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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  December 20, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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charles: you are watching making many another rally today as stocks climbed with a huge surge and posting the second best we can to years let's go to the floor of the nyse-listed nicole petallides. >> we saw the market's gain after more than is 700 days packing on points for the run with a heavy volume because there is the triple witching with options expiration.
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so that helps bolster e lead the way. but on the downside like nike and finish line were weaker. it is the busiest travel time of the year 17 days and today, friday, is the busiest of the year may be two and a half million and that is the average. also small caps had a great week so for those that have been beaten down have a great weekend from the the new york stock exchange. charles: a huge we can here to help us sort out back with us again, the beta fund the. portfolio manager looking
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good. and back with us again. and figuring all this out that we have not done this gave a long time. >> those are amazing. >> my husband's holiday parties. >> o my god. you are the talk of the town. this is one of the best three day rallies. coming to grips with the fact that what we talked about in the show we thought could have been deflationary because stocks went down a lot the remember the dow
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lost a thousand points the the people at coleman knew better? because it is counter intuitive that cheap oil would be bad for anybody. >> even 70 percent consumer spending driven. but it is certainly overwhelmingly good $55 of beryl oversold no question. but it would end up between 70 and 80 because be careful charles: but somehow the adn that any commodity comes down 50% in one month? you would naturally think something is wrong but you start to look at from 20
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years ago that you get 25 miles a gallon. >> living through decades now but but that being said we should not look bad oil and gas. that may be the middle east would not buy as many jets. so we cannot look at that completely separate. >> but this is real. janet yellen had 10 minutes on wednesday. >> it reassured everyone. >> it is of little bit of the year with all these
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earnings come out 70% have estimates. charles: but that is counter intuitive for the person to think all this corporate news to be back to the stock market. i know when the next fed meeting is but where does the market get it spark? >> i suspected there would be some giveback. maybe some of new short positions and in fact, we let the market take the course. with the supply and demand prices will move faster. but on the fed is a meaningful 10 minutes if you have that environment and more important to be focused >> i want to the
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counterpoint of the oil between 2009 and now comes from companies that are related to oil and gas. that that will have an impact. >> and those are good paying jobs. >> this is a big movement where the economy is tied to the stakes of oil and gas. >> if you did not get the free oil report go get it. and it is cautiousness such talk about anxiety. 195 stocks hit new highs. verses of a 24. but there were 60 large cap
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names that hit all-time highs. but to talk retail stocks and utilities. but what is fascinating the utility stocks reno this it is hot but they have been a hot for a lot longer. the 50% over the past five years year to date to that is usually a bullish sign. this is the only index that broke out to the new 2014 high. what is really remarkable is there paid very nice. this is the closest we have got.
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these are all time highs and lows yields. that brings us to the next. as it had any credibility they lead the way but everybody says the echo is that 2010 real-estate investment trust, utilities not fly by night companies. >> but this is a flight to quality. coming from the large cap names given by the technicals. lifting them up with a step the entrepreneur. but it is not irrational exuberance. and if indeed to pay health the dividends will be around
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for another 100 years. >> more money comes to the country but bigger is better. more liquid, better coverage , i also have the dividend story. but that is a saving grace with a long-term buy position also the dividend which is the story and rates will stay low even if the fed moves. charles: to go back on the job site. and doesn't make it harder for the smaller names? >> but to put a wrench is volatility expected -- scarce lenders.
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with the first person is to shake out with. but then those on the front line are affected. >> i thought of all the earnings and paychecks reported strong earnings with the processing for payroll and human resources it was the 60% increase for next year and that is a wonderful indicator when hiring is looking like. looking at the top line growth and margins with the flight to the big cap companies. with a same-store sales we probably will see more of that. charles: is there any buys? i think it is duke.
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>> that is southern civic able keep the lights on in new york city. charles: i have to blow the whistle again to open another page of the playbook. a couple days ago a used pair of converse were sold. $33,000 of course, there is no ordinary use they were worn by michael jordan. you will read this in "people" magazine. right? that is the great return somebody made money. but you could have done something smarter to pick up shares of nike in 1981 is set a $33,000 you be up to 32,000 percent. and investment of 5,000 would be worth 1.$6 million right now. so last night it posted
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earnings on the top and bottom line. then he started to treat me. the forget about the knee-jerk reaction. but this is what you need to do check out. but that global performance i thought they were suffering. in the emerging markets 13% but not converse. gross margins increase 120 basis points. the only negative is the golf business. anybody selling the stock now? and with that investing is about.
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>> that is the currency from one year earlier. and tried to add them but the strong dollar will have an impact on the multinationals. >> the exporters everything they export will be more expensive and there is a downward push to commodities but the u.s. is not isolated we are interconnected and what we buy will be cheaper imports will be back and forth. charles: no doubt but is there a place where the returns are diminished? everyone makes us strong dollar is there appointed gets too strong? >> across the board was of
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large companies sell is global. si will see having a stronger dollar will impact the exporting business. charles: nike did revenue outside of america us than in america and can a lot of people say don't worry about the rest of the world let cannery wait out the rest of the world? >> these large companies but the currency effect is the devil. so what is happening to the stronger dollar? that is the biggest worry. it is helping europe on the ultimate basis. that is a net positive.
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so if you are an investor look for strong balance sheets and dividends and companies that raise dividends. charles: we want to get to the panel. what is the one thing about an office of -- the novice investor? >> short-term debt. charles: short dollar helps the job market? >> yes. speeone day's strong currency. we don't want a weak currency we already see procter & gamble we see lockheed martin, and northrop grumman that nobody is that worried but at the end of the day can chevrolet sold more than toyota? there could be some problems charles: but it is worth it. >> of course, but to make
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sure a strong dollar rally. >> are you just afford - - traded steve forbes is an agreement? >> but they deliver the goods that consumers want. >> and unless it is long term it is noise and that is why i dismiss it. basketball is the hottest category this his last week a juggernaut and snaky dominates like no other company. is this a stock that you would buy? couldn't look like that over the next 30 years? speethree people are freaking out there using language with a potential slowdown but there is no world cup next year.
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but the fact the demand for basketball shoes are out there with the effect that will lift a nike over and over and the demand overseas is there where i get scared is a start to take that market share away. >> they are focused on marketing to women they have been marketing to a very long time and under armour. >> the moral of the story goes that trade sneakers header on the internet's maybe a hour smelly but if there were 30 years old the day had to have something going on. [laughter] what about the idea?
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where has that gone? >> if it has been six months or less because of the last six 1/2 years. if you have media talk a few weeks ago the world was coming to an end according to some pundits so we have to be patient. so companies like nike are good to buy and hold because the business model is fundamentally solid. >> they are a brilliant company. id they have beaten in a deed is into submission. i have been doing this for a long time but that snaky may go out of business. >> but they are of great company.
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also the secondary market i will not bet against it but if you look at that secondary market of these kinds of products. and then they buy them then they go on ebay. , is that a secondary demand ? >> now the sony poster is the hottest thing. charles: no paid no gain. biweekly report card we will put them on that carpet remember accountability is the hallmark of the show. ♪ ♪
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charles: time for no pain and no gain. my favorite part of the week. let's talk about the big names then have made big moves by thursday june 17 the we are up and you are afraid of the stock even if you buy one it doubles. here is the deal might favor a robot company and the next is our next -- car backsight think it will go high i would hold. sanderson farms is down from one of first picked it but
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that is up a little bit 4%. that the shortest stock in the market had not know why they hate it but what more moved up is the mother of all short position in san haying in there. then of course, i have mentioned it two times since august. there is a lot of firms jumping on the bandwagon now. now let's talk to the professionals. you picked google in september? it has pulled back a little bit. >> i agree that they will be the dominant player. bigger is better they see good ideas they can acquire them they have the cash. charles: do they avoid the amazon syndrome to focus on the top line?
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it is like the impetuous child spirit but they have to innovate and they do with your requisitions. that should be a core holding. >> we on this and we are buying more. >> i love it. >> you picked disney as your holiday retail play the stock has been on fire. how you feel right now? >> talk about consumer discretionary is up around 8% this is a long-term play. do not let it go. >> i disagree i would sell disney. espn the focus is on frozen. charles: but it seems like it has lost a little bit.
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>> budget tjx? speesix we're still in it than we keep folding. >> to go higher on the food chain? >> it is said brachiate commerce strategy. >> but i do want to ask you talking about this a couple weeks ago now is down 20 percent. >> i owe this but it is in brazil and there are problems getting a the oil out of the ocean where there are reserves but ultimately it is a nice diversified play. and oil outside its states is a good opportunity. charles: thank you very much. the fbi says number three is responsible but the president says it was a mistake for sony to pull the movie and they should have called him a first?
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we will talk about it. next. ♪ ♪ ♪ (holiday music is playing)
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charles: north korea caught red-handed. fbi officially blames north korea for the sony hacking. obama saying we will respond, that it was a mistake for sony to pull that movie.
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rich edson is in washington, dc, following the latest. >> good evening, charles. responding to the first question in his final news conference of the year, president obama says administration officials will offer him options to respond to this north korean attack and they will do in a place, time, and manner of his choosing. he criticized sony for canceling "the interview." the bast basis for that country's attack on sony. obama: we cannot have a society in which some dictator some place can start imposing censorship here in the united states. >> president obama refused to say how and when the us will respond, only that it will. charles: the plot thickens. there's a lot of data. it's often mixed and often contradictory, we're talking about data about us, americans where we are. particularly when it comes to wages and income. the bureau of wage
6:32 pm
statistics, hourly wages have climbed last month. one more penny, and this month will make it the best year for a total increase since 2008. 147 million americans earning 49 cents an hour. $150 billion in our pockets for people actually working. the bureau labor of statistics has the median hourly wage trends. we have a different picture. this reflects what i'm hearing from you guys, what i'm hearing from main street all the time. when we talk about improvements in the economy. that's what you're talking about. you the economist extraordinary narrow. what's the real number? we got into this last night. everyone was on hitha's side against me. >> median is what matters. average can get skewed by outliers and this wage gap we talk about all the time. (?) if you had a country where one person was making ten times as much.
6:33 pm
and nine other people were making pennies of what the other guy was making, it would a different economic outlook. where everyone makes the same amount. charles: we hit a brea brick wa. down last year over year. that's the true state of the american worker. >> yes, and it's not good. >> there's more than that. there's the average hours worked which has been expanding. that's been positive. if you think about the wages, you have to look at hours worked. that's the real number. it's not as dire as some of the -- charles: it's not as dire with the collective pot. for the individual, to your point, 41 states had jobs, you know, job improvement last month. that's overall job creation. if you're making 16 bucks an hour for the last two or three years, it's still tough. >> it is tough. all this data, one of the ways i go through it and look at average hours worked and median wages, i tie in information we get from
6:34 pm
target, from walmart, the gdp, real estate, pmi -- charles: you never go out. any dates at all? i thought i'm worried. golly. i'll call you at midnight, you'll be crunching numbers. >> my life is a stock market. charles: there's a ras muffin poll, 36% of consumers and 44% of investors think the economy is improving. that's huge. is it too much pessimism for consumers or too much optimism for in otheinvestors. >> the wealth gap is at a 30-year high. no matter how you do the hours, we have a 30-year gap. i guess the higher earners -- the wealthiest are tied to the stock market. the middle class tied to the housing market. the lower end is neither in the housing and stock market. they're feeling the pain. wages aren't going up. there's no benefit in the stock market and house market. that's contributing to the huge gap we're
6:35 pm
seeing. charles: morgan stanley came out this week very bullish on consumer discretionary spending. money they say will flow into all kinds of areas like restaurants. the kind you sit down in. casual restaurants peaked in 2006. they've been anywhere from 15 to 25% of the growth blow the fast food restaurants. they're poised to take off. the millennial spending and cheap gas. you have chipotle, starbucks, buffalo wild wings. up seven bucks. cheesecake factory. all right. do you agree with this optimism from them? because last night you confused me a little bit. down on the middle class, but you've been pounding the table on consumer discretionary. how can people with no money keep going out to these places to eat? >> i'll say it again. frugal fatigue. people want to go ahead and spend even if they
6:36 pm
don't have the money. sure. people -- the middle class they feel the pressure. it's not like it's not getting better. it's getting better. feeling optimistic. they still don't have those wages. they're going out. spending at chipotle. spending at buffalo wild wings. we both like this stuff. these millennials, urban outfitters. took a massive hit. now back. another retailer millennials will get into. netflix. they'll watch a lot of netflix especially now. they have been. charles: listen. she laid it out for us. >> i love what hitha just said. what she hit on. you don't have a lot of money, you want to go out. that's why i love texas roadhouse. dianne, which is the applebee's. they really know how to satisfy the consumer. they give a lot of promotions. great drinks. (?) charles: you can take her to a five star french restaurant.
6:37 pm
take her to ihop. ihop wins every night. >> i like the space. charles: do you like the rational though? >> in part. there's been a significant amount of deleveraging that's occurred as the economy improves. you saw it in recent numbers where credit card numbers are starting to rise. consumers are taking on the debt. they're spending it on restaurants because of the fatigue you talked about. charles: the deleveraging we're talking about. you guys wised up. cut back big time on your credit card spending for years even though the government hasn't stopped on theirs. you stopped on yours. we're seeing it in the data from the private sector and from government data. >> 50% of meals are outside the house. that hasn't changed as early as '07. with that backdrop -- this will be a good sector. however very bifurcated. big guys do well.
6:38 pm
maybe bigger is better. the big guys can pass these costs through across the chains. small guys are in difficult shape. charles: you must be torn, monica, you're one of these sophisticated people. you watch the cooking channel a lot. right? >> yes. i'm very skewed. i'm coming from texas. a lot of anxiety about oil. looking into it, a much bigger part of the economy than it used to be. different kinds of repercussions. not as simple as more money in your wallet. charles: not as simple for people in texas. but people in new york, now we'll go in ihop. ma, you ain't got to try to cook pancakes anymore. they have sky-high debt. aren't interested in any of the parts of the american dream. we're told that millennials will save the day in 2015. they'll eat out and buy houses. more on that in a moment. we'll be back to make you money. (vo) rush hour around here
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further review. charles: it's time to look at 2015 and potentia potentially tt story in the year. will millennials step up to the plate? the largest age-group in our nation's history is -- whether it's hesitating to get married and form families. the old american dream is their college debt. but i have to tell you something, these guys -- no doubt their earnings and debt -- on completely opposite paths. it really makes it look like an impossible situation when your debt goes up that much and your worth goes up that much. maybe the millennials are making that transition. that's right. maybe they're finally moving out of their parent's basement. but we still talk about and mostly negatively about this age-group. we've had this conversation. really, when i tell you, a lot of guys on wall street where r are calculating this in.
6:43 pm
millennials coming to the rescue. can they pull this out? >> can they? yes. will they? i doubt it. i think 2015 when it comes to millennials will be another year of excuses as why it's coming in 2016. charles: excuses on their part? >> everyone's. >> i have some anecdotal information. i'm not allowed to tell who who the source is. charles: if your sister calls me again, i'll put her on speaker. >> i've seen and heard a lot of these millennials are trying hard to get out of their apartments. they're saving a lot of money. >> they want to. >> but it is balance sheets are showing it. companies like lanar are showing it. they're investing 6500 apartments over the next six years they're trying to develop. charles: are those apartment complexes? >> they're apartment complexes. but the kids want to move out of their parents' basement or their bedroom. >> we talked about the change in the lending
6:44 pm
standards and the reduction of a down payment to 3%. people scream there's a party. you know who that is for, for first-time home buyers. 53% of renters want to own a home. 77% of these renters believe it's a good investment. they couldn't get there because of the down payment. now the standards are being reduced, i think they'll contribute. charles: savings rate recently, 45 to 55 years old, 35 years old -- under 35, negative .5 percent. even 3% hard to come up with the cash. >> the oldest millennials are 34. ticktock. you have to have babies. you can't live in the basement with the babies. there are certain things that force you to come into that milestone in your life. charles: you're saying nature will push them out of the house. >> nature and crying baby and screaming mom. >> you're talking about
6:45 pm
lanar they're finding that the millennials don't have money for the down payment. they're looking to own these buildings. charles: that's the problem. it's a rent death trap that these people got caught into. my investment problem is coming up next. you guys remember voice overinternet protocol. really hot in the 2000s. they got hammered. the fundamentals finally look good. they're a survivor. i'll tell you what it's all about. i'll try and make you some money. ♪ ♪ oh what fun it is to ride. get the mercedes-benz on your wish list
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charles: all right, guys. let's get down to it and make you some money. my stock idea is eight
6:49 pm
by eight. the ticker symbol is eght. closed up a half%. thipercent. this is a survivor. when everything crashed, it was down big time a long time. the last couple of years, it's trying to gain traction. here's the thing, 23% last years. five consecutive years of profitability. their business is really beginning to grow big time. they've added a cloud component to this whole thing. virtual call centers. the software has a service platform, which is really, really huge. revenues have doubled over the last few years. still somewhat volatile. it's more -- it's a greater than average risk. but i really think they're fantastic. focus odd middle markets. then global. new products. intel. all customers of theirs. looking for it to go back to 11, $12 a share. if you're nervous and
6:50 pm
get into a stock like this, the downside risk -- i don't normally throw these out for long-term investments. can be volatile than normal. >> i own eght. voice over internet. doesn't make sense to do anything, but that. it goes over your computer rather than the hard lines. the cost differential is huge. revenues were up 29% in the quarter in october. this is the way to go. once the stock goes above $10, other companies can come in. charles: a nice short squeeze as it gets up there. large institutions can buy the stock at a certain price point. it was a high flier at one point. do you watch this one at all? >> my only concern, the space is so hot. can a smaller player compete given the likes and given the competition they're facing now? (?) >> they duly do. they actually do compete. they have large clients. the small clients come
6:51 pm
in and go with the voice over internet. charles: a lot of the large boys left the space. sort of them and a few other names out there. i like what's going on. the fact they're a survivor hurts them a little bit. some people remember the bad times. greater than average risk. i like it a lot. we're talking about the hype around the cloud. i'm going to tell you right now, i think it's time to put your money there. your information is going to the cloud. you might as well make money on it. we'll extend this out further, and you don't want to miss it. thanks.
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charles: you've been hearing about it. the cloud and the hype coming into this year. chief information officers say their focus was on closer customer engagement. to make that happen, nothing was more important to them than mobile. mobile was big. business analytics. we know those data stocks have been phenomenal. look at cloud computing. came in number three. look how large, 2009 to the last year. huge surge in just how important it is doubling from 2009, now we're beginning to see some of that hype. you've been hearing the cloud for a little bit. the fruition is coming true this earning season. earlier this week oracle crushed them. beat them on the top and bottom line. larry was talking a lot of smack. for them, cloud software, it's up 39%. and cloud platform also called infrastructure
6:56 pm
was up 60%. total of these $2,516,000,000. a fraction of 10 million, but it was all about the buzz, the growth potential. even ibm, this week, they said to the street, you know, you guys you're underestimating us. we're in the cloud business. we're going to rock. people bought that stock. red hat. last night. i wasn't in it. red hat blew away the street consensus. once again it was the promise of being a real player in cloud that helped the stock absolutely soar today. cloud computing and big data trends are driving increased demand for open source technologies. it creates a strong position for red hat to capture market share. any time they say capture market share in the cloud enabled data share. should you have cloud in your portfolio? and should it be a pure player or one of these larger companies? we'll talk about this right now. guys, i've been in and out of red hat so many
6:57 pm
times. well, anyway, you can't cry over spilled milk. you might think i'm nuts. ibm will be one of the top winners. i think it's playing catch up. too egotistical. sell them all. they're catching up. they'll be a juggernaut, if they do it right. how do you guys feel about the cloud? >> i think it's absolutely going to be a growth sector. i feel bad continuing the theme of bigger is better. it's the ibms an and/or cals. we work with the googles. and microsofts. it helps us tremendously. >> i'm scared of clouds. it's the exact opposite of what i recommend. charles: bigger an is better isa texas theme. >> a third of people shopping is doing it via mobile. they're doing everything else via mobile. their laptops, their
6:58 pm
ipads, their mobile devices. everything is going online. they're putting that stuff up there. they're going to want to access it quickly. charles: do you guys think people will be afraid after this sony news, all my personal stuff is floating in the cloud? >> we're a huge believer in technology. when it comes to the cloud, what is the cloud? it's that you don't have your server in your office. you have your server somewhere else offsight. the point is absolutely yes. when it comes to the cloud, ibm they're moving to the clouds. not all clouds are equal. >> ibm, microsoft. big winners. charles: you like the big names. >> boring. i'm defensive. charles: monica, going into 2015. how you feeling overall about the overall economy, the momentum, jobs. from an economic point of view, is this false hope or do we have real traction here. >> i ignore the stock market. i'm scared.
6:59 pm
i think there's so much volatility. that concerns me. charles: so detach from the real world. the stock market doesn't reflect what's happening in america and around the world. >> i think they're dislocated a long time ago. charles: thank you very much. before we go, today's american success. we're talking about fevrar. a new e-commerce site. they want to help you do good. as you finish your holiday shopping -- a brainchild of a model cassandra pair. they donate each percentage of purchase you make to a cause. cassandra, we salute you for creating real world change. go to our website ayne. great show. appreciate you spending time here. we have to catch you before oil goes down.
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she won't talk to anybody after that. can't see the show, dvr it. i'll fill in for stewart varney monday. i'll leave you in capable hands to good evening, everybody. breaking news here tonight. president obama, the president who so desperately wants to close the guantanamo bay detention center, is now acting unilaterally, trying to open up all of cuba. president obama talking yesterday with cuban leader raul castro on the telephone for 45 minutes. it is, we're told, the first communication at the presidential level in more than a half century, and with the congress and senate now out of washington for the holidays, the president chose today to announce that he's loosening the cuban embargo unilaterally and seeking to normalize relations with a nation that is still on the list of state sponsors of terrorism alongside iran, syria and sudan.


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