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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  December 14, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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this is why we continue to bring you the best advice to get your financial house in order because consumers are our business. security and yorkers don't take much of the mayor either. good night from new york. neil: welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. his ears is the fallout from the saudi racial emails the co-chairman reaches out to two al sharpton and jesse jackson for healing. ab, multitask to bring a checkbook and i know where this is going and so does the reverend peterson. good to have you back. i suspect she will have to do more than say she is sorry? >> no. she will have to pay up been a good fashion. not just apologizing to the black community they have a history to be a shakedown
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artist the only way this will end is corporate america and whites americans will have to stop giving into these kinds of people because as long as they know they can get what they want to they will never stop doing what they're doing. this is why they keep black america at avery. neil: where does that money go? if it is either backed by reverend jackson or reverend sharpton where does that go? what is that money doing? >> i can honestly tell you for the last 20 years or so jackson and sharpton in those from the naacp have taken the money under the pretense that it will help black america. linda hanson -- ends up in
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the pockets in the hands of jesse jackson and al sharpton and others. but they will give the money to the preacher or the leader in the black community. so it does not trigger down to them at all. maybe we would see a better change america. neil: beginning with reverend jackson back with the rainbow coalition getting companies to pay up but the fact is this is happening through democratic and republican presidents alike and it is pretty much a way it has been for the user community. so what will it take to change that? is it is the head of sony getting themselves covered or like al sharpton off their back?
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>> a good question the only way it will change is white americans have to overcome the fear to be called racist. as long as they have that fear they give that power over. then black americans have to overcome the idea that they need a leader. i grew up in alabama under jim crow. i left all that 80 years of age i did not have the leader over me telling me how to think or who was bad or good. you just have to act normal. and tell black americans say no, you are not my beater imi o reader -- leader over my own family will never end. in the race hustlers to not want this to end because of
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black americans go free how do they intimidate the white americans and how do we help black americans? they do not want this to end and we need black americans to get over their fear to stop fighting and saying the race hustlers it is not bringing us together it is dividing us even more. it is embarrassing as a black man to think that while american say i need a leader to tell me what to do or what not to do. neil: very well put. i never thought of it that way we the elevator to make me think. thank you very much. >> 18 years old my grandmother said you are out of here. i will prepare you. i said where will i go?
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i don't know and i don't care. [laughter] neil: you are right. very good points. thank you very much. >> merry christmas. neil: already comparing the emails to donald sterling. >> it is unbelievable that sony would turn to al sharpton it is bizarre. like he has a great p.r. machine and is the go to guy so in hollywood i am not on that a lesser not even the weight to last -- waitlist. neil: you could run for governor tomorrows. >> but it is good to see them choking a little bit. when i first read them i thought they were serious
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look at all the african-american films we're doing that now it has a racist overtones. neil: we were talking over the break you should see this stuff i said about you. [laughter] but this is the same community that went after serving. and then at the president goes back and forth? that is the last crowd i thought would do that. is such a central issue with the movies and the statements. >> he has to step away. >> but to get them off their back. >> al is making an excuse for that? he will march on sony studios? >> he will have to write a
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check for what? >> al sharpton in the movie. >> no. as soon as she said she would go to new york to kiss his ring. but there are a number of projects to say you could support and the criticism goes away. >> so i'll is a big movie producer. >> it will find the cause like the rainbow coalition. who got something out of that? >> what if so they'd just created jobs in the inner city like patterson? >> the referendum would not care it would not get any credit. that is where she should go. it is all fluff with no reality.
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you know, the big ceos not one e-mail or personal text. did you notice that? neil: you are a big-name entertainers. >> what happened in? is a group that you hung out with would you define them as racist? >> not just your personal friends but a general statement? >> i am confused. every dave. neil: and never encountered italian-american and resistance? >> in 1967 when those riots went down we could not figure it out then and it has not changed and we have a black man in the white house. i see this every day it is
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up to president obama to be the leader. in here you have a democrat black guy in the white house. he should step up. >> you would avoid al sharpton and entirely? >> a charming individual he is very smart and charming but run for the hills you are better off with charlie rangel. neil: what does he think about that? >> at least jesse jackson did something. >> i said what about the race baiting and charlie dance around it but it is a race baiting and. >> it will go on and on.
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>> is a tough time in the country. >> kneale cavuto is the gentleman's name. ♪ neil:. >> that is why kneale is the champion would have spent 99. frank sinatra. you are a cool cat. >>. neil: i cannot talk that. do you remember this guy? do remember him? the summer rains this week the summer rains this week that he already is.
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neil: never say never that is why i listened to the candidates' wives and the subject ever has been to make another presidential run. >> one scenario with mitt romney is jeb bush does not run after all and your husband and sizes up the landscape with the reagan example the third time is the charm and it has been done before. and that is appealing. >> we will see. neil: now talk that her husband may run whether jebb joins or not both will have company include the with santorum the former pennsylvania senator the darling even now. this state that he actually
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won the last gore around was i was. good to have you. looking at the crowded field and mitt romney is in the upper tier but you are not does that bother you? >> many is the vehicle it is not how much money you raise is how many votes. money is a way to get the vote. are you ready to know, it is spent on television and in iowa? and $30,000. that is that his city council race in poughkeepsie. we talked to voters in iowa. of lot of candidates who are looking at this race will look at what we accomplished to say meet the people and auditioning with the people of iowa.
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neil: but what they have learned from your. that they can combine it with a lot of money? >> yes. purring on the competition. i feel this is an important election and i am very different from the establishment. the more the merrier. giving the people of a choice between good people and there are a lot of good people. >> and an elephant helps or hurts but it helps to get a lot of good people out there for the public to make a decision. neil: some people said even analysis you are running scared give you read that article. >> but you are. i take you are. you wonder what it was an odd campaign if people had
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known earlier it may have been different so you must be tempted? >> i have been very clear we're doing everything consistent. foster freeze has been generous but so have others. we had 80,000 contributors to the organization with 150,000 in the organization including the f-15 hundred chapter leaders. we build a strong organization speaking for conservative values. neil: and you live to them but you practice them? it is admirable but that will not win the general election. >> but moderates have? the bottom line is when we run principal conservatives we have done much better than down the middle.
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neil: chris christie is sonata principle? >> i am not mentioning names [laughter] but if we have someone who provides a clear contrast and hope and vision based on principles and pro-growth policies to help the american worker and protect our borders and to be respected and feared than that is the clear distinction and is a good thing. neil: you have 40 kids they could work for free. >> i only have seven. [laughter] neil: they are a of wonderful family but if you were to run would it be later? >> again i have been very public i am trying to be as
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transparent as i can maybe too much but with the discussion i said we will probably not make an announcement until the spring or summer so i don't know where the he is running is coming from. neil: but he likes the people to dismiss? >> my political career has been full every race i was the a dog. and for the most part it turned out pretty well. neil: then you are the front-runners. >> going through that experience from the back of the pack to different is a g force experience. >> i remember the sioux city debate where you had to beg him to ask questions but then the next one you were right in the middle. good to see you. very christmas.
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here is why i have a problem with lawyers someone to represent the illegals who want to sue us. >> is a nation of laws. neil: it is the nation of agents who trial by dash try to do with the problems of deal the goals that have the nerve to sue us when they have difficulties of the way have difficulties of the way out for you have how could switchgrass in argentina, have difficulties of the way out for you have
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thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to able global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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neil: do you know, my blood pressure still has not come down if has been more than 24 hours for the al denys lawyer representing an illegal because he was roughed up as a guard dog is he was breaking in with trucks. >> if i broke into your house and trip dam broke my ankle on your house of the way to empty your wife's jewelry case to live a legal right to sue your ass? know. because of a broken into your house. >> there are rules. that's right.
5:24 am
because you were in my house you cannot sue for the condition of the house. neil: i am all legal person a legal american who broke into your house. i cannot sue you. i am not perry mason but he broke into the country illegally with no citizenship rights at all but he can? >> i don't think so. neil: i am so glad i did not go into law. forget about tracking illegals or deportations or forget about the border sheriff how they nab the illegals but now we are entertaining lawsuits from the illegals and suing the country that they were breaking into? "let me be brief". this is old and i am no lawyer but ashley says it is
5:25 am
not so ridiculous. >> will be. in 1896 the united states supreme court said that non-citizens kansu if they are wrong. it is time something recently enacted. neil: i thought it was someone visiting from abroad but i thought somebody broke into this country they got it? >> definitely. the united states government enacted a law. neil: it is a stupid code. it makes no sense. >> i agree. is a total outrage and every american and should be offended at this lawsuit. he was trying to break into our country with 50 pounds of drugs on his bread -- the back the border patrol agents were trying to
5:26 am
apprehend the cold war's one was running away the other was resisting arrest and the dog was holding at bay and then again in the hand and now he wants to sue the u.s. government for injury? neil: so he will win the case i have no doubt it is not a great law but that is screwed up. there has to be away if i cannot sue as a legal citizen someone who breaks into my house to hurt themselves as they steal my wife's jewelry then maybe there should be a lot for that. >> it is convoluted. but the issue is if the officer that was discharging his weapon at this individual. >>:running away i think they
5:27 am
were a little overwhelmed. >> i can tell you the good thing is that if the officer was acting properly it will be dismissed. that is the real question. neil: we're getting is distracted by the officers and you cannot tell me that other border a.j. cards will say stopping and keep them on the leash let them go through because you have to deal with trial lawyers like this and they will keep you tied up for weeks or months. >> that is the sad part even if the plaintiff loses this case it will still cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars just to defend the lawsuit. i felt the judge does the right thing to send ad message you cannot break into our country to carry drugs then sued the is a taxpayer for a million
5:28 am
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neil: you know, i am telling you, elizabeth warren is so running for president. and she had democrats signing on to the spending bill proved it for me. >> why as you head out the door and a spending bill must be passed are you making it a priority to do wall street's bidding? who do you work for?
5:32 am
wall street or the american people? neil: well, forbes says warren is off on the wall street. in fact, she's off the wall, period. he didn't say that. that was the gist where you were coming from. she was criticizing this effort to scale back some of the more onerous provisions. >> i say if you have a proper environment, wall street is essential, talking about capital raising in this country to move forward. steve jobs may have great ideas, if he didn't have capital to bring them to market, develop them, take the risk, it wouldn't have happened. a lot of risks don't work out. what happens when you have a trashy dollar, convoluted tax code, now dodd-frank, you have rules crushing bankers. hurting loans and small businesses. when these people say we're for the people, they push policies hurting people.
5:33 am
what are do they think they get money for the pension funds? neil: these same guys who claim they're pro capitalist. they benefited from bailouts. so do they not have an argument that this is a group you don't want to help too much. >> cronyism in all forms is bad. one of the things you'll see in the new congress, that jeb had it, the guy heading up the finance committee is waging war. he'll have power to -- neil: waging war on whom? >> on companies and businesses and unions who try to use the government to help themselves. he's going after both. you'll find that resonating in the country. people don't -- one of the reasons why the mood of the country is so sour is people feel that the f link between effort, honest effort
5:34 am
and reward, you get ahead by cronyism. if you're not connected, you're left behind. neil: do you think part of the strategy is working with elizabeth warren and to other people challenging hillary clinton. hillary clinton said businesses don't hire people. that it's forming a perception in the minds of young americans in particular, that wall street, the business community is a rigged lot. >> i think young people who are very entrepreneurial, if you make the case to them that you have policies to enable them to take the risks and do the things that people have done in silicon valley to raise the standard of living in this country in ways we couldn't imagine two decades ago. i think that will resonate. envy. got to keep fighting. people don't want that. they want a calm atmosphere. neil: you're a gentleman. you're a nice guy. i don't want to be trivial. many people in the financial community are
5:35 am
arrogant asses. i say that in the kindest way. they don't serve themselves by their demeanor and actions. do you advice them to get the elizabeth warrens off their back. how would you tell them to share their message? >> you're never going to get elizabeth warren off your back. she's after the big prize. you're in the way. they should be backing repositive forms. junking the tax code. half the lobbyists in washington would be out of business. going after things like x mbank and saying, hey, we want a level playing field, and this country can move ahead. neil: a lot of them look like guys in monopoly. steve forbes, thank you very much. in the meantime, forget about protesting cops. how about killing cops? the rap video that's gone viral. should i just say, vile?
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neil: well, don't trust him, kill him. that is what public offenders on the new york payroll urging radical protesters to d do. [singing] ♪ neil: former nypd officer says it's high time for the mayor to step in and say stop this now. that's pretty scary stuff. what do you think of that. >> it definitely is, neil. doesn't the rule of law exist in this country any longer?
5:40 am
we have two public defenders asking for the death of a police officer in the video. i tell you what, this just might happen. some lunatic out there will listen to this video and they'll execute a cop. and they'll be somehow responsible -- neil: why are these on a payroll doing this? i mean, how does that happen? >> i have no idea how they do it. i don't know what their process is up there in picking people to work for the public defenders office. but apparently, they don't agree with the rule of law. and both grand juries came back saying no indictment. neil: you have many on the force you keep in touch with. you're highly regarded yourself. black and white, how do they feel about this? targeting black youths, et cetera. >> the morale for the police department is at an all-time low. you have a mayor that doesn't back us up. a police commissioner bill bratton who is a good commissioner, but he has to listen what to
5:41 am
do. police officers are probably second guessing themselves noting wanting tnot wantingto get invoy high incident because god forbid they have to take action. they're second guessing themselves and saying, if i fire my weapon to protect myself, am i going to be indicted? neil: forget that. am i going to be killed? all right. detective, thank you very much. is this really what post racial america is all about especially with the post racial president? 62% says race relations have worsened under president obama. as recently as 2010, charles payne on how and why that's getting to be the way it is. why? charles: i think the wrong word is relations. empathy has eroded a
5:42 am
lot. your previous guest talked about the morale of the police. how about a morale around the country that's faded. for all segments of the population. except for very wealthy people. whether you're middle class, black white, trying to climb the ladder, it feels like the atmosphere that the president has allowed to fester and to a large degree stoked the flames of, this has what has happened. it's not the relationship per se. i'm not sure how great the relation was. just the type of mutual respect or mutual ideal of we'll understand each other. or empathy has fallen away. neil: when you see videos like this, sort of urging, you know, kids, particularly african-american kids, you won't get a fair rap, just shoot the guy. what do you think? charles: i think of those guys -- first of all, considering their job, it's nuts
5:43 am
they would be the ones -- charles: a lot of people don't know your story. talk about a rags to riches. as far back from success as you could be. growing up in harlem. growing up, the police were targeting you, were profiling you, were out to get you and it was just a matter of time? >> there was a serious distrust of police. my trust of police has increased has i've become older and older and you interact with them. by the same token, a lot of the distrust does take away certain things. when i was younger, growing up in harlem, the bigger argument was, where are the police? you know, someone got shot, the idea was, you know what, you better catch a cab, okay, before the police or ambulance would show up in this neighborhood. the bigger gripe wasn't that there was too many, but where are they when we need them? there's a love/hate relationship.
5:44 am
neil: the percentages are different today. 60% minority force now. >> new york city is different. certain areas where it's not. the bottom line: a lot of this stuff -- i've been upset with president obama for a long time. i thought he was uniquely positioned to take us to another level. to the point of that poll and the things i've said, he brought us down a couple of notches. it's for political gain, i think. neil: i think with al sharpton -- getting counseling from him. charles: a lot of people don't understand. in the black community when barack obama announced he was running, for a long time hillary clinton polled better than him in the black community. people said he was not black enough. that's why i got beat up every day. i think a guy, a street hustler like al sharpton said let me help you. because you're not black
5:45 am
enough. obama has fallen for this hook, line, and sinker. neil: and it's too late now. >> i don't think it's too late. if he came out tomorrow and said, you know what, i messed up. if he hit that reset button, we could turn this around immediately. neil: i hope you're right. i'm waiting for the movie. the cia torture report the cia torture report is 3rd and 3. the cia torture report is 58 seconds on the clock, what am i thinking about?
5:46 am
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neil: well, into tonight's biz blitz, rectal bleeding must be good reading. the cia report is a must-have. it a best-seller on amazon. we're wondering if it were selling at all if it made the bush administration look
5:49 am
good. cary, what do you think? >> the democrats, the default mode when they're in trouble is simple: george bush, iraq, torture. they'll never give him credit for anything good. always the blame for everything bad. the same of it is, this is just a made-up conjured up, put a conclusion to a report and, boom. >> it's a link. let's be clear. they're trying to sell soft copies of this thing. amazon started making a little money off this. this is a little weird. but it would not have happened were the tables turned that's for sure. neil: if it didn't involve rectal feeding. it is strange in a week that we had all the embarrassments with gruber, which you could have strung together in a link and book in no time. nothing. >> this is designed to make bush look bad. blame bush. how many years have we been doing this? six years.
5:50 am
you look at this, this is the first major intelligence committee that hasn't included both parties. both parties are included in everything. moreover, you interview the key witnesses. you interview the white house and the cia the people who designed the program. they didn't do that. i've never heard of a case where they didn't bring in the witnesses. neil: get ready for more obamacare confusion. tax filers will have to tell the irs if they have health insurance. tracy, you're an accountant. it will add to confusion. >> it's a prototype. that being said, it's a lot of information. you have to give your insurance number. personal identification. a form from your insurance carrier. don't throw it out. more forms. more confusion. it's administrative nightmare. neil: that's not a surprise, is
5:51 am
it? >> more tax forms. 955 pages in the tax code. it's almost like our government wants us to spend more money and spend more time on doing our taxes. it's absolutely insane. it hurts the little people. it will cost them more. and if you go to get the tax credit and you're wrong, more paperwork after that. neil: and people will be audited if they don't check that box. >> if you haven't purchased health care, 1% of your income. people who don't have jobs and millennials will get slapped with that. neil: do you have health care? >> through my parents. neil: through your friends that you talk to, have they signed up for obamacare and been surprised by high deductibles. >> astonished. one of my most liberal friends from new york looked at it and said, how are these premiums three times what i'm currently paying. >> they're going to get hit with fines.
5:52 am
that means penalties and interests. if you're overwithhold, they'll pay more. >> nobody wins when it's all said and done. mass confusion from the irs. they're supposed to be working for us. we're working for them. neil: sorry we didn't have time for rectal feeding. apparently the lawyer representing us got worked up too. what how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. ♪ (holiday mhey! is playing)
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"what's the deal, neil?." >> and what is the deal with an illegal, an illegal, i can't get this out of my mind, suing us because a guard dog bit him as he was breaking into the country, and carrying drugs, no less. >> this is a nation of laws, and the police -- >> this is the nation of agents trying to deal with a booming problem of illegals who have come in, and then have the nerve to sue us if they encounter difficulties or a dog who bites them.
5:56 am
if i broke into your house and tripped and broke my ankle in your stairs on my way to empty out your wife's jewelry chest. do you have a right to sue your ass? >> no. >> of course not! because i broke into your house! >> like me, she's at a loss, illegal, with drugs? he sues? he wins? we pay? what? johnny, well if he can sue, that dog should be able to sue, too. neil, put the drug smuggler up for ten days and see if he gets sick, the dog will be okay. i love your show. pretty witty. dan, that our nation is sued by illegal alien for breaking into the country with drugs is no surprise. hold on to your hats unless we stand in the majority to right wrong then we are doomed. george e-mails, i never seen you blow a gasket like you did today, because of incidents
5:57 am
like this that illegals come to the u.s. thinking once they had their feet on u.s. soil they'll all be taken care of. true enough. and retired new jersey attorney mike writes the principle of english law which our legal system is based is that the law will not come to the aid of someone with unclean hands. this guy has no case. other lawyers sadly disagree, mike. i understand your consternation, bewilderment disgust and disbelief. i'm concerned about your blood pressure. people were worried for me. neil, the incident with the attorney suing on behalf of the drug smuggler. how many think our country is being sabotaged. i wonder. treating illegals better and giving them more rights than citizen says perverse can. anyone lead us out of the parallel universe. and ed e-mails surely you know
5:58 am
what is the difference between scompll what is write. the law is set up to give this guy the chance to recover damages. i'm an american taxpayer at a loss. i hope fox is paying you a ton for what you do every day, because i don't know how do you it! i'll send you a foam rubber dog so you can kick. you are better throw in a bottle of scotch while you're at it. this is over the top. johnny, the fact that you do not like illegal aliens does not change the law. if the border patrol did not encourage the dog to bite or deliberately allow the attack to continue, the alien will lose. however, your opinion appears to be that agents can murder or torter captured illegals with impunity. i don't know where to begin with you. that is not at all what i'm saying. and you are conflating
5:59 am
craziness here. the facts in this case are that border security agents were overwhelmed by three illegals, some report as many as four, maybe five, bolting when they were asked to stay. especially once drugs were discovered on the scene. one of the aliens got bit by a dog, a drug-sniffing dog. that happens. it is what these border security agents deal with every day, the thankless job part. the guards didn't break the law. the guys broke into the country were the ones who broke the law. i'm not a lawyer. what is wrong with you neil? you make too much sense. the only thing good about yesterday is i lost my appetite and i ate very lightly. this might be your way of saying neil, we can help you lose weight. it worked. book me more trial lawyers. you can share your thoughts with me. see what i've got coming up on the show. the comments what you saw here.
6:00 am
make the light of air, and so your life complete. wouldn't be that a wonderful way to cap your holiday season. i got a text on neil's show. pretty much done right th all right, welcome to "the best of imus" on the fox business network in new york city. there's the heart of times square just down the block. i'm connell mcshane. nice to be with you. we've lined up some of imus' best interviews for the next few hours. this man dropped by the studio recently to talk about his career, the fact he sold out


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