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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 5, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm EST

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pening bell. markets are higher today. it is time for funny and company. stuart have a great show. >> thank you maria. good morning, everyone. more than half think we are less safe now. the economy is getting worse. more than half think that the president's use of the veto is a bad thing. anxious, angry a good story. throw in hillary clinton. the epa cannot link extreme weather to climate change, but they want more money to fight it. your money. varney and company is about to begin. ♪
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stuart: hey not bad. thursday morning and we are up 48 points on the dow industrials. not bad i'd say. look at dunkin donuts. it is removing nano materials from all powdered sugar donuts. look at that thing. how about make donald's. removing human antibiotics from its chicken supplied. health concerns about the overuse of antibiotics. today, it is down a bit. changes in the menu. now look at costco. it's profit up almost 30%. a very nice rise. some of that rise was because of
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a 57 million tax benefit. the price of oil holding above if you'd perils. up only a fraction over night. 245 was your average to date here it 37 days that gasoline has gone straight up in price. the u.s. is less safe today than it was before 9/11. seems to me that president obama is turning eight -- here. >> i am not surprised at all. we have seen similar numbers over many weeks now. the american people have eyes and ears and can see what is going on in the world. they see al qaeda. they seem muslim brotherhood
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spreading. they see vladimir putin on the march across eastern europe. they can see that the threats are growing. >> you can see that there is a sense and a mood. anxiety. not quite sure what will happen next. another fox news poll out. 84% say that it is a bad idea. 84%. directly of posing president obama's idea of a deal. >> right. regardless of what it takes. american people understand. they know the natures of the threats coming out us. they know that obama's policies have not worked in stopping
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these threats. they know that the commander-in-chief has fallen down on the job. they do not like it. you said uncertainty i would say unsafe. you want an american president to make you feel safe. this president does not do that. >> we keep coming back to feelings. at this point i just feel that there is a sense of anxiety. we do not feel safe. we do not feel prosperous. i think that it is an ugly time. >> we attempt to think of voting as an intellectual exercise. more importantly it is about emotional exercise.
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people want to feel good about the boat that they cast. they want to feel that if they put their vote in the hands of somebody they will feel safe economically and in the hands of security. >> stay there please. you have a whole hour with me. we are up about 40 points. pretty close to an all-time high. we are still at beer record highs for the dow jones industrials. 44% say it feels like the economy is getting better. 43% say that the economy is still getting worse. steve moore joining me. i do not want to have an argument with you but i am right on this one. >> we will get maybe 2% growth
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this year. you think that it is much higher. convince me that i am wrong. >> we will talk at the end of the year and see who is right. here we have a record high stock market. jobs have been pretty good for the last six months. a pretty good jobs number tomorrow. half of americans feel like the economy is getting better. and an equal number feels like it is getting worse. maybe the economy in general is getting better. people's pocketbooks are not getting better. the pizzo global, you know, economy is getting better in the united states. stuart: the average person that i meet nobody says i am
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flushed. let's go buy this. pay a little bit more. >> what is interesting about that by the way they start getting worse not better. the president is going around the country with how wonderful the economy is. i think that that is a real disconnect. what country is he talking about? stuart: preview tomorrow's big jobs report. you say that it will be a pretty good report. >> we have been averaging 200-215 jobs. that is a good number. it is not great.
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it is a decent track that we are on. compare this recovery, stuart, with that job growth. we would have five or 6 million jobs. we are still well below where we should be. anyone who believes that we have a five and a half% unemployment rate in this country is smoking some of that marijuana in colorado. >> another eight team months. two more years of this policy. tax. spent. our oh. go into debt. can you see 4% growth at any point in the next few years? >> what happened with president obama vetoing the keystone pipeline that was just an indication that this president with not pick off the low
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hanging fruit. no. i do not think we get the 4%. around 3%. stuart: it is amazing how you can be so cheerfully wrong. >> 3% is nothing to cheer about. we should be growing out for to 5%. stuart: ronald reagan created 1 million new jobs. >> we had a 9% growth rate at one point here it. >> we are dating ourselves mr. moore. i want to get you to today's other top stories. >> good morning.
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this is an attention morning for all cord cutters out there. the international business times reports that hbo will watch it streaming service in early april. $15 a month you can watch all the game of balance that you want. also reportedly working with apple. house of cards in this one game after the top of the charts. by tuesday that game was the second most purchased paid app in the store. its creators are coming up on this show at 12:45 p.m. $100 million in an ipo. trade under the symbol. those are your headlines.
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>> got it. i write. thank you. president obama effectively rewriting federal laws through executive orders. the president has gone rogue up. the judge is up next. ♪
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not enough power. two cars joined in. did not work. five cars tied to café to call the track or trailer off the highway. finally, they get it moving slowly. dallas texas. lifetime highs. why would that be? $21 billion to purchase a company. the whole group doing well. time is money. big changes at the circus. phasing out elephants. you will get your turn, judge. by 28 team. the public concern over the
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animals treatment led to that concern. do you approve or not? >> welcome judge. you are on the show again. turns out she had her own private server for her own e-mail account. what would you think would be her response to all of this? a tweet. monica you can pass judgment on that later. she does not know if the agencies projections are correct. my take on the climate change mafia coming up at the top of the hour. >> you are a good man judge. >> did i say less than? >> people put it in the prompt
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to her. [laughter] >> waiting for another fox news poll for you. the president's use of vetoes is a fat name. all rise. you get a bill. how does it need 60 votes to pass? you do not have 67 votes to override a veto. what i am trying to say is last year's elections absolutely nothing. >> it almost is to that point. executive orders and administrative regulations. proclaiming that they have the authority to regulate the internet. his direct terse sayings that they will ban certain bullets.
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until that congress decided not to ban. he is also going around the constitution. it is very, very clear. it is school child like clear. when congress says no, he may not use his pen and his phone to say yes. >> a direct contradiction of the will of the people. at some point it may get to the point where that remedy is more desirable than a rogue president. at some point it may become politically palatable. he now claims he can raise taxes with the stroke of a pen. >> abolish the filibuster rule. that would mean any folk going to the senate has to get 51
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votes and then it passes. then they can go to the president desk. >> that does not of -- that does not affect veto. >> he would prevent the minority democrats from exercising veto power. they can prevent any bill getting 60 votes. >> yes. >> remember, harry reid exercises all the time. mitch macconnell coming in and saying i want to bring it back to regular rule. >> i suggest to you that the problem is a deeper and more fundamental one. he is exercising impulses to get his way.
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>> we will not get any change, though are we. eighteen months of this left. we are losing the fight against terror. we are losing against putin. the economy is declining. >> all of that includes the i word. stuart: political will to use the i word. if you did it would take years. >> he may generate the political will. there may soon be such a backlash. what taxes will he raise next? three people. changing laws and congress that they put in next. more lawyers judges. stepping in to make a change here. do it fast.
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>> you do have a judge in texas that joined the immigration. we will see where that goes. >> i thought you would fall apart, but you did not. >> how about a majority of republicans voting against john boehner. >> thank you very much, judge. andrew cuomo burying the little guy with his fracking ben. denying a lot of new yorkers and economic boom and it hurts. >> there is no one left to spend the money. we need someone / something to bring money and the area. ♪
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you can save up to $423. for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: we are going straight to new york. adam shapiro is there. he has been talking to people directly hurt by the government fracking ben. >> i am standing on billions and billions of dollars of natural gas. no one here can tap into it. i want to introduce you to troop peters. he owns property right on the border of new york and
11:26 am
consulting up. this area the economy is the press. 70% live in poverty. >> i would say that it is unfair. a lot of them that have been here for a lot of generations. they should be able to reap the rewards. >> you are being denied the right to access the minerals of natural gas on your property. >> absolutely. >> doesn't make any sense to you? we interviewed one man that negotiated a contract. >> it does not make any sense. the fear is that they have are really unfounded. the water table here is so incredibly higher.
11:27 am
the threat of contamination is almost nonexistent. what do you say to the governor? >> apparently, he is not given the proper information. >> 15-18,000 jobs. not in new york. pennsylvania that is a different story. >> thank you very much, indeed. hillary clinton using her own private server. very controversial. what do you think her response to that was? i will tell you. it was a midnight tweet. ♪ [ male announcer ] legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses. if you have a business idea, we have a personalized legal solution
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i won't it is dead flat. the market is slightly higher. highs were 18,017 the. national average for a gallon of regular gas $2.48, up a fraction overnight. speaking of travel another big storm moving up the east coast, travel delays across the country. look at that matt.
11:32 am
rich edson at reagan national in d.c.. just tell us how bad is it? >> how bad is the weather or the delay is? stuart: that is pathetic. >> you are inside too. stuart: that is my job. >> you want to deal with this story of will to a weather story. stuart: get along with it. stuart: >> it is knowing three feet from me, very treacherous. not even sticking yet been has canceled everything. has 4 flights, nationwide 3300 flights already cancelled today. would get the big spot dallas, fort worth, philly and $2.56 national airport, la guardia, newark and dulles coming in at 116 flights canceled. already major delays throughout
11:33 am
the country or just canceled flights to get ready for major delays the rest of the week. stuart: not funny. i have breaking news on this story. of plane has slid off the it runway at la guardia airport. it is at delta of plane, you are looking at a static shot at la guardia, smelling very hard there. in new york, you see in the background plane skidded off the runway. monica was hoping to fly from la guardia to miami this afternoon. >> i don't think i'm going anywhere. iowa so looking forward to this but doesn't look very good in la guardia. stuart: it is march 5th and it is a blizzard out there in new york. washington is closed down. >> so depressing. this winter's so brutally cold in the northeast. stuart: it is global warming, climate change otherwise known as weather. president obama comes closer to
11:34 am
making a nuclear deal with iran. is important to remember who we are dealing with. in 1987 jerry sy was arrested in iran accused by the iranian government of being a spy. held for five days in an iranian prison before he was released. she joins us now. jerry without getting into what happened to you, your experience as a hostage, tell us how you feel personally, not as as journalist but personally about the last negotiating with iran and allowing the iranians to get a bomb. how do you feel? >> i don't think anyone disagrees the iranians holding a nuclear weapon would be a bad thing ended destabilizing force. the real question that goes to my experience there is which iranian government of you dealing with? the irrational iranian government the invitees give me a visa, allow me in while i was
11:35 am
a journalist for the irrational radical government that arrested me and put me in the prison for the espy or with the rational government that got me out of the prison and let me go home? this is the classic problem with iran. which government you dealing with? the one you can deal with for the one you don't know where they're coming from next? that was my problem and it is the general problem. stuart: do you think you can trust and i mean trust in the iranian government? >> i don't think that is the right issue. stuart: that is my question. it is the personal question because you were a hostage. >> what i trust the government? no. the question would be can you verify what you negotiated. if you boil down what benjamin netanyahu said this weekend what president obama said afterwards that is the one thing on which they agree which is let's not trust them. let's be sure we can verify what
11:36 am
we agreed to. then the question is can you really be sure? the israeli position is we are not going to be sure. we have been wrong before and the u.s. position is our job to come up with some provisions that guarantee we can verify not trust. stuart: i got to go because i have more breaking news about that plane in la guardia. the prison in tehran is notorious. was this an awful place? >> it is a pretty awful place. i wouldn't recommend it. i was in and out in 5 days. some people are stuck for months and years so i count myself lucky in that regard. stuart: five days is five days in hell. sarre we're cutting it short. really apologize for that. plane slides off the runway. is the delta flight 1086 from atlanta. no injuries reported. it is snowing heavily at la guardia airport. the fire department is
11:37 am
responding. we will bring you more information as it comes in. that is a still shot actually. we hope to get a moving camera but in the distance you concede that plane off the runway. it skidded in. monica. i don't want to belabor your troubles here travel troubles this afternoon. i am not making a joke of this because a million people in america, this is a serious travel problem. >> for the people on this delta flight that would be really scary, this plane skidding off the runway. as far as we know la guardia remains open. they have not closed the airport but there are numerous delays we reported a couple moments ago so this is something those of us on the east coast and midwest and parts of the south have been dealing with all winter. this has been a very brutal winter. i have a friend who lives in dallas who texted me there in the middle of an ice storm. so it is not just washington and new york.
11:38 am
you have in the south and dallas and memphis also covered in ice. stuart: is your airline still telling you that your 3:30 flight leaves on time? >> this was a delta flight in laguardia, skidded off the runway, thank goodness no injuries as far as we know so far. my plane at 3:30 is a delta flight. i am on the delta web site as we speak in the middle of your program checking my flight status and it says on time. stuart: i don't know what dell's web site is like but i fly united a lot. if you look for the schedule, is the united flight on time, you can click a button and it tells you where the plane is coming from. if you did that with your miami flight you could tell whether or not the plane would take you down there, is on its way to take you away. >> or delayed getting into this mess at la guardia. and when you have 22 minutes left with us. you can't get out of here until
11:39 am
12:00 noon, 130 passengers on that flight no serious injuries. that is the good news. 300 gallons of fuel leaking from the plane. that puts up a notch in terms of what has happened at la guardia. >> that might have a cascading effect on other flights because if there's fuel all over the runway or tarmac or close to the gate you have a problem. i have a problem. stuart: feel free to get on the computer and check out where your plane is coming from. >> if you excuse me from your show for five minutes. stuart: imagine this. the circus without elephants. barnum and bailey, is becoming a reality in 2018 phasing the elephants out and the people behind the campaign to ban those single serve cake cups putting out a video warning people those are a real threat.
11:40 am
the people that produced this our next. >> oh my!
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the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do. nicole: i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. after a couple days of selling looking at green arrows on the screen dow jones industrial average up 40 points, the s&p
11:42 am
500 up 3, the nasdaq composite up 17. dow movers here, ibm and united health are the leaders on intel and caterpillar coming under pressure. oil and gold on next. looking at some earnings, costco on the s&p 500 kroger up 5%. costco up 2%. both cash and not with their quarterly reports and earnings. as we just showed you we are continuing to follow the story of delta with one of their aircraft skidding off a runway at laguardia airport in new york. we are hovering around session lows of 1.7% bid airlines are lower today.
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carefully before investing. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. stuart: this is becoming a major story. you are looking at a still shot of a delta plane that skidded off the runway at laguardia. we are told several sources report that la guardia airport will be closed by the faa a until later is receiving. point number one. you have a plane that skidded off a runway. that the number 2, is leaking 300 gallons of jet fuel. the passengers on board, 130 of them not injured no injuries at all that there's a leak of jet fuel, heavy snow still falling in the new york cheri and at laguardia airport. it is thought mess out there and
11:45 am
they are -- several sources tell us they are going to close la guardia airports until later this evening. this is a very serious story. that is another shot, we just got this one, people presumably coming off the plane as it skidded to a halt at the end of the runway. this is a very big deal. you are closing a major airport so the ripple effect will be all across the country. i would venture to guest tens of thousands of people will be affected by this airport closure. monica crowley is with us she was going to be on a delta flight out of la guardia to miami this afternoon at 3:30. still going? >> apparently not. we are hearing la guardia will be closed for the remainder of the day and just as we reported before the break, this bill tough white, thank goodness no injuries, everyone seems to be okay but the plane is leaking fuel which could cause a future safety issue. between the snow and ice and
11:46 am
this fuel situation at la guardia they closed the airport. i will be one of many thousands of people affected today. there are bigger things life. i am disappointed but this is the way it is. safety first and we have to take the safety of every consumer into consideration. stuart: if you have a snowed airport where it is still snowing heavily and you have a plane that skids off the runway with over a hundred people on board you have a safety problem and you pretty much got to shut the airport down. >> yes and we will see how the other northeast airports managed from jfk and newark airport, the snow is all over washington d.c. we had reports from reagan national as well so we will see how the other airports manage this. has been snowing for so long in new york, shortly after midnight i am surprised they were still allowing some any flights to take off. stuart: have we got rich edson available at reagan national in d.c.? he was on the program a few minutes ago saying it is not exactly shutdown but a lot of
11:47 am
flights have been canceled. i wonder if rich is available to update us on a developing travel problem, very serious problem up and down the eastern seaboard of the united states of america. week fear la guardia is not formally yet but we are told by several sources the we are closing la guardia, the faa is closing la guardia until later this evening. is rich edson there? come on in please? are we still looking at mass cancellations out of d.c.. i have to believe you are all the closedown at reagan national. are you? >> right. it is operational. flights can leave. airlines have canceled their flights. a few years ago there was a major midwestern storm and flights were canceled and people spent days in airport. airlines have tried to get ahead of that and they're trying to get people out early notifying passengers and in the one sense what is going on at la guardia compounds everything because you
11:48 am
might have an airport closure for the entire airport but in the same respect airlines because of the weather have already removed thousands of people from the airtran system so perhaps for it to happen on any day this might be an optimal day for it to happen because already so many flights have been cancelled and so many people a delayed because of the weather and scheduled flights for tomorrow or the next day. stuart: i got to update you on a la guardia situation. we heard from the the f a a la guardia will be closed until at least 7:00 p.m. eastern time this evening so la guardia, out of action until 7:00 p.m. today. our viewers have been watching on the screen a delta air lines flight that came in from atlanta landed but skidded off the end of the run with 130 people on board. no injuries. let's be clear about that. no injuries people evacuate off the plane between to problems here, you have a snowy runway on a plane that has already skidded off an 300 gallons of jet fuel
11:49 am
which we are told are leaking from that in the 80 delta jetblue bcu have doubled problems at la guardia. they closed this thing down. further down the east coast in d.c. we have rich edson telling us d.c.'s reagan national is operational but not much is coming in or going out. anything going out from d.c. to la guardia is going to be shut down. is not going to take off. is there any way i can get weather map for a second please? i want to show the extent of this storm. will you look at that? the tale of that storm creating real travel nightmare. that is 1500 to 2,000 miles long. you know the geography better than i do. that is a 2,000 miles 4. >> the northern tip is setting canada all the way to texas,
11:50 am
tennessee and parts of the northern part of the south. certain leave the entire northeast is being affected. stuart: green is serene, pink is freezing rain and white is snow. that is having one awful effect on travel up and down, tens of millions of people will be affected by this. may be shut in their own homes may be without power because there is an ice storm further south, may be stranded at an airport. maybe canceling traveling plans but this is a significant impact. i hate to stretch a point and say this is going to have economic impact. i am not going to make that stretch but i am going to say that americans, tens of millions on an individual basis are affected by this mess. look who is just sitting down next to me. i think he has a microphone non. his name is tom sullivan.
11:51 am
he is a professional pilot. tell me. when a plane skids off a runway at least 300 gallons of jet fuel, you have no choice but to close the airport down. >> you really do. the problem is the winds are decent enough where it's a can't really -- they don't have a lot of choices that la guardia anyway. stuart: what do you mean the winds? >> which runway you use. stuart: when you can't use a different runway? >> you can kind of use a different runway but that would be one of the options they are talking about, but there are four choices, two runways, you have four choices but only got out of that when the winds are blowing from that direction. you have to lay it into the wind. stuart: this is interesting because i don't know this stuff. you land into the wind so the wind is coming at you, you land with the wind coming at you. >> you can land with a certain amount of crosswind but you can't land with a tail wind of 12 knots or more so at this
11:52 am
point with the crosswind and the other thing the airports do is they give you the breaking status and when it comes to the breaking status you have to decide whether or not you want to try to land or not and the companies all have -- don't know what dell's rules are but the companies all have specific rules that you, captain varney, cannot land unless the lending conditions are at x or above. stuart: okay. this -- the rules dictate what happens. >> you cannot say i will give it a shot. stuart: this is getting very technical but it is good technical information. the big picture is tens of millions of people are affected by this storm that stretches a thousand miles from maine to tennessee. that is a very big deal. all kinds of people are having travel plans really messed around with. i want to update what is going on at la guardia because you are watching a picture of that plane that skidded off a runway, came
11:53 am
in from a planned cut, skids of the end and barrett is. delta flight 1086 came in from atlanta, landed in new york at la guardia. customers came off the plane on slides, they were moved to the terminal and basically they are all okay but that is where we are. and it has closed down. we have some video. you can see, slides down there, there you go. you can see the nose of the plane on the fence. look carefully on the right hand side of the screen, no idea what it must have felt like to be on that plane because it skidded off at an angle very clearly and hit the fence on the side. the bottom line is that the faa, federal aviation administration has close la guardia airport until the leased 7:00 p.m. tonight. any comment further? >> it is one of those where obviously it was a bumpy ride. i can't remember the exact year,
11:54 am
had to be 50 years ago there was, the usairways 737 that went off the end of the runway into the east river most of the people survive, there were some deaths in that. this is sorry, by all regards to was an accident that turned out to be not that big of a deal. the md 80. of wendy's circumstances it is a blizzard, is knowing very heavily. >> but just before they landed two other delta at them the 80s when did. stuart: they got to close it. this is from the port authority of new york and new jersey, the authority that runs la guardia airport. they have confirmed that la guardia is closed down until at least 7:00 p.m. tonight and they used the dreaded words passengers should check with their airline. not making light of this but -- >> one of the things about la guardia, they sometimes have
11:55 am
noise restrictions at night and if you are running late they will just divert you to canada. it is not far away. it puts more pressure on kennedy. kitty has much longer runways, much further apart. stuart: just a quick question. >> how did they keep the runaways, how do they eyes them? >> a have plows and they have heat machines to melt it so it is just wet and they salt. you got to be careful you can't have things come up into the jet engines so they have these big trucks that go down and melt the runway. you would like one for your driveway, wouldn't you? stuart: as a matter of fact i would. >> i would like one for my bathroom, my bed room. stuart: i don't want to make light of this. 130 people on that plane you are looking at now, i'd bet they had a nasty scared because when a
11:56 am
big jet like that plows into the fence, you know something has gone wrong. >> i tell you who was changing his underwear was the captain and first officer. they were right up there seeing that fence coming up on them. >> ever had an experience flying your own plane? >> no. like i said, with commercial airports like this, they give you the lending conditions and you then in general aviation have a choice whether to try to land or not. in commercial aviation you don't. if it is the lower certain level you have to go around. stuart: can we put the weather map up again? i want to show everybody the extent of the travel disruption a band down the eastern seaboard of the united states. up there, maine, snowing, all the way at the bottom tenn. into texas, mix of sleet and rain the white is snow, it
11:57 am
stretches too 2,000 miles up and down the eastern seaboard. that is the travel disaster and we are in the middle of it. to repeat the guardia airport closed until at least 7:00 p.m. tonight after a delta airlines flight 1086 coming from atlanta skidded off a runway and went straight into the retaining fence on the side. we put that picture back up again you will see the nose of the plane on the offense. on the right hand side of your screen, the nose of a huge plane right off the runway, plowed into the fence and there are 300 gallons of jet fuel spilling onto the runway. >> thank god the passengers and crew are safe but this is why they tell you to wear your seat belt, turbulence takeoff and landing because god forbid some like this happens, everybody is safe. stuart: people like me, i don't care. i am not worried but if i was on
11:58 am
that plane i would be absolutely terrified. >> it is an extraordinary picture. >> winds for you pilots out there out of the north, there's a runway 310 so that should have been the best one to land on. stuart: out of the north, it is on the north? >> you are landing in to the north and winds were 16 knots, 1 quarter mile visibility 2800 feet. stuart: that is not much. >> you can do it. >> maybe they had a patch of ice. >> any pilot coming in something like this is on there a game. you got to lesley college and land on the numbers big time. stuart: that is the fire department, new video just in to us, obviously the fire department responding to this plane off the runway, local fox 5 feeding to as a video. they are setting up to do a live
11:59 am
shot. that reporter is telling the world exactly what happened. >> did you see the previous shot? you can see the runway. the runway, the runway, not there, the one -- where was the shot you had before from the local affiliate? that runway is coming to a stop. >> where he landed is. where he wound up. it looked like the previous shot, looks like you could see the runway, of course they are plowed. it is like the roads, slippery out there. stuart: live with it. >> this will help on major cascading effect in the new york area airports and around the country because la guardia is such a huge. >> is that delta again has a huge operation the second biggest carrier out of kennedy. they can move to kennedy. have ground operations they will be fine. stuart: apparently the thing
12:00 pm
landed skidded off the runway hit the restraining sense passengers evacuated down the chutes which you can now see on your screen, 300 gallons of jet fuel spilled onto the runway. that is a problem. they are closed until 7:00 eastern tonight. is right on new dniester right now and we are following a breaking story from new york's la guardia airport. delta plane, flight 1086 from atlanta slide off a runway little after a 11:00 this morning. la guardia airport has been closed until 7:00 p.m.. 130 people on board that plane 125 passengers, five crewmembers everybody got off okay. the and to use emergency chutes. buses to been to the total, 3 ended gallons of jet fuel leaking from the plane. we are bringing as much video is weekend as it comes in. is a dramatic situation not just for those people but helpless millions of people trying to get
12:01 pm
somewhere. there is financial fallout from this. i won't make a big deal out of it saying this will take gdp down, that is not the case but we have airline stocks which are all down including delta and it is a delta plane that slid off a runway. >> from our desk at fox business us statement from delta airlines that the flight from atlanta to new york la guardia exited runway 13 thursday morning during landing, everybody is safe. are the sure? 13 is with the tilden of 16 knots. why would they land on the runway with a tailwind? stuart: how do you know? >> delta is saying they exited runway 13. it is 13 one direction 31 the other direction.
12:02 pm
31 is the runway you wantand don. did the airline miss a few signs all say 1331, depends which direction you are going. you always land with a 16 not -- not 16 not help but you can't win with a 16 not till went under the rules. stuart: maybe delta means the plane slid around? >> maybe. i want to know which run with a demand on as opposed to where they exited. stuart: you have tens of millions of people put out. maybe i am exaggerating. >> certainly thousands of people who are traveling will be affected and millions of people in the path of this storm. stuart: earlier today we had video of a truck in texas surrounded by a snow. big rig truck. they are trying to pull it out of the ice and snow. couldn't pull it with a tow
12:03 pm
truck, hooked up two cars, didn't work, three cause, didn't work, they hooked up five cars and a tow truck to pull the big rig out of the eyes. there's a weather problem in the united states. looking at more video of that md 80 plane, delta flight, they closed the runway and 07:00 p.m. tonight. we sorted out which runway at head wind and tail wind? >> i looked at kennedy. kennedy they are lending to the north. stuart: no problem at kennedy. you have a great shot getting to kennedy. >> burn almost no fuel. stuart: that doesn't count. the point is you can wind. >> they are lending them right now. stuart: i am struck by the
12:04 pm
picture, the nose of that plane in the fence. that must have been a frightening experience for those 130 people on board and five crewmembers. sitting in the cockpit they see that fence coming right at them that is a difficult thing. >> la guardia runway 13 or 31 the same piece of concrete, is 7,000 feet long. that is not -- stuart: what? >> that long. it is long enough. stuart: not today. >> kennedy's well over 10,000. >> isn't la guardia infamous for the short runways? you have the crosswind coming this way. >> it was built for the prop planes in the 40s and 50s. stuart: i am pleased to say monica has stayed with us. she is not going to fly to miami as -- i am sorry about this. >> there are people in worse
12:05 pm
condition than i am. this was probably my plane. that i was going to fly out on. it came in from atlanta and from what i am hearing it was supposed to turn around and fly to miami so this might have been my plane. stuart: hold on. an hour ago monica is sitting there dying to go to miami this afternoon. then we get news that plane you are looking at has slid off a runway. >> i am speculating. i have the kinges and flip-flops ready and i will be sitting in the snow. stuart: and packed. >> st. goodness of the people on this plane were safe and are safe. you have to take a pre-emptive measure as tom was saying in an airport like la guardia and these weather conditions after this incident. stuart: look at that picture. a huge jet right up against the
12:06 pm
fence, gone through the fence. can they get that out of there, move it by 7:00 tonight to use the runway again? >> yes. you can see that the main gear, they just have to lift the nose and the main gear is fine. they will be able -- they will have it out of there quickly. stuart: they have a handy crane? >> they don't keep a crane around but if they can lift that nose taken push that thing back. stuart: that is not a problem. >> put on a -- stuart: the weather and the jet fuel is the problem. not the plane. stuart: the plane is in pretty good shape. stuart: it can be salvaged a 100%? >> i am sure. i am not sure but i think so. stuart: back to rich edson at reagan national. he has been reporting from there all morning. operational, not closed down but not doing much business. >> fully operational. it has been the case all day.
12:07 pm
the airlines have been canceling flights to get people out of the airports and out of the system. look at the runway. there are a few flights getting out of here. not many. we have seen snow accumulate on that runway in the last half-hour or so. is not the total amount of snow they get but the rage of snow they get and eventually what happens is you get too much snow, plows can't keep up and they have to shed down a runway. they are not sure that will be the case today. weather forecasters are telling the national weather service, essentially they have the heaviest snow starting now going through 5:00 so if you have any more ripple affect you are still getting some landings here, a handful of planes leaving but you can't rule out the airport's authority going to close everything down. probably a good thing the airline started last night canceling these flights. this has been a ghost town before the snow started sticking.
12:08 pm
stuart: we have been showing our viewers lower weather map of huge storms stretching from maine to texas. i am positioning you in the middle of that. that is where you are. in the middle of it. did you tell us the intensity of the snow is picking up? is getting bad right now? >> right. the national weather service told the airport authority the effect of the storm have been delayed we are supposed to get the heavier stuff. that didn't start happening until noon. when we got here this morning before 8:00 you only had rain little little after 8:00 you had a little bit of sleep, nothing sticking now you are getting heavy snow sticking on the surface on the runways here. stuart: am i right in saying that congress is not in operation today? have government offices binge at down? i am not sure of that. rich: government offices are shut down and congress decided to take today off two days ago. stuart: wait a minute.
12:09 pm
we can't let that just slipped on by. are we to infer that john boehner is such a weather forecasters that two days in advance he knew this was going to happen? >> there were scheduled sessions for today and a couple days ago when they passed the dhs bill they figured out we are supposed to get bad weather friday. go ahead and take the day. stuart: just for a second. it is long and very cold and add significant travel and business disruption associated with it. at that time i year ago we were saying that the storm the bad winter had taken maybe a half percentage point of gross out of gdp. i wonder if you could say the same today. we are now march 5th.
12:10 pm
we have had a dreadful february not a very good january. can we also say this weather is going to contribute to the economy slowing already? is the weather going to make it worse? tom sullivan. >> we went through this last year and kept blaming the weather for any slowdown in the economic growth. yet it will have an impact but on the other side of the country as we sit here the western part west of the rockies are having this unseasonably wonderful spring weather. there are a lot of people out there that will be contributing positively to this. net net it won't make a difference. stuart: i think this is a personal story. a personal story for americans on the eastern seaboard because the disruption to their lives throughout this winter and in particular today, march 5th this is far more personal than it is financial. that is my opinion. >> in california, they are
12:11 pm
having this 70 degree every day whether. they are going around shopping, washing cars buying spring clothes, new shoes. stuart: rich edson, i take it there are not many people that reagan national. i wonder if there are any families with children stranded there. my heart goes out to them. you have children i have grandchildren. my heart goes out to anybody in an airport stranded because of this weather. anybody care right now? >> not much stranded. there is a proactive move airports and airlines are making, just canceling flights. i walked past the t s a line. they are telling people what they ahead of time it won't be nice out. we are going to cancel your flights, we will do that earlier than we would a few years ago. don't bother showing up for the airports. there are a few people talking to customers service. we have been doing this story 3 years and when you have the
12:12 pm
family here for hours, sometimes days you are not seeing that as much as you used to because airlines are canceling flights earlier than they used to. stuart: i will ask you and tom sullivan teasing canceling flights earlier because of passengers bill of rights you may not strand people on the runway two hours is the limit and you know you will break that would. the passenger's bill of rights is helping today, is it? >> it is helping and that experience from a year ago is bad pr. you have plenty of video, people sleeping in airports no impact in how they will -- they should have been proactive. someone might say and be critical of airlines and say they're too proactive canceling flights too worthy. this morning of the board said
12:13 pm
cancel the band down. it is one thing if you are flying into la guardia if you are on your way out west, there is no reason your flight couldn't have gotten out unless it was coming from somewhere else where there is no end that is justification the airlines are giving. stuart: passengers bill of rights. >> they get criticized for being too proactive. no question they are canceling flights, the fines are enormous if you break that limit of sitting out there on the tarmac with passengers on board. i will give you one other piece. looking at this delta. checked its flight path. this flight came in and landed to the north. don't know what delta airlines is planning about runaway 13. they landed to the north along with everybody else. other planes landed at the same time. stuart: let me recap for those just joining us. about an hour ago the plane you are looking at now arrived at la
12:14 pm
guardia airport in new york and was coming from atlanta, coming from atlanta skidded off the runway, there's a heavy snowstorm at la guardia. the plane skidded off a runway, went sideways into the fence you see on right hand side. 130 passengers on board. and you see the shoot in operation right there. 300 gallons of jet fuel, shortly thereafter the federal aviation administration closed down la guardia airport until quote, at least 7:00 p.m. tonight. the port authority of new york, chimed in with the same message until 7:00 p.m. tonight. hopefully they said check your airline. they always say that. airline stocks across the board are down, not very much. they don't usually have a huge
12:15 pm
financial reaction. the reaction in the financial arena is largely because this is such a refuge storm. put up the weather map again. from maine to texas. we have snow, intense rain, a mixture of the two, we have sleep. along 2,000 milestone disrupting travel. it is possible that america's economy will be affected. the growth will not be quite as strong. there is not a huge financial impact on the economy from this event. it is the personal story. this is disrupting the plans of maybe millions of people in the country many of whom like monica crowley who desperately -- >> let me tell the viewers a story on this one. he is preparing to take a 3:30 flight from la guardia to miami,
12:16 pm
long expected vacation. she is ready to go. then we find that if a plane which we believe was going to take her to miami was the one which skidded off a runway which you are looking at right now. >> i take back what i said a minute ago. landed to the north, that is the way was approaching to the north and looking at the tracker of the flight. we brought them up over it the hudson river, made them turn and come back in and land to the se. problem, that is runway 13. the problem the weather report from the airport says that the winds were from the north. if they were landing with that tailwind, why would the tower bring them around to land to the se if the winds were from the northwest. stuart: that is why we have because like you to know what
12:17 pm
you are talking about. >> is puzzling. stuart: the airport is closed. it is and in the '80s it skidded off a runway. a big airport. don't know how many flights coming and go out but thousands. it is what. it shutdown until 7:00. >> you know who has a lot of business? all the taxi's traveling to kennedy. they are lined up, shovelling over, it is the closest one. stuart: taxis every airport up and down east coast america, their flights have been canceled. i wish we have what i would like to get is accounts, a cancellation count. how many flights have been canceled because of what happened at la guardia and what is happening. stuart: i can figure that out. stuart: helpful to have a deep on the show the knows what he's talking about. >> cancellations from flight
12:18 pm
aware which is a great job. 3,651 flights have been delayed 4,285 have been canceled. stuart: 4,285 cancelled? >> in the u.s. by origin of airport the 1 airport for cancellations, dallas-fort worth, the number one destination, dallas-fort worth number 2 is la guardia. stuart: why the dallas have more cancellations? >> big operation at la guardia. stuart: dallas is worst hit, la guardia second worst, closed. >> 400 a dallas quote canceled. 384. stuart: 4,082 cancellations as of right now. 4,285. that number is going to rise. >> i would think so. la guardia numbers will
12:19 pm
skyrocket. stuart: a plane skidded off a runway at la guardia. an hour ago, 45 minutes ago la guardia was shut down until 7:00 tonight. i am sure they had a terrible shock. never fun being on a plane the skids off the runway with the nose going to the retaining fence on the sky. i would be nervous about that. nobody was injured. they got off a plane came down the chutes, buses took them to the terminal. they are okay. shaken up but okay. the more important point this is a massive storm up and down the east coast 4,000 to 85 flights flat out canceled. way of refreeze thousand 600 delayed. i would not want to be on one of those delayed flights because you are sitting there waiting and waiting and waiting and you don't know what is going to
12:20 pm
happen. >> right now folks in new york the snow is coming down. the other delay flying in and out during this time of year, they have to they ice salvos planes that normally get into the conga line to get to the runway for takeoff are first going to have to get into the congo line for getting deice and that will slow down everything in the new york area. stuart: we have someone on the phone with us, bob parsons is with us. tom parsons is with us. best ceo is calling us on the phone from dallas. you are in the center of this because dallas has more cancellations man any other airport at this moment. set the scene. how bad is it? >> when you have snow la guardia, it is a very short airport, short runway. only one or two active runways and in this case i was stuck in
12:21 pm
la guardia in what we call the air traffic control strike and i got in one of those on the lines but rules have changed and when you look at this three hour rule now you can't be on the tarmac more than three hours and the airline has to say it is $27,000 per person, we have seen a few of those this week alone. americans should be having a pretty big deal with this time of day. stuart: hold on. that is news to me. you are telling me that this week some passengers have been held on the tarmac for longer than the rules allow an american and/or other airline's being fined heavily for this? >> once it goes through the system if a plane is on the tarmac more than three hours they get hit with a catch they get hit with a catch remember if it is $25,000 or $27,000 per passenger on that
12:22 pm
plane. i promise you, we went through every bottle of booze on that plane going to cleveland. stuart: hold on a second. i think this passenger bill of rights is a good thing. cancel it earlier so you are not stuck. you know what is going on. the uncertainty, i can approved of that. hold on for one second. tom in dallas, some breaking stuff from tom sullivan. >> the american airlines tour there was one plane, nine hours, nine hours on this plane. it was an isolated incident that happened in dallas a couple days ago. pretty rare. i think the passenger bill of rights works pretty well. it does frustrates some people because they will be more proactive. stuart: dallas-fort worth is it a ghost town at this point? >> i think we are going to get better today. we have had terrible weather the last ten days.
12:23 pm
six seven inches of snow. that sounds like something in the northeast but in dallas that is big news. you have planes sitting at the airport. temperature is supposed to get over 37, 38, 39. hopefully if it doesn't melt today it will melt by tomorrow and we have an icing problem like we have now. this morning it was 26 and when ieou have eyes on the roads runways you can't get from point a to point be. we have eight active runways versus la guardia only has one or two active runways at any time and we only had one working this morning. stuart: you are the ceo of best
12:24 pm
we wo. hopt forget that. can you get at times like this if i was very speculative and went to the airport could i get it cheap flight somewhere? just to get me on the plane on a day like this, would they let me have a cheap ticket? >> maybe tomorrow. you can leave on friday after 7:00 p. stu or saturday. stuart: specifically because of this rotten weather. >> we had so many cancellations to the northeast over 50, 60, 70% of flights canceled a daily in the last week or so, there are good days and bad days and there are still people stuck in dallas that may have to wait 48 hours. stuart: i am asking this off the top of my head.
12:25 pm
the really cold bad weather started in late january and went all the way through february. do you have any idea how many flights were canceled all in that time period? i think it is going to be a big number over 10rot000. >> it had to be that. some 8,000 day so over the last time period, with 100 inches of snow, i would say it is well over that. airlines don't lose that much money. i heard aroundthey ge6,000 a plane but people have to read books and the airlines put them in a squeeze. the people who get hurt in these storms billions of dollars are spent our folks that have to look bfriause they're on vacation or trying to get back home.
12:26 pm
an extra two or three days. stuart: the financial victithe ai here are not the airports for the airlines, is the passengers who get stuck and have to be a range, spend more money, stay where they are for longer. i keep coming back to this in dallas. this is not a financial story. this is a personal story. would you agree with that? >> oh yes. when you see an airport like la guardia which is so important the whole northeast corridor, these guys are responsible for on-time performance from those three airports is thi5% to 65% already. when you look at the fact that you have an active airport as important as la guardia with business travelers stuck there ieou have people in san
12:27 pm
francisc 7 lnt angeles and other places, in the midwest of the country trying to get to new york and they are stlask too and there's no place for in them. stuart: hold on tom sullione sn in new yo f. >> looking at a rivals in kennedy and there's a flight from fort l stoderdale and another from orland 7 scheduled to go into la guardia. they are in their final approach for paennedy. ieou wrote down the number of cancellations ten minutes ago. it was 4,346. another thi0 oreseiod stuart: tom parsons in dallas thank you for joining us. we appreciate your help on this difficult subject. tom sullivan, hope you can still longer. we are going to take a commercial break. we got to pay the bills and we will be back in y spst a moment.
12:28 pm
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12:32 pm
it slid off the runway. 130 passengers on board evacuated by those shoots. that of course, is a problem. the development is that airport laguardia, a very busy airport has been closed until at least 7:00 o'clock tonight. that is the fact and flights all over america. 5000 flights just under 5000 flights canceled. that number is rising constantly. this is a huge storm. it is a snowstorm. look at it. the entire east coast is connect it. airports up and down the land
12:33 pm
affect it. maybe i am exaggerating. tens of millions of people are directly affect it. tom sullivan is with me. he is an accomplished pilot with great experience. what happened to that plane. >> the plane looks like it is in pretty good condition for spinning off the roadway. they can get that airport back open maybe before 7:00 o'clock tonight. 10 gallons of airbus fuel are out. what did they hit? >> the jet fuel is under the wings.
12:34 pm
>> writes. the point that i have is what kind of damage do you have that let 3000 gallons out. stuart: can you get a major airport back up and running again after 7:00 o'clock tonight. can you do that? 1028 flights a day on average coming and going from laguardia. >> okay. about 20 minutes ago we got the report from you. 4200 -- >> i have some news on this. 130 eastern time today.
12:35 pm
there will be a press conference held outlook word yet airport. i am sure that they will up date the details. whether or not they can in fact get that airport running again tonight. >> 4393. it is number two on the list of cancels. laguardia number two. philadelphia numbers three. the mac as i look outside. i do have a studio with windows in it. there is an excellent shot. that is new york city. that is snow. that is serious snow. see that orange stripe on the
12:36 pm
building there. that is a news feed that we put out to new york city. it is snowing very, very hard. even sixth avenue has some snow. >> that camera is across the street. the visibility is only one quarter of a mile. very short visibility. stuart: that is right outside our window. it is march the five, everyone. >> i know that the first exhibition baseball game is tuesday. i can hardly wait. >> put that map up again. it gives an understanding of the intensity of a major storm.
12:37 pm
i am pretty sure top right main. bottom left, texas. 2000 miles of storm and it has a ways to go. it is moving at a slanted angle. continually hitting that storm. that is disrupting a lot of people's lives. do we still have rich absent in d.c.? are you there? >> have not left, stuart. stuart: you cannot leave. you have a job for the rest of the day. >> we are starting to see a little more foot traffic from passengers. we did have some accumulation on the runway. i do not even see them really running files anymore.
12:38 pm
hundreds of canceled flights got in this morning. canceled flights from last night in anticipation of this storm. they would expect the laid problems with this snow that had been pushed back a couple of hours. it was coming down pretty badly 20 minutes ago. we expect that to pick up again. here hundreds of flights canceled stuart. d.c. of course, has been closed for quite some time. >> i am sorry. i am not laughing. you reminded me of the weather forecaster that looks out the window and says it is snowing and that is the forecast. >> among the most accurate and
12:39 pm
history, stuart. >> last night we were trying to get a hold of that guy in the treasury department. he says, well, i do not know we can do it tomorrow because it may snow. it may. it may not. just the discussion of it may snow they shut down. the federal government is closed down. >> that is true, stuart. the snow is the least of their problems. d.c. government shut down. i am right now looking at and unplowed road. we freak out here. we do not do well here. >> we knew that.
12:40 pm
[laughter] not so much a financial story as a personal and travel story. tens of millions of people are being affected by a huge storm. laguardia airport closed because of that plane. big trouble and flights and travel today. back in a moment. ♪ every day, our teams collaborate around the world to actively uncover, discuss and debate investment opportunities. which leads to better decisions for our clients. it's a uniquely collaborative approach you won't find anywhere else. put our global active management expertise to work for you. mfs. there is no expertise without collaboration.
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twenty i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. the dow jones industrial average up 29 points. the s&p 500 up. nasdaq up 11 points at the moment. we are watching the banks. a mixed bag overall. again, morgan stanley goldman sachs, bank of america have of arrows. apple. pushing back when they will produce a larger ipad until the second half of the year. getting more what the customers want. down 1.5%. coach has been a leader on the s&p 500. up 3%. ♪ es and bad. our experienced investment professionals are one
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is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do. stuart: delta flight 1086 from atlanta skidded off the runway. spilled jet fuel onto that runway. laguardia airport is now closed. snow ice rain. travel disrupted for tens of millions of people. it has closed the airport.
12:45 pm
1:30 p.m. eastern time today there will be a press conference held outlook word eat air port, curt. we have a technology guy with us. he has an app that tells me what. i was at that airport just hours a go. it is a very scary whether time to be flying there. i knew it was bad enough. i came in last night instead of my schedule this morning because i knew that this kind of weather was very iffy for that airport. stuart: you knew that this was coming. >> thank god we do not have any fatalities from this.
12:46 pm
my radar. >> i will keep my hands out of the shop. >> it shows you later at aviation. this green line happens to be that very path of delta flight 1086. you can see when you see a little green uptick right there that is turbulence. they are right along the line of some very iffy weather. it changes every few minutes. stuart: that is current. >> this is a very live image of what is exactly going on throughout laguardia. stuart: that bad weather is not going away any time soon. i can see savanna in the bottom
12:47 pm
there. >> yes. you can navigate around this. this is a huge storm system. that green line shows you exactly the way that storm track precisely. this is the way they actually ended up flying. every little blip is some form of warning. pilots use this on and ongoing basis. it is not their official means of getting weather. stuart: look who is here, ladies and gentlemen did sitting next to me for the first time ever on this program. john scott. >> i have some experience in single engineer aircraft. >> i am not a nervous flyer. i will fly anywhere any time.
12:48 pm
i am not so sure i would want to be taking off or landing anywhere in this entire eastern seaboard today. >> i printed out a meteorological observation around the time of the crash. i am puzzled as to why the faa was using the runway they had assigned that aircraft. by the way john and i are two of the three pilots in this building. stuart: you both found a problem with the runway. >> i was explaining this to the audience. the flights were coming in from runway four. that is northeast. slightly to the northeast. they turned them. a tailwind of 16 knots. four people who --
12:49 pm
>> explained john. all an airplane needs to stay in the air is wind flying over its wings. i can get up high on a day where wind is blowing 50 knots. i can recover because i have a 15 out wind coming at the nose of my airplane. i can sit there and not even move. that is all you need. if i were on top of an airport i could just about land that like a helicopter. just like that. you want wind coming at the nose of the aircraft to keep you in the air. when they bring in a plane for landing, what they generally try to align the runway so that the wind is coming over the wings. in this case, they have done the exact opposite. the wind was coming out of the north at 10 degrees.
12:50 pm
the control tower and the faa landed this plane with a tailwind up to 16 knots. stuart: and that is most unusual. >> it is very intense. you do not want to mess up the system. the pilot in command it was an episode over at kennedy i am not doing that. theoretically, you are supposed to be able to do that. effectively, other planes were landing. i want to play ball, too. >> not safe to take off and land. you have the operations of the airline it self. someone has to be looking out for that safety concern. any of those can say hey we
12:51 pm
are shutting it down. stuart: put that weather map up for one second, please. that is a nasty storm from maine to texas. back in a moment. ♪ you can call me shallow... but, i have a wandering eye. i mean, come on. national gives me the control to choose any car in the aisle i want. i could choose you... or i could choose her if i like her more. and i do. oh, the silent treatment. real mature. so you wanna get out of here? go national. go like a pro. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason?
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>> we have a travel nightmare up and down the east coast. cancellations. tom sullivan. >> 4482. this is according to flight aware. the number one canceled airport in the country right now. >> 200 cancellations in the last 45 minutes. that airport that plane should not have landed on that runway at that time. >> correct. it is the opposite runway. they landed from the southeast with a tailwind of 16 knots. you do not do that in good weather. stuart: tom you have to go. thank you very much.
12:56 pm
i have been a weather forecaster for the last few hours. they'll me out here. >> in texas yesterday. big problems across dallas. areas of kentucky some areas seen over 6 inches of snow. that is crazy four march. i have to tell you. that does not happen. we are still seeing the very heavy snow. most of kentucky, you are done with it now. be very careful on those roads. now, the focus this storm is out across parts of the northeast. look at that kind of blue cover. we have more snow to come with this. we are probably talking about
12:57 pm
another three-4 inches for some people. 6:00 o'clock tonight when most of the snow exits the city. then we will really freeze things tonight. this is what was going on at the airport this morning. those temperatures very cold. take a look at what happens tonight here. and incredibly cold night. all of that moisture is going to have a big freeze tonight. very rough condition on the roads tomorrow. stuart: tens of millions of people that travel and lives disrupted. stuart: more varney after this. ♪
12:58 pm
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1:00 pm
ruptured. that may be why 300 gallons of jet jet fuel spewed onto the runway. cancellations all across the country. travel disrupted for tens of millions. do drop, it is all yours. deirdre: we will pick up where right where you are leaving off. 125 passengers on board. the airport is closed until at least 7:00 p.m. tom sullivan joining me here in studio. nicole petallides, we will be checking in with her shortly. tom, first of all thank you very much for lending your expertise. investigating the internet. as a pilot listen, these are not the right


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