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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  December 11, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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that's my two cents more. and that's it for tonight's willis report. thanks for joining us. don't forget to dvr the show if you can't catch us live. "making money" with charles payne starts right now. have a great night. ♪ ♪ charles: i'm charles payne, and you're watching "making money." breaking news, countdown to a government shutdown. tonight's midnight deadline draws near, the white house braces for the worst. obama and biden feverishly working the phones, and the clock is ticking. if they fail, get ready for the blame game. rich edson is live in d.c. with the latest breaking news. >> reporter: good evening, charles. and this bill is in trouble. as you mentioned, president obama, vice president joe biden making phone calls to democratic lawmakers, democrats right now in the house are having a caucus meet, but there's a split in the party. house minority leader nancy pelosi telling her colleagues to vote against it. she says this bill has a wall street provision in it, and this
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entire $1.1 trillion bill, and so we always assumed, charles, the republicans would be voting against it. >> you making it a priority to do wall street's bidding? who do you work for? wheat or the american -- wall street or the american people? this fight isn't about conservatives or liberals, it's not about democrats or republicans. it's about money. and it's about power right here in washington. >> reporter: republican leaders in the white house are trying to get this bill through, the trillion dollar spending bill through, but there's a backup plan. if there's not enough influence to get enough lawmakers onboard, democrats or republicans, and
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this would be a short-term government funding bill known as a continuing resolution. it's unclear as to how long it would fund the government, but they've got to get something done before midnight tonight or the government shuts down again. charles? charles: we thought we were done with this movie. hey, rich, we definitely want to check back later on in the show for an update from washington. thanks a lot. the market came out of the gate with a whole lot of gusto, at one point the dow was well above 200, but talk of the government shutdown didn't help stocks, ending the day only up 63 points in the dow. nicole pelee d.c. on the floor of the new york stock exchange. >> we had been up over 220 pointses, the dow, the nasdaq and the s&p held on to gains but lost much of the rally. we did see the dow close up 63 points. there were a few concerns, concerns about washington. oil closed below $60 for the first time since 2009, and those two stories together may have put a damper on things. but retail, wow, we saw so many
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of those names hitting highs, restoration hardware, carmax, lowe's, home depot, retail sales numbers wowed wall street, biggest pop in eight months. and lululemon, that was a real winner as well. back to you, charles. charles: you just named a lot of my stocks. all right, guys, this is a big day. we had to bring in the one and only mr. lou dobbs. you ready for this one? >> oh, i think we're all ready. [laughter] charles: hey, speaking of always being ready, jesse gump. we really need you to weigh in on this. hey, the capitalist pig himself is back, jonathan hoenig, and that jacket -- you have won the award. you are -- >> thank you. charles: lou wants to know who your tailor is. >> i'll never tell. great to be with you both. charles: and scotty nell hughes and matt mccall, founder and president of penn financial group. a lot to discuss, so let's get
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into it. the first real, real deal, i didn't the start of the market. 9:30 you saw it was going to be up big, but i was surprised, we almost gave up all 225 points, and it was a little bit of everything, right? some tax law selling, rotation into big blue chip names and the worry about free-falling oil all played a role in how we closed, and it was not pretty, matt. what do you make of the close? >> i do not like the action we're seeing in the market. i talked about increased volatility between now and the end of the year, we definitely saw that today. you need to let the market close and see how it is, and i really think this whole shutdown of the government f that happens, that's weighing on investors now too. not causing selling, but it's keeping buyers on the sidelines until something gets done. charles: you're a chart guy. this momentum, the last few days, what are you making of it? >> the momentum is weak. charles, this time it actually could be different as opposed to corrections we've seen just even the last couple of months. two things, one is the breadth which, as scotty mentioned,
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52-week lows versus highs. and the other thing are the junk bonds. prices are starting to go down there, yields are starting to go up. so this credit bubble -- charles: when did junk bonds become the canary in the coal mine? >> well, they're the no-money-down loans of 2008, the junk bonds and leverage loans of today's market. charles: lou, you seem pretty calm, cool and relaxed. [laughter] >> well, as i was listening to what jonathan was talking about, in terms of the canary in the coal mine, because of all of the debt that's being maintained by the oil services companies, we're looking at bakken, oil shale right now is a losing bet, and it's getting worse by the day. this was supposed to end, wasn't it, at 75? it was supposed to end at 70, etc. now we're at 59 and change. in crude oil prices. this is right now unchartered, unsettled territory, and i don't
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think there's any way in the world to continue looking at this market in quite the same way whether we're looking at the capital markets that are now being influenced by, obviously, lower crude oil prices or the russian collapse. the ruble is devastated. charles: so we cannot be ignore the geopolitical risks associated with this, even though it feels great for the audience watching this. you're saying if venezuela blows up, if iran blows up, if russia blows up, that can have a devastating consequence that we just don't understand yet. >> well, that's true, charles. the reality that i'm talking about is not geopolitical, it's geoeconomic. and it is in the markets now. and it is reverberating in the markets, and we have a lot of people trying to sort of mute it, if you will. charles: yeah. >> and divert their eyes from it. but the reality is we're seeing right now, i think, tremors rolling through the capital markets in a very profound way. charles: all right, guys. on that note i want to blow the
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whistle here, open the first page of payne's investment playbook. i've got to get to the wide monitor on this one because, listen, what we're talking about really is this is lame duck season, right? for all frustrated americans barely happening onto the notion that this is still the greatest economy in the world because, let's face it, the stewards of said economy have failed miserably. somehow america has come to the crossroads where it finds itself saddled with a bitter, lame duck president who, quite honestly, failed to live up to the hype. congress so is daffy it can't remember what it stands for and there should be nonstop fighting rather than anything that resembles law making. in the meantime, successful americans and businesses are being painted as mean-spirited and greedy as they create jobs and, quite honestly, the most inhospitable of circumstances. and the bottom line, far too many people feel like there's nothing left for this economy, it's lifeless, and there's no hope of ever being revived. in fact, there are a new poll re-- there was a i new poll
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released this morning, very relegalling. also hints at tomorrow. you understand a lot of people say it could be a lot worse based on our lack of confidence. taking a look at this, where we are right now, and it's all about washington d.c. so that brings us to our next real, real deal. okay, lou, you know, you -- you waxed eloquently about this topic every day, the lack of leadership. not just in washington, but publicly and privately. where do we stand now? >> well, first, i want to compliment you. i had never seen a theme built entirely around ducks before. [laughter] charles: thank you very much. >> and i'm very proud of that, and i think it argues well for marcus mariota who is up for the heisman trophy. >> i wanted to squeeze that in there. >> i'm going to add one extra duck, don't forget the duck. the reality here is precisely what you said. we have a lame duck president. by his failure to move his conference, john boehner is now a lame duck. unless a miracle happens this
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evening, i think we're going to see the continuing resolution. it's a statement that in point of fact boehner is leading, but without followers he's not a leader. charles: right. >> and that really spells, i think, significant trouble within the house of representatives and for really important legislation. it also is, if i may say, the corollary is that government is working. why in the world would not cautious and prudent people -- and, my god, i hate to speak in alignment with senator warren, but the fact of the matter is why not wait until the new congress and have a continuing resolution that carries this through the 15th, the 20th, you name it. charles: i don't know. they're revealing themselves to be worse than i think we thought they were. >> this rush to legislate on the part of boehner and the gop leadership as well as the democrats, you know, obamacare, we know -- as you say, we've seen this movie, and it does not
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end well. charles: jesse jane, active in the marines 20 years, gunnery sergeant, operations chief. you know about running large organizations. you know about discipline. what's missing in washington and even the private sector? >> well, the first thing is say what you mean and mean what you say, and these leaders obviously don't know how to do that. charles: do they believe in what they're saying? >> no, they don't. charles: they put their finger in the wind, don't they? >> they don't believe what they say because president obama has had these faux outrages over the irs, over benghazi, over the veterans administration, he's dragged his feet every step of the way. show honor and courage to do what is right for this country, and they demonstrate a lack of integrity because all of us are thinking you're telling us what you think we want to hear, you're not meaning what you say. >> but is the government really saying what we want to hear? they're not saying what we want to hear as the masses. i don't know, i think -- charles: i think they're saying they speak to their book a
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little bit, and they speak to their inner constituency, the echo chamber as well. >> irs scandal -- charles: scotty, i'm reading this morning you've got in-fighting amongst the democrats over the dodd-franks a a -- aspect of this, and the defense bill they're going to expand federal lands, they're going to expand federal parks, and, i mean, listen, we're used to these guys not getting along with each other, but even now internal civil wars,s, what the helping's going -- heck's going on? >> lou hit it on the held, why is boehner pushing this? unfortunately, he thinks right now is the time to do it, because he knows there's so much pork in it that the new house members will call him out for it. you mentioned that defense bill, it will create 15 new national parks. it will also expand drilling permits on federal lands -- charles: so that's a compromise. >> what does this have to do with defense? this is why people are angry. >> and that's the gop doing that? >> that's the gop.
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>> why are the free market gop arguing for more government intervention, owning lands -- [inaudible conversations] >> it's a very simple answer to that question. the reality is that they're doing what the chamber of commerce and the business round table are telling them to do. charles: on that note, lou, i want to blow the whistle right here again, guys. let's do another page from the playbook here. there's no doubt we've got a lack of political leadership. we all know that, and it's let this country down. yet by the sake token, as polling plummets in washington, our economy is gradually improving, at least that's what the data says. nevertheless, 33% of americans say we are headed in the wrong direction. that number keeps going down. but this morning we saw initial jobless claims, they came in at 23w 9, 294,000, that hints at a much stronger job market. and then retail sales, nicole talked about all those retailers up, that's surely some kind of a proxy for consumer confidence at least getting better. that headline number of seven cents up beat the estimate, tripping away auto, that beat the estimates. so, you know, here's the thing.
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jonathan, i want to ask you, it brings us to the next real, real deal. is there, is there something missing that we feel a certain way about the country and washington and yet our actions seem to be pointing that, okay, we are spending money, maybe we are getting jobs, maybe we're getting fired at less pace, is there something -- how that's that, how do you get those, correlate those two? >> well, it's hard to be confident what you know is a rigged game, charles. charles: then why are people spending? why are -- i mean, if you see jobs coming on, people spending, are they -- do we have one thing in our minds and one thing in reality? are they separated here? >> i think there's no question asset prices have gone up in the last four or five years so that house, that stock portfolio has come up in price, and there's a bit of a wealth effect. the more money you have, the more money you tend to spend. but when we look at the big picture, charles, of how people are thinking about not just the economy, but the country, they're uncertain. and what's lost is not hope for the u.s. stock market, but hope for the long-term viability of a country which is moving away from the principles that it was
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founded in the first place -- charles: right before -- >> capitalism, individual rights. charles: i saw a headline from "usa today." this is the lowest amount of optimism we've ever had going into a new year, the first time it's ever -- >> and it's all tie today the stock market. >> but there's that consumer confidence you talk about which is the people going out and spending, the stock market, there's confidence in where we live in this country, in the government, and i think there's a huge discan connect right now. i think it's not easy to fix, but it's pretty simple to fix everything we're talking about. if we can get confidence back in the government. i think it's simple, get confidence behind our leaders. we'll be more apt to be more successful and more productive. charles: so, lou, how do we do that? [laughter] >> and, go! >> well, let's first -- charles: we've got 45 minutes left. [laughter] >> we've got a president and an attorney general calling the american people racist, advancing a, an assault on law enforcement across the country. you're going to see that have an impact on consumer and investor confidence.
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secondly, we have just seen in a congressional hearing the house oversight committee documentation, certification, corroboration that the entire campaign to pass obamac an utter and complete fraud. a lot of words were used here, but the real word that is operative is that the democratic party in concert lied to the american people in order to pass obamacare. and on january 1st taxes, 5% of income for high earners will be taxed immediately off the top. when you talk about having the country suddenly get up and cheer and follow our leaders, they're not going to be following boehner. they're not going to follow obama. they're not going to follow holder. well, it remains to be seen what mcconnell's role will be, but right now we have a leadership vacuum, and the american people aren't damn fools. they are not, i repeat, not going to follow any more damn fools any longer. they're making it clearer every
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day. charles: so, jesse jane, the bruhaha with the cia and the torture and odd timing for that to come out, of course, you know, the director made a statement today, but, you know, that's the kind of stuff that goes to lou's point. are we trying to heal the nation or rip it apart? >> exactly. the cia debacle was, essentially, an effort on the democratic part to disable the republican party from even coming into congress, trying to have their last throwdown. meanwhile, they're forgetting every other scandal, they're not aware the american people don't believe them anymore. don't tell me you're upset about the irs, and nothing happens. that's what they have continually done. they're setting a precedence of dishonesty. charles: i'm going to go to you, matt. more and more americans, they say they're feeling better, but their big risks, they're still not buying homes, they're still not family formation, our birthrate is at an all-time low. maybe, you know what? maybe we're spending money because we don't care about the future because we don't believe in the future.
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[laughter] i mean, honestly, it's like 1999, prince song, what the hell, let's have fun while we can. he's partying tonight. [laughter] >> i'll go with that. for sustained spending, you need to have the confidence that lou's talking about. until we have that -- but i still think we can make money off of it. murphies usa, when you fill up your tank and you've got a couple extra bucks, one of the better looking trucks on the street. charles: scotty, he says spend that fiat money. >> we are spending right now. we feel confident, but it's not confidence because we feel better than we have in the last five or six years. charles: right, right. that's a good point because we learned how to celebrate mediocrity. >> exactly. >> and keep in mind it's not consumption that powers the economy, it's production. it's the creation of new wealth. you know, cop assumption is the end of -- consumption is the end of the wealth creation process. we need people to create stuff, we need the next steve jobs and hue let pack asker and ciscos of the next --
6:18 pm
charles: what's a stock that you think people would own? >> well, in terms of consumer stocks, i'd take a look at tuesday mornings. costco is doing well, and people are spending more. they're being smarter about how they're spending, so i'd take a look at tuesday stores. charles: all right, lou, last word to you. etch's made some amazing points. >> i agree. charles: we try to be solutions-oriented. we've got leadership in place now. you've ticked off the names. holder's on his way out, but we know whoever replaces him, we won't be cheering per se. so how do we turn it around with the current cast of characters we're dealt? >> i don't know that we can. and i think everybody has to be very honest about that. i agree say what we mean, mean what we say. the reality is that the republican party has to be reminded who they're working for. either they're going to embrace their leadership and the party itself, the middle class and all who aspire to it, small businessmen and women, the entrepreneurs, the innovators,
6:19 pm
the creators, if you will, or we're going to have real trouble. because right now you have two parties that are following the dicta of the chamber of commerce, 135 u.s. multi-nationals instead of their constituents. it's the house of representatives. represent them, dammit, represent. charles: lou dobbs, thank you very much. coming up, why we must watch this show every single night. a viewer missed me saying to get out of a stock twice, now it's down a whole lot more. plus oversold retailers are coming back, and you want to know why lululemon is up and if there's more upside. i'll tell you in three minutes because we're here to make you money. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ charles: all right. time now to address your questions about the market, individual stocks. you know you can always ask me and the pros. got so many of 'em, we're going to take more than one tonight. okay, first, facebook. barbara saying what happened to chart industries? hold or sell? barbara, golly. okay, listen, i first mentioned this stock back in june, but then i came on in august and said, you know what? we updated it, but i came back in october and said, okay, let's get out. it just got murdered. it was looking bad. then i came on again just to remind everyone that we were out and to show you that not everything you buy is going to be a winner. sometimes i feel not too bad taking a loser. it's down over 50% from the june recommendation, but we could have saved you a lot of money. i'll try to get back to you on this. but really, if you guys can,
6:24 pm
watch the show every nigh. don't be afraid of taking the losers earlier. >> taking the losers is what the game is about. charles: you can't let them languish. we got a nice tweet from jared, solid quarter flulu -- for lulu. enough for the shorts to start covering and had a great session today. you guys can back me up, they don't give up that easy. they don't give up that easy, but i i will tell you i think lulu's gotten its act together. i went into a store recently, i loved the different offerings, and i still think the stock is cheap. i think management is getting their act together, so i will stay in the stock, but i won't promise smooth sailing. >> i don't like this stock. i just think there's too much competition, the price point's a little bit lower, and i think it's got a lot of resistance in the mid 50s -- charles: hitha's a yoga girl. >> matt is right, they do have authentic competition.
6:25 pm
charles: name one. >> uh -- charles: see? >> athlete -- >> they have core followers, and their top line was up 10% -- charles: i am glad to see them spreading out their offerings. >> jordache has some brands -- [laughter] >> you knocke about that -- joke about that, they've brought some high brands into walmart. you can't take the -- >> i would not say walmart has high brands, but they do dominate -- >> they wrought in avia -- charles: we've got one more, guys, coors making a nice comeback after bottoming out. it is. it's near that breakout point. 78, we talked about it. i love the action. i think it got an updecade today or -- upgrade today, but i'm not sure which firm. >> i still don't like michael kors. it's not the cool factor anymore. >> matt is right. operating income in the stores has declined, licensing has
6:26 pm
declined, they're losing their luxury appeal, and that's really -- >> and they're in outlets. >> exactly. >> you don't want to lose your luxury appeal. >> and just as scotty talked about, the stock is kind of in no man's land right now. you'd rather buy it higher -- charles: well, here's the good news, jessie, do you like michael kors clothes? >> i think it's gotten diluted. charles: wow. i'm the only one. [laughter] >> you're all by yourself. charles: when that stock breaks 80 and goes to 58, 90, guys, they're going to jump on the bandwagon. the government shutdown is looming. i mean, everyone thought it was a done deal, instead wove got the hatfields and the mccoys. the parties are going to war and, guess what? they're looking more than anything else to make sacrifices to our men and women in uniform. we're going to discuss this. you don't want to miss it because it's not only your money, it's your freedom. ♪ ♪ ♪ (holiday music is playing)
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hey! i guess we're going to need a new santa ♪(the music builds to a climax.)
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charles: back to rich edson live on capitol hill, with possibility looming of a government shut down. >> we're looking at is the white house, house republicans, on the same page. trying to push this $1 trillion spending bill through congress, standing in the way are a few dozen republicans that everyone knew were not going to vote for
6:31 pm
this proposal. now a number of democrats that are now against it because of some changes in the bill because of changes in the reform law. you have white house chief of staff, up here on capitol hill, trying to urge democrats to pass this. inter-party fighting going on, between democrats, it is uncertain if they will pass this bill tonight or even vote on it. there is a second option that would be a short-term government funding bill. preference right now to get this $1 trillion bill. it is unclear if they have enough votes, we may have latest second scramble to keep the government open by voting on what would be a stop gap measure, then revisit in a few days or weeks. charles: wow, all right,
6:32 pm
amazing. thank you, rich, seems like the establishment versus up starts, amazing stuff thank you, we'll come back again, appreciate it. charles: you know, i bet you missed this monday. do you know our 13 year war with afghanistan came to a formal end. you don't feel good about this america suffers 2354 mil militay cat wagties -- casualties, and taliban is still thriving, somehow $420 million worth of weapon gone missing from u.s. army bases in afghanistan, creating a moral problem for our men and women, they should never question that america has their back, they should never have a moral problem.
6:33 pm
but i want you to see the from our troops, explain. in 20 years of your career, how we came to this point. >> it is so unfortunate, you can walk away from a war, but it does not make it over, the enemy has a vote, and military does not feel that administration has supported them. president is listening, the military does not trust this administration, that is a no-brainer, they have just a 1% pay increase, for last year, and next year, that is less than the cost of living, they are going after cost of -- housing allowances and decreasing that money, we're trying to balance a $17 trillion debt on the backs of the military. now i am a conservative, i don't want to have excess spending on the government but cannot do it on the people that keep this
6:34 pm
very country free, they have their priorities mixed up, we talked about bills passing supporting land, and various airways but not the military? we have a 20% of post 9/11 9/11 veteran are women, guess what, they have 11.2% unemployment rate. how are earth can anybody get off of active duty and trust there will be something there for them when they get out of service. >> and who'll go in to active duty in future looking at these numbers, they see how they are treated by the government, that enrollment of drop,. charles: there were other categorys on that took equipment equalty of equipment, everything, i cannot believe, that is 2009-2142014, a presento a precipitous drop. you can be done to bring this.
6:35 pm
-- bridge this when you get out of the military on the economic ladder. >> we need to look at the interview process, majority say, they apply for a job, they get an opportunity, they are never asked for a second call back, they said they have been taught to give n no respect, give quick answers, that is -- they want feedback, but they don't know how to do to expand on their answers. charles: troops strength has been gutted because administration is not a man of hill tear, but the pentagon's infacility actiointpa*ting a win witationbroationrobots replacin. >> i don't see how we can replacement seals, and many reason recon, and air min, some
6:36 pm
of the greatest technology has been produced for the military, there is no doubt about that. it has been a great benefit for the economy, but with heart and soul to win wars, our enemy fears the day they are faced with a soldier or marine, carry that m16. >> i wish they feared our soldiers, w we lack loral confidence, i hear dodge saying -- administration says that is sis gaining ground, what the hell, we have enough military. >> doe don' >> tell us about moral. >> i was listen to scotte, a lot comes from them not supporting them after they get out of the military in terms of jobs and helping them, blackstone out there trying to help veterans get them into working you know sphere, into their company. but, you know, they just really
6:37 pm
need support, i think that is what counts, toward the end of their career. >> all right. , you know, my father was a career military guy. i was in the air force or 4 years, i never thought that you know, up start terror groups could overnight, not be afraid of us. >> we walked away, and they are giving pink slips to some officers on battlefield, i am sorry, if i am on active duty, i would be scareed to death, why would i invest 10 more years with that risk on my plate. charles: speaking of strong military, we will talk about the strong dollar, talk about the strong dollar, and whether or not it is really a good thing or not, because i know it sounds like it is, but maybe there are pros and cons to it. it is your money, we'll talk about it next.
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old saying about too much of a good thing, coming out of the abyss, focus for most of nation has been race around the world to a cheaper currency, we were in that race for a while then the strong dollar took over, talk about some of the positives, lower impart costs, lower commodity prices, cheaper foreign travel, paris, here we come. overseas profits get hit, and end of tourism. should a desire for strong dollar be main argument for us getting rid of federal reserve? all right, jonathan. >> federal reserve has destroyed the value of the dollar. charles: so we like the strong dollar, are they not the main culprits for weakening it? >> the dollar has been weak for the better part of last 10 years favoring commodity investment, and foreign stocks and emerging markets, that now reversing.
6:42 pm
it is not good or bad it just means altering your investment plan. charles: have you no problem with a strong or weak dollar you? are okay with it? >> like same thing with oil prices, good or bad at $100 versus $60. the idea is how you can make money off it. charles: matt, are you strong dollar? i saw steve forbes -- make sure you say right thing. >> i want a strong dollar, it shows strong of your country, but to jonathan's point, it came in boosting experts. but to be country in charge as we are now, currency must remain strong. i am okay with that. charles: all right so then having said that, hitha ? strong, weak or agnostic? >> i want productivity, i agree, with a weak dollar we have more competition with foreign experts
6:43 pm
that spurs growth, i tend t to n times like this i like dow chemical, every time we have a strong dollar, dow chemical has gone up each quarter 8%. charles: a good play again? >> you believe in momentum. charles: strong dollar continues to get stronger, how does audience make money. >> with higher interest rates, that one thing that will fuel the stronger dollar are the higher short-term rates, i own aeft -- etf, short-term rates go back, so does it, as dollar gets stronger rates go up. >> reynolds american idol targets stronger and helps the domestically -- >> are people smoking less, i read a report that teenager are picking it up. >> they pick up the electronic
6:44 pm
stuffs, the icigarette. charles: is that not a gateway drug. >> they are still smoking. charles: i like carmax, i have mentioned that stock before, i think the stock is breaking out. nice break out. >> strong things get stronger. charles: by the way, my fresh stock idea is next, we've been talking about the trucking industry, this a fortune 500 company, one of the biggest makers of medium, and heavy duty truck, i'll tell you what it is, when we come right back. we're going to make you money.
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6:47 pm
charles: all right time to try to help make you some money, stock suggestion is pacar.
6:48 pm
pcar is the stock. this is a company that my mind was firing on all cylinders, they beat street in last of 4th quarters, usually by 1% in september they blew them away by 8%, because business has been so good, ken worth, and peterbuilt, and their canadian class 8, truck orders up 46% year-over-year, through november, highest since 2006, company offering an extra dividend. a dollar payable through january 6 of thanks year, and last quarter they bought back a bunch of stock, and that quarter record revenue. this company is on fire. it is gaining momentum, close the add $69, i think this could be 90 or more, i think you
6:49 pm
should consider for your 401(k). >> i love the fundamentals. i lov it, 21 analyst, 16 are holds, they are sitting back there, this is my favorite chart, break out to a high like it did 4 weeks ago, you pullback is up art perfect buy issue. >> it is strong even in a weak market. you could make a bullish case for anything under th the sun. let the market decide, but to matt's point this is a strong equity. charles: what do you stkpwhr-pblg growt?>> growth ism gung he on trucking, trucking is sexy. >> truckers or trucking? >> pardon. >> truckers or trucking. >> trucking. i just got married. >> you mentioned. you have to look at these diesel costs. charles: i think they will come down. >> i was a truck driver in the
6:50 pm
marine corps, i am proud to say, i am sexy. >> yes, you are. charles: tweet me, let me know, jessy james. ref up that diesel. all right, last year, 3,000 people said, take this country and shove it. now administration is taking a page from mafia to stop it, how about we just stop with policies that make people want to leave in the first place, that is up next.
6:51 pm
how can power consumption in china, impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of r mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to able global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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charles: all right, guys. i know this has been a serious rough patch for america. the thought of renouncing one's citizenship is a drastic move hard for me to understand. there's been a case that -- look at this, it's increasing like never before. 2,999 people said take this country and shove it, last year. up 220%. up 1200% from 2008. i don't condone such actions while we remain a republic, but i get kind of where people are worried about this government that's creeping deeper into our lives and wallets. more americans are opting to arm themselves, and they're raising their voices.
6:55 pm
look at this chart. well, the administration is now fighting back. and then taking a page from the mafia characters in the movie a bronx tale. i don't know if you remember that famous line where the bikers were asked to leave. they were asked nicely. they locked the door and said, now you can't leave. if you want to give up your citizenship. the fee up 420%. the executive tax. if you don't think you have $2 million, think again. your house, your retirement accounts, art, jewelry. that covers a lot of people. by the way, you have to pay it immediately as if you just sold this stuff. guess what, you can't leave. so here's my thing, instead of taxing people to make them stay, how how about instead of hinting at our destruction and watering everything down in this country, how about the
6:56 pm
government protecting americans like those mafia guys. because in that mafia, at least they did protect their own neighborhood. let's talk about that. is that one of your favorite movies the bronx tale? >> the fact that people want to leave, it disappoints me. when government takes that pride away from us, where would we go? we are the only democracy on this planet that is a salvation to all people who try to come here. now we have people who want to leave. this is the first time in history it's been like this. >> that's a remarkable chart. it was so unusual. someone didn't to not an american. are you nuts? >> i don't want to condone this. i can see from a money standpoint. they're thinking longer term. taking a huge risk. you're leaving the safest country in the world. you want to do it. don't come back. charlie: it's so funny. now scottie, the
6:57 pm
government instead of saying, okay, why do people want to leave, why is there so much dissatisfaction. now they're trying to stop you by tax you so you can't leave. >> you're forgetting especially this older class, baby boomers, they can't afford to be americans. they have to go to belize because they can't afford the health care here. not because of obamacare, but they can't make money and their cost of living there is so much cheaper. >> and, charles, they're building a wall. it's like an economic berlin wall to how's people in. to keep these little soldiers and mice scurrying through their tunnels. your money isn't yours. you didn't earn that. it's the people's and government's. if you want to move, the government will take something at every turn. >> even if you wanted to keep your passport, america will tax you while you're there. not only you'll pay the country's taxes.
6:58 pm
you'll pay american taxes. it's like you're darned if you do and darned if you don't. >> i feel the same way every time i come to new york. >> time for our marching orders. losers, a lot of losers. some interesting winners. mattel barbie has been beat unby elsa. urban outfitters was up. staples was up today. the high flying stocks got hammered again. you have to be patient and not get whipsawed. you might be in a hot stock. in the meantime, you wonder how come staples is up and mobile is down, matt. matt: i'm looking at my list in the top performers, they're from every sector that i imagine. what that tells me, it's a lot tougher to make money. you have to be a stock picker. even though the market is going up, sector --
6:59 pm
>> correlations are they lowest level in years. you have to be a stock picker and use techniques. focus on the losers. focus on how you're investigating than how much. >> i still remain bullish on retail. charles: all retail. what about the bottom, mattel, urban outfitters, some of these retail names getting slaughtered, looking pretty good. >> we're getting closer to the holidays. you'll see a pop in stores like urban outfitters. you'll see that bifurcation of the retailers. on the higher end there. charles: a lot of the tweets today. i'll get back to you. you guys are doing the better job of breaking the internet than kim. i knew that jonathan hoenig was an -- he loves dick tracy. hey, jesse. you were fantastic.
7:00 pm
thanks for watching us. thanks for joining us. if you can't see the show, dvr it. you won't want to miss a money of "making money." i've been hot this week making money. i'll tell you who has been hot. he was on the set earlier. lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. breaking news tonight. we are now less than five hours away from another government shutdown. house speaker john boehner's year long omnibus combined with a funding extension of the department of homeland security is officially going nowhere, at least right now. the house earlier in the day barely passed a rules procedural hurdle to even bring the spending bill to the floor. house leadership then resorted to a last minute round of arm twisting to procure the last vote needed to move forward, and they won the vote by one vote.


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