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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  December 17, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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can work his way back to tsa to better. stay tuned. goodnight from new york. still think jeb is it? bull mitt. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. maybe ann romney had it wrong when she told me we'd have to see what her husband would do if jeb bush would run for president garnering 90%, bush way back at 10%. no other candidate reaches double digits. which brings me to my friend anthony, a big romney backer last go around. anthony, i have to ask you, are you ready to suit up for another? >> if we're playing rotisserie presidential baseball, romney is my
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first pick. i'm loyal to him. now the game has changed. jeb bush making this move right now. nonconventional move is changing the game. it will force romney's hand. he'll be the team player and see to jeb the establishment move to the party. will he go in there and mix it up? neil: what will he do? >> my instincts is he won't do it. governor romney has a phenomenal life. great-grandkids. the christmas card is fantastic. >> it opens up like a book. >> every kid in the romney family is fantastic looking thanks to ann. i don't know if he'll do it now. neil: he's got to be tempted by the poll numbers. he's got to be tempted by the money guys who is run, mitt, run mitt. >> he's up 19% in the polls. if you're an ambitious person, want to be president, up 19, a lot of things can happen. they're going to start
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shooting the potato gun at him if he makes the announcement. neil: they'll do the same with jeb bush. >> jeb bush has an old name. but he's a new player in republican presidential politics. old name, old family, but think about what he's doing. he's announcing first. he has a different story on immigration than the average republican. he has a different story on immigration that night average republican. he wants to go for the center. he's taking the ronald reagan aphorism that we'll get 80% of what we want and not 100%. be aware of the extremist. neil: the extremist are the ones that say be aware of the middle of the road guys. >> that's what they'll say. i saw ken on your show. god bless him. he's going to be wrong on governor christie. neil: you think so? he'll never let you in home depot. >> he'll let me in home
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depot with the paint. neil: telling me chris christie is still his guy. he made very clear who is not. ken, are you going to turn your back on the governor? >> absolutely not. i think this is very healthy. if we get the people to the caliber of jeb bush and chris christie, i have complete confidence that the debates will all about issues. there won't be personal attacks. neil: why did you leave rand paul and ted cruz out of that. >> i don't know if they can make the cut. neil: rand paul leads a lot of the polls. >> i'm agnostic about one thing. when we get to the general election, i want someone who will win. neil: you don't think those two guys can win? >> i don't think those two guys can win. neil: former house leader says big money or that big moderate
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money to the point shouldn't be discounting the far right. you're a little bit disappointed by this rallying around the moderate guys. is that the gist of it? >> yeah. first of all, ken probably said ronald reagan couldn't win either. so... neil: so who is the next ronald reagan? he's also telling me that he doesn't see that type of character in the group that's being mentioned. you say what? >> well, he's for governor christie. but you've got ronald reagans in bobby jindal and john kasich and scott walker. these are good solid conservatives that have a proven record and prove that during their stint as governors that a conservative agenda is a prosperous agenda. sure. we have plenty of them. i mean, there's some
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that aren't mentioned now that will probably become more prominent. we're talking about 20, 25 different people that will be running for president in the next few months. neil: about that, that might be a small number there. i talked to a number on both sides. the real conservative side of the republican party. the rhino part. they all say the same thing. we can kind of support the other guy if he ends up being the nominee, but not with great zeal. i had to squeeze it out of ken whether he could accept even a rand paul or ted cruz. it was almost like i was putting a lemon under his nose. >> well, neil, all the republicans, including ken is going to enthusiastically support whoever the nominee is. because it will be in comparison to hillary clinton or warren or any
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wacko liberal that gets the nominee on the democrat side. it will be comparing apples to oranges, and people will understand that whoever gets the nominee will be ten times more conservative than the democrat nominee. so they're going to come along. the point is: our party needs to grow, and this big primary, this open primary is going to help the party grow, and it's going to build the party that will be so strong, the democrats aren't going to have any chance whatsoever. neil: all right. from what you say, i'm sure that they all hope. tom thank you very much. i don't know what he was saying. ken's way saying all rhinos all the time. all the prominent names that he an are that type. only those type of guys win, tracy? >> i don't think the party wants that. i think the party needs to change more so than
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anything. it needs to evolve. it cannot the party of the old white--haired rich guy anymore. neil: that would apply to jeb bush and mitt romney. it would apply to chris christie. >> it would apply to all of them. find a millennial republican out there, and try to match a candidate to them. you can't right not. >> you look at a guy like christie. ken says he's a loyal guy. unfortunately, he's backing the wrong horse. christie's public demeanor is so far off the map for international and foreign politics. it's the wrong direction for us to be going. i'd rather see a romney or jeb bush. i'm not sure the country is ready for bush number three in the white house. >> at the same time chris christie would have probably done a much better job than obama. neil: they all sort of gravitate around -- with a lot of kicking and screaming, they gravitate
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around one person. dubai that hadley? do you think there's more dust up in the ranks that we're being told. like we're not being told about the dust in the liberal ranks, some who are disenchanted with hillary clinton. both parties have their serious family food fights. >> that's exactly right. the republican party needs both. they need rhinos. they need people who are strongly committed on the far right to pulling the party in that direction. neil: a rhino at the top of the tick. a traditional conservative. number two on the ticket. but we'll need to meld the two or you'll number a heap of trouble? >> i wish i could find a leader on the republican side who would unite all the factions. the diversity of opinions on the right can lead to a robust debate and a lot of candidates who can sort through these issues. i'm tired of personality politics.
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we want to talk about the issues. >> it's too bad mia love, she's probably too young to be put out there. that's what we need. neil: the mainstream media doesn't herald her story as the first african-american in that state. nor of tim scott. >> and yet they're out there. they're elected in. neil: you think feeding these type of guys feeds up that image. >> it should. that's where the party needs to go. the old image is killing it. neil: but that's where the money is going. to these three or four guys. these mainstream guys. >> let's hope these are the three or four guys that will make a difference in this race. you look, at least from where i sit as a business owner, people have obama fatigue. eight years of this. they're ready for a change. the republicans need to step up to this election. this means a lot to the country, what's going on. neil: they've grabbed the feet
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from the jaws of history before. the mayor threw them under the bus. come friday, doing something that might just prove it. neil: there is a reason why a
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lot of cops these days are feeling pa paranoid. someone is out to get them. that someone is mayor de blasio who is set to meet with protesters friday, but has yet to send a similar invite to his own police force. governor says enough is enough. >> he certainly is sending the wrong message. new yorkers are virtually to a person proud of the police department. it is a majority minority, and it is responsible for a change
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in policing over the last 20 years that has saved thousands of lives. neil: what would it have done if the mayor had simply added a meeting with the police? >> i mean, it makes so much sense. but, on the other hand, he elevates sharpton to stand with commissioner bratton. it's sending -- whether it's intentional or not, the signal that the police are on the outs. that the bad guys in the situation and the protesters are the ones who we feels identity with. but it's not just de blasio. that's the way the obama administration has acted. if you look at the assault on the nypd it didn't start with de blasio. holder announced an investigation. when the new york police department was successful in reducing crime particularly in african-american neighborhoods -- neil: in this case, the grand jury decision in new york or ferguson didn't go the way they wanted. that is the popular criticism. i guess what i'm trying
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to get, governor, is a sense whether the two sides can come together at least in new york. when the police and the mayor are at this odds, this is making the david years looking churchillian in comparison. >> before this, de blasio signed a law allowing individual officers to be sued personally for acts they take in the line of duty. neil: that's giving them pause? >> this is going to dramatically hurt the nypd from doing the job. they're on the front lines. protecting us. they have to be careful about criminals, but also look at politicians, including the mayor. that is wrong. neil: speaking of politicians. talk is you're going to run for president, which would make you the 26th person running for president. >> there's only 26. i thought there was 36. neil: are you interested? >> yes. i've loved my time in the private sector.
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everything is going incredibly well. if you care about this country and see what's happening in washington, where the government is heading in the wrong direction, too powerful, too intrusive -- neil: there are at least half a dozen prominent republicans including the likes of jeb bush and chris christie, and they're attracting a lot of the money. >> and they will. that's appropriate. the more who run, the better it is for the people. neil: howhow will you stand out. >> i didn't. we were in the same position the federal government is today. tax too much. too many people dependent on welfare. an economy that wasn't working. a government far too big. i believe the federal work force in washington should be shrunk by 15%. neil: it grew under ronald reagan. good luck with that. >> when i left with that as governor of state, the state work force was
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reduced by 15%. we can do it. neil: you can point to that. many are saying with chris christie and langone and other money guys, he doesn't have that kind of a record. do you think he's this trumped up -- >> i'm not going to say anything bad about the potential candidates. neil: you have to. you have to say nasty stuff. you have to distinguish yourself. >> i'll say nice things about me. it's christmastime. it's hanukkah. i don't want to be disrespectful of anybody. neil: you'll have to stand out from the crowd. >> if i do this, the record i have in reducing the size of government, lowering the tax burden, empowering people with opportunity, stands in stark contrast to people who talk about it. i know i could do it in washington if i choose to run. neil: if you do announce, you won't announce on o'reilly. you'll probably want to -- money guys watch this show. >> this is the most important show. no question about that. neil: governor, always good seeing you. happy near year. merry christmas.
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we will watch closely. the terrorists are winning. and here is the proof. hear me out.
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neil: all right. time for the spiel. tonight, when terrorists win and laugh in our
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face and all over a movie that is supposed to be just for laughs, but now it really won't get a chance. and do you know why "the interview" won't get the chance? because sony pictures is scared out of its wits because hackers are threatening any theater that shows it and they'll pay dealer for dearly fr it. we'll see how it goes. they have decided to cancel the premiere. for something, for the life of me i cannot fathom. i've not seen this movie. i don't know anything about it. just a lot of us will never know. theaters and the companies behind it are too scared to show the movie. who needs water boarding when you have cheap corporate suits folding. let movie goers decide not hackers who make sure we don't get a chance. not funny. not us. someone sent sony an email to man up. if this is all it takes
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to make us blink -- sony is the one being phony. joseph, good to see you. why do you think this is happening? and what is sony worrying about? >> sony is worried that north korea, and this isn't north korea government, the one that has the nuclear missiles or potential nuclear missiles. this is the north korean geek squad who is basically hacking sony, all the emails we know about. and now they'll use samsungs and threaten people in theaters. you know, how often north korea threatens the us or any entity? about seven minutes. sony is taking them seriously. thinks people will be in jeopardy if they go to theaters. i don't think this will be released anywhere at this point. neil: why couldn't sony just say, this is silly. this is stupid.
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or are they so much on defense because of the embarrassing emails and ticking off angelina jolie, which is a fatal move on their part. that that's what's eating them. their pr is scared. worst-case scenario, it could be worse. >> al sharpton has scared the wits out of them. those emails you have two executives basically making -- call it racist. insensitive comments about the president and maybe he likes 12 years a slave. maybe this black actor. neil: pretty demeaning stuff. >> absolutely. neil: what did you make of this? the president hasn't talked about these demeaning emails, stuff that rips at him from his hollywood core. just seems odd. >> it does. i think maybe he doesn't want to give any credence to it. these guys are major donors of it as well. besides, he has a proxy
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in sharpton, i don't know if you saw this quote. if hollywood is like the rocky mountains, the higher up it goes, the whiter it looks. he's weighing what to do with pascal at this point. neil: he's threatened her job and that she will lose it. they'll have a powwow. one of the things that will happen, the check is written. i don't know where that money goes. but whether it's, you know, jesse jackson in the past when he would hit companies demand more racial equality, are we seeing a new wave of that? could that save pascal's job or is she toast. >> we know that taxes won't be paid on that check whenever it goes. that's one thing for certain. neil: you mentioned the point about north korea, whether there's hackers there. but the government there has to be surprised by the response this is getting. one theater after another is folding. >> one theater after the other. and the actors as well.
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seth rogen and james franco have a lot of leverage saying we won't do media going forward up until this movie. neil: do you know whether a lot of theaters will skip that? it will be on its way to pay-per-view. >> seth rogen and james franco, if they were standing at post, there would be no more south korea. they're saying we're not going to do anymore media. they're basically letting this thing go. i'm telling you, this movie will not see the light of day when it's supposed to be released. the movie wasn't getting good reviews in terms of advanced screening. it's too much of a headache. god forbid something happened in a theater. which i don't think will. neil: the north korean leader might take offense in the movie the actor is much thinner than kim jong-un. you would think he would
8:26 pm
be flattered by a guy that was thinner. it's like if chef smith played me. i'd say, go ahead. >> an hour long kim jong-un. you would think he would say, that looks flattering. there have been movies about north korea before. the guys who do south park. neil: puppetry. >> that was ten times more offensive than this movie. no one gets killed. but, still, they didn't back down, even though there was probably threats in some shape or form. this is the social media age. it goes back to the emails. the hacking. sony on defense. al sharpton pulling all the strings with north korea in the background. you couldn't create a better script for it in the hollywood. neil: yeah. very well. very unique take on things. thank you, my friend. in the meantime, after the hack attack, the legal attack. two lawsuits saying sony filed keep their private
8:27 pm
info safe. ceo viola says they're right and other companies could be next. explain. >> hi, neil. absolutely. no question about it. the problem we're seeing, this epiphany people are getting about how vulnerable we are from the corporate side. this isn't a sony thing. that's that entire industry. neil: what have they said, that they're next, that their emails are exposed? >> the bottom line, there's a much higher level of expectancy with regard to privacy. corporations need to do a better job at providing a nominal level. when they say they will sue them because they knew -- this is clearly the most foreseeable crime in our culture right now. if companies aren't amping up and fortifying their outer walls with cryption. shame on them. neil: i've talked to a lot of people. from ceos to production
8:28 pm
assistants. you know, i don't know about emailing. i might pick up the phone. if that's not tapped. but i won't go to email. i'm wondering if that's the wise method to take, because people never know whether their company will be hacked next. >> if you don't want everyone to read it, don't put it in an email. that's the bottom line there. but the point to make though -- neil: that would make all emails very innocuous and vanilla. sometimes you like to spice it up. you should see the things i say about other anchors here. >> i can imagine. neil: they started because they emailed -- >> you're such a good guy, you know. neil: what happens. what did you tell people? watch what you say? people could get super political fast. >> from the corporate perspective, clearly companies need to spend a little bit more money and invest in the protection of that information more than that cursory review that
8:29 pm
companies run now. second, is the person and the individual. unless they're completely sure that the companies are protecting the information they should, don't put it in writing. it's that simple. neil: paul, a weird world. you're ahead of it. i appreciate that. meanwhile, did barack obama just bury the hatchet with the castros, or did castro just bury us? the overture that some say is over the top.
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neil: all right. well, we're all glad he's free. everyone wants to know what exactly got alan gross sprung? the american contractor was really a spy for the cia. the president says not so. but here's what is so. alan gross home, and our nation's policy with cuba completely changed. to hear tracy tell it. we completely caved. it's a bad deal. >> jfk rolled over in his grave. this is a very
8:33 pm
democratic party compared to what it was when he was in. we got nothing out of it. no guarantees that all the inhumane things that are happening will stop. we know castro will be happy. he will continue to get money from us. neil: they could get a lot of money. >> they could get a lot of stuff from us. what do we get? >> i understand the reason why some americans wouldn't want us to associate with cuba at all, especially the cuban government responsible for terrorist activity, i also think that i have to agree with the president, that over the last 50 years, our policy in this relationship has not produced the results that we want to see. so we have to change directions somehow. neil: yeah. and he made the comment, we ultimately normalize relations with vietnam. that country we had far more severe consequences and human life lost. senator marco rubio was
8:34 pm
talking to varney about this. he said it's not even a good deal for cuba. >> my interest in cuba is not economic. my interest in cuba is democracy and freedom. let the people choose what economic model they want to follow. nothing the president has done will advance that cause. on the contrary, i think it will set it back. they've provided a lifeline for this castro regime to make it a permanent fixture for decade to come. neil: he's saying cubans lose out. >> obama was on bended knee. the most bizarre speech i've heard in a long time. neil: oh, come on. >> rubio has it right. if we lift economic sanctions, wouldn't that perpetuate the regime. how would that help the people for the government to have more money? how is this supposed to help? i don't get it. neil: let me be crass about this. we've had 50, 60 years of this. nothing has changed.
8:35 pm
i could flip it around and say, well, maybe we can build some resorts. maybe american companies can benefit and share in the bounty that european countries have been getting. >> this has not been a man who has been good to american countries or even his own people. he has no interest in trickle down economics. he's going to build his palace bigger and bigger. neil: you don't buy the argument that a little american cash goes a long way. and once down there, they'll all of a sudden start saying, you know, there has to be a better system than ours. and americans seem to be pointing to it. >> exactly, we want the cuban people to see that free trade can bring prosperity and communism only brings destitution. we don't want the cuban government to make an scapegoat out of our embargo in excuse of their failures. >> the cubans don't have this choice. they haven't had this choice for a long time.
8:36 pm
neil: what's happened in the last 50, 60 years? >> like nothing. >> from a business perspective, we're losing $1.2 billion in potential revenue for the united states. i'm not saying it overrides the political reason -- neil: you're saying that would eventually benefit the cubans. >> if we use the right diplomatic tools. >> they import food because they don't have the economy to make it themselves. they're helpless practically on so many levels. neil: there is that. rob raised a good point. the president says a lot of incredible things. this is in the top five. it does follow a recent trend since the midterms. i'll go by decree make some, you know, pretty bold steps that would normally involve, you know, chatting with congress or at least running it by them. and this is the latest example where that is not going to be his modus operandi.
8:37 pm
>> he took some steps and called for certain changes. he will have to consult congress if he wants to change the economic sanctions. neil: he talked to the pope. he can say, i talked to the pope. >> that's right. >> he actually said, this is a humanitarian release of mr. gross. it wasn't a humanitarian release. we traded some people for him. neil: like a baseball trade. all right, guys. thank you very much. in the meantime, the president quick to bless republicans for almost shutting the government's door. wait until you hear what he just did behind closed doors.
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>> tonight on the independents, we continue our heroes of freedom count down. giraldo will be here. i'll suck it up and listen to viewer hate mail. see you tonight at 9:00 and midnight. neil: all right. so shutdown is off. why is the fight still on? president obama signing off on that
8:41 pm
$1.1 trillion package. isn't this the comprise that the president urged? isn't it exactly what he got? we avoided a shutdown in the process. the shutdown the democrats seem to be teasing much more than republicans. we're not surprised, but it's one thing to fan the flames, bob, but he was siding with republicans to go against the likes of nancy pelosi and the like. he could continue to extend the olive branch, but no, no. >> yeah, it's not been in his script. the president in a lot of issues which on a foreign law with cuba and climate change, he moves left. it was crafted behind closed doors. not a transparent process. this had ugly elements that both the right and left didn't like. the left didn't like this. nancy pelosi publicly ripping the white house. you don't see that often. not surprised that this
8:42 pm
whole process, things that couldn't pass on their own, but were inserted into the bill at the last second got into the bill. now it's been signed into law, just like it was created, behind closed doors. neil: both parties. they both contributed to that. >> absolutely. neil: having said that, is that why the president isn't patting republicans on the back? the more he does that, the more he might reagitate nancy pelosi? >> yes. i think he has to watch his left flank. we have a presidential election coming up. from the bernie sanders or o'malleys or clintons. whoever is running for president. the liberals don't like president obama working with republicans. he has to walk a delicate line. neil: in the meantime, if you're trying to say that you're going to work with republicans and soon after this teal deal, you'e
8:43 pm
unilaterally making deals with cuba, with or without the pope, you're sending a sign to republicans i don't care what we did on this spending thing, i'm so not going to deal with you. >> yes. and the timing is very interesting. the cromnibus was done, these negotiations were going on for months on cuba. it's not no coincidence that this is publicly announce when had members of congress are out of town. the cromnibus is already done. there's the lack of trust. we saw this with democrats with cuba, democrats are critical of the president. more and more democrats are going after the white house. they didn't do that preelection. neil: thank you, my friend. good to see you. in the meantime, the federal reserve did something today that the markets certainly wanted. but what if i told you they wanted the wrong thing? it would be like a kid who wants candy. you know if you give the kid candy, longer term
8:44 pm
that will be a problem for the kid and your dental bills. your 16-year-old daughter
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neil: well, rock bottom for god knows how much longer. easy money still coming easy because the federal reserve maintaining this near zero interest rate situation we've enjoyed for the better part of, what, five, six years? i rather guess it will continue. >> yeah. what the fed said before they had this bigboro ha announcement, where inflation was at 2%. we're at 5.8. that's not full employment. full employment is 5.6
8:48 pm
unemployment. neil: what did they say exactly? >> they're not doing anything. janet yellen says the fed will be patient. neil: that's important. >> that's what everyone thought they would take away. neil: what does considerable time mean? >> mid-2015 at best will you see a rate increase. neil: that doesn't change anything. right? >> they're saying maybe by the end of 2015, but without clarity 1.25% maybe. >> the pace of the rate hikes will slow down. our kids will be experiencing these rate hikes probably. that's how long it will take. neil: depends if we like the kid. what does it mean? obviously they'll keep the party going. the initial reaction of the market was, yay. i would be concerned too much candy too soon, you get sick. drags on too long, you
8:49 pm
get really sick. am i being a jerk? >> no, you're not. neil: i didn't buy the fact that i was. that was rhetorically. >> eventually these rates will have to go back up. it's a matter of when. for my life, i'm interested in buying a home. when the fed said it will be a considerable time or indefinitely we'll keep these rates relatively low, i'm not in a hurry to buy a house. if you were to see a rate increase, you'd see people like me serious about buying right away. these rates impact people's lives, but not necessarily for good or bad with lower or higher just different effects. >> banks feel the same. why should i loan you money for 30 years with no interest rates. neil: you're so cheap, you're the same way. >> if you paid me 5%, i'd change. >> i'm not sure the fed was looking at the price of oil, which is
8:50 pm
depressing inflation more. we're under $60 a barrel. they're looking at these items. they're making the right choice. they're being cautious. neil: meanwhile, out with the new. in the old. blackberry, the smart phone of yesterday is what will save blackberry today, many say. rob, you make me look like a cool person. >> here's my android phone. i used to be a die hard apple. before that, a blackberry guy. too late for them. neil: might be a small army, but a family of people that love the key. >> 70% of their income needs to come from their software sale. not enough people that will go back to blackberry classic. have you heard of anyone wanting an ipod classic. >> the phone looks exactly the same. you're right.
8:51 pm
people like the touch of the keyboard. neil: including my wife. she has -- she has one of these ones that are this thick like the original one. i said, honey, they have smaller ones. she ignores me. >> the security claim too is long gone, neil. the pentagon is switching to iphones and androids. it used to be this was the safest product out there, not so much. neil: what do you think? when i talk to young people, they say it's not cool. there was a time when blackberry was cool. you know, it's not cool. with groups like you, it's not cool. >> don't make me representative of young people. i love classic things. i too used to be a blackberry user. i loved the keyboard. neil: this phone doesn't look any different than any of the prior models. i thought they would come out with something
8:52 pm
thinner. it looks like every other phone. >> there have been changes to the software. there's changes to the gesture. how the phone relates to your gestures when you move it around. it's an updated version, but a classic look which i love. >> the kardashians hold onto their blackberries, if that matters. >> the only thing will save them, if they made the software sexy enough to keep up with the iphones. neil: i'm thinking of the kardashians putting it in a hip pocket. >> different markets. neil: that's a tough one. that's a tough one. to your point, a lot of businesses are giving up. >> everybody on my staff except me has an iphone. i'm the only one that doesn't. no blackberry. neil: it should have reminded apple, don't get too cocky. there was a day when blackberry was the rural orulerof the world. scrrkvery true. neil: just because you're worth
8:53 pm
billions, doesn't make you any less a nut. why a lot of you think langone is long, long gone and he's supporting the wrong, wrong guy. when rich guys rally around the wrong guys and even jersey guys are saying, are you kidding me? [laughter]
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delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any allergic reactions like rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. >> what's the deal neil. neil: what is the deal with christie fixing a, to hear it, new jersey governor still his guy for president, jeb bush or no jeb bush, things got interesting when we were chatting. chatting. >> you know he is not going anywhere. >> he is going all the way to the top. neil: many from new jersey don't think he would be a good president. >> that is today. today the sun is shining tomorrow it is not, he will be a
8:57 pm
great president. neil: what position does he guarantee? >> i am 79 years old. >> you don't you don't want tre? >> i want nothing, do you think i am going to hit people up for money for myself. i have the greatest career. i became a grand father of a little girl. neil: that little girl is going ca-ching? >> stick it where the sun don't shine, no to christie. >> the last one i would vote for would be christie. >> if i were mr. land tkpwo*eg langone i would check myself into the psychiatric ward.
8:58 pm
>> and james, you are right cavuto, there are more impressive republican governors with better records on which to run. run. >> rude remarks, we better talk to alex wh came away with a different impression of that interview. cavuto, you gutless rhino, whore, you could not even tro to challenge this billionaire boob. are you in that much love with your governor, you would just clam up? up? go dry up. and then e-mail. marianne. i challenge him to walk around trenton, new jersey at night. henry. today's show with your italian friend about christie was one of
8:59 pm
the loseiest of all-times, you are the worst, your gets should just walk out, i pity you. calvin, if sony can pull a stupid movie from theaters how is it rodger ailes condition pull your stupid ass off of air, once and for all? back to this carter in georgia, wait a minute not that carter? retire, have you become a crashetty -- old man like that dude in up -- oh, up the movie. >> how is it you get all these great guests, why do they come on? >> and finally, nick, i was shocked to hear you bad mouthing christie, i thought you were joined at the fat hip. glad to say you are only half an
9:00 pm
ass. better than a full ass. we'll share your thoughts tomorrow, that is it, thank you for watching. kennedy: if you have of irwanted to visit cuba, now is the time, president making startling policy announcements today about elian gonzalez's homeland. president has been working with the poach, and the canadians, and the commie castros to ease travel restricts, what does this mean for economic liberty? and our greatest asset, american culture. we get closer to the top 10, and geraldo with ron paul, this is "the


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