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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  December 2, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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from here, absolutely, there is risk involved but not right now. liz: larry shover, sfg alternatives chief investment officer. >> thank you. david: thanks, larry. "the willis report" is next. gerri: we begin tonight with new warning and new details of a huge cyberattack on the united states. just days after highly destructive malware was discovered at sony pictures the fbi warning other companies could be attacked as well. there is also new information on the kind of malware used by the hackers and possible clues where it came from. for more on this, teresa peyton, president and ceo and former white house cio. welcome back to the show. great to have you here, teresa. let's start with this wiper malware. what is it and why is it so destructive? >> you know it is one of those pieces of malware that we haven't seen something this
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comprehensive in the past. this wipe every malware will literally create situation where you have no business continuity. they will literally take away your data and potentially make your computers inoperable. the bets way to protect yourself against this, have great data backups that have nothing to do with corporate network. if you're victim to the mall which are you can be back up running quickly. gerri: it erases data permanently. that the stuff goes away. this is amazing. we're used to hack attacks where people steal information. they want to steel credit card numbers. they want to rip off information that they are going to copy but does this tell us, this is state actors doing this? >> it could possibly be state actors, when you look at how involved this was. you're right, gerri. when we talk about something like target or home depot or even jimmy jobs, they're stealing credit card and debit
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card information. in this case, this group took over a company. they literally had digital data as hostage. they were creating ransom demands. they were literally blackmailing executives saying if you want your company back, comply with our demands. and by the way, we've taken over your computers and taken over your data. this was very comprehensive takeover of an organization. so if they're not state-sponsored they're obviously very well-funded and very talented group. gerri: we're showing video from some of the movies actually lifted, stolen and then put on the internet. of course one of the big debates going on right now, was this a north korean heist? was this north korea doing this because the movie you're looking at right now, which depicts, called "the interview." it pokes fun at the north korean dictator. do you give credence to these rumors? >> the rumors are interesting. we do know some of the code that was in this malware is actually
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written in korean and some of the comments are written in korean. it is possible hired on behalf of korea, korean speaking programmers or korean sympathizers were behind this or it could be a ruse to cover the tracks of an organization. gerri: how do they get in there? amazing to me because a lot of these companies, and specifically imthinking of banks, they have huge firewalls and very careful. those are the folks i'm most worried about. what is the open door? >> you know, you mentioned a great point here, gerri. what's interesting, this is not substantiated by law enforcement. hackers said they had inside help. they allegedly said a door was open. whether someone did that on purpose, it remains to be seen. that speaks to business practices. they need to think about what
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type of access do we give employees to sensitive and critical access and do they need access on daily basis? gerri: they have to have access to some info, right? this brings up question of banks and bank security. i mentioned it before. are you concerned with this type of hack of such a big international company? could it happen to our largest financial institutions? >> you know, gerri, an attack like this can happen to any company. i hope what all companies are doing is taking a lesson from this and saying wait a minute, have we practice is a digital disaster lately? what if somebody were to overtake our company? two, the banks practice digital disasters on regular basis. to really say have we practiced something this devastating, this comprehensive? the second piece is relook at your digital off-site data practices. where are you storing data? if still tied to the corporate network they could potentially
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take over that. lastly, as it relates to the banks, we would hate for them to take over financial transactions, to ask what is the backup plan? how would we get back in business to make sure money can move freely. gerri: thanks for coming on the show. great advice, great analysis. the last great recession officially ended over five years ago, that is according to many economists. with millions of americans there is new evidence we're still in recession with no end in site. with that heritage economist steve moore. good to see you,. >> hi, gerri. gerri: the thing that really struck me in this report today, that health care costs are up 24% since 2007. i guess that cost curve she didn't bend much, did she? >> it sure didn't. i wrote a piece on on this very subject. one of the reasons that americans have so much economic anxiety they're not believing the statistics, gerri. if you look at official statistics on inflation, that is
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2%, if you look at everything in the economy, all prices, prices are only up by 2%. but what is interesting, if you look at vital things that americans have to buy, the essentials, gerri, things like health care, things like food, energy and until very recently, tuition costs, i found those are rising at 2 to 3 times faster than inflation rate. reason why most americans don't believe 2% inflation. that is what is causing this middle class squeeze because they have to buy eggs and they have to buy bread and have to buy food and clothing and for tuition. gerri: that's right. >> that is what is causing this squeeze. gerri: i have to tell you at the same time, as we discussed many times on this show incomes are flat, stagnant. >> right. gerri: not like you're getting a big raise every year helping you cope with. that but i want to show you concretely from this story, some of the prices going up. home internet sup 8 0%. sell -- is up 80%. sell phone bill is up. you can avoid this rent is is up 26%.
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education up 24%. say you decided you will go on budget diet. you will not eat out anymore. food at home is up 12%. there is nowhere to turn. >> if you look what happened with wages and salaries over this period, they have been up average of about 2% over last five years. if everything else that you have to buy, gerri, those things you just mentioned are up four or 5% per year, you're losing 2% of your purchasing power every year. that is the reason i think there is so much economic anxiety, even though the official statistics are sort of suggesting, why are people so angry? because of things like this. gerri: so food, housing, health care. that is 56% of the average americans budget. >> that's right. gerri: that leaves precious little room for a new car, vacation, the kinds of. >> pending we've seen americans do in the past to really propel the economy. you want to know what is wrong with consumer spending? it is higher prices and no income growth. today we get new number, steve, i want you to comment on this.
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the national debt is now over $18 trillion. $18 trillion for the very first time. that boils down to $153,000 per taxpayer. that's me and you, steve. and $56,000 per person. what do you make of numbers. >> let me correct you on one thing. probably not me and you who will pay this, it is our kids. our kids and grandkids will get stuck with the bill. gerri: hopefully they will not have the whole bill to themselves. hopefully we'll pick up part of the tab. >> i want to put this in a little bit of perspective historically. when i first came to washington i worked the last two years of the reagan administration in 1987 and 1988. i remember in, i think it was 1987 we introduced the first one trillion dollar budget. oh, my god, a trillion dollars. we never thought we would get here. now we're talking about a $18 trillion national debt 25 years later. that gives you a sense how out
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of control our budget has been, especially over last six years but this goes back decades. gerri: goes back decades. i didn't know you were that old. you're well-preserved, steve. >> thank you, gerri. gerri: other information that came out today, i just want to mention quickly before you go. federal government is collecting more money than ever before. so here you have the debt is higher than it has ever been. they're collecting more -- there is a disconnect there, isn't there? >> that's, what we describe that as a spending problem. and i'm here in washington, d.c. and nobody wants to admit it. they're in denial that there is a spending problem. when you go to capitol hill and talk to a lot of these congressman and women, gee, if we had more revenue. no, you have plenty of revenue. why don't you get spending under control, especially income transfer programs, welfare programs, and the big health care programs. you really nailed it. we were supposed to reduce the costs of health care with the obamacare. of course medicaid and obamacare costs are exploding. gerri: let me tell you,
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congressman who say, our money, referring to taxpayer dollars. that is what really gets me. >> right. gerri: steve, thanks for coming on. great to see you. >> thanks, gerri. gerri: we want to know what you think. here is our question tonight. has your income caught up with the costs of living? log on to vote on the right-hand side of the screen. i will share results at end of tonight's show. we have more, more, coming up this hour including your voice. your voice is important to us. that's why we during the show we want you to facebook me or tweet me @gerriwillisfbn. send me an email going to at the bottom of the hour i will read your comments. next, details how one university spent over $200,000 for a custom conference table made in china. that's a picture of it right there. on the taxpayer dime no less
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we asked people a question how much money do you think you'll need when you retire? then we gave each person a ribbon to show how many years that amount might last. i was trying to like, pull it a little further got me to 70 years old i'm going to have to rethink this thing it's hard to imagine how much we'll need for a retirement that could last 30 years or more. so maybe we need to approach things differently, if we want to be ready for a longer retirement. ♪ you don't need to think about the energy that makes our lives possible. because we do. we're exxonmobil and powering the world responsibly is our job. because boiling an egg... isn't as simple as just boiling an egg.
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gerri: high cost, high-tech conference table is at the center of attention for one taxpayer-supported school in new jersey. after it spent more than $200,000 for the luxury piece. my next guest is outraged and calling for an investigation into the matter. joining me now from union county, new jersey, assemblyman,
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joseph cryon. nice to have you here. >> nice to be here. gerri: i want to start talking about, what is this table and who approved this? why did a school supported by taxpayer dollars buy this thing. >> it is crazy amount school particularly out of control in terms of spending. this is symbol of that criticallized. they bought the table as part of a new building structure. didn't go out in any american company's bid. went out to china and frankly ignored american manufacturing along the way. >> i want to point out to folks, you're looking at picture of this thing right now. super high-tech. computers, there is all kinds of gizmos. not just a plain old table. >> it was bid as plain old table. reality, what it is it is not worth anything near $219,000. it is symbol of outrageous spending for higher education throughout the state of new jersey. this is taxpayer-funded school.
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tuition of highest than any public university. this school has gone into debt $200 million more. this become as symbol of a school out of control with spending number that stuck out with me starting to look at school, they have a 19% graduation rate for people there four years. 19%. i haven't seen a school with graduation rate this low. again the university, kean university in new jersey. that is who we're talking about here. we tried to reach out to the university to get some kind of explanation because they maintained they did nothing wrong and that china is a great place to buy a table. but they did not respond to us. are you surprised? >> no, i'm not surprised. they have been trying to stonewall this all the way throughout. reality they did do something wrong. in new jersey we have laws. you are supposed to go through through bid process. gerri: what do you mean? >> their board of trustees decided they could buy this under professional services contract. there is nothing professional services.
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raises a lot of question. why i called for investigation. every taxpayer struggling whether new jersey or around this country, cost of higher education is becoming out of reach this thing is terrible piece. gerri: i have to tell you i studied this a lot and at universities across the country. there is out of control spending and they think that spending more helps them compete more with other universities and schools to draw in students s that an argument here? >> well, this is a school with declining enrollment in the past two years. i think students have made that decision as well. yet more spending on the way. board of trustees is trying to buy more land for potentially up to $25 million in the township of union even though they have declining enrollment and particular problems themselves. gerri: the president, i hope i'm saying this right, fahari, seeing picture of him right there. he is done a few things that are questionable that people have debated, argued. what have you seen about his previous behavior that you think you should call into question. >> he had problems with his resume' that clearly attracted public attention. gerri: problems with the
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resume'? in terms of accuracy on liz may. there is no confidence vote from teachers. employees that work for him, professors as well. problems there with his athletic department being on probation. the bond rating in this school is negative with a negative outlook. the worst in the state of new jersey. gerri: what? >> gone from 112 million when he started to 350 doll million in debt in just 11 years. most importantly, gerri, students there, the first-year students go into average of over $9,000 more in debt as soon as they begin. graduation rate as you mentioned, less than one in five. less than half in six years. it is a school that has poor student outcomes, poor fiscal management and certainly raises a lot of questions whether the board of trustees should take action with this president. gerri: how do they get away with this? who is the okaying mechanism that allows table like the one we just showed to be bought? that allows this kind of actions to go on? >> in new jersey we're decentralized. reality, on a board of trustees,
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get president that controls it. this outrage just spending that frankly offend the public at every level. >> the thank you for coming on the show tonight. >> thank you for having me. gerri: later in the show, turns out age is really nothing but a number. the new analysis that might change your views on aging and irs only guide to tax i preparers this year hey, use common sense, but are to the very first time, folks will have to indicate on their tax forms whether they have health care. so where is that common sense, irs? you get sick, you can't breathe through your nose suddenly, you're a mouth breather. a mouth breather! well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth. cold medicines open your nose over time, but add a breathe right strip and pow, it opens your nose up to 38% more. so you can breathe and do the one thing you want to do, sleep. add breathe right to your cold medicine
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gerri: filing your taxes that is complicated enough but next month it is about to get a whole lot worse. that is because of all the new
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rules with obamacare. even some tax professionals are saying they're having hard time keeping up with the changes. one of the reasons is the lousy guidance from the irs. with us now, grover norquist, president of americans for tax reform. grover, welcome back to the show. we have you here by telephone today. i have to ask you, a story in "politico" about the war going on behind closed doors between the is and taxpayers over just how americans can tell the irs whether or not they have health care coverage and what will be the legal proof that they do? the irs is not answering those questions. why? >> we're they're caught between what the taxpayers need and what the obama administration wants on record. very complicated obamacare includes this, one of its complicated pieces that if you don't have insurance for, qualified insurance, not insurance that you might like -- gerri: not any old insurance
5:23 pm
plan. >> obama-approved insurance which is more expensive kind and more limited, if you don't have that for one month, any month during the year, you need to hand out paperwork to the irs, could be a dozen plus pages you have to fill out, explaining why. there is excuses that they will buy and there ones that you won't. cbo, congressional budget office, which bent over backward to say obamacare worked and wouldn't cause any problems, they admit four million americans will eventually have to pay a tax, a penalty a fee, a fine, for not having enough insurance during the year. but 30 million people will have to prove they're not part of the four million. you have to fill out paperwork when you ask the irs what that looks like -- gerri: let me show slow you down here a second because you're package ton in here. what are the details? this is what i find with the administration so often, they're great at theory you about when it comes to street level to try
5:24 pm
to implement something, they have no idea how to do it. it always goes awry. one of the big things they have not thought through, as you just said, some 30 million americans will be without coverage during some point in year. so how are they going to file their taxes and tell the government that, just makes no sense to me? how is this going to work? >> we, they're very good at imagining unicorns. they're not very good at designing them. and the problem is some things can't be designed. you can't do a one-size-fits-all insurance plan for 300 million americans because we are all different. that is why it's a good idea to have many insurance companies, not one government. gerri: okay i want you to respond to what the irs spokesman said about this bruce friedland said, tax preparers should follow the normal due diligence if determining if their client has appropriate health care coverage? what does that mean?
5:25 pm
>> it means you're on your own, sucker. look, the irs doesn't want to tell people, even if the irs tells you, if you ask them a question and you fill out your tax form the way irs person on other end of the phone told you to that is no defense if later they decide they don't like what you did. this is not on obamacare. this is on any irs question. if the irs levels with you and said here is how many questions you have to answer and here is what you have to do, there would be a mini revolt. my guess is that the administration will come in a few weeks or few months and say, tell you what. here's, you're all pardoned. amnesty for everybody. because they are not going to need 30 million people very irritated at them. and four million people, particularly irritated at them. it will take most of this year to figure out whether you're in the 30 or the four. gerri: grover, this is how they're going to pay for obamacare in part.
5:26 pm
>> oh, yes, fees and taxes. >> how will they pay for the darn thing? >> they take, they borrow from the chinese. gerri: so just, a note here -- >> put it on the tab. gerri: a note, grover, i want to make to you here. we tried to find form 8965, which is form you have to fill out. it is not available. >> any luck? this is one they're telling all the tax preparers to deal with? gerri: yes. >> they don't like tax preparers. this may be part of the screwing the tax preparers and going, you know what, the irs will do everybody's taxes for you way they do in france where government sends you a bill. oh, this is a big, big project. they're trying to do it in several states. trying to do it at national level. they think they will save everyone a lot of time and energy doing your taxes for you. imagine once the government has done your taxes for you, the irs sends you a bill, you think they did it wrong, talk about fighting city hall? how would you like to fire the irs? gerri: give prison guard the
5:27 pm
keys. grover, thanks for coming on the show. wish i had seen you. good having your voice here. >> i'm from rural maine. we don't have -- gerri: thank you. >> take care. gerri: time for a look at stories you're clicking on today is a great day for your 401(k). the energy sector helped push the dow to a new record close. chevron and exxonmobil were the best performers, contributing 27 points to the dow. walmart is reporting the biggest cyber monday in history. the retail giant says, more than 1.5 billion pages were viewed on between thanksgiving day and cyber monday of the deals are not over. walmart will continue to offer 500 online deals every day until december 5th. the auto industry getting a boost from cheaper gas prices and black friday deals. total industry sales for month of november were best since 2001. uber is launching a ride
5:28 pm
sharing service in new york city. it is called uber pool. it will allow riders to split costs and save up to 50%. those are some of the hot stories right now on still to come. ties season of giving. we'll answer questions how do you do that? is everything you thought about aging completely wrong? stay tuned to find out. ♪ how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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gerri: okay you heard it before, age is just a number. more and more research is backing it up. here with more on "wall street journal" reporter ann turgeason, thank you so much. what -- tell us what myths. >> so i set out to tackle some
5:32 pm
myths, one is that older people are less productive, they don't adapt to change well. they are slow. you know turns out in academic literature there is little support. gerri: why aren't they slower? >> older people, most jobs require experience. they have that experience and learn from it, they en up being more productive. most academic studies find virtually no relationship between age and job performance. gerri: cognitive decline. people talk about it. is that not true? or do we just go a different route. >> scientists categorize intelligence in two camps one is
5:33 pm
fluid, that is raw, that declines overtime. other type is intelligence you gain by experience, again, older people have an advantage, some studies showed that the intelligence you gain by experience can offset the types that you lose overtime. gerri: move to depression, mood, those issues. people have in th back of their head, image of a little old lady, depressed not happy, this is not necessarily the case. >> it is not actually, not everyone, but you know majority of older people, their moods improve overtime, their satisfaction with life improved, and depression rates in cam comparison - with younger people are lower. gerri: it seems big picture that young people and older people have very different ways of
5:34 pm
processing what they see in natural world. that in fact people who are older may be more happy? maybe more at ease in the world because of their experience. >> that is kind of true, what happens, older people look for manage different than younger people, they are looking for more you know meaning in life, and satisfaction, they prioritize positive, they are not as hedge up on the negative that improved their mood. gerri: that does make you happier. ann thank you. great to have you. >> you're welcome. gerri: 'tis the season for giving, giving back, with shopping and preparing for holidays, it can be easy to forget what this time of year is about. jennifer with american red cross, start with this. everyone seems to make a
5:35 pm
charitable donation this year, what is essential tip to make sure your dollars go as far that they can. >> thank you, gerri. make sure you give to an established and reputeible charity, make sure you give to machine who will use the moneywisely. second, donating money is fastest way to get help to people in need. if you want to donate goods, make sure you investigate with the charity, what timing, you can drop off your goods, what are the locations, you can also auction off your goods on-line, and detha demade that money to y there are a lot of platforms for that and then know there is a lot of different ways to get involved and give back, you can volunteer, at red cross we're so
5:36 pm
thankful fu for our volunteers o give time or give time 92 there are a lot of ways to give, 34% of charitable giving, is done in last 3 months of the year, i was joking with my staff, i actually get on-line as the ball is dropping and make my donations on-line, but you don't have to this year the hash tag giving tuesday. is on twitter, what are your thoughts about this year? what should people think about to make sure if their money goes far, and geting to people who need it. >> gerri, you are not alone, many do wait until the ball drops but today is giving tuesday, this is a global day for people to give back it is about community, families, charities, students youth. to donate, and be generous and
5:37 pm
give back. we hope that this is a tradition, like many other meaningful traditions in people's lives. we have days of giving thanks, days of great deals todas todayg tuesday, about giving back, giving to a charity you feel passionate about. >> i think that point is very wise, give to something you really connecting with that means something to you personaly. just makes it that much more worth while, thank you jennifer. >> thank you. gerri: now we want to hear from you. has your income caught up with the cost of living? dog, if my finances were a nascar race, inflation would have lapped me 2 or 3 times already. and antonio, the economy is better now than in 2008, but
5:38 pm
terry disagrees, the economy is better but is it as good as can can be? not by a long shot. too many regulations and too much meddleing by the feds. and thanks to lower file prices my income seems to be stretching father but we'll never keep case. be sure to like fox business on facebook. gerri: and congress is back to work this week. on their agenda to a vert another government shut down, they need to approve i a spending bill by december 11 according to your e-mails you do not have much confidence. i can't understand how congress can spend so much time and taxpayer money fighting everything that obama trying to do but they can't take the same amount of time getting things done that would benefit the american people. and paula, agrees.
5:39 pm
good stuff, tery from ohio. good regulations are khao anothr example of too many people working for the government. gerri: send me an e-mail, gerri >> coming up, auto insurers are throwing heavy discounts to drivers but there is a catch, to lower your bill, you have to lose your privacy. >> we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] hands were made for talking.
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snow do you want a break on your car insurance? who doesn 't but there is a catch, you have to let them track how you drive, with savings up to 30% should do you
5:43 pm
it how does this work? >> you put a device in your car. to the data port under the dashboard. for progressive snap shot device. it records certain things behaviors about your driving, for example time of day. late at night, if you drive on the brakes a lot or speed, and basically, it reports that back to the insurance company, and keeps track of how you drive. your behaviors, you can get a discount if you drive you know safely. gerri: all right, so, you know, so like a pilot, a black box in your dash to track what do you. we have talked about how it might decrease, pay as much as 30% maybe? people spend $1500 a year on car
5:44 pm
insurance, this is a big break, what is down side here? what do they have, you might not want them to have. >> a down side on privacy issue that information is can be subpoenaed by authorities, if you get into a car accident, and sued, that information if it exists can be i supervisorina -- is uisin terms of savings they , we heard of a guy got about $2 30 off his you know $900 00 premium, another guy got $42 over 2500 premium.
5:45 pm
gerri: isn't it about how you drive, if you are speeding all of the time, and braking and darting in and out of traffic s-rpbs th theinsurance the insuo charge you more. >> they are rolling this out, and studying it, to get you into the study, they say, they are not going to raise your rates. what they say, they will not give you the discount if you are a crummy driver, if you are a good driver you get one. so it is a you know -- >> i got to tell you, i think that eventually they will charge the bad drivers more, people who are more dangerous, most likely to have a accident or crash. are they going to sell this information to other people? is this data getting out to god knows who. who might want to sell me a pizza or cell phone service.
5:46 pm
>> i guess that is always the risk, does it have value, can it be sold to other parties, i have not scrutinize privacy agreements, broadly i understand they are not going to do that. but they can be changed. gerri: they can be changed. it used to be things they figured out if you were a good driver, are you a female, not a guy, do have you good grades in school, are you stable, do you have a job, stuff like that, but now, actual information if you want to give it to them, jeff, is this net good or net bad? >> well, it is eye good idea to you know rate people based on how risky they are. but you know one thing that not said here is that a lot -- the
5:47 pm
biggest influence on your premium, is your credit score, i don't think that many people are aware of that, that is the biggest driver of your premiums, it has nothing to do with how well you drive, if this moves industry toward more rating on you know rating more on how you drive, and how well you drive, and how risky you are, i think that might be great. gerri: i had no idea. your credit score has nothing to do with how you drive, wow. >> it does not tell a poor -- credit based insurance stkoer is nonotscore is-- there no cause . it has to do with are you more likely to file a claim.
5:48 pm
gerri, of course, that is what it is bjeff thank you. >> thank you. gerri: fox business alert, takata, airbag company forming an independent panel on audit safety manufactures and safety of the airbag inflateers. they remain vague on whether they comply with nhtsa to issue a nationwide recall. they seem to be putting the decision on automakers. saying we'll take all actions needed on advance the goal of safety for driving public. -- company has until midnight tonight to meet nhtsa's demands or face civil signs and legal action, we'll follow it tomorrow, and update you with
5:49 pm
congressman lee ter who is sharing a hearing on the defective takata airbags tomorrow. gerri: coming up my two cents, and sprint has a new deal to steal you away from verizon and at&t, is it worth it? details coming after the break. she's still the one for you. and cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment is right. cialis is also the only daily ed tablet approved to treat symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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gerri: do you feel like you pay too much for your phone bill? sprint is hoping that feeling is enough to switch your phone carrier, with a new plan that would cut your cell phone bill in half, is it worth it to switch? vera gibbons is joining us, tell us the basics of this.
5:53 pm
>> sprint needs customers, this is a nice way to e entice people to leave the other carriers, unfortunately, from my perspective, a good deal is not a good deal if the service is bad, you have heard that sprint quality is not there. gerri: this is not for everyone either. another one of down sides. if you are with t-mobile they are not matching that price. >> and you have to use a sprint phone, trade in your old phone there is a lot of fine print. you should do if you are at&t or verizon customer walk in there mention offer get them to cut your price, your make up artist just told me she did that, she slashed her bill and half, and they gave her a tab throat stay. tablet to stay. gerri: can i tell you how much i love the cell phone wars.
5:54 pm
talk about another topic, switching gears hard, talk about housing market, what is going on with the apraiseers. we're seeing a bad ghost, from old boom days appraisers over valueing houses why? >> for a number of reasons, recovery is ho-huming along, sales are down, price appreciation is slowing. everyone needs to make money. loan origin nations are down. lenders need to make money, apraiseers need to make money, real estate broker, this is one way to do it. gerri: this is greaseing the wheels of the industry, if the deal does not get done nobody getting paid. >> and the appraisers have it in their hand, what happens if they
5:55 pm
apraise too high. gerri: between 2011-2014, it was over apraiseed. >> the buyer needs to do your own homework, not uncommon to present the apraiseer with your own camps, check the numbers, information because some of these apraiseers are not all that great, we have seen a decline in number of appraisers going into the industry. a whole new land skpaeup now, they are not as skilled as they have been in past, some really good guys have left the industry. or moved to more lou cra -- lucrative field. gerri: important thing for consumers to know about. >> thank you. gerri: we'll be right back.
5:56 pm
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gerri: normally when we talk about christmas trees in washington. tonight the real thing on capitol hill. one of most popular christmas trees in the country, it was lit just a few minutes ago. >> we asked you on, has your income caught up with your living? >> and tonight, consumer spending, they are still tightening purse strings, middle class is squeezeed, incomes are flat, costs are high, i say that missing link in the recovery is the consumer, but what is really missing st-pbted, strong, economisustained strongeconomic.
6:00 pm
thank you for joining us, see you tomorrow. charles: i am charles payne, you you are watching "making money" government shut down may be on the way. g.o.p. ripped into president obama's executive orders on the immigration. republicans, finding way to block the plans rich edson in dc. >> reporter: republicans are looking at using congress' spending power, republicans offer two-step approach to fund government and allow next year's g.o.p. control congress to devise a response to president obama's executive order on immigration, it would fund thro


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