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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  March 2, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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on "risk & reward." "money" starts now. melissa francis is here. melissa? melissa: absolutely. well that was fast. after months of falling prices, cheap gas is in the rear view mirror. prices at pump rising at the fastest pace in two years. floored by "60 minutes." lumber liquidators got crushed on reports of dangerous laminate flooring. this is fueled by people betting against the stock i hope you realize that. we have details "60 minutes" conveniently failed to report. porn star of wall street. her racy business plan could make gordon gekko blush. even when they say it's not it is always about money. melissa: march coming in like a lion as the nasdaq roars to 5000. touching that milestone for the
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first time in 15 years. it is not just the tech heavyweight and the dow and russell hit new highs as well. s&p also inching towards another record close. with me charlie gasparino jack hough of "barron's," dan hen men gear of "wall street journal." what do you make of markets today? >> the nasdaq, it is interesting, it was thinly traded. there is a little bit of action in deals. not as though they're going nuts over there at nasdaq. melissa: we're back after 15 years, come on! that is the best you can do dan? i'm moving past you. jack, what do you think? >> nowhere near the inflation adjusted peak first of all. second of all, you look at companies that dominate the nasdaq you have got your apple and intel and microsoft, nothing really stands out to me as shockingly expensive but a couple -- melissa: do you need to take the call, charlie? is that important? is it okay if you do television and ignore that. >> it is veronica vain. melissa: we'll get to veronica vain in a moment.
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>> i wrote a whole book about the nasdaq crash way back in my early days at "the wall street journal." that was the, the bubble of the nasdaq was fueled by you know,, same valuations of companies that didn't make any money. melissa: but now? >> i feel better the nasdaq is back to 5000 fueled by apple, and intel and i think that is a good story. these are real companies. melissa: okay. >> with profits. >> earnings and cash. >> with earnings and cash. that is a good thing. melissa: there you go. days of 2-dollar gas is behind us. no signs of stopping the climb, the today's average is $2.43. that is up 13 cents per gallon during the last week. which is largest one-week jump since july of 2013. another way to look at it. the uptick on the right side of this chart shows four straight weeks of rising prices. the first big move higher after more than half a year of declines. it is a bottom in that trend which is bad for consumers. probably not great for the
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economy, jack. >> don't start crying about gas prices yet. melissa: no? >> they turn over refineries to begin producing summer mix of gasoline. happens every year, get a bump in fuel prices. there was a big refinery shutdown in california that might have impacted it. i expect prices to move back toward two bucks later in the year. california is significantly higher, three bucks. they use a special blend. melissa: they use a ridiculous blend. >> you were saying lower gas price maybe was you maybe -- melissa: another blonde. dime a dozen around here. you've been in the elevator, they're everywhere. >> one of the good things working here. they're all extremely intelligent too. melissa: there you go. >> but they are. just for the record. melissa: oh, my goodness. >> you were saying or that other blonde was saying that lower gas prices was a function of economy not doing as well. now we have higher gas prices -- melissa: oil prices. >> or oil prices not function of the economy. melissa: oil prices. this bump up refineries. >> nothing to do with the
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economy getting better? melissa: not this particular bump. it is refineries. >> gas prices are a lot like credit card rates rise a lot faster than they fall. jump to high -- melissa: go higher like a rocket fall like a feather. >> like the stock market. anytime something happens like a fall in gas prices, or stock market goes up, the question is the economy real or is this when everything is going to burst and get into a big correction? melissa: okay. >> we saw positive economic numbers. >> hiring -- melissa: gdp number on friday was terrible. downgraded to 2.2. is that your porn star calling you? >> maybe the blondes. melissa: knocked out from under it as shares plunge over 20%. "60 minutes" investigation revealing chinese-made laminate flooring contains unsafe levels of a chemical linked to cancer,
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but, there is a pretty important detail "60 minutes" missed or conveniently left out. our own research finds that lumber liquidators does one approximately dollars sales a year, ram gnats from china represent 10%. the way they talk about every piece of wood, they were also, inspired to dot story by the shorts in the stock. i'm not, i don't understand that either. >> i don't have a problem that they're inspired by shorts. shorts give out great information. but i will say this, "60 minutes" history on economic issue it has been horrible. they went out there promoted meredith whitney's theory of muni bond, massive defaults in the muni bond market. they went out. market crashed. it never happened. >> could not have been further off the mark. >> way off the mark. melissa: did they ever come back dot correction? we were way off on that? >> i watch i think scott pelley is good broadcastter. melissa: their financial stuff is terrible. >> i watched them do something
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on robocalls, if you are delinquent on robo calls, they missed whole part, people targeted, they were delinquent on their loans. >> why are their stories so dramatic? you say this is incredibly compelling, generally getting one side of the story. melissa: right. >> if you put the other side in there like in normal journalism, comes out interesting, but not that dramatic. melissa: big sob story about the highway trust fund, running out of money, they didn't ask where the money going that is currently being spent? >> stsck relative to cheapest to earnings estimates since 2009. >> positive thing here, we should point out "60 minutes" has economic impact on the markets, there is no doubt about that. melissa: not very positive for lumber liquidators who feels like they were -- >> but they do move markets. melissa: feels like they're unfairly targeted. if you own the stock is that fair? they didn't tell the whole story? >> i know that they went out
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there did ridiculous interview with michael lewis about his stupid book the markets being rigged. melissa: how did you feel about the book? >> i thought it was stupid book. melissa: keep going. isis supporters taking to twitter declaring war and jack dorsey for blocking their accounts. this screen shot of threatening shots shows his face in cross-hairs of a gun. warns twitter in arabic your virtual war on us will cause a real war on you. what do you guys think about this. >> i think twitter has been slow to crack down here. i understand it's a difficult job, but there is a lot of technical aspects but i think they have been slow to close these accounts and really go after these people. this saddens me to see the news. >> but now they have done it, express a lot of support for twitter because, look, the web has become the primary tool of brainwashing and recruitment for these jihad i did hes -- jihadis
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like europe and united states like the three girls in london. if we shut them off there will be less of it. >> i think twitter is too soft on the whole issue what they allow on twitter. i'm all for free speech. i just need to be called names and attacked. melissa: you don't want to be attacked by other people, is that what you're saying? >> i never throw the first punch. this is like a medium that is built for people that want to just say anything they want. i think they're a little too i think they should, i think a little censorship on twitter might be good on twitter. >> draw line at barbarism like isis this is the world we live in. >> i understand that. "wall street journal" doesn't run expletives and on their page one. there is a degree of vetting that goes on, right? >> there is degree of editing. if you get that deeply involved, in twitter facebook you know what you're getting into. melissa: tens of thousands taking the streets of moscow as
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they mourn the death of opposition leader boris nemtsov. to protest russia's policies of ukraine turned into mourning when the opposition leader was gunned outside the kremlin. this happened on friday. i mean, wow. where do you seen start on this story dan? >> we can't say for sure putin did it but the fact vladmir putin has been prop gaped sizing the people of moscow in st. petersburg in anti-western propaganda in ways not even seen during the cold war. basically what you have to say the rule of law being replaced in russia by the law of the jungle. it is no surprise you see nemtsov getting gunned down there, the same way people are, you know gunning people down in mass killings in the middle east. >> that is reflected in putin es approval ratings. 85, 86%. only way you get a number that high, when you poll people they answer the phone, do you approve of vladmir putin they fear for their life. you have no such thing as credible independent poll.
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>> i wonder there is economic impact here. this is going to cost them western investment. which they're going to need at some point. and i wonder what, i just, i'm not schooled enough to answer this question but what is putin's endgame here? total control without western investment? melissa: rebuilding the soviet bloc. >> how can you do that in this economy. melissa: with falling price of oil it will be a real challenge. he had oil going in his favor. that is real challenge. >> he may never get it back in his favor a long time. melissa: bill gates topping "forbes" billionaire list for second year in a row. carlos slim and warren buffett nipping at his heals. real shocker, record 290 newcomers this year to the billionaire list. most famous rookie, michael jordan. most of his cash is nike payouts on his iconic brand netting him $2.25 billion. isn't that amazing? >> that is amazing. derek jeter as we've been reporting a lot. he has a chunk of change.
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he wants to convert $200 million and use that as springboard, follow in the career footsteps of michael jordan. melissa: melissa: 200 million is not enough. he has a shot. these guys are experts marketings themselves. in this culture he has a shot if he does it right. melissa: he is pretty smart. done a lot of smart didn't get married. >> never got married. never had kids. melissa: i don't know -- okay. >> 1500 billionaire on that list. and beneath all those billions is basically the economy, right? there is a huge amount of economic activity below all of that jobs, people making decent living. >> absolutely. melissa: i like that point. i like that point. let's end on that. thanks, guys. striking at the heart of isis iraqi forces launch a huge counter attack north of baghdad. the only power ranking that really matters. listen who is leading the pack into 2016 not to mention who is falling way behind. we have charlie's porn star
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coming up. more "money." ♪
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diversifying your portfolio? e*trade gives you the tools and resources to get it right. are you type e*? melissa: ache at that look. crude oil futures negative selling pressure before the close. it is down on the session 489.62. the fight against aisles sis -- 49.62. launching an attack to retake the city of tikrit. the town is best known as former home of saddam hussein. here is van hipp. chairman of american defense international. author of new terrorism. dan henninger is back as well. can they take back tikrit? >> i think they can, melissa. this is a test run for bigger battle with mosul. this is to get better intelligence feel for the actual
2:16 pm
size of isis force and composition of the force we will need when we go to mosul. melissa: what do you think about that? >> i kind of agree with that. they just put off the attack on mosul from spring to fall. everyone was asking why they thought it would pull it off in the spring. iraqi army is not near being ready. john boehner said over the weekend we'll probably need boots on the ground. you have to talk a little bit of specificity what you mean by that. people think we're sending in a division. no we're talking about putting more intel, special-ops in there, help say when they're taking tikrit and get an idea just as van was suggesting, how many islamic state fighters are there. melissa: play what john boehner said. i will get your reaction on the other side. let's listen. >> the president shouldn't tell our earn my what is we're not going to do. whether iraqi military personnel. whether we bring jordanians or other allies, their boots in there. we'll have to have people in there providing advice.
2:17 pm
those are boots on the ground. melissa: why would you announce we're pushing back, you know the attack on mosul and saying we're not going to put people in there? does that make any sense? >> i don't know where some of these folks learned military tactics. you don't telegraph to the enemy what you're going to do. obvious as you point it out they're not ready. this will be a urban terrain scenario. there are things from a training standpoint to get them better prepared. the speaker is right. we'll have to have some ground forces. i believe we can do it in limited fashion. if we had listened to our ground commander general austin back in 2010 we would not be in this situation. melissa: there are those who say, make no mistake we have boots on ground. we're already there. do you buy that argument? >> we have some boots on the ground but i think president obama decided he does not want to go past the level of engagement he is in right now. you have got people, folks john boehner are talking to, we can not limit it to simply air sorties.
2:18 pm
they brag about taking back kobani. you saw photographs. it looked like bombing of dresden. mosul a city of million people will not be recaptured by bombing raids. you will relevel the city. melissa: real quick. >> history teaches us we have to troops on ground. i trust general austin. we have the right commander on the ground. the president needs to listen to him. melissa: down to the wire. imagine going a whole month without listening to wireless service. some folks are trying it. carriers have ever reason to be worried. former wall street intern finds a big deal out of finance. our exclusive with adult film star veronica vain, charlie gasparino's interview. do you ever have too much money? ♪
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melissa: from the u.s. to every corner of the globe money is flying around the world today, starting in venezuela. where officials have detained american citizens for allegedly spying on the government. president maduro says the u.s. continues to plot against him. this comes as venezuela put strict travel restrictions on all u.s. citizens, even banning former president george w. bush and dick cheney. over to north korea where leader kim jong-un fired missiles and toll his solders to prepare for war. two short-range ballistic missiles were launched into the see over retaliation over military drills carried out by south korea and the u.s. landing in vienna, where they're building largest wooden skyscraper? is that wise? 20 floors high. the local fire department is
2:23 pm
understandably a little bit nervous. they sate idea is crazy. the architects need to work with them to make it fireproof. what are they thinking? from wall street to, from the wall street fast track to the porn industry, veronica vain made jump from intern at lazard asset management to lucrative career in ad dull films. charlie and i spoke to her in ex-plows sieve. shockingly charlie was all over that one. >> i covered wall street 25 years. is there cultural connection between wall street? is it easy to make that jump? >> between wall street and adult industry? >> in terms of the cultures in terms of the cultures. >> that is a funny question. no it was not particularly seamless to jump from exotic dancing to wall street. it was hard. i was at a big disadvantage not only because of my background i didn't come from ivy league school. >> you went to fordham.
2:24 pm
good school. >> fordham. >> did lazard know you were a dancer in the past? >> of course not. that is not something you say in interviews. >> hard for people like to you make a buck in this world where so much is pirated. you would have made, probably if stayed with wall street a lot more money. this is a tough business. how do you, how do you plan to make ends meet in this business? >> so, at the business right now, as it is today it is tough. before i got into the business i did a ton of research. was actually wondering why certain things weren't being done or at least i didn't see them being done. >> right. >> one of those is product placement. what porn has, what its biggest asset has is viewership. >> i'm a libertarian. i, more power to you but there is a feminist critique of porn it is exploitive of women. i can understand why they say that. i don't necessarily agree with it but how do you answer that question? i'm sure you've been hit with that since you have come, since you have taken your new line of
2:25 pm
your new career path? >> i think it is kind of funny, considering the analytics coming out of the some of the top porn sites, are showing us womens are ones searching for exploitive porn? >> really? >> yes. seems like women have more of interest in rougher kinds of activities. melissa: where do you see that? is there data to back that up? >> mind geek has the data. they're driving quantitative analytic approach in pornography right now. we're learning a lot of interesting things. that is another reason why product placement advertising angle will be very interesting porn is doing something it hasn't done before. using analytics. melissa: what does that mean? how would you change the business to appeal to more women and monetize women's interests? >> this business is already appealing to women you know. really depends on who the woman is and what her feelings are regarding it. i think you know, there is a generation gap, certainly. women my age don't seem to have as much of issues with it.
2:26 pm
>> how about the piracy of it? >> so the answer to that is, product placement. actually two answers with porn, right? either one, an expensive consumer education campaign to teach people why should buy their porn, why it is better. >> right. >> nobody wants to invest in consumer education. >> consumer education buying porn? >> everybody thinks it is free. people don't want to pay for something free. educate them why you buy it or take advantage of viewership. melissa: this is very strategic on your part. you had a plan when you were working at lazard. you knew you were going into this business. tell us about that plan. did you just decide that banking wasn't for you, and you thought of doing this? was it always your plan to go into porn from lazard? >> i always wanted to do something more entrepreneurial with my career. i knew i wasn't fit for conservative environment. i wanted to start on the street to learn how i would go about running a business. when i started investigate industry i really wanted to work in adult was one of them. i saw an industry undergoing a new wave of innovation. i wanted to be part of that.
2:27 pm
>> you're a smart gal. >> company sponsoring me, very first product placement for pornography. we had 426% increase in membership sign ups. >> we're getting a wrap. one question. guys in porn, guys in wall street, who are cooler? >> oh, god. probably wall street guys. >> really? melissa: on that note. >> why? >> i hear they're animals those guys. >> porn guys are very serious. all business. very professional. wall street guys play around a little bit. >> did you do any insider trading at lazard? >> oh i can not talk about that. >> everybody wants to know. >> no no. melissa: veronica, charlie, thanks to both of you. okey-dokey then. all hands on deck. the long national nightmare is over. return of "house of cards." everyone is trying to cash in. plus read his lips. jeb bush is not making any promises for 2016.
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melissa: over 25% of the vote beating out 2016 hopefuls like scott walker and jeb bush. 2016 gop power index. thank you so much for joining us again this week. walker passed positioned as chair of alternatives. >> rand paul was supposed to win seatback. the previous segment was you and
2:32 pm
charlie. people who are product minded about issues. those folks are at seatback. that is not enough to get you the nomination. as we said before, they have one since world war ii. the whole rest of the party which is the majority of the party, if the rest of the party afterwards together and get behind it. all of the product based republicans ranging from libertarian -ish national security -- and others saying this is an acceptable choice for us. michael rubio is the guy that could be a radically deepen nominees. marco rubio is more tolerable.
2:33 pm
quite fondly viewed by the republican establishment. melissa: as long as he has water. i want to get your take on this. jeb bush will not sign pledges. i want to bring in kde. the news editor for and a fox news contributor. what do you think about that? is that a good idea? >> it is a good idea for him long-term. i am not so sure it sends a good message to primary voters. certainly something that the grass roots activists have been campaigning on saying no new taxes. taxed enough already.
2:34 pm
long-term, it is a good thing. it saves in the and. in the primary process i am not sure it looks so great politically. melissa: he told palm beach that he is the best governor in america. >> the concern is for the anti-tax activists. the world has changed a lot since jeb bush was in office. the person he had on display was a very kind negative guy. nicknamed for vetoing so many bills. if he does not if he's not willing to make peace with the republican base that is very skeptical of him he is not
2:35 pm
ready to bury the hatchet with these folks and let them know that he can be their guide. >> meanwhile hillary clinton could formally announce her candidacy. this is according to reports out of the "wall street journal." there is danger in that. >> well, there is. it seems like it is early because she is the only one running. she would be the first one to jump in on the democratic ticket. fundraisers on her side are saying we will not cut a check until things are okay show. yes, it poses a danger. it allows republicans to turn their attention away. coming up with a land to defeat hillary clinton.
2:36 pm
a lot of people think that her ideas are old and they want to move towards the future. we will not write to multimillion dollar checks. >> , hel or high water the clintons never have any trouble coming up with money. thank you to both of you. appreciate your time. the nasdaq hitting levels we have not seen in 15 years. new highs for the dow and the rustle as well. what is inspiring it? nicole: we know we had a great february. that momentum continues. a record-setting day. take a look at some of the movers here. a lot of consumer stocks doing well today.
2:37 pm
visa at an all-time high. overall, the consumer's discretionary group doing very well. melissa: thank you so much. call it the grain drain. now with the snow on the ground and less money in their pocket, farmers are gearing up for 2016. >> farmers just doing too good, melissa. that is corn coming out of a massive and that a just built to handle these record harvests. that is 1 million bushels in that then. i tell you look at what it has done to core prices. farmers are looking at, this year for every acre that a plant, losing money.
2:38 pm
that will be troubled to the farmers, but all the companies that support them. >> producers just will not be making a profit. they will not be spending money on new equipment and other things. >> take a look at what he said. the largest single year sales decline in the company's 178 year history. the income barely half of the 2013 peak. it will not be pretty on the farm this year, alyssa did the shore to watch strange inheritance tonight at 9:00 p.m. to never before seen episodes. jamie colby will be featuring a family that inherit a 134-foot thermometer. a woman perceives a foyer prevent tree stump dating back to the civil war.
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♪ melissa: i am melissa francis with your fox business brief. passengers on united will not be able to use those tickets. that is according to the federal government. they will not force the airline to honor them. american suing the hospital where she contracted ebola. she still suffers from nightmares. the hospital failed to provide the right training. you do not want to miss this. bill gross joining gerri willis at 9:00 p.m. eastern. do not miss the comments on the fed. that is the latest from the fox business network.
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melissa: marches here. spring has not quite strong. freezing temperatures. turning the solid body of water into the only faa approved ice runway.
2:44 pm
can you believe that? boston 3.5-inch is away from breaking the record from the snowiest winter. 107.6 inches of snow. not pleasant. janice dean is in the weather center with the report. >> does this make you feel a little bit better? >> kind of. you do not want to be number two. the number one. look at the windchill. certainly still cold of cost the upper midwest. the west is getting in on some of this cold air. and the next storm system. and towards the southwest we will see beneficial snow in that region. this storm system is what will make its way across the u.s. in
2:45 pm
the next couple of days. we have blizzard advisories for parts of south dakota and minnesota. this is tuesday. chicago, a wintry mix. look at what happens tuesday into wednesday. moving into the northeast. boston this could be the one that brings you to number one. >> i love your spring sweater. thank you so much. one "wall street journal" reporter canceling his plans for a whole month. the results were more than surprising. listen to what a reporter told my colleague earlier on opening bell. >> the big take away is that
2:46 pm
there is the potential for an enormous threat to the wireless industry to calm from the bottom up. there are already companies out there proving this. >> joining me now is jolting kent. we did this recently in our house. we turned off everyone's wireless carrier. we only did wi-fi. you can do it. it is hard, though, you could be out of wi-fi range when somebody tries to reach you. >> i think that this is a really good experience. seattle and the palo alto area, of course. we could do much more.
2:47 pm
>> a huge disruptor for the wireless carrier. >> it is. companies like sprint are already doing it. you have a private label provider. you can get it for like $10 a month. these guys are already spending heaps of money. i think they have these high dividends. they need to earn a lot of money. melissa: how do they make up for that revenue then? you could see there are so many kids out of college now that do not have cable god forbid, they find a way to save money by using tech knowledge ease. >> they provide your basic stuff at home. you can get wireless hotspots in different parts of where you
2:48 pm
live. they invented ties you to stay with them. >> i think it will be very tough. verizon has been slower than the rest. no kidding. this is a pretty big threat to them. >> the content may be one of the solutions. think about snap chat. melissa: that is a good idea. thanks guys. robert downey junior's new contest to give you a day in the life of a superhero. you will not believe what people are paying to see this. you can never have too much money.
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melissa: whether it is on wall street or main street, here is who is making money today. $15,000. fans desperate to attend. the first and last time the band will play without front and. fans of ironman tony stark is getting one lucky winner the chance to fly to l.a. and live just like his billionaire dirk.
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there is the new avengers preminger right afterwards. approaching the last hour of trading. nasdaq 5000. we have already done it a couple of times today. overall, so long. as you all know, benjamin netanyahu, the israeli prime minister on that eve of and major thing a fox business exclusive. how passionate is he about this? is he just focusing simply on working his way through 3d
2:54 pm
printing. what are we looking at? a potential dream trip from new york to l.a. already has 100 people working for him to create the hyperlink. he is joining us as he follows the word of the pied piper. if it is safe, i am getting in one and going to l.a. melissa: if you spent all weekend binge watching house of cards, you are not alone i friend. at the end of the day it is all about money and frank underwood. ♪ ? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason?
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it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. melissa: making way for the next generation of kardashian, reports out that kylie and kendall generaller could be getting their own spin off
2:58 pm
series, thank goodness. all right. brands going all in for the house of cards, companies using any excuse to tweet about the series return over the weekend. bruce trickel, ceo of trick el brands jack howe back as well. red bull is one of my favorites. they said, to be frank, you're going to need us this weekend, house of cards. they got in the red bull product that made so much sense because it was the flag from house of regards upside down. but also the product itself. you need red bull to stay up and binge watch the whole thing. >> i didn't need it. i binge watched the whole s&p. melissa: did you? >> i did. i love house of cards. i think red bull nailed it. they turned the flag upside down. it's not so easy to do. if you look at what char min did they ran a cute ad, but
2:59 pm
they didn't turn the flag upside down. what that says to house of cards fanatics is you're not one of us. melissa: yeah. >> so it put them backwards because people realized it was just a stunt. melissa: yeah, that one was silly, house of p clean. arby's, where is everyone? thanks, house of cards. they're kind of poking fun at themselves. they were, like bruce -- >> i tried not to watch every one, but as soon as they ended -- melissa: jack, what do you think? >> binge watching, you want to hit delivery pizza, wine in a box and then probably weight watchers for when it's all over. melissa: yes yes! no. >> energy drinks, maybe tied for the clean-up afterwards. melissa: or chowbt chili's -- how how about chili's? we're feeling hungry, house of cards, they showed ribs, which is one of the main things -- >> going out the door to a
3:00 pm
restaurant shows ambition. melissa: bruce, real quick. >> they could have figured out a way to deliver. melissa: there you go. that's all we have for now. i hope you are making money today. liz claman and countdown starts right now. liz: if you're in the nasdaq you are. thankthank you melissa. nasdaq 5,000, the last time we saw that number, we were talking about mad cow disease in europe, rolling blackouts on the west coast, and tom hanks was trying to survive in that movie "castaway." the nasdaq chock full of tech names hit 5,008. >> years ago. right now we are at 4 995 so we're watching that. halted and then slashed, the stock of lumber liquidators after that brutal "60 minutes" report which revealed


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