be a challenge. because i'm an equal tunist. >> i'm not impressed with this. pizza hut is five combinations of fat and
2:59 pm
carbs. they can't miss. melissa: actually they're 4,800 possible combinations. there are a lot of different things they can do. >> people talking about pizza hut. you don't think about pizza hut when you're thinking about pizza in a city like new york. i feel like this is a good way to get people thinking about the brands again. melissa: they're putting the menu into trials. 98 percent success rate right now. >> wow. amazing. melissa: you can't stop staring at the mushroom or ham combination. i think it's absolutely genius. as if you had to make it more fun to order a pizza. >> they should try i at a sheushy restaurant. i hope you guys are making money today. right now, the dow is down 38 points on this
3:00 pm
cyber monday. a lot of tech leading stocks lower today. we'll see how the day finishes. "countdown" with liz claman starts now. liz: yeah, the nasdaq is really struggling, but as we try to decipher all the black friday sales analysis we're reminded about the princess bride. >> the cliffs of insanity. liz: to hear all the doomsday predictions and hysteria about whether the shopping season had disappointed. one major key survey reported an 11 percent drop in black friday and weekend shopping. that doesn't sound good, but there are other reports. some are suggesting that the holiday shopping season is anything, but a loss. which is the truth? as we look at


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