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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  December 2, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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you tomorrow. charles: i am charles payne, you you are watching "making money" government shut down may be on the way. g.o.p. ripped into president obama's executive orders on the immigration. republicans, finding way to block the plans rich edson in dc. >> reporter: republicans are looking at using congress' spending power, republicans offer two-step approach to fund government and allow next year's g.o.p. control congress to devise a response to president obama's executive order on immigration, it would fund through september.
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that would allow new congress to revisit the issue. meanwhile on capitol hill, committees held a couple of hearing, examine the president's executive orders, republicans contend that the president is acting outside of his authority. authority. >> thank you rich. >> dow jones average at an all-time high, auto sales, ripping to levels not seen in over 10 years, cyber monday was a big hit. to nicole on floor of new york stock exchange. >> record day on wall street, dow hit lifetime high, closed up over 100 points, procter & gamble, unitedhealth, disney and cisco hit new highs.
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taser hit a new tie, president obama pledgeing over $260 million for law en forement to have wearible cameras, royal caribbean, new high there, entering into the s&p 500 after the close of trading, joining carnival crew, dreamworks under pressure, penguins of madagascar did not do well. charles: a lot to discuss a record high here, here are investment pros. you come on the day that market is up, scotti, news director back with us. what is that, james bond thing? >> i'm trying to encourage people to invest in silver. charles: i hear you, have you that vixen look, like yes,
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mr. bond. first real-real deal, market does it again, not about an all-time high for the dow but thousand rallies without any fan square, but every tick lower is like the end of the world. high crush, hcoh we talked about that. cyber monday was good, not number that hint at a super confident consumer just americans in my mind being americans, that continues to be a stealth rally, ma do you wake of today had. >> a little bit of good news.
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auto sales, construct spending in better than expected, cyber monday, not great, what this rally has been is not driven by the great news, it is okay, and okay news is bullish. the trend does not change, there is no reason to be out of the stock market, best runry in the world. >> but, two bad days in a row it is like baton down the hatches, darcy blows. >> i cannot beat that. for those that like watching the fed, stanley fisher vice chairman spoke said if improvement in labor continues, in a will move rates. charles: fed -- yesterday's
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hinted at a better economy, for those who think that only thing that moves market, the markets should have been down. >> my take away is that we'll see low rates continue. i think this is a nice tailwind that they are driving on. >> if you want to argue fed, and economy getting better. >> these cyber monday numbers do not look that great but cume walmart numbers with better than expected sales for cyber monday. charles: we do live in a
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bifurcated world. >> it sets the tone we're having that relationship with the market. gerri: we want to see china improve, and europe improve, that has been a headwind. >> today was u.s. investor film away little bit better. gerri: blowing the whistle, first page. pain's investment play brook, our debt $18 trillion, do you hear anything about it on your news programs or local cable programs? >> there is also something that is stiring inside of you that does not right. yesterday i talked about the market rallies and economy maybe lifting off a 2% growth, a base
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it has been at for a long time. that news was greeted with a young, this is yale school of business, they do a stock market confidence index that fit to its lowesest r-td -- reading since 1989. how can we become toe numb to the number? >> numb, if you think back to 2008, it was at the top of all of our minds. you look at the economy with low interest rates people are quick to push it to the side, but understand if you to to see job improvement and other jobs in the economy. gerri: you are saying that somehow we is get a great economy and a lower debt. >> that is on-line way we'll be
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able to do it. >> that 8 trillion goes hire, ib rates go up. -- interest rates go up. >> we will have to deal with that number, right now it does not make any difference to any of us. fed or no fed, the interest on that accumulateing to when the shoe i is -- trillion a year. >> we're not goin going to see s long as we seep seeing this faw sawed of lower cup mak. >> we have lost faith in a lot
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of instutions, and but, to your point, people feel wet better e13 though they know they did something wrong but everyone knows maybe we're whistling past the graveyard. >> i think you are right. i think people are spending like we said before on their savings, they feel like there is smog wrong, they want to feel about better, we have to return back to that idea that here in united states we feel better when we want to spend. to scott r*ei and matt, it is me exencence"expendables 2" techiv- expensive for people. >> i don't endorse higher debt.
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don't think our debt is not all of allof a isn't going to creepn a way. >> it is going to hit higher trackss. yy -- taxes. damage is still being done. gerri: i don't know, i don't think that political climate is there to raise taxes, we'll see what other rabbit they pull out of the hat. >> i don't know what rabbit, i just know what number will keep growing, you will have to pay the piper. >> i think we're -- reason rear all whistling past graveyards, it is incredible, great wealth ship we had with lower prices, con-- commodity prices, consumers have more money, and company, stock are going up. up. charles: for some people that is a red flag, that will bring us
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to our next issue. up on a page from payne's investment playbook. you been this thing that pnc does, release annual cost to fulfill 12 days of christmas. not cheap, but prices they did rise that much from last year. each and bought them at a retail store would set you back $27, 600. that is up 300 from last year, if you follow the song you bought each item, costrage up to $116,000. up less than 2%, lower prices, deflation, what is going on. lower commodity headlines but this is a long-term trend. this is goldman sachs commodity index. about 70% energy but it has copper, corn, gold, wheat, soybeans, live cattle, cotton,
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and look at this down 6 65% sine 2008. the fall in commodity prices seems to be picking upstream. -- i say tha there she blows, bs it in the wrong direction. deflation for a lot of people is a 4-letter word, at least for economists, it has been this way since aftermath of historic downturns in this country, back to 1890s, and 1930s, what kept them so bad, anchored us so long, it was deflation, we have seen the same in japan. hillary, you are the market
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historian, are we not taking it seriouslyive in or does it not matter any more, some people say, good stuff cheap prices off set idea that -- there is good deflation, and bad. bad deflation, have to do with wages and sinking wages. that is what ken us in 1930s in a depression in this case, yes, we have pressure on wages, but de-- but deflation, on commodities, is okay right now. as long as everyone is cheaper for me to buy bacon -- charles: that is the point, it is -- i know i can buy something today of that cost $2 bucks next week a buck 80, a week after that $1.50, why do i pay 2 bucks today. >> it is temporary versus sustained, like a drop in oil prices, cheaper gas pump, people feel better.
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sustained, you don't -- consumers don't make the big purchase, and companies don't make the investment hope to be you have wage pressure, companies lose profits and start cutting jobs. >> we're in the midst of that cycle. but year not, i think we're getting worse, with already unemployment so low that could -- let' less prices mean compans bridge in less money, we're in a really precarious situation. gerri: irony -- charles: irony, a lot of people say, i saw that cpi report is the government crazy?
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is there disconnect? >> that is what we're dealing with, you talk about wages stagnant, taxes go hire, people are making it worse. they change more out of desperation to clear more stock that is where we have the issue the more government sincevolveed that is less market can do. charles: i gat to tell i, people who lived on a fixed income, wages have gone down, they loveed that idea of prices coming down from a global perspective it is frightening, japan, china, europe, latin america we hear the d word in a dangerous way in this situation. >> it pains a negative picture, you think terrible bred lines, but, i feel there might be an investment opportunity here. when you see this bryce drop you see -- price drop you see the consumer benefit, you see is over, you will see consumer buy
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more, more products, and even when it comes to restaurants and food. charles: that is backward prosperity, money goes into the economy. >> milton freeman said there was some good deflation too. talk about some investment ideas based on this a hedge, what will investor consider. >> you look at maybe a bellwether like intel, technology has been in a deflationary period for many years as prices come down, intel paints 2.4% dividend. charles: there is more's law, one of pioneers of silicon valley, according to him, computer chips every 18 months get twice as smart, go down in price twice as much that is why
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a lot of people avoid semiconductors but they have found a way to make money with it. >> one of the best ways to invest right now hedgeing your g into something like dug . it rises twice as fast as oil companies underlying stock of that etf are falling. charles: are you not afraid to be oversold. >> i think that oil could have found itself a bottom but there are oil services, and diversifyed oil. that is why i like dug. >> this is leverage, this is not for 99.9% people, this is a day trading vehicle. >> it does not track right.
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>> why would you be in that investment. >> it is safer -- >> safer is last word you should associate with that. charles: anything that moves twice as fast as underlying investment as a lot more risk to it. what do you like hillary? you like -- you mentioned. but, is there a new resale name. >> yum brands. >> you are a contrarian. >> you see commodity prices fall, you know like beef and pig and pork. >> at&t was my pick. a dividend champion. government bond yield so little. charles: i will follow you on that, i think duke energy is one. we have energy they have a great
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charles: help make you some money, zebra technology. been a long time fan of the company. i featured it in spring we took profits, then that dip, i think
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giving us an amazing chance to get back in the stock. 75% of revenue comes from printers. rest of sales from supply and software services. company core business, about 11 million printers in a hundred countries. in most recent quarter they saw record revenue and earningss -- but, let me tell you, europe and northeast africa has been a soar pot for everyone. company has zero debt, a strong
6:24 pm
cash flow, pretty good margins, i would like to see them improve somewhat, right now stock climbing off of a double bottom, it broke a key resistance point of 75. i think this will be a dollars 90 stock. >> i don't want to jinx you, i bought and sold this one, and bought and lost money every time but i like it. bottom line income was flat, it is now taking off. if you look to get into it, i like it. charles: you use stop loss in. >> 15%. charles: what do you think? >> you highlighted choir, motorola they had trouble with integration, if they get that right there is huge value creation. charles: i think they will.
6:25 pm
last time they wanted, guyance was below everyone was disappointed. next 5 years this company will grow like gangbusters. >> you are right it all about bar coding even our dog has a chip with him, we can handle the data now. this is a stock to own. now is the time. >> do you watch this one? >> i think that fundamentals, company in a good position, i can't say enough, cyber sales, this will take off, but more money. >> they have to put labels on those boxes. >> there you go. charles: up next, exxon mobil, they stand up and fight back. suggesting we'll never get off fossil fuels, i will tell you more we're here to make you
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done to save the planet right now. ipcc. said all known fossil fuel reserves must be left untapped through 2050, exxon mobil issued its carbon risk report. saying noun of company's hydrocaution reserves will be stranded, they will use every ounce of crude oil, and natural gas they have, saying that government in world will never be able to get their act together. company last year added 1.6 billion in reserves now 25 billion barrels of oil, and it brings this to, some point oil will make a huge come back. you know we'll talk about 150
6:31 pm
dollars a barrel, investor who sell it to this carnage, make a big mistake. matt, what year do you think that world getting off of fossil fuel? >> april 2045. charles: that is specific. >> i have no idea, not our lifetime, not two more generations. we have an over supply, and demand is falling, then supply is not there demand it back. oil bounces back. we're close to the bottom but you talk about governments getting their act in order, united states can't, what about china, india, they don't give a darn about solar power, they will pump every ounce of oil ut of the ground they can use it is cheapest way to go. charles: they are putting money in those project, but, china must have cut dealing with 2 dozen countries, 25 year with russia, 30-year with kazakhstan,
6:32 pm
40 year with brazil, these are smart on china's part. >> but china and united states, all over the world with fossil fuel we'll use every last bit, and we'll use it to the last day we're all on the earth, we can find more reserves and we have the technology to get it more. i think that there is a lot of double speak from all country's mouths, they will use what is cheapest. >> someone owns these stocks, that have gotten hammered, if they are an investor, not a trader, they hang ito? >> i would buy here, petro bass, pbr . >> they have other issues. >> they do that are political. however, there is opportunities. charles: exxon mobil any time a liberal politician wants to
6:33 pm
point at greedy american company that is enemy number one, in my mind that is the best company in the world, i am glad they have stood up to the bullys. >> who would think we would call a oil company a david is in david and goal eugt iinging at l -- they did that, i think most companies, need to look into see what they are doing, they are not afraid to stand u up to the government. >> i have it on reliable information that ippc meeting everyone flew there in a plane that used fossil fuel. >> california had an epiphany, homeowners and others have been facing solar panels in the wrong direction. yes, south captures most energy, but that energy actually peaks midday when most people are away
6:34 pm
from the house, demand is slow, it is smarter to face west, power ice full to homeowners -- at that time, home openers are home. -- homeowners are home, they get paid your money for kilowatt hours produced. then just last week, state of florida voted to let solar rebate program expire, they want to to with federal government that is why president vetoed harry reids bill, saying let's just gut this, after a lot of researchers. cheaper fossil fuels, seems, only thing without the cheaper fuel, only thing keeping oil or subsidies are government subsidies. without subsidies, without government paying, federal
6:35 pm
government, state government, without california making utility companies overpay for solar power then pass it to customers could it survive? >> absolutely, this is economics 1 wher101. if we get rid of subsidies, if the companies followed business models they will survive, some of these companies are just chugging along they use them as a crutch. >> it would cause consolidation. because some will survive, some cannot survive. charles: is there a name you like. >> solar city. i like about this company, they are hiring more, we talk about this upstate new york, beefing up production, they have a solid could model. charles: elan musk's cousin runs? >> i was going with solar city in part because of deal they cut with walmart, they are market leader, i think when they hook up with musk, in the cfo spots
6:36 pm
it is down about 35%, it will be a risky stock. charles: i have to pick hillary's jaw up off of the ground. >> i have spend 10 years studying solar, i really believeed in the stocks, i found myself slammed so many times. every time there was pricing differentials, commodities, the competition, the way to go is wind, only way to play wind in safe is go with general electric, ge. charles: really, i have no faith in wind. >> it is such a small business. i like sun edison, they spent $2 million and change with wind. stock is outperforming its competitors right now. charles: a big hedge fund guy owns sun. i like sun power, i think that a
6:37 pm
lot of companies are going out of, but those who survive will have organic demand for this. >> i look like one of those, you want to reduce carbon emissions how about spaces they have for electric vehicles, that are always empty. give me back the parking spots. >> all right. >> check in with neil cavuto. >> forget ringing the market, i will tell you about cyber ring. 18 trillion dollars in red, but dodge iadministration is still g from republicans no arguing. does anyone see the calamity coming? details, 8 p.m., fbn . charles: we covered it neil, the answer is no. >> by the way, your questions we
6:38 pm
love to answer them. or your comments. you are so smart. charles: all right kids are not playing football, they are not playing basketball, baseball or soccer, what is going on? whatever it is, it is more than video games, your thoughts, we'll have a debate, impact on our kids in our economy, next. dad, i know i haven't said this often enough, but thank you. thank you mom for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them.
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or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. charles: should pro athletes be able to take to the field and make social stands.
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charles: on this show we have talked about decline of boys playing football. look at this chart, all major sports, the students, in junior high and high school, i think that professional athletes have lost fans young and old, matt, you played football in school,
6:42 pm
back then it fell that people played for the love of the game for the passion of the game. and fans, enjoyed, that i don't get it now when i watch a sport. >> i still have it, i was an athlete growing up. charles: do you see it? i mean, i see a guy sit out a nba cb season afters doctor saye is okay, and collect $25 million. >> amateurs you see, they put blood, sweat, tears on the field, pros, no. but which kids this builds team work, win, lose, comrade, there so much good that comes from sports, a study that they did. came out said 3/4 of women executives would prefer to hire anothehereanother woman that pld sports. >> that is most anticapitalist statement.
6:43 pm
they are -- >> they convinced somebody to pay them. >> i am not paying someone for not working for the money, that is like welfare, to me this is a form of welfare, i don't like to pay people who don't give effort, someone making 25 million a year, you better g go out bust your hump, if you want to sit out because you don't feel right sit out but don't gets paid. >> i paid team sports. i know, a lot of moms with sons, i understand fear, they are afraid. the equipment, they feel like the equipment is not protecting their son's heads, it is too aggressive. i don't know, if i agree with them. >> i playeed varsity golf team n
6:44 pm
college. it really helped in terps of women -- terms of women -- >> insightful comments about peterson last time, they are hurting image of the sport, to you think that has as much to do with it as perhaps kids getting hurt, in terms of big massive fall off from physical sport. >> i think more of the injuries, concussions and injuries with nfl side is that, nfl has to start to deal with their players, take care of fact they are aggressive by nature. but, also in terms of peterson, i said, he acted without malice. charles: i am saying that overall, overall narrative right now thatnes they are spoiled br. >> in early 80s, nba was almost a bankrupt league. and issue they had then was
6:45 pm
really an image problem, stern helped to build the league up, all these leagues right now, they are image issues they will hit popularity. charles: before we go. ask you, rams coming out for game sunday, hands up, you know. rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, should they be allowed to do this? to voice their first amendment rights. >> i hate to mix politics, i hate too see football players -- this is goes back to chicago bears, remember in 1985, one guy always wearing head band, this is always happening this is their right, but are you doing it universal. remember how many trouble tebow got for that. >> i thought -- >> i did not like it. i don't want to go to a concert
6:46 pm
and hear someone give my a political speech, just play the game. charles: justice was served whether you liked it or not. >> second stock idea coming up, auto dealership, they started in great pacific north west but now in larger markets leak new york and texas, i think it is ready to make you money, we're going bottom fishing today we'll be right back.
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charles: let's try to make you some money, stock idea, lithium
6:50 pm
motors, lad is the ticker. auto sales have been going up but company guideed after last earnings report, it took a big hit. we're looking for over size growth for company for a long period of time, i that stock right now right place. a good session, recent merger they had broadened them. they are now in attract large, mega-markets, they are mixed. i like the mix of new and used cars. now today, we have good auto sales, domestically chrysler, this company's biggest seller, 18% of overall business. foreign, honda is top play. stock is climbing off bottom of
6:51 pm
a channel, we're bottom fishing. i would like to see it close above 80. more conservative investors are knoll jump in until then, i think that stock will change hands at $90 a share. i like it long-term, it has greater than average volatility. >> a cheap stock. growing fast, peg is .54, this after market used cars this is the way to go, this is one to own, we have a $85 target. charles: do you? >> statement store sale could sales, best in case, if you believe in auto sales, this is it. charles: do bluff in auto sector? do you think that low hanging fruit is over. anyone ste skep skeptical. >> great holiday sales, that is one thing, you look at this
6:52 pm
weekend people are buying bigger cars. that is great thing about oil prices, big f-150s. charles: that new one comes out, ooh. >> with wages flat, many day-to-day costs going up there are a lot of ways for middle class to get squeezeed. i want to focus on what matters. you may have to give up things that don't matter. as a way of lifting your lot in life, you don't' to miss this.
6:53 pm
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>> you know today, a "wall street journal" article hit home with a whole lot of people. change the fortunes of america's middle class. it wasn't man bites dog for most people, but it does reiterate something we discuss on the show a lot. how can people change their live whens this is the headline. now the dynamics of how we get money and what we spend it on changed a whole lot and over time cut back on a whole lot of things like home, phones, entertainment. internet prices are going through the roof. the journal looked at cost increases and the big costs increases have occurred in my mind over the last dozen years.
6:57 pm
over the last dozen years, the cost that have hit us have hit the mote that used to protect the middle class, housing up 27%. a lot of that is renting. college savings and tuition up 39%. health care up 90% and child care up 36%. so this is stuff really a lot less for retirement, and well, that money, since it's so little, you must put it to work. yes, it might be asking a lot in an era where everybody expects to have everything, those that can cut back and invest are those that have the better lives down the road it. might mean ditching the iphone and buying apple stock instead. but at least at the end of the day, you can control your own destiny. guys, let's talk about this, we talked about this a lot but it was on a headline today. lot of people talk about the cheap oil and cheap gas, doesn't make a difference scottie to the economy. ultimately if everything in the life has gone up.
6:58 pm
>> no, you're correct, if you are not making more on the paycheck, you won't say. here's the question about the iphone, can't you have your cake and eat it too? have you seen the price wars between verizon and at&t? can you keep the iphone and apple stock as well. >> the scam according to the article, the costs are up 47% or 81%, something outrageous. >> they look great, and if you have internet and text, prices are going up. the cell phone is innovation, you're getting rid of other things. i'm okay with that but on board with buying apple stock. >> if you don't have a cell phone you're hurting others. >> the cell phone that costs 30 bucks and a smartphone that costs a lot of money with bells and whistles that i never use. talk about the marching orders, the plot thickens ahead of friday's jobs report. a whole bunch of nose will move the needle on jobs, adp and a
6:59 pm
poll out from "gallup." couple guys from the fed talking about it, and the weekly eia crude report. this used to be the tree that emptied felony force, it's making marching orders, my marching orders are about the same. stay the course. jim? >> all eyes are on the jobs report, it is the most meaningful economic announcement this week. people are expecting 200,000+, and i think wages will be fairly benign or flat. the fact that people want to see more jobs. >> what's a strong 200,000+? 280? 290? >> 250. >> we're running out of time. real quick, no, you don't go fat. you're great and brilliant but you don't go fast. appreciate it, the tweets were fantastic, i'll read one of them tomorrow.
7:00 pm
catch us every night at 6:00, you can't see the show, dvr it. you don't want to miss a moment of "making money," you also don't want to miss a moment of lou dobbs. keep it right here on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody. it seems one of the most serviceable words to describe the obama administration these days is screw ball. the president himself is become increasingly imperrious since re-election and administration has taken a hard left turn in recent months and done so without substantial comment or analysis from the national liberal media, whose coverage of this administration requires only four words to describe, reflexive acquiescence to power. as illustration today, homeland secretary jeh johnson


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