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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 1, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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tuesday in moscow and i hope nothing terrible will happen. and i'll be waiting to see whether putin will do something dramatic in ukraine. >> we'll leave it hello, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. three new york men are in custody, accused of planning to travel to syria to join the islamic state and wage jihad against america. that after reports that islamic state terrorists have kidnapped more than 100 iraqi men and boys near tikrit. those developments inconvenient for the obama administration and contradicted the obama campaign of optimism about the war on terror on capitol hill. the retired marine corps general at the forefront of the u.s.-led coalition in the fight against the islamic state today followed the obama islamic state script and worked hard to downplay their threat.
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>> this is only the start. isil will remain a substantial foe. but any aura of the invincability has been shattered. it is being defeated by iraqi forces, defeating and taking back their towns and cities and ultimately their country with the support of the united states and the coalition and importantly, very importantly, the aura of the so-called caliphate is destroyed. >> we will take up the truth behind the enemy that the obama administration refuses to name. we will talk with house armed services committee member congressman brad winstrom. also u.s. relations with israel has sunk to new lows after the president's national security advisor has given more talking points, this time about israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's speech this week to congress. listen to rice disparage and demean netanyahu and the state
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of israel. >> what has happened over the last several weeks by virtue of the invitation that was issued by the speaker and the acceptance of it by prime minister netanyahu two weeks in advance of his election is that on both sides there has now been injected a degree of partisanship which is not only unfortunate, i think it's destructive of the fabric of the relationship. >> the white house standing by rice with press secretary josh earnest saying her comments entirely consistent with the president's previous statements. we take out the frayed relations with israel tonight. we will be talking with billionaire publisher and real estate magnate mort zuckerman and russia's putin claims war with ukraine is unlikely. but is it a ruse and has the west written off ukraine and its 46 million people? we will be talking with putin's old rival the former president
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of georgia. he joins us to discuss whether the west has the guts to take on the cold-blooded russian leader. we begin tonight with the ukrainian foreign policy challenge that now faces the president. air force general philip breedlove the top nato commander, today assessed the grim situation in ukraine before the house armed services committee. >> none of us know what mr. putin will decide. if we take action many believe he will accelerate. if we take action others believe it may raise the toss to him and he may take another decision. i think it's appropriate that we judge what we think will happen and find a way forward. what is clear is that right now, it is not getting better. it is getting worse every day. >> our next guest was present for breedlove's testimony. joining us now, congressman brad winstrop, member of both the
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armed services and veterans affairs committee. he also serves on the permanent select committee on intelligence want and was a combat surgeon in iraq. good to have you with us. breedlove was early in sounding the alarm on putin's ambitions and capabilities. he sounds, if anything, more concerned today than when it all began. >> well, he does sound more concerned than when it all began, and he should be. the president spoke out very vociferously when this call began and said we will be supportive of ukraine but i don't think that's what the ukrainians are feeling right now, nor is the president. when he came and spoke to congress, he said we need more than mres and blankets, we really need help here and i don't think mr. putin feels threatened at this point. >> if he doesn't feel threatened and nato seems to be in utter disarray, the member nations are not demonstrating any appetite whatsoever to stand up against
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his aggression and certainly president obama is not is it a fait accompli, fill in your target, mr. putin, you win? >> i certainly hope not. i think we have talked about this type of thing for awhile. people are seeing opportunities around the world and trying to take advantage of what they perceive as american weakness and weakness in some cases of our allies. i see the ukrainians really wanting to put up the fight and we should help them with that and let them do that. at the same time there are things that we can be doing diplomatically with that region of the world to help their economies, to help them grow, to make them stronger and to make them less dependent on russia. >> congressman, there are times i have the strangest feeling when i talk to members of your committee and other leaders on the house and senate side, that they think that somehow the legislature is going to influence diplomacy, influence the commander in chief, when it
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has become patently obvious over six years you guys have no influence whatsoever on him or the direction of the country. >> i would say that on many aspects not only on foreign affairs, not only on military decisions but on so many things. there is very little engagement. i never planned to be in congress but as i look at what i observed out of washington over the years, there were many times presidents i didn't necessarily agree with, but they came to the table and discussed things and they did so in what they felt was the best interest of the future of the country. and i don't see us having the discussion. and to go back even further, i think a very tell-tale sign, if you go back to the state of the union two years ago when the president said if congress doesn't act i will act without you, and the democrat side of the body stood up and applauded, they told the president we don't mind being irrelevant. you go ahead and do what you want. we are just here for the ride. i don't know what their constituents think about that.
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>> their constituents must be somewhat pleased because those are people who sent them there, just as your constituents and those of the republican party must be utterly confounded. it's as if the november midterm elections had no effect at all and meant nothing, because senator mcconnell says we surrender on illegal immigration, we will give you two votes and do what you want. this really isn't a constitutional crisis and never mind, just go back to your constituencies, be quiet and we will take it from here with the chamber of commerce and the business roundtable. are you guys kidding? >> you know what you hit it on the head there. really this is not about immigration. this is about the function of this body and the function of our government that has been in place for so many years. if the president can do this, what is next? i'm in favor of discussing immigration and coming up with a long term immigration plan to
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secure our borders, decide how we want our legal immigration system to look. we need to have those conversations. >> may i point out, four of the judiciary are the bulwark of any plan in the national interest to enforce immigration and secure the borders and your leadership ignores it. everyone seems to be ignoring that reality. the plan is a great plan and would solve the problem. >> well, i think you're right on with that. if you look back at it we have always said listen we really can't implement anything without border security. we have taken that action in the house. if you remember last july, we did that. we did not go home in august until we got that done because we didn't want -- >> i understand. congressman, always good to talk with you. we appreciate you being here. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. breaking news. we have just learned the obama administration will not go before the fifth court -- fifth
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circuit court to appeal and try to overturn a texas judge's ruling blocking implementation of the president's amnesty fiat for illegal immigrants. it means that we will be waiting until march 3rd because that's what the judge said would be the time frame for his decision on what will happen to his order. critics claim of course that the president's fiat is unconstitutional and the white house makes it clear that they think it is just the right thing to do for the country. they also demanded effectively that the judge who made that decision will decide by today. for some strange reason, he failed to comply with their wishes, perhaps annoyed by their father rather high-handed manner. as for the president himself he held a closed door strategy meeting with amnesty advocates this morning. our guest tonight ali nurani executive director of the
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national immigration forum, was there. we will be talking about what the president wants to do now. we are coming right back. much more ahead. stay with us. president obama really doesn't like benjamin netanyahu. president obama his secretary of state and national security advisor all heaping insults on the israeli prime minister. real estate and media mogul mort zuckerman joins us to talk about the president's relationship with the prime minister. you pay your auto insurance premium every month on the dot. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash.
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benjamin netanyahu firing back after the latest round of attacks from the obama white house, accusing the west of abandoning a pledge to prevent iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. he said quote i respect the white house and the president of the united states, but on such a fateful matter, that can determine whether or not we survive, i must do everything to prevent such a great danger for israel. my guest now says a nuclear iran is the greatest threat to world peace. joining us is billionaire real estate and media magnate and boston properties executive chairman, mort zuckerman. good to have you here. >> thank you. thank you. >> has this administration gone
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too far in its insults its attacks on the prime minister? >> yeah, you know, i think it's really unfortunate. he as an individual has a certain -- doesn't appeal to everybody. he's a very forthright -- >> strong personality. >> but the president of the united states to blame israel and its prime minister for what is in fact the united states' doing which is eliminating all of the restrictions we imposed on iran because we know how dangerous they will be as a nuclear power, and we are now opening the door for them to become a nuclear power in the area. it's just astounding to me that in a sense, he seems to be getting away with this. >> he to this point, is and i think most people are utterly dumbfounded. those who are paying attention to what this administration is constructing in these talks, the architecture of this deal makes literally no sense whatsoever.
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>> right. >> it is laying out a pathway to creating an existential proximate threat to the state of israel, to all of our allies in the region to enter the west. >> now, when you see a country like the united states literally ignoring an unbelievable threat to a lot of our allies, saudi arabia, egypt, jordan as well as israel, then you know that we have somebody who has just lost touch with what's going on in the world for whatever reason. >> and kerry holding forth talking about netanyahu's record on the war in iraq as if netanyahu was prime minister when george w. bush decided to attack. i mean, these are bizarre, bizarre thoughts, especially for a senator who was for the war before he was against the war, as he famously put it. >> i must say i'm taken aback by that. i have known him a very very long time and i'm just
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completely astonished. i suppose once you're in that administration, you get caught up in that kind of rhetoric. but this is something in my judgment that diminishes john kerry on many levels. >> it is a sad thing to witness. i have to tell you frankly, i look forward to the prime minister's speech at the joint session. i think to hear a counterveiling voice to what we have heard from this administration frankly from both parties, will be i think edifying. >> it really in some fundamental way is astonishing to me they didn't have more empathy and understanding of an israeli prime minister who knows there is going to be nuclear weapons and the capacity to deliver them within a matter of a few years if this administration's policy is allowed just to run amok. no country in the world would want to stand by and not do anything about that and to treat it the way they are, as if this
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is somehow rather an unnatural and inappropriate reaction on the part of a man who is trying to save his own country, that is ridiculous. >> of course this administration appears to be reserving its empathy for our enemies. >> yes. well you know the thing that's really amazing, you look at the countries that we can rely upon in that part of the world, egypt and saudi arabia and some of the other countries affiliated with saudi arabia and jordan, and we are walking away from them and giving iran a free ticket to develop nuclear weapons which would change the entire balance of politics and power in that region? it's crazy. >> and as on so many issues we have to wrap up here, this administration has not gone before the american people to sell the idea, to sell the plan nor has it brought congress along. this is a president who is behaving if he were in any other
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country but this his approach and his demeanor would be considered by just about any careful observer as authoritarian, not democratic. >> i agree with that. >> quick last words. >> my hope is that the congress is going to react across political lines both republicans and democrats will stand up to this because i think it's outrageous. incidentally, they attacked netanyahu for going to the congress without informing them that this was a violation of protocol. i don't know if you saw the "new york times." they turned out they did know about this before and they put a correction in the paper that in fact, that that whole story was wrong. >> i must say i'm stunned by the misrepresentation by the administration and the misreporting by the "times." i have never known that to happen before. >> i know you are very serious about this but it's that smile that somehow or other gives you
7:20 pm
away. >> always great to see you. a police dash cam in new jersey captured this incredible video of a gas explosion that blasted a single family home into the sky, injuring 15 people, two of them injured critically, and the police dash cam in cleveland, ohio capturing a man being ejected from his suv after he lost control and crashed while driving in the obviously icy conditions. incredibly again, he was able to get right up. he sustained only look at this, only minor injuries as he lay there with traffic passing oh, so very close. up next, iran clearly wants to send a message to the united states. look at them putting on an explosive spectacle. we will tell you what this is. it's a message that's not particularly well delivered. we will tell you all about it next.
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the iranians playing make-believe, pretending that little boat is a u.s. aircraft carrier. they were holding defense drills near the strait of hormuz. too bad they didn't dramatize what would happen to iranian forces had they invited a squadron of our navy's f-18 super hornets to participate in the exercise. now the iranians would have found that an impressive demonstration. obviously the president is humoring the iranians these days even as they play pretend attacks on a defenseless bathtub toy, playing like it's one of our ships. sorry, people, but a few thoughts if i may on a president who humors our enemies while he insults our friends. the president's national security advisor, susan rice, taking aim at israeli prime minister netanyahu as he prepares to address a joint session of congress next week. >> on both sides, there has now
7:26 pm
been injected a degree of partisanship which is not only unfortunate, i think it's destructive of the fabric of the relationship. >> wow. destructive to the relationship. which seems to characterize the obama administration's petulance and petty attacks on the prime minister. rice not the only administration official being nasty toward netanyahu. secretary of state kerry today accusing the prime minister of being wrong on a nuclear deal with iran like he was on the iraq war. >> the prime minister as you recall, was profoundly forward-leaning and outspoken about the importance of invading iraq under george w. bush, and we all know what happened with that decision. >> kerry, an odd white house
7:27 pm
choice to carry that message because he famously as then a senator, kerry did vote for the war with iraq, later lamenting famously that he was for the war before he was against the war, you may remember that. unnamed white house officials over the past six months alone calling the prime minister a quote, chicken expletive a coward, obtuse blustering even claiming he quotes [ inaudible ] in our face when he accepts the invitation from congress. at least the administration is beginning to attach names and faces to their nastiness. the prime minister meanwhile flipping rice's comments about partisanship back on her as he rejected an invitation to meet with senate democrats next week, saying quote, i believe that doing so at this time could compound the misperception of partisanship regarding my upcoming visit.
7:28 pm
with quick quips like that i'm thinking his squabble with obama isn't a fair fight. many from the house and senate say they will skip the address next thursday, including vice president biden. we are told another almost 40 democrats are still undecided whether or not they will listen to the prime minister. a word of counsel to them all. if you're really that confused about who are our friends and who are our enemies we would appreciate your absence from capitol hill that night or any other time. now the quotation of the evening. i confess we are sending this one out special to our president this evening for his reflection as he strikes out at a friend and ally who he is treating as an enemy. another president had this to say about how he would want to be judged in such matters. he said quote i ask you to judge me by the enemies i have
7:29 pm
made. franklin delano roosevelt, 32nd president of the united states, with sage counsel still. we'll be right back. the russian-ukraine peace talks, a sham. putin's rebels hold the new russia. we will be talking with the former president of georgia next. you can't predict the market. but at t. rowe price we've helped guide our clients through good times and bad. our experienced investment professionals are one reason over 85% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper averages. so in a variety of markets we can help you feel confident. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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russian-backed separatists continue to attack ukrainian forces despite a recent cease-fire agreement. the ukrainian ambassador to the united states offered this bleak assessment in a fox news interview. >> my country is in a war with russia. it is not a civil war. it is aggression of russia. >> joining us now, mikael saakashvili, former president of georgia from 2004 to 2013, recently recruited by poroshenko to become an advisor to the international council of reforms. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for inviting me lou. >> this looks to me, and i think talking with general jack keen and others, to be extraordinarily a bleak moment for ukraine and the ukrainian
7:34 pm
people. they are basically at the mercy of vladimir putin are they not? >> it is a bleak moment not only for ukraine but indeed for europe and also for the united states. the united states [ inaudible ] preworld war europe and now this country, also the united states is about to lose almost all of the gains it has and russia is going to reverse what it has lost, the soviet empire, in cold war. this is incredibly dramatic and tragic situation which has been getting lots of attention but not quite enough of a reaction. i think that's the lack of reaction or adequate reaction that is basically causing all this tragedy. >> you and i have talked and i have listened to your theories on soft power smart power, over the course of years. i do not understand at this point why there has been an inability on the part of the
7:35 pm
ukrainian government to engage germany france the united states the united kingdom and to bring forward a commitment to defend the country against clear outright aggression. >> well, because there has been lots of officials in the west saying well, we are living in 21st century, cold war is over tanks will never roll into europe. here we are in 2015 and russian tanks are rolling into europe into largest country of europe unchecked and actually, the weakness -- there are lots of moments when weapons can only be stopped by weapons not just by mere diplomacy, not just by sanctions. sanctions do work but they need time before they really accomplish the result. but you really need to supply them with weapons and with anti-tank weapons. tanks are rolling forward. they know from which place
7:36 pm
they're fired at. you wish to see exactly how they are infiltrating this country, and you need lots of precision stuff and it brings back the memories of afghanistan especially for me. in afghanistan soviet union was losing on economic front but it really took ronald reagan and charlie wilson to supply afghan rebels. i remember how it happened. for me, that's very much similar scenario, but it might be a different outcome this time. >> a different outcome because straightforward putin has his forces arrayed in such a manner that they will maintain superiority irrespective of what nato and the united states were to do at least in the short term. the united states can't even make a move to move forward with
7:37 pm
rocket launchers. already putin has that counter force in place. he has a significant advantage as you know in armor. he has troops that are in position that could move at the slightest suggestion of a reaction by nato. what is the next step for nato, those who are concerned about nato, about ukraine's territorial integrity, its sovereignty and its people? >> let us make no mistake. nato and the united states have less superiority over nato -- over russia. it's just a matter of political will. my office is just about the office of president poroshenko. we talk every day. i know almost every day he is being called by chancellor merkel, by president obama, there is lots -- and lots of other world leaders lots of
7:38 pm
diplomacy around but there is not enough help there. the help is not coming. when help is not coming just half measures diplomatic gestures, that's nice, telephone conversations are not going to do the trick. the thing is that ukrainian soldiers are fighting very bravely because they are fighting for freedom. make no mistake this is not war about territory. this is not war about this or that railway juncture. this is war about values, whether in 21st century, ukrainians can live in normal open democratic society with rule of law or they are forever doomed to be in corrupt state like russia and some other places around the world. so the idea is that because it's the values of the west that ukrainians are defending with their own lives it's also up to the west to defend. you know, west berlin was defended. it's a tiny place, you cannot compare it to ukraine. it was much less defendable than ukraine. west berlin was defended when stalin wanted to grab it and
7:39 pm
then it was turned to showcase for reform. that's what we want to achieve in ukraine. we want to do real reform real changes make the country function. for that you need protection physical protection and we need this west berlin model that only the united states can do. you know, i saw american hero john mccain saying he's ashamed of his country. i have never heard him saying that before. i'm proud of john with whom i'm friends and proud of many americans. i'm still sure this is the best country in the world and in position to act in right way and right direction. >> to be clear, i'm not proud of senator mccain for saying he's ashamed of his country. >> i'm not saying that. he's trying to help. he's trying to help. >> let me finish. he may be trying to help but he has been trying for some months without success. we need to get to the issue of what happens next, because it is pretty clear the limited options
7:40 pm
available to both the ukrainian people and government, where can they turn, what is the likelihood, how can you stop russia from moving into the balkan taking on any other territory they would wish in the region? >> putin will not stop until he is stopped and he will stop where he is stopped. ukrainians will continue to put up more resistance, to reform the army, to reform the country to create other models but again they are looking at the united states which is for all of us a beacon of democracy beacon of freedom, beacon of everything we stand for, and i think we are looking at united states and we are looking at the president of the united states and this administration to back up their diplomacy. i mean, they have done a very good job, i will have to give them credit, for mobilizing people in europe for sanctions. but now something more is needed than sanctions.
7:41 pm
ukrainians cannot attack russia with anti-tank weapons. they cannot invade russia with anti-artillery radar. they can at least check their further advance. >> how much time does the united states have to come to its senses? how much time does nato have to come to its senses? >> i think time is very short. i think putin wants to take whole south of ukraine, go all the way to muldova and of course, he is looking at both because he wants to kill nato. his ultimate goal is the united states and the united states has certainly had to react to that. >> always good talking with you. >> thank you very much. >> mikael saakashvili. up next, you won't believe the obama administration's latest descriptor for the
7:42 pm
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our next guest, one of those present at today's closed door
7:46 pm
white house strategy meeting on the president's amnesty fiat for five million illegal immigrants. joining us tonight, one of the country's leaders on immigration, ali nurani executive director of the national immigration forum. good to have you with us. so what were all the secrets in that closed door meeting that we should all be aware of? >> it was really i think what we have all been reading about, where the administration is going to file its appeal in the top district court, really start to begin the judicial process of contesting what the lawsuit from the 26 states and really move forward with the executive actions that the president took. but i think the broader message is that the country's immigration system i think we all agree is broken and whether it's the administration taking temporary action or congress actually moving something -- moving forward with something constructive that's a permanent solution, that's what we all need. >> it's interesting that the president has chosen to act and he says it this way himself,
7:47 pm
because congress would not, he will. that has to be words he regrets when he goes into court and when he prepares, as he surely must in this case not personally of course, he will be before the supreme court saying to them that he took it upon himself to act unilaterally with executive action just because congress wouldn't do what he told them. that's got to concern you. >> when you look at judge hannon's opinion from last week, he doesn't dispute whether or not deferred action is legal or not. >> i understand. but either side will move here to appeal at the fifth circuit court whoever loses, goes to the fifth circuit and goes to the supreme court and that will be on the merits. >> and the merits of this are that the administration does have prosecutorial discretion in terms of how to utilize their enforcement resources. that's the issue at hand here. >> the issue too, i think has
7:48 pm
to be what is in the national interest and the supreme court will be making all of these judgments, and then there's going to be the matter of trying to resolve and fix the broken immigration system. it's interesting that the president still has done nothing with citizen immigration services he's brought in an extra thousand people to try to service it. we are looking at a disastrous procedural process here for those people. he is giving work permits to them. and the numbers are changing. we are hearing those numbers are significantly higher than has been reported to the american people, those being given work permits. is that true? >> well, when you look at the original deferred action that he took in 2012 we estimated at that point there were about 1.2 million people eligible. at this point, about 700,000 have applied and gone through that process with a number of them not being eligible and being disqualified. so i don't think those numbers are greater than what we expected. in fact those numbers are
7:49 pm
actually a little bit lower than what we expected. >> and you expect a happy conclusion and how soon? >> well we expect a happy conclusion from congress. i think that's what we all have to expect. we have to expect that speaker boehner, leader mcconnell put their heads together fund dhs and move forward with something constructive. i think in terms of the court case we do agree that the administration is on solid legal footing. we talked to business owners across the country. they love the idea of having a stable and legal work force instead of the status quo here that is putting everybody at risk. >> all right. did they mention anything about the 30 million people unemployed? i'm just curious. those employers. >> those employers want to make sure that everybody can compete for the same job at the same wage. right now, with the broken immigration system, that employer down the road can exploit the undocumented immigrant as well as that american worker. >> as ashlgslways good to talk with you. thank you very much. the may 2nd show down between floyd mayweather and
7:50 pm
manny pacquiao set to be the most expensive boxing match ever. las vegas' mgm grand garden is set to take in $40 million in ticket sales alone. not a bad house. double the previous record for the mayweather/alvarez fight in 2013. and the ncaa under fire after ruling baylor running back silas nacita is ineligible to play because he accepted, quote impermissible benefits when he was homeless. he walked on at baylor in june. he says he had no idea he was breaking ncaa rules when he accepted a place to live from those he describes as a close family friend. amazing. the ncaa strikes again. good lord. up next, vice president biden, actor john travolta, they have something in common. they are terrible with names and other things.
7:51 pm
>> thank you, terry, and thank you dr. pepper. thank you, chancellor. >> not to mention, their natures are somewhat -- i don't know what you would call it. inquisitive. we take up the creep factor here next. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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someone needs to tell two tennessee high school girls basketball teams, particularly their coach, coaches competitive spirit has made america great these teams were banned from their districts post-season for intentionally as you see, they are not really energetic there. they were trying to lose the game in point of fact, this weekend, trying to avoid the top-ranked team that they would face in the tournament thereby improving their chances of advancing by playing a weaker team. it's complicated apparently in tennessee. one of the teams intentionally missing 12 of its 16 free throws. the other trying to avoid half court in order to get called for a ten-second violation. some heavy strategy. joining us now co-host of fox news red eye, andy levy fox news contributor, former miss new york usa and cohost of red-eye joanne great to have
7:56 pm
you here. >> thanks for having us. >> girls basketball coaches, by the way, they were suspended, thrown out of the tournament. >> they are all corrupt. with my luck if i were on this team trying to lose i would actually be like banking the shots and my coaches would be so mad at me. >> banking. i'm impressed with that. >> i looked up that word before i came on this show. >> you used that word just because of this broadcast. andy your thoughts? >> both of these coaches should be fired for being idiots. you don't show up to play a game and tell your team to purposely lose. it sends a horrible, horrible message to the kids. what you do is about an hour before game time, you give all your players, you have them drink something that will upset their stomach and then once the game starts, turns out you'll have to forfeit the game because they can't play. that's the way you do it in america. i'm sick of coaches not teaching kids the right way to do things. >> i can understand the pain and
7:57 pm
disappointment. >> i was mortifyied by this. >> these kids right now the influences they are getting now we get word that hillary clinton is stealing lines from carly fiorina who wants to be the republican nominee. clinton yesterday telling members of the silicon valley conference she was talking to for probably $4 million or $5 million to unlock their full potential which is reminiscent of carly fiorina's super pac, called unlocking potential project. fiorina's book was called "tough choices." it came out in october 2006. clinton's book was "heartard choices." she waited eight years to use that title. what do you make of that? >> listen, we all take a little bit from each other. i take notes from andy all the time on red-eye. i do. yes. i think fiorina actually took the unlocking the potential from my high school guidance counselor. she would tell me that all the time. she would also bring up tough
7:58 pm
choices when i was deciding to be a theater major in college. she wasn't all about it. >> you're not moved by this, at least ostensibly concerning plagiarism? >> we take from each other. i take notes from joanne on red-eye all the time. unlocking your full potential is a pretty tried and true phrase and it's so meaningless that any politician could use it. >> that explains them using it then. >> i guess godless america was taken. it's like these phrases are so pointless and innane and then they fight over hard choices, tough choices, get book titles, guys. really sells me what you're talking about. >> who locked up my potential in the first place? does the government have the key? >> that's why it gets complicated. >> president obama. >> he's sort of the default choice. he really is.
7:59 pm
white house calling immigrants now, illegal immigrants, americans in waiting. is that the kind of thing that -- >> listen, welcome to america. we wait all the time. we are preparing -- >> might as well start right. >> -- for a life of waiting in line at the dmv, for your delivery peasizza. i don't want to take away their opportunity to learn patience. >> we have to mention quickly biden and travolta. these guys are cleaners. where did they get off on this? >> i think in travolta's case, he is maybe trying a little too hard to prove that he enjoys the ladies. i won't say that that's the case with the vice president. i love americans in waiting. i think -- i'm fairly liberal on immigration. >> i will make a note of that. >> please do. but i don't understand why you can't call people who have immigrated illegally to this country illegal immigrants. i don't get it.
8:00 pm
>> so good to have you with us. thanks for being here. you, too, andy. >> whatever, lou. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. tonight on "war stories" -- >> how do you spend people to war and then pull the rug out from under them? >> the rules of engagement made a dangerous job deadly. >> it was a frustrating thing. we knew we had to fight within these rules of engagement. >> still in the skies over vietnam, they did their duty. >> it was like a football game. send me in, coach. i'm ready. >> "operation rolling thunder," that's coming up on "war stories." the men who flew this plane call it the thud or the lead


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