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tv   Bulls and Bears  FOX Business  March 1, 2015 8:00am-8:31am EST

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ne barr. see you tomorrow. >> bye, everybody. illegals with suspected terrorist ties caught at the border. a new report obtained by the "houston chronicle" claims a member of the deadly terror group in somalia was nabbed trying to sneak into the u.s. last summer. and fears others may have made it through, too. more proof we need to secure our border and right away? hi, i'm brenda buttner. this is "bulls and bears." here they are. welcome to everybody. if this won't get washington into securing the border, what will? >> i'm not sure anything will. as much as it exasperates
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everybody, but every president since reagan said they would obama. none has done so. the time to deal with lung cancer is when you start smoking. we had rumors of isis coming across that southern border. you can't go across the texas border into mexico, it's not safe. it's being run by criminal organizations. they'll sneak whatever they are paid to to get into this country. we need to do this. not because of illegal immigration. that is a complete separate issue. simply for the safety of our other country. take our army. mexico secures its southern border with its own army. think of our army securing the afghan/pakistan border, put them on our border. we have to use them. >> they are terrific. there was an estimate it would take 76,000 troops to secure the border. gary b., it's a hefty price tag.
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is it worth it? >> i don't think so. if we are talking about securing the border as some kind of big fence, it's just not going to work. they have thousands of people go over the wall. they were taking hot air balloons, taking zip lines, running cars under the fences. they were doing everything. by the way, that was really only the border between east berlin and west berlin. that was only 30 miles. that cost them alone probably $3 million to build. we have 2,000 miles on the mexico/u.s. border. that would take at least $1 trillion just to build the wall then secure it. 76,000 troops? then we are saying come in through the coastlines come in through canada. i think we need intelligence obviously. we need to fight aggression. building a wall if that's securing the border we can't
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cost justify it. >> but the terrorists are here. here we are talking dollars and cents. is this more about security and is it worth it? >> i think this is absolutely one thing that makes sense to spend money on. i heard ambassador bolton talking about today isis is probably already here, almost certainly. i think this is the real issue with our borders. it's not about illegal immigration, so to speak. talking about people want to come to this country and work. i'm an economist by trading. more labor in general is good. we are talking about terror. isis and al qaeda. our borders are porous. this is more where the danger is coming from. it's not about building a big wall. it's securing what we have and having intelligence on the ground and we are not doing it right now. >> we are not doing it and that's causing problems. we've got terrorists in the u.s. we probably already did, but now they are coming in. >> obviously a wall is not going to fix this problem.
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it's a is?sophisticated network of terrorists. whether it's home grown terrorists training americans and bringing them back from overseas. and investing in border patrol is not going to protect us as much as we think it is. will it protect us against illegal immigration? maybe, cartels? possibly. terrorism is a very different issue. if we want to be smart, we have to invest in policy changes and attack the root causes. maybe it's more sophisticated technology like droning. we have drones going over the border on a daily basis. are the drones catching these people from walking over the borders? >> what do you think about all this? s you are getting opposition from the group. >> i don't care why a guy wants to sneak across the border with a dirty bomb. i don't care if he has a mama issue. i really want him dead.
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i think that's what's safe for america. i don't want him to have a job. we are not talking about a wall. i don't know why we have a huge base in kentucky. i guess they are scared about virginia invading the blue grass state for some reason. move that base down to the border. we've got 76000 border guards. they are called the armed forces. they are really good at what they do. put them down there. rejuvenate the local communities and local cities. we are not talking about a wall. we are talking about technology. stopping guys from coming into this country that want to do us harm. >> gary b. is that what you are talking about? >> yes. if we are talking about the use of technology the drones, that's a good idea. i agree with john. i don't think we are interested in policy changes and getting to the root cause. they hate us. they want to hurt the united states of america. we need to stop them in their tracks. in that respect, john and i are
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on the same page. >> i think it's absolutely true. this is the growing threat within our country people who come back in and want to kill us from within. this is what we have to be looking out for. i think the idea of immigration coming in from mexico folks that want to become citizens and work is a totally separate issue that needs to be addressed. on a separate level. >> jonas? >> i think we've got to be careful about this intelligence over isis. a few weeks ago they were selling kidneys for money. i could easily say that state is trying to get more homeland security money. we had a fiasco. they need to be careful to give a state who finds a reason why they need the money. this is a federal issue and federal borders. it's not a state problem really. if we are going to be serious, it's not going to happen in
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texas. people need federal i.d. in america to do anything and you have to have it and they can track people in america. it will fake fazing out currency. it's more than fighting at the borders of texas. that is not going to stop isis going through america moving money around and planning attacks. >> a federal i.d. does nothing to stop illegal immigration, it does not stop isis. >> you have to have federal i.d. to board a plane or a train. >> it's a complete separate issue. >> this is a game of whack-a-mole here. if they are not going to walk over the border they are going to pop on a plane. how do we protect u.s. citizens from coming over. we have to be smart about this. this is our intelligence. it is a federal issue. our intelligence agencies need to be working like hyperalert and funding them more. we need to be funding homeland security more. there are many different avenues here.
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it's not like you attack them in one area and one area alone. >> we've been throwing a lot of resources at this john. they are coming in. >> yeah. they are still coming in. because we have not secured that border. this is not an either/or. to put them on hyperalert i'm not sure what that is. i hope they are on that. they need the tools to fight this. we need to shut down that southern border because the criminal enterprise is there. this is not do something about the port and airports. that is a separate issue. we don't have a border issue. if you come to cuba and get on american soil, you're able to stay here. if you come from mexico you get thrown back. we don't have a comprehensive foreign policy on our border because of politics. >> maybe not right now they are not being thrown back exactly. last word to melissa? >> i think it's the next most logical way for terrorists to enter the country is come over the southern border. airports are the first most obvious. we are doing what we can to the
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best of our ability to tackle that through tsa and everything else we have in the airways. whether you are watching movies in hollywood or reading books or looking at evidence this is the next most logical way for us to get attacked. we need to pay attention to it. >> last word. thanks, guys. cavuto on business 20 minutes from now. >> turns out jihad john in all those isis beheading videos comes from a very well-to-do family, college degree. time for the administration to think that jobs for jihadists idea. and governor scott walker yet again. whoever wins this fight could decide if workers across america struggle again themselves. see you at the bottom of the hour. thanks neil, we can't wait. first nancy pelosi saying members of congress are just like average americans living paycheck to paycheck? have you seen the size of their checks? maybe it's time for a reality
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involvement in the rebellion. back to "bulls and bears." >> i think almost everybody i know cannot live without having a paycheck on time. members of congress even. members of congress even. >> rerack that again. law makers strapped for cash like ordinary americans? melissa, i'm guessing the average american would love to make what congress makes. >> absolutely.
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that is one of the most embarrassing comments i heard in a long time. that's saying a lot because congress people are always embarrassing themselves. she needs to look at the math. the fact of the matter is the average congress person's pay package is three times what regular americans on average make. they're up above $170,000. the average american makes about $55,000. they have no idea what it's like to live in an average household and to even try and compare themselves is disingenuous pathetic and disgusting. >> you don't believe that, jonas. you say big paychecks and big bills, you still need your paycheck. >> yeah. okay. you can make $1 million more than anybody in the government makes, except the contractors. you got used to stuff. you've got a $20,000 mortgage payment. you can't just get out of that
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because you are just addicted to paycheck to paycheck. >> control your spending. >> of course you should. >> no more caviar. no more handbags. >> gary b. i know you feel sorry for nancy pelosi and her peers. >> i think nancy pelosi needs to watch "house of cards." blake underwood was a congressman living in georgetown. i can't even afford to live where he was living. he had it pretty good. as melissa said they are getting about close to $175,000. they get a pension with as few as five years of service for crying out loud. you are in congress like a lot of these guys for 20 25 years you are retiring on a nice pension. you can retire at age 50. the other thing is it's not just regular joes in congress. you need a lot of money to be a congressman or senate just to run the campaign. do we feel sorry for them? absolutely not. >> do you?
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>> i don't feel sorry for congress at all. i think what nancy pelosi was trying to say but could have done in a better way was people expect to get paid on a monthly basis, even congressmen and that congress should be responsible when dealing with the affairs of whether it's shutting down the government. everybody expect as paycheck. congress is so out of touch, so out of touch with everyday americans they don't know how to speak to everyday americans on behalf of everyday americans. it does mean when you are running for congress the average campaign is $2.5 million. who can raise that money? rich people? that's why we have a bunch of rich congressmen. >> i can't wait to hear what you have to say. >> somebody call a wambulance. this is bipartisan. these are republicans and democrats, they are the worst senate congress in the history of mankind. they have 12,000 lobbyists in
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2014 that are in d.c. spending $3.2 billion to buy these guys off. you can buy them off because they are crooked. the fact that they are out of touch completely out of touch. i wish they would all go away. they would owe us money. >> maybe we should start a chart fund for the congress. >> i think we have one. it's called taxes. don't they get that? >> great job, guys. cashin' in. >> the administration is all over the map on this. are the mixed messages putting america and the economy in even more danger? plus the president stopped keystone. see you at 11:30. up here first, forget the crackdown on drone deliveries. now some local government is calling to ban all drones
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welcome to the nascar xfinity series. the government already grounding delivery drones. now some local government trying to stop all recreational drones from taking off. john says that idea should be grounded? >> yeah. i want to be able to fly my own drone so i can film the delivery drone with my pizza coming to my
8:22 am
football game. thomas edison once electrocuted an elephant to prove ac electricity was unsafe. we use it, by the way. the horseless carriage was once banned in cities. we drive cars right now. those flying contraptions. nobody said those were safe. this is the real world. find out how to deal with drones. don't ban them. >> i don't think you care about beer delivery, but what do you think about this? >> they've got to ban these drones federally before it becomes something you think you deserve like a dishwasher. these things are dangerous. there is some mechanism determining if you can fly one of these things safely. forget the potential terror problem. they are dangerous, a hazard and noisy. i don't think people should have
8:23 am
as many cars. i think an unmanned flying vehicle doesn't deserve to be in the hands of all americans. >> you are a new yorker. >> i liken it to if you live in a nice apartment building, someone is responsible for making sure the paint doesn't peel and there's not things buzzing around the ceilings when you go to get your mail stuff like that. the united states, america is our apartment building. there has to be a landlord. as much as i hate the federal government stepping in and doing something, someone has to make sure when i walk down to see the washington monument, there is not a drone overhead or when i drive in my neighborhood there is not a drone flying around. this is the one time, maybe one time only, jonas and i are in disagreement. >> i think if anything it needs to be regulated. the faa set regulations on the federal level they can't be over 55 pounds. they can't go higher than 100 feet. there are certain regulations they want to put in place so it
8:24 am
doesn't impede on your personal privacy and doesn't go over your backyard and film your kids. your neighbor is filming your kids playing in the pool. so amazon wants to set delivery drones out so they are regulated but don't impede with faa traffic. this is alsok÷ a security issue. you don't want your airplanes striking a zone because amazon is delivering your next season of "house of cards." >> melissa forget about whether we should do this. how do you do it? >> you can't do it. you guys need to put on a helmet and get over it. there is no way. this cat is out of the bag. it's never going to happen. you are asking the government to get involved and be the one to regulate what's going on about technology? they are the last ones that have the ability to get this done. when it comes to technology they are always one step behind. i agree, i don't want them flying on my head. i'm going to get a helmet. we have three or four in my house. i have little kids. they love the drones.
8:25 am
there is nothing you can do about it. >> if a 50 pound drone falls on you from 100 feet, a helmet is not going to help you. >> the government is not going to help you either. you think nancy pelosi will come between you and that drone, you are counting on the wrong person. we all need to protect ourselves. >> stay away from melissa's living room. >> it's very dangerous there. >> thanks, guys. >> is it white and gold or blue and black? who cares? all that matters is the name that could have you seeing green because of it.
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predictions. >> "house of cards" is back and netflix is up. >> too rich for my blood. >> you've run with the bulls, but have you even run with the llamas? >> i've run with the bulls, not the llamas. hashtag llama drama has google up 20% for the year. >> not a llama but a bear. >> jonas? prediction? >> kicking the can another four months good for italian stocks. >> my prediction is the dress that broke the internet
8:30 am
yesterday, blue, black, green purple or dare ugly is going to sell out like hot cakes no matter what you think of it. i might get one for my halloween costume. >> it's a great bargain. two dresses for the price of one. neil, take it away. jihadi john wasn't looking for a job. welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto. we know the man at center of the gruesome isis beheadings, a man with a college degree from a well-to-do family. >> we cannot kill our way out of this war. we need in the longer term, medium and longer term to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups, whether it's lack of opportunity for jobs. >> work isn't the problem hatred is. incredible. joining him we have ben stein


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