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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 9, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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you can't take it with you. >> welcome to the show i have been watching the hilary's augusta boil over the weekend and i have noticed a former first lady and former senator and secretary of state and current curve legend has bad mom on the issue that is consuming the ether like a mushroom cloud. and when deployed is formidable but it is very outdated. she will talk to the press very soon button tell now it is stonewalling. is that the response to a whitewater subpoena?
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i love the '90s the spice girls, heroin, but tlc but that is nostalgia. putting silence them blamed is as stale as a dance number. ♪ ♪ ♪ kennedy: that was a real show. is as ben overplayed and retired from the jukebox. >> you cannot spit in your mail or intimidate your way out or blame the republicans or demagogue the media she has created this problem is she created in a problem she can solve. >> the new scandal brings to mind for president nixon has sought to capture history with secret tapes purpose of
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the similarities between the two were growing more striking by the day powerful figures driven to the highest office in the decade-long pursuit the victims of their own entitlement and paraplegia the one glaring difference between them is only nixon had descended to the presidency while lady hillary will she make it to her subject? biblical the in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain. kennedy: even the president commented forcing to answer for her trouble and a interview so he has known for years she had a private e-mail? when did he find out? >> the same time as everybody else learned through news reports.
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>> that's right that he was the president. presenting he had an electronic relationship with having a private e-mail account he learned it by watching the news? that's right the same place he learned about though waiting list scandal with the veterans the justice department all records and "fast & furious" to name just a few. either he is complete the end up to cori horrible manager who has done a poor job to keep abreast of court -- current events specular clinton is and has been an outstanding public servant and is a great secretary of state for many. >> she was sure servant? my immediate worry is this is an established pattern of opacity who will stop at nothing to control content
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if this is how she responds in a personal crisis eight to see how she buries her head when she is president and the world goes to hell. >> 20 meet tonight one senator struggle to never even tell anything ever. and what is the employment rate to really? also if it is infiltrating. i. m. kennedy. with every year choose to call it with the opacity in foreign donations there garnering many critics we have chris dyer walt and fox news first will come.
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>> great to be with zero. >> widow the secretary will address the nation to hold a press conference what will she say? what should she say? >> i want to respectfully disagree with my friend who said this is a problem she can solve. i do not believe this is a problem she can solve based on what we continue to find out. that is like the fact there are huge gaps in the emails. the "wall street journal" reports former first lady did not turn its electronic data as we expected a normal person would take but instead she printed out 50,000 pages of the male t's. kennedy: 55,000 pages? have you tried to read "war and peace"?
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impossible to get through so inside the 55,000 pages there are huge gaps include a the picture when she is on the blackberry going to libya. there is no record of any e-mail that day proposal i guess she was doing words with friends but whatever it is there was no evil issued from her that came over in the full disclosure. so if you cannot solve a problem the you have no way out of it. the original back door it isn't as if she could say we looked under the table here are 30,000 more. that is just as bad as she is really in a bind.
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>> but she is not a person that allows free demonstration that is critical as president. dash actually if she attains the higher office that is troubling enough to be there are people who will assume there will be some damning emails. what is the bigger problem? in america every election is the trust election and character election that is the truth those of '04 liberal people or conservative people the problem for clinton but also with the pattern that i don't have to follow the rules but because i am entitled with the special
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snowflake that has done this great public service but either way she feels entitled not to play by the rules with the premeditation to use the top paid. >> did send important question. >> who had access to the emails or the server? what is that process? >> the idea and is anything that has to do with the state department has all been turned in. but they're the only custodians of the record. the national security concerns are predicated on the fact it is secret but
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not secure and was built for secrecy and the possibility to wipe them out to be gone for good which one would assume they would be wiped out. words are not enough. to ceballos of money. so with the clinton foundation what you think? >> data know what type of medical costs to publish a giant report spread of hundreds of millions of dollars in ticket cost a lot of money to do that with a campaign style event to have that staff and that many many, people lab unsavory records not just in
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human-rights but other issues that once stuff from the federal government. so hillary clinton's campaign is fungible the defined as furnish the lifestyle to keep her in the public eye to keep the campaign message calling for ever. '' with the conversations she might have had with people who are donors or potential donors? who knows? burritos two were associated with clinton foundation the awards there whispering you will save more about this and the foundation isn't like the bill and will litigates foundation to give grants for a toilet that uses no water? i am curious. coming up later tonight we
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oliver: the trial of the boston marathon bomber it continued into its third day he has pleaded not guilty and his attorney is focusing the blame on his deceased older brother in an effort to avoid the death penalty. joining us is least we'll where is also the author of her new book legal duty to that is the murder mystery. what we threw the child what they're trying to establish. >> this is not a whodunit we know he did it he said it is my brother that made me do with it there is a responsibility because my brother made me do a but the prosecution says no.
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you were in it and writing notes to say americans are horrible and after you shoot down the m.i.t. officer in an ambush so that these are factors 79 of 30 counts carry the death penalty there doing a great job to bring the victims of the survivors out lost their legs were father the lost his son to bring it to the floor for the jury to see the motion. the whole nation was captivated by this for over a week. boston was shut down 81 in the area fell whole city, a kennedy the whole city shut down while they were pursuing people and it was at a marathon. not a political even to where people from all over the world. oliver: one of the biggest physical accomplishments and
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it is so exciting for the city you know, the joy that they feel then the tragedy. what did the defense to? i read that one of the snipers' defense to say he fell under the spell of his older brother? to make it isn't about whether he will be found guilty but whether he will get the death sentence or life without parole. quite frankly-- are atrocious acts. but if he is sentenced to death his life will be lot less painful than if he was sentenced to life without parole. kennedy: life is harsher than death? jim heck i agree he would be a martyr. >> is not afraid to die he drove over his brother. he does not feature does.
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that is at the center of the mentality. social let him sit in a maximum federal prison where every day of his life he will be isolated to have to think about the consequences of his action stemming puerperal bestow on him but frankly i don't give a darn how he is feeling but if they want to see that death penalty imposed then for their closure to be in the room when he dies, that is who i am thinking about. not what he wants. >> i agree. i do defend people that i do think that are wrongly convicted by a working on someone that was accused of murder if he is sitting in a prison. kennedy: that is horrible. >> the biggest danger of the criminal-justice system we
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will sentence an innocent person. >> that is not this case. we know he did it. i am not pro dash penalty but the society has decided to have it if not for him, who? and by the way but to get to the case to go for the death penalty is very difficult. i used to be a federal prosecutor they don't like to go for the death penalty. it could be more easily for this state's but for the federal government to do with it death penalty all the way to the top so many people have to sign off and sold many eyeballs have to look at it. kennedy: the most important right now are those 12 civic estate doesn't even have the death penalty because it is federal and.
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kennedy: liberal massachusetts? >> bedded is death penalty qualified when they were charged for the jury the ever able to say yes i would look for the death penalty if rice found him guilty -- i found him guilty. kennedy: should we be scared of isis sympathizers in the united states? but next talking dachau great the economy is. one of the president's top economic advisers ostin will speak -- schools be tells me i am crazy.
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kennedy: house suite.
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welcome back to this addendum letter rate dropped in february to the great joy of the president and supporters. many americans have been looking for jobs tour getting by on part-time work. , a crazy to think that an employer rate is misleading? others we don't think so it is time 45. former chairman of the president's council of economic advisers austin goolsbee now at university of chicago school of business. with its great economic news so many people unemployed? gimmick we got more than
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38 million jobs last year that is one of the best we have had in many decades. how do you find a job? >> that was a vague description working one day a week the obama administration has you have a job otherwise you are eating the government cat food. pretty much defined 30 hours a week for irregular paycheck. >> which have a good job? in a million jobs set our full time over the last four years in the net increase is close at zero. a you one of the people that
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say wait a second? >> there are some business owners those with full-time jobs. >> bills and are suffering from chronic capitalism in this country that this administration has gotten drunk on it is sobering but people are still drowning under the credit card debt and have been unable to dig themselves out to have jobs where they can save money it is not to have better redistribution policy or economically because government needs to get out of the way because as you know, their job engines. >> there are some things that i agree with you were all over a the map.
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to say they're getting drunk and drowning? with the trent it has clearly been improving we had a year that we added those are overwhelmingly full-time jobs. no question a number of people are in tough spots either out of the workforce or they try to reach trade into a new industry and that is as great deal caused by the worst recession of our lifetime. but it is about the obama economy. the numbers did not agree with what you said. >> ito the implication.
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because it isn't about inequality. it is about productivity that is a much harder problem to solve. >> i think what makes us rich we have new technologies with productivity growth the last year we have not had that much. but it supports productivity growth to invest in in the human and space work force to buy new machinery with do technology we need to do more than that. >> i think that financial aid, have you ever run your own business? >> yes.
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economic advisory and consulting and speeches. kennedy: so really wore an academic you never made anything? >> was added manufacturing. trooper guard. kennedy: i feel that i know that you are the empirical economist but a lot of it is the radical they theorizing and scratched their chins two-stroke their beards but they have never run anything let alone the business. >> if i had a beard i would stroke at like this. [laughter] but what i am telling you it is theoretically get the numbers. u public at that true unemployment rate because there are people out of the workforce. >> down from 20% we do keep
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track of that an employer rate you are describing. it is doubt and has improved even more. >> we have become best friends but we have to go. i hope you come back. follow me on twitter propose headier times crops president bush out of the picture in we found evidence that could change the story.
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kennedy: the great freeze the 2015 is starting to thoughts has it will bring your heart to a boil. this is the tropical storm
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broke conservatives are outraged after they cop doubt president bush from yesterday's march for the president was front and center standing next to al sharpton in the wheelchair per beautiful shot you can clearly see bush 43 of the edges now to say he did not cross about boyish just he was so far to the right but look at the other photographs here is the president again. if you pull out he did more more, local their probe the original hillary clinton. that is nixon and on the far right side the nation's 37th president and now here is the president again.
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this is the golden opportunity that is at the rally. schaede on a new. with that liberal bias. temperamental leprechaun is that it again. he jilted right before the wedding. he was unable to have called this anchor that is when he flew into a tiny irish rage pro there will probably be
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fined by the pga but it also has its own emails server. coincidence? have you commemorate your trip to italy? with a couple of millenials into the coliseum of course, to give every american tourist another name. they get the selfie then they get arrested. i did the same thing. then i was studying increase of little personalization for:or sandblasting i altered h. davis memorial.
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and other creative remembrance i thought i would add flavor to on this day but. linkedin and kennedy together again that is hot. number four. in a 2 year-old jamal lakes to make weird noises who knows if he is possessed but he bears a strange resemblance to his namesake. [laughter] kennedy: what did they ever do to you?
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if you have cleared in news stories for the tropical storm tweet me at kennedy nation. one of my favorite dylan dash very favorite panels ever and a guy who wants to be president says he has never sent any mail that is so reassuring because technology is horrible. stay right here. friday night, buddy.
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will street journal's los g.o.p. voters would not support chris christie 51 percent cannot support this the gramm ran 42% would not vote for jeb bush. does this mean the g.o.p. faithful does not like to perceive moderates? let's ask our guest that is on the red eye every night and michael wallace one of the fight it -- finest ghostwriters i know i implore you to smother your face in it. >> it was weight-loss surgery.
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>> there were two points first of all, it would be great if hillary clinton but or jeb bush was the nominee i would actually support the amendment making it unlawful for descendants of clinton or bush or clinton to ever run for president but jeb bush's fairly moderate the pace isn't christie's fairly moderate is way too early to get anything out of these goals other than business as usual. >> shed some perspective how donald trump got 74 percent of respondents to say they would never support him does that surprise you? >> frankly food can support christmas day? -- chris christie? what people b-2 understand is since 1968 everytime day
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nominate conservatives or a moderate they have lost so giddy a move to the center you get more votes is not true actually the republicans of the biggest majority since the '20s. so that is not always true. kennedy: how does someone like rand paul fair in the world where conservatives do better. >> value accounting nixon? he did not govern as a conservative. i don't know. i suspect his foreign-policy it is not simpatico with a base but it is interesting. 26% said they could vote for
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donald trump. that is 26% to high. kennedy: talk about this a gram because he spoke on meet the press about hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. finally the voice of reason with a complete and utter lack of ability to have the emails scandal. >> i don't the real purpose you can have every e-mail i ever sent. i never said one. kennedy: that is shocking and terrifying. i don't have a car i have of course, . he is considering a presidential campaign. you really shouldn't run in use carrier pigeons. lindsay gramm? the only place he would do well is south carolina?
10:45 pm
ltd. late kim there either. because those who run the faa have never flown a plane or planted a crop that is like putting hillary clinton as commander in chief because she is not qualified to be commander-in-chief. kennedy: if he doesn't have the slightest understanding of something so simple. >> you don't you don't know what happens to send any mail. >> it goes into the tube. >> maybe we've reached the point means if you don't use the mail you should not be president. >> that was my first thought >> he is a colonel in the air force reserve, he is at the jack school how does he do that without sending e-mail? i don't get that. so what?
10:46 pm
i think he gets e-mail then he calls people back if he had once something tuesday. kennedy: how annoying is that? >> absolutely that was my second thought but then this means there is no written record of his communications raw land is convenient for him but not for the people. i don't know. maybe he should not be president. kennedy: i think is first order business is to bomb the entire middle east. [laughter] thanks for being here. you brighten my days. a terror suspect sitting behind bars who called a local tv station to spew g hyde -- jihad. hyde -- jihad. next.
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kennedy: will come back isis is in ohio and every other state according to our expert -- to is the key is a planning attacks on the united states and said in an interview he would shoot president thomas. >> texas, ohio, new york city, washington d.c., every single state you can name just about. kennedy: made well lays 79 supporter is held in virginia for allegedly asking to be a liaison between members and sympathizers. how worried should you be about this confluence of events as a national security analyst?
10:51 pm
>> we study islamic extremism at home and around the world. >> you hear about this guy who will do all sorts of horrible things. you go to jewish sites in and kill people and the bad things. is he just crazy? you really think it has credibility? >> he isn't crazy he had guns and many believe in his ideology isn't that hard to kill a bunch of people if you kill obama probably not but was he going to kill people? that was his intention and we caught him in time. >> crisis is a magnet to those who say stupid things to think they should be arrested if they say
10:52 pm
something stupid? >> absolutely not. >> you mean the isis sympathizers or those ever fighting jihad right now? >> those ever oversees their intelligent enough to know how to get there. budget is uts combination of geeks and wannabe gangsters it is a different personality profile from the puritans of al qaeda. kennedy: technology is such an important factor. they are lonely but incredibly savvy. why isn't there a better alternative to not get them interested? >> it comes from the very addicting ideology that is, just the state the you are to implement governance then rebuild the caliphate it is the basic theme then
10:53 pm
from there it escalates of war on islam you have to do something to wage that battle. also looking at me. kennedy: it sounds like it is a well-run colt -- colts like it is a rare thing although it is rarely of other people but quality is in the future before they are radicalized? >> there is that dynamic about what makes it so much more dangerous is this is the offspring of a well-founded islamic interpretation not the muslims agree by distance from ones that are resurrecting the caliphate's so to say the steep fall are crazy.
10:54 pm
kennedy: they're supposed to defend whatever it is and convinced they are attacked from the homicide and preserve? there is the similarities. >> when you look at social media when accounts are being shut down they were engaging in people to anybody that would talk to of them and they'll love the intellectual battle. they are well studied and they put out the slick videos or cracked jokes on the internet so they could tap into that younger generation. kennedy: it is isis in every state or are there people living together like vampires?
10:55 pm
>> they are losers but technically when isis says they are in every state it could be technically true but be aware of the type of messages adair media savvy that they can write the headlines for us if they say something dramatic they can predict how the media will cover it. kennedy: i hope it does entered into nsa hysteria. next day taken back to a major event that rocked the music world 1997. stay right here per car bring us your audacious. we want your sticky notes, sketchbooks, and scribbles. let's pin 'em to the wall. kick 'em around. kick 'em around, see what happens. because we're in the how-do-i-get-this-startup- off-the-ground business. the taking-your-business- global-business. we're in the problem-solving business. 400,000 people - ready to help you solve problems while they're still called opportunities.
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kennedy: on this day in 1997 shot and killed en los angeles just after tu pac
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wrote about his death led to big league made his debut ready to die nobody was ready for the east coast west coast rivalry that it will devour the entire genre by the time biggie was shot my colleagues were exhausted by the drama. and he was supposed to read up with the night that he died in ever good friends but the good news is aimed to be the end of the shaquille o'neal hit pop career as pd profited by catapulting his own career but biggie is still missed many consider him to be the greatest rapper that ever lived and died. thanks for watching the show tonight. follow me on twitter.
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and the e-mail is kennedy at fox you use the ib are. the jobs. lou: good evening. i.m. lou dobbs sending a letter to iran government publicly warning the iranians said any nuclear weapons deal between the government at best would not be a binding treaty between nations. the letter organized from a freshman senator signed off on on 46 other senators sending a clear message to the president we will consider any agreement regarding the nuclear weapons program that is not approved by the congress as nothing more than the executive agreement between


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