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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 19, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm EST

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you can catch me every sunday morning around 10:00 a.m. eastern. we will check with john scully. we will see you on sunday on the fox news channel. have a great weekend, everybody. have a great show. >> 18,000. i am tom sullivan and for stuart. here is the big story. now investors are looking forward. two years of control in congress. president obama not having his way with out a fight. 810,000. varney and company is about to begin. ♪
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>> we start with stocks. let's check the big board. the dow is up 24. almost hitting 18,000. 17,800. three dow component hitting record highs. looking good, as far as 3 m is down just a sliver. now to oil, that is bouncing back. treading at $55. gasoline, it is down more than $0.02 overnight. $2.45 when you go to the gas pump. >> i think what you see also playing out is the realization
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that 2016 is not that far away. it is now being listened and listened. steve forbes pretty bullish on the republicans. are you with steve on the fact that this valley is a republican congress rally. >> very good performance air. we avoided a pension bailout. there were cuts to the bureaucracy. that was in the lame duck congress. >> there were a thought of service test. republicans did not eat obamacare. >> that is governing by temper tantrums.
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what we saw in the last election is we have a lot of very serious adults coming in to the senate and the house who actually do want to compromise and get things done. republicans do not control the white house. anybody who says that they do is not living on planet earth. >> will we see where we will just have the republicans do what they want to do and asked the president if he will go along with it? >> you have seen bipartisan compromise. you see bipartisan consensus on things like free trade. now the gop can't force him to take some very, very tough decisions. let him veto it and alienate -- very quickly on the market. you also have very low interest
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rates. we are also getting a bigger tax cut through lower energy prices. >> janet yellen was what got this big rally going this week. oil prices were helping and that fell apart. that brought back the savior day. >> what kind of target distortions is the fed creating? >> i think that is one of the biggest risks going forward. it is not just the fed. they are very willing to do some things that can create trouble for us down the road. >> i totally agree with you. it will be very, very difficult.
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we have a bigger rally on the day today. nicole, what is going on with nike today? >> it has 20 negative down points. that outlook is weaker. they are concerned about slower growth. 7% hearses 12% the prior year. overall, the best area of growth. when you look at nike, you can also put up finish line. look at that, tom. down 18% right now. that is also because of a weaker forecast. >> thank you, nicole. president obama going it alone. he also went his own way on
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immigration. he also went his own way on climate change. fox news political analyst juan williams is here. he does not seem to care about what the american people wanted. >> i think that what you have here is a situation where he felt long ago that there was so much gridlock in washington. obstruction coming from republicans in the congress. he had to be an aggressive chief executive. >> that is where government works. you forgot that guy named harry reid. >> you could argue in the senate to try to hold back the kind of
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efforts being made to make politics all about a tax scandal and the rest. i think that we are seeing president obama take unilateral action in a way that distinguishes him from other presidents. i am not so sure that is great for his legacy. >> you and i usually find someplace where we can find some agreement. this whole business about cuba, i would like to try it. it is a good idea to see what happens. it is not the fact that we will do some sort of diplomatic relations with cuba. our friends have a book coming
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out about the fact that the presidents, one after another keep piling on more and more power to the presidency. >> i think that the judge is right on this. when you look back at what the founding fathers had in mind, george washington refused to wear elegant robes because he did not want it to be said that he was the duquesne. he wanted to delegate a constitutional share of power to the congress and protect that power. i think you have to be very careful about this. >> to see those old ads. these were more vicious.
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the fact that you could cite so many examples and embarrassment comes. i think that the level of bitterness that we have seen these last few years you need to compromise and hear what the other person is saying. >> it has really be, poisonous. for now, they went with the congress at the time. >> i think that two thirds of us
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did not vote. >> i agree. to your point, what the american people want is some compromise. they want some dealmaking. sometimes it is ugly. sometimes that is what is needed to move forward. i think the markets are doing well. i think also because they see that things are moving and whether we like it or not, i think part of it is steps with obama and cuba. they have not been born in latin america. i know my family does not like those lab in dictators. they will deny they are democratic vote.
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>> we do business with china. we do business with vietnam. i am great with president obama. >> something happened here. an end of the world time warp. >> always good to talk with you, juan williams. >> merry christmas to you, my friend. >> same to you. mike huckabee is going to join us. up next, the sony hack fallout continues. george clooney stand their ground. do not give in to their demands. they do not listen. >> you two are going to be in a room alone with him.
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>> we got the interview. >> we would love it if you could take them out. >> for drinks, to dinner? out on the town? >> no. take him out. >> you want us to kill the leader of north korea? >> yes. ♪
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>> with check the pic for. we are up seven team. 17795. time for your morning gold report. whale, what is that oil price doing? trying to find a bottom in here. a surprise profit out black. blackberry, everyone is wondering if it welcome back or not. pier one, the very important holiday quarter is off to a good start. now to the ongoing sony saga.
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pointing squarely at north korea. >> how hackers actually broke into the network. you have to take a step back. it happens to come down to what the actual language was. there is not nearly enough evidence to make a judgment one way or another. >> there is a number of people who say maybe it is not north korea. >> a country that has a combined iq of not very high, let's just say. this is not a technological powerhouse. even the middle east.
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to me, it sounds like a country that cannot feed its people. does not have a lot of that logical paralysis. it sounds a little bit fishy to me. an easy target. >> they have enough to do three nuclear tests. >> do you have any isps and north korea? one. >> we do not know for sure what it was.
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>> it is real. it has real consequences now. >> i agree. there are two stories here. i have a technological ability to do this. >> if they could scare us, we are making it more powerful than what they are. who knows what they will try. >> we should never have taken them off that list. >> she wanted to go and sing come by god.
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>> they bring them power, water. they bring them everything. listen to what george clooney has to say. to give in to these criminals, we will open the door for any group. we will not stand in fear. we will stand together. >> yeah. that will last about a second. they should pull for that
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reason. again, we have been talking about cyber warfare. it is already underway. this is the first time there has been a real highly visible attack. we do not know where it is coming from. >> areas for bipartisan compromise. an effort to set up the system where they come together in a place where they could not get sued. our intelligence services can go into a room and say, you know what, guys -- >> they are doing it, but they need to do a lot more.
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>> we are a couple of good rallies from 18,000. >> i will just say, you put these things together. >> low interest rates on the short end. oil prices are coming down. you have very low wage growth. despite the economic recovery and the improvement in employment, wages are still pretty sticky. you are looking at a market that has to go to 18,000. has to go to 20,000. >> there is never a straight path to hell. >> they release their minutes. they said things will grow slower.
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>> why would they want to back out. why would they care about sony? >> because japan is in negotiations. >> going after bigger companies. >> a bad movie. charlie gasparino. [laughter] >> how would you like to own a piece of music history. a piece of this ranch up for sale. dare i say, a pretty good price. we will tell you the price coming up next. ♪
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max is a big winner after reporting higher sales in new
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high, $66.40, almost 10% jump on carmax. if you did not think 3d printers are like changing technology you need to meet their be the dog. he was born with the deformity leaving his front legs unusable which he was adopted by an employee at the 3d printing co. 3d symptoms. cheese 3d printing technology to make a new set of prosthetic legs and now look at him go. he is running just like a normal healthy dog with 3d legs. next hour we will have 3d systems's ceo on to tell us how he did it. in the meantime if you have $4 million sitting around in your pocket to spare this holiday season you can unknown ringo starr's 15 acre ranch in colorado. cheryl casone is here with the details. cheryl: to buy, you're buying a ranch from the original beatles.
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cheryl: kissel for $1.6 million, and it was 32,000 square feet if you want to look at it. it is a horse ranch, 15 acre property, and a caretaker piece on the property as well, you need one for that size of a ranch and also he and his wife, she was a bond the girl, but and and they make their home in los angeles. >> don't mean to bring up the bad part of the beatles legacy, security and safety. if they move into the middle of snow mass, colorado, to make sure he had his own privacy. cheryl: going to los angeles. selling of these properties, he
11:29 am
is still working, still entertaining and he wants to be where the action is. there could be financial reasons behind this. the fact they are selling both of these large scale properties says they are consolidating financi financial. john: he is getting older. >> that did cross my mind. how many homes can you have? he is 70 now? john: probably. >> if you want to buy at beagles home this is a cheaper way to do it, $3.8 billion. at the dakota, she still owns an apartment where john lennon was assassinated and so 73 years old, thank you very much, ringo starr. >> did you get a drums that? >> 74. >> the point is this is part of
11:30 am
the real-estate market place. boomers are going to be doing it, consolidating and shrinking down, and what happens to the big homes they have. cheryl: with regards to real-estate, the young millennials have got their parents that are retiring, both want smaller living space and in urban centers, calling it the eighteenth hour study. john: thank you, cheryl casone. get your beatles property. polls are in and the message is clear. you think the federal government is broken and the details after this.
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john: the market is up a little, up 9, 1787, nike is a drag after orders disappoint, down it goes, nike down better than 3% and oil bouncing back trading at $50.75, up $1.64, finding a bottom in
11:35 am
here. gas down $0.02 overnight, national average for a gallon of regular, $2.45, some places, oklahoma has won handily in front of it. we have 24 states with one gas station which has gas below $2. the middle of the country, cheap gas in the land, $1.69 in texas but we have a price battle and here is the exxon down the street, $1.69. this is terrific. i love this. back in the old days when they had price wars. a brand new fox news poll is out when asked to describe how the federal government is working, we as the majority don't agree on almost anything but 65% of us say the federal government is broken. 5% say it is working well. want to thank you. do you agree? most people don't agree with
11:36 am
65%. >> harry reid stopped the federal government from working. we talked to juan williams earlier on this show and since he didn't have numbers i will provide some for you. he waved that way, harry reid, who is that guy? introduce 1,952 amendments. harry reid allowed a vote on none of them except 19. almost 2,000 amendments introduced, vote on 19. he affectively stopped the senate from doing business. john: he will be the minority leader and last time he was minority leader he was able to cause all kinds of chaos for the republicans. don't count harry reid out just because he is not the top dog. keystone pipeline, built it, congress says this will be the first priority. mitch mcconnell says the number one deal, we have a vote on
11:37 am
keystone. cheryl: i think they will have a vote on keystone, it will go to the president, let him veto that. it will set off a war within the democratic party for the union vote. you are already seeing that. it is one of the most interesting stories going on inside the beltway. the warren wing versus what is left of the moderate wing of the democratic party and this pipeline will get built. of the market needs it at some point it will get built. john: interesting to watch the battle. let's talk about the fracking ban in new york state. joining us is wall street journal's russell gould, author of the bloom which chronicles the rise of fracking. governor cuomo in new york gave a reason for the ban, out of the greenie harvest play book. what do you say? >> interesting what he said and what he didn't say. raised lots of questions with
11:38 am
his health commissioner, he raised lots of questions about the potential health impact of developing fracking and drilling but there is no smoking gun, and i read through the report, no place where they said here is where we found definitive scientific evidence so is an interesting question. i am sure new york's ban on fracking will be used in many other places pointing to and say this is not good for your health, we shouldn't be doing this but that is not what the report says. it says there are some indications, some potential, we need to study more and until we know for sure we don't want fracking in new york. john: does he get cover because the oil prices going down, johnny-come-latelies leasts are expensive especially in the fields in that area does he get covers that maybe there won't be a lot of demand to do fracking right now for new drill is in new york state. >> absolutely right.
11:39 am
places where they are, $55 for west texas crude, not a lot of exploratory drilling going on. people or drilling what they know and with a make the best money on it. i wouldn't expect even if new york opened its doors and wouldn't expect companies to rush in and say we want to drill here and drills and expensive wells until we figure out the best places to drill. there is some cover their. it is cold comfort to some of the people on the southern tier who want fracking because of the economic development. john: economics is what it is that this is politics and the environmental wing of the democratic party which is obviously influencing the government. to your point, there is no scientific data saying fracking is dangerous? >> no definitive scientific data. some studies are coming out that say perhaps there is some link but what is interesting to me is new york state which is very friendly to regulations didn't
11:40 am
come out and say we see some indications, to make sure we regulate this industry. it was an interesting approach. john: even the heavy blue state of california allows fracking and they relax their rules of interesting to see new york go the other way. thanks for the update on that. what proof that college football is big money? how about the university of michigan? job offered to san francisco 40-niner coach, we will tell you how much they are willing to pay coming up. ♪ ♪
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11:43 am
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john: the price target is cut on has bro. that is what i am talking about. $55 from 57. that is the price target was stock is down better than 5%. joining us now, peter trader, fox sports 1s nfl insider, the story about the san francisco 49ers coach, former stanford coach, went broke, univ. of michigan, big football program, $8.2 million program. >> they are offering a$.2 million, another year left on his contract with the 49ers but all indications are this will be his last year with san francisco. a very hot commodity, whether he got along with san francisco management is one thing, oakland raiders are a team that might make a play but the jets are a possibility and the miami dolphins are a possibility, steven ross, owner of the
11:46 am
dolphins, played there and he is the michigan man, univ. of michigan making the big play. in the meantime they are waiting in the wings as the their football programs hire their coach. it is an interesting situation two more weeks in the nfl season. >> when it comes to michigan i go back -- the ultimate college coach. >> the merriman shouldn't men, something big in an army, you went to michigan, there's a lot of love for him. >> when he went to stanford he's changed the program around, 49ers which were doing lousy and made them a competitive team. >> is a miracle worker for three four years and some ceos -- >> there are personality clashes with someone doing something so specific. >> is he of billy mark cohen, got in fights with the owners?
11:47 am
>> another example is bill parcells. and i got to go on to the next one. the first was in san diego and then stanford and now here, it might not be longer than two for 4 years and michigan is looking for someone long-term. john: breaking news on the sony had, fbi releasing a statement moments ago blaming north korea for the cyber attacks. adam shapiro has more. adam: it is north korea. technical analysis of the data malware used builds links to other malware that the fbi knows north korea and actors previously deployed to. there were similarities in specific lines of code, and christian algorithms, dated deletion methods and comprised net works. they go on to say the fbi observed overlap from the infrastructure used in the attack and other malicious cyberactivity. the government has previously linked directly to north korea. so this is the first official
11:48 am
declarations that was north korea behind the hack attack at sony. john: some of the tech people we had on this show and others, talked about the fact it could take a long time before they come close to figuring out who this is and are they confident? absolutely confident? >> they put out the statement. there is no innuendo. they are saying north korea. when this started three or four weeks ago people were saying north korea and here is part of what the reason is analysts of private-sector security firms are blaming north korea, the entertainment attack had similarities to cyberattacks in march of last year, south korean banks and media outlets which was carried out by north korea. the suspicion was north korea because of the codes used in the past which people knew came from north korea but you have the fbi saying it was north korea.
11:49 am
going through the statement to see if there is any link to assistance to north korea from china or russia or iran and there is nothing in here at first glance that seems to indicate assistance to north korea but this is a definite figure point at north korea for sony. john: this is now a question of what should we do? will the president retaliate? we will hear from the president and 1:30 eastern time at his news conference this afternoon but the things brings up the question, in a number of people, newt gingrich said yesterday we lost the first battle in cyberwarfare. are we in a cyberwar? >> we have been in a cyber willwar for years. it is not a surprise north korea has a cyberweapons program. kim jong un called cyberwar for, quote, a magic weapon. they have reportedly thanks to south korean intelligence winnows is about a thousand people they have devoted to this effort. what should we do? we should put back on this list
11:50 am
of state sponsors of terrorism, go on the offensive. if we know who they are we need to respond not in a proportional way but an overwhelming way on the cyberfront. and we also need to get our allies in line. japan has broken with us. they started bilateral negotiations with north korea, and i understand why they're doing that but to deal with north korea, the democracy in north asia, we have to present a united front against them and have to have as an ultimate goal regime change, democracy and unification of the korean peninsula. john: you have to include that in these discussions because it will get worse if we don't have regime change down the road. mary kissel, adam shapiro, thank you very much. it is a service called beastly, offers access to your own private chef but there's a catch. you have to eat dinner at their house. we explain next.
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langdon john: breaking news, the fbi releasing the report moments ago blaming the cyberattack on north korea saying the air tankers used could that was previously developed by north korean hackers. we will dig deeper into the report top of the hour. check the big board, dow jones industrials turning negative a few moments ago. now we are kind of backed is this back and forth, a little, down a little, 17785. imagine you are visiting san francisco and are in the mood for a homemade chinese food, not a commercial restaurant but authentic chinese food. top on eat, search for chinese food in a diligent with tracy gee who is verified by the site and for $28 she will offer her homemade warming malaysianst so i reserve my time to arrive at her home or apartment and a home cooked meal
11:56 am
in a foreign city with a few clicks sounds good. the founder joins us now. i have heard about the private chefs, kind of air bnb meets a private chef. >> we are doing what was done to cars. john: i need to go to their place. they won't come to my place. >> we want to put the empowerment into the cook's hands. they determine what the menu is, where it is going to be and the price point around it. john: use certified these people, you do a background check? i am thinking this is like the chinese massaged business. i don't want to go there. >> if you look at the biggest
11:57 am
trends that are happening across all of these platforms, turning from pipe 2 platforms, transportation, housing and eating, and you see that air bnb changed the housing came. >> how do you make money? >> multistate shedding process and also a community vetting as well. you have the option to raid it. john: the web site? >> www. we are in san francisco, new york, d.c. and chicago. john: the fbi officially blaming the sony hack on north korea, we have all the angles covered two minutes away.
11:58 am
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john: how does president obama plan to work with the republican congress during his final two years? doesn't. the president is going to go it alone despite a historic loss in the midterms that was truly a referendum on his presidency. he is going to ignore the results, ignore the will of the people and legislate from the oval office. look at what he has already done on his own. cuba, immigration, climate change, syriac, going down the list, mitch mcconnell and john boehner agreed. garage of bills to flood the president's desk, he will ignore them or at least veto them and go his own way. should be interesting if not infuriating couple of years. 90 minutes from president obama's final news conference of
12:01 pm
the year, before he heads to hawaii on vacation. cuba and the sony hacker bound to come. we bring it to you live on fox business in a few minutes, governor mike huckabee will let us as well. we have this breaking news last hour the fbi releasing a statement blaming north korea for the sony attack. senior film and media reporter with variety and mark lanier trial attorney joins us now and what do you make of the latest news? >> absolutely stunning. the kind of thing you expect to find in a movie but it doesn't have the kind of hollywood ending we have been getting accustomed to. it looks like the bad guys won in this case. john: how badly hurt his sony? >> will lose tens of millions of dollars. on the interview alone the loss could be $75 million. then you take into account the tens of millions and potential
12:02 pm
legal liabilities that sony faces and in restoring their cybersecurity network. john: the legal liability, what do you make of how big this could go? >> the biggest legal concern if i am sony's counsel. >> have you sued sony? >> no but i might on this one. think about the people invested in that film, think about the actors who have points in the film. and based on the idea they will make something off of its and sony pools it for just no reason but for appalling reasons in my opinion. >> as far as the products go, there's place station iv, sony tvs, an electronic products that lot of people bought a sony label in the past. on going to? >> that is a great question. obviously i think the brand took a hit here particularly if you are into a technology company
12:03 pm
which sony largely is to have this kind of violation, certainly raises troubling questions. in terms of green lighting that film in sony's defense, as this is north korea here. if we are that offended -- release that worried about offending north korea with our hollywood comedies i think there's a problem. john: there is. free speech. first amendment. we opened up whole new door here to the world we live in. >> without question. one of the foundational bedrocks of america is you have a right to say and express what you want to. that is something our company stands for more than anything. sony comes in and it will have a chilling effect on a lot of different people. >> if you are a lawyer for sony don't show the bill for the fact that there is a fret that
12:04 pm
they're doing something on christmas day. you can't take that liability, so they say don't do it. now bollywood community is saying shame on you, should have done it. >> i think if people are not safe in america to go to a movie on christmas day because some terrorist dictator type person in north korea says we are going to come -- that is ridiculous. i would not have said that at all. internal the they were concerned about copycats. they were very worried that some nut case was going to be inspired to do something terrible. i think they're more worried about the leaks of their own e-mails. john: that has almost been brushed aside as opposed to the e-mails and personal information and medical records but according to reports, sony received an e-mail from the same hackers praising his decision not to release the interview. they are holding sony hostage
12:05 pm
and that we don't do in this country. they are in a pickle. >> they certainly are. which is staggering is more people haven't come to their defense. i wonder where the hollywood community is. people like george clooney try to rally support around sony but where are the other studios? where is the motion picture association of america? this is an organization that gets millions of dollars from studios to be there public face, their advocate. where have they been on this issue? this is a huge challenge for hollywood and people have not stepped up to the plate. john: one guy did, al sharpton apparently, you heard me right, al sharpton is going to have script approvals on their movies? is this right? >> yes. he is going to make sure. john: the racist innuendo in the e-mail? >> the one about -- to me this
12:06 pm
is just pathetic. what we have done is we started what i am afraid is a snowball rolling downhill because if you want to be concerned about copycats, who will be the copycat terrorist? i don't like this movie coming out so i will threaten. i don't like the product, but off the shelf. john: this is a new year we are working in to. more breaking news. olympic gold medalist michael felt speeding guilty to driving under the influence. not a surprise. he was arrested in baltimore, internet six week treatment program in october, sentenced to year-and-a-half probation, no jail time. we will move on. check the big board, downturns' negative, positive, negative, down 13 on the dow also is back and forth after almost a 700 point gain over the last two days. nike is a drag after orders disappoint from nike corp.. and oil. are we finding the bottom?
12:07 pm
it is bouncing back, $1.72, and the national average for a gallon of regular gasoline now $2.45, gas down more than $0.02 overnight. now to the big story this hour, president obama to go it alone. his way or no way. governor mike huckabee is here, author of the new book god, guns, grit and gravy. you know you are going to read that. grits are a gift from god to the dinner table. >> a lot of the yankees have not yet discovered. john: what is going to happen? we have two years ago. presidents wants to get their legacy. what do you think? >> the hypocrisy of this is in 2008 candidate obama said his number one goal as president was going to be to end when he said
12:08 pm
was george bush's total i guess distrust of congress and the fact that he didn't go through congress. he said that is going to change with me. i guess it did because george bush isn't working with congress but neither is barack obama. this is the man who said his whole point of his presidency was going to be getting this government functioning again. working with congress and no president in american history has ever been such a soloist as barack obama and to the detriment of the constitution, the process and it is going to take time to get as back to where we have checks and balances. john: all presidents are adding on more and more power. it brings up the question, you are a guy who always preaches principal and the problem is republicans have a chance to try to be warm and fuzzy to the public so they can stay in power. they have a constitutional
12:09 pm
responsibility. forget warm and fuzzy. they swear to uphold the constitution. the constitution says checks and balances and if this republican party doesn't understand that they weren't elected to be happy and go ahead vague and not with the president of the christmas party i am not saying they should shut things down and be belligerent but they should hold the crown of the constitution and say a president cannot act unilaterally. there are three branches of government, not one. all three have equal power, each have their role to play and this congress needs to play its role, withhold the money. john: you now-about this little lot of those people are not there for the constitution but their own power. they need to be principled. >> there is no way to say this, people who are principal first and pragmatic second. there is up pragmatic side to politics but i will tell you when i was a governor and had a 90% democrat legislature do you
12:10 pm
think they get me -- let me get away with this? they wouldn't. i had to learn to governor. this is a president who never learned to govern. john: i was watching the finale of the local bird shreveport, familiar face in the crowd. >> that was me. it was pretty cool. sitting backstage, peter fresen and alan alda and george lucas and we are hanging out having a big chat. it was pretty cool. john: sounds like it was cool. it will be along dry without steven colbert. we will see what he is like. >> he is a funny guy and i will miss his show but i know it will be good. thanks, great to see you. john: back to your money, let's bring in larry 11 in chicago. a couple good rallies from 18,000. when do we hit it? >> we will probably hit it next week, a shortened week with the christmas holiday but markets
12:11 pm
want to move higher on low volume and that is what we will see next week and only 220 points away. most people about week ago thought we were not going to get the santa claus rally, our priority in the midst of it. john: talking about the santa claus rally and guys like you say there is no such thing as a santa claus rally but the end of the year is usually more positive than negative. >> we will get low volume and markets drift higher on low volume. we will see that every year, not every year obviously but seems like we are set out for that now. last 2 days were a big help. john: at the same time, there doesn't seem to be any big change in the tax law so as far as motivating people to do transitions for tax purposes i don't see it. do you? >> i don't see it either. one thing if the market had held on to the drops we had the other day, got to get out and see a big drop but we will finish very close to the highs and you may
12:12 pm
get a few people year or they're getting out for tax reasons but most people try to take a genes instead. john: what do you make of the seiterswar breaking out or will it break out or maybe break out? is there any buzz at the water cooler there? >> little bit. obviously all those things are unknown until they happen. sony was the big surprise to a lot of people. those things really affect the market. john: if it was a military war it would affect the market. this is a war. >> i agree. is not a good sign. people have the ability to do this, people are trying to break into things, it is not a good thing, it will spook the american public especially if a bank shut down or you can take money from your atm. we don't get people running to the banks, it is not a good
12:13 pm
situation certainly. john: appreciate you checking in. check this out. at disabled dog born without the use of his front legs and that is where 3d printing comes in. custom design prosthetics allow him to walk, even run. look how happy he is. we have the company behind it next.
12:14 pm
here's a question for you: when electricity is generated with natural gas instead of today's most used source, how much are co2 emissions reduced? up to 30%? 45%? 60%? the answer is... up to 60% less.
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12:16 pm
>> sony, north korea has been blamed. what is going on with sony shares? >> down 2%, they have been high over the last couple days, despite the cybersecurity threat we have seen and the hacking and families as well that were involved with this but today, now, we have the fbi saying the evidence does in fact point to north korea. north korea was likely the prime suspect, now they are saying they are the culprit behind the hack attack.
12:17 pm
the north korean leader kim jong and. that being said we are looking forward, what president obama and united states will do, how many other companies are at risk as well. they now say it is north korea and that was behind this and this cybersecurity stuff is a hot topic on wall street, at home, around the world obviously. john: thank you. uber agreeing to suspend service in portland, ore. for three month while regulators work to revise the taxi rules there. have you soon uber? >> they have only been around since 2009. john: what is slowing you down? >> they have not done anything wrong yet. i am amazed at the portland store. uber is in 200 counties--countries right now. over 200 cities and portland does not have their regulations
12:18 pm
written in such a way that uber can properly do what they do. john: regulators can pass laws about food safety, but what this looks like is they are passing laws that say we are going to protect the taxi industry. you can't do with that. >> they have already done it. there are limited numbers of people who can drive taxis and they keep a lid on that and they need a certain type of license to do it and allow limo services to exist but that is under a specific thing. regulations for uber type service. john: they are protecting an industry. >> republican in me says that is wrong. competition made this country what it is and we need to compete even down to the level of a taxi service.
12:19 pm
john: taxi drivers are all jesus. there is quite a variety of there. they have been called glorified play-doh factories. right here on "varney and company" they have been called that but if there's any doubt that 3d printers are changing the world, check this one out. this is dirty the dog born with the deformity that left his front legs virtually unusable. he was adopted by an employee of the 3d co. 3d systems. 3d printing technology to make a new set of prosthetic legs. is the owner says it has changed his life. >> first time he was put on demand he took off running he was so happy. i was absolutely amazed how well he did. >> he runs with jerry and myself every day, at least two to three miles. john: amazing story, here is the
12:20 pm
ceo of 3d systems. tell me about this story. you can't just put a 3d stick on the dog that is disabled and have him run but it looks like that is what you did. >> it really shows the power of 3d printing and how it changes everything and enables miracles like getting dirty and and running instantly because for the first time ever, we can remove all of the traditional design constraints in any field from health care to automotive to aerospace and unleash creativity that is in the case of derby studded with scanning and digitizing his deformed limbs, sculpting it in our new plates full, the free-form pool that allows you to design as if -- and then printing for him in
12:21 pm
multi materials very flexible and functional set of prosthetics that get him up and running immediately. that is the beauty of these new designs and manufacturing 3d printing tools. >> i am curious, what did it cost? how much did it cost for this dog's legs to be put there? >> if you look at it in terms of what would have been the commercial cost here when all was said and done, and i would say probably under $1,000 to get him up and running. if you look at it in terms of the human story inherent in our dna as a company, we do good and make good and give back to the communities we reside in. so there was no question she was going to do it. she didn't need permission.
12:22 pm
that is the kind of company we are. john: are you going to go to a veterinarian supply company or even for cumins medical prosthetic companies and offer your services? >> absolutely. personalized medical device is the fastest growing 3d system, we started with hearing aids, dental restorations and hip replacements and prosthetic devices as well as scoliosis, and i think the beauty of their be the dog is it tells the story of a family getting dogs up and running again, getting human beings mobile and doing it in a way that is not only functional but in a way that is beautiful and completely organic. designed with your data. john: we hope to do more with this kind of 3d printing.
12:23 pm
>> reporter: i'm using it in the courtroom. will make the bones inside the body -- >> he calls it play-doh. did an airline ever lose your mortgage? did mark sue your airline? a huge pain, major inconvenience when you lose your bags. the worst airlines when it comes to bad handling. stick around. g handling. stick around. ♪because i love you
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up. >> losing your luggage when you fly.
12:28 pm
which airlines are the worst when it comes to getting that lost luggage. today is the biggest travel day. you show up in your plan is plane sweatpants. which airlines were the worst with handling our bags. it was formally american eagle. a company owned by american airline. i will give you a number now. they mishandle nine tags. southwest, united all scored pretty poorly.
12:29 pm
>> first of all, is it just the airlines making a mistake? >> it could be a whole bunch of reasons. as a passenger, you were telling us that there was not a whole bunch that you could do. >> if you have your diamond rings in there, you are in trouble. >> absolutely. you have the carry on luggage. they change the size of those things that you have to carry it in.
12:30 pm
this week saw the best two-day gain and more than three years. then, there is president obama's historic decision to open up diplomatic with cuba. one american who thinks it is a good idea disagrees with senator marco rubio. >> on the contrary, i think it will set it back. it has provided a lifeline to make it a permanent fixture to come. ♪
12:31 pm
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12:34 pm
>> let's check the big board right now. the dow is still in the red. down 19 right now on the dow. nike is a drag. down almost 3%. 274 a share. president obama said to give his final news conference of the year. let's go to peter barnes. >> we can expect the president to talk about the news of the day. the potential u.s. response to that. the president's executive action
12:35 pm
on cuba. his executive action on immigration. whether they will be his strategy going forward. russia and additional sanctions might come up. congress should send him a new bill which is signed, but not yet implemented. we expect him to take 10-12 questions at this press conference today. >> all right. peter barnes and washington. back to your money. the realization 2016 is not that far away. this president's ability to do harm to the economy is now being listened and lessons. >> joining us from bermuda is
12:36 pm
our friend john layfield. we were getting close to 18,000. steve forbes says people looking at the republicans looking into coming into power. do you agree? >> mr. forbes is a brilliant man. i do agree on a whole. they said they were going to not give anything to the president as far as funding. they rolled over. it seems to be business as usual. they will pretty much neutralize any of the president's agenda as far as more regulations going towards big business. >> what about sony. would you buy it here? >> to me, this is a money loser. this is a massive company.
12:37 pm
it is not a big deal. the stock has not been overly punished. i am just not a huge fan of sony right here. >> history has been made this week. we are joined by pedro, former chairman of the committee. pedro, do you think that this is going to be a good thing for cuba and america? >> i think so. after 55 years of a policy of isolation, i think it is time to try a fresh approach. cuba has opened a little bit of space for capitalism. they are just beginning to emerge. >> the thing is, will it do that? yes, capitalism is great.
12:38 pm
we will be able to influence the cuban people. they will know about this. they will think more positively about the u.s. will they keep the people from being able to participate? >> that is a great question. i will tell you what i know and what i have seen. those small spaces are where folks can buy and sell cars and have little shops. they are blossoming, but they need help. they need capital. they need the relevance to be able to give them the tools they need. >> tom layfield still with us. you have some questions about cuba. you want to make some points about it. >> yes, i agree with pedro. we think something will change. it was never going to change. we spent tens of millions of dollars a year.
12:39 pm
all they do is block a signal. it is a swing vote in a swing state of florida. i agree with pedro. this could be huge for the cuban people which is who we want to help. >> where will that investments go? it seems like when we see the video of cuba, it looks like infrastructure is pretty old. it needs a lot of help. >> ivana is a city in need of 10,000 gallons of paint. the air conditioning does not work. the tiles are cracked. you have a source of investment. you have a market that is going to open up. obviously, cuba is a gorgeous island. you can just see the potential for the tourism industry of blossoming when the time comes.
12:40 pm
we are not quite there yet. i think that folks are beginning to see this. the game changer here on wednesday it was from a posture of hostility. we certainly have not become best buddies and i do not think that we should. there is a working relationship with the government. >> i am glad to hear your comments. i am basically right there with both of you guys. thank you very much. in the meantime, we have an update on north korea and the sony hack. we will have that for you next. ♪ sheila! you see this ball control?
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the dow jones industrial average down 17 points. the s&p and nasdaq holding onto gains at one 10th of 1%. the material sent there has been the strongest set of the bunch. you can see names. all gaming. and hitting highs, carmack's and also you can see carnival cruise. you can see up 9.2%. and madison square garden, msg, considering a further break up.
12:43 pm
they may and fact have a separation from the media operation. the stock is up 3.8%. ♪ how much fuel will be needed to power them? about the same as today? 50% more? 100% more? the answer is... about the same as today. by 2040, advances in fuels and vehicles could enable about 75% better fuel economy than today. take the energy quiz -- round 2. energy lives here.
12:44 pm
>> big news breaking on the sony hack. blaming north korea for the hack. >> this will come up at the presidential press conference.
12:45 pm
is this an act of war. how does the united states truly respond. what is raising this question. the fbi will impose cost and consequences on individuals, groups or nationstates. the key question is, how? >> this is very important. this is really the first time we will have a chance to respond. >> you have a nationstates. to a degree that we have not seen before. >> let's get back to oil and talk about new york state. they said no. no fracking in new york state.
12:46 pm
jillian, why? >> i think that this is clearly a political decision. they are pushing this decision on their agencies. if you look at the report, it is deeply deeply flawed. is it just a populous idea or is governor cuomo responding to some pressure group somewhere. >> first draft actually it will recommend fracking. send it back. we want a report that will look at the public health and back. you look at that report and one of the health risks is associated with prosperity. it is talking about social
12:47 pm
costs. that is nice, but would we be hearing the same complaints? i am skeptical. >> if they do this, somebody claims i am ill. i am ill because of fracking. >> they are tough cases to prove. that is why we have a court system. this industry does not frack responsibly. we make the industry pay for groundwater. they get recovery. companies generally are responsible in their fracking because they do not want to be sued. >> what is the track record? >> it has been pretty descent. there is already a legal incentive. on top of that, some of the
12:48 pm
reports are very deeply flawed. the color said do not pay attention to this report. i think you have ones that are being used. >> this is where we are with all kinds of environmental controversies. is junk science good science, my science is better than your science? it is making the scientific community look pretty bad. >> it is. you have them producing a lot of natural gas. as new york city uses natural gas, since 2005, we have dropped dead by 19%. that is mayor deblasio. >> mark, you are from texas. we have been punching holes in
12:49 pm
the ground. >> fracking is big in texas. we believe that is the reason why oil is so cheap today. >> it has dramatically changed the power balance when it comes to energy. this is something that is huge. >> we have put vladimir putin, we did not know what to say to him. now all of a sudden, he is in the corner. my oil price, help. it reminds me of ronald reagan. jillian, thank you very much. up next, the victory for the little guys. dropping the lawsuit against the makers. ♪.
12:50 pm
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>> the maker of hellman's mayonnaise. they dropped a lawsuit filed back and told her. they are the ones that make a free just mail product. they said that they could not
12:54 pm
call it radio because it does not contain egg. david versus goliath. is that what we've got here? >> i think to some extent. hundreds of thousands of people. not just in america. there is something more to what we are doing. whether it is male or mayonnaise. good food should be accessible. >> if i take a bite of your product and take a bite out of hellman's mayonnaise, will i know the difference? >> you will.
12:55 pm
>> what caused him to get mad at you? >> i think it was a couple of things. they said in their own court documents, 50% of the people were buying hellman's. being in whole foods, walmart, kroger, safeway. i think, you know, companies do what they do. i do say that unilever is full of good people. they are. they have come to fall in line with who they are. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. let me ask you this question. is there any chance that unilever will be owning it at any point? >> there is absolutely no point
12:56 pm
at all. there is no sort of underground you'll hear. they just realized that this is not him. we think it is a pretty powerful thing. we are not in this business to be acquired. >> what happened that they just called you up and said never mind? >> they called us up and said we decided to withdraw the lawsuit. the truth is that we have $21 million in free media for this. over 100,000 people supported us. retailers far and wide did by us. unilever actually is addressing these and pour it needs as a business.
12:57 pm
sometimes, you end up going with who you are and they decide to withdraw it. there is nothing else to the story. >> it is a fascinating story. thank you very much. he brought up the point about the fact that nobody had really heard of them until the lawsuit. >> it is a loser case. if the company called itself just mayonnaise, they would have one. >> pretty fascinating story. now everybody knows about them. i will be looking for them at the grocery store. more varney coming up after this. ♪
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
>> the first time ever we can remove all of the traditional design constraints in any field from health care to automotive to airspace and release
1:00 pm
creativity that started with scanning and digitizing the duo formed limbs. >> what a great story. great stuff. let's send it over to cheryl casone. cheryl: thank you. the fbi officially blaming north korea for the hack attack on sony. it spans from hollywood to washington. stephen colbert signed off last night. >> if this is your first time to maine in, i have some terrible news. [laughter] this, in fact, this is your last time tuning into the colbert report. [laughter] we have more on this coming up in just a little bit. the images that put 2014 into focus for


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