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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 28, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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a frack practical and nice lady if i were you i would take my advice, thank you for watching, lou dobbs is coming up next see you tomorrow night. dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs the president's choice to leave the department of justice defended the administration's unilateral executive amnesty degree in front of the senate judiciary committee. it could be said that he defied the president's legal views when he declared more than 20 times that he didn't have the power to enact amnesty all by himself. loretta lynch declaring during her first senate hearing that illegal immigrants have the same right to work in the united states as do lawful american citizens. >> who has more right to a job in this country?
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a lawful immigrant who is here, a green card holder, or a citizen or a approximate person who entered the country unlawfully. >> the right to work is one shared by everyone in this country regardless of how they came here. certainly if someone is here regardless of status, i would prefer that they would be participating in the workplace than not participating in the workplace. lou: we'll take up the highly controversy stance with billionaire media mogul zuckerman will be joining us. the president refusing to meet with israel's prime minister. but they have no problem hosting a delegation of the muslim brotherhood. the white house now has an unlikely ally. al-jazeera america. they don't like the phrase "radical islamist" anymore than mr. obama. al-jazeera going further banning the word
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"terrorist" from their air. we'll be taking that up. former ambassador john bolton to weigh in on the politically correct word play and propaganda campaigns. speaking of specious word play the white house claiming that a prison swap between jordan and the islamic state bears absolutely no resemblance to the president's trade of five taliban terrorists for sergeant bowe bergdahl. absurdity reaching new heights as deputy press secretary eric schultz said the taliban was an armed insurgency not terrorists like the islamic state. but we are compelled to point out that president doesn't believe the islamic state is islamic just because it's in their name, but then there's no sense in one losing one's head over a name. we begin with israel. to israeli soldiers.
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a un peace -- killed. the latest attack comes less than a day after syrian rockets hit the golan heights. former us ambassador for the united nation, john bolton. >> good to be here. lou: let's first go to the issue of israel now under attack. it seems as if the frequency is beginning to pick up. >> i think it is. and i think it is a reflection of the middle east as a whole descending into chaos. what was once civil war in lebanon has become civil war in syria. what used to be syria and iraq have disintegrated. yemen has disintegrated. they're now rising against jordan and the other monarchies on the other peninsulas. egypt ask is struggling. all of this is bad news for israel. lou: struggling with the muslim brotherhood which is being
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hosted by our state department even as this president shuns president netanyahu. >> you can't make this up. the muslim brotherhood is a terrorist organization. hamas is a subsidiary of the muslim brotherhood. the state department is -- can only be characterized as appeasement. if you make nice with your enemies they'll eat you last. it won't work that way. lou: at what point does appeasement become truly a supportive role for this administration, an alliance? >> well, i think it's kind of a legitimate legitimization. it goes, well, beyond semantics. this is providing political support and aid and comfort for people who are terrorists and supporters of terrorists, that are advocates of the united
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states and our allies. lou: when a spokesman for the president of the united states can dismiss any parallel between a swap by this country for bo bergdahl, five taliban terrorists and jordan's with the islamic state for one of its pilots. >> it's precisely the same thing, and they're both mistakes. you know, it used to be our policy, we didn't negotiate with terrorists. the reason for that, it's very straightforward. if you buy hostages back you're simply creating a market in hostages. you may free one or two. you'll encourage the kidnapping of others. that's what the jordanians have done. they feared for the stability of their monarchy. we did something worse. we gave someone who will be prosecuted for desertion and gave away enemies of the united states. what underlies this tongue twisting at the white house, they want to make a deal with the taliban. they want to say when the taliban takes over in afghanistan again
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that we can deal with them. that we can have diplomatic relationships with them as with cuba and iran. if they're just an armed insurrection it's a lot easier. lou: the president, it could be sensibly argued, if not correctly argued, going back on us foreign policy and specific bilateral relationships by at least a decade and in some cases a half century. this can't be coincidental can't it. >> no, i think this is the president's true ideology. he views america's presence in the world not as a benign force. not as a force for stability. as a big part of the problem. our strength, our assertiveness, our success provokeses this animosity. the only thing to do is make america less powerful. it's a radical view. it's common to the universities. now someone who shares that view is president.
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lou: great to have you here. former secretary of state hillary clinton has agreed to testify for a second time on the terrorist attack in which four americans were killed. that according to congressman elijah investing this. what difference does it make? they will allow 22 officials with knowledge of that attack to be -- in the committee. we're coming back. stay with us. >> the president's choice to lead the departmentdepartment of justice gives congress a truly shocking opinion of the rights of illegal immigrants and rights of american citizens.
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lou: attorney general nominee loretta lynch today defended president obama's executive amnesty fiat saying illegal immigrants have a quote, right and obligation to work in this country. the same as american citizens. joining me now billionaire publisher real estate magnate executive chairman, mort
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zuckerman. mort, good to see you. >> good to be here. lou: how could she possibly draw an analogue between the rights to work specifically of american citizens and that of those in this country illegally? >> well, i think, frankly, i don't find that leap of faith surprising from this administration. from their point of view, it's just all politics and it has nothing to do with the values of this country or the legal rights of itwhat we hope will be for people who come to this country. lou: are you surprised that the republicans aren't absolutely bringing the hammer down on those comments? >> no, i'm not surprised. the republicans are doing what, unfortunately, the democrats are doing but from a slightly different direction. it's all politics. it gets completely wiped out. lou: is it politics or corporatist politics? one can understand some of the motivations on the left, the political
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alliances that have been created, but the rest of it for the democratic party and the republican alike, what could be nothing more than corporatist politics, if you will. >> i suppose. i have to say, i don't think that's the driving force behind this. lou: what is? >> i think it's the question of who will get which of the votes. and who will get the quote, unquote immigrant vote or the former immigrant vote. it's that simple. lou: we're watching a pander grab from the two political parties. >> that's a play we've seen it before. this is not act one or two. it's act 32. lou: there's no gap on these two parties with the issue of israel right now. this president in talking with former ambassador john bolton, he's talking about israel as if it has now been isolated by this administration. do you see it that way? >> yes, to a degree. not totally. to a degree. in an issue like this, where israel's national
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security is at issue. lou: if not their very existence. >> yes. and this is where the israelis have to respond. this administration just overlooks that central issue facing the israelis and takes a position, which obviously will undermine what the israelis are trying to accomplish. lou: and we just watched the democratic part specifically the ranking member of the senate committee among others, kowtow to a new line by the president which is that he doesn't want new sanctions and senator bob menendez giving him until the 24th of next month, in which to -- of march rather -- in which to negotiate something undefined with the iranians. >> well, yes. menendez, i have to say i give him a lot of stars on the calendar for his guts. because he was up there and stood up against the
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president of his own party. lou: right. >> on a major issue. lou: right. >> so i think at this point he's probably trying to cover his political front and back to a degree. at least he was out there on this issue. lou: yeah, i give him credit for having the guts to say basically the statements he's heard from this administration, they were talking points that were crafted. i think he's exactly right. i think he's exactly wrong in not adding those sanctions. what is your judgment? >> look, this is the key issue: what are we going to do vis-à-vis iran? the deal is at least -- to the extent i know anything about it is such a weak deal with so many holes in it. we won't do what we should in that transaction, which is to put a maximum amount of pressure with iran to hold back from their weapons development and who they're targeting
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those weapons to. we're not doing that. because we'll get a deal. there's no such thing as a deal. you have to do something that defends. if you're the israelis, their national interests. and if they're our allies, we have to back them up to a degree. this is serious stuff for them. you're talking about nuclear weapons sooner or later threatening israel and iran. lou: the ambassador of the united states saying add up the centrifuges that that will be left. there are no other purposes for a centrifuge than for the process of creating the fuel for a nuclear weapon. >> you're right. there can be no doubt about that. except, you can play games with all these numbers. which happens to confuse the public. anyone who looks at this, has exactly that conclusion. no other way to interpret what's going on. lou: can the public be more confused with an administration that finds itself in agreement with al-jazeera with the words
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radical islamist, islamist, and now terrorism? i mean that's their principle ally on these mind control word games. >> it's really kind of -- i won't say disappointing any longer. because we've been long past that. lou: been at it too long. >> the problem is, these issues are so difficult to convey to the public at large. you know, they think they can get away with playing these games. and to some extent, they're getting away with it. that's the part that's so upsetting. nobody can doubt what iran is about. everybody who knows that region of the country with any kind of intelligence on what the iranians are doing, knows what they're about. not to ignore that is an absolute default of absolutely. lou: ignoring a military pact between russia and iran. ignoring the sponsorship of terrorist organizations by iran. ignoring their role in the war with iraq on the
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part of the united states a third of our casualties there attributed to the involvement of iran. yet, this administration insists on proceeding. >> well, you know, in a way, i'm a bit at a loss for words. and you know how rare that is in my lifetime. lou: i do. i do. >> because what you're saying is so manifest in its clarity. somehow this administration is playing whatever game they're playing and allowing a lot of this stuff to proceed. it's threatening that whole region. we have enormous interest in that region. it's going to be undermined by an administration that is absolutely willing to make these things happen politically. lou: mort, thank you very much for being with us. time for a look at our online poll results. we ask if you believe that either political party adequately represents your personal values beliefs, and
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views. 84% said you do not. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe republican senators should vote against lorettaloretta lynch's comments because she believes us citizens have the same rights to jobs as do illegal immigrants. cast your votes at the maker of the drone that crashed on the white house last night. will enforce a zone on washington dc. we'll
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lou: a few comments now on something that seemed to me to be missing from the confirmation hearing for loretta lynch today. in her opening statement, lynch talked about her priorities. >> should i be confirmed as attorney general? my highest priorities will continue to be to ensure the safety of all of our citizens, to protect the most
11:24 pm
vulnerable among us from crime and abuse, and to strengthen the vital relationships between the brave law enforcement officers and the communities they're entrusted to serve. in a world of complex and evolving threats protecting the american people from terrorism must remain the primary mission of today's department of justice. lou: lynch went on to list other priorities. human trafficking child exploitation. cyber security. all appropriate. but in my opinion, she missed a critical priority, if not the major priority. the one goal that has to be accomplished if she or anyone is to achieve those other priorities. she didn't even refer to or even in the vaguest firms to talk about holder's abject -- and the officer of attorney general. mr. holder's conduct has been scandalous,
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literally which has led to the dishonor of becoming the first sitting cabinet member ever to be held in contempt of congress. there were signs that things might be different under lynch, but only small signs. >> i am concerned -- well, let me first. let me stipulate. you're not eric holder, are you? >> no, i'm not sir. >> so no one is suggesting that you are. but, of course, attorney general holder's record is heavy on our minds now. lou: heavy, as it should be on all our minds. nor do i believe that loretta lynch deserves a vote of confirmation simply because she is not eric holder. too many senators, republicans as well as democrat in my view seem to dismiss holder's deplorable run as attorney general. the fast and furious operation. spying on our reporters. trying terror suspects
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in federal court. ignoring clear conflict of interest issues. and the irs targeting conservative groups. an aggressive investigation by the attorney general himself in the michael brown shooting case. the ongoing refusal to enforce immigration laws. and the administrate's use of the pretext of justice department investigations in order to stonewall congress on benghazi fast and furious, the list goes on and on -- has gone on for years now. and it is a valid question whether lynch deserves confirmation at all. given her failure to even mention cleaning up what has become a very dirty department of justice. and her view that there is no difference between american citizens and illegal immigrants when to the right to have a job? republicans will probably -- may vote to confirm her.
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but, in my view, they will be affirming much of what they should be standing against. in these early tests of the republican leadership on capitol hill, washington seems at times to be little better at bothering with respect the law and regard for principle. i hope things improve dramatically. and quickly. our quotation of the evening. mark twain, what said, citizenship is what makes a republican. monarchs can get along without it. we're coming right back. >> a south american president accused of conspiring with iran to conceal a terrorist attack. and the prosecutor who made those claims ends up mysteriously dead. does the scope of the argentina scandal extend to the united states and washington dc? in my world, wall isn't a street. return on investment isn't the only return i'm looking forward to.
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lou: some of the top stories that we are following tonight a new report by the congressional budget office says it will cost taxpayers $50,000 for each person who is insured under obamacare. $50,000. that is using a generous estimate that 27 million people will be insured under obamacare which by the way leaves 30 million americans uninsured. the treasury department today
11:32 pm
predicting another 6 million americans will face obamacare penalty because they don't have insurance. and president obama delivering a there will tribute to defense secretary chuck hagel, and amanda pushed out of his job two months ago but he stuck around. the confirmation hearing for his expected successor ashton carter, the hearing will be until next wednesday. chuck hagel's goodbye may not be as long as the four-month audios, it is certainly more awkward. argentine prosecutor following his mysterious death last week found dead a day before he was to testify about covering up a 1994 bombing. joining us tonight to discuss this scandal and the ties to
11:33 pm
iran and the proximity to the united states in self we have claudio rosette. it is such a great pleasure to have you with us. so let me begin with the gaffe itself, it has gotten some attention in this country. in your judgment is it a subtle matter as to how he died we met was he murdered? >> it is very late -- very likely. it certainly looks like murder and there are many reasons to think that it was. lou: at least we are told that there are no gun residue powders on his hands have you fired and
11:34 pm
what is it that makes it so compelling in current argentine politics that this man could have been murdered because he gave information. >> it was very likely that he was murdered for incredible dedication and courage this bombing in 1994 in argentina which was the worst terrorist attack in the western hemisphere lou: 85 people killed in the jewish community. >> it was terrible when you go to the individual stories. this was not a 21-year-old case
11:35 pm
alone. what happened is bad iran's extensive terror network throughout the western hemisphere and treks back to to iran where argentina had been in an interview in 2009 when he was visiting new york, a major entry point to infiltrate latin america and it spread with many of the same characters and also he found the techniques and the methods represented in one place after another. lou: a network established and directed by tehran with argentina as the entry point through south and central america and in fact into the united states.
11:36 pm
>> he was asked to testify before our own congress in 2015 and he wanted to do that. the argentine general attorney's office his big boss basically refused him permission to come saying that this is not really his job. and it would've been immensely germane, there was a hearing where they kept an empty chair and a name on a plaque or because they did not permit him to come and address the u.s. congress. lou: the argentinians, the intelligence that was constructed why have we heard so what little of what has been the interest of the cia because it seems that their interests
11:37 pm
should be vigorous to be believed. >> to immediate answers because someone like alberto nisman, who really tried and tried to warn us and tell us and i would read that as a warning to others as well as an attempt to end his investigation. but certainly it has silenced him as an individual. the broader question is why is our own government not wanting us about this or telling us in great detail and one of the major reasons is that the administration, the obama administration is extremely keen to cut a nuclear deal with iran. keen to the point where we the public are not hearing full stories with a great many things that iran is doing right now. this being one of them. the organization of terror
11:38 pm
networks in the western hemisphere, which is of extreme importance actually and has extended to terrorist plots in very recent years. lou: we are going to continue to follow the story and i hope that we can turn to you for your participation and further discussion. >> yes, it has been my pleasure. lou: claudia rosette. thank you so much. we will follow this story and see where this workable story is leading. it is bizarre that so many and so much has been stifled we will try to improve on that. lou: it is four days before the super bowl, but the super bowl ads causing considerable controversy. carl's junior under some intense heat for its super sexy ad
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featuring a model billed as the next kate upton. you decide. some people would prefer charlotte mckinney to put on more clothes. already forced to pull their 32nd ad with a golden retriever puppy that fell out of the truck and made along journey home only to be sold by his owner. >> i'm so glad that you made a home because i just sold you on this website that i built with go daddy. lou: some animal advocates like peta say that it promotes up e-mails. but what a lousy ending. coming up next, new evidence that the left wing celebration of rising job approval numbers are considerably premature and we take it up with the "a-team." join us next. congratulations. you're down with crestor.
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lou: how speaker john boehner talking with our fox new colleague that interviewed them
11:44 pm
bret baier. >> we are crafting what we believe is a better approach with regard to health care for the american people. >> there will be an alternative and we will get to see it. >> a republican alternative to obamacare being proffered so says the speaker and that is good news indeed. and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell criticizing in an interview sunday where it appeared that republicans wouldn't have an alternative. the president's job approval rating is still underwater even though several new swing organizations have been clucking loudly at a 50% approval rating in one poll. the president's approval rating 51%, 45% approve and those numbers in line with "the wall
11:45 pm
street journal" merritt's poll all finding the president's approval rating under water. joining us tonight is washington bureau chief lynn sweet. we also have jemma angela mcglowan. your thoughts about the president being stuck under water for some time now. >> they weren't exactly sure why they put it in a 50%, they thought it had to do with the improving economy and what the immigration orders out there.
11:46 pm
lou: gallup is an outlier in this there are some solid improvements and also some tremendous overhangs that are creating anxiety for investors and traders and small businessmen and women to multinationals as well. >> it's no question that the market is volatile and having said that it depends on the people who were polled. a lot of folks are not doing better, the economy is not better and the hispanic community a lot of folks are doing better either.
11:47 pm
>> holding on a minute, if we are talking about the -- this has nothing to do with -- >> i'm sure that you have seen this and you have looked at the methodology, these are the mainstream polling operations and you all might have some different interpretations, but these are professional polls. and i'm not saying that they are not. >> ihde said for the average american, especially for my community that the economy is not better jobs are not better. that is the only point that i am making. >> turning to loretto -- as she said that illegal immigrants have as much right to
11:48 pm
work as american citizens. >> this was not artful, but otherwise well-prepared and a lot of questions. they kept at her and she used to someone but that was unfortunate, but if you believe that this is shared by everyone in the country regardless of how they came here. and so when we look at this hotel pahlavi of the remark, i think it shows a little bit more of her interpretation of how things go. clearly this was an issue in which we could review how she said what she said. >> do you think that that statement was -- you're talking about the totality -- this was
11:49 pm
the totality of her statement. >> sometimes i could over explain rather than let it sit there. because right now the goal is to get her confirmed and i think that we have so much of this hearing that was really just part of what your colder had said. so if the goal is to get through this, then maybe we could explain more. >> i was using you and your language down washington dc. and i would have said that i would think that they would want to run from that statement as fast as they could. you get the last word here. >> i don't think that she's going to walk you back, i do believe that we could have an activist as a top cop in our country instead of someone
11:50 pm
enforcing the law. so i think that we are going to have an activist is like eric holder. lou: you get the last word. she was sosa saved, you get the last 15 seconds. >> just to be clear, i think that we look at the whole hearing and she solicited this particularly from republican senators and said she would consult with them. i don't think she wants to be the next one to be castigated by congress and so i think that she feels too smart to repeat the air colder way of dealing with things. and i think that she will charge her own path. lou: thank you very much, thank you both for being here. the maker of that drone that i was talking about the crash on the white house lawn says the manufacturer -- it says it will enforce a no-fly zone on the.
11:51 pm
the drones operate on gps technology and that a software update will help it identify a no-fly zone and then stopped right at the border of the no-fly zone. these things are amazing. as for the government employee that crashed the drone, he told investigators that he had been drinking and droning which is against the law. even droning is against the law in washington. stocks plunging a second straight day the dow jones down 200 points from the s&p lost seven, the nasdaq fell 43 and the volume on the big word picking up to 4 billion shares because crude oil plummeted since 2009 and the federal reserve says that it will be patient when it comes to raising interest rates and inflation expected to decline even further before rising in what they call the medium-term.
11:52 pm
and yesterday's record rating earnings report, a reminder to listen to my financial reports three times a day on the salem radio network. new government data showing that one in three folks receive federal disability payments had been diagnosed with a mental disorder. among the places with the highest number of beneficiaries with mental problems is washington dc nearly 43% of those deceiving federal disability have such a disorder. up next, left-wing politicians and celebrities lining up to and all the wildly popular new movie american sniper. one has apologized and his uniq the lightest or nothing. the smartest or nothing. the quietest or nothing.
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lou: former vermont governor howard dean apologizing for some of his nasty comments that he made about the fans of american sniper, and he made them pretty angry. he also managed to insult the right in the process. >> i haven't seen the movie i make no apologies for the thousands of right-wing nut right wing nut jobs that have
11:57 pm
been twittering me. but i do apologize for the better. lou: you will notice that he did apologize. autobiography of one of the deadliest special ops snipers the reaper great to have you with us here. and congratulations at the book. >> thank you. >> at this point in time the careers are not doing so well and they want a piece of that limelight and right now chris kyle is a hot topic. so we want to get back into that limelight. lou: it really seems to be the left of this country, scared that there can be a man that had great honor and commitment to
11:58 pm
duty and words that are not exactly in currency in hollywood. and what do you think? you guys are honored so much and appreciated by the american people. i won't try to i believe that going right now. it is just astonishing. >> anyone who can call someone a coward, they get on tv or behind-the-scenes and they talk from a distance. but to say it to a man's face defines who that man is. so that is true courage. >> i have to agree with you. the idea -- chris kyle's life was so remarkable. and what he did for the country and his fellow warriors, it will always be remembered. so let's turn to your book and
11:59 pm
tu, the reaper. >> i pretty much got it overseas and somehow became the grim reaper. that is what it is about. >> i find it also impressive that you writing this book doesn't create a stir in the american public other then i'm going to buy this. i want to know more about the men and the women in this country and that is -- i'm so proud of the time in which we live, there are so many people that support your.hat we are not back in the vietnam era.
12:00 am
i can come back and this is the book's. lou: this is the book. be sure to check it out. show that touches base with you folks. "strange inheritance." >> a world famed musician dies. >> his love. his heart. his voice. >> it's more than 300 years old and could be worth many millions. this strange inheritance is more than about money, it's about a father's legacy. >> it was clear to us that he did not want it to be hidden away. ♪


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