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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  January 23, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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it. as you can see transporting is here. money starts now. cheryl: we are getting some breaking news. breaking news just moments ago. we will bring you details in just a couple of moments here. the death of a saudi king. new leadership could mean date changes. fox business turf. charlie gasparino wrapping up a big week and down votes. bracing for the first torres are of 2015. even when they say it's not, it is always about money. ♪
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breaking news. the nfl finally sounding off. saying they are looking into things. over the past several days, only 40 interviews have been conducted. the statement also saying that they will be looking at video electronic information gathering. the coach and quarterback have denied any knowledge of anything happening. let's bring in john lonski. portfolio manager steve nicholas. big news breaking.
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i want to get your reaction here. the nfl has physical evidence that they are reviewing. >> yes. i think this is a sad commentary . it shows the lack of integrity. cheryl: this goes to the integrity of the game. this goes to the super bowl. they won the game with these walls. as we know this is cheating. 15% deflation, you can feel it. it will be a little bit
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disruptive. we had this thing that we are investigating. >> this is really bad for the patriots and the nfl. this is good for marketers. a lot of them are using tweet hash tags and tweeting and marketing mix that have to do with the scandal. >> this is terrible for the patriots franchise. >> they will be giving us updates and very public about what they find. it will be interesting. we will get back to john and the markets.
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a new king taking over the throne in saudi arabia. the white house saying the president will speak in coming days. or they'll oil just on the news of the death last night. the kingdom is pledging to keep the existing policies in place. >> a lot of problems for countries like venezuela. getting oil that low. during the worst of the global financial crisis, no lower than dirty $9 per barrel of oil. >> oil has not reached a bottom
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yet. >> they can weather that. they will push the oil price is lower. let's just go back for a second. global growth is decelerating. cheryl: i disagree with you. they have pressure coming from all sides. >> you think that political instability will keep the price? >> i think that they are fighting for their lives.
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>> they said that they are sticking to the same. >> that is what they say. let's bring the story back here at home. coming to the white house today to talk relations. that is quite the turn after the president sat down for interviews with three of you tubes. famous in part for taking a bath in milk and cereal. take a listen. >> your first wife -- >> my first wife? >> -- i mean. >> do you know something i don't know? [laughter] >> i guess they taste pretty
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cool. >> president obama even posed for a sophie after the interview. >> for him i think that it is good. they have tons of young subscribers to their youtube channels. i think that he did a good job. >> absolute proof that the obama presidency is a lame duck presidency. his agenda is complete. if you wants to want to continue it, he has to figure out who will best represent his brand going forward.
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>> that is why he is appealing to a lineal. cheryl: we will go back to sports. go pro announcing it is teaming up. you are a money guy. you have to love go pro. >> i am a value investor. it is great for the nfl. it is great for fans. go pro fans are really unique. >> all right. >> i think that we should have these on all the referees in
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every single sport. >> i agree. bigfoot is not just a legend. >> he is an investment opportunity. describing himself on emerging growth business. $7000 in sales and assets. >> getting the job back to go public with it. >> too much government intervention. i cannot possibly take this seriously.
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>> i would like to think of me as a nigerian princess. cheryl: you are a princess to all of us here in this studio today. >> a dress rehearsal and iowa. 82016 run. plus, charlie gasparino parties with the billionaires and all those. more money coming up. >> any other topic's? lacking in awareness. >> the issue of global inequality. >> global inequality.
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cheryl: that other business network engaging in some dirty tax fix. it is not stopping us from scoring the must-see interview. bill gates sat down exclusively with maria bartiromo yesterday. >> our deficits. even that much greater than our economic growth rate. it took a percentage of the con ami. the big challenges what do we do about medical cost? cheryl: our own charlie gasparino making sure that no funny business was going on. charlie, what is up? >> and interesting couple of
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days. these are panels about meditation and how to make the world a better place. you go into the parties and you get to meet some really interesting people. it was not a rowdy party. i did not get arrested. other than that, this is a behind the scenes thing. you have the reality of what is going on behind the scenes with the unreality of what is going on with the world.
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they had the head of black rock going out there. we did a lot of that before meetings. he gave us his assessment of the state of union. no tax reform. we ran into a bunch of people that gave us an insight of what is going on. dan loeb wants to start his own business group your in new york city. that is kind of what was good about it. the world economic forum is 90% propaganda. you financially, what you see is not really what is going on behind the scenes. >> you did not get arrested? you did not get arrested. >> i did not get arrested.
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who should have gotten arrested are the thugs at cnbc. threatening our guest. at one point, when maria was going to interview brian, he is a ceo. he walks in and the jerks start tackling him. i had never heard of that before. i am all for playing hard. playing rough. trying to get stories. do you really have no how disgusting that is. >> it makes them look bad. >> i agree. charlie, come home. stay away from the jail. cheryl: i will be covering it. thank you very much. i cannot believe he did not get
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six saudi arabia is morning the death as his new leader quickly takes the throng. dropping oil prices and rising terrorism.
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let's go to the panel with more. phil flynn is out in chicago. welcome, to the both of you. first to the action and oil. it has kind of hacked off today. >> there was a lot of concern that the policies may be changing. we will keep this. that was the first royal proclamation. that is why the markets are backing off. the market that soft rollup that leave. the euro is very weak. i think the markets are still
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very nervous about what comes next in saudi arabia. we should mention, it was a good u.s. ally. obviously, you have what is happening in the arabian and it's a lot. what does this mean for the saudis? >> not established until the early 40th century. they have never faced such a consolation of crises. at the same time across the border in yemen they have had the iranian rebels create and stir everything up. you also have iran -- you have
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islamic states to the north. this affected young saudis. it is not hilarious paradox here. behind the scenes, the only significant and dependable ally they now have in the middle east is israel. >> i want to go back to the picture that he painted here. they're up economy is oil. that is why opec is continuing to resist any production cuts. that younger generation, they do not like the united states. that is the younger royal family that could rise the ranks of power. that is where your oil price can go higher. >> i think that you hit the nail on the head. we are ready no the extension.
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a lot of it has to do not only with the production policies on oil, but how they take the money. they try to become more fiscally responsible. he wanted to put some of that money back into the saudi arabia of economy. he'd did make the major row forms as well. obviously, it is very difficult to move forward and not hard at the world. he did take some significant steps forward. the other country i would want to keep an eye on is a country where king abdullah said military strength to them already. another hotspot that they have to calm down.
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>> this conversation will continue. things remain the same. many are questioning that. we shall see. stocks are flipping. let's go to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. >> let's take a look at ups. we knew that this thing would open up about $10 to the downside. that is a loss of nearly 10%. disappointing holiday sales. they have to think about their pricing. they came out with embers that are weaker than it. fedex reaffirming their 2015 outlook. also, liking what they see with fuel and oil.
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you are once secure investment could soon be taxed right out of your hand. what it means for your kids college fund. the controversy around american sniper. despite the harsh words cleaning up at the box office. piles of money coming up. ♪ isn't the only return i'm looking forward to. for some every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars.
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please fax it is game on for gop hopefuls this weekend. a campaign dry run. a who is who. excluding ted cruz, chris christie and rick perry. early front runners, that romney and jeff bush.
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both are fox news contributors. welcome to you. scott, i want to start with you. all the ceos were backing jeb bush by a wide margin. what do you make of this? >> it is early. i think that is what we have seen in the last couple of elections. toward the end of the race up towards the nomination, i actually say it is probably best for jeb right now. i would look later. month down the road. that is where i think that the boats will go.
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>> romney was there years ago. he lost. i think the republican economy is kind of shaking its head. he has been a republican party over all. it is not just the republican party. no one knows what they stand for. the libertarian way. or the mystical safety direction >> i want to take you to a different topic here. this is rand paul and jeff bush. they got caught in a twitter fight. here is what rand paul tweeted out. he misspelled the word friendship in the process. a spokesperson quick to fire
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back. todd, we are already seeing these guys going after each other. >> grammar aside i think there are bigger issues with common core. some of these common core assignment they are trying to say that our founding fathers were terrorists. really not that concerned with a misspelled word. i do not think it will be that big of a deal. >> what does the republican party stand for now. do they take a hands-off approach? >> or do they stand up for technology.
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>> this event in iowa is very important. especially when they did what they did. i think a lot of republicans are very concerned. they do not want their values. that is a big big deal. pay close attention to what happened happens at this event in iowa. >> i will see what that younger republicans start to come out and say. let's move onto something else. president obama is proposing to change the 529 college savings program. we now may be a lemonade in one of the most attract this features. it seems to me that this is
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strange. now they want to tax it. this was taxed before. they want to tax it again. >> i guess that college really is not free. if this actually happened, we have a serious college saving troubled in our country. i would probably be left just as deflated as the football as the new england patriots used in the championship. that is not good.
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3 b, freebies, freebies for the gift you, give me, give me generation. simply outrageous. they are planning to give everyone this constitutional right to an associates degree. >> thank you very much. great discussion with the three of you. appreciate it. the million-dollar love about to hit the auction block. those deflated footballs not going away anytime soon did some people have their doubts. >> i did not find this statement to be particularly compelling. >> i was shocked to learn the news reports about the
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radioshack receiving another listing from the new york stock exchange. shares have fallen around 90% in the past year. bird flu has been found in a u.s. duck for the first time. those are the latest headlines. money will be right back.
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to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come. >> went whether it is on wall street or main street, here is who is making money today. anybody with money on starbucks. the stocks up more than 6% right now. howard schultz. he has made it an extra amount. also making money. the owners of boxing history.
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they are now being auctioned off. a rematch in maine. expected to bring in $1 million when they go on the auction block. bankruptcy protection. let's bring you the latest. we brought you this breaking news. the investigation over the scandal on the game ball. the nfl finally did so in the last hour.
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we take seriously claims of those rules that have been violated and will fully investigate this matter without compromise or delay. he was generally calm. generally measured. he insisted he had no idea how it could have happened. >> i have no knowledge of anything. i am very comfortable saying that. as far as i know. i do not know everything. >> rady's teammates have come up today. >> he will handle it like he always does.
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>> never any doubt. no matter what the situation is. this game has a lot of trust. >> the nfl has so far conducted nearly 40 interviews. no word yet on whether they have interviewed brady himself. he has not heard from any nfl officials. one more important line, the statement says, the evidence thus far supports the conclusion that the footballs that were under inflated were used by the patriots. a lot more to find out in this ongoing bazaar investigation. >> i am glad you had time to go through it. a few stories on our radar right now. samsung may still be going after
2:45 pm
blackberry. $7.5 billion for the takeover. i ain't blackberry patents as it continues to fight apple. microsoft developing a smart scarf to keep you warm. it is controlled by an app. eventually to have sensors to tell your emotions. the internet will no longer exist. there will be so many devices and sensors that people will barely even notice that it is all around them all the time. let's get a check in with lori rothman. >> where are the best global investment opportunities?
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what are we missing? with claman continues her coverage. two representatives from those companies. cheryl: we will see you at the bottom of the hour. one part of the special joy that is flying commercial. why one company is betting you will enjoy airplane seats even more. one hundred oem dollars. the evolving situation. taking over part of libya as central bank. you can never have too much money. ♪
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cheryl: from the u.s. to every corner of the globe money is flying around the world today. invaded i fighters who are loyal. they will seize all the cash and gold inside the fall. up to $100 billion. over to italy. lifeguards are being replaced by drones. they say the drones are a lot quicker than humans. over to china. finding their face on a build board for everyone to see. officials say it is for
2:51 pm
everyone's benefit. >> now for a little fun. southwest airline seats into designer handbags. scott, where did you get this idea? >> southwest airlines came to us with the idea. the whole concept behind this was they renovated all of their airplanes and they had 80,000 leather seats. what they did not want to do is -- the circular economy. we continue to use materials over and over again. >> people sit in seats. are you getting kind of an new factor from customers?
2:52 pm
>> the demand on these has been off the charts. really, what is important about that is we partnered with a nonprofit that employees of adults with disabilities. we go through a two-step process with that. it allows them to be used again. >> they are good-looking bags. i can say that as a woman that holds a purse. what about the profits? >> we are doing this with u.s. manufacturing. we are doing it with a non-trough it. there is a lot of labor that goes into it. >> you cut the deal with southwest airlines. >> us working together with
2:53 pm
these nonprofits and making sure that we can make these bags. provide jobs for adults with disabilities. a big part of their goal. >> great guy. i have interviewed him a couple times. oxygen mask facemasks. >> there are lots of things coming up. available on lots of different products. cheryl: scott, thank you very much. a significant winter storm is threatening weekend travel. the corridor expected to be blanketed with a dangerous mix
2:54 pm
of snow, sleet and ice. the midwest and the south will not be spared. a record run for american sniper at the box office. famous director may have met his match in none other than bill clinton. these two are going head to head. at the end of the day it is about money. ♪
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how can power consumption in china impact wool exports from new zealand textile production in spain and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 85% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. cheryl: apparently, dealing with the e duos of robert deme row and jack nicholson didn't prepare him for the likes of bill clinton. struggles with control of the film, president clinton insisted on having more say over interview questions in the final
2:58 pm
version. i guess we're going to have to wait for the director's cut on that one. an american hero at the box office "american sniper" expected to hold onto the number one spot. analysts predicting the film could rake in an additional $50 million this weekend. adam shapiro's been covering the story today, and the controversy continues with this movie. >> you've got 107 million at the first box office, expect 45 million this weekend and matt taibi publishes an article in the rolling stone in which he says the movie is essentially stupid and the discussion of the movie, why would you even waste time? he criticizes, quote the mindset of the american public for buying into the bush administration's decision to go to war in iraq. and t just, you know, the film is resonating with americans and is going to brach all kinds of box -- break all kinds of box office records because they believe what the united states
2:59 pm
does, is that we are a country whose principles are good and that seems to be a problem -- cheryl: he said it's too black and white, fairy tale with the nutritional value of a fortune cookie. he completely ripped apart the film saying it was historically inaccurate. >> of course he's a moron, and that's okay. we've come to expect that from the folks over at the "rolling stone." this exposes that hollywood truly is aunt-military and -- anti-military and, quite frankly, anti-american. they can say everything they want to say, but their reaction to "american sniper" really exposes, you know, the stench the anti-american stench coming from hollywood. look, i know everybody i know on our facebook fan page has been going to see the movie, they love it. it's just a really powerful film that really tells the story about our american military. cheryl: it is so unfortunate really quick, adam, five seconds, that this is going to affect the oscars. >> right. what he said is moronic. this was the wrong article to
3:00 pm
write about this movie. cheryl: pleasure to have you both on the show. well, that is all for now. i hope that you're making money today. don't forget there's a brand new show starting on fox business, jamie colby hosts "strange inheritance." countdown starts now. lori: thanks so much. right now the nasdaq is higher, the dow and s&p both lower after lackluster earnings and revised outlooks. ups among those citing the huge costs of insuring timely deliveries the dow off 87 points into the closing bell here. shares down $10.72, huge hit following that news. aerospace and defense stocks also getting a boost in part due to better than expected earnings from honeywell profits edged up slightly as a result of lower tax. so that helped names like united technologies and northrup grumman to new highs today. it is the last hour of trading,


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