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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 12, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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pictures. my love for you is blinding. have a great valentine's couple of days. i will see you monday at 10:00 eastern, 7:00 pacific on fox business network. kennedy, out. the jobs is next. keep it here on fox business. lou: good evening. the administration reinforce its assault on officers and agencies. as head of the fbi he is advancing his anti-police agenda. he chose his agent well. the highly respected former federal prosecutor and justice '04 and sun dash department official accusing the police officers of blatant bias bias even calling foreign relations with communities but like his predecessor director colby was never a police officer.
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and that is self assertedly officers and agents may not be aware of prejudice themselves. >> the with the behavior in response which is why every have system processes to overcome the very human part of us all. >> the end of the truce on law enforcement talking to york city homicide detective joining us here in moments. with the alleged cease-fire deal between you crave and russia but the fighting rages on. and president obama now has
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his fourth defense secretary in six years. the senate overwhelmingly ye confirm dash jane carter that is already strayed from the white house positions on a number of policy issues and we will bring it up tonight. we begin in ukraine with the fighting is intensifying ahead of the cease-fire deal that will begin saturday at midnight. the russian president and ukrainian president said there both unhappy with the agreement. we are in kiev with the report. >> marathon talks aimed at ending the bloodshed and a with an agreement and to german chancellor merkle trying to come up with the deal. >> i think this is serious hell with everything that
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has not been accomplished yet. >> with a cease-fire for the of military and the russian and separatist starting at high noon local time saturday night. playback tanks and artillery. >> it was not the best way of life but a good morning because we reached a major agreement. >> will bring is vague enough for the troops to possibly stay put the border between russia and ukraine remains in rebel hands. and also calling for greater self governance with one of several items that was disagreed with. >> despite firm assistance we did not agree to any agreement for eastern ukraine. >> today fighting has intensified the two sides
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are trying to change the facts on the ground. no wonder russia is cautious. >> it is our view that actions and implementation is who we are working -- looking for. >> the state department also says weapons for ukraine and sanctions for russia remained a possibility. that is a good piece of news the imf said it released $17.5 billion aid package for the economy. to. lou: turning to domestic issues some house republicans are pushing mitch mcconnell to remove the filibuster option in the senate. that would allow the house passed a funding bill that guts and the illegal amnesty feel ought to come up for debate in the upper chamber. mike emanuel has the report.
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>> >> urging lawmakers to stop the finger-pointing. >> that should be unacceptable. we need a fully funded department of homeland security and we need congress to come together for the department. >> market kirk is up for reelection calling for a clean funding bill concerned about the impact of a lapse at the end of the month. still calling on democrats to kick the gridlock cabinet >> for one reason it is to defend the action is president of bombing himself referred to as otherwise and
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unfair. >> some tried to pressure mcconnell to take up the street homeless security funding bill to see if that would pass the senate but spending bills must originate in the house. lou: mike and renewal from capitol hill. as we reported the senate easily confirmed cashing carter to be the next secretary of defense 93 / five sharp contrast to chuck hegel with his confirmation vote was much narrower. carter now inherits the task to guiding troop withdrawal from afghanistan and possibly stepping up though for and against the islamic state. the senate judiciary committee is postponing its vote whether to confirm loretta lynn just the next attorney-general that the pope will take place after next week's recess democrats are accusing a stalling the
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democratic process. that there is not enough written responses to the questions they have submitted we will be right back. >> he wants congress to authorize use against the islamic state. but the request does not include the nature of the threat to america. you can't predict the market. but at t. rowe price we've helped guide our clients through good times and bad. our experienced investment professionals are one reason over 85% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper averages. so in a variety of markets we can help you feel confident. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information risks, fees and expenses to read and consider
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okay. [ male announcer ] introducing xfinity my account. available on any device. lou: house speaker evader criticize the obama administration failure to articulate a strategy against islamic states also maintaining though war authorization request does not go far enough. >> key dates to have an overarching strategy to deal with a growing terrorist threat. he has yet to do that and continues to look at this as a counterterrorism effort but in fact, there is a war under way and we're in the midst of it. but the president tyus his own he instead wants to tie them further with the authorization he sent up here. lou: ottman next guest with
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his thoughts on the growing islamic state. also a member of the house financial-services committee, a good to have you with us. there are some that say the speaker is being charitable to say that president obama has a counterterrorism strategy rather than a war strategy so the president himself is like a big city mayor when it comes to fighting radical islamic terrorism. >> he did. and also let me remind everyone of the goal is to use that of the caliphate. but here is the frustration. when we have given authorization for the kurds to be armed or the jordanians, the next day we see is the delegation to
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save lives of the administration follow-through? with the kurds, they're still out there trying to fight off artillery. they don't have this in their arsenal so they can roll back prices. and let me add january 1 year ago his ambassador in baghdad was asking as were members of congress, if isis' moves out of syria there on the open road and to hit them from the air we went all the way until august. so regardless of what authorization may might put forward to have a commander in chief who might not
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decisively act then this becomes a problem. the second reason is that isis continues to recruit. lou: estimates are around 20,000. over the course of the past year. but as you describe what has happened from the outset. with the islamic states there is a lot of confusion that is understandable. with the president coming to congress the force that has been employing the last six months. but at the same time to say mr. president their request does not go far enough and to these are your words is absolutely much building and ineffective.
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>> where is the strategy? just a with the leadership that the government does not exist for his declaration so why would you authorize him to do anything? >> but can wave breaks yen representatives? to help us not only craft the authorization to mold a strategy. but to know that they will arm the kurds. so those that can we run legislation to give to the king of jordan. and then sending them into battle where he wants to
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take it to the enemy. we want the fighting done by the jordanians clearly by the kurds and arab tribes but to be a cohesive comprehensive strategy in which the decision is made to fran -- win. >> most people by a vast majority don't believe the present is strong enough. it is the authorization that he seeks with the leaders of the congress and there would be shocked to find with the shia iraqi government in baghdad but not to be the most effective fighters.
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>> and that we cannot get the kurds are more or the jordanians explain they cannot get the weapons that they need and tarascan at the steps be taken as we do is the air strikes for the order to be sent by washington but then the target is gone. if we're going to help them then let's have the pilots have the opportunity is realtime and let's push back crisis because if we don't with these young men see is them on the march. that we can do glamorize isis to have them defeated on the ground.
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and to see the necessity before more young men are recruited to carry the attack. lou: really appreciate it. think he'll. looking at the online poll results to believe the leadership will change with the president even if congress and grants to war powers? 98 percent said no. vote tonight you believe the president or attorney general or fbi director are trying to be honest and helpful as a generalized to have law enforcement of latent bias and prejudice to minority communities. vote at the a ceasefire in eastern ukraine but members of the parliament are passionate in their political views to politicians so now coming to
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blows of the parliament of ukraine with the anti-corruption bill. with the politics and their parliament. it happened in the last august. of lawbreaker punching a call begin in the face. that happened last july when lawmakers tried to expel a member plan the conflict of eastern ukraine first broke out. it is co-ed as you can see. fbi director fall lucille ball the doctor and on police and racism as they continue the war on law enforcement today. and can pornography head a government office is? fell one lawmaker is trying to prohibit all together.
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lou: if you thoughts about the seemingly negative and destructive choices made by the obama white house. today they choose to resume their war on law-enforcement and it was an inside job. the president chose james komi to go forward and ask disparaged those that protect our communities all across this great country. in with fast over simplification with that responsibility whatsoever and was declared that police are burdened with blatant bias. >> we have different flavors
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of cynicism because of lazy shortcuts. too often we're given firemen's were hugely disproportionate of street crime is up young men of color and something happens to people of goodwill working in that environment. lou: i cannot imagine a of what they feel from hearing those words you should be above politics but instead offer a inspiration nine denigration instead at a georgetown university event of a manifesto. far too comfortable with volley into the logical step with his highly partisan bosses whose early politicize the justice department that he once
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helped to lead with distinction. his comments nearly identical to a controversial statement in jaime wary when he said quillback there are still bias in our society and the way to improve this is improved trading so people could be aware of the bias ahead of time. and nearly identical to the comments made last year. >> the vast majority of law enforcement officers are doing a tough job and most do it well. and try to do the right thing. but a combination of bad trading and a combination of departments that are not trying to root out the bias for police work and for those just not knowing better but a subconscious
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fear for those who look different that is a national problem that requires a national solution. >> we have received demonstrations that has sought to bring real answer to the to the underlying issues in with a pervasive community of distrust. >> see what they did their? although they said did -- said these were superseded to generalize about racial prejudice and bias. with that hopeful observation of the police officers of the bias thereby closing the feedback loop to dismiss objective evidence to move on with generalizations and
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exploitation and comey for his part played in the role to date of a useful tool for his boss. eric holder call this a nation of cowards when it comes to race. but the white house refuses to talk about her do anything significant about inner-city poverty to break the cycle of lost opportunity but here is former new york city mayor bloomberg through this week proposed a solution procopius said cities need to get guns out of the hands of those who are male male, minority, in between the ages of 50 and 25. because those are the real the graphics of 95 percent of all murders. hugh -- she was accused of
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racism shot down and ignored if most of the liberal media and of course, this administration. for the good of the country and on the issue of race instead be brave, daylight might. the quotation of the evening is like paul said like james comey does not see himself as a politician or a tool would do well to take note. the trust of the innocent is the wires most useful tool. from stephen king. we're coming wetback. >> the fbi joins a racial
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lou: joining me now is former n.y.p.d. officer forever new york city detective and let me begin with you do and.
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with the presumption of law enforcement? >> this is becoming the ideological battle not just put on the ground but with fbi director comey referring to blatant bias is a societal problem with the tendency to do that. but it absolves people love of responsibility for their behavior. free cannot measure that i don't know what is going on in your head but how you react. because this is an ideological battle to infiltrate the government. >> the two incidents that started this software is said to people the guy in in st. louis , michael brown and the other one on staten island, now all the sudden
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now i am very surprised. where was this attorney-general would reburied to new york city officers that were assassinated? he did not have the courtesy to show up at their idiom funeral and that aggravates me. i talked to cops all over the country. but here are the facts. between 13 and 14% of those numbers 33 percent of all rapes are committed by blacks. called a racist but that is the numbers. 35% of all assaults or 55 percent of all robberies and 50% of all, of those
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91 percent of the blacks that are killed are by other blacks. monopolies. >> looking at this with the civilian complaint with the federal person they cannot do their jobs. lou: comey was a highly respected prosecutors surveyed with distinction and what must police officers or law enforcement officers be thinking when suddenly he stands up as a contrived moment to talk about leniency -- latency bias? it is extraordinary. >> this has to infuriate the
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rate can file police officers on the ground who are blue-collar workers. they don't go to sociology class is to study the a fax -- the effects fis. not everything comey said was negatived. he is accurate. lou: if he'd generalizes he has to say something nice and the beginning. and excoriated law-enforcement across the country. >> it is the opening to savage the rank-and-file officers of latent bias. lou: i have a lot of respect for the fbi director. i am surprised. with the work has the cop or a detective 10 dead hispanics all shot in the head.
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the police department is so diversified to say something like this to take police officers all across the country and you can call me a racist but those are the facts. if you want to throw away the dead you can't. lou: it is interesting de blasio has obviously decided to extend not an apology but changed his contact. >> i called him big bird. restarted to realize he takes away the backbone from the cops. lou: we appreciate it. intense fighting in the eastern ukraine raising doubts about the impending cease-fire and reports the state agency that it committed targeting americans will now be rewarding illegal
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immigrants. next.
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37 . lou: the president said that
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to work with carter he has terrific wisdom with defense reform but believes his teams will be tied the aid of a white house orthodoxy. joining us from the army war college and fox news military analyst, tied down by a president who doesn't want to listen to any of pfizer? >> is such a shame. carter is a good friend of mine. we have worked together in the past. he is smart, balance, and he is probably the:a guy who knows defense reform better then any civilian life. he could really change the culture and the weapons buying industry to turn things around but my fear is to make great initiatives
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and has a white house inner circle to dictate where he goes to get us out of afghanistan. lou: with that political whitehouse it is not a of a happy thing in the results speak for themselves. yemen collapsing the president holds it up as an emblem of success not those radical islamic terrorists because that is what they are. is one failure after another. libya, the baghdad, and to this point we never got started. it is unfair to expect them all. but where we going? >> but the fact that yemen
11:46 pm
is a failed state and is not governed the league does two things that affect america. it goes black and it goes dark. we have pulled out most of the intelligence gathering mechanisms. in those fought -- forces that are out of there between the corner of africa so that is very serious to protect the homeland because remember yemen is also the home of the most talented ball makers in the middle east -- bomb makers. lou: but there has not been the success of a bear. we have not been able to prevail in iraq or afghanistan. the president has not had
11:47 pm
his way with syria. because it is in chaos. in floundering now we have congress that has a request to use military force for a president that they have no confidence in and don't trust. >> that scares me the authorization for military force. it says the message to isis that we will be out of there is in three years he will not see significant american forces. and number three we tie the hands of the soldiers that are there so those who are an adviser will wake up to say do i kill him or call my lawyer? lou: and also with the new
11:48 pm
commander in chief with the three-year plan. good to have you with us. stocks climbing higher yesterday at 20 in nasdaq up a 56. the volume is up crude oil is back above $51 a barrel. not doing much to boost retail sales. who shot -- government spending is 8 percent higher than one year ago. listen to my financial report on the sale of radio at work prepared to waive the unexpected he confirmed illegal immigrants will be eligible for billions of dollars of tax credits under the amnesty fiat and they can collect refunds through 2011 even though they'd
11:49 pm
never paid taxes or file the return? with the interpretation of what you said. >> for everyone even if they didn't file the previous three years? period that is when the standing. >> you have no idea how much this will cost? >> i don't know how many get numbers. >> to the white house not ask you to estimate? >> i have not talked to the white house that all. >> a failure to communicate. anyone surprised? government employees better look out. introducing legislation and to prevent government workers from the wing pornographic material on taxpayer digital devices. those who watched as much as
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six hours per day of his office computer. that is not funny at all. said dr. ben carson gets an apology from those that turnout their job did not work out at all. next. you can't predict the market. but at t. rowe price we've helped guide our clients through good times and bad. our experienced investment professionals are one reason over 85% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper averages. so in a variety of markets we can help you feel confident. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> the southern poverty law center. left wing group if there ever was one issueing a apology to dr. ben carson, they put him on their extremeist watch list, what they call hate groups and white supremacists. the backlash of so strong. first place they said because of allegedly antigay comments made by the good doctor. >> marriage is between a man and a woman. it is a well established fundamental pillar of society. and no group be they gays or people who believe in beastiality, does not matter, they don't get to change the definition. >> mainstream media trying to
11:55 pm
hit governor scott walker because he looks like he will be one of the leader candidates washington post reporters and editors going after him with an article as scott walker mulls white house little bit questions linger over college exit. kelly ann cona, and robert, great to see you powerful washington post piece scott walker has to be latching. >> i i can tell you we both agree, there are no no lingering questions, i am sure right wing it same reaction about president obama's college record. >> which part? they pub publish his entire record,
11:56 pm
wewe know everything. >> donald trump who. >> we had 6 years of obama presidency robert so understand what a harvard degree gets us. >> we got --1984 to 1988. we had 20 years worth of harvard and yale. >> not sinceing reagan a nonivy league. >> 1984 -- with all right no, right. >> but look. >> lou majority -- >> i'm here with you now. >> majority of americans do not have a college degree. >> whos hell cares is what when yous is what yousay, i care.
11:57 pm
i want a state school, a somebody a plumber a carpenter i want somebody. >> short sleeve shirt? >> i want a true toryial for scott walker. >> who will give it. >> hillary clinton. >> the afl-cio teach teamsters. >> hillary has not taken a position on anything. >> bad. >> we can't get mrs. clinton -- >> did she go to yale. >> she went to yale law school, her husband cheated off of her. >> i want to see his transcript. >> that is the rhetoric that cause republican party defeat. >> you start worrying about the republicans, i think that is so admirable. most people -- >> scott walker tonight. >> we need a man of the people whoever that is as president.
11:58 pm
and i think that this was a very -- a really eliteist hit job on him because it trying to unravel -- >> a hit job. >> but look how many college kids right now wish they had a job. >> now moving on marco rubio and his buddy jeb bush, they are intertwineed, all of a sudden, rubio is running like hell from him, what is going on? >> i think he may run for president, old -- rube reyou'll rubio would never ron if his political godfather were in the race, i don't think that is true. >> a multiple choice. >> rubio. >> you can ask the same of governor bush. >> i do.
11:59 pm
>> why are democrats so upset with david cameron? >> breach of protocol. >> quick. not the issue of prime minister netanyahu but about speaker boehner trying to make israel a partisan game. and even netanyahu. >> he should do what obama is doing, basically just, cut away the ties to his roots. >> i much prefer john boehner have his way. >> president got the nobel peace prize, and has turned his back otherwise rail. as you know. >> record --
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