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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 30, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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make you money. this is the best time to do it and the best time to watch lou. and good evening, everybody, i'm ashley webster in tonight for lou dobbs. the race for 2016 got a whole lot more interesting. former republican presidential nominee mitt romney announcing today he will not run for president in 2016. the announcement coming just three weeks after romney shocked the political world by saying in fact, he was considering rung for a third time. >> after putting considerable thought into make another run for president, i've decided it's best to give other leaders in the party the opportunity to become our next nominee. >> also the afghan taliban taking credit for an attack that killed three american contractors at a military base
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at kabul's international airport. the attack days after obama administration official bent over backwards to explain that the taliban is not considered a terrorist group. we'll discuss all these verbal gymnastics with general robert scales. the obama administration setting a date for the start of the president's amnesty plan. legal experts lis wiehl and rebecca rose woodland will stop what the gop calls a presidential overreach. and guess what? two days away from the super bowl. if you're more interested who will win the battle for the best super bowl ad we've got you covered. sports marketing legend and budweiser executive is here with us. we begin with mitt romney, surprising the political world with the announcement he will not be running for president a third time. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron has our report. >> reporter: three week to the day after saying he was seriously considering a third
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presidential run mitt romney held a national conference call with supporters and pulled the plug. >> it's critical that america elect a conservative leader to become our next president. you know that i wanted to be that president, but i did not want to make it more difficult for someone else to emerge who may have a better chance of becoming that president. >> reporter: romney could raise the money but many former donors wouldn't commit or were to others. romney was heartened by encouraging calls, but the conservative grassroots showed little interest. it was obvious a gop candidate forum last weekend. romney wasn't there wasn't missed and team saw firsthand what little romney buzz existed was negative. two nights ago he joked about his wealth. >> i don't miss the adoring press, i don't miss 300 nights a year in a hotel room.
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as you no doubt heard, i'm already rich. [ laughter ] >> i'm thinking about how i could help the country. >> reporter: not only leading gop polls, he was the only one tied with hillary clinton in the latest fox news survey. president obama took notice of romney's potential return last night reprising the attacks as romney as an out-of-touch rich guy. >> former presidential candidate who all of a sudden is deeply concerned about poverty. that's great! let's go! come on! let's do something about it. i am glad the rhetoric at least has shifted. let's make sure that the policies match up with the rhetoric. >> reporter: romney's response made it look like game on last night. mr. obama wondered why am i concerned about poverty in the record number of poor in your term and record of failure. this morning romney bailed out with a nod to newcomers. >> i believe one of our next
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generation republican leaders, who may not be as well known as i am today. one who has not taken the message across the country. one who's just getting started may well emerge as being better able to defeat the democrat nominee. >> reporter: to many that amounted to a shot at jeb bush, governor of florida for more than a decade and chris christie former chairman of the republican governor's association. romney is having dinner with christie tonight and met with bush last now he's out of the race and so begins the struggle among the rest in the field for what's left of romney's supporters and donors. ashley? >> carl cameron, thank you very much. romney's decision will have impact on the other presidential contenders in one form or another from potential donors to campaign staff. fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen looks at the most likely beneficiaries of the romney void. >> governor jeb bush. >> reporter: from former florida governor jeb bush the prospective republican candidate widely presumed to
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benefit most directly from mitt romney's withdrawal from the 2016 field came in an almost immediate facebook post saying mitt is a patriot and i hope his days of serving our nation and party are not over. >> jeb bush was certainly helped by romney's decision it takes his main rival in the establishment here of the nominating battle out of race. he still has to worry about chris christie and scott walker, even marco rubio. we're starting to see he is as much under jeb bush's shadow as we thought. >> reporter: the latest fox news poll of registered republican voters find romney supporters up for grabs with bush former arkansas governor mike huckabee and senator rand paul of kentucky mired in the mid teens. >> what tells me is republicans are very much not thrilled with establishment candidates right now. not thrilled with the establishment and it's a great opportunity, perhaps a governor we're not thinking of to step in and take control of this race. >> reporter: the other
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prospective candidates invariably issued statements praising romney as they circle about the 2012 nominee's donor base looking to corral cash. >> one of the reasons the mitt romney announcement is so important, it frees up a lot of the establishment money that may float to the multiple governors because they're the establishment candidates. >> reporter: with a year to go before the first in the nation iowa caucuses seasoned gop candidates say the field will likely expand and contract. poll numbers will fluctuate and voters will be unlikely to pay close attention for sometime to come. >> this is not a race where the one that raises the most money gets the nomination. this is a race that ultimately is going to be one on message, candidate, skills, personality and honor in a lot of ways. >> reporter: the former chairman of the republican
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national committee governor barbour pleaded to the conservative base he made ardentally not to exalt purity over victory. ashley? >> james rosen thank you very much. more fallout over the obama administration's refusal to label the taliban a terrorist organization. the so-called armed insurgents today claiming responsibility for a terror attack that killed three americans. and the taliban terrorist and former guantanamo bay detainee the president traded for army sergeant bowe bergdahl apparently planning on rejoining the fight. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has our report. >> reporter: pentagon officials defended the white house decision to trade five top taliban leaders for sergeant bowe bergdahl a day after information emerged that one of the so-called taliban five had reached out by telephone to taliban contacts in afghanistan. defense officials said this does not constitute a return to the fight. >> i would hasten to remind it
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was because of the process we have in place, and the strong relationship that we have with the government of qatar that we were able to identify this particular activity, and i can assure that you steps are being taken to mitigate any activity in the future. >> what i can say is confidence is this individual has not returned to the battlefield. this individual is not allowed to travel outside qatar and this individual has not engaged in physical violence. in fact, this individual is in qatar right now. >> reporter: the five detainees included deputy minister of intelligence and interior minister who had ties to mullah omar and osama bin laden. >> i believe there are 35% of those returned to the fight. it should be of no surprise that one or more of these five would return to the fight. >> reporter: the pentagon is also backing the white house's continued reluctance to refer to the taliban as terrorists. >> i don't think the white
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house said they're not terrorists. my colleague said they use terror tactics to exert influence, and they are not designated a foreign terrorist organization, and for purposes of the u.s. armed forces they're considered armed insurgency. >> reporter: the amir promised they would monitor the five gitmo detainees for a year that ends in may. after that they're allowed to leave qatar. >> we have a mixed relationship with the government qatar. a major military base, there but qatar is also the organization that helps to fund hamas and there was indications that qatar was doing early funding of isis. >> reporter: senator lindsey graham says the five released gitmo detainees met with representatives of the faction which is designated a foreign terror organization by the state department. ashley? >> thank you very much jennifer griffin. on wall street stocks falling in heavy trading. the dow plummeting 252 points
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the s&p down 26, and the nasdaq dropping 48 points. volume on the big board, the highest of the year at 4.5 billion shares. for the month, the dow and s&p down 3%. the nasdaq with monthly losses of 2%. crude oil climbing more than 8% today settling above $48 a barrel. economic growth slowing in the fourth quarter up 2.6% consumer spending a bright spot growing at the fastest pace since 2006. consumer sentiment climbing to the highest level in 11 years. we're coming right back.. no third round. mitt romney bowing out of the 2016 presidential derby leaving the republican field of potential contenders wide open. the
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. ashley: all right, so now we know mitt romney not running in 2016 with you vice president joe biden may be laying the groundwork for a run of his own for the democratic nomination making a shocking admission today. >> the past six years have been really, really hard are in country, and they've been really tough for our party just ask steve. they've been really tough for
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our party. but together it's because together, and together we made some really really tough decisions. decisions that weren't at all popular. hard to explain. hard to communicate why it was so important it had to be made. and the decisions had real political cost. ashley: not exactly a ringing endorsement for the democratic party. joining us pulitzer prize-winning columnist for the "new york post" michael goodwin and former adviser to george w. bush leslie sanchez thank you, both for being here, what a great day to be talking about this. three weeks ago, mitt romney saying i could be in. three weeks later, i'm out. leslie begin with you. are you surprised by this? >> i don't think so i think governor romney was ambitious, he liked the idea, you had a lot of the political consulting class in washington talking him up very much saying his donors would be there, level of
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support would be there. he'd done this before put the team back together and you saw the donors had a suspicious look at this. they felt other candidates more qualified. when the money dries up it makes it difficult to mount the national campaign. ashley: michael, who benefits the most on the republican ticket? >> obvious jeb bush is one maybe chris christie maybe walker, scott walker. he's like a towering tree that now there's more sunlight for everybody. that's what the republican party needs is new idea new energy, and i could say romney is not a good candidate. he's a wonderful man. ashley: department is connect with people. >> would have made a good president but a lousy candidate. if barack obama taught bus politics, you need to be a really good candidate. a good campaigner you have to like it. people have to like you on the stump. that wasn't mitt romney's strength. ashley: and leslie kind of a passing shot to bush and others
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when romney today says it's time for a new generation to emerge pushing aside the name bush as we walk on through, synonymous with runs for the white house, but maybe chris christie as well. what's the thinking there? is there a mythical candidate that's going to emerge? there could be? >> it could have been a shot at hillary clinton. people are tired of the clintons as well. the legacy families. there is a point, it does open up the field for a lot of opportunity. when you look at polls, name id, who do people know and recognize? i don't think republican establishments align themselves with any candidate and the debates not coming for several months are going to be the ones who has the skill and the campaign for them. ashley: what do you think hillary thinks about this? i'm convinced she was licking her chops at the prospect of going against romney. now no? >> look the romney ads were written by obama in 2012 and republicans as well in the
11:18 pm
primaries. now you really do have to come up with something new and i think you are right, she would have loved to run against romney. the entire democratic party would have loved to have seen romney again as the nominee. ashley: and interesting, the latest fox news poll had romney out well ahead 21%, the nearest back was 11 or 10%. what does that say -- there's the poll. mike huckabee at 11. senator rand paul at 11%. well behind mitt romney. what does that do to the field now? what does it do to the middle of the road conservative voter who says okay now where do i go? >> i think there's a lot of time. this used to be the invisible primary, can you raise money? can you build a grassroots organization on the ground especially in early primary states. now visible, everything is disclosed and on twitter. i think showcase is an opportunity for candidates to build coalitions. you saw that in a lot of senate campaigns, raising money senate candidates outside the
11:19 pm
states. much more homogenous in the sense that you can build coalitions that are not early primary states and raise money. ashley: michael, is there a split in the gop between the ted cruz's of this world, and the more moderate chris christies and what does that do to the voters? >> sure i think there are several major clumps, according to their experience, their philosophies, how conservative they are or not. certainly ted cruz is probably the most bell-ringing conservative in the group. maybe rick santorum. i think santorum is likely to see diminishing returns this time. ashley: yep. >> and all the way over to jeb bush, chris christie, governors who governed. ashley: scott walker? >> yep, governors who govern blue states and kind of center-right ways. that's the other main camp.
11:20 pm
but, look, rand paul is certainly -- could be a surprise candidate. i tend to believe the way the numbers are so scattered right now, that it's going to be a while, it's too soon to say who's a front-runner. ashley: leslie? >> i believe we're going to fall in love with governors again. we get to know them in executive role in their state. ashley: thanks for being with us, good discussion. may be time to put deflategate behind us thank god. comedian jimmy kimmel found well-known bostonians found to be responsible for deflating tom brady's footballs. >> sucking air out of regulation ball in order to save people's lives. i saved 17 people's lives. tom brady had nothing do with it. if he did, he would have done exactly the same thing. because he's a [ bleep ] hero. >> i did it i'm the perpetrator. i take a football. i don't want to squeeze all the
11:21 pm
air into his little lungs, because i don't want to ruin the football. i take a little air out of most of them. like 11 out of 12 of them, and it does the trick it. absolutely saves his lungs. >> ask you a question all right? who are you going to believe? tom brady? the greatest man in all of humanity or a bunch of [ bleep ] on twitter? justice has spoken. ashley: i love ben affleck's bostonian accent as well. the mystery is solved. talking a lot more super bowl and super bowl advertising with marketing guru and former budweiser executive tony ponturo. he has the scoop which ads will win our hearts this year. bet you it's got a puppy in it. they won't call them terrorists but claiming responsibility for a terror attack that killed three americans. general robert scales on the taliban and the word games the white house is playing. that
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. ashley: egypt's muslim brotherhood calling for a, quote, long and unrelenting jihad on arabic website after the state department hosted egyptian leaders aligned with the muslim brotherhood. president obama refusing to meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu when he visits the nuz march. while the obama administration's criticism of netanyahu not hurting the prime minister. he is surging in a new poll as israel faces attacks from all sides. joining me now retired major general robert scales former commander of the u.s. army war college and a fox news military analyst. general, thank you for joining us tonight. >> hey, ashley. ashley: talk about the reluctance by the administration to call the taliban a terrorist organization, instead wanting to call them armed insurgents they admit that the taliban uses terror tactics. what on earth is going on? >> just beats the heck out of
11:27 pm
me ashley. i mean how do you defeat an enemy when you can't admit that they exist? and how about the i-word? you watch all this blathering from the administration but they fail to use the word islamist, when the terrorists and the insurgents or whatever you want to call them when the enemy actually uses that word to describe themselves. look, you're not going to win a war against global terrorism until you admit that you have a strategy based on an enemy that consists overwhelmingly of radical islamist terrorists whatever you want to call it. the enemy is the same from north africa, through syria, all the way, obviously, through iraq, to pakistan and afghanistan. it's a global movement, ashley. we need to call an enemy an enemy and admit who they are. ashley: talk about where they are at with the battle against
11:28 pm
isis. syrian kurds having a nice victory pushing them out of the town of kobani that's been a brutal battle for four or five months now. is that a positive sign? talk that isis would like to capture the town of hassaca in northern syria strategically important to them. are we getting the upper hand? >> no, remember kobani was won by the kurds, not by the regular iraqi army. the kurds are not going anywhere except to defend the perimeter of kurdistan. they are doing it very well with little help from us or the iraqi army. this is an entirely different thing compared to the campaign plane that we're helping the iraqis put together that's going to recapture the river cities with the ultimate objective of capturing mosul. that's a long way off. ashley: well, the administration has been telling
11:29 pm
us that the u.s.-led coalition airstrikes have been very successful. taken out a large percentage of the leaders of the isis forces. do you buy that? >> no, i don't. how do you count bodies from 26,000 feet. look, i was in a war where we counted bodies, and according to analysts in vietnam, we won that war three times over because of body count no. this is a test of will, and the key to winning against isis is to break their stranglehold over the perceptions of young islamists throughout the world who view isis as winning this war, and bombing them from 26,000 feet may nibble away at the edges of their strength but until you break them psychologically, they're still winning. ashley: and to do that, general, do you believe we need boots on the ground? >> well, we will. let's face it. the administration is hemming and hawing and adding 500 here,
11:30 pm
1,000 there. eventually we're going to do that because the gods of war will dictate how the war progresses. you can't anticipate a war, it's the most it's the most difficult thing to try to manage of all human activities. so far the administration's done a terrible job. the idea of trying to recapture isis-controlled territory in iraq and syria without military presence on the ground is simply absurd. ashley: leave it right there. thank you so much general robert scales for joining us tonight. >> thank you. ashley: time for a look at our online poll results, we asked if you believe republican senators should vote against loretta lynch's confirmation because she believes u.s. citizens have the same rights as illegal immigrants? 93% of you said yes. not close. be sure to vote in tonight's poll -- cast your vote at
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all right, new texas governor greg abbott declaring next monday february 2nd, chris kyle day known as the most lethal sniper. saying -- filmmaker michael moore is not back down from criticism of "american sniper." moore called snipers cowards, and in a facebook post slammed those attacking him over it. writing this week, hysterical attacks on me only proves that the american lovers of violence and issuers of fatwas in our society haven't gone away. they are our american isis. seems a bit of a stretch. we're coming right back. amnesty to the president's illegal immigrants proceeding as planned as the legal system grinds to a halt.
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. ashley: president obama's executive action on illegal immigration is set to be a reality on february 18th, where customs and immigration services begin accepting applications for deferred action. the backlog growing with thousands of cases delayed and some cases by nearly five years. joining me defense attorney rebecca rose woodland and
11:36 pm
former prosecutor and fox news analyst lis wiehl. kick this off with immigration, lis, begin with you, no matter what the republicans or anyone opposed to this plan put forward by the president, it's not going to be overturned it's a reality. >> it's going to happen right. states can get involved. the problem with arizona is the states try to get involve and the federal government comes back and says look, immigration is a federal issue, not a states rights issue, and the courts pretty much have been going that way. ashley: and we're waiting for a ruling from a texas judge this week. what do you think, rebecca? >> i agree with lis, the situation is immigration has been consistently over the course of the scope of our democracy, a federal issue. so when the states come and say president obama, we don't agree with what you're doing. president obama says tough i am the president. and i have the authority to do this. and what he's doing now is put cases back.
11:37 pm
we only have 320 judges the immigration judges are completely overwhelmed with when they have now. what president obama said basically is all the cases you have, we're going to put them off a couple years, don't worry about them. we have other priority cases we want to handle. ashley: what a nightmare. >> remember it's 2019 how much they're pushing it back. can you imagine the people looking at, that another four years, i don't have to worry about it. >> that's what it effectively does. it gives people extra time by creating a backlog. if you don't want the backlog, well, then hire more judges. ashley: i remember the number five million children of illegal immigrants how do we know it's five million? >> we don't it could be many more than that. ashley: many many more. they are not documented. >> obviously, they're here illegally. and they disperse in the different states and now pushing this so far back we will never find some of the kids. ashley: and you have people try and go through the process
11:38 pm
legally saying what's the point? >> that's where you are headed. look, there has to be a balance. if you want to treat certain people fairly, you have to treat everyone fairly. so then you're going to have -- the problem is which we talked about last week the terrorists who can come in and might be able to invade. you can invade a lot of things when you have an open-ended policy, have you four years out. maybe some of the people are terrorists, then what? >> they get bank accounts and get money. you know. >> one point i want to make when i was a prosecutor and prosecuted illegal immigrants, they had a felony and re-entered. i loved to have grants on the jury panel. you know why? they did it right, and they were ticked off with my guys. ashley: took me a long time. >> my mom, too. it took a long time. most people here in this country are here from elsewhere, and they came through the system, most of us
11:39 pm
legally, not me particularly but my heritage. and, you know, that's where you find. that's what happens when you go through the system legally, you are able to separate people out, and you can say wow, this person's background doesn't add up. why? maybe they're coming in for the wrong reasons. >> exactly. before we run out of time. want to get into the freshman at a new jersey high school charged with third degree aggravated assault. i know you've seen the video that's gone viral, wrestling the teacher down, slamming him down because he had a cell phone. >> a 16-year-old freshman which is strange, old age for a freshman. 52-year-old man, slams him down, and the kids around him aren't doing anything to protect him. they can't be charged. there's no good samaritan law in new jersey. you can't be charged for that. the school could face a negligence charge if they knew about the kid and knew he was a bad kid. ashley: you're talking about previous incidents.
11:40 pm
>> right, right. ashley: i think he should be charged. what do you think? >> certainly he's been arrested, the student. but only after the school saw the video because it went viral. the teacher didn't do anything, he didn't protect himself. you want to know why? a lot of the teachers -- these statistics are insane how many teachers, 80% have admitted to being harassed or physically abused in the last year. that's crazy national association of teachers that's a national number. ashley: in the age of cell phones where everyone puts them up and starts recording video, we're getting insight into that now. >> he's frightened, if he tried to push the kid back, he would be fired. and if there wasn't a cell phone video it becomes a he said/she said, and god forbid the teacher is worried for his safety and his job. if he is found for assault of a student. no more teaching for him. ashley: lis, rebecca, thank you
11:41 pm
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. ashley: stocks posting worst monthly loss in a year following weak gdp data. joining me is founder of a financial estimates company. lee, thank you for joining us. it has been a wild right since this year began. some big losses frightening for the average investor out there. what's going on, and what do you expect for the rest of the year? >> the decline in oil is throwing everything off,
11:46 pm
largely because in the past when we've seen large declines in the price of oil, we're seeing economic malaise. >> yes. >> this time it's interesting internationally we're seeing, that domestically seeing a strong economy. so it's throwing investors a lot of mixed messages. the market itself is waiting for oil to bottom because the energy sector is dragging down the rest of the index, and you can't really have the whole market move without this huge sector getting its act together, and we're not going to see that until oil bottoms. we're all over the place. ashley: the u.s. economy is moving along fairly well especially when you compare it to the global economy as a whole. what are the chances we can catch a cold from the rest of the world? >> i don't think so. we printed 2.6 on the gdp, right in line with where the consensus estimates were. economists were around 3.4. when you look at the number and break it down, it was the public sector actually that
11:47 pm
dragged the gdp number down. the private sector is doing well. i don't think we're going to catch cold from europe. europe is going to do qe here, it's not going to affect us too much. i think we're going to continue to chug along well. ashley: we have seen the dollar come along stronger. that's come to light as we've gotten the corporate earnings the strong dollars hurt the companies and quite a lot exposed to europe and elsewhere. that is a symptom of what's been going on? >> the s&p 500 60% of earnings come from overseas. multinational companies have trouble with the fx and missing numbers because of that. when you look at the revenue, we're seeing strong growth rates in the private sector especially in tech the consumer, especially in health care, these are mostly the domestic industries. when you look at industry and financials, it's dragging it down, and we're having obviously problems in industrials because of the
11:48 pm
global slowdown in growth. ashley: anything that happens in china has an impact on the markets. what's your sense of what's going on in china? >> if you look at copper the tell for the global economy. you look at copper oil, gold. this is a china story. china's slowing down a little bit. economy is moving -- >> which may not be a bad thing. >> they've been up against this race between when does the domestic consumption kick in? how do they move economy to domestic economy? it's happening now. we're seeing a lot of that. but it's going to be a rocky transition and looks like they're successful with it but we could see a lot of the stuff in the commodity market affect the brick, india china russia, brazil brazil is having a hard time. ashley: and russia. >> i would say they've been kicked out of the group at this point. ashley: 20 seconds here the fed. still a lot of speculation that
11:49 pm
rates could be raised? >> not going to raise. not until 16. look at data. bullard jawbones a bit but it's not happening. ashley: leigh, thank you for joining us. >> appreciate it. ashley: listen to lou's financial reports three times a day on the salem radio network. listen up, a new study ranks the cars you are most likely to die in if you are involved in a serious accident. ouch! here's a hint many are small import sedans. number five. the hyundai accent two door number four, the chevrolet aveo, number two, the nissan versa, and the deadliest car the kia rio four door. ride at your own risk. budweiser relying on cuteness and a dose of americana to sell gallons of beer during this year's super bowl. sports marketer extraordinaire tony ponturo will be here next and what makes a multimillion dollar commercial truly
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ashley: the quotation of the name in honor of the super bowl. the green bay packers, from vince lombardi who said perfection is not attainable but we chase perfection we can do
11:54 pm
great things. superbowl xlix kicking off in just 48 hours. 184 million americans are expected to tune in to watch the seahawks playing the patriots. many will keep an eye on the commercials as well. $300,000 higher for commercials than the record set this time last year on super bowl ads joining us now is tony ponturo former vice president of trans- kirmser/ponturo group. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having me. ashley: did you come up with the clydesdale horses? [laughter] >> they actually go back to prohibition era. it has been a long heritage and an icon that no other company have. ashley: a really appeals to the
11:55 pm
people. >> from time to time people would think if you always had to convince people. but people really love the clydesdale's. ashley: can you say that about the puppies as well i think. >> between a puppy and a big horse, you have pretty good ingredients. ashley: what is the aim of these ads? to be memorable? and in what correlation is there between that and people buying? >> whether you're going to see 120 million people it's going to be men and women and young people and you really want to touch all of those demographics. and so if you have a motion and
11:56 pm
that is the moment, that is why they have the marketing polls. ashley: talking about the other side of that companies like go daddy who like to be controversial, and again they bring out this commercial that we have seen ahead of time, it seems like a ripoff of the anheuser-busch and then people say well this is promoting puppy mills. but in the end could this be a stroke of marketing genius and that you have all this free advertising stories. >> they create controversies way before the super bowl even starts and that gives them value. and you have to give them credit because you've done a great job of and maybe it's time to change that strategy. >> we always hear the expression that sex cells some getting the
11:57 pm
sense that perhaps we won't have as much of that this year. what do you think? >> i think that at times you can go too far. obviously we will see a kim kardashian spot, really just her standing there is an attraction, but you have to make sure -- you have to keep focused on what the brand is trying to say and will it be sustainable over time and can it turn people off. >> the family and everyone together, you know, it's a whole different scrutiny than may be late-night talk shows. ashley: what is the most effective approach? i talk to you about humor. we seem to remember that very well. is that really the best most effective thing? >> yes it is the number one ingredient.
11:58 pm
a simple humorous last in means he didn't look like you work too hard on it. and then there's a little bit of a gag and you just sort of smile and that really is the number one ingredient. not taking yourself too seriously, having fun, remembering the platform that you are in and then having a good laugh. ashley: four and a half million for a 32nd spot. you are the goo rue of this. >> i think it's worth it because -- we talked a couple weeks ago about the ncaa football playoffs and they were such a success and they reached 30 million. well this is three times the audio. particularly in a state and age with all the fractal is asian and all of the technology, to be able to sell your spot to have to country, the media recognizes
11:59 pm
the pr that uk and so you have to count all of those impressions. ashley: but then you spent all this money. >> some people are afraid to go into those high risk and high rewards. ashley: thank you so much for joining us. that's great stuff. it's time for fuel your comments. one individual said the obama administration's attempt to control language shows that we have a white house that role semantics. and the senate's approval of the keystone pipeline obama claims that jobs are temporary. and that's not an argument. and douglas wrote about libya qadhafi gave up after the invasion of iraq the first time. the threats we need to worry about are here in this country pretending to be american
12:00 am
politicians. we love to hear from you. e-mail us and call us on twitter at lou dobbs news or go to our facebook page where everything can be found at lou it. >> the walls of wall street down late loaded john: the wolf of wall street was downloaded illegally more than any other movie. and the idea is to encourage the proliferation of new ideas. even drug dealers have expanded the situation. and if it doesn't change the name, the lawyers may come. >> i am an intellectual property attorney and you have stolen my


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