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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 25, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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like to share with us? we'll love to hear it, send me an e-mail or go to our web . kennedy: hello, there good evening, and welcome to the show. murderous marine eddie ray routh who shot and killed chris kyle and friend chad littlefield he was found guilty of murder. >> we, the jury, find eddie ray routh guilty of the capital offense as charged in the indictment, that verdict is signed by the foreperson of the jury. kennedy: two hours, less time than it would take to watch the movie, "american sniper" to come to the verdict, though the families will never be made whole, there was closure and release, there is chad littlefield's after the
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verdict. >> we've waited two years for god to get justice to us on behalf of our son. and as always, god has proved to be faithful. kennedy: justice indeed, and a w in the column for personal responsibility. but the defense's insanity plea, it did not hold up, because as you see, an explanation is not an excuse, as mark davis pointed out on people only cook up insanity pleas when they kill somebody. though doing something mind blowingly horrific can be exonerated by doing something crazy. if your intention is to take someone's life and you admit you knew it was wrong and speed away from police, there is no half baked fantasy of deep impairment that you can cook up to make it right or justified. a not guilty by reason of insanity verdict would have been so wrong, though it was clear, that boy is not right in the head. too many people have too many family members who suffer from
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mental illness, ptsd and otherwise to know while it's in prison, it's not a get out of jail free card. another unjustified assault obamacare, now the health care sucks and it's more expensive. thanks, mr. president. the supreme court is going to hear a case called king v. burwell that will decide states on federal obamacare exchanges should get subsidies. the law as written says they can't. but that would leave upward of 5 million people without health insurance. so as the supreme court debates, the federal versus state exchange language, perhaps they could also contemplate an important 14th amendment issue, does forcing middle and upper income earners to pay for the insurance of vast pool of sickly income earners violate the protection clause. hhs secretary sylvia mathews burwell admitted she has no
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mother loving idea what she or the administration will do if scotus interrupt us guts the aca, one woman who might have to jump into the fray? hillary clinton. though she's been hedging herself lately when asked about surveillance tactics in california this week, clinton said this. >> i resist saying, it has to be this or that. i want us to come to a better balance. kennedy: yeah, that's not the better balance, that's just confusion. pick a side, sister! if she's going to be our next president, she will not be able to stay mum on the nsa, the aca or isis, she is going to have to pick a side and choose. filling her coffers from bitcoin with 1%ers from silicon valley. while they are a receptive audience of gals rubbing elbows with tech billionaires might make it hard for her to become the next elizabeth warren. hillary envisions no more blue
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or red state division, she has an all-new color scheme in mind. >> there are a lot of things i'd love to see our country do. i'd like to bring people from right, left, red, blue, into a warm purple space where everyone is talking. >> i can think of a few purple spaces like harry reid's black eye. sexy sunglasses. the true the of the loom bikini briefs few practical depetitions of our nation's political state. right. three brooklyn men have been arrested for allegedly trying to join isis. i'm going to get to the bottom of that with lieutenant colonel ralph peters. joe biden wants to emancipate your wealth, and i'm worried he'd emancipate us into a depression. and john stossel will talk about mob rules and drones, irritating the french.
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i'm kennedy.. hey there, good to have you, fbi agents have arrested three men accused originally hailing from uzbekistan and kazakhstan for allegedly traveling abroad to join isis. in the case of one man, a dream to kill president obama. lieutenant colonel ralph peters has the analysis and fox news strategic analyst. colonel, welcome. >> great to speak with you, kennedy. i may have the analysis, but our government's got the paralysis. kennedy: how so? >> well, in the sense, the obama administration, but plenty who narnt this administration, plenty in washington simply are so overeducated, so overpampered, so overprivileged, that they do not get the appeal of islamic state and beheading videos and
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burning man videos, and its promises. we can't conceive of wanting -- why would anyone want to join the islamic state? if you're a young muslim male at the bottom of the food chain, not a good dating history, hanging out in mama's basement, trolling online for islamic state videos, suddenly you get a promise, of vengeance, vengeance against the world. against those who are unfair to you. a chance to commit violence, condone murder. rape, and plenty of it. sex slaves, and if you get killed, you go paradise. we can't conceive of it, but it is -- it's incredibly seductive, alluring and appealing package to certain dysfunctional young males and some young women, and we better realize that even though we don't like it, plenty of other people do. kennedy: yeah, no, there's a large population of muslims in
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western europe who condone what happened at "charlie hebdo" in paris, and a lot of disenfranchised younger people in this country. my worry is what if you are a 0 something law-abiding male muslim in this country. life is tough for you. >> is it really? kennedy: yeah! because i think there's a lot of people. >> whoa! hey, k-girl. for a young muslim male, life is tough in the united states. kennedy: for a law abiding muslim male. >> back off there, young woman! >> okay. >> you are telling me that life is tough for a law-abiding young muslim male in the united states? kennedy: yeah, i think it could be hard, there's a lot of people who want to say, they want to cast such a wide net to find the bad guys. >> we don't do that. hey, try being a young -- try being a young law-abiding muslim male in iraq or syria or
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lebanon or libya or for that matter, egypt, or saudi arabia. no fun, gal, no fun. to be a young law-abiding muslim male, it don't get no better than north america. kennedy: quick question, we got to talk about the blow to the military. why do they want assyrians? are they going to kill them or using them as pawns to get back others in captivity? >> okay, depends on the mood swings and certainly won't mind killing them if they think they can get something out of it, fine. among the other problems we've got, we are witnessing the destruction of 2,000 years of christian civilization in the middle east. kennedy: no, it is one of the oldest collection of -- >> it is the oldest. the oldest. kennedy: where is their hashtag, by the way. heritage foundation index came out this week strongly criticizing american military ability under the obama
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administration. the report says that the u.s. military is aiming, and shrinking, there is shrinkage, and is only capable of fighting one war at a time. but ralph, i have always said itting are it's not size of the wand but the magic inside that counts. isn't it the same story with the military? >> yeah, to a point. there's a point at, which as we saw in the recent wars and the repeated deployments that took such a toll on people, even the military before the cuts was really small for extended warfare, and you know, people matter, and we have still by far, the finest military in the world. but as equipment is aging, we're wasting money on a lot of wrong stuff. corruption within the military as well as in the rest of washington. a lot of the money we have goes to waste. kennedy: it does, and you are one of the greatest watchdogs about military waste. and this is what i will say about it. they spend money on the wrong
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stuff, and it's too top heavy, and you and i both know this, and i think there's a way of having a more efficient, functioning military. i want to ask you this, the heritage said the u.s. should be able to fight two wars at a time. what do they mean by war? world war ii version of war or the warfare we've been engaged in the last 14 years. what does that mean? >> you're asking better questions than plenty of people in congress do. it was never strictly defined. the military should handle one conventional war and one minor conflict at the same time. and nobody could put fingers on it because it's hard. wars do vary, but we all had, in the military, we had a sense of what we need. and want to tell you, what we are in danger of rung out of, apart from the aging equipment and lack of depth is people. we've got the best trained people, the most committed we've ever had and putting them out in the bread line or the
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food stamp line anyway. and contractors will cynically tell you, it takes all these years to develop weapons systems. to develop a great combat leader takes years upon years and years and we're throwing those people out in order to give more money to lockheed martin for weapons that don't work, and by the way -- >> if i wanted to be a billionaire, i would design a weapons's and sell it to the u.s. government. those are fat paychecks. lieutenant colonel, thank you for being here. >> thank you, kennedy. kennedy: joe biden spoke about the dangers of wealth inequality and america's richest warning the rest of us. >> there's an awful lot of black and white americans in a situation where people earning the equivalent of a million dollars are not bad people, they now control 1% of the them control 23% of all the income in america.
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this can't stand. this cannot continue. kennedy: yeah, he went onto say, we should do something worthy of emancipation. i think that's very offensive to compare class warfare to something as important as emancipation. and i don't think joe biden has a solid grasp on the 1% problem either. does that make me crazy? a couple think so, that's why it's time for -- >> you're crazy, kennedy. kennedy: absolutely nuts. juan williams is a fox news political analyst and columnist for the hill, and richard fowler, he's over there, he's a radio host and his show is called the richard fowler show, cleverly enough. >> that's the name. kennedy: hey! welcome to you both. >> good to be with you. >> good to be here, kennedy. kennedy: all right, the 1% is donating to both sides in the next presidential election. is it really a good idea to keep attacking them? >> well, i don't think so,
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because you know, as they say if you're looking for a job, or in this case, a political donation, don't go to a poor man's house, you got to go to the 1%. kennedy: yeah. >> i think the people joe biden is talking to, black and white he said, i think they're in the 1%, that's how they got invited to the vice president's house. i think that when you look at this, he's not talking to the 1% kennedy, he's talking to what mitt romney called the 47%. and he's making a very base appeal to say you know what? i care about the american middle class, and you're going to hear a lot of this in 2016. this is populist politics. kennedy: you are right, economic populism, i worry it's going to bleed into both sides. >> already has. kennedy: both sides find a way to use this divisive message to get elected, and i think it's awful. i think it's negative, i think it's class warfare, very counterproductive, and it's anti-entrepreneurial.
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richard fowler, you think some of the biggest companies in the country aren't paying taxes. >> i think they aren't paying taxes because of the loopholes in the system. i agree with juan, the 2016 election is populist politics. if we can get the dark money out of politics, get the big money out of politics, then we could have an election that's about the issues. but sadly, our politicians are more beholden to donors than constituents. that's a huge problem. kennedy: of course it is. you have occupy wall street and the tea party saying the same thing. they are upset with big government or big corporations and the tea party upset with big government. the tea party went in and got elected. i don't think have you anything to show for the occupy movement and, you know, the idea that the corporations don't pay taxes, based on their financial statements, that's a total misnomer and irresponsible of people like elizabeth warren to warn saying ge doesn't pay
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taxes. they pay state and local taxes, payroll taxes and what you see on the financial statement is not a tax return. >> here's the thing kennedy. you know i love you, this is where i disagree with you fundamentally. when we talk about share of income, when somebody like mitt romney is paying less of his income in taxes than his secretary is, we have a huge problem in this country. when mitt romney's nominal tax rate is 17%, and the secretary is paying 35%? you have a huge problem. kennedy: when mitt romney dies what will the death penalty be on his wealth? that's ridiculous. the government taking something just because you pass away? you are beholden to pay then. juan williams, how do you define the 1%? because a lot of people are no longer in the 1% since 2008. and i think a lot of people perpetuating this myth are relying on statistics.
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>> interesting point. actually one of the great myths about our financial condition is the country, gee, after the recession, the 1% made out like bandits while the middle class have suffered. recent statistical analysis reveals, no, 1% was ahead and maintained that distance. in some cases people have fallen farther behind. not to be i think about jealousy, but when you come to the politics of it, kennedy, here's where your crazy. i think richard is right. you have a situation where the people who are the big daddy warbucks of america today like the koch brothers and all. >> and tom steyer. >> and tomsty or the democratic side. they have disproportion at impact on the political election. kennedy: absolutely. >> we agree? we agree? i thought you were saying he was wrong! >> lefties and progressists like to say hence harry reid's obsession with the koch
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brothers. i think joe biden has to emancipate himself from ignorance. thank you so much. >> oh, my god. a kiss from kennedy. love it. kennedy: baby. tell me what you think. [ laughter ] >> continue the chat on twitter, coming up, john stossel makes his first appearance on the show to tell us all about the mob. the ruling everybody. first the obama administration admitted they have no plan if the supreme court blows a hole in obamacare. what the hell is going to happen next? find out. stay right here. we're reinventing inhow we do business, so businesses can reinvent the world. from pharmaceuticals to 3d prototyping, biotech to clean energy. whether your business is moving, expanding or just getting started... only new york offers you zero taxes for 10 years with startup ny, business incubators that partner companies with universities,
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♪. kennedy: it sounds like there's a lot of people in that band. so good. welcome back to the show. the supreme court is set to hear king v. burwell, coming up next week, you can believe it? a case challenging the obama administration's decision to allow health care subsidies into the 36 health insurance exchanges it runs. challengers say the law as written says subsidies can only flow through exchanges established by a state. many of which have declined to create one. relying on the federal government instead. secretary of health and human
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services sylvia mathews burwell has said if the supreme court rules against the administration, there is no contingency plan, just massive damage to the health care system. good thing i've got peter suderman here, he's going to explain everything. "reason" magazine editor, what happens if the supreme court rules against the administration? >> if the supreme court rules against the administration, then relatively soon after the ruling comes down, the subsidies have to stop flowing to the federally run exchanges to the 34 federally run exchanges, probably to all of them. a couple more have joined on. depends how you count. and then what happens after that is the big question, and republicans in congress are going to do something whether it's repeal obamacare and perhaps offer some sort of larger alternative, whether it's some sort of tweeky policy, whether it's something like kind of block granting, obamacare subsidies to the
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states. congress will have the opportunity to send something up to president obama. what exactly they're going to send up and want to do? it's unclear at this point. but what the administration is saying is that the administration has no plans. they've got nothing in the works, no backup plan. kennedy: yeah, and -- >> kind of don't believe this. totally a political game. kennedy: of course, and she's trying to politicize the supreme court, they're not going to appreciate her, and her argument is, are you going to make this many people suffer, and that's not really the threshold when deciding legal precedence, is it? >> the administration wants the supreme court to believe that a ruling against the administration's implementation, and that's what this is. not a ruling against obamacare. it would be a ruling that says no, you have to do what obamacare, the text of the law says. the administration wants the supreme court to believe a ruling would be as painful as possible. so it is essentially a political strategy to influence the supreme court, republicans,
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to be fair, are taking an alternative, the similar approach on the opposite side and saying look, we're working on alternatives, working on backups and back stops. kennedy: but the president is going to fight like a honeybadger in order to keep the aca in place. that is the jewel in the crown of his administrative career. so he's going to fight, he's going to veto anything else. there's not going to be any block granting, can he use executive order to patch the band-aid somehow. >> the administration said no, they don't believe they have the option. now, in some cases the administration has gone ahead and taken -- made executive options, taken executive action where they previously said we don't believe we have the power to do that. you can't exactly predict what the administration is going to do, based on what they say they have the power to do now, but what the administration is saying at this point is they don't have an option that they
10:25 pm
believe would remedy, would fix all of the damage they believe would be done in the event of a supreme court ruling against them, and so it's a slightly weasely narrow way of putting this. kennedy: what a shock. >> nothing they've been working oabsolutely nothing in place, but they are saying we don't believe we have the power to fix the executive authority. kennedy: we will see what happens, only time will tell when the decision comes down. suderman computerman, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. kennedy: absolutely. what john travolta and joe biden have in common. hint. it's not a good hair system. my mentor john stossel is on the show for his inaugural visit. he's got drones on the brain. all right? first an evil baby, honey comb for the lazy man and cat that makes bad art. "topical storm" is next.
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. kennedy: pack your bikini, i will bring the news, and we'll have our own beach party in the middle of winter. i know we both need it. this is "topical storm," topic number one, van gogh is a one-eared rescue cat, he likes to paint. the poor thing showed up at animal sanctuary with infected partial ear and ended up having the whole thing lopped off by able get gentle surgeon, it allowed her to unleash her
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inner painter. take a look at paw paintings. she dips digits into fruit juices and goes to work where. is the intention in the paintings? they seem muddled. quite immature, voiceless and rather ordinary. and where is the light source. has the cat heard of proportion? or better yet oil paint? that's right. another crazy pussy news, a swedish vixen claims to have the oldest living cat on earth. allegedly 29 years old. can you believe it? guinness listed the previously oldest cat poppy at 24. asa knew her almost 30-year-old cat had her beat. if she is still single when she turns 30. she will buy a few cats of her own. if she were human, she would be 210 years old and look like
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i the only one who sees the striking similarities? exactly. if you have weird news stories you need to see on "topical storm," tweet me at kennedy nation, find me on instagram on the same handle and use hashtag "topical storm," next, the vice president has been caught on tape recently acting awkward and creepy with women and babies! we have a body language expert here in the studio to analyze his every move. scott walker goes trolling through bushes and millennials have invented a new relationship status that is quite depressing. stay right here. thank you. the lightest or nothing.
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♪. kennedy: like that, i know, welcome back to the show. 20 somethings have started using a new relationship term. they call each other dating partners. the definition isn't quite exact, a little fluid, when they exchange fluids. a friend with benefits but a little emotional intimacy, but no strings attached. no commitment, no, sir. look who we've got here tonight, what a luscious panel, carly shimkus, a producer for imus, don imus, not beethoven. and mike baker, covert operations officer is here to
10:39 pm
summarily do away with anyone who disagrees with him, and a rabble-rouser, part-time, full-time yard partiers. lady and gentlemen welcome. >> thank you. kennedy: indeed, carly, since you are the youngest by a good 25 years. >> no, it's true. >> i am a millennial by definition. 13 in the year 2000. kennedy: you're a leap year baby? >> i guess so. kennedy: no, that doesn't make sense. >> because you're the host. kennedy: carly, what did it mean to have a dating partner? women totally compromise themselves, they're agreeing on emotional intimacy with the sex but no commitment. >> a lot of women enjoy this which is what you just said, it's dating, a little more serious than casual dating but less serious than calling yourself in a relationship with
10:40 pm
a boyfriend and girlfriend, and this absolutely goes down in the dating world, and i have to say to fellow millennials. if you think about doing, this don't, it will end in disastera. why? because if you walk down that road, and you realize after date one or two, you're not really that into the person, but you drag it on for seven months anyway. kennedy: or years. >> and break up with the person. that guy is going to be so pissed at you and hate you for wasting their time. they, should it's a totally selfish mood. >> having sex with you, he's going hate you. kennedy: guys get the milk for free? >> i was going to say, that the milk. >> i'm going to sound like somebody's dad, which i am. but i just think there is something sad about sort of the effort by this particular generation to try to describe this as something cool and new and now, and i mean, look, social media, texting,
10:41 pm
smartphones, that's all new, right? >> sure. >> there's nothing new kids, nothing new about casual sex with no commitment. despite the fact, and every generation wants to think they come up with a clever way of doing things. >> there's a new term for it. >> by golly, it's a brand-new day! >> it's not just casual sex anymore. >> it is more than that, the horrible middle ground, ellis, i give you the first word on the next topic. governor scott walker. >> i don't get to talk about sex? >> no. something can you talk about. kennedy: scott walker has promised not to resort to attacking his opponents if he runs for presidente, but that hasn't stopped him from trolling them. monday night he told an audience he didn't inherit fame or fortune from his family, which could be, or perhaps it's a thinly veiled reference to a man named jeb bush. he told greta that was not the
10:42 pm
case. grow a pair scott walker. yes, he didn't inherit fame or money but jeb bush did, which makes him the more attractive potential candidate. >> i'd still rather talk about sex. kennedy: talk about how sexy you feel when i say scott walker. >> i feel kind of bad for scott walker. here he is, out, there fighting the good fight, going after the unions, having to go through recall election, and richie rich comes along, right? sitting in the gulf coast of florida. maybe i'll run for president. he's buried in money, he has endorsements, he has all these. i think scott walker has a reason to be mad. kennedy: i don't know if he has a reason to be mad, i think a lot of people are grossed out by dynasties, whether they're bushes or clintons, and that comment could be pointed at hillary or jeb, go ahead, mike? >> what i would like is i would like people considering running for president to show enough
10:43 pm
smarts to understand they have to be specific with their words, and how could scott walker after all this time in public office not understand that everything, we are in the silly season now, everything he says is reinterpreted. his defense is i've been talking about my humble beginnings for years now, and well, yeah, now it's campaign time. kennedy: and he's the perceived front-runner or a giant threat, that means every word, statement, nuance is going to be part, and he can't get defensive. >> why is it so bad if he did mean this to be pointed at jeb bush? as a matter of fact, it should work to his benefit for pointing out opponents' flaws, and he is not in a bad place or should have anything to feel bad at with the quinnipiac poll, if the iowa caucus were today, he would win. kennedy: he's getting people on board in the midwest where he's. from the northeast and the southeast. evangelicals love him. he's not my kind of candidate, but i think he should sprout some and speak the truth.
10:44 pm
thank you very much. >> if he does have some and sprouts more, that's awkward. kennedy: we talked about sex in the last topic? he can't get enough. next, my mentor, his greatness john stossel is here to discuss mob rule and where you can stick your drone, paris. and a body language expert will analyze the current united states vice president who shall remain nameless. touchy feely, get away from me. we're reinventing inhow we do business, so businesses can reinvent the world. from pharmaceuticals to 3d prototyping, biotech to clean energy. whether your business is moving, expanding or just getting started... only new york offers you zero taxes for 10 years with startup ny, business incubators that partner companies with universities, and venture capital funding for high growth industries.
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. kennedy: drones are rank ling new yorkers and the frenchies, on monday, city councilman proposed banning drones in new york city except when used by the nypd with a warrant. this comes the same week mystery drones were spotted in paris over the u.s. embassy and the tour eiffel, french for the eiffel tower. they claimed they were using drones to film the story about the mystery drones. right. john stossel joins me, you can see his program friday nights at 9:00 p.m. on fox business
10:49 pm
network. welcome. >> thank you, my first time on your new show. kennedy: i say this every time, i wouldn't be here without you. that's so true. [ laughter ] >> you know it's true. so let's talk about the federal government being freaked out by average americans having drones. >> freaked out by everything. kennedy: should drones be banned in new york city? >> no. the people who annoy me most are the faa, this might interfere with the flights. a drone, most of them weigh two or three pounds, a seagull weighs four pounds, a duck can weigh eight pounds, geese can weigh 40 pounds. >> i can't believe the drones are an aviation threat and they are useful. farmers are using them to survey crops. they save people money and time. we get great pictures.
10:50 pm
it's this mother may i attitude that the politicians, anything new, let's ban it. in europe, they have the precautionary principle, people like that idea. we got to make sure it's safe. don't ever do anything for the first time. kennedy: don't ever do anything dangerous, and there's an entire generation of kids raised with that mentality, and they're a bunch of wiener faces, i feel bad for them. but the other problem is people sort of give into the notion that government does have to look after us. and it lends itself to mob rule which can be so incredibly dangerous, especially to individualists, that's what you're talking about this week, tell me about it. >> my show is about mob rule, ann coulter claims it's all democrats. i will argue republicans can be mobs. first mob is the teacher's union at the moment and they have stopped this progress which, when there are vouchers and charters, some kids like
10:51 pm
going to school. they do innovate. they find better ways to get the kids excited. and these unions are like thugs. kennedy: and i'm so glad you brought that up. when i talk about education on this show, you've been talking about it for decades. you've been keeping an eye on the unions, on the monopolies. >> a decade. kennedy: way back. >> my stupid in america show, i woke up to it, that was only ten years ago, i said wow, choice can make a difference. kennedy: yeah, i said one thing about public schoolis and was attacked on twitter by dozens of people. >> organized mob. kennedy: it was an organized mob, a digital mob and i'm sure something you are going to touch on friday. >> the kochs, i was surprised to discover that yeah, maybe they and affiliated groups, 400 million dollars, the union, the huffington post spend four times that.
10:52 pm
kennedy: we spend four times as much time loving john stossel. check out his show mob rule friday at 9:00 p.m. eastern. after this, a body expert joins me to discuss biden and travolta. stay right here. [ male announcer ] whether it takes 200,000 parts, ♪ 800,000 hours of supercomputing time, 3 million lines of code, 40,000 sets of eyes, or a million sleepless nights. whether it's building the world's most advanced satellite, the space station, or the next leap in unmanned systems.
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"what is it that we can do that is impactful?" our passion to make it real. what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do. . kennedy: welcome back, joe biden has come a long way from a delaware senator to america's gas prone uncle to america's creepy uncle.
10:56 pm
where does violation of personal space come from. what about john travolta? vice president of hollywood. i brought on tanya ryman, why are joe and john so darn creepy. tanya, welcome. >> hi. kennedy: hi! let's discuss some of these things. first we've got video, it's joe biden, lingering, whispering in the ear of our defense secretary's wife stephanie carter. what is going on here? >> the lingering wouldn't have been so bad, even the whispering wouldn't have been so terrible if there was not shoulder rubbing involved. kennedy: yes! >> this is what he does. you have to realize he is a touchy-feely person, he makes the same gaffs over and over again. is he the creepy uncle, is it part of this narcissistic personality. kennedy: you can see her uncomfortable. she pulls away, stiffens up. not leaning into the snuggle. >> there is no, i like it there. when you see the fight or
10:57 pm
flight. she freezes instead. kennedy: someone give her xanax. the secretary of defense's wife is nothing compared to the daughter of senator kunz. look at this poor girl, she's about to cry! >> this is classic. because this is classic distance, and what happens is when we're young, you don't realize what you are doing. we see the defense secretary's wife. she can't move. this poor child realizes i'm being invaded and pulls away. >> she doesn't want to be nuzzled? >> of course not. given his history, he's not the creepy old guy, he doesn't know better. >> i think that's it. >> he even went in for the kiss. he's trying. kennedy: next. another example of joe biden flagrantly disregarding the concept of personal space. >> no, no. kennedy: don't touch me. >> she's about to knee him. >> he goes to stroke her face, hello!
10:58 pm
where are you? kennedy: he was a half inch away from giving her the old oral oyster. doesn't know the space regardless of what he thinks. this is who he is. if you realize it, you've seen throughout his history doing the exact same pattern, he is who he is. kennedy: he's been giving john travolta lessons. he's planting a sun flag on idina menzel's chin at the oscars. >> this was flagrant. this was supposed to be made up. if you speak to his agent and say that was prepped. you cannot fain that kind of uncomfort. please help me,dom my aid, you know what? looking at the audience break that connection because what she's doing, i need space, if i can turn this way, it breaks the connection. kennedy: it will make it all better. >> this was definitely an invasion, it's such a personal
10:59 pm
thing, this is so intimate to touch the face. kennedy: speaking of, which john travolta kissing scarlett johansson's cheek while she posed. >> to touch the intimate area. kennedy: she's a new mom! >> when you see her, you see automatic contempt and she does recognize and looks almost as if she doesn't know if was him. her guard went up and afterwards, there was this hold owait a minute, he's not someone i absolutely hate. it was inappropriate. you never, ever approach somebody from behind. it's incredibly threatening and intimidating. kennedy: these two men have problems and should they be incarcerated? >> not incarcerated but need awareness, you have to go off auto pilot and become body language aware. kennedy: thank you so much. fascinating. thank you for watching tonight's show, follow me on twitter at kennedy nation, on
11:00 pm
facebook, e-mail kennedy, incredible evening tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern, 7:00 p.m. kennedy only on the fox business network. i will see you tomorrow. good night.ness. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. three new york men are in fbi custody tonight. they're accused of planning to travel to syria to join the islamic state and wage jihad against the united states. that after reports that islamic state terrorists had kidnapped more than 100 iraqi men and boys near tikrit. those developments certainly inconvenient for the obama administration, and contradict the obama campaign of optimism. today on capitol hill, retired marine corps general at forefront of the coalition followed the obama islamic state script and he worked hard to downplay the threat.


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