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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  January 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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an over reach by the president. david: and tax reform. cheryl: i was hoping for corporate tax reform. i don't think we'll get it. david: we're talking about that on "forbes on fox" this weekend with carrie and john tammy. cheryl: see you tonight for lou dobbs. they gave him the night off. david: "the willis report" is next. >> hi, everyone, i'm tracy byrnes in for gerri willis. tonight wall street kicked off its first trading day mostly in the red after closing out 2014 with a bang. the dow did turn positive at the last minute but it is six-year rally coming to a close? what should you be doing with your money? plus gas prices are at the lowest level in years putting billions back into consumers wallets and into the economy but will this also put the fed back on track to raise rates sooner? we're bringing you all the latest coverage with michael eastman, president of fellowship financial group and board members of advisors academy. phil flynn with us senior market analyst from price futures group. fox business contributor of
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course. very own peter barnes, he snagged an exclusive interview with a top federal reserve official we'll get to. michael, start with you first. we have the dow. it hit its sixth straight year of gains and now what? >> yeah, well that's a great question. i think one of the things that people have to ask themselves is over the last six years we've seen the market increase about 150%. that, that question you have to ask yourself is, how much longer can it continue. i think people are getting skeptical where the market is, how long it will stay there. people need to start looking taking some gains off the table and waiting to see what might happen in 2015. cheryl: we'll get to peter and the fed in a second. phil oil it is really what it is all about. people have money in their pocket because oil prices are down. how much longer does that last? >> i think the prices will stay down pretty much all of next year. we'll hit a low of $44.
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maybe lower. i think we'll recover in the second half of the year. good news isn't always good news all the time. i think lower energy prices is going to eventually filter down to our economy and slow us down a little bit. i believe that the u.s. energy sector is added almost one 1/2% to gdp. it is created a lot of high-paying jobs we've seen created in this country and i'm very concerned that the cutback in capital expenditures in the energy industry may slow the entire economy down. i'm a little pessimistic that the low prices are all good news. i think it is probably bad news. cheryl: peter that being said, does that mean the fed will slow itself down? you scored some great information today. tell us about it. >> i did ask her specifically about the oil prices and she said at least right now it is a net positive for the economy and positive for economic growth. she sees economy growing at 3% this year. unemployment falling five 1/2%. as a result the fed could cut
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interest, excuse me start to raise interest rates sometime in the first half of this year. take a listen. >> we have had some false starts or false dawns. remember the green chutes we talked about. look at fundamentals in the economy now. they're pointing towards this is being a real -- >> sustainable, long term. >> and acceleration. >> i also asked her specifically if she saw any bubbles in financial markets including in the equity markets. while she is not making any specific recommendations to investors, she did say that she does not see any bubbles out there right now so. take that into our discussion. >> michael cleveland fed president loretta mester who peter had great interview with said no.
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that the rates will potentially go up. the economy will probably be okay. you think otherwise. why? >> i think the way she said that is very carefully crafted. the fed is always good about watches the words. in all reality what the fed is looking for, they're looking to see that the economy is strong on its own footing strong enough to support an increase in interest rates. if we do see that increase, which, candidly i think wording actually lended a little bit towards looking for a reason to push that increase off a little it about, if there is an increase, it will have to be very slight and very measured. >> phil the oil market might be a reason based on what you're saying or the fed in general pushes this off a little bit longer. one thing that worries me with gas prices so low we're starting to hear our congressional leaders talk about a gas tax hike again. what would that do to the economy? >> sob havinglous -- obviously it is not positive for sure.
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the problem with the gas tax tracy what did they do with the money they have taken already? what happened to the shovel-ready projects? what happened to all that money. that is my problem. listen we all know we need infrastructure in this country but a gas tax isn't going to cut it. the demand for gasoline is ulnaing in this country. just by adding more money to the gas tax doesn't solve the problem. you're throwing the money down an empty well really. as far as the fed when it comes to the low gasoline prices it is a double-edged sword. on one hand they don't have to worry about inflation. that is the good news. the bad news they don't have to worry about inflation. they may have to worry about deflation as well. it wit be very difficult for the fed to raise interest rates with problems in europe. mario draghi says we're having trouble with inflation. i think it will be a problem. cheryl: peter can you address that? fill makes a great point. inflation is on the table again. >> she said very clearly when
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they get around to raising interest rates it is going to be very slowly and very carefully and data dependent and they're going to be watching all of this oil price europe, everything, to make sure that when they side to pull the trigger that the economy's healthy enough to withstand a a returning to higher interest rates and it is going to be a very slow increase over time. >> but, michael aren't, we're still the healthiest kid in the doctors office, aren't we? compared to russia, china europe where else are you going to go? >> yeah i think that's an excellent point. i actually look from a global standpoint i think many people are looking at the united states as the cleanest dirty shirt in the laundry basket and they're looking for direction and for leadership but the reality is, i think the some of the problems that are going on globally like were just mentioned a moment ago, could have an impact on our
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economy, our growth and thus as a result, the, whether or not the fed does increase in 2015 or pushes it off to 2016. >> speaking of all those countries, phil, russia, europe, u.s. that is part of the reason for this gas price drop, right? we have so much oil now. >> it is. and yeah, part of the story has been the revolution in this country. we're producing more oil than we have in they are years. that is all great news. but part of it is because we have a slowing global economy. if we looked at what drove the energy over the last couple years, it was that incredible growth we saw in china and asia and india. even europe. but now look at those countries. they are contracting right now. when you look at oil supplies around the globe we're highest levels we've ever been. we have more supplies in storage in the united states than we've ever had to begin a new year. and if you look at what's happening in the other countries, they're not cutting back on production. russia can't afford to cut back.
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so guess what they're doing? they're producing most oil they have since the fall of the soviet union. they're producing more oil in iraq and iran. iran is basically begging saudi arabia please, cut production. this is going to be a disaster for these economies. at some point something has got to give. you can't have the u.s. just grow and have all these other countries, these oil-producing countries on the brink of collapse. >> phil, isn't it a market share game? what does it cost for the saudis to get their oil out? six bucks a barrel? how much does it cost putin and his pals, $100 a barrel? so who will win that fight? >> that's the whole thing. the thing i'm worried about peter there is a target on the u.s. energy producer. listen the reason why this has all come down it has been this energy revolution in this country. and it has been a revolution. it has filtered down to the entire economy. it brought manufacturing back to this country.
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it has created high-paying jobs for the top end of the sector the lower end of the sector. that's is what i'm afraid of and they're going after itp it is going to be, this is a war. it's a production war. and there is going to be a lot of people that will get hurt. there will be a lot of casualties along the way. i think u.s. will be able to withstand it. but it will be incredible headwind. >> you hit the nail on the head. that is worrisome. it will affect jobs at end of the day and we're already on shaky ground. you guys are terrific. have a great weekend. >> you too. >> still a lot more to come this hour including your reaction. plus a look at some of the biggest finance trend in 2015. and next, not only is obamacare raising your health care costs starting this year it will actually impact your taxes. we have what you need to know before you file your tax return. that is all after the break. don't go anywhere.
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tracy: new year is finally here. that means tax filing season is right around the corner. tax experts say it may be a tricky one. with the obamacare provisions this means all tax-filers will have to prove whether they had health insurance in 2014 or face
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penalties. financial expert and radio show host author, peter dunne. people really need to know there will be a new form in their tax return they will have to muddle through to prove to the irs that they had health care. >> yeah. if tax returns weren't confusing enough. now there's another form but it is honor system, tracy. so go figure. we have the honor system as part of do you have health care coverage or not. with a weakened irs, from a budget standpoint and even staffing standpoint this is going to be kind of tough to enforce. tracy: not truly honor system, right? because the insurance companies are required to send a form home to you with all the pertinent information you need to file out this additional onerous form and irs get as copy, so they kind of have some clue. >> there are some checks and balances to that but i think we'll tuned is, of course people that don't have the proper health care coverage are going to face a tax or a mandate of
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$95 per person, or 1% of their income whatever is greater. that is just in 2015. those numbers go up significantly in 2016. this is causing people concern not only from monetary standpoint but even tax prepare race. i think you will see increase in people using tax preparers this year, opposed to computer programs or just old pencil and paper. tracy: i know computer programs are fit to calculate this for you but you bring up a great point because it is all about calculating that subsidy. do you deserve it? should you get it? if you've gotten it in the past and you don't you got to give it back. that is where all the complication comes in. >> i think so. we're all in the same boat. if you happen to get a tax refund you're used to same amount about every single year. with this, if the calculation of the subsidy was wrong, you're going to have a lower amount. it is going to get tricky. i loy a -- think a lot of produce sprayings already exists about the affordable care act will come to surface again when
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the taxation issues comes. telling you tracy next year will be much worse but i think we're just getting a taste of what is to come. tracy: i agree with you. the irs is already threatening that your refund will be delayed because they are understaffed. probably just as confused as we are. the best advice to people is start early and go see the tax preparer as soon as possible. >> that old april 14th, hey let's take care of this game is kind of in the past. tracy: right. >> with so much in the economy that seems positive, low gas price, rising growth in the economy this could be a little bit of a bump that at least brings some frustration to american consumer. tracy: unfortunately the forms are not printed yet. we don't know what they look like. we're all waiting, i'm talking we tax dorks like myself, on pins and needles for this form come out to help people figure this all out. >> that is exactly right. people love to get taxes done as soon as end of january. frankly i don't see that happening. tracy: it will be complicated.
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peter, thanks so much for helping us muddle through it. >> my pleasure. tracy: later in the show we'll look ahead to life saving medical innovations coming in 2015. some good stuff. what's in and what's out when it comes to you and your money in 2015? so are people saving or spending? are they buying or selling? vera gibbons breaks it all down for us next. ♪
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credit card technology, going out with the old and in with the new for 2015. what is in, what is out? personal finance expert vera gibbons is here with the list. first thing and big thing savings out. >> so hard to save now because wages are flat. costs are up on just about everything. college costs. health care costs. groceries, problem it becomes easier to spend given growth in mobile payment spending devices especially apple pay. tracy: amazon prime. holy heck. >> your credit card information is stored there. it is easy to spend without thinking about it. same with apple pay. tap your card and it is done. like funny money. monopoly money and i think it will lead to a bad trend. tracy: we have savings fatigue and we awe buckled down during the recession and saved and saved and we're sick of it. which lead us to homebuyers. you think first-timers especially. >> investment buyers have been
5:21 pm
keeping us afloat. with zillow which i blog for rents will outpace home values in 2015. tracy: and mortgages. >> you will see more of renters who otherwise happy jump into the home buying arena and buy. tracy: that is good. that would be a great thing. >> markets things are more favorable to first-time homebuyers and buyers like in pittsburgh chicago las vegas ha hartford, some of other markets, they looked at incomes and home values. they looked at all different statistics. these are lists they come up with. first-time buyers may actually jump in. tracy: that is great for the economy. what is bad for the economy your next trend, traditional employees are out and your contract workers are in. >> unfortunately. we've seen this trend happen, last several years. everyone is doing contract work, freelance work, project work. no benefits. no long-term job security. no nothing. unfortunately this is the wave of future. if you look at statistics,
5:22 pm
53 million american workers are working as freelancers. that is 3 hers of the workforce. contract workers used to be athletes actors, actresses. now it is happening across a broad range -- tracy: is it by choice or because of obamacare or costs? >> it is not by choice. people don't want to be contract workers or freelance workers. some people like flexibility particularly if over a certain age. employers really like it. they don't have to pay out benefits. tracy: this will catch up with us in the end when come retirement, they don't -- >> nothing to save. >> they don't have anything to save. speaking retirement, we have aging in place versus staying in home. >> staying in place. tracy: prying me out of there with my cold dead fingers. >> aging baby boomers are calling shots. they don't want to stay on back porch and grow old gracefully. they want to get out with their friend and do things. culture, art, entertainment. time with family and friends and
5:23 pm
stay within their own home. they're fueling a trend in remodeling stuff. they're doing all different things that will make it easier for them to stay home. tracy: ramps? things like that? >> things aesthetically pleasing not hospital-like. things more function. tracy: they will need care workers at home. >> that will fuel that for sure. tracy: i invited my mother to come live with me. how about that? she said no. all of full. -- awful. credit card swiping out credit card dipping in. what is that. >> versus swiping magnetic card is on its way out. there is a shift underway you may not know about that is happening in 2015 toward another type of cards emd cards which is the cards with a different type of chip technology. tracy: yes. >> which is more secure. it will help consumers feel a little better when they make the purchases because there has been so much fraud and so much and breaches that you saw over the past couple of years. fraud is up ridiculously some
5:24 pm
so this will actually help that problem. so these cards are actually going to, expected to be mainstream in 2015. so magnetic stripe swipe card are on the way out. tracy: that is a good thing. >> that is a very good thing. tracy: i'll tell you this holiday season if i couldn't use paypal i didn't purchase online. paypal has been so awesome in the past if you make a mistake or get an error. otherwise it is scary. >> there you go. tracy: vera, you're great. >> you're awesome too. tracy: thank you. coming up we continue our look at 2015 including what we can expect in the world of medicine. we got some cool innovations that may save your life. from the super bowl to march mad des fans are making plans to attend these big events. we have what you need to know before you buy those whopping, expensive tickets. that is all next. ♪ so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that?
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. tracy: 2015, is bringing promising medical breakthroughs that will help people live longer and look better and have better lives, what could be better? dr. kelly powers is with us. i would think reversing the aging process is all anybody cares about. >> of course, the fountain of youth question is it possible? according to a study from harvard university and new south wales they say it is, they did a study with old mice inoculating them with a certain protein. within one week it reversed the aging process. tracy: basically make their blood younger? >> they saw muscle tone changes, increase in muscle tone, heart strength and neurons in the brain developing. it has the potential for alzheimer's disease, spinal chord treatments the potential is endless. tracy: that is going to continue, i know it. the notion of better blood
5:29 pm
tests, thank god. anyone that's gotten a blood test it is painful. >> correct. tracy: and emotionally trying to tie you up and all this stuff. >> absolutely. stress. people have inate fear. this idea is a simple finger stick, we can find cbc, metabolic panel from from a finger stick. no sense to take vials of blood out of you. tracy: this is near and dear to me, i have high cholesterol. it is a pain in the neck that you are going to have a heart attack. >> current modalitieses statins have, been great and done wonders. there is a new class of drug called pcs inhibitors, this is promising to lower ldl, bad cholesterol, even more so. why is it great? people can't stake statins,
5:30 pm
they are intolerant to it. it gives an option and certain people it's not doing enough. tracy: my cousin has had no many problems with them. this would be great, it's something you don't have to be on for the rest of your life, that is something you don't want to have to do. this i can barely say, microbiomap ligz in the gut. gastrointestinal stuff. people have issues with this stuff. >> the microbiomanipulation. changing the bacteria in our gut. bacteria is in all of us a lot of it is good, it causes infection or inflammatory process. what we're seeing is the popular gluten intolerance we've heard that around. ibd, crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis. tracy: so many of us have self-diagnosed these things. people have issues with
5:31 pm
intestinal gastrostuff. >> of course, this shows a substantial promise for that, we're hoping. tracy: this is also the year of mobile medicine i know that people self-diagnose and things like that you're talking about keeping track of vital signs and things like that. >> power to the patience a lot rests on us doctors, but nice to know patients have power. they can wear track devices, the apple watch fitbit. all those things help with realtime data. heart rate pulse, blood pressure, it can give us data storage, this is baseline this is what you are in six months. that's the important part. not enough people have a baseline. i was telling you on break my nephew is diabetic he has an app on the phone, he pricks his finger through the phone, it goes automatically to the doctors, i hope that continues forward. i have a jawbone, it makes me feel bad about myself. i never hit any goals i'm
5:32 pm
supposed to hit. doctor thank you. this is all great stuff. >> thank you so much. exciting year ahead. tracy: yeah, i took it off. i'm sick of hearing i don't run enough or sleep enough or do anything enough. the new year bringing in the most highly anticipated sporting events. do you believe we're talking about this stuff already? the first-ever college football playoff championship. to the 2015 super bowl already. affordable tickets can seem nearly impossible. barbara tuchman is here to creating bucket list experiences for people and companies. first of all, before we get to the super bowl, i can't believe we're talking about that already. the college playoff championship game is going to be huge? >> yeah, it's incredible. if you look at interest it's garnered just after the games yesterday. >> right. >> if you look at the excitement around the country about this game and what's going to happen january 12th. i am shocked. it's really at the level.
5:33 pm
i thought it would take a few years to build up. it's at the level where it's compete with super bowl soon enough, believe it or not. >> where is it we have ohio state looking for first national title since 2002 and oregon look for a title in general because they don't have one, right? why? what happened? >> this is it, they have taken the formula that works so well with college basketball. the final four the tournament thing. they put it into football which the country loves. combine the two and you have the event that's an elimination tournament basically. i have no doubt they're going to expand this to eight teams and then thereon. it is no doubt built an incredible following already. tracy: what's the ticket price go for? >> the big thing is ohio state got in. they probably travel better than any team in terms of alumni. ohio state travels the most. big demand. the lowest price ticket i looked at was $800 today.
5:34 pm
tracy: what? >> the highest price one was over $4,000. things even out now as there's more demand, more tickets come out. at the end of the day, i think you'll see it as 1500 $2,000 ticket for a decent seat. tracy: that's january 12th, where are you playing that? >> in texas in dallas, who doesn't love football in dallas. tracy: great for the dallas economy as well. now move onto the super bowl. february 1st, glendale, arizona. never come to jersey again, let's be clear, it is a mitigated disaster. tickets are over 3,000 already? >> there's -- people are looking at the teams that are still left. what drives the ticket market with the super bowl is sometimes it can be location like new york last year but it's the teams that are still playing, and people fear that if the dallas cowboys get in like we talked about, dallas a huge football market, that the
5:35 pm
ticket can get higher in price than what it's going for right now. if a team gets in from a small market, say the seattle seahawks, they were here last year. the new england patriots, people say boston they've been in the super bowl so much there's not a ton of people coming, the price might go down. a gamble do you buy ticket now or wait to see if it goes down. tracy: interestingly, there's snow in arizona, you can imagine? >> last year there was no snow, 53 degrees at kickoff and the next morning it was a blizzard. the nfl was holding their breath and came away with a win. tracy: that is crazy talking about all sporting events. you have the nba all-star game coming to new york. what's better than that? >> basketball in new york just like football in dallas, going to be extremely exciting. the first time they're using two arenas the barclays in brooklyn and madison square garden, the most famous arena with. that said that's going to be
5:36 pm
the bigger event. if you look at it compared to last year we had olympic cup, the international events. this year we have more domestic events. >> you are saying a ticket already over 3 grand. >> tickets for the nba all-star game, it's in a small arena we're not looking at 60-70,000 stadium for the super bowl. less tickets it's in new york, a lot of corporations based here. a lot of people want to go to the events. it's kept the price up. and at the end of the day, the ticket will be close enough to be around that. tracy: wow before we run we have again another soccer league final right? june 6th. champions, where is that? >> in berlin, germany, the 60th year. what i noticed is that international sporting events not just the olympics and world cups. international soccer events are much more important to people in our country.
5:37 pm
i think this year with the champion's league, it's a great event and seen a lot of interest in the company. tracy: if you want to take the family, go to germany for the game. tell everyone your website. >> we are specialisting from the super bowl to world cup. tracy: i'm sure there are bucket lists for everyone. >> absolutely. tracy: did you make new year's resolutions to get to a super bowl? we have your answers next, and more problems with ios 8 facing a class-action lawsuit over not being transparent over how much space the system needs. legal panel is going to weigh in on that next. as we head out to break, here's your consumer gauge. don't go away. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put
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. tracy: two florida men are suing apple for $5 million, because the company is falsely advertising the storage capacity of iphones and ipads. so we brought in the lawyers. wendy patrick, now for the purposes of today's segment, wendy takes the plaintiff's side. philip siegel is going to defend apple. wendy to you first what the heck do you think of this? >> all right, so this lawsuit against apple has, at its core pun intended false advertising. and false advertising not just about some tangential aspect of the iphone but what matters most to consumers. storage. iphone users need space, what apple did is didn't tell them, allow them to make the decision they would have up to 25% less storage than was advertised. it's like selling a box of 40 cookies, and you open the box there's only 30 cookies and option to buy the extra ten. they call that icloud storage.
5:42 pm
tracy: i get where you're coming from with this. philip, we got to talk about consumer responsibility here, too. part of it is stuff people put on their phones is their own problem, not apple's problem. thank god apple allowed me the ability to save over 1,000 pictures of my children. that's my fault, i don't need them. >> before that this suit reads like an april fool's suit because the practice in -- if these people have never had a computer before i could understand they would be surprised by. this but anyone who's had a computer knows that the storage space is never the same as what is held out to be the case because computers think in base two, manufacturers think in base 10. one terrabyte data on any pc is 9, 10% less. why don't i have all the storage space they thought i'd get, and if you go out on the
5:43 pm
web, this has been in chat rooms for years and years, it can't be a surprise. tracy: but it's kind of a surprise to me wendy, it took me a while to realize that when you go through apps, how much memory they all take up, not to mention each upgrade eats up that much more memory and tell you, you should upgrade your phone? >> you should upgrade, you trust them and upgrade your phone, never believing that the space that's going to take might cut out some of the picture us that say. let's face it, anybody that actually buys an iphone to use it as a phone is not going to be affected by. this but who does that? it's a video camera a video storage unit, it's a photo album and apple users should have the choice whether or not to upgrade number one, and number two to be able to upgrade knowing they're going to lose that much space. even the most tech savvy consumer, i understand philip's point there is some amount of data and storage you're going to lose but don't expect it to
5:44 pm
be almost up to 25%. tracy: do you think this is an effort to push everyone onto the cloud and pay for additional service? you have to pay for cloud storage. >> i think that anybody who's going to have 13 gigs of photos is probably going to have 16 gigs of photos. this is a reasonableness case. if you read the complaint, they say no reasonable person should have to live with 25% less storages but really, what's going to happen is -- tracy: that's kind of funny actually. >> if you want 16 gigs of space and you only get 13. who says i only wanted 16, i got 13 i'm running out. i'm horribly affected. everybody contemplates storing things on the cloud, stores things to external drive. it's a reasonable thing to expect people to do. and the reason between 16 and 13 gigs to me is not worth a class-action suit. and i have no brief with apple.
5:45 pm
tracy: before we go where is this case going? >> i think basically it's going have some kind of remedy that might be either new phones monetary damage or a combination of the two. one thing i want to end with, this is a very identifiable classic. what happens when you buy an apple product, you register it. we know who they. >> are philip where does this go? >> lawyer's fees and no remedy for people. >> i think it goes in the garbage, but give everybody credit for trying. i will have to delete half the pictures now. time for a look at stories you're clicking on tonight on stocks wiping out major triple digit jump, the dow ended up slumping before posting a slight rebound at the end of the day after more signs of a slowdown in manufacturing. oil turned higher after early slump as it inched closer to 54 bucks a barrel. the fda approving 41 first of a
5:46 pm
kind drugs. the highest number in 18 years. it includes a record 15 drugs for orphaned diseases or rare conditions impacting fewer than 200,000 people. gm kicking off 2015 much like 2014 issuing recalls. more than 92,000 trucks suvs and cars are recalled with an ignition lock system from 2007 to 2014 models including chevy silverados. and samsung will use internally developed operating. this is all to boost power. they will be unveiled next week at the consumers electronic expo in las vegas. fox business and liz claman will be there with all the big tech news. those are some of the hot stories on still to come, did you make a new year's resolution? should you? we'll be joined by a psychologist for his take on
5:47 pm
the annual tradition. plus get your reaction to it all. don't go anywhere. thanks. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to able global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ ♪
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. tracy: those new years resolutions, we make them and break them. why is it so hard for some of us to stick to the promises we make to ourselves as the new year begins. should we be making them at all? why bother? i don't know. with us resident psychologist dr. jeff guardier. people put pressure on themselves to come up with the riveting new year's resolutions. >> they are not sure what they're talking about. as we heard someone said my new year's resolution is to win the lotto. no? as one of the cameramen said the new year resolution is to
5:51 pm
work harder. tracy: they say that? all right! doctor you alluded to the host of "the independents" kennedy took to the streets and asked people what's your new year resolution take a listen. >> reporter: what are some of your new year resolutions? >> go to the gym more. >> reporter: looks like you're thin and in shape. >> i still have to work out, i have to stay this way. >> resolution? quit smoking. >> reporter: what's your new year's resolution. >> i got nothing. he's got to make changes. >> maybe my new year's resolution, i can start by getting your phone number, how would that be? that would work out? >> reporter: that is smooth! yeah. what's your new year's resolution? to get sexier? >> thank you. >> i want to win the lottery.
5:52 pm
hopefully win the lottery. >> to be happy with the little things and not worry about the future, just go with the flow, i guess. >> get a job. >> you don't like the common core? >> i don't either. what is your new year's resolution. >> to stop eating after 8:00. >> be nice to everyone. >> reporter: did you really just get engaged? >> yeah. >> reporter: let me see! so beautiful! this is so exciting! hear it for them, they just got engaged! [ cheers ] . tracy: i love her, and love is in the air. doc, people struggling with coming up with things to say. >> why do people keep saying that for heaven's sake. tracy: should we not make resolution at small. >> i think we should make new year's resolution an opportunity to start again, as
5:53 pm
we heard with the introduce, very, very cute people, very nice but to really spread world peace i mean get real. how about being nice to your mom or your dad and starting from there? we're overreaching with a lot of resolutions and not focusing on what we really need to do. tracy: i think that is such a poignant point. a study has shown 8% of the people who make resolutions are the only ones that follow through, and probably because your resolution to climb all eight mountains over the course of the next year is silly. >> these are the people who actually do their homework, the ones who are successful they do the research to find out if they want to lose weight what's the best way to lose weight, if they want to stop smoke, what's a program to do that to follow? so you have to do your homework you have to know what you're doing if you're that serious about it. tracy: i love the notion narrowing it down, i'm going to
5:54 pm
see my mom once a week. >> be realistic, within your power and minimize the things that you want to do. i mean to want to work out every single day and then you want to get an additional electronics degree within three months and do all this stuff. what about working out instead of every day like i happen to do, huh? what about two or three times a week and match that with the resolution that would work with that starting to stop smoking, because they go together the more you work out, the less that you want to smoke. so be strategic. tracy: i think you made a great point during the break, too. part of the reason that only 8% follow through is we have all the debbie downers around us. >> all the negativity. people don't believe in what you're doing. that's why you need to surround yourself with positive people, folks who give you the reinforcement, attaboy, atagirl, we know if you're in a position with people who really
5:55 pm
love you, then you're much more comfortable in what you're doing and believe in yourself because they believe in you. tracy: that should be everyone's new year resolution off the top of the list get rid of the negative people. if i blow my resolution out the window, do i pick up and start over again or throw my hands up and be done? >> sadly too many people say, well, i didn't do it, fell off the wagon. that's it. i'm going to go full steam in the other direction in negativity, and the reality is that any resolution, new year's resolution that you undertake, that sometimes you're not going to be perfect sometimes you make mistakes and it's the mistakes that matter maybe i need to rethink this a little bit. slow down a little bit or be more realistic as we talked about before it's okay to mess up. start again and learn what the mistake was about. tracy: not so bad to announce it to the world. announce it on social media putting it out there will make you more accountable. >> it absolutely does make you
5:56 pm
accountable. if you speak it, you believe it it's out there it's reality. there are people who do, it talking in their heads, they change the resolutions like this or they said well, that was a good idea for a few minutes. i'll try this and they're bouncing all over the place. tracy: you are awesome, doc, tell the universe! i love it. thank you so much. >> to the world! spread peace to the world. tracy: at least in your own home. >> mom and dad. okay. tracy: can you catch much more from kennedy and company on "the independents" tonight and every week night 9:00 p.m. eastern, and again at midnight. all right, tweet us what your new years resolutions are? we'll be right back. what if one push up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease- pneumococcal pneumonia. one dose of the prevnar 13 ® vaccine can help protect you ... from pneumococcal pneumonia, an
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>> so finally, it was a show about nothing. now it may be able to teach you something. a pcthey're learning about
6:00 pm
psychiatric disorders through dr. anthony tobias teaching tool. he created a database from all itthe show's episodes. they'll get a good -- >> i'm dierdre bolton in for charles payne. you're watching "making money." the dow ekes its way into the green. the us backdrop for stocks remains positive. crude oil sold more than 40% last year. if that continues, it should put more money in the pocket of consumers. oil fell again on friday. gold finished higher to break down the big news we take you to the new york stock exchange. laurie is in for nicole petallides. >> a trifecta or disappointing news. had markets making wild swings today. the dow closed up about ten


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