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tv   Forbes on FOX  FOX Business  February 22, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EST

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. no funds today. adam. >> xlf which is an atf of financial stocks as interest rates go up these are recover. >> i want to thank you all very much. the co freedom continues with david asman. this is the place for business fox. you watch anything else, you're wasting your time. >> death by bad people or death by bad weather? which should occupy more of our time and our treasure? the president already on record saying climate change is the biggest long-term threat, but a brand new poll saying more than twice as many americans by global terrorism trumps global warming. so whose got it right? i'm david asman welcome to "forbes on fox." let's go in focus with mr. steve forbes, michael zane yan sabrina shaffer carrie she will felled and mike. >> the president absolutely does not have it right. look, it puts the entire obama
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presidency into sharp relief this is an administration that is sort of putting -- the crucifying of children and the beheading of americans and burning people alive behind climate change. this is sort of strikes me as absurd absurd, but it strikes the american people as absurd as well. if you look at the pew research center they just did a survey 76% of american thinks terrorism should be the top priority for the president climate change second from the bottom at 38%. the only thing closer to terrorism is jobs and the economy around 76 and 75%. so this witness is once again out of touch. >> john what do you think? >> you gave me rick's slot again this week. >> you seem so comfortable will. go ahead. >> i to. i don't know what's wrong here. you know without minimizing for a second the who are roars brought on the world by terrorists, the reality if you look throughout history is that governments have killed far more people than have terrorists and
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the numbers aren't even close. if you look at economics, governments around the world have caused far for economic hardship than some theory about weather ever has. that's my problem when we elevate either one of these threats too much what we to is we empower the very governments that have killed so many people and that have caused so much economic hardship over the years. i think we need to dial both down. >> all right. steve, particularly when you're talking about global warming in light of this winter that we have here now i mean, i know they changed the terminology from global warmer to kpliemt change but at the heart of it is there suggestion that this stuff shouldn't be happening. >> since it'sen unproven theory they've become more voe sieve rouse about defending the indefensible. in terms of the point about government being a threat, government become powerful because of wars. if you don't nip in the bud let's to your security then you're going to get bigger threats in the future which means bigger government.
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so the longer we dilly daly about the terrorist threat in the middle east, in africa and nigeria and what putin is doing in europe we're going to pay a higher price down the road. >> rick, about global warming i'm thinking of the new york times headline that said the end of snow. clearly the folks in boston don't think that. here is what the president said let's just play the sound clip of what -- where the president's priorities are. >> and no challenge, no challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change. >> and we're spending a lot of cash on that, rick. he's putting his -- our money where his mouth is $77 billion is how much we've spent during his administration on this climate change stuff. >> i have always been agnostic on climate change i see some evidence that is convincing that it's real i see some evidence that's convincing that it's not what we make it out to be. to answer the question, i think it's all of the above. if global warming is indeed real
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and i think we should all allow for the possibility without getting crazy then that does have a long reaching impact. if we ask people a few months back they were much more concerned about pan dem iks because of the ebola disease. right now, yes, we're all freaking out about terrorism. i think they are all challenges even john's point is legitimate. there are lots of -- >> what do you know even -- >> even john's point. >> mike, we now have billions of dollars spent on electric cars on tax subsidies for electric cars and there's a suggestion that in fact, electric cars don't save any greenhouse or don't provide any less greenhouse gases than regular cars because you have to produce that electricity somehow. it seems like we're ms. spending a lot of money on this climb change stuff. >> look at rick's favorite company, cylindra we're getting
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half of 1% of our energy from solar. the government is supposed to do -- to steal john's words very few things but do them right. one of the things its supposed to do based on the constitution is protect us from foreign enemies. that threat is real, they're murdering people it's rampant and the president is not taking it seriously. >> on the other hand, carrie we have to point out how much money we have been spending since 9/11 it's over a trillion dollars on defense and fighting terrorism directly. >> that's true but -- and we do want to have clean air clean water, nobody is disputing that and our emissions have gone down because of the shale revolution, but the reality is the clear and present danger is global terrorism. i used to work in world trade center tower number 7. we had kits in our offices, food supplies masks, flares to prepare for another terror attack and i can tell you we never had a drill for a global warming climate change summit. we have never had as many people
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who are displaced, we have so many refugees, more refugees now than anytime since world war ii because of the isis, because the boko haram. this is not fiction, this is absolutely real. >> sabrina, which is it, though, when you come to spending clearly we have been spending a lot more money on the war on terrorism as many people think we should. so why does the president then say our priorities should be global warming? i don't get it. >> here comes the politics right, david. the president is not running for reelection but this is nearly a nod to the far left of the democratic party. obviously he's trying to a veel to the environmentalists who not only see climate change as the number one priority for the country, but who also look down their noses at any kind of proper role of government in terms of protecting us. they don't want to see us get entangled in another iraq or afghanistan and i understand that, but this is clearly a lot of politics that's getting in the way here. >> even though you may not share our interest in the war on
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terror you do share our interest in all this frivolous money i would say being spent on things like electric cars that really isn't helping anything. >> absolutely. and i think a good answer here would be to say let's look at market signals. obama we all agree maybe is not doing a lot about terrorism, but if it were a big threat you think it would show up in the stock market indices so i think we can throw at that aside. when you look environmental or global warming threat if it really were the problem that those who say it is is you'd see beach front property in new port beach, california and the hamptons plummeting in value. if you want to compare the two, i think it's pretty easy to say what's the bigger threat. >> by the way the liberal advocates of the global warming theory have this beautiful beach front property on both the east and west coast so they're not putting their money where their mouth is. steve, i'm wondering, though, in the long run whether or not the
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president's emphasis whether his priority will affect our safety. >> well it is in the sense that we're not dealing with the problem that we could deal with fairly easily. go back to the 1930s the last time we thought we could ignore the world when hitler roupd the ryan land it could have been stopped with a few french troops instead it took tens of millions of lives to do it. we've made mistake in the past. so what? learn from them but we've got to fight this terrorism now before it hits our shores. >> big financial donors are betting big time if hillary clinton runs she'll run to the center, like her husband not to the left like president obama, but is one of her first campaign if you suffer from a dry mouth then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be. but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? well, there is biotene specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants... biotene can provide soothing relief
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residents can return to their homes, the cause of the fire still under investigation. i'm kelly wright. back now to "forbes on fox".." big wall street donors reportedly lining up to fund a hillary clinton run betting on her governing more like her
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husband bill than like president obama, but wall street and main street might want to take note of who will likely lead her campaign, john padesta this is a maen who created the left wing blueprint for president obama's presidency just leaving the white house and expected to lead hillary's campaign. is this proof that a lot of people are making the wrong bet on her? >> this wall street bet is about as good as the bet they made on president obama in 2008. remember, hillary clinton had hillary care before we got obamacare. she supported virtually every tax increase proposed she supported dodd-frank, she had a lousy foreign policy. in terms of leftism, david, bill was soft core, she's hard core. >> rick, i know that padesta he did work for the bill clinton campaign or the bill clinton administration, but he really made his mark on the president obama administration didn't he? >> i guess. i think he made his mark on both
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of those white houses. >> but that's not a compromise or hasn't been over the past six years. >> he really hasn't been in that kind of job where he's negotiating deals to compromise over. he is an excellent, excellent excellent political strategist. i've got to tell you i understand that we're now doing 2016 politics here but shouldn't we shed some focus on who jeb bush picked as his advisors had week, paul wolf wits. >> we know that hillary is the person who is probably going to be running from the democratic side. just look at -- take a look at what john padesta did in 2010 after working with the president on the first two years, he created this incredible plan it's called the power of the president recommendations to advance progressive change. spells it out right there and then goes through a whole list of things that president obama actually rolled out since 2010. so he really made the blueprint for the president's progressive policies over the past few years.
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>> yeah. absolutely. and i think that two of them together is very concerning, especially when we're talking about businesses. one of the things that padesta is very liberal center for american progress has been at the forefront of, per pet waiting this idea that women are constantly under attack in the workplace and hillary clinton has gotten behind and sponsored horrible bills like the paycheck fairness act which would do nothing to close this so-called gap, it would make women much more expensive, would cost businesses a for tune. i think together there is a lot to be very concerned about both at the small business level and moving on up the ladder. >> carrie, again who would hillary -- hillary, by the way is not coming out with either a clear indication she's going to run or her platform for a long time, so that leaves a lot of donors guessing which way she'll govern like, either her husband bill or john padesta and president obama. who is it? >> steve mentioned dodd-frank. we know that dodd-frank is squeezing main street squeezing small lenders. we know that main street is
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going to be pinched. wall street i'm not so worried about, they give to the left and right. the not to dirty secret is there will be bailouts no matter who is in the white house. we saw that with bush, we saw it with president obama and would under clinton as well. >> even democrats have come out with quotes about the way john padesta operates. he's not afraid to use power and ruthlessly if necessary. the guy is tough. >> let me tell you something hillary would be like bill clinton before the bond market and the republican congress pushed him towards the center. bill was far to the left his first two years and if you remember, david the economy was not doing very well those first two years. >> john, you get the impression that hillary had a very different background than her husband bill. she was influenced by the same folks in chicago, for example that influenced our current president, right? >> yeah, well, i'm done one of thieves oddities who thinks she's not going to run for president even if she does she
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will not get the democratic nomination. assuming i'm wrong and she actually ascends to the white house i don't think we have much to worry about and for the reasons that mike pointed out. her election would galvanize the republicans in a major way in terms of fundraising, they'd take back either the house and or the senate and you would have the very gridlock that markets in wall street love more than anything. when washington is not doing anything markets sore. >> steve the republicans already took back the senate and they have the house now and the question is how much a president can do on his or her own. we had it spelled out by john padesta in 2010 then the president actually did it. all these executive actions. >> john padesta is part of that progressive tradition for 100 years has been waging wars against the founders and the constitution thinking we ought to have a semi-dictatorship. she's going to try to do the same thing especially if the republicans control the house and senate. david, at least for the next two years after 2016 we do need to
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get things done, radical simplification of the tax code, getting worst of the -- the whole thing about obamacare, reigning in these rowing regulatory agencies including the irs. a lot of things that have to be done. >> having read through john padesta's blueprint back in 2010 there's nothing there about making anything more simple. more regulations, more taxes, et cetera. meanwhile, the "cashin' in" crew is ready to roll at the bottom to of the hour, what do you have? >> stop isis by giving them jobs? what? that's what the president obama administration is saying. plus, pro union protesters angry at wisconsin governor scott walker. taking their fight to his parents' home, are politician's families now fair game. see you at 11:30. >> up here first, forget about free community college, how about the first two years free for everybody at all public colleges, a new handout plan that really isn't so free.
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stoo student loan debt hitting a new high of nearly $1.2 trillion and one law maker says he has a perfect way to bring down that debt and push enrollment up, make the first two years of public college pre for everybody. steve, there's a question i have, who's going to pay for all this? >> we the people will pay for it not just in higher packs taxes an more money but wrecking higher education in america which for all of its flaws is still the best system in the world. it certainly would destroy the
9:23 am
public education having more government control. it would destroy private colleges in this country and also now we have the fcc, federal communications commission waging war against the internet which means alternatives to higher education are going to be higher because government is going to try to control content. this is bad all around. >> rick, this new plan as suggested by senator bernie sanders he is a self avowed socialist but the president's plan which were for community college has the support of americans, 56% of americans favor the president's plan. >> i think what senator sanders suggested and his heart is clearly in the right place i don't think it's going to turn out to be something that the public is going to be all that interested in, but i was very heartened and i really appreciate you showing the results of that poll that americans do understand what the president is proposing with respect to community colleges, it's smart, we need an educated public if we're going to move our committee ahead.
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>> when you think of all the other things that have been free according to the president turned out to cost a lot of money. >> i think it sounds very very cruel, you know, it's not politically correct to say, but there's nothing you're going to learn in the college classroom that has any real relevance to the working world but the bigger thing is if you look throughout history the appeal of a college degree to pliers was that it took major sacrifice to achieve, not every one to get a degree, many failed out. many people worked their way through school that was a appeal. if you make it free you rob the degree of the very thing that interested employers in the first place. >> the appeal and lure is that word free and, again whenever we hear the government coming out with all these free things they forget, textbooks cost money, professors cost money, buildings cost money. there are costs here who pays for those costs? >> we all do. >> so it's not free it's a misknowner. >> it's misleading the public but that wouldn't be the first time this president has does this or senator sanders.
9:25 am
i've got a nush flash impart of the millennial generation my generation has more people with college degrees but look at us compared to the previous generation, higher unemployment more people living at home, more people in poverty. the value of a degree in the market plais is less valuable than it was 1 in 1980. it's this inflated bubble and we've really got to do something about it and making it free doesn't make it any more valuable. it's credentialing it's not actual learning. >> sabrina it's it a little
9:26 am
the i don't know sumer or students who are trying to get an education. >> steve it's going to drive up the national debt which already is over $18 trillion. >> driving up national debt and a sluggish committee lethal combination. sabrina is right, we're going to pay more for less just like obamacare. they're wrecking the healthcare system they're going to wreck higher education. my goodness, there's going to be nothing left to wreck. >> coming up -- nothing left to wreck -- get ready for your oscar moment instead of
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and we're back with our own award winning picks. michael, disney why do you like it? >> disney owns abc which is televising the oscars and abc is set to rake in over $100 million a record in advertising from televising it. >> do you like disney? >> i love disney's management
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stability. >> but you like viacom. why? >> because inter met regulation from the government will be toothless. >> what do you think? >> no, jon stewart is leaving. >> that's it for "forbes on fox." thank you all for watches. have a wonderful weekend. keep it right here eric bolling and "cashin' in" is next. want to win the war against isis don't kill them give them jobs that's the bizarre solution served up by the obama administration. take a listen. >> we cannot kill our way out of this war. we need in the longer term medium and longer term to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups whether it's lack of opportunity for jobs, we can work with countries around the world to help improve their governance we can help them build their economy so they can have job opportunities for these people. what makes these 17-year-old kids pick up an ac 47 had instead of start a business. >> is that really how to stop islamic terrorists? i'm eric bolling welcome to "cashin' in." jonathan


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