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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  December 15, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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siege. well, we are continuing this story for you. melissa francis is here. "money" starts now. melissa: thank you so much. we are going to stay on top of the very latest at is l sydney where the hostage standoff is over. police storm a cafe where victims were held for 16 hours. the sydney police commissioner speaking just moments ago. >> we have accounted for at this stage 17 hostages. that includes five that escaped yesterday and a number that have been caught up with, some with traumatic injuries, some with medical conditions. we have, as you have reported, two deceased amongst the hostages and six that were uninjured. >> police say the gunman was one of those three people killed during the confrontation with police. joining, tom russ skin, former new york city police detective investigator. he. we also have a former nypd hostage negotiator.
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sal, let me start with you. what treich 6 strikes you about the situation? >> the most obvious this was isolated incident as the police commissioner out there was saying and it just took the global attention of the media and it's something that we're going to have to be dealing with because as somebody who does these type of attacks realizes the amount of press they can get and noteriety, that becomes problematic for us. melissa: absolutely. tom, i think that another thing that is disturbing about this, this guy was so clearly on the radar. he mr. guilty to sending hate letters to families of australian soldiers that were killed overseas. he was out on bail. he was a very well-known quantity. why was he out walking around? >> you can't incarcerate someone because they make threats. you can't follow him 24/7, unless you really feel that he will be a lone wolf type of terrorist who will do
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something -- melissa: but he was a lone wolf type of terrorist. that is what victims families at home will be saying at this point? tom, how do you deal with that? obviously there is crossover of people's essential rights, at the same time, this guy looks like he could be a lone wolf and became one? >> one of the fears of law enforcement around the world is exactly what this guy did. he walked into a cafe, in this case, walked into a chocolate shop and took the people in there hostage. so what you will have to do as time goes on, you will have to build up security. you can't stop someone in free society, being australia or the united states from walking into a public place and possibly doing something. melissa: sal, do you agree with that or do you think more could have been done? >> no. i think, we're just getting the very beginning of this investigation. so a lot more is going to come out. there may have been more interaction with law enforcement and may have been an opportunity for them to intercede somewhere along the way. tom i think is right on this
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one. there are just too many people out there. this guy particularly hits the radar screen. if you think about it, there are a lot of people out there that we just don't know about. who are highly capable doing exactly what this guy did and that's a real problem for us. melissa: it is all around the world. australia is the highest single contributor of fighters isis. they may have 150 fighters but that is just a guess. 500 fighters come from different countries. tom, where else are we likely to see this happen? >> we can see it anywhere in a free society. one of the fears of law enforcement in this country and the united states, this can happen at any type. melissa: sure. >> you have a guy who may have hit the radar and as sal referred to, very smartly, we'll find out more as the investigation rolls out. we'll also find out how the police actually ended it and took it down. but, something like this is a fear of law enforcement that
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someone could walk into a public station or a subway station or something like that, any day and do something like this. melissa: guys, stay with me. i want to bring in charlie gasparino. he is fox business's senior correspondent. we have jedediah bila. she is a fox news contributor. charlie, i want to start with you. we've been talking a bit about the economic impact about this. we don't want to diminish the loss of life but it's a money show. >> don't want to distill everything in numbers. clearly when you think about it, and i did some reporting on this, one guy shut down entire business district of sydney. pimco was in lockdown. bloomberg, everybody in that area was essentially on lockdown node. mode. shows you what terrorism is about. terrorism is about taking lives but they have a economic gain. 9/11 was economic game. i make one point.
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you can't arrest somebody for threats. you sure about that? >> you can arrest them for the threats. can't necessarily incarcerate them. in this country you really have to go to far extent to be able arrest them for just making a threat. melissa: okay. >> reminds me of major hasan. i don't even want to call him a gentleman of the person who shot up the fort hood. >> fort hood. >> that was outrageous. that guy was given signal every day, yet the army ignored that. we just attacked the cia viciously over the last couple days. i'm not saying i am for waterboarding. i had an argument on this show. at the time we need them the most we shouldn't be attacking them. melissa: jedediah, what do you think? >> look at preparation for the future. look at this guy's record. you can't incarcerate him but certainly monitor him. they have received number russ warnings from islamic state this is dangerous time.
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i asked is the united states prepared for something like this? when they receive warnings something like this may happen, what happens in that time period securitywise. melissa: okay. >> what does security do to keep these people safe and make sure it doesn't get out of hand? melissa: sal, let me throw that question to you. >> that's assuming that we get a warning. a critical part of what you just said, we get warned somebody is out doing this. from law enforcement you put them underactive surveillance. you would start interviewing people. there are a lot of things you can do with traditional investigatory methods once you know. what is really problematic, you get someone sitting at home, 2:00 in the morning, becomes self-radicalized for whatever reason. we shouldn't get wrapped around the axle with isis on this one. while there are connections with this and their belief, there are clearly other groups out there. >> charlie, go ahead. >> here is what is scary about this and scary about major
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hassan. there were warning signs. army law enforcements or law enforcement did not look in the warning signs. this guy was not quiet. he made threats on military people, right? he did this in australia. major hasan was getting up every day and making radical speeches. does that mean you put him in jail? i don't know. but it means you investigate. >> the problem that exists here, we don't know the full extent of how much his threats were or what his threats were. melissa: we do know about the threats he made to soldiers families and things he said to them and enough to incarcerate him for a period of time. he was definitely on the radar without question. >> he was on the radar but do you then allot the amount of law enforcement needed to to follow him on a daily basis. melissa: everybody that makes threats. i understand that. >> do a report on that. >> not political enough. >> we take for granted our freedom. >> right. >> stuff you guys do and other
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first-responders and we take it all for granted but what the cia does, what they're up against and cost of that. we walk out today, we have lunch. we enjoy ourselves. we spend money the economy grows. whether you're under terrorism attack -- melissa: everything grinds to a halt. >> after 9/11. stock market and shut down the whole, shut down the economy of the united states. >> you have to be willing to call it what it is, used the "t" word, terrorism. what everybody is afraid to use all the time. you can't conquer something unless you acknowledge what the roots are. melissa: sal, do you think anything is done differently in the united states here going forward as a result of this heightened threat? are people doing things? you're a man out in the field doing this. is law enforcement doing things differently today? >> i think the communications better to link analysis. some of the software programs, some things like that we can do.
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one of the things we have to keep in mind with this, talk about putting someone under surveillance or keeping eye on someone, it is so labor intensive and resource driven -- melissa: that is a great point. >> at some point you run out of resources to go after all the potential cooks kooks. >> sal, that is great point. they spent millions of dollars putting people under investigation for insider trading. i know this for a fact. they wiretapped phones. hired informants. melissa: financial crimes. >> mainly insider trading is not that way, is a victimless crime in many respects. they should have taken all that money that preet bharara, the u.s. attorney for the southern district spent on insider trading, moved it into terrorism. >> to your point, when you talk about -- melissa: go ahead, finish your point. >> when you talk about the economic thing, bin laden always said it was death by a thousand cuts. he would make the threat and we would react to it and spend a billion dollars on something
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that really wasn't going to happen. melissa: that's true. >> it's a difficult, is a difficult situation, that you know, law enforcement is in. i agree with everybody. we need greater power to be able tone force more. melissa: appreciate it. much more on the latest developments from sydney as and we'll watch the story as more details come to light. >> hiring our heroes. the trucking industry plans to hire 100,000 of our vets. governor bill graves tells us why it's a win for everyone. more "money" coming up. she inspires you.
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melissa: just a short while ago, sydney police department wrapping up a news conference about the hostage crisis that left three people dead including the gun man. at least four others were injured. sydney's police commissioner spoke about the 16-hour long situation that started relatively peacefully but ended in gunfire. here is the very latest. gunman, haron monis, held people hostage in the lindt cafe in downtown sydney. they raided the cafe and ended in gunfire and ended the situation. three people, including the gunman is now dead. monis is iranian refugee with a
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criminal record. authorities say the attack was likely politically motivated. >> markets, another big story today after the worst week since 2011. the dow is shedding points again right now. look at that down 87 points. wall street's top strategist saying longest bull market in history isn't over yet. "barron's" survey revealing they expect the s&p to rise 10% next year. let's bring in veronica daguerre from "wall street journal." joining rest of our guests on set. charlie and jedediah are here as well. >> we'll see. double digits. some people are saying high single digits. either way that could be really good news for investors. there is not a lot of places for people to put money today. u.s. stocks are looking good for global investors as well. melissa: charlie, what do you think about that? we've had this tremendous run. we've seen this pullback. last week was abysmal. here we are down 83. yet you have people coming up
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saying we'll see 10% next year. >> oh, gosh. melissa: feels optimistic, right? >> prognosticate on the economy. melissa: you can smell bs from a while away. >> hesitancy saying market will be down. you would logically think after the big run-up it would be down. you will still have interest rates pretty low. melissa: yeah. >> president obama and janet yellen will do anything to keep the stock market fairly high, including keeping interest rates low. not cutting taper or whatever, or not raising short-term interest rates that much. i really think the media and markets are underplaying impact on low oil prices on the economy and i think, yes, you have immediate impact on oil production stocks which is why the dow is off so much but the long-term impact is very good for the economy. it's a huge tax cut for the working class. i think that is good for the economy and good for the market. melissa: let's talk about that. price of oil keeps falling. we'll look at it.
2:16 pm
below $57 a barrel. 55.98. >> you notice the market guru at this, stats guru quant, charlie brady, followed the market with crude oil today and matched pretty much. melissa: tick for tick. opec is not running scared though. even a big dip to 40 wouldn't make them stop pumping. that is what they say according to u.a.e. oil is at the top of the agenda of north american energy secretaries going on today in washington, d.c. veronica, a lot of brave talk out there. 40 is not a big deal. defend oil at any price. market share. saudis, middle east. what do you think? >> short term we might feel pain especially companies expanding, doing all these capital expenditure projects. i think we'll see some those projects scaled back, maybe a short term losses in the meantime. when that happens the price of oil drops down. long term, people say it could be good for the system.
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good obviously for the consumer giving them extra buying power. melissa: consumer at low end. consumer at low end where you see the difference and you spend the marginal income. at the same time, from low gas prices but -- >> talking about 90% of the consumers. melissa: into the, 90%. walmart shoppers. that is not 90%. >> it is 50 but it is huge, a huge part of the economy gets a tax cut from this. we live, we live in close sistered new york city. you go out to middle america, people drive a lot. they're more middle class and working class. this is a big tax cut. melissa: i think business get a big cut. they're enjoying it but not necessarily passing it along. look at airlines for example. >> that is whole other thing. melissa: they don't pass it along. when you see decrease in transportation costs, talking to folks from the trucking industry later, even though it is good for them i'm not sure they necessarily pass it on. >> god got to be good for the
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markets. >> more flexibility, going out to dinner, doing something fun, go to restaurant. melissa: let's talk politics. jeb bush hasn't said whether or not he will run for president. actions speak loud irthan words. he is releasing 250,000 emails from his time in florida and writing an e-book. he explained why in a interview over the weekend. >> despite what is current case in this current environment in washington you can do big things if you set the stage in the campaign and move forward. one of the things i will do as i go through the process is release all my emails and write an e-book. melissa: what do you think about the email dump, jedediah. >> he is running. he wants to put transparency out there, especially dealing with an administration that doesn't value transparency. he is coming out of the gate. he will have trouble with conservatives. they take issue with him on common core and immigration. he has a long battle. i'm not so excited about a potential bush versus clinton
2:19 pm
again. melissa: you don't like bush versus elizabeth warren. >> i hope elizabeth warren runs. that would be exciting to see hillary versus warren catfight. i'm all-in. melissa: you will get in so much trouble calling that from catfight. i want to distance myself from that remark right now. >> come on, man. melissa: i can't believe that one. charlie, want to get in the middle of that? >> two things, if he runs i don't think how rom think will run. >> romney didn't want to run last time. he was coaxed into it. >> i still don't think he will win? melissa: jobe bush. >> i know jeb. i'm not best friends. melissa: you know everybody. >> acquainted. formidable guy, very smart guy. will have problems with conservatives and common core. he will have wall street pegged to him. works at barclays now. do not think that the left won't -- >> if he runs against hillary what about their ties for wall street? melissa: or elizabeth warren as anti-wall street as they come.
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at least it could be the last time money gets the colbert bump. in stephen colbert's final days as host he pulled one of our recent clips. take a listen. >> snake sort of put its mouth around the head and tapped out and pulled me out and said, that's it. >> for shame, discovery channel. you promised him he would be eaten. hence the title, "eaten alive." only gave us, cuddled alive. that is only snake first base. melissa: hes is right. nibbled by the snake. nibbled by the snake. can't belief colbert is going off. >> he got his head stuck in there? melissa: he was fine. >> snake should have gotten -- melissa: there you go. he was furious. checked all the boxes. everyone is happy.
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thanks, guys. 48 days from the super bowl but the fate of america's favorite game is in the hands of congress. what? unless they get their act together the big game is goner. did you know that? >> hanukkah is starts tomorrow. if you're looking for ideas have you forgotten about dre? we're looking for the perfect gift. do you ever have too much money? ♪ ♪
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make the best entertainment part of your holidays. catch all the hottest handpicked titles on the winter watchlist, only with xfinity from comcast. melissa: we are speeding into the holiday season but a driver shortage in the trucking industry means it could be heading down a pretty rocky road. to get back on truck the american trucking association is planning to hire 100,000 veterans for its fleet, a move that is a win for both the
2:25 pm
industry and our hard-working veterans. governor bill graves is the ata president and ceo. thank you so much for joining us. i want to ask you about the fuel question right now. because we were talking about this in the last block and how cheap fuel has become. i know that is the second largest expense for the trucking association. what does it mean for your industry and are they pacing those savings along? >> well, absolutely. we had our fuel surcharges built into our rates and as the price trends upwards consumers pay more because shipping costs go up but as prices of fuel go down, shipping costs go down and therefore opportunity -- melissa: do you really take the surcharges off? i know we complain about that with the airline industry. they don't take the surcharges off. you guys do that? >> we take them off because the shipping community keep as close eye what the surchargeses are so we make sure they're not overpaying for freight services. melissa: you have unique insight what is going on in the economy because 2/3 that travels around
2:26 pm
travels by truck. how would you say the economy is right now? do you think there such tick in business? are things getting better in the u.s. or no? >> things feel really good for our fleets. a lot of that is because of our capacity crunch. that is tied to this driver shortage issue we'll talk a little bit. but all in all we've seen pretty good recovery and people in the trucking industry are pretty pleased right now. melissa: you say you're 30,000 drivers short. i find that surprising because some are out of work right now. why do you have a hard time finding drivers? >> first of all, there is lot of turnover in our industry. we're sort of an aging industry. we have expanding economy. we have people who voluntarily quit. we have people who just, people who just don't make it. there is a tremendous demand. it's a challenging job. it is hard work. takes you away from your home many instances on regular basis. you have to have extensive skills, a commercial driver's license and skills and written test you have to pass.
2:27 pm
it is not a job you can just sort of get up and walk into tomorrow. you have to really commit yourself to train and be ready, sound like good one for veterans? >> the great thing about veterans, so many veterans are in transportation-related jobs in the military. it gives them an easier pathway. we're trying to make it even easier than it is with the federal government trying to make transitioning from the current job maybe driving a truck for the u.s. army into driving a truck for ups or fedex. melissa: that's great. you have vowed to hire 100,000 streets in your industry. we certainly salute you for doing that. thanks for coming on, governor. >> we're pleased to support our veterans. melissa: thank you. if you're like most americans, chances are gift cards are on your holiday shopping list. for the agent year in a row, gift cards are most accidented item. -- requested item. according to the american retail federation, 20% of gift budgets
2:28 pm
will go to gift cards. that is $172 per person. which card is tops? this may surprise you. that is netflix gift card. that is interesting. never bought one of those. four, american express. three, apple itunes. two, amazon. and number one, visa. bruce terkel, turkel executive creative director is with us. veronica is back as well. what did you get me? did you get one of these gift cards? i take all of them? >> i did not give you a gift card because i personally believe nothing says i did as little as possible and i care about you as little as possible as a gift card. on the other hand, for the recipient, when they're asked, hey what would you like, most people are too polite, look, dude, give me cash. melissa: right. >> so instead they ask for gift cards. melissa: impersonal yet what everyone actually wants is what bruce just said. veronica, how do you grapple with that. i don't think it is i'm personal at all. >> i don't think it is
2:29 pm
impersonal at all. unless you get a sweater around christmastime. nobody likes gifts people get at christmas because most of the time they don't want it. you can get with your gift card whatever you want and your timing. melissa: bruce, one of the things interesting about this, american express and visa jumped up the list, amazon as well. places where you can get a lot of different things. with american express and visa you can use it everywhere. one of the biggest tricks people buy gift cards and they never get used. that is complete waste, right, bruce. >> of course. that is not good for companies. you would think it is stealing money. in fact they have to declare it. they have to show it on the liability line because something that they owe. and therefore they want you to use them. more importantly at least for specific brand specific ones, use them and have a good experience with them, why? next year not only do you ask
2:30 pm
for more of them and you use them. that is not what i sent you. melissa: i am waiting by my mailbox. >> i hope so. melissa: the latest sony leaks a nasty surprise for a list terse, making sure whoever made the comments is off their christmas gift list. breakfast and lunch in china? is that possible? not with this super jet. "piles of money" coming up. ♪
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melissa: earlier in our the police commissioner spoke about the siege in sydney, australia. the man held 17 people hostage. the negotiations were peaceful until the end. police eventually stormed the café. authorities believe the man act
2:34 pm
is alone. the latest revelations from the sony hacks. sony probably off leonardo dicaprio's christmas list at the very least. amy pascal slamming dicaprio's decision to leave the steve jobs movie. our very own adam schapiro. senior editor at in touch weekly. there are e-mails going back and forth. if anybody knows these folks in hollywood know that they talk like this.
2:35 pm
of course, there is going to be some angst. we look at all these e-mails going back and forth. so much controversy. they are not even at sony anymore. melissa: like to rake in more money. spending a little extra. it will be more interesting. it will give you more pleasure.
2:36 pm
>> was more could they possibly do? a lot of this is that way. melissa: threatening to hold them accountable. was you think about this? >> it is hard when this information is out there. beyoncé's father wanted to do a project. you are dealing with these a-list names.
2:37 pm
>> piling on the ridiculousness. i guess newsroom is over. >> lesser say that every news outlet is nearly treasonous and dishonorable. >> these people are upset when their personal information is out there.
2:38 pm
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melissa: i am melissa francis with your fox business brief. washington, d.c. is the latest city to hit back at uber. chicago announced a similar plan last week. facebook will now debut its own search pool. the largest pet store chain in the united states. that is the latest from the fox business network. giving you the power to prosper. ♪
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melissa: breaking news from that sec. they have filed a motion in. they have charged jordan of toronto of my herbalife options after hearing the capital management.
2:43 pm
he ultimately made a $47,100 profit. a pivotal game between dallas and philadelphia. chris christie and gerri jones sitting side-by-side in the luxury box sharing a hand clap after one cowboy touchdown. grab your doritos and six pack. you better make sure with congress that the game is still on. if it is not settled within the next two weeks, the entire super bowl could be sidelined.
2:44 pm
say it is not so. are you worried about this one? >> the day they shut down the super bowl is the day chris christie moved against his hometown. here is the deal. congress decides to close all the public schools. congress decides we will not convene in 2015. america says ea. we all say throw the bums out. it will never happen. melissa: i think that it is very interesting. a billion-dollar disaster on the super bowl. the worst happens, you know, they can get some insurance, but they ultimately need the government as a backdrop?
2:45 pm
>> it will not happen. >> we only have a couple of weeks. >> that is a great point. i had not thought about it until you've just said it. there are a lot of people who would ordinarily be against congress doing anything. i agree with you. >> thanks, guys. let them try. i think you are probably right about that.
2:46 pm
i want to hear from you. follow me on twitter or like me on facebook. check out oil prices right here. crude settling. let's check in with this claimant and see what she has coming up. sony with the hacks that have been swirling around.
2:47 pm
where is the chairman of sony? where is he? what is going on? how are they handling it? coming up, we have doug burns any of us in the media for what is being released on top of that. guilt. i am talking about the good kind of guilt. is he delivering on time? how is his height and consumer doing? >> looking forward to it, liz. ready to rumble.
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>> imagine getting on a jet in anywhere in the world in 24 hours. mike lloyd owings me now. i am very excited about this. tell me how you think it would work.
2:52 pm
>> i do not think five years is in the cards here. the engines are there. it is a real stretch. >> even if it is not as close as they say it is. speech often golf there are a lot of options. you have to deal with sonic boom. >> there is a way of designing the figuration of the airline. they come together before they reach the ground. a lot of technology.
2:53 pm
can this be done at a cost that an airline could afford and a consumer could afford. >> fim ready to book my ticket, what do you think something like this would cost? >> it is all new technologies. very hard to get the money back. well the consumer pay for it? melissa: mike, you tried to tamper my excitement. big brother hitting the dmv. how one smart phone app is making it easier to track your moves. at the end it that of the day,
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melissa: whether it's on wall street or main street, here's who's making money today, manny pacquiao. floyd mayweather has finally agreed to fight him in the ring, something the public has demanded for years. it could come as early as may. both boxers stand to make tens of millions of dollars, good for them. and becoming a prize possession, dr. dre. an artist has just transformed him into a -- wait for it -- a dr. dreidel. each side has an etched illustration of his face. it makes perfect sense. the artist says she's considering orders as they come. okay. physical driver's license may be a thing of the past. the iowa department of transportation is putting licenses on smartphones. sounds ideal. but a little extra convenience could spell disaster.
2:58 pm
kurt knudsen warned on "fox & friends" that the new technology could be the next wave of big brother. take a listen. >> in order for me to receive my license on my smartphone or that i'm mandated to do so, i also have to sign off on the terms of agreement that say we'll be able to track your phone, its speed, where it is, how it relates to you in your car at any given time for your state's dmv. that is way overreaching. are they planning to do that? who knows. melissa: i'm sure they are. veronica and jedediah are back now. jedediah, what do you think of this? it sounds fabulous, i mean, we're all fumbling for the driver's license. >> and it sounds inevitable also. i will keep my little plastic little license, thank you. i don't want government in my phone. i don't know whether this is going to be via an app, what other information they're going to be able to see. it's a very short step to them spying on your privacy rights. they're going to take this
2:59 pm
beyond driving, i guarantee you, there will be leaks, big brother has gotten a lot more involved in your life than whether or not they have your license. melissa: once they're in your phone, quickly, it sounds great. oh, how convenient, right? >> right. you have it right there. melissa: quick lu you realize -- quickly you realize -- i don't see an upside. why would you do this? >> maybe you forgot to renew your license, you'd get a push notification saying renew the license. the downside -- melissa: hmm. [laughter] >> they going to issue, you know, retroactive speeding tickets? >> you bet they are. >> or if you're a teenager, how are you going to use a fake id? melissa: you just take someone else's phone. >> true, there you go. >> that's a good idea. melissa: we have given up a lot of this. ezpass speeds you through the toll, and, you know, that's pretty important because the toll line so long, but then they have a permanent record, and anyone who watches law and order knows that's how they find who committed the crime, because
3:00 pm
they know where you were. >> people are so worried about their privacy rights with the nsa, once they start putting two and two together, they're going to go for their paper license. melissa: that's all we have for you. "countdown" with liz claman starts right now. liz: thank you so much, melissa. holy investor fear, the so-called volatility index, it's recording its largest intraday swing in more than three years today, more than seven points from its high to its low. what does that signal for the markets and investors' psyche as we head into what's supposed to be the santa claus rally? as sony tries to bring in david boies to try to stem the leaks and embarrassment from the hack attack, will that do any good? especially with their new tactic? and where is sony's ceo? not with me like he was at the consumer electronics show a year ago. he, the chairman, has he met with embattled executive amy pascal? fox business has put those questions to sony


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