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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  January 21, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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york. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ neil: welcome, everyone. i am neil cavuto. now we know for sure that not all elections have consequences. this was the wind blind approved it for me. >> i have no more campaigns to run. my only agenda -- [applause] i know because i won both of them. neil: oh no you didn't. what you left out is election that happened a couple months ago that he didn't win. maybe he figured because he wasn't running even though he was very much on the ballot. the issue he was championing was the same one that the voters were rejecting, as if that consequence hadn't registered
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and as if it had never happened. just like pundits and politicians are doing on legal cable shows, forgetting he had done the same thing for years as president and before that on more than just cable shows. just as it struck me as a little odd, no offense, mr. president you've all but made it just as it has with the constant fundraising he was talking about last night, never once mentioning he is the all-time fund-raising champ, the president is certainly entitled to his opinion. but he is not entitled to rewriting history. so we have the editor of the hill on what he makes of august. only some elections have consequences and only some states can be deemed hypocritical. what did you make of that? >> well, it was very telling
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because the president did not acknowledge that he lost the senate. he didn't acknowledge the new senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell. when john boehner became the speaker obama acknowledged him. he did not do that with mitch mcconnell. last year the president said that his policies were on the ballot. there is no doubt about it but the president has gone some bump in the polls recently. but when you look back to 2009 and he helped to bring some democrats into office, since that time when he was sworn in, there were about 70 fewer democrats and i'm sure some of those democrats were watching that last night, thinking that you didn't help me last year. >> i was thinking about how it happens sometimes. i was thinking there has to be a strategy. maybe improving economic numbers, maybe the markets, i know there was a great moment
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when he was meeting with his aides and there for the holiday. saying wait a minute, maybe we have been sort of you know stepping lightly on this recovery because not everyone is feeling it and we ought to fully embrace it and run with it. something changed, added it all up he was going to go on the offense even though many in his party and certainly republicans found it offensive. but the stage is set now. >> basically his message last night was my policies are working, look at the economy it's more of a message and you couldn't even think about this a couple of months ago, but the economy has made a rebound and they are making the case that they have turned the corner. they have made this case before. you know, when the great recession was over some is part of a recovery this is a bit of
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the rolling of the dice. but it is obama going on offense and playing to his base. neil: did not anyone pick up on the cable news shows he's been on a lot of cable news shows and it obviously didn't hurt him, he didn't have a problem, when it came to fundraising, you know to promote it she is doing this almost 24/7. i found it odd, but no one made a big deal of it. >> i think it is revealing that the president is constantly criticizing cable news and says he doesn't watch it. so i think he's watching. neil: thank you very much, bob. the president is on the road now selling those tax hikes and selling the minimum wage hikes remember the argument last night that it is the right thing to do. but then i thought to myself wait a minute, these are the
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same western nations whose job total beans combine didn't match what we saw in the usa. so why would that be? maybe because we don't force base. and that is for now what do you think? >> i think that -- well i run a business. you are raising all the rates along with it for senators and payroll tax and the cost of obamacare.
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when you're a small business, you don't have a lot of people. neil: so what do you think when he says this is the right thing to do. and i'm thinking maybe because we don't demand all of that yet. >> in upstate york when you add costs to the bottom line that makes this noncompetitive, it forces us to lay off and use machinery and in the past we have had to lay off workers because it is more efficient and more cost effective. neil: it's a two-tier minimum wage. how is that going to go down? >> all of those people, we will
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have the business they are. >> i think guys like you wonder. it will be hard for us to compete. we are not competing with the guy down the street we to run a pharmaceutical packaging firm. and what you end up with its huge cost, you know? neil: and what if the government is funding that bill? >> that is exactly what it's about. >> its inflationary measure. in our case, we can't do anything about that if they have lowewageacro thborde what are we going to end up with? we are going to hit and up with the highest regulatory burden in
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the country in new york state added. the compliance cost, everything that we must talk about is a business. neil: assemblywoman, thank you so much. president obama says that a drop in the deficit and these deficits are getting smaller each year say that the skeptics got it all wrong. commission cochair and what he makes of that. what he ignored was the debt that piled up. they are piled on top up on top of the debt, that is out of control. so when he was declaring victory, what did you think? >> i think i have a different view of that. the trouble is the american people don't understand the difference difference between the deficit and the debt. and i hope that the debt will
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disappear. neil: they are saying that the percentage of gdp is not so bad, but i'm thinking of a as your monthly tab is going down, but you are not cracking the overall debt or the total debt that you piled up and it's getting bigger and bigger. >> $22 billion with the things that he is proposing and if you want it, pay for it. there's no way you're going to pay for the stub their paying for it. >> he wants a legacy and don't forget in about 20 years ago they will say where you when
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they were talking about in the solvency in social security and the health care system where all the cost containment was down the road when it came up. you were there. neil: good luck coming out of your shell. and it is $16 trillion bigger than when it took office and
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that is choking us. it is killing us. even though no one is really telling us that. wow, ted cruz is going to make this case. but why do they think that he is a head case. >> we are trying to get the greatest country in the history of the world
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neil: ted cruz saying that the big guys are throwing wet socks that jeb bush.
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>> every time that we follow the advice of the washington consultants and run to the middle, we lose and it happens over and over again, whether it is journaled for or mitt romney, it is not a winning strategy. neil: what do you think, jamie? >> maybe we wish it was true, but the reality is that we had the exception of ronald reagan. >> he was up against a disastrous candidate. watergate would later unravel, but george mcgovern kind of laid the groundwork for that. >> he fits the pattern. nixon was certainly to the center and so was george w. bush that ran as a compassionate conservative. the reality is it's talent of
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the candidate more than ideology. >> i could also think of george bush senior in 1998. >> the primaries push them to the right, they came with a centrist pragmatic push to the right in the primary and then when you have to try to campaign more to defend this in the general election it seemed authentic. i think that there were other problems with romney ted cruz is not the first that we have seen like rand paul certainly not afraid to dip his toes back in the water. but if he wants to be having a shot at being nominated, you
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have to connect him with a conservative candidate in the general election and right now his biggest problem is electability. >> i think that we are talking about this but we were key to a lot of of this is having a sense of humor. >> that is something else that i think that cruz was directing at people. this idea of a personality standing out. but comediennes they were not. so what do you think of that? >> i agree with that entirely. winston churchill said like amanda grins while he fights. that is what ronald reagan was.
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>> he wasn't firing on also wonders. and the point is that i don't think it matters with that ideology, you can have a more conservative candidate and i don't think it is an ideological thing. i think there's a fierce conservative that can be elected and it depends upon their town that we are in. >> this is bringing back the problems come he wasn't the kind of candidate and it it really sort of magnified that instead. what ted cruz does have i am always impressed with and he connects with the audience, that is what he does and i think that
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he would be very successful there and appealing to those types of people. we have this coming up this weekend. >> we will watch closely and we do agree. meanwhile this. >> any effort to try to tie keystone to the payroll tax cut i will reject. >> it's not going to be a huge benefit to u.s. consumers. >> with respect to keystone my position hasn't changed. >> not so fast. what if i told you and i will explain it all after this
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neil: i'm telling you that we are set to make a keystone deal. >> we can create 30 times as many jobs per year. >> he didn't say that he was going to veto the keystone legislation that was almost going to be on its way next week. but what he did holdout is this idea of a greater infrastructure measure that he could supported with a bipartisan congress and plenty of support for that. it would be bigger than the jobs generated from the pipeline alone in his comment is just there.
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i think that it is an interest and i also think that it is going to get done. and we are already providing for lost. >> it made me rethink the whole thing. we have the democrat supporter a bicycle path in the keystone museum, and then policy as well. i like it as well.
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neil: and so you really didn't have to pay him a huge sum. >> i do think that the republicans should reach across the aisle. and what do you think? >> i am a big proponent of the keystone pipeline, it checks the box of the environment as well as energy production. and -- >> if that is the only way that you can get it. and you're quite right to question and it was the only thing that can be done to ensure that keystone is wrapped up and completed. >> i don't think so this is why. because of how many bridges to nowhere do we have.
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>> i would like to know. we are between a rock and a hard place. one of the reasons that i'm opposed to this is that not only dashed. neil: it should sell itself. more later we have small business owners, remember david he was a phenomenal acre. but the government beat him. he's doing something different now and giving a warning to all those other men and women who think that they could struggle. >> that policy is totally unaffordable with the rate of doing business. i have higher unemployment cost showing up
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neil: the president wanted to talk to a bigger friend of ours because he asked americans to turn the page. david mcarthur was forced to turn away from his business. what happened? >> well, what has it been? for years that we have been talking back and forth? i've always said that it's been a tough road. this last year as the president talks about how we have turned around i'm sure for myself and other business people out there we turned it around and financially i could not afford to stay with the family business any longer. but i gave up about 10 years of my life from an impacting salary cut. at the point where i couldn't pay the bills and i had to make a hard choice and say that i have to look elsewhere.
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>> what happened as we were actually bought out. so someone was able to go and get some financing and came along to be able to make changes to the business that we knew that the business needed to grow. >> let's just say that the suppliers got paid and the employees are still employed. >> i stayed and it actually gives me the opportunity to hear from many small business people of what though real world is out there. and it not just my opinion i'm able to literally hear from hundreds of other people fighting what government has done to small business. >> i don't think that this
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economy would ever come back until we saw fuel prices drop strangely enough prices are down and there were a lot of commodities they go into the stock. and there are many that experienced what you did as we speak. what do they need when you talk to them now. what do they tell you that they need and want and want to see you. >> there is still the number one and a company that i work for right now, i've been there for nine months and months in this.
8:33 pm
and they seem their stuff spike. and that is just the rules the paperwork that it takes and how many hours the employees work today. the bureaucracy of running a business. the hours that go on in the back room, that is something that the customer never sees and that is the thing that is stifling. when you are in small business you are not producing anything anymore and in your mind is not building your business, you are fiddling with rules and regulations and the other ministers to keep it open.
8:34 pm
and we were in business six years, got into debt mostly out of the debt. so as randy said, if i could've had money at 3.5% i would've had no debt, government does nothing to help small business survive. it is reality. neil: we want to keep this post and keep us updated. be well my friend. hang in there. >> we look forward to it. >> meanwhile, the president is pushing for it that minimum-wage hike. ralph nader is on board with that. you have heard from this guy he said that there is a big
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difference between those running a bakery and others and a wal-mart or target. should we distinguish this? should we say one wage does not fit all? >> first of all, he can get rid of his health insurance by going for full medicare fraud and he said the system works well, we don't have to pay these premiums >> i hear where you are coming from. >> i'm in minimum-wage. this is a restoration. >> i'm in minimum-wage. this is a restoration. back from 1962 now come you have 30 million workers making less now than in 1968 with worker productivity doubled. and you will see leading
8:36 pm
conservatives being quoted as saying that we need to increase consumer demand. neil: it's a constant emotional issue on the table, but there is a big difference between a small house at like this and a large conglomerate like wal-mart. >> yes, there is a big difference and one can bear it better than the other. neil: this is a very different environment there. >> the philosophy behind small businesses is minimum-wage, if you can't pay minimum wage, you don't have the right business structure.
8:37 pm
you have to be able to pay decent wage and that is the whole thing. >> they have frozen the executive salaries. >> if you want more economic demand and consumer demand, you have to restore the minimum wage. that is why we wrote those terrific articles. >> we have to recognize reality. so we are kind of on the same page. >> 20 restore for inflation, there's a lot of this going
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neil: everyone in the dome could not stop laughing. and they were not cheering the state of the union, they were getting a sneak peak of the fox news blockbuster strange inheritance. it premieres right after this show. and you can go to fox business for a preview. go to "strange inheritance."
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sharing customer data with private companies, this guy warned about something like this happening. >> we have a lot of personally identifiable information, it's actually protected under the law, 26 usc 2103 is supposed to protect your personal and confidential information and in other words we couldn't find out what lois lerner was doing. he cut his they stood behind that protection. >> they say that that is the case here.
8:43 pm
they might get common themes like social security and they would not put the two together. i always found that facetious. >> people forget that you can find out who someone is and where they live by putting in their phone number, there is a reverse listing. and smart companies can reverse it. so it's very clear that you can identify people and if you can undoubtably you will but more importantly this was taken involuntarily from the american people. laws were passed that force them to participate in any kind of disclosure, especially if it was that or moneymaking or some other political purpose.
8:44 pm
neil: in fact, it does happen and we discover later on but they are recommending all these sort of ointments. what do they know that i didn't want? >> they say in washington that truth is the first casualty, but when it comes to be irs the casualties are everywhere and we were told one figure only to find out that they included dental plans and additionally when they did this with health care dog, people accidentally entering a wrong number and were ending up getting other people's identifiable information and this was happening because the plan was ill-conceived in the beginning. and these were obviously premeditated and well thought out and i think that congress needs to say enough is enough.
8:45 pm
and people's lives are supposed to be protected especially when this takes information from them, including information that under hipaa is very sensitive. you know it it changes your cost of doing business exactly what we should be protecting. neil: congressman, thank you so much. >> i'm sure that you are happy about this.
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neil: in tonight's business
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blitz. who says that cheaters never win? the nfl could find the patriots after finding 11 footballs were underinflated after sunday's game with the cold, colts but they will still play in the super bowl. >> i don't think if it's true that it's strict enough. they are calling it spying on the new york jets. this is big business. winning this game is like this. >> i am a jets fan. but the truth is that maybe they should have a 25,000-dollar fine to this organization. neil: >> i think that this is on the margins. ultimately you have to have the
8:50 pm
right players to win. i don't think that inflating or deflating a ball was done there have been so many studies. sometimes it is a disadvantage. so we don't want to get too caught up. it's the talent that matters. neil: alex enriquez hanging around with berry bonds has some people just wondering. >> it's really awkward, the two of them were caught in the web. they were basically rightfully attacked what they got involved in. neil: is he the trainer of bonds? >> i think that he's going to mentor him. because rodriguez is going to be a swing hater enact this is like tonya harding giving a lecture on unsportsmanlike conduct.
8:51 pm
he has a 39-year-old baseball player and he was great once. he's two years out of league. he's done. neil: what do you make of it? >> that tonya harding images stuck in my head now. [laughter] i thought it was surprising although we saw this coming throughout the first in october. i think that we have sort of scene that he is sticking his toes in the water and saying that it doesn't seem like a positive response at this point. >> there's always going to be an asterisk. and you want to watch baseball and enjoy it and not have second thought about it. neil: when we come back, other financial network say we are all
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neil: i think about those that missed out. if you really missed fox business' coverage of last night's state of the union address, i'm just telling you you missed out on a lot. >> the president of the united states. [applauding] neil: this process takes a while. so if you haven't gone to the bathroom yet, you might have missed out on dinner. now is the chance to get some supper. i would go to go ahead and make breakfast if i were you. >> the president doubled down. he promised more and more government spending. more and more debt. more and more of the policies that have produced the lower labor force participation rate since 1968. obama: let's close the loopholes by allowing the top 1% to avoid taxes. we can use that money to
8:56 pm
help with child care and send kids to college. >> it looks like a lot of political theater. he's chosen things that would be divisive. we need a unifier. >> he'll always go where the money is. you want to make sure you don't go where the boats are. that's the nature of the game being played. i'm perfectly willing to do it on a alphabetical basis. >> people need to look closer at the republican party this next go around. you have this the top front runners. governor bush an outstanding governor in florida. >> are you saying you will support a republican next time? >> i would strongly consider jeb bush. he was the governor of my state for eight years. an outstanding job. he is a businessperson. >> you would support him over hillary clinton? >> i would give it strong consideration. >> a lot of people reacted to the fact that
8:57 pm
you are considering a run for president and if so, you would be the only woman in the bunch. >> well, neil, i was only with you a couple of days ago. i continue to seriously consider it, but it's only been a couple of days. neil: i think you could finance your campaign on just those hp cartridges. they're not cheap. >> to give the hardest working americans a raise. >> businesses can't afford this. between state regulations, county regulations, and all the health inspections this tax and that tax. this kind of thing, the margins are shrinking so fast. i don't know how small businesses will survive. >> let's set our sights higher than a single pipeline. let's pass a bipartisan infrastructure plan that can create way more jobs and make us stronger for decade to come. >> the decline in the oil price has somewhat comprised the economics of the heavy oil, which would be shipped in that pipeline. but canadians are in the
8:58 pm
state of uncertainty waiting to see what the us does. >> i grew up casttrating hogs on an iowa farm. >> she made a big deal about castration and pigs. why should i go on when rich edson can take the slack. rich. she was by design the choice. right? >> she was. and i thought it impossible to bring that little tidbit up. i'm glad you did it as opposed to me. >> would it kill republicans to crack a joke? >> if you're up against let's say hillary clinton, jimmy fallon she is not. so are you worrying too much about the humor thing? >> well, look, that particular comment was at a rally in south carolina where someone asked the question, how do we appeal to young people? lighten up, have a sense of humor cut a joke. that was the point. and it's something we try to have fun with. in fact i told a story you may remember some
8:59 pm
months ago when i went out to california and a street artist, for some reason put up posters of me shirtless with a ripped muscled body covered in tattoos. a giant eagle. winston churchill in my bicep and a cigarette dangling out of my mouth. i have to note, there's a clear glaring error. i don't smoke cigarettes. neil: i'm hoping you saw that in the first run. other business channels may have taken the night off. we proved we're the only financial network that cares about your money. when those other guys say, we're watching every step of the way, we have your back, in a big night like that where they're outlining more regulations and all that stuff that's near and dear to you. i don't care which side you're on, you have every right to ask yourself, wait a minute. and you have every right to remember the channel that was with you standing by you watching out for you
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