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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  January 27, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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as you toil in earned obscurity for the rest of your days. thank you so much for watching the show. follow me at kennedy nation. there is always a party online. i will see you tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern. good night. good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. the democratic rank and file on capitol hill today bowing their heads and lining up with president obama on the contentious issue of nuclear negotiations with iran. democrats who have chosen to align with the president despite their misgivings are now in clear opposition to the republicans and the stronger sanctions they seek against the iranian regime that is arguably the world's foremost sponsor of terrorism. tonight, we'll be talking with one of the leaders at the center of the iranian sanctions argument between republicans and democrats. the chairman of the senate banking committee, senator
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richard shelby will be here. also the chairman of the house select committee on benghazi who says the obama white house is still stonewalling his committee's investigation from the american people congressman trey gotti will be with us and the northeast blizzard that dumped more than two feet of snow in boston is overwhelming parts of new england tonight. we'll have the latest straight ahead. our first guest tonight says sanctions brought the iranians to the negotiation table in the first place and avoiding future sanction says the only incentive for iran to reach an agreement that would prevent them from building nuclear weapons. senator richard shelby, good to have you with us senator. >> thank you, lou. lou: this is unexpected. senator bob menendez amongst those. he said clearly a week ago that the president sounded at times as if his talk points were from
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tehran is now lined up with the president. what do you make of it. >> i think it's obama democratic politics. i would hope that we would come up with a bipartisan approach to sanctions we have in the past, but negotiations have been going on a long time. i think they're too protracted. i don't know anything good will come out of it. but i think obama is chasing a deal. he's wanting some kind of deal with iraq, but a bad deal is a bad deal and i think that sanctions worked they'll work harder and that's what's brought iran to the table thus far, and i believe it will keep them at a table and they will pay an awful price. >> the awful price they paid so far is the return of about 8.5 billion dollars that have been released from the administration. most recently under half a billion dollars. another 3 billion or so to be released before the june
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deadline as far as deadlines go with iran. they're not so quick to honor them or to meet them. what will be the impact? >> well you're absolutely right to point that out because that's a big apple or a big carrot that's been given iran to get them to the table, but i don't see any real concrete evidence of iran negotiating in good faith. i think this could be an existential question for israel, our ally in the area. this is serious, serious business. lou: very serious business as you say. iran absolutely opposed to the very existence of israel. netanyahu, the prime minister of israel very clear and very eloquent on the issue of how important it is that iran not, not continue to develop its nuclear weapons. where will we see the united states ultimately come down on
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this? another deadline comes and goes. it's extended. the next line to be extended. and there's a vote this week where. does that vote take us? >> well i am hoping that what we're going to do in the banking committee, which i can speak from thursday, which is just a couple of days from now. we're going to have a markup on some legislation to make it tougher and tougher as far as sanctions are concerned on iran. that's something the obama administration doesn't want. they've said, that they put pressure on their fellow democrats not to support it but we're going to bring it out and we're going to let people vote up or down on it. i hope they will vote the right thing, not the political thing. lou: and the political thing seems to be driving much of this, as the administration continues to suggest that each of the deadlines referred to are simply vague, abstract
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markers that can shift at any time at the administration's whim or the iranians insistence. march 24 says senator menendez that's as far as he's going to go at least it's an unofficial deadline or marker, as you suggested, he's put down. there has to be some sort of concrete progress. any idea how they would define it? any idea how you would define it? >> well, i would -- if we had a real comprehensive agreement that would keep iran from building a nuclear weapon that would be one thing. i don't believe this is going to happen. i think they're just stalling for time time, negotiations promises that they won't really ever field, not the serious once. i think that we're -- iran is going to eat our lunch dealing with these negotiations or having no negotiations just string us out.
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maybe i'm wrong. i hope i'm wrong. i believe history will probably show we're probably right. lou: iran's deputy foreign minister saying he informed israel that there will be consequences to their acts including a strike in which an iranian general was killed. the united states now in the position of carrying messages for the iranians to the israelis? how unseemly it will get? >> well it's baffling to a lot of us that this administration would not stand up with this ally. they claim they are. but when the sanctions proposals get tough, they want to put them off. they don't want to deal with it now. they want to negotiate more. we've been negotiating and been negotiating, i'm afraid that iran's going to get what they want, stall for time, and we're going to be out in the cold. lou: senator richard shelby always good to talk with you. >> appreciate it. lou: appreciate you being with
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us mr. chairman. radical islamist terrorists carried out another attack in western targets in the libyan city of tripoli. gunmen stormed a luxury hotel and killed nine people including an american, an american security contractor. three other foreigners. a libyan group claiming allegiance to the islamic state claiming responsibility for the attack on the corinthia hotel that sits along the mediterranean sea, popular with business men and women. and the islamic state issuing new threats online. latest messages include a direct threat to kill president obama and a pledge to kill a japanese and jordanian hostage in their custody. a second japanese hostage is believed to have been beheaded. speaking of beheadings, saudi arabia has carried out four beheadings of criminals under the reign of new king
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salman, he assumed the throne next week. president obama only brought up the issue of human rights in broad terms during his meeting with the saudi king today. former cuban leader fidel castro breaking his silence on paper over normalization talks writing a letter over the matter releasing one at least. the 88-year-old still hasn't been seen in public in more than a year no date has been set for a second round of talks between the united states and cuba. president's unilateral efforts to normalize relations driving a surge as well and the illegal immigration of cubans to this country. the federal government reporting cubans on boats and rafts has risen 117% from a year ago, and interceptions of cubans at the miami airport and along our southern border have risen 65%. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. the white house relents,
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. lou: the benghazi stonewall goes on. the state department preventing
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diplomatic security agents on the ground during the 2012 benghazi attacks preventing them from testifying before congress. here's a state department witness today at the house select committee benghazi hearing. >> we at the state department have concerns, that the request to interviews will pose precisely such risks. we want to avoid interfering with the department of justice's ongoing investigations and prosecutions. lou: joining us now, the chairman of the select committee on benghazi. congressman trey gowdy. mr. chairman, good to see you and if you will characterize that answer from the state department, the assistant deputy secretary of state on the witnesses. >> well lou, thank you for having me on. that's just a rote boiler plate response that you get sometimes from the administration that if you want talk to a witness that's going to jeopardize their
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security or impact an ongoing prosecution, so the first thing you have to say is look, mr. state department official we have no interest in jeopardizing anyone's security we are not going to do that. you don't need to be concerned about the person's security. secondarily, i know a little about prosecutions the last thing we want to do is jeopardize our chances of getting a convictions against khatallah. so those are just two kind of boiler plate always in the letter responses you get from the state department neither of which can withstand scrutiny. lou: a lot of people right now are trying to collect themselves after you said the justice department was easier to work with than the state department at least in this instance. at the very same time, you're getting 15,000 documents dumped on you this week. finally a response. or is it simply is it if you will a bit of a swatback from
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the administration? >> well, it's 15,000 documents that no committee of congress has ever had access to lou. when people tell you that all the questions in benghazi have been answered and nothing left to see, why are we just getting access to 15000 documents that no other committee of congress has had access to. and within the 15,000 documents that's going to lead us to make additional requests which says nothing of the witnesses that we have not talked to that we need to talk to. look at the house resolution that says all policies all decisions, all activities. the word all is incredibly comprehensive. that's what we were asked to do. you cannot do that if you don't have access to every document and every witness. i cannot explain the 15,000 out of how many how many more are we entitled to? lou: and the questions go on and the answers are not
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forthcoming, or if they, what few answers do find their way to your committee from this administration, it just usually commences to more questions. you reached out to the former secretary of state hillary clinton. how far does this go? how energetic? how vigorous will the committee be in this? >> well we have been vigilant and energetic, it's just been energetic behind closed doors, given the nature of some of the material we're dealing with. you know lou, we're going to have to talk to all the principal witnesses. you mentioned secretary clinton. there are others, i don't want to focus on her. clearly you cannot have a definitive accounts of benghazi without talking to the secretary of state at the time. before i can talk to secretary of state clinton, i need the state department to provide e-mails of the seventh floor principals, all the document
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papers that any half decent lawyer would have to have before they question a witness. so we're ready to pick up the pace. the democrats, ironically who didn't want to form the committee, want us to go at a quicker pace. we are more than happy to accommodate that question. lou: elijah cummings would democrats participating, full and equal partners. >> i know the irony of voting against the committee, threatening not to participate in the committee. putting up an ask and answer website. this says the committee doesn't need to do work and now wants to be a full partner and i welcome that. there are good questioners on the other side. what i'm not going to do is conclude that all the work has been done when i know for a fact that there are documents and witnesses that have not been talked to, and i owe your viewers and my fellow citizens the most definitive final accounting on benghazi, that's what we're asked to do and we're going to do with or
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without their help. lou: and congressman gowdy we've also watched what has transpired with the attorney general of the united states being held in contempt of congress on the issue of fast and furious. there are so many of these scandals that envelop the white house, to which they have -- they have managed to the perjorative is stonewall, and i think crazily optimistic from the other side that they manage to preserve the integrity of the executive branch. are we going to see resolution? or is this a conflict that will simply make its way to the ballot box, and then at that time resolved? >> well, i think in theory things would take a detour to the courthouse before they go to the ballot box. and when i say courthouse, there has been civil litigation that resulted in additional
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documents both in fast and furious and benghazi. tomorrow was not congress that get the ben rhodes memo. it was someone else. what we're seeing with fast and furious is the attorney general says in an e-mail he sends to his wife is protected by executive privilege. a judge can throw that out in court. at some point, fellow citizens need to say stop the politics. the legislative branch has the right to conduct oversight over the executive branch. when you take 2 1/2 years to produce documents and try to wait out the congress, that's not the way this was designed. so as soon as my fellow citizens get as upset as you are about it and upset and frustrated as i am, regardless which political party is in power, lou, this could be a republican administration. congress is still entitled to the documents. so my branch has to stand up for itself and i hope will do that. lou: i can't think of any analog in our history which there was ever a question
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raised without resolution what congress is entitled to but here we are. now well more than two years since the death of four americans in benghazi and the burning and sacking of our consulate, the annex. it's really quite something. is there a parallel in our history that has alluded us? >> i'm a lot older than you are, lou, i can't think back to what that may have been, and you are better suited to history than i am. i can tell you in my brief time in congress, it has always been with a democrat administration and always been with a republican majority in the house trying to gain access to the information, and in the old days, congress kind of stood up for itself, and they asserted the right of the branch to have access to information. nowadays, if your team is in power in the white house have you no interest in forcing them to comply with congressional
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requests. i hope i live long enough to see a republican president. and if i do, and i'm in congress, i promise you, i will make her or him be responsive to the people's house when they have legitimate requests for documents. lou: you know, i think if it's not apparent now to folks who consider them devout partisans, either republican or democrat conservative or liberal, to perhaps think about the imperial presidency as having become far too imperrious and time for a little modest rollback of power. congressman, we know you'll be working hard, we appreciate your time. >> thank you, lou. lou: congressman trey gowdy. time for a look at online poll results. we asked -- be sure to vote in tonight's
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poll, do you believe that either political party adequately represents your personal values and beliefs and views? cast your vote at a man who opened fire outside a suburban minneapolis city council meeting last night has been identified by his family as a disgruntled man who had a running dispute with city officials. the suspect 68-year-old raymond kemet was killed by police after shooting two police officers who had just been sworn in and were leaving the meeting. both of the rookie cops are in good condition tonight and are expected to survive. video from the meeting captured the moment council members heard shots fired and had to take cover under their desks. >> a resolution authorizing the purchase of electronic sign. [ bleep ]. >> get down get down. everybody get down. lou: the man who drew his gun
11:23 pm
and fired it a council member and public information officer for the minneapolis police department. authorities haven't disclosed a motive for the attack. up next the president uses an international stage to criticize the nation he represents. were his words shocking or wholly predictable? would vladimir putin or david cameron say such things? next.
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11:28 pm
fascinating, wherever he happens to be. >> even as america has blessed us with extraordinary students there were moments in my life where i've been treated differently because of the color of my skin. there have been times where my faith's been question by people who don't know me or they said i adhere to a different religion as if that were somehow a bad thing. lou: for some the president's narrative is a bit of a stunner, instead of a nation that elected its first african-american president, the obama narrative would suggest he is both the architect, the critic and arbiter of our nation's enlightenment and evolution of social advancement, which, of course, he leads and which he happens to be arguably the principal beneficiary. nothing breathtaking here it's just who he is folks. during a trip to kuala lumpur last year. president obama took it upon himself to equate malaysia and the united states to their
11:29 pm
cultures and inheritant to freedom and liberty and declaring both nations with work to do when it comes to human rights. ignoring any concerns that such equivalency and distortion of history might be misinterpreted by the malaysians as pandering at best at condescension at worst. our president who's never acknowledged a personal misjudgment or mistake of his own doesn't hesitate to critique americans in france turkey egypt or wherever he travels. president obama once informed the entire united nations that it is true the united states has at times failed to live up to our ideals. imagine. mr. obama is often oblivious to the obvious and serenely unaware of the self-evident as he eagerly takes america's measure in public and never his own. i truly wonder if he finds himself as wanting as he does
11:30 pm
the nation he represents and to which he owes so much? surely not. now for everyone, but with a special nod to those who think me a little too critical of our president. our quotation of the evening. this one from president theodore roosevelt who says -- we're coming right back. now, relations with cuba are starting to sound a little more normal. fidel castro weighing recently, a 1954 mercedes-benz grand prix race car made history when it sold for a record price of just under $30 million. and now, another mercedes-benz makes history selling at just
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. lou: some of the top stories we're following, the blizzard that spared new york, living up to its warnings elsewhere. more than two feet of snow piling up in boston parts of new england expected to be hammered throughout the evening, and the house to vote next week on a bill to repeal obamacare. they've done this a few times. i think this is 55, i can't remember. it will be the first full obamacare repeal vote of this congress, however, but nearly the 60 over the past four years. joining us fox team a-team
11:35 pm
doug schoen, fox news contributor washington washington online opinion editor monica crowley. let's start first with the president in india on his swing through the middle east. he has the temerity to tell a story that is to me just annoying and obnoxious as it possibly could be. what makes him think he's that fascinateing? >> this is different how over the way he's behaved over seven years since he came on the national scene in 2007. what he said in india is i've been treated differently because of my color and accused of having a different religion and what i espouse? it's not that bad. he's been giving this line for seven years now and it's a campaign line. lou: sixth year. >> abroad! while he's on a mission as a head of state is appalling. >> lou, i agree with monica
11:36 pm
about what he said, but candidly, this is the first foreign trip he's taken where he's gotten anything done to wit, the deal on civilian nuclear poir plants where american business is going to be able to get into the world's second or largest democracy. so don't give him a pass for the comments but say at least he's done something right in a part of the world which is fraught with peril. lou: by the way recognizing india is a boffo move. this country under presidents democrat and republican have ignored the second most populous nation for far too long, the largest democracy in the world. >> precisely my point. lou: is really quite stunning. the president has decided to withdraw his confiscation of 529 educational savings plans. how do we have a president who can actually with a straight
11:37 pm
face, talk to the american people about reforming our tax code and at the same time try to confiscate 12 billion dollars worth? >> what we call where i grew up chutzpah. means it's middle class economics in a speech a program that benefitted numerous middle-class americans he wants to end. it takes bipartisan congressional action to get him to back down. >> and also it's an attack on savers, right? >> absolutely. >> that's why there was bipartisan resistance to those. he didn't have republican or democrat saying this is a bad idea, too. that's the reason he backed down. lou: he just favors taxpayers, doesn't he? >> a little redistribution. >> he's been on the mission to encourage dependency on government. if you attack savers, especially people trying to save for college, who want to put their kids through college in an independent financial way, he wants to go after that, make them force into a
11:38 pm
dependency on government funding. free college tuition for community college and so on. lou: on the other side of the aisle on capitol hill, john boehner admits the republicans stumbled a bit in the early days of the 114th congress. >> you don't say. >> look, lou -- >> i admired that he absolutely said we screwed it up here. >> i would admire him more if he said this is our agenda to replace obamacare, he's our proposal on immigration. here's what's america is about. not partisan political action. lou: don't put it on him to be bipartisan. >> i put it on both of them. lou: come on this. guy in the white house is a unilateralist. >> he is! i criticized him too. lou: why in the world should you, a reasonable man as well as a bright man, sit there and think that there should be some sort of bipartisan sharing of confiscating 529 plans, embracing the nonsense that is
11:39 pm
the definition of this president's agenda. >> there was bipartisanship to keep 529, but i'm enough of an american patriot. lou: it is not bipartisanship. it was a backlash that said you're an absolute -- you will be mistaken if you proceed, i believe is the word i was looking for. >> i would tell you the american people are far smarter, and wiser than the people they've elected to represent them. lou: you know, the proof's in the putting. i believe that. i want to believe that. when you put this man in office twice and watch what he has done, how smart can we be? >> ask mitt romney, lou. >> it's nice that boehner admitted the early stumbles here in the new congress. if you haven't figured out this president, what he's about and what he's doing, and in six years, enough to get your acts together on the other side to confront him in a real way. >> precisely, monica. >> precisely, monica?
11:40 pm
lou: look at these two heating up here. >> it's common sense lou, she has some i'd like to think i have some, too. >> to get their acts together -- >> nothing common about the sense that each of you brings to this broadcast, and thank goodness. appreciate it so much. >> thank you, lou. >> the nfl reportedly looking into a person of interest in the deflategate scandal. you thought i would be big enough to avoid this story. i'm not! according to fox sports, a new england patriots locker room attendant. that sounds suspicious right away, seen on surveillance video, reportedly taking footballs into a bathroom and -- [ laughter ] . lou: i'm sorry, and apparently staying in the bathroom with 12 footballs for 90 seconds by someone's count before the beginning of the afc championship game. the nfl, however, is trying to determine whether the individual committed any
11:41 pm
wrongdoing? i think that's a plausible plan. and i will say to you, i so admire the honored robert kraft and coach belichick and the honored quarterback, tom brady, number 12. i have to tell you, this is so silly, i can't even express my disdain for the story. up next the president's biggest critic in the democratic party somehow agrees on the white house strategy on iran. by golly. john sununu with his thoughts here next. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher brighter denture everyday.
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. lou: as i said at the outset of the broadcast, democrats falling in line with president obama in calling fair delay in the vote for any new sanctions against iran. joining with us his perspective now, john sununu former new hampshire governor and chief of staff of the white house under president george h.w. bush. john, great to see you. let me start with iran. menendez, senator menendez saying the president's talking points on iran and now he's lined up. what do you make of the delay until at least the 24th of march for a vote? >> look menendez was right the
11:46 pm
first time but the democrats in the senate with a little pressure from the white house has given him a month and a half breathing room. look, the timing is not the issue, it's the silliness of the policy. this man is negotiating with a country that is determined to have nuclear weapons, and there is no way he is going to keep them from going in that direction, unless he negotiates tough and hard and does it with the backing it up if you will with the might of the u.s. in some respect. he does not know how to negotiate. he gives the store away. and this is a very critical store he's giving away. lou: another alleged giveaway that's the unilateral normalization of relations with cuba. do you see that as exactly the same analog? >> you know, everybody wants to end up with a normalized relationship with freedom back
11:47 pm
in cuba with human rights being respected. everyone thought he was an opportunity with the difficulty venezuela is having in giving support to cuba for the united states to negotiate hard and give major concessions to move along towards a serious normalization in the long run. the president gave it all away. it is unbelievable how little he understands about interacting with people, and how little he understands about interacting with countries. lou: but it also frankly makes me wonder how some of our elected officials in both parties in washington how little they understand of the world. there is almost never a mention of the fact that the people's republic of china has tremendous economic and now political interests and both ends of the panama canal. that they are moving assiduously into this hemisphere, from which by the
11:48 pm
way, we seem to have no interest since the president and the secretary of state declared the monroe doctrine dead a year and a half ago, just about a year and a half ago. what are we to make of what is going on in the national leadership of this country that we ignore our own hemisphere to the detriment of the people in this hemisphere we say we want to nurture, support and bring prosperity too? >> you are right on target lou. the chinese are using the trillions of dollars they've accumulated to buy positions in the countries around the western hemisphere. you mentioned the panama canal. they're not stopping there, into virtually every country in central and south america, and equally aggressive by the way, in the continent of africa. and we have done nothing, nothing to bring this issue to the fore. the american public's not well aware of it. the members of congress are not well aware of it and the
11:49 pm
president ought to be talking about these issues. to state that western hemisphere is open to. have leverage being bought by american dollars that the chinese accumulated is a horrible foreign policy. lou: and to that end, the president meeting with king salman the new king of saudi arabia, while dismissing prime minister netanyahu and denying him a meeting when he is in washington to address a joint session of congress. what is the message in that? >> look, at least let's give him credit for doing a little smart. the saudis are important allies and they have stood with us. they stood withes you in the gulf war, they stood with us in the difficult situation in the middle east since then. but that doesn't mean you do other things badly, and certainly ignoring the prime minister of israel and putting
11:50 pm
it in such -- not so much what was done, but the style in which it was done. and certainly the biggest thing they think was a problem was his failure to at least send joe biden to paris and participate in the rally that was there with the millions that were there and the world leaders that were there. all right, i understand the security issue with the president, but at least send joe biden, if you can't send biden, send kerry. but we didn't do, that it's because the president does not understand the special role and responsibility of the united states and the responsibility of the president as the leader of the united states. lou: john sununu good to talk with you let's continue the conversation. >> thank you. lou: on wall street, stocks tumbled. the dow jones industrials plunged down 291 points. the s&p down 28, the nasdaq fell 90. volume on the big board 3.3 billion shares in large measure
11:51 pm
because of the northeastern snowstorm. microsoft and caterpillar the biggest drags on the market following disappointing earnings and outlooks. durable goods orders down 3%. consumer confidence at the highest level since 2007. we're still trying to square those two data points up. apple shares surging in after-hours following record breaking sales of iphone sales, 74 million last quarter alone. yahoo! trading as well going to spin off stake in alibaba, about $40 billion. that should be quite a spin-off. be sure to listen to my financial reports three times a day on the salem radio network. up next how speaker boehner unveils strategy to take on the president's executive amnesty fiat. we take push your enterprise and you can move the world. ♪ ♪
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>> >> to a the best attorneys in the business, good to see you both. a man accused to gun down a convenience store clerk over a pack of cigarettes. >> after he was convicted in 2013 a fit -- of theft and in with the plea deal he came here illegally first of all, that convicted of a felony then still walking
11:56 pm
around since 2013 and to then he gets into a fight in and they still lead to go then he kills the clerk. what will happen to the judge? >> probably nothing if there'll be anything that happens it will be capricious he will be brought up on medical charges. [laughter] >> we cannot deny their lives because you decide to let him out? >> but nothing will happen in the leasing that will happen is maybe he will be voted out but by the time they actually vote they don't know the background or what happens they will vote him en again. >> is a this like the accomplice after the fact?
11:57 pm
why should the judge is to do this to society? >> what about ice? what about the first forget about the last one why was said he just reported? >> because all baba has extended to the laws they are no longer in forced is ice in name only. >> the with prosecutorial discretion is what obama has done but the court has stepped didn't to talk about it is not the entire mass of people. even with individuals. >> there is no single attorney who will defend prosecutorial discretion.
11:58 pm
and the president is running a country with it. >> but to talk about that. >> not with neil. [laughter] >> that is true. [laughter] but here you talk about to be brings it all together because we talk about one young man who has lost his life. lou: why isn't the president of united states held responsible why a not the judge? customs enforcement? why is the of middle-class average everyday's citizens the last people who were considered there is no exception for them. they just say thank you very much. >> it stops with the of
11:59 pm
voter and if they understand they go from step eight two-step be that get this president out that the next president. look at the judge. do or do not go to the judge in or out that that will never have been. >> but shame him. tsa this is the judge who did this and it is outrageous and should never be on the bench again. >> there also should have been played with ice they would have grabbed him up to deport him. lou: what about border patrol? they have been ordered not to apprehend and not to catch. we are watching right now. >> but the felony he pled guilty and two others were dropped. he was charged initially
12:00 am
three felony counts. >> now we can prosecute the prosecutor. faq. at i for >> >> a world record car collection. >> he just kept going. >> his goal was to have one of every car every - - ever made. >> his family promises to carry out his grand plan. >> there is a feeling of excitement and relief and enthusiasm for the. >> can they fulfill the patriarch's dying wish? you don't want that oil on your hands to split it up


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