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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  January 3, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EST

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we're always listening, if matt welch and kmele foster, i'm kennedy. it's already a good night. thanks again. weekend. neil cavuto coming up next. neil: welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. as the new year comes up, how about we americans make a resolution to man up and woman up and quit acting like we don't measure up. quit kowtowing to china because they own so much of our debt. and focus on the fact we buy so much of their crap. quit tolerating lectures on the europeans on how to grow an economy. while we're at, quit bad-mouthing ceos here for being evil when they're about the only guys doing anything financially good. a lot of them are hiring. their stocks are soaring. now, we are not perfect. i will tell you what, we're not pathetic, and we certainly do better
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than this negative naval gazing nausea that says our best days are behind us. take a look at an economic recovery beats a world that can't remotely keep our pace. i think it's time to quit making excuses for what we're not and celebrate what we are. because compared to these other losers, we're on fire. so america quit wining and start getting back to winning. and all of us, get moving. larry says he'll personally deliver an ass whooping. interesting. you hear in the mainstream about how awful we are. i'm looking at the comparison with the rest of the world. europe is disintegrating. asia is flatlining. say what you will, we're doing pretty well. >> you know, we are doing pretty well. see, neil, that's a fact. and people don't like to base their emotions and how they feel about things on facts. we love rumor.
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we love a naysayer. we love a nasty horrible bad story that we can buy into. we love to wine and wallow in our misery. when we go to social media and whoever we trust on television, and they say something horrible that we can feel bad about it, we grab on to it and wallow. we need to stop that crap and start looking at the stuff that's really true. go to the facts. neil: you know, i think you can provide a convenient excuse for not getting something done or not getting emotion or not trying to take the lead. you can always say it's the government stopping me. or it's this because i'm not getting enough support from the government. on and on. when, in fact, we're controlling our own destiny. at least compared to the rest of the world while we're not on fire we're comparably on fire compared to these losers. they make us feel guilty though. >> they do make us feel guilty. but we like that for some sick sad reason.
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we need to focus on the good things. again, we're not perfect something you said. but we are a hell of a lot better than a lot of folks. we ought to celebrate that fact. the key is to surround ourself with some logic and logical people. we need to do fact checking. stop using our heart and start using our head especially when it comes to evaluating where we are and the information we're handed and especially when it comes to our money. neil: we penalize those who are successful and look at their success -- in other words, we're very suspicious of that. and i think we should be welcoming it. i'm not saying everyone who has money is a saint. i'm saying they can't all be sinners. >> the worst thing you could do is make fun of the rich and not be one of them. we need to celebrate the fact people are doing well and realize the people who are doing well are the job creators in our country. and that's good for all of us. we need to stop being
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jealous. that's where it comes from our own inadequacy and our own jealousy and our own laziness because we're not doing what the others did in order to become successful and prosperous. neil: happy new year, my friend. well, new year, no president, but no pen? obama: i've got a pen and i've got a phone. i've got a pen to take executive actions where congress won't and i've got a telephone. i've got a pen and i've got a phone, and that's all i need. neil: apparently he lost the pen. after 190 executive orders, they're saying the president is ready to set aside that pen and work with congress. steve moore still finds this hard to believe. he's doing a 180 and saying he won't be going it alone. dubaido you buy that. >> it is a new year
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after all neil. i want to give him the benefit of the doubt. it didn't happen after the midterm elections in 2010 when the president's party got wiped out. some points of he emphasis that sugge the posi is been a ttle ovetwoont antheresint has pass or enaed multude ctis righin fnt of coress. he got sff with n ep rulations whatapped whuba feweeksgo. s regulions- ian goown e list. erishere any iden tthis presidt isn't gogo use ute actns to bypass congress? neil: the one that gives me sort of the feeling that it's a civil respon thing and says another. we think the president will reach out and make overages to other the side. if the other side
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doesn't quickly agree with what he's doing he'll go over their heads and do his own thing. >> that's his idea of a bipartisan agreement. the republicans do what he wants. let's go back to the last week when it was announced by the obama administration that there were going to be five or six new epa regulations dealing with the fossil fuel russian. i heard your previous the american economy is lifting up because the shale, oil and gas boom. (?) the president owes everything to what happened in that industry. can you think of a dumber time to impose these new regulations on the one industry doing well, now it's struggling because the gas prices are down. that's evidence that this president isn't moving to the center and isn't in a mode of comprise right now. >> steve, thank you very much. >> i wish he were. there's so much low- low-hanging fruit out
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there. corporate tax reform. neil: a lot to do. thank you, my friend. steve moore. new year, new taxes. as many as half, 6.8 million obama signers may have to pay off. those who underestimated their income when they jumped on may have to dole more to the irs. michael says this could be another one of those obamacare tax surprises. i think what you're saying they'll find they owe uncle sam money. they better pay attention to the line on the tax form that calls for them to account for that. >> that goes well for exchanged enrollees. they expect about half of them will owe money to the irs or get a smaller refund than they were exchg because expecting. that's if things go well. things could be even worse at least enrollees because the obama administration has been
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issuing subsidies for them for which they don't qualify. operates in about 36 states. those 36 states have a federally established exchange. the law is clear those subsidies through an exchange established by the state. they will hear a lawsuit. rule on it by june. if they rule for the plaintiff, as two lower courts have done those subsidies will disappear, and about 4 million people who are enrolled in and who are getting subsidies will not only lose them, but pay back $5 million and may even use those health plan. the obama administration isn't even telling them about these risks. neil: let's say a lot of them might not have been up and up and honest with the government. and they stated their income to qualify for these subsidies.
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who is to say they don't continue lying? with the w-2 it's kind of undeniable right? >> people in 2013 were trying to guess what their income would be in 2014. they used their 2012 tax returns. of course, they'll make mistakes. what's interesting they'll be penalized if they do well. if their income is higher than they expected, they will have to -- they will be penalized for that, more than just the tax code usually does. neil: the administration argues in response, they'll still realize they're better off because they have health care. they'll be appreciative of that fact. what do you say? >> here's where the administration has been far more dishonest than any group could possibly be. the administration has been lying to enroll ease by telling them go ahead and enroll. nothing has changed from last year.
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there's this supreme court case that could take away subsidies from a lot of people. the administration knows it's false because they've helped insurance companies with their concontingency plans if that changes thing. don't worry nothing has changed, they say. even though those enrollees could lose their subsidies. they owe up to $500 in back subsidies to the irs and lose their health plans. neil: thank you very much. all right, a quick cavuto quiz for you. can you guess what america says was their biggest problem in 2014? it was not equal pay. it was not minimum wage. and it was not immigration reform. what could it be?
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neil: big government is apparently causing some big problems and americans are speaking out saying the government leadership topped the problem list in 2014. this being the first year since 2007 that the economy wasn't the top ranking issue. but maybe government overreach was. to the fox biz all-stars. and ashley pratt. katrina, this is rather revealing. we're far from out of the economic woods but for many americans, it's a medal meddle some washington that's the problem. >> the american public has finally figured out it's not global warming or the democrats or the republicans, it's the elected officials they're sending that's the problem. that's why 2016 will be very interesting. neil: you could read into that
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republicans shouldn't take solace these are post midterm polls that show they have the same suspicions about all politicians. >> they do. i think washington should definitely listen up here. the american people are fed up. it doesn't matter what side you're on. people are fed up. no policies or regulations that have come from the government this year have helped the american people in any way. that's exactly how we feel. small businesses especially are hurting under the government right now. so anything that's associated with washington the american people hate. that's why there was a poll out earlier this year that showed they were slightly favored over cockroaches that's not a good favorability. neil: that was insulting the cockroaches, if you think about it. >> let's take a look. we had the irs scandal benghazi the nsa scandal. it's not just of the democrats. it's the republicans and
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democrats. the republicans have a big opportunity to turn things around. to have the american people get behind them. what i don't want to see happen, in the new congress to have the republicans do what they did in the second clinton administration towards the end of it, is to stir up all this controversy, to start having investigations about things that get the country off track. it's about getting the country back on track. they have an opportunity here. neil: how do they do that. >> they stick to the principles they ran on. that's all of the campaign promises they made. they need to fight and defund obamacare. what they did that they haven't been able to do is to tell their side of the story. talk about their policies on how to improve the problems in this country and why we cannot keep going down this more and more overreaching government that is hurting americans and businesses today. they have an opportunity to make that case to the
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american people. neil: they've wasted that kind of opportunity in the past. to rob's point, at the outset people have soured on the government because thieves what's happenedthey've seenwhat's happened with overreach. how do they dial that, the party of no. we don't like this or this. what do they do? >> i think that's what they're going to have to grapple with in this new cycle. trying to figure out how they're comprising and making things work for the american people. lowering taxes. so we don't feel like we're strapped all the time. you know with gas prices coming down, i'm sure a lot of americans are feeling relief, at least at the gas pump around the holiday season. i think it's important for the conservatives to really get in there and look at the budget and see what it is that we're spending and clean it up a little bit. right now we're overspending way too much. look at michelle obama's lunch program. i mean, the amount of waste in there and the
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outrage it's caused. and nothing is happening with it. we keep throwing money at the problem. >> ronald reagan said this in his inaugural address. we're a nation with a government not the other way around. it's about big government. paring down what's in america today and getting back to what this country was born and bred on. neil: is jeb bush trying to put the squeeze on mitt romney or just making sure the party's biggest@?
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neil: i wonder what we can do on that graphic in the new year. anyway, i do like it. it's wearing on me. it's time for neil's spiel. are republicans getting bushwhacked? i ask because you would think with jeb bush's latest announcement that he's quitting all his private and public boards. he's pretty much running for president now and all candidates should pack up and leave. says who? they say hornet is inevitable. should all others go away? i take nothing away from their name recognition.
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who is to say that warrants hillary clinton or jeb bush's correspond nation before the caucus. you would think we've learned from history that those who anoint themselves early have a habit of burning out early. hillary clinton herself comes to mind back in 2008. that is not to say the fermer secretary of state and the former florida governor wouldn't be impressive candidates. at the expense of thinking about other candidates, clearly the danger is to make an early run of the money guys in the hopes they don't run anywhere else. as if. money goes are money guys because they're good at investigating in winners. candidates are trying to strong arm them as if they are. if jeb bush is trying to keep other candidates
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out, that's his business. people should not be thinking what's inevitable when not even a single candidate has formerly entered this business and the fight to be the next president of the united states. take it upon themselves (?) to just up and look elsewhere. to the daily consecutive editor, it would be a mistake for jeb to think it would be a cakewalk. that's my issue right now. i think the bush people are trying to play this as inevitable. that could be a problem. >> yeah, it can be. inevitable? the only thing that's inevitable about coming out early you'll the one who will take the arrows. neil: absolutely. >> jeb bush is that kid who is spingt out in sprinting out in the dodge ball court hoping everyone is behind him. that's not the case. he's the early target now. he's made himself the early announcer.
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don't allow the theatrics of, i'm considering a run to distract you. he's taking very intentional steps to run for president of the united states. now he's going to obviously take the heat for that decision. i don't know if he's ready. he's been 12 years from a public campaign. twitter didn't even exist the last time he ran for office. this guy will be rusty out of the gate, i'm sure of that. neil: i guess what i'm asking maybe a stupid question on my part. is, i understand you want to attract the money guys early on and get them to support because presidential runs aren't a sprint, more like a marathon. other candidates might show up later on, but they don't have the stick teuftness financially to wear down the other guys and win. that's where mitt romney figured you have the money, you can afford the early buns.
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george bush discovered that. but by and large, money gives you durability. and that's what bush is looking for. >> a tremendous number of advantages that come from money. mitt's team is probably looking, if we're able to get rid of christie this is a clear field. neil: have them all go around the so-called mainstream label. another might emerge, but he would block that. >> that's the idea. but that would be a hysterical underestimation of people like rand paul. last time we saw in 2016, a bunch of people taking early states. a couple of other narrow candidates, if one of these guys take early states, the money and the momentum can completely go away for a guy like jeb bush. neil: early on. it's unusual.
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we'll watch closely. happy new year. well, you know there is something about this picture that has twitter going nuts. carson daily's new year's eve hat trick.
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neil: well, new year's peeve. twitter going nuts over carson daly's decision to wear an nypd hat. as if there's not enough reason to hate him he's wearing an nypd hat. another ignorant privileged white man supporting police brutality. say it ain't so in what what is quickly becoming one of the hottest segments for good reason. do you think carson daly went over the line? >> no. he did the right thing. stop complaining. outside this fine building there's a
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protest as we speak. god hates fox. you should know how god feels about msnbc though. but what are they -- all the police are out there. the security -- excuse me. we're security. so i said oh, joe i'm going to see neil cavuto. they said come right in. they love you. i said to the cops. i said what are they doing? don't these people work? don't they work? not a lot of them. maybe 20 of them. what are they doing? neil: i guess there will be more. >> these are the folks that are in high-crime areas. it's not the police that are gunning for young you know, black kids. it's not. they're just trying to keep the peace in tough areas. neil: why do you have to be anti-police. right? >> no one can figure it out. i see -- you know what, neil we're italian americans. we're very proud of you
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on tv. there's some gangsters out there. neil: is that strange -- >> so they're italians. rudy giuliani shuts them down. do you get mad at them? you see go, get them. you can't get mad at the police. they're trying to keep the peace. it's amicable. nothing to get crazy about. you have to give carson daly credit for that. neil: and any of my gang members that watch the show. a man believed to be fighting with isis inadvertently broadcasting his movements within syria by geotagging his own tweets. mark taylor shown here not the brightest bubble apparently deleted 45 long-standing tweets after discovering, holy heck, they can discover where
3:32 am
i am. he's from new zealand, so he doesn't sound like that. are we underestimating the enemy here? >> yes. i've been following this. when you look at the suet swath where isis takes over this caliphate, it looks like a young child took a paintbrush and went up -- they don't know where they're going or what they're doing. neil: you could say the same about the 9/11 terrorists. it was crude. they stumbled -- it came out okay, but it was not, these were not the smartest lightbulbs. do we risk underestimating them because a couple of them are stupid enough to tweet their positions. >> you shut them down. you're absolutely right. you inflame the islamic fundamentalists. those are the fringe. you would inflame the fringe and have police assassinated. if you inflame that fringe, it will be dangerous with isis. i think they can shut them down.
3:33 am
go over there. knock them out. small tactical force -- neil: they're all over the place. >> i talk to the generals on the radio. get there. put boots on the ground. and you go and you whack them. because -- because it should be quiet. it shouldn't be, we're coming here to get you. it should be done. and the president should go, what happened? i don't know. they'll be gone. i think it's doable. not to understatement, you know, the danger, but i think it's very doable. neil: fair enough. a big blow up after big bang theory actress says she's not a feminist. enjoys cooking for her husband. she has since apologized for the comments arguing they were taken out of context. what's to apology about? i don't mind cooking for my wife. i mean, i order out, but
3:34 am
it's the same thing. >> can you introduce me to a woman like that. i'm available. i need someone like that. neil: why did she have to apologize. >> i'm a father of three daughters. i tell them, you don't need a man. and when i hear someone say, serve your man -- i like to serve my man. it makes me nervous as a father of daughters. it seems a little condescending. neil: she's talking about cooking him a meal. shut up. >> joseph, no one cooks a meal. anyone cook you? ma you met the women in the -- neil: she's saying, now and then i like to cook a nice meal to make him happy. >> if she's happy it's fine. look at me i'm an old-fashioned guy. i would die to meet a woman like that. neil: nothing -- >> i would love for a woman to say look what i cooked for you.
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joe, i made you dinner. wait. i'm dying. when i have daughters, i worry about the future, and i think they should not be subservient to men. neil: you're interpreting this as being subservient by just cooking a meal. >> the guy better cook my daughter a meal. neil: are you tough on the guys they bring home? >> yes. neil: oh, my gosh. you don't have a shotgun? >> yeah, i have a shovel. are you the same way? neil: i am indeed. >> i drive my 15-year-old crazy. i like the kid. i like the kid now. but i'm cautious about it. neil: you would be tough -- >> what i love -- neil: it's a meal, neil. >> and it's tradition. and it's nice. neil: it's a male or female -- take a chill pill. >> she can do what she wants, but not my
3:36 am
daughters. neil: you agree with that? she's shaking her head. doesn't want to answer. >> if you ask me that before i have daughters i would say that's great. that makes tradition in the household. my mother says that. the italians. the father works and the mother cooks the meal. when you have young daughters and you look at that, you want the empowerment of these young women. neil: kind of like michelle obama. >> yeah. neil: last time -- they say it's better to have loved and lost. is it better to have loved and lost a billion dollars? oil tycoon says has put him -- a billion
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neil: harold millionaire tycoon who accepted a billion dollar divorce settlement with his ex-wife, welled he's looking he's
3:40 am
looking to appeal. do you think he has a case? attorney kelly simmons says he doesn't. why doesn't he? >> well, this was a court proceeding. he went through ten weeks of testimony. the judge heard all the evidence. a ruling was made. this is last less than 14% of his net worth. as well as, if he got an upswing, he's not going to say i should give her more money. they were married for 26 years. so she is going to prevail. and he won't get a reduction. neil: but his financial situation has changed. has it not heather? >> that's right. kelly is right. there was a long trial here. the judge made a specific ruling. based on his fortune. if you take away these enormous numbers that are hard to understand and put it in percentage, the judge gave him a percentage. now because of the drop of oil that has increased exponentially. he has a strong argument
3:41 am
that something out of my control has changed the breakdown to such a degree that it needs to be changed. neil: he can always sell stocks to get to the billion? >> he could arguably. he would have to take out loans in order to pay her all that money. the decrease in his fortune should be a decrease in hers. neil: have you ever had a billion dollar settlement? >> i'm not aware of a billion dollar settlement. with michael jordan's it was 160 million. trump's wife got 100 million when she broke up with trump in settlement. experts were predicting in this particular case if she the wife in this case, sue ann, if she got everything she was asking for, she would have been awarded 3 billion. that's more than oprah has. neil: there's that. was this built on a sliding scale?
3:42 am
why didn't he then build there, that is assuming i maintain this rate of wealth? >> well, neil, it was ultimately up to the judge. that's a good argument to be made. the judge did not give stocks to the parties. in which case, they would have had a loss in their ultimate fortunes. he has a strong argument. the numbers we're talking are outrageous. the question whether either one of them could not sustain themselves on this kind of money, it's ultimately coming down to their egos i think. neil: you try getting by on a billion dollars, young lady. where is it going, kelly? >> it's not going anywhere. they're both appealing. she said she didn't get ofenough. he's saying his net worth has decreased and he shouldn't have to pay her. you have to show it's against the manifest
3:43 am
weight of the evidence. did the judge make a clear error? even if he lost half of it, we're still talking about 1.4 out of $9 billion. so the bottom line is right now, they're both rattling their cages. i think they'll end up settling. i don't think the will go through. even though the money is not an issue in legal fees. >> this was a negotiation tactic on his part to sort of, as kelly said give it a counter so they can meet in the middle. neil: thank you very much. >> smart people. happy new year. neil: all right. another cavuto quiz for you. how much does an iphone cost? these prices that could be great news for apple in 2015. i thought they were bright people. ♪cause nothin ever gonna make this world better♪ ♪if we don't start believin♪ ♪love really really really is the answer♪ ♪everybody join hands cuz it's time now, you know♪
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♪spread the love, spread the love♪ ♪all over the world♪ ♪spread it all over the world♪
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neil: all right. in tonight's biz blitz president obama signing an executive order giving new sanctions on north korea. back with our all-stars. north korea may not have had anything to do with this or was paying someone inside who was disgruntled. do you think this does anything? >> our fbi says that's the case. that they're absolutely certain that north korea actually did this. the reaction of the president does not surprise me in the slightest bit. we have to protect american interest. this is an attack. it might not be a physical attack. not dropping bombs on us. when they attack the infrastructure of the american economy, it's a big deal. i'm glad he did this. neil: why can't we take out their internet like i think we did last week? why can't we do that? >> we can. we can do a number of things. this happens to be the most heavily sanctioned
3:48 am
country on the planet. this approach will be different. it looks like they're going after its own financial infrastructure, and i've been saying from the beginning, the only way we can contain these hostile nations is to stop funding them. neil: i thought they had sanctions up the yin-yang. >> they definitely do. they're the most heavily sanctioned countries in the world. it's great obama is taking leadership for once. at the same time he blamed sony a week or two ago for the exact same thing now. yes, he has to come out and impose sanctions on them. do i think they're going to be effective? probably not. if we did shut down their internet, so far we haven't commented, i think that's probably the better way to go. neil: that's the tony soprano spran response. >> you would love that. that's a fair response.
3:49 am
we can do the same thing back to you. neil: all your lights are out. how do you like that? on to issue two the price is wrong. how much do the price is right contestants think an iphone costs. >> 7,500. >> 7,500. mark. >> 7,501. >> hope the marketing people on apple are watching this. neil: that's what happens when you're watching cnbc. should apple be raising their prices right now. >> they clearly valued them more than they were worth. i was shocked to find out a new iphone six costs $1,100 with a data plan. it makes me wonder how so many people can afford iphones. when i went in to get my iphone 5 i had a data plan through
3:50 am
verizon. it was like $150 with the upgrade. that's not even a 6 plus. neil: welledthey were trying to factor in the calling plans. >> no. even -- the guesses were ridiculous. it's not $7,500. neil: it's like $3,500. we should all know that. >> apple won't raise their prices. the pricing for their products and services are already at an all-time high. this is their marketing. what people feel about theirtheir brand. it shows how out of touch americans are with their finances. >> wait. come on, guys. we're talking about an iphone here. the american people when you compare the iphone to the obama phone which just talks and texts. that looks like a huge difference in technology.
3:51 am
neil: what i like about you guys, you can take any issue and bring it back to the incompetence of president obama. touche on that. in all seriousness, if i'm apple and i'm hearing this and people will pay mightily -- they don't discount anything. right? >> why should they. neil: if i'm apple jeez, we'll charge $3,500. >> people would be dumb enough to pay. >> she was factoring the cost of the nsa agent that would be hired to monitor that phone. >> that's the salary and pension. neil: just amazing. you guys are carrying this hate into the new year. you're not jumping into this. the new republican-led congress making plans to strike back against the white house's food policies. is 2015 the year we take our twinkies back. michelle obama's lunch program isn't panning
3:52 am
out. kids aren't eating it. they're going to reverse it. >> i think 2015, every tuesday should be twinkie day. every american should eat twinkies and show the white house we own our own. >> neil, i think 2015 will be the year of the chicken fry. i know how much you love those, as do i. i think they'll come back. the g.o.p.-lead congress will bring them back. it's going to cost about 1.2 billion for the industry to calorie count. while america has an obesity problem, i will admit that, bringing in wide sweeping government regulations definitely does nothing to solve the problem. it's not the solution to our problems. neil: obesity is a strong word. when they said morbidly obese, really? >> they call it a disease now. >> neil, think about it even if the school
3:53 am
nutrition association has gotten behind this, they represent 55,000 schools. they're against this. if they're against this -- neil: they're against the lunch program? >> they're against the actual regulations. they feel it's being wasteful. kids aren't eating the food on their plates. neil: maybe i'll give the first lady the benefit of the doubt. if they don't eat something, well, you'll have the same thing all the time. eventually they'll eat it. >> people have a right to know what they're putting in their body, whether it's good or bad. but i like the idea. the problem is: it shouldn't come from the top down. it should come from the states. neil: the states aren't doing it. our kids are getting fat. >> we have an obesity issue, but we also have a bigger issue. 7% of high school students don't graduate, 25% take extra time graduating. neil: they're too busy getting obese. all right. ashley, final word. >> well, here's how we
3:54 am
tie to obama. the fda regulations were stuffed into obamacare. this $1.2 billion thing on the industry is coming from obamacare. neil: you're a hater. all right, well, hillary clinton will not be the next democratic candidate for president. i've been saying that. just now, a lot of you smarty pants are saying, you know neil, you're right. i'll accept your apology later. more, after this. úpromise was made.
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a promise that hit the beaches of normandy. a covenant that split the skies over berlin. a vow that captured iwo jima. a promise was made. a solemn oath that liberated seoul. a sacred trust that defended khe sanh. a pact that dug in in da nang. a contract that weathered tet. a promise was made. a pledge that stormed the desert in iraq. a bond that patrolled door-to-door in fallujah. an iou that braved ieds in kandahar. a promise was made. to america's veterans. a promise we all must keep. dav fights for all veterans and their families so they get the health care, financial benefits and support they earned. if youu'e a veteran who needs help, or you'd like to help us keep the promise visit
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>> "what's the deal, neil?." >> what is the deal with my saying hillary clinton will not, will not be the democratic candidate for president? i said it before and a lot of you laughed, but today, today, today, a lot of you aren't laughing anymore and singing a very different tune. my tune. marie on facebook writes --
3:58 am
no, but i am psychotic, it's both, actually. jesse -- i think that base is going to revolt against her, that is a distinct possibility. ellen -- i think her husband has enough in speaking fees, i don't think that's what's motivating her. jerry -- what is not to love? we could do worse than to have a cannoli revolution in this country. dawn --
3:59 am
doesn't bill o'reilly know it! phyllis, you better talk to josh, he's had it. this viewer's going to get stimulated elsewhere. please do. if you are typical viewers who watch me, i will deal with lousy ratings than have you. meanwhile, chelsea writes the following -- stand in line! anyway, go to cavuto.
4:00 am
it is incumbent upon all of you to make a new year's resolution i'm sensitive to fat jokes and you interrupt too much. really? is that what you would tell that which i am b every night at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. in the meantime, have a great weekend everyone. >> good evening, everybody, i'm cheryl casone in for lou dobbs tonight. the obama administration finally retaliating against north korea for hack attack against sony pictures possibly the costliest cyberattack ever on an american company. the white house slapping new economic sanctions on pyongyang's arms industry and intelligence operations. reaction from general jack keane whether sanctions are the right move. protesters taking to the streets from the east to west coast marching against brutal police tactics and a lack of accountability. the demonstrations


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