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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  December 20, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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have a great night. york. neil: times square, new york city, 1219 now you will be counting down. police need not wait. the mayor just threw the hammer down. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. to the guys they keep us safe, the raised finger from the mayor that all but told him to take a number. he had decided to meet with protesters today, but not the folks who have been protecting them as they shouted to kill cops last week. no, they get an audience and the cops get a pass. all the backing of to make sure that he ran them over in the first place? no wonder that the nerves are frayed. what do you make of this. >> well, merry christmas, it's
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good to be with you. what i make of this is that you have to ask yourself who is really influencing the policymakers and their elected officials in the united states of america. the protesters are the ones i can have the open audience with mayor bill de blasio and not the police officers that he not only secured his own family but to secure the streets of the country's largest city. you have to ask yourself that question. but it's not just that, you find him taking counsel once again from al sharpton, who has had 82 visits to the white house. how is it that these individuals are able to have the open door policy when the folks that are out there every single day provide safety and security are not allowed to. the fact that the nypd union chief is not even want the mayor of new york city to attend funerals of police officers tells you that this is very much alive. neil: i every one in this way, it can also be one of the things
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that could behoove the mayor, and i don't care who it is, in it is meet the protesters and in fact it's probably a good idea. certainly meeting with representatives of police because by blatantly not doing so he is sending a signal where his preferences are coming from and with apparent backing from washington and white house that has already promised to intervene with the federal probes into what went down in new york to begin with. >> you're absolutely right and what we have to look at is you have president obama and the attorney general, eric holder, you have them aligning themselves based upon political ideologies and not aligning themselves based upon the physicians positions of leadership. every single one of them, every three of those individuals have not stood up for the rule of all, they have not stood up for
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the judiciary system or the due process and basically they have allowed a false narrative to promulgate and permeate throughout august in missouri especially in new york city. so they are actually inciting what you see happening. neil: i'm wondering as well, if police what you said, if they are concerned that we don't want showing up the police funerals, there's a lot of bad blood and that is hard to sort of say everything is fine and patch it up. >> you cannot just patch it up. after calling the police in cambridge, massachusetts, saying that they acted stupidly, you have instance upon instance upon instance and the fact that you have to come to understand and realize that the increase of gun violence against law enforcement officers have increase somewhere between 70 to 72% from last year
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to this year and no one is saying anything about that increase out in the street for the children that are losing their fathers and mothers or sons and daughters out there every day. neil: thank you very much. merry christmas. meanwhile, no wonder nerves are frayed and no wonder that the mayor and i think that he is running a resolution. it is said he has reason to be ticked. and it's going to be hard to put this genie back in the bottle. >> he has an incentive to do that. as correctly as the union chiefs are when they feel they have been abandoned, this man was elected to serve the people of the city of new york. and if you don't have safe streets or well motivated and
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supported police officers, you can't do anything in this town. a call as i know you do that the president of the united states, gerald or come in new york city, dropdead, the city was burning. what turned the city around was a police department that really took the time to make sure that every community was safe and not just the affluent communities. i think with the mayor wants more than anything else is a track record of achievement and he's not going to get any achievement unless he has a police department which trust him at and he supports and who he has to get out there. when you see a mob chanting what do we want, dead cops and when do we want them, we bought them now, the mayor should be out there saying that that is not what protest is about. protest is legitimate in the united states and calling for the people to be protected.
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and you know, you have to get them involved because if the black community doesn't step up and say he doesn't represent us, then by virtue and by proxy represents them. >> i told him to meet with them all. >> most importantly cops need to be supported because they are what make new york city work. great cops, great fire department, if you only have safe streets and buildings, you don't have a city. >> the mayor comes back and the people come back, we are just saying that with centuries of racism that would have been exhibited here and that is what we are dealing with, i'm thinking tonight of that we have the city itself decades ago. so is he not saying the same kind of progress? i'm not saying that everything
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is hunky dory, but it's better than it was. so why would we keep fueling the views from back in civil war times? >> we have to police commissioners in our history. and i don't know what drives the mayor but what i do know is that he certainly will be driven by the success or failure of the city and the city will fail if he doesn't start to get out there and support the cops and you can support protests, you can support diversity of opinion, but you cannot support anarchy and that is what some of these kids are doing and they should be taken off the streets. neil: you and i talked before, it's a great country and we should protest, it is our right to do so. but where we draw the line is where we get to be disrupting people, a lot of people have no idea what is going on. you have a right to a grievance
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by all means, but not when you intrude on everyone else. >> not only that, but when you insult the very old who make you safe and who preserve your right to demonstrate, that is what the cops do. neil: some of these others are organizing it as well. >> as you talk to the cop on the beach, it is not the legitimate protesters that they have the issue at the rabble-rousers and the anarchy is and those that go to any demonstration and to don't know why they are there other than to rail against the system. a lot of these kids are out there are well educated and well meaning, but they have nowhere else to go because they have learned that art historians are not in big demand these days, no matter what ivy league school they graduated from.
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but the anarchists, the troublemakers, those that would inflict harm on the cops, put them away. neil: are you running for mayor? >> i would say the street on truth, i believe that this is a special place in new york, special cops, we are so privileged to have them. neil: merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you as well. now over to a al sharpton. did amy pascal save yourself the trouble and write the reverend a big check to get him off her back reign no wonder she thinks the meeting went well. what do you make of this? >> i think it's absolutely preposterous. they are saying i'm not going to put your head in a place with
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those e-mails you sent back and forth with god ruden who had racial slurs, as long as you give me power in hollywood. this is bribery, this is bullying, and the fact that not only do we see them cower down to north korea, but now we see them cowering down to al sharpton. neil: will why does this happen? i guess i must down like the most naïve guy on the planet, but everything reverts back to him. i've talked to the ministers of all persuasions and of every background who have opposing views were trying to reach out with very different methods. >> it's such a great question and i'm glad you asked because we are seeing knee-jerk reactions and suddenly if anyone does anything that they feel might have offended the black community, get al sharpton on the phone, it's kind of like the
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bat phone. somehow he had put himself at the forefront of representing all of black america. i was talking to a colleague who happens to be a black man and he said ed al sharpton does not represent my point of view, this is a guy that does not build bridges but somebody who is divisive. so somehow i think because he is such a bully and he's always pretty much taking credit for putting himself in this position and everybody listens to him by default because there's no one else to do so -- neil: you are not in that camp, but the media props him up it's like where's waldo. >> exactly. he is ubiquitous and they are there all the time and until somebody steps up and says no, there are different views in the black community, i think that we
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neil: did sony commit a big no-no? >> yes, i think they made a mistake, we cannot have a society in which some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship here in the united states. neil: they say the white house is what sets this up. and as you were pointing out,
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sony shouldn't have been in this predicament anyway. >> for two decades the united states has not taken effect of action against countries that have been hacking american companies for their intellectual property. in this report talked about $475 billion worth of intellectual property stolen from american companies each year. the number could of course be lower, but we are talking a very significant amount of money and this is the reason why north korea is sauce that was pushing on an open door went in after sony pictures entertainment. but we just heard from the president is that he doesn't have a plan right now and he's not really willing to talk about what he's going to do. neil: he did say this is a mistake on their part to pull the movie. but many of them would've done the same thing because we don't have a way to respond to this and then they are walkable.
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>> samantha like most companies would. but the point is that they don't have the responsibility to protect the american people. >> got her bit of anything happen to these people, what do you do smackers number of things the united states can do. they cut the north koreans off from the global financial system and its not sure that they were sanctioned out and there's a lot more that they can do and we should start enforcing the u.n. security council revolutions prohibiting the sale of ballistic missiles. neil: that would be china that is doing that. >> and the ballistic missiles that go to iran from north korea across chinese airspace and we know that when secretary of
6:18 am
state condoleezza rice talked about this in the beijing airport with these missiles, so clearly they have been involved and also involved in the nuclear reparation of north korea because iranian zionists and them have been crossing in this way. >> i think that they are afraid. i think that they are afraid of china, they want to try to cooperate and i think that they are calling them out in public would undercut that as well. >> certainly because by now the chinese economy has been export dependent. and that was 122 present of the surplus. especially at this very critical
6:19 am
time. and what we have seen happen to american corporations is that clearly it will happen and there will be an exhalation. and that has been the past. neil: gordon, thank you so much. so forget north korea, forget china, who is the next to hack us? we have kind of exposer phone abilities to the world. god knows what happens when, they say that we could be in serious trouble. what happens then? >> they go after that individual and that is the gamut of what we can find and it could be a very
6:20 am
significant situation when a terror group like them do that. >> to the degree they get inside executive e-mails and everything else, but leaving that aside i always think that someone on the inside is helping to hackers and i don't know much about this at all, but i just think that this was also almost part of it. >> there are some reports that indicate just an administrator password with a crack in order to do what they did to sony is a very simple password. and so when you go and you have something like this, you have the very simplest things that protect complex and sensitive pieces of information coming your asked for trouble.
6:21 am
neil: you have always warned about how these might be practice runs. to what end? >> what could happen is that this is a practice run for anything like this that is much larger. we are going after the top 100 companies. can you imagine what would happen there he met and that is the kind of thing that we are dealing with that we have to be prepared for. so critical infrastructure and all of that stuff at once in addition to it. if that were to happen then you would have significant destruction in society not to mention the economic these and public safety and those are all of the things that are at risk, it's one of the most egregious errors at this point in time.
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neil: i don't think i'll ever get used to that graphic. anyway, time for neil's spiel. some advice for all you guys who trade stocks for a living. man and up just shut up. never again do i want to hear so much of a one of you talking about intrusive government. never again do i want to hear you bemoan federal government programs. you are beneficiaries of a lot more money. you get far more money from uncle sam than the rich recipients. judging from the fed's promise to keep interest rates low, you're going to keep getting catered to for a lot longer now. no wonder you've been trading stocks on a tear. it's like shooting fish in a barrel. can't miss. can't lose. borrow close to zero. can make money on almost everything. almost makes you looks
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like geniuses, but you're not. until folks notice that your bikes have training wheels. training wheels in the form of millions of dollars of support from having a tantrum. the day will come my callous friends when janet and her buddies will take off their training wheels. in the meantime, i don't want to hear one of you pop off about capitalism, the virtues of laz fair, fair it's a lie from a bunch of you want to pass the mayor as you're passing the government up for cash. merry christmas. lizzie mcdonald. liz, my only point, you can make any argument about government -- but these guys are the last to point it out. >> we've seen this time again. they're the first to scream socialism. command and control economy from washington,
6:27 am
dc, when they're the first with their tin cups running down to d.c. it's twofold, the federal reserve helping out and keeping the interest rates low so people are flooding into stocks. wall street, they're big players on what ed gillespie calls the influence economy. they're at the table lobbying big time to get their take. neil: what she said. >> but they get it. it's like a little kid at home. if he keeps asking for candy, and he gives it to them, he would be a fool to stop asking. their goal is to make money. they don't care how they make it. they're going to make government. >> they always scream about government regulations. but the first one running down for d.c. for handouts and help. >> it's all being about the money and certainty. but i -- the hypocrisy. you scream about dodd-frank. but yet you want the fed
6:28 am
in there, medaling down with interest rates. neil: well, this benefits everybody. this keeping interest rates low benefits everybody. they might be right. >> it hasn't helped senior citizens. neil: thank you. you finished my profound thought. finish that thought. >> they flattened senior citizens. i tell you something, i'm tired of hearing wall street complaining sorry. i'm not senator elizabeth warren type. neil: although, you do have the same first name. coincidence? i think not. >> but, by the way, her line of thinking, attack on businesses will go away given that north korea has attacked our businesses. >> they have total control. neil: so they have a hissy fit. >> but they can. they keep getting away with it. yellen should have pulled the training wheels the second she took office. neil: what i'm concerned, it's creating a new bubble.
6:29 am
maybe even interest rates are artificially -- if and when how high they should be raised. this has been going on a long, long time. we could be in big trouble. that hurts everyone. in the meantime, you're helping out wall street. wall street is saying, we're helping our 401(k) holders. mutual fund people. might be good, but starts with you greedy sobs. >> in the short-term, there's so much uncertainty. these oil prices. wall street was grasping for some kind of certainty. they got it with the fed on wednesday. in the short-term, it's the right answer for that. >> created a huge bond bubble. neil: that's my -- that's what i was -- >> and rates can inch up. even a little, and the world will not come crumbling down. neil: but you never know. like our kids -- >> let them go. neil: is that a song in a show? let it be known that this is the week that
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neil: you know he won't get anywhere. >> he's going all the way to the top. >> i'm backing christie. i'll work every ounce of energy i have. i want to shake people's ankles until there's not a nickel left. neil: i'm telling you, crist christie is discovering that a lot of republican donors do not. when jeb bush all, but confirmed he is kind of thinking about being almost ready to run, many have shifted. the party seems to be falling out of love with the gov. say it ain't so, joe. as in my friend. who will likely be the next governor of new jersey. that's interesting. i saw the jeb thing. sure enough. a lot of these money
6:34 am
guys who come to our show, some to talk, some behind the scene said we found other flavors. >> i must say. you and mr. langone, brilliant television. neil: isn't he great? >> great tv. neil: he's a loyal friend to christie. >> are you close to him? neil: any billionaire. >> but he was good. neil: he's a good guy. >> let me talk -- and i talked about it on the show. so i think that ken langone is right. christie is in. neil: now that he has all his rino competition -- >> i don't think jeb bush will resonate. i don't know why. neil: you think christie will? so you're not sucking up to your friends anymore? >> no. but it's a great criticism, neil. when i'm on the radio, the team on the morning show, we're laymen, regular people, it's the lessonners who are
6:35 am
smart. neil: you're not laymen. you're invited to the 40th reunion. >> i thought they would forget about me. neil: best years of that show. so you're not a layman? let's dispense with that lie. >> i listen to my listeners. they call. they know. neil: brilliant done, by the way. >> they call. and i'm going -- one guy, we call him the professor. he calls and says the whole field will kind of destruct, self-destruct. it will be in complete disarray. who will come to the forefront? chris christie. neil: why do they say that. >> you have rand paul and ted cruz -- neil: why can't they coalesce around a scott walker. >> because edges across as being anti-worker. he's antiunion and anti-worker. that will be a problem. neil: that's an interesting
6:36 am
argument. >> you want to hear the conservatives say, yes, we'll raise the minimum wage, but, yes, you have to give tax breaks to small businesses who have to give the minimum wage. you have to be positive. christie will say it. neil: he has to have a record. i like him personally. like his style. it's not gone as planned. the union folks are suing him because he did not do his end of the bargain. there are all sorts of reasons. but he has to have a record, and the record, even to the people who admire him, it's not there. >> do you know how difficult it is to argue with you? neil: then why are you folding as a cheap suit? >> i want somebody with pan dash. someone with swagger. that speaks from hip. he should never have taken -- neil: i would use a lot of words for chris christie.
6:37 am
pen ash wouldn't come to mind. >> he has a lot of oomph. neil: he would be by far the biggest colorful guy in a debate. >> all the good of rand paul -- i like rick santorum, by the way. talk to rick santorum, the only politician on the planet that mentions manufacturing and jobs. donald trump makes a lot of sense. i think the one -- neil: you left out george pataki. >> i love him. he's been on this show. neil: are you sort of nice to everyone? >> you know what, i take the high road. try to to be positive. watch christie. i have to give my listeners credit, watch it all fall apart -- neil: the money guys are getting leery. they could easily coalesce around a different guy. right now it's not christie. >> not bush. neil: i don't know who it will be. >> look at the other side. who can fight the other
6:38 am
side? it's not going to be hillary. neil: when are you going to the 40th reunion? >> february 15th. in the beacher section. >> you are so kind. between you and i, i didn't know if i would be invited or not. neil: are you kidding? if they didn't invite you, that would be the lead story on this show. disan italian, it's going to be a long day. >> and chris christie, watch him, if i may respectfully state. neil: there you go. someone is in the tank. when we come back, all you restaurant guys who had to redo your menu. print out calorie counts. hope the ink isn't dry. you have to do the same thing for all your drinks. no wonder it's driving this
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neil: just when he thought he was out, they actually pulled him back in. quick snack president butch just spent tens of thousands of dollars printing all these calorie count menus. not easy to do. now he has to print all new ones because the fda decided it wants calorie counts on alcoholic drinks too. butch, i think you should drop all your alcohol and just -- are you kidding me? >> it's ridiculous. neil: what are they requiring. >> requiring you to put calories on your beverages. neil: where are you putting it? >> it's ambiguous. no one knows. so many combinations on alcoholic beverages. where would you start? don't have to include wine or beer. if you have a bar inside your restaurant, don't need to have that with calorie counts. just the menu. what does that mean. neil: so what will you do? are you going to break the law? >> i'm definitely breaking the law. this is a bad one -- neil: why are they doing this?
6:43 am
>> i think they want to attack small businesses to put us out of business so the big guys can take over. neil: you didn't get the memo that this administration is supporting small businesses. >> it's ridiculous you get a letter you need to put calorie counts on. neil: it doesn't need to become a law. just an edict by the fda. i wonder what's next. if you have to redo these menus, you might to keep them in the printing press for a while. >> who knows what will be next rule will be. neil: how has business been? people say business is picking up. is that offsetting the pain of the neck factor. >> i think the price of gas going on, people have a few more bucks in their pockets. people are spending money. neil: your stuff is very good. very tasty.
6:44 am
any cheap liquor. >> no. only the good stuff. neil: just make it up. this whole bottle of liquor has 10 calories. that's the best guess. >> who will know the difference. they tell you to do that. give an approximation. neil: but don't say i told you. it's not as if we're recording it. butch, thank you very much, my friend. merry christmas. is it me or is this guy sucking all the oxygen out of the room? for someone who lost the midterms, say what you midterms, say what you will republicans, he's
6:45 am
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obama: i see a big problem, and the opportunity to help the american people, and it is within my lawful authority to
6:48 am
provide that help, i'm going to do it. neil: cuba then is just the president's latest solo thing. this has become a pattern bypassing congress and doing stuff on his own. if you think about it, on freezing deportations for millions of illegals here. my fox all-stars are saying the president is acting like a really dictate. real edict. >> the president says, you know what, i don't have as many actions as other presidents. guess what, he's doing it in a sneaky way that nobody is catching, except for academics in virginia. he's doing an executive memorandum. changing labor issues via executive memorandum
6:49 am
deal up 30% versus bush. >> the content is effectively rolling back legislation passed by congress. neil: ladies, i'm here to say, it doesn't matter. he's controlling the agenda. every front page headline. every broadcast. this broadcast. because he has control of the agenda. >> yes. neil: i agree with you. memoranda or whatever. it is what it is. he's controlling the agenda. how do you count that? >> you can't. call it what you want. if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck. however that goes -- neil: we're royally ducked then. >> syria, iran, he's done this, he'll continue to do this. he doesn't care what congress will say. >> he's clever because he's choosing issues that are popular with the american people. bipartisan bill. neil: is this the next two years? >> i don't know how you guys felt. i felt like the north
6:50 am
korean attack on sony was a game changer. you had elizabeth warren saying you didn't build it. obama. hillary. you have a foreign government attacking our business. and wow, that changed everything. blaming sony for caving. neil: if i were sony, i would have -- >> he came into the office saying i will do everything that bush has not. i will be transparent. i will talk to everyone. kumbaya. we haven't said any of it. >> the biggest problem facing our nation was president bush extending executive power at the expense of congress. he said that. neil: just based on the pr alone, if you control the agenda, the cuba thing was a big overture. let's face it. it's always him as the enactor. >> we're an essentially planned economy, that d.c. is the center of the universe. it is not. that's been the agenda of this white house for so long.
6:51 am
it was rejected in the midterms. neil: we've come to close to normalizing with current rogue regimes, that did go through other people. right? >> the problem with cuba it entranches the castro elite. >> there's certain things he can do. for instance, he can roll back the strength of the embargo, he can't unilaterally end the embargo. neil: he is. >> he's trying. >> look, this whole ego egomaniacal administration, you get elizabeth warren, the classic librarian -- neil: i bet his poll numbers will go up. >> i bet you're right. neil: the message to republicans could be what? i think they should do their own decree. >> i think they should too. force him to reject legislation on his desk. >> where is the executive action for keystone. the number of jobs are -- that's not the way to be when people
6:52 am
are out of work. neil: i want to thank you all. it's time to answer these emails that's been piling up. a lot of you have been asking me for yuletide advice in the event my relationship falls apart, can i get my significant other a cheap gift? these emails have come up. i'll have the answers. i want you to get a piece of paper. pen. and i want you to wait 90 seconds. all right? after this. ♪ you don't need to think about the energy that makes our lives possible. because we do. we're exxonmobil and powering the world responsibly is our job. because boiling an egg... isn't as simple as just boiling an egg. life takes energy. energy lives here.
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problems, which could get worse while taking chantix or history of seizures. don' take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these, stop chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. i love myself as a non-smoker. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you.
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>> "what's the deal, neil?" >> what is the deal with so many of you asking me to bail you out. well, you are a little late, but i will see what i can do. first, i haven't even began. just give her gift cards. what do you think? she is lying. she's only testing now because
6:56 am
she is convinced you only end up getting her something stupid. but i'm telling you that she will really think you're stupid if bright and early on christmas morning she opens a thoughtless gift card. get her something. and the card if you must. but not the card alone. women never say what they mean. and alice says what should i do. wow, do i have to repeat this? they are the economical and religious the wishes gift that keeps giving, and tom says i read a summary that you have been married more than 30 years and obviously you know how to keep your woman happy at christmas time. any advice how i can do the same for mine? well, give her one or both of my books. and christina says i don't have the hard to tell my boyfriend
6:57 am
his gifts are lame. can you nudge him on air so we can close the deal in a well, i'm sorry, i cannot do that. if he's lame now, cut him off now, find someone who will appreciate you not being lame. and i'm sure you can give your money any gifts they want. so i'm saying inexpensive books, o'reilly's book how about just the coloring book. and then you are my favorite. no, i do not, please refer to the comments that i made earlier and carroll in new york said my
6:58 am
family loves watching you and all of your wonderful shows, we just want to say thank you to and then there is this from luke who says my kids always held me up as an example of what you can do at this with this country. and i keep saying that back i made it and he isn't in the cell. well, anything i can do. and here's hoping that all of your christmas tree lights to short-circuit. and we plan to stop on the way and get something, combined gifts, a bad idea. and you said menshevik nor buying a less expensive version of the exact same guest and it struck me as odd. why did you say something so
6:59 am
foolish? and i will tell you that it was because i was referring to those guys waiting today. and she immediately reminds me that this is at the other end which i felt was otherwise very helpful. and she shook her head and said the whole idea is that we are in a rush and don't have time. and finally from alan and tina. any advice? weave them. leave them now. go to and let me know what you think. these pearls of wisdom can only be shared once per year.
7:00 am
and if you are right online, ♪ ♪ connell: welcome to the best of "imus in the morning" from new york city, i'm connell mcshane here from our studios in midtown manhattan. it's good to have you with us this morning, we'll have the journalist and author jim lehrer to get us started, in fact, the first two interviews today deal with the jfk assassination. jim lehrer was anchor on pbs for many years, but he's also been the author of a number of best-selling novels. his latest starts with a premise that's true, lehrer was there on the day president kennedy was assassinated,


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