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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 12, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm EST

11:00 am and. i think i know the mine is. we have a market that is worsening down 200 points, dow industrials down 175 points, we are awaiting development out of london, the airspace above heathrow has been shutdown did over to my colleague, stuart varney. you have all the latest. stuart: this is a very big day in politics and in money. the earth is moving. senator elizabeth warren has split the democrats. she leads the anti wall street left, her power is growing, she is challenging hillary clinton for leadership of the party and winning. the political heirs is moving and so is the world of money. the price of oil is collapsing, strong word but valid. $50 a barrel. there is a gas war in oklahoma city and more to come. big win for america, big loss for our rivals and enemies. that is the way to start friday
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morning to get the blood running. "varney and company" is about to begin. ♪ stuart: it is a market sell-off and we will get to that in a moment. breaking news from london. computer failure at an air traffic facility has shutdown the airspace around london's heathrow airport. it is a power failure reported the to blame. you can see from this live radar image planes are stacked up around london. the air space is the busiest in the world, look at them stacking up. more to come on that stack line. they will be closed until 2:00 p.m. eastern time a couple hours from now. manchester airport says it is available for planes that need to be diverted. now we just heard he'd throw itself, the airport has been
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reopened but the air space is still on what i am going to call shutdown mode. manchester available to take planes if needed. heathrow airport reopened the air space, still controls. it is of big deal because that is very busy airspace. imagine the number of flights that will be diverted, change and may be canceled, big deal indeed. let's get to the markets because we are stumbling, down close to 200 points, 1% loss at 17-4 if you are keeping stock. the price of oil down to the biggest movers on the dow, these are dow stocks, they are big losers. ibm is down 2%, caterpillar 2%, pfizer 2%, verizon 2%. when you talk in percentage terms you know you have got a sell-off. the price of oil, about $58 a
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barrel, that has a lot to do with the stock-market sell-off. let's look at transportation stocks. when you have oil that she and gas coming down so much transportation stocks go straight up. delta, union pacific, that is a trucking company. all of them to the upside. not much that gaining ground. strong numbers and the softwaremaker adobe, 8%. nothing to do with oil at all but it is up 8%. 75. let's backtrack a second. the collapse in the price of oil is the most important financial story of the year. not everybody thinks it is a good thing. wall street journal's spencer jacobs is here. he covers this stuff. give it to me on balance. good or bad, oil crashing? >> it is a huge development and two questions to ask, is it good or bad for us? the other is why is it
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happening? stuart: good or bad? >> it is not -- the barrel is three quarters full for sure, we are still the oil importer. many industries benefit from it in terms of the consumer. benefit from gasoline prices is greater than the bush stimulus or cash for clunkers, it is not coming out of tax money so it is positive. stuart: just dropped to 57st, dropping to 57. i call it a collapse. if it continues to spiral down would you change your opinion and say on balance it is bad? >> depends why it is happening. sale has been ramping up and opec has been cheating, the saudis are -- it depends why is happening. stuart: i don't care why it is happening, it is happening. >> there is supply and demand. of demand has dropped, we know china cooks the books on its
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numbers. say the chinese economy is in worse shape than we thing, even people who realize growth isn't 7.5%, you can lock two percentage points off of that, to collapse this much almost by half in the period of five months is that picks the you have to ask what underlying forces are causing this to happen. stuart: if it is so far down because the rest of the world economy is so slow that is a real negative, an indicator that things are really bad. do you think the stock market sell-off down 200 points is what investors are thinking? if the rest of the world is slowing down so much is a big negative? >> that is a strong dollar and american companies, united technologies, a earnings numbers don't look so good because we earn a lot of money abroad and sales in euros translated back to dollars are not going to be
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quite as good and the lot of things to venezuela and saudi arabia and kuwait, russia is going into a sharp recession. that is not so good. i would say on balance because the u.s. is still a net energy importer, beyond gasoline prices it is positive for the u.s. economy. all the segments are going to take a hard hit. banks and taxes. stuart: i love seeing gas prices fall. everybody loves that but i take your point. if this indicates the rest of the world is really slowing down and they drag us down with it than you have a real problem from cheap oil. we're 58 and small change, 57 a moment ago. a lot of people say this could spiral down. i am not an oil analyst. >> there is a chance in the short run that it could keep spiraling down and there is real panic selling and people come in
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buying, there was a company, oil stocks got burned so they're trying to -- their surprise, every increment of $10 they can't believe it. the support. what sets the marginal price, the u.s. is a marginal producer, we are a high-cost producer who increase oil output in the last five years by two thirds. shale which is one of our production is coming, the sort of production not literally but almost switch on and off. it is a five year, $10 billion project. we are going to be affecting the market with the margins from now on. stuart: i was shocked that it came down. $110 a barrel in june. 58, 57 today, cut in half. it is the biggest story of the year. stuart: thanks for joining us. back to the stock market. let's take on go pro. it is a big down market, go pro
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is the winner, don't tell me buying these things for christmas. nicole: that could be in the light, something we might look at. the analysts like it. jpmorgan on the stock, you love did in the $90 range, you got to love it in $62. that point has been beaten down 98 bucks but they like it. there is short-term risk. people who are in on the ipo will sell on december 23rd. first of all not only did they have no where rebel cameras, whatever you do, snowboarding, as they made the camera harness for dogs called fact. they are working on drones with high-definition cameras to be released next year. jpmorgan like the pipeline and they have seen stock dropped from 98 but to 61. that is the buy rating.
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stuart: we appreciate that moment of light relief because we have the stock market plunging and development in london at aerospace, thank you for the light from go pro. appreciate that. breaking news from london. air officials say air space around london has been reopened. traffic volume meaning the number of planes still restricted. we are told some flights are being allowed to land. a computer failure at an air traffic facility shut down air space around heathrow airport earlier this morning. it was supposed to be closed until 2:00 p.m. eastern. apparently it has been reopened. major story, london is the busiest, he throw the busiest airport in no world and when it shuts down, you have developments just about everywhere. keep you up-to-date on this one, a big story. back to the political news of the day, it is a big day.
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the house narrowly avoiding a government shutdown, agreed on a $10 billion spending bill, keep things going into next sector but that lady right there, mass.'s ultraliberal senator elizabeth warren is not happy. cheese linking of the spending bill to the evils of wall street. listen to this. >> why in the last minute as you head out the door, and a spending bill must be passed, are you making it a priority to do wall street's bidding? who do you work for? wall street or the american people? stuart: fox news digital politics editor is laughing. warren is playing the anti wall street card, giving hillary clinton a run for her money. she has divided the party. she is on the left and i think she is winning. >> whatever you people in new york are doing must be really wicked stuff.
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i don't know. sounds like you are up to no good. here is the thing. for elizabeth warren this is an opportunity to start staking out some real estate in the democratic party which was already deeply divided. the democratic party remember where we are right now, at democratic party that is very unhappy with this president over the cia and harsh interrogation techniques, his policy, connections to wall street, mr. expectations of his presidency as it comes to disclosing chapter and a party that is deeply unhappy that candidate who does not share the base's attitudes about many things and is deeply connected to wall street herself in hillary clinton, cruising in to the nomination. and open up space for herself and demonstrated she can rally congressional democrats for hillary clinton and very difficult for president obama. stuart: do you agree that she will give hillary clinton a real
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run for money? mr. clinton is not going to declare one way or the other until next spring. >> well, i believe elizabeth warren gives her a run for her money and at least a litmus test kind of candidate that will hope would hillary clinton will take liberal position that a difficult to defend a general election. that is the minimum. hillary clinton is not telling you, her organization is not telling you the truth. do you really think having covered the clintons as long as you have and knowing how operates do you think they will let elizabeth warren run roughshod through washington and garnered national attention? liberals love her. you think they will let her have their space between now and may? i highly doubt it. stuart: you are right on this one.
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you follow politics more closely than i do. assess for me the power of elizabeth warren and the hard left among the democrats. looks to me like they are winning with in the democrat party. looks to me like they are winning. >> republicans just succeeded in making the democratic party lot smaller. republicans and a bunch of democrats home, several moderate democrats, so as the party gets smaller is the -- into this liberal base. a hard liberal base, if you watch what nancy pelosi had to do, she made this deal, this is her deal, she is a clinton democrat, she crafted the spending plan and as she watched the parade turned down the left avenue she ran and got in front of it and said i agree with elizabeth warren. 5 one am outraged. this is just to tell you the democratic leadership and the democratic establishment has a big problem on its hands.
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stuart: thank you very much. happy holidays and all the rest. thank you. senator dianne feinstein's cia report. how is it going over for cia agents, people in the field, the guys who do the work? we will talk to one next and following the latest news from london. aerospace reopened. the latest next. ♪
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you don't need to think about the energy that makes our lives possible. because we do. we're exxonmobil and powering the world responsibly is our job. because boiling an egg... isn't as simple as just boiling an egg. life takes energy. energy lives here.
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stuart: we are down, not as much as we were but down 1%, 18 point decline. we stabilized when they reopened the airspace over heathrow london. those are the 30 dow stocks, 27 in the red, three in the green going up. walmart, this is interesting, cutting the price on the i phone and galaxy. the i phone 6 plus, the big one on sale for $229. the iphone 6, $129. those prices are for the 16 big model and discounted 50 bucks from the standard price. will also cut the price of the samsung galaxy 5s by 50 bucks to $79. see world's, the chief stepping
11:18 am
down and see world will cut jobs. see world came under scrutiny after the 2013 film black fish which documented the killing of a trainer at the orlando florida park killed by a whale. the stock is down a fraction on that news. back to that story out of london. aerospace reopened and somewhat restricted after a computer failure. greg, right from the get go, what caused this? do we know? >> good question. initially there was discussion of a power outage at the main computer that controls the air, skies over london and southern england at the air traffic control center but now they are telling us it was a technical glitch which we haven't gotten confirmed it has been fixed but as you noted there is word that the restrictions over the air space dealing with the air space over southern england have been
11:19 am
eased but they are sold there and the visuals we are getting from heathrow airport, the second largest airport in the london area indicate a quiet and busy time of day, just after 4:00 in the afternoon on a friday. generally 1200 flights in and out of heathrow on any given day, 2700 flights to all the airports in the londonderry and those flights go in and out continuing across europe and around the world so a lot of people affected. what we are looking at is a lot of planes up in the sky right now doing some big circles around this airport, around these airports while they decide what can landor what can't land. there are indications that there is activity on the runways at some of the airports but still the real quiet mood at a place
11:20 am
that sees a lot of action, thousands and thousands of passengers affected by this situation. stuart: thanks very much indeed. interesting perspective. global disruption. you love computers until they don't work and then they are really a problem. john brennan held a rare press conference yesterday doing some damage control after the release of that banning the report on the interrogation program. >> is our considered view the detainees who were subjected to enhance interrogation techniques provided information that was useful and was used in the ultimate operation to go against usama bin laden. this agency did a lot of things right during this difficult time to keep this country strong and secure. stuart: that report was heavily
11:21 am
critical. former cia covert officer mike baker. you have been there. you have been the see i a guy on the ground. you have seen action. i am not interested in the political maneuvering. i am interested in how you guys feel about the release of that report when you are doing work in the field. >> you can separate the politics because everyone in the field understands washington is dysfunctional and this is used for political purposes but there was a political -- at the beginning. there was no real surprise from folks inside the agency and the intel community about where the democratic staffers were taking it because we knew they were not bothering to interview individuals from the administration or the agency involved in the program. we knew where the on because they said so where they were going and what they're finding was when they wrote their report so that was not a surprise
11:22 am
although the histrionics and 1-sided as of it is fairly impressive. that creates problems in the sense of morales. people are human. when you get repeatedly kicked in the backside of doing something you are told to do, scanning a program, was a perfect? of course not. you were doing something from scratch, putting this together, you doing at the behest of the government. stuart: what happens if there's a next time? if the country says we got to stop this, go out and stop it happening again, would you do what you have got to do to fix it? >> absolutely. no question about that. feature films and beach books, the agency is a very a political organization, the most so in the government so they march on and they are used to getting kicked in the back side. is there an easy scapegoat? the answer is they will continue to do and even as we speak are
11:23 am
doing everything possible to protect american lives and the lives of our allies and go after the enemy but make no mistake this does have an impact internally. you understand it, you are disappointed. deepens your cynicism about washington, you worry about that, the question of will they continue to march forward and do their job, no doubt about that. stuart: mike baker, on behalf of myself and almost all of our viewers thank you for your service and we appreciate what you do for us. we have been exploring a lot this week. a lot of you tired of those presents piled up under the christmas tree and the access consumerism may be on the way out. the latest round of polls next. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria
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stuart: up to date with what is going on in london. aerospace severely restricted. a computer failure at an air traffic facility. ap reports that computer glitch that caused the outage in the first place has been resolved. the maison hundreds of flights. we will keep updating. of course we will. aerospace. that means huge disruption, probably globally because london takes in an awful lot of
11:28 am
international flights. new poll numbers for you, here we go. they show there may be some truth behind our theory that consumerism is in decline, certainly in retreat. 17% say they do not plan on doing any holiday shopping this year, not even online. 17%. 32% say they would much rather undergo a root canal treatment than go holiday shopping every day for weeks on end. let us know what you think on our facebook and twitter pages, please. gas buddy, well, he's next. does he want to revise his guess on how low gas will go? he had said $2.47, the national average by christmas. what now? maybe lower than that, i think. he's next. she inspires you.
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stuart: watch out, this is a 200-point decline, that's better than 1%. we are very close to the lows of the day. charlie gasparino is here. i'm looking at a 200-point decline, how much of it is the result of the collapse in the price of oil? >> it is somewhat. there's never one reason why the markets do this, obviously. it was up yesterday, it's down today. we're in a kind of rocky position but, yes, a lot of it is oil, but it's also wall street and traders coming to the realization that interest rates are going to go up. i mean, if you read some of the
11:33 am
research reports this morning, deutsche bank -- stuart: they're not going up. the ten-year treasury is 2.1. >> short term. and what traders are now doing is getting used to the fact, and that's why the market is coming off its cocaine high of zero interest rates and continuous printing money. stuart: do you think that's bigger than the collapse in the price of oil? >> no. i know you're trying to argue with me. [laughter] stuart: no, no, no, "the wall street journal" guy this morning says the collapse in this price of oil indicates the economy around the world is really not doing well. >> right. and it's a degree of deflation -- stuart: yes, absolutely. >> -- when oil goes down, and markets don't like that. but we are going into a period where interest rates are going to go up. the street is talking about it, research reports are out today, and i think some of it's indigestion about interest rates. i actually think the lower price of oil is going to be great for the economy. if you're longer-term investor, don't you like the fact that middle class people
11:34 am
have more money in their pockets? we're drilling more on private lands. not on public lands. there's a lot of pressure to do the keystone pipeline, so i think those are positive economic signals going forward. but, yes, there's some indigestion right now, but don't make it -- i'm telling you, interest rates are playing a role, the notion that the fed is going to stop printing. qe is over, tapering, higher short-term rates. stuart: i know that you and i will probably agree on politics. elizabeth warren. >> love her. stuart: i said we were going to agree on politics. [laughter] >> she's the gift that keeps on giving. i don't like much of what president obama stands for, but i love covering him because he's so goofy. she's a goofball of that, of that, you know, magnitude. stuart: she's far left. >> right. stuart: she's leading the pack among the democrats, she's leading hillary clinton, she's dragging hillary clinton behind and to the left. and you think that's good? >> i think it's good for reporters who want to cover crazy people and stories.
11:35 am
listen, i heard lloyd blankfein yesterday was at a conference where he said how much he loves hillary clinton. the real question for him is how much do you love the fact that hillary clinton is taking her orders from elizabeth warren who's the most far left politician out there, who wants to rewrite -- stuart: hillary's not taking her orders from elizabeth warren, she's being forced to move left because of elizabeth warren. that's what's happening here. >> it's the same thing. it's literally the same thing. [laughter] stuart: in politics, you're right. >> so we're going to have a good couple of years here covering elizabeth warren telling hillary clinton what to do. can't wait to watch lloyd blankfein squirm every day, because he's a committed democrat, you know, he's like one of these hillary-crats on wall street. nice guys, by the way, but they're going to squirm because elizabeth warren's going to shove so much down their throat, every day they're going to be puking elizabeth warren for the
11:36 am
next couple years. stuart: dramatic language. charlie, thank you very much, indeed, young man. let's get back to the big board. we were down 200 points, we're still down 193. that is 1.1%. here's what's the big mover and shaker of the last couple of months, the price of oil to. it has collapsed. would you look at that? $58 a barrel. and earlier this morning it was $57 and change. 107 in june, 58.57 now. you know what that's doing to the energy stocks. they're down, mostly. they're all down, and some of them over the last couple of years are down and down big. all right. now let's get to the price of gasoline, down more than two cents just overnight. look at that. the national average is precisely $2.60. now, here's what we've been waiting for. i've been dying to tell you this. where's the cheapest gas in the land? at the cm food mart in oklahoma city. look at that price, please,
11:37 am
$1.88. let's bring in patrick dehan from chicago with patrick, you said maybe by christmas we'd be at $2.47, 2.48, 2.50. you going to reverse that now and we're going further down by christmas, do you think? >> it just keeps getting better and better. it's something i was thinking about yesterday on a plane ride back to chicago is how low can we go? you know, we're only a little over a week and a half, two weeks before christmas, and i'm already thinking about doing that again. we're lowering our forecast to maybe $2.39 by christmas, especially in light of crude dropping under $60. but i have an interesting point for you, stuart. i think now is a great time that president obama should pull the trigger on building the keystone. stuart: why's that? >> i think there's -- well, first of all, this morning you're seeing some of the canadian crude now drop into the 30s. that's a concern. if you build this pipeline, you bring the canadians and americans together to offset what the saudis are trying to do, and at least that canadian
11:38 am
production would continue. it would help support canadian prices, bring them up closer to parity with what we're selling oil in america, and you have this huge juggernaut, the canadians and the americans against the saudis. stuart: yeah. but you don't think it's going to happen, do you? honestly, i just don't see president obama suddenly saying, okay, let's build that pipeline. i don't think it's going to happen. >> maybe not, but now would be the perfect time for it. stuart: okay. i'm intrigued at oklahoma city. $1.88 at the cm food mart? now, that's a sudden break, five, six, seven, eight cents a gallon down. that is a gas war, isn't it? >> it really is. it seems like these few stations that we mentioned a week ago are back at it. they took a little bit of a hiatus, but the better news is not that only one or two stations is $1.88, but oklahoma city now, all the cheapest stationings show prices under $2. stuart: every single one -- well, most of them -- >> the cheapest 15 stations are
11:39 am
all under $2, so it's been a while. stuart: real fast, we've made you a lot of money, gasbuddy,.com, because we put you on the show regularly, and we know you make a lot of money because prices are going up. people come and check with you, where's the best deal? do you make as much money when prices are collapsing? >> well, we -- [laughter] we do better when prices are coming down, stuart, but i think it's a vicious circle here. you put us on the air, and you're also helping motorists save money by spreading word about gasbuddy. stuart: when you first came on the show, never had a tie on, i blue jeans, and i think your beard was much thicker. and now it's trimmed, you've got a suit on, a collared shirt, fancy tv tie. you must be coining it. [laughter] >> stuart, you deserve the best dressed folks on television, and i'm just trying to fulfill that. [laughter] stuart: very good, young man, very good. all right. have a great christmas. we'll probably see you next week
11:40 am
because this thing -- >> thanks, stuart. stuart: they call him johnny football. browns' quarterback johnny manziel, what's the pronunciation of that? manziel. thank you, thank you, thank you. now, he's getting his first nfl start on sunday. the game's on fox. ratings could be huge. so big that fox changed the entire broadcast schedule for all of sunday's games when it was announced that manziel would be the starter. ♪ ♪ how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider
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carefully before investing.
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♪ ♪ >> i'm nicole 3e9 lee d.c. with your fox business brief. not too far off the lows of the day, dow down 194 points right now, down 1.1%. the s&p 500 down nearly 18 points, the nasdaq down 16. we've seen energy, materials, industrials, financials all under pressure. take a look at some of the dow movers of the week, names that have been down all week long including boeing and caterpillar. some of these things have been down 8, 9, 10%, chevron and exxon among the other laggards. the dow itself could face its biggest selloff for a week since january. so it's down about 3% this week. looks like it could go into the record books for 2014. retail, that's been one area that's bucking the trend, best buy's been a winner on the s&p 500 -- best buy's been a winner, macy's, under armour, and when you look at sea world, the chief
11:43 am
executive stepping down. stock's down over 40% this year. stock down 1.5%. $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪ thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to able global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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stuart: let's get up-to-date on the breaking news from london. the air traffic system that serves heathrow airport has been restored. air traffic is in the process of returning to normal. how long that takes, we don't know. hundreds of flights affected, so we can expect significant delays. a power outage called a computer glitch shut down the system earlier today.
11:45 am
johnny manziel, i've got to get the name right, manziel, he's going to start in his first nfl game this weekend against the bengals. we have proof he's very good for the ratings. look at this. look at the map. the green areas are the people who would get to watch the browns play the bengals before it was announced that manziel would start. now look at the map after manziel got the start. whoa. a lot more coverage, right? fox sports 1's nfl insider is with us now. let me get this right, he's a quarterback d. >> yep. stuart: and he's the guy that does this. >> yeah. johnny manziel, also known as johnny football, one of the more captivating players, came out of texas a&m, very brash on the field, has no problem strutting his stuff out there, and it rubs people the wrong way. now after waiting 14 weeks, he's finally going to start his first nfl game, and it has huge consequences for the team. cleveland browns are 7-6.
11:46 am
they haven't been to the playoffs since 2002, they play the since that thety bengals. -- cincinnati bengals. if they can win, oh, baby, get ready. stuart: how do you know if he's any good? look, i don't know what i'm talking about, i know that -- [laughter] it's showmanship. >> yeah. stuart: this is all image. he's pumping it up for the ratings. >> no, no, no. johnny wasn't ready to play in the first part of the season. the starting quarterback was a guy named brian hoyer. he's been struggling of late, and desperate times call for desperate measures. he's been waiting in the wings and, look, fox gets this game. usually it'd be on cbs, but there's something called a cross flex, fine. but fox gets the game. this is going to be in over 50% of the homes this weekend. everyone is curious what johnny manziel does, and right after that it's 49ers versus the seahawks, it's great sunday on fox for football. stuart: you do work for fox. [laughter] >> a good slate of games. stuart: how good do you think he
11:47 am
is? >> i think the first week he's going to be fantastic because there's no film on him. so team preparing for him, they have no idea what to expect. there's no body of work. so if you prepare for something, you can say, okay, let's look at this guy from two weeks ago, three weeks ago. there's nothing out there, so they could throw out any kind of game plan, the bebb gals may not -- bengals may not be ready for him. he's a mobile, smaller quarterback, but he does all this stuff, and he sells jerseys and sells tickets. stuart: how much does he make? >> he's a rookie, so it won't be that much, four years, $25 million something like that, so comparably speaking to some of the veterans, he's not going to be making the money, but he's one of the most marketable players -- stuart: oh, not that much. just chuck away money. >> chump change. stuart: but after the -- >> yeah. mcdonald's, lebron james' management team works with him. stuart: ultimately, he's a $30 million a year guy.
11:48 am
>> yeah, all things considered, i would say less than that. i would say probably $15 million a year. stuart: that sort of salary in mind, listen to this: approximately half the parents in america, it is literally 50%, half of them, do not want their kids to play football. and you say what? [laughter] >> well, i just think these studies come out every year, and then the nfl gets bigger and bigger. at some point there's going to be a tipping point where this catches up to it and there won't be that many players because the young talent didn't play in high school. i think when it comes down to it, the nfl is doing very well as far as its money, its ratings, its popularity. look, obama said last year if he had a son, he wouldn't let them play football. that made waves, but when you go to college football, it's as popular as ever. i guess at the high school and middle school ranks, there's questions, but the talent is as good as it's ever been. and football's not going away
11:49 am
anytime soon. stuart: it's safety, isn't it? >> sure. you can play soccer and lacrosse -- stuart: you know what they're trying to do with soccer? they're trying to make it illegal, a foul if you head the game. >> really. >> isn't that part of the game? stuart: of course it is. [laughter] are you kidding me? do you know what happened -- >> look at me --i don't know much about it. stuart: do you know what america tried to do when america hosted the world cup, i think it was 1996 -- >> '94. stuart '94, sorry. they tried to make the goalposts much wider so more goals would be scored, and they wanted it converted into four quarters as opposed to two halves so you could show more commercials. >> we have very little attention. we just want points and scoring and instant gratification which is why the nfl is number one in this country. stuart: and watch fox -- >> on fox! sunday. [laughter] stuart: you know, you're not half bad.
11:50 am
>> thanks. i appreciate that. [laughter] stuart: custom designed female body armor saves lives. up next, the company that's working with the army to make that a reality. dad, i know i haven't said this often enough, but thank you. thank you mom for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. hard it can breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled... ...copd maintenance treatment... ...that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours.
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11:53 am
♪ ♪ 34r-rb. stuart: look at that, the dow jones industrial average is down
11:54 am
207 points. we're on it. it's down in part because the price of oil is collapsing. more on that later. then we have body labs. that's based in manhattan, that will be new york city. it's a company that's developed a technology to transform the human body into a digital platform. they use 3-d modeling technology. it's going to be used by the u.s. army to develop special armor for women. body labs' cofounder and ceo bill o' farrell joins us now. very interesting. first of all, you get together all the information on the human body. >> that's right. stuart: tell me. >> so what we have done is we've licensed from brown university and the max plunk institute a giant statistical model of the human body, its size, its shape, its pose, its motion. it's built on thousands and thousands of scans of thousands of people and thousands of shapes and poses. and from there we apply a computer vision algorithm, and we transform that data into a model that understands the full
11:55 am
breadth of human shape and the full breadth of human pose. stuart: and then? >> and then from there we can do all kinds of things. we can recreate a specific person on a prototypical person, and we can do a whole bunch of analysis. stuart: they've got the statistics, translated to an al grit m, an equation, basically. >> exactly. stuart: translated to a 3-d image. >> from there the computer understands this image as a body. >> then you slot in the real human female soldier -- >> if desired, absolutely. stuart: and then you've got a blue print to create a perfect fit body armor. >> that's exactly right. and importantly, we can scan and sort of analyze the full breadth of 3-d scream try of the women soldiers population so they can actually produce these vests in some kind of meaningful and cost effective way. stuart: let's get to the money, shall we? >> you just won an army
11:56 am
contract. >> we did. stuart: you beat the competition. >> we did. stuart: your -- you're the guys that won. >> we did. stuart: now, i understand that literally 17% -- 71,000 women in the army's active component, right? >> that's probably right. stuart: how many employees have you got? >> we've got a dozen employees. stuart: that's it? you've got only 12 employees to do all of this for all of these people? >> well, yeah. well, computers are a powerful thing despite what's happening in london right now. stuart: very true. we're intrigued at the idea that you use 3-d printing and you're coming up with such a fine thing for so many people with so few employees. you're a very typical technology company. >> that's right, yeah. no, technology comes out of a decade of research. stuart: understood. >> but because the technology's so powerful, we can do this analysis now with what used to require tons and tons of spread sheets and analysis, and it's all sort of automated and modeled. stuart: are you private? >> we are. stuart: who are you going to tell out to and how much would
11:57 am
you sell out for? [laughter] >> well, this is a big idea -- stuart: $20 million tomorrow morning, would you sell? >> we know what we are, it's just a question of price. [laughter] stuart: exactly. $20 million tomorrow morning, cash out, would you take it? >> well, i'd have to talk to my partners and our investors. [laughter] stuart: that's a wimpy answer -- >> indeed, indeed. well, we have an army contract, so it might be a little more than that, i think. stuart: body labs. you'll never be on this show again. [laughter] thank you, bill. oil collapses. the stock market sells off. dow coming off its lows for the session, but look at that. $57 on oil. we're all over this. we're also talking about the abomination that is santa con. drunks dressed as santa flooding the streets. i think it's a disgrace.
11:58 am
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stuart: is cheap oil a good thing? i say yes. i would love to see those gas prices come down. i and cheering this thing on. with oil collapsing and that is the correct word to use their are some who want to dwell on the negatives and there's a downside. will vladimir putin lashed out from the corner where he is financially strapped? what about the banks who have let a lot of money to she brazil? what about american drillers who can't make money at these prices? how many will they lay off? if you and oil stocks you have taken a hit. it makes financial people very nervous when the oil price collapses because you never know where it is going to end but the question must be answered is cheap oil a good thing? on balance it is a very good thing. it is wonderful. don't you love to drive past the gas station and see the price fall day after day after day? you know it is money in your
12:01 pm
pocket. let's be clear where this program is coming from. cheap gas is good. get out there and drive. enjoy staying fill her up and don't feel guilty. you are not killing the planet. ♪ stuart: we are going to talk about the low oil price, the market and everything else affecting your money. breaking news from london. . the computer glitch caused an air-traffic debate over much of london, the aerospace. fox news in london. >> we have looking like we will get back to normal at some point but it could take hours and hours and hours. the computers that run the air traffic control system in the southern part of the u.k. was out for a period of time.
12:02 pm
they are calling it a glitch, some kind of failure. it has been resolved. because it was out all traffic in and out of heathrow, the biggest airport, the busiest airport, and other airports in the greater london area, all told these airports handled 2700 flights in and out every day. disrupt that for a couple hours you have big problems not just with the destinations being the u.k. but continuing non. major transit airport. we are getting reports in the last couple minutes of planes being diverted, headed towards london but being diverted to to lose, france, along, italy, amsterdam, put those flights down, then you got to get them up again and over to london, looking at hours and hours of delays for flights, looking at
12:03 pm
probably as the night goes on cancellations of flights and this affects a lot of flights from the united states as well, coming to london and others traveling from london but right now the word is that the technical problems at the air traffic control center, a mammoth computer that runs this thing in the southern part of the u.k. has been fixed, flight the going in and out of heathrow and other london airports but there are big delays, there are a lot of things to be worked out before things are normally on this late friday afternoon, very busy time in the london area. stuart: thanks very much indeed. back to the market, this is a sell-off. make no mistake. apple lows of the day, 232 points, just as important the stock market sell-off, look at that, that is the collapse in the price of oil, we are at
12:04 pm
$57.68. john layfield, chief gas is just great but do you think we are seeing the downside to cheap oil with the stock market sell-off. >> it is on matter of supply more than demand which is a good thing. gas down to $2, that is unheard of. i don't think anybody would have guessed that but you see the demand side of demand ending around the globe. that is why the market is selling off. central banks in china spur the economy which is a good thing but the problem is they have to spur the economy is because they are dragging which is why the dow is down. stuart: you can see demand for oil all-around the world coming down because economy is all around the world are slowing down. if they are all slowing down that is not good news for us. i want to know what happens if the price of oil keeps spiraling down. i got to believe the losses on
12:05 pm
wall street will be worse if we break below $50 a barrel. >> absolutely. in america it gets worse, looking at $50 a barrel where fracking is possible in most places but if you start getting and testing that level you will see job layoffs, infrastructure and not being built and the only thing that has created a job in the last six years has been the energy sector and if you take that away from us we have a long road ahead, we will find an equilibrium in oil. we have to at some point because the saudis can get oil, really cheap. at some point as they won't be the only ones that produce it. you need equilibrium to oil and that will happen in the next month or two. stuart: senator elizabeth warren split the democrats, leading an anti wall street jihad on the left in the democrat party and appears to be winning. are you worried about elizabeth
12:06 pm
warren? >> no i am not. this is tried and tested politics. william jennings bryan ran against william mckinley, the 25 food and president, he stated emphatically of person that makes $1 million a year has to be a crook. you always had this, the commission under fdr, andrew jackson going after the bank, any problem you have politicians and rich people, the easy target, either/or, they are rich and they must be bad. someone will run on a platform of that. elizabeth board is doing that. she wants income equality but doesn't want to make the poor richer, she wants to make the rich poor. that message why let resonates with her base won't resonate across the country. in the one she is the anti margaret thatcher arrived do believe. thanks very much. see you again soon. i want your opinion and that of other millennials if you can encompass it all. on wall street there is
12:07 pm
considerable hostility to wall street for most sectors of society. what about youngsters? >> extremely. they would rather go to the dentist and listen to the big bank. i would rather listen to the big bank but millennials to not like wall street. stuart: i am astonished at this. it reminds the what happened after 1929. you don't remember is that. that was an awful stock market crash. wall street was a dirty word. people heeded wall street until the 1950s. heaven forbid we have the same thing today. >> fantastic parallel because that is why millennials don't like wall street. their frame of reference was the great recession and that was put on big banks. that wasn't the case. some of the legislation now there, at that is the millennial point of reference. that is likely for of the ten most hated brands among millennials a big financial institutions like citigroup, bank of america.
12:08 pm
stuart: a new survey reveals how employers really feel about millennials. 46% of corporate chief financial officers, 40% say millennials had inflated sense of entitlement when it comes to their positions. we ask young people in new york about this. listen to what they had to say. >> we aren't that lazy group but i see what you mean by some of us, appears that are outside my work force have that but i don't know. i don't agree with that stigma. >> depends on the person little lot of people are go getters, lot of people strive to do well in life and it is not fair to be one person of the group. >> okay, towards the company, give me a shot first, a chance to prove. >> you can't judge a book by its cover. you have to -- you can't say because everybody else does 21 is not working hard or lazy, you got to see how the person is.
12:09 pm
stuart: that is what millennials had to say. charlie kirk, turning point usa. these employers are saying you youngsters have a sense of entitlement, you don't understand being chastised and told you are not doing something well and you react badly when you are chastised and told you are not measuring up. do you agree with that? >> absolutely. look at a recent example this past week. why are young people so entitled? look at harvard law school that recently delayed exams for young students because they were so offended and so traumatized by the decision in ferguson and the garner decision. one of the top law schools in the world and columbia law school as well and somehow mystification, why i young people so entitled? we need a generation of thomas edison and we're raising a generation of taylor swift. this is a really scary trend going right now and millennials
12:10 pm
i tell you what, there is an unbelievable sense of entitlement that has to be addressed. stuart: i don't know if you know this but the underside of the screen from you, a harvard law student, a final exam yesterday was interrupted by a fire alarm and she is not happy with what you have to sa >> a grand jury exemption is what i have to say. harvard granted an exemption, colombia did, it is a case by case basis. they haven't given in. i disagree with you. i think millennials are very hard working, 65% of adults, i reject that. we are the most educated generation in american history. numerous applications, a millennial is 400 job applications, we're really hard working and it is a stereotype. stuart: you are grinding a political ax. you are a conservative and you dislike the entitlement society created by president barack obama and you are grinding the axe, aren't you?
12:11 pm
>> absolutely. i like the point and understand there are a lot of hard-working millennials but we are supposedly the most educated generation but i argue we get the most -- we have the most obamas the kids are graduating and not entering the work force. 10% of employers think young people there interviewing are ready and equipped to get a job that their company. more millennials than any time in history young people have diplomas and degrees but are they ready? do they have the sense of hard work the previous generation had? i argue not so much. there are some superstars in our generation we need to lift the ban we will see separation unlike any other time we have each young people who will go above and beyond and more takers than makers and that separation is more evident than ever. stuart: we like both of our millennials. thanks very much for joining us. a very interesting debate and it will be continued. to the markets, look at this, dow industrials closed to the
12:12 pm
low for the day, by the sharp decline in the price of oil. 57, okay, 5734 was the low. we are at 5776. the first two numbers tell the story. $57 a barrel. that is a collapse in the price of oil you are looking at. cheap gas great in my opinion that she boils landing energy stocks. nicole: cheap gas is good for consumers at eight year highs. it is interesting the preliminaries, look at these energy names, down 10% this year, new lows today, halliburton down 25% this year down 1.2%, new low after new low for this overall. sentiment is a little bit better, you are seeing stocks in general getting hit hard.
12:13 pm
stuart: thank you very much. for get issuing tickets. these cops are pulling people over and giving them gifts. the police chief in michigan is next. >> that is so great, thank you. (trader vo) i search. i research. i dig. and dig some more. because, for me, the challenge of the search... is almost as exciting as the thrill of the find. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we rebuilt scottrade elite from the ground up - including a proprietary momentum indicator that makes researching sectors and industries even easier. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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12:16 pm
stuart: go pro gets an upgrade from jpmorgan. that stock is up 150% since it appeared first in june of this year. a lot of free advertising with those amazing video clips and that stock is doing very well. a hot topic on "varney and company," the decline of consumerism. new poll numbers suggest i might be right. 17% of people polled don't plan on doing any holiday shopping at all this year. that includes online shopping. they are not doing any. 32% of people said they would much rather undergo a root canal treatment than go holiday shopping every day for weeks on end. i don't put any store on that. let's forget that.
12:17 pm
answer this question. fed up with buying and buying for the sake of buying, piling up a lot of junk under the christmas tree, are we tired of this? >> many americans it goes back to wages that have not gone up from last year. wages and incomes are week. part of it is a pocketbook issue but to your point, we don't have black friday anymore we have a black week of shopping but consumers are overloaded and flooded with consumerism. july need the next television? do i need the newest iphone? iphones our personal sleaze because people use them for their life but things they don't need that are piling up in the home, people are getting sick of that and access is bad. you talked-about the millennial generation that learned from their parents who got burned and lost their home and lost their jobs and have their 401(k). that younger generation of consumers are saying enough is enough. i will go with a simple life
12:18 pm
that doesn't involve a television for $500. stuart: when you agree with me. >> there is a practical side, the wage issue. and jobs, we don't have higher-paying jobs. they don't have money to spend anyway. stuart: you will be back monday. >> shopping? i will be shopping monday. i am back here with you. stuart: you will like this one. cops chasing you don't give you a ticket is normal. what about chasing you down to give you something completely unexpected. watch this from michigan. >> change that person's day. get all your christmas shopping done? something like this? >> oh my god. and i hugged you? am i getting it the joy and not getting a ticket.
12:19 pm
>> i can give you one if you want. stuart: joining us now from the local police department, you are a popular guy with our viewers. however, hold on, you don't stop people for speeding dangerous driving and give them a present, do you? you stop them for a taillight out or something? >> that is correct. i was not going to reward bad behavior. the stops we made were legal traffic stops, things we would not have issued a ticket for. stuart: how many people you giving presents to so far? >> about 30. we did this in mid november with help. stuart: what presents? >> the officer, real time, the producers of up tea and rob blitz were at a local store. when they were listening to it real time they would grab that gift and quickly ring it up to
12:20 pm
the traffic stop. stuart: what gifts are you giving? what is all wrapped up their? >> i will give you one example. the first stop was a scooter, that was a local family that got a call from the father yesterday. he was in tears and said his kids wanted those presents but couldn't afford them this year. stuart: there would be some cynical people saying you are doing this because police these days need some good pr. they are getting bad public relations, bad publicity in other parts of the country for all kinds of reasons but you are looking for good publicity blitz that is the cynical view. why are you doing this? >> we did this because my background is community policing for 15 years. for ten years, local schools, when i got promoted to chief i wanted to do other things like
12:21 pm
area wide cleanups of our city, localized cleanups of the city, this is just one other thing we have always done but this is probably the largest scale project i ever attempted. stuart: quick question. are you appointed to the position of police chief or are you voted in? >> i am appointed by the city manager. stuart: i was wondering if you getting on the good side of the voters to keep your job. i am being cynical. you are afraid i am being cynical. i really not. we think it is a great program and it has great results. pleasure to have you on the show right before christmas. thank you. with the thing? >> bah humbug. it is greg what he is doing. good for him village you have to take the political angle. of the one are you voted in or appointed? >> of course you should have
12:22 pm
asked the question but at the same time, be nice to a guest once in a balloon and. stuart: i you going to be on the show? >> i don't think so. i lost my invitation. stuart: certainly not. never. ugly, i mean ugly weather on the west coast, really big storm dropped more than a foot of rain in some locations. you are going to get power outages, mudslides, rising tides watching homes away. we had a live forecast coming up.
12:23 pm
12:24 pm
12:25 pm
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stuart: of the lows of the day over 1% close to 200 points down and why is this happening? oil is collapsing. we are at $57.90. we were a bit lower but when you look at it, $57 a barrel. that is the sell-off. we call that a collapse. they called it pineapple express. that is a weather phenomenon causing huge problems across northern california. it is not over yet. chief meteorologist wreck reichmann in the weather center. before you start and my hearing correctly about seven foot waves on lake tahoe? >> isn't that amazing? a lake that generally doesn't have much in the way of waves, waves caused by wind and these
12:27 pm
are the maximum winds we have seen and one 39 miles an hour winds with this storm, you have the wind moving on the water causing those waves and we have people surfing on lake paco. very unreal sight. these rainfall totals up from 15 inches in parts of california. really great news we desperately need but causing problems when you get that much that quickly. the bullseye of the rain is across northern california and around the san francisco area yesterday the lettuce december day ever and in the bay, 7 inches. san francisco just over three inches. we are getting rain across san francisco, much later and into southern california the worst of it is past los angeles, not places like riverside towards palm spring and san diego but flash flood concern across this area still from sacramento through the central valley through southern california so we will see more rain totals not
12:28 pm
as extreme as this moves on. is moving farther towards the east and we will see this next. we see this across arizona into tomorrow and a nice snowmaker in colorado's land central plains sunday into monday but look at this. monday future radar showing the next warm pulling on shore, more rain monday across california, southern california as well and another system behind it wednesday. we are notth this pattern. moisture from hawaii, you see moisture from white to the west coast getting their heaviest rain and biggest flooding events across that area. stuart: good stuff, thank you, very interesting. 7 foot waves. surfing on lake tahoe. >> do you know how incredible that is? stuart: i will stay on the
12:29 pm
weather. more strong words from pope francis, tackling the problem of climate change is a serious ethical and moral responsibility. here is what he had to say, i am quoting directly. the time to find global solutions is running out. we can find adequate solutions only if we act together and unanimously. kind of an alarmist tone and he is suggesting specific policies that affect us all. i am not used to that from a church leader. cheryl: i look at the language from the statement, the vatican released this yesterday, this isn't -- 195 countries that are meeting on the issue of climate change will be have seen this before when it comes to climate change, we get together, have an agreement. stuart: the holy father, leader of the catholic church, the pope saying we have to take action. that is a political statement in and of itself. it is. cheryl: if you look at what he said, we must overcome
12:30 pm
distressed, promote a culture of solidarity and dialogue, let's protect the planet and the human family. the language the pope is using is very spiritual. i wonder how far his word is going to go with political leaders. stuart: he is bought global warming, he has bought it. he has bought into it saying it exists, israel, is a threat to take action. cheryl: has never been a pope before that addressed climate change this strongly especially in a statement but if you look at the tone he is using it can't we all just get along? stuart: pope john paul ii wouldn't have touched global warming. cheryl: we have a new pope. stuart: thank you very much. senator elizabeth warren splitting the democrats gaining ground on hillary clinton. this is all about 2016. >> hillary clinton has taken her orders from elizabeth warren the
12:31 pm
fared left politician who wants -- ♪ you don't need to think about the energy that makes our lives possible. because we do. we're exxonmobil
12:32 pm
and powering the world responsibly is our job. because boiling an egg... isn't as simple as just boiling an egg. life takes energy. energy lives here.
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12:34 pm
stuart: we were down 220, now we're down 180. coming jeff flock. he is live outside an oil
12:35 pm
refinery in illinois. i am told cheap gas has a lot to do with the extra gasoline being pumped out by the refineries. is that happening at the one you you? >> absolutely right. this has been overlooked. i know how interested you have been in low gas prices. we are poking around in addition to oil prices being low. these refineries, this is the exxon mobil refinery. there has not been a new refinery since 1977 but they have been increasing capacity and if you look at the numbers, the energy information agency numbers, last week, more gasoline and more crude oil was refined by the refiners and at any time in history, 16.99 billion barrels a day. i am told that this refinery alone the making of gas in a single day to drive the average
12:36 pm
car around the world 7,000 times. they are really cranking the. stuart: that is an important point. we always thought that if you had will crashing and gas prices crashed, but you put another element in the middle of that which is increased production from the nation's refineries. that is a big reason gas is $2.60 a gallon. jeff: i appreciate it. you can't get a refinery built these days because of regulations but that doesn't mean they haven't increased capacity. stuart: jeff flock in illinois, thanks, see you again soon. elizabeth warren, using the house's funding bill to rally her anti wall street base. listen to this. >> why in the last minute is your head out the door and spending bill must be passed, are you making it a priority to do wall street's bidding? who do you work for?
12:37 pm
wall street or the american people? stuart: that is a flat out anti wall street position and she's taking it very strongly. juan williams, political analyst working at fox news, welcome to the program. seems to me that senator warren has split the democrats and is taking a very big leadership position within the democrat party and actually she is winning the debate against hillary clinton who is a moderate. you are inside the party, what say you? >> i have been watching closely, an interesting week in washington on this front and clearly e. elizabeth warren, nancy pelosi are the new energizer bunny of the democratic party coming from that far left wing you were talking about and specifically taking on wall street with knowledge that hillary clinton is often criticized inside the party for being too close to wall street.
12:38 pm
recently when hillary clinton got in trouble for saying corporations don't create jobs she was literally following elizabeth warren at an event in massachusetts. stuart: what do you think is going to happen as the political season fires up again next year? do you think elizabeth warren can win and beat back a moderate and the merge as the big leader of the democrat party? >> i think that is possible and i will tell you why. we are going into a phase of politics this coming year 2015 in which you will have democrats in the minority on capitol hill both house and the senate and you will see them take a far more aggressive stance. they feel the tea party folks have been dictating the narrative coming out of washington and president obama tried to play nice and got nothing for it. now you will see a more aggressive stand taken by especially house democrats under
12:39 pm
nancy pelosi by the likes of elizabeth warren saying why aren't these wall street people going to jail and just filling up silk stockings one more time instead of going about the business of helping the working class people, middle class people, that is what they think their agenda should be. stuart: after the 1929 stock-market crash there came a depression and wall street was a dirty word all the way until the 1950s. stock prices never recovered until the early 1950s. are we in a similar phase now where wall street, anything to do with the financial world, gets the blame for the ills of our society? that is a particularly politically popular position to take? >> very popular if you look at the phone numbers as i do daily what you see is trust in wall street, trusting bankers is that lows. people don't trust it. even among republicans they see it as a split between main
12:40 pm
street and wall street. it is very much which political territory, fertile for the plowing and elizabeth warren is right now the lead flower in that field. stuart: nice allegories there. what you are really saying is the politics next year and the year after, much more divisive, even more polarized than they are now because it is mean street versus wall street. democrat left versus republicans in congress. that is not a pretty picture. >> no. it is dispiriting but i think what we are going in to is a phase where the democrats, feeling been in the last midterm, especially with repuicandomitingoth hous, thsens tt eyl bmo tse hearings, tacks onobaran iigon, will s decratisup so the
12:41 pm
opportunity for cooperation, for a compromise does not -- especially as we go towards 16 in a presidential election. stuart: will be a great couple of years. it will be great. >> un die can argue and talk about it but in terms of getting something done it is almost a violation of the christmas season of good will. stuart: they will get stuff done. they will pass bills in congress and the president's desk and he has to decide are we going to going to go back to the bad old days of raising taxes and spending. stuart: if i don't see a merry christmas to you and yours. >> good to be with you. stuart: the massive sony hack revealing executive e-mails slam a list celebrities.
12:42 pm
president obama using racially charged language. what those e-mails a next. i'd rather do anything else than sit at a dealership.
12:43 pm
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nicole: i am nicole petallides, stocks are lower, will pull back, fear indexed to the upside, dow jones industrial down 204 points, 17,391. diaz and peak and the nasdaq down 24, the dow losers, caterpillar and ibm and goldman sachs and all those names dropping more than 2% each. $58.44, including transition, under pressure. it was still with down arrows. many of these have had lows. it is 56% yesterday, what about another 5% today. this idea certainly has wowed wall street and lulu lemon up 18% this week, did well with
12:45 pm
sales and store traffic, stock up 5%. 18% for the week.
12:46 pm
nder thing that time capsule. 1795 is when it was buried by paul revere, samuel adams. researchers say they will x-ray the contents before they open it
12:47 pm
and the contents will be revealed some time next week. have you any bright ideas what might be in it? cheryl: no idea and i don't care. i am still upset about the vault, how capone's vault. after that disaster i am done with the entire thing. stuart: you just use al capone and paul revere and samuel adams in the same sentence. >> i don't think there will be anything in it. stuart: and american hero. >> not a very good one obviously. austin says he knows what is it. we should go to austin. old:. there you go. what kind of collins? stuart: something very serious in a lot of ways. this is the sony hack attack, very embarrassing. e-mails between top executives that installed president obama.
12:48 pm
will get this exchange between pascal and a hollywood producer talking about the president. asked him if he liked jane doe referring to clinton tarantino at slave movie. rudy replied 12 years referring to 12 years as slaves. he replies with for the but there were things like a man. to read and comes back with i bet he likes kevin hart referring to the popular comedian. cheryl casone the is here. that is a pr nightmare. >> those are racially charged statement. no way to deny what those statements sound like. if you think about it this is a pr nightmare for sony. not a financial one yet. sony has been an incredibly successful studio. stuart: didn't something come out about medical records? cheryl: it has taken a dark turn with regard to e-mails. with regards to employee medical
12:49 pm
records, children's medical record, one child with special needs has a parent who is the employee of sony these are published by hackers. this is sensitive information. stuart: the bottom line to me is nobody's e-mail, certainly anybody in the public eye, there e-mail sino longer safe, if you could get into sony. cheryl: how safe is any corporation. what about sensitive information with regard to our military. i wonder why the president's e-mail have not been expos? something that he does. stuart: the whole feeling about e-mails is changed, the best way to be private is to send a letter. and shred it when you are finished. cheryl: even cellphone calls can be tracked. that thank you drone technology for the military. stuart: a bad situation.
12:50 pm
cheryl: in sony's defense in her defense the company has done well under her leadership. stuart: the company. extremely embarrassing. it is awful. now this. drunks dressed as santa overrunning cities across the city, i say is disgraceful. we will rail against the santa icon disgrace next.
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
stuart: i really like that. the song is christmas is a city, actually the name of an album by elizabeth chin. she quit her job some years ago to put out good christmas christian music. welcome to the program. you know what i am going to do first 04 we get to your wonderful music, i am going to
12:55 pm
rant about the santa ana con think. are you please? i think it is a disgrace. if you don't know what is happening people dress up as santa claus, get drunk, parade through the city, pick a particular day, go out and crews are around the city. i think that is a disgrace because in my opinion santa claus is for children and the idea of people dressed as santa claus being drunk and fighting in the streets is shocking and awful. that is my opinion. >> i am not one for their vomiting. "imus in the morning" when it is terrible, isn't it? nothing to do with christianity or christmas at all. it is a perversion of the holiday season. i am doing all the talking. >> got to get it out. the show is called "varney and company". stuart: you are back on monday. i love your music and this is your third christmas album.
12:56 pm
>> it is. stuart: how is it going? >> it is going crazy. it is amazing. one of the biggest things happened is the amount of response and open arms catalog around world. right now i have six singles around the world. stuart: didn't you hear your own music on a radio station? >> it had been many years and it was last week i heard one of my songs for the first time in new york and i lost it. you worked very hard in any business and see success and you are not expecting other people to see it. it is an overwhelming feeling. stuart: do you regard yourself a professional musician? >> i am a composer and singer but also ceo of my record label. stuart: you weren't always a single composer. you were an executive. that is what you did. >> i was building dreams for
12:57 pm
other people and i realized they were leveraging my expertise and i had my own dreams so i gave up working on other people's dreams to work on mine. stuart: you can't have somebody else making the money. you can't do that. >> you only get one life, you only get one shot to do what you want to do. stuart: the name of the album? >> christmas in the city. bernard: what are you a question? >> i am. stuart: do you put out christian music and secular music? >> i have a philosophy of christmas music being welcoming to all who celebrate the holidays for whatever reasons, religion or traditional family. i am a very welcoming person. stuart: a pleasure to have you on the show. you will be back here for number 4. stuart: we are out of time. more "varney and company" after this and i will do some more
12:58 pm
talking to. here's a question for you:
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talking but i am out of time. a lot of time here she is. >> to come -- don't i will thank you going to look at oil dropping to a five-year low, spilling into other assets we're going to show you where, and how to hedge against the risk, google, facing the challenges from big government and so far, governments are winning. and the fastest growing sector has nothing to do with digital sales, 40% increase that proves that retrois cutting edge, a speech at heart of some of google's international challenges, russia fortunea, spain, just three current trouble spots, for the search giant. google is covered. >> google is pulling engineers out from what i


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