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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 9, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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twitter. and the e-mail is kennedy at fox you use the idb are. the jobs. lou: good evening. i.m. lou dobbs sending a letter to iran government publicly warning the iranians said any nuclear weapons deal between the government at best would not be a binding treaty between nations. the letter organized from a freshman senator signed off on on 46 other senators sending a clear message to the president we will consider any agreement regarding the nuclear weapons program that is not approved by the congress as nothing more than the executive agreement between
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president obama and the ayatollah khamenei. the next president could revoke the executive agreement with the stroke of the pen and ink to be modified anytime. the senator has so upset the white house the president in the administration and democrats respond almost instantly. >> i'd think it is ironic to see some members of congress wanting to make common cause with the hard-liners in iran. with the unusual coalition that we will focus on to see if we can get a deal or not. once we do then rebate -- need to make the case to the american people. >> our view is the letter scored to get political point. >>.
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>> it is a hard slap in the face of our allies. >> to have every reason to intervene now. we don't know the final terms of the deal but we know the security adviser has conceded in -- concede they will have enrichment capability the president says it has a sense then as little as tenures that alone makes it unacceptable and that makes them dangerous to the world's. >> we will take this up with ed rollins tonight. also iraqi troops are back in the progress to recapture the city from the islamic state and they have seized a strategic village 3 miles east and the united states is not involved in the assault at all. we will talk about the wider
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significance of relying on iranian fighters considering iran may have been responsible for one-third of u.s. combat deaths in iraq. if you have a private e-mail address she used exclusively as her time during secretary of state deciding to make no mention of those emails but president obama did and how did he learned about those? we will tell you about that to give you an assessment the the obama tried to block the letter with the inappropriate intrusion into diplomacy or worse and harry reid went so far to sabotage
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the negotiation. with the political strategist ed rollins. good to see you. what a storm and what you say of those charges the most important agreement this president will make in our future to give iran a bomb and they have been our enemies since the shah was overthrown so with the embassy's staff overfunded to 44 days it will be important that is more than the senate. they have a right to express concern.
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>> and the senator to be done this? that is bold leadership on the part of the freshmen senators gimmicky was elected like others are very aggressive and smart and fighters. but at the end of the day little have controlling both houses that they are part of the process. so they're making it clear that deal with personnel knows what is in this deal the secretary kerry of the white house and it will be a bad day at the - - deal at the end of the day. lou: he assures you will not sign of bad deal but of course, that is based on his values. it is reminiscent of the is the policy nonsense if you want to know what is in the bill pass it if you want to know what is in the
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agreement go along with it. >> as bad as the obama bill was it creates potential for another of world war in the middle east if they get there but bin and of what they're moving towards allows them to do that. >> but complaints from some that this group of senators the a of back channel with negotiations that is of unprecedented through very parallel even to. >> at the end of the day it is not the first of more the last time but if they did
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that they could appease the views. don't take anything at this point of time. lou: should people be better informed? with the premier of the soviet union? that should be applauded not criticized. >> it is for purer personal political gain. >> it basically explains there is another branch of government. >> as always it is a pleasure. >> officials parson saying a possible alliance between of the islamist terrorist group
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boko haram to have an audio statement pledging allegiance to the islamic state. but it does say the claim appears to be with purposes than operational engagement and it could be true. we will be right back. >> helping to celebrate his civil-rights milestone one of them is ignored. racial at ally bank no branches equals
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♪ oh. so you're protesting? ♪ ♪ okay. [ male announcer ] introducing xfinity my account. available on any device. lou: the president of the university of oklahoma taking swift action to deal with racist tax. immediately ordered university chapter of the national fraternity to be shut down after a video surfaced showing members singing a racist chant from a cigna alpha epsilon fraternity when fire roll over the weekend the president condemned the conduct and shattered the front house ordered members to remove belongings by midnight tomorrow. >> it sends a message over
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the country i think -- hope they think long and hard about what they have done and how words can continue to hurt other people. this is not our way. >> up and then to organize obama took center stage commemorating a the bloody sunday march now the decision by "the new york times" sparks' criticism because of the former first lady before of bush was also marching in the front-line the photographer for whatever reason said it was not cropped but the image
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was not usable because the bush shoes were overexposed. his words. senior pastor of whole procedure in church from the leadership coalition it is great to have you with us. when mr. with the president's comments we are the slaves to built a the white house referring to the racial past casting a long shadow with the civil rights marches. it is an extraordinary interpretation is in my opinion with the facts of ferguson but with it interesting tone of what should have been a celebration of the al long march the 50 years that martin luther king showed real courage to demonstrate
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civil rights. >> you are right. was a celebration or a an event it shows that non-violence works but i think what you have season to get political capital from these remarks i talked to a lot of people from the event that i was attending they were excited so i believe if calling for a political feel-good moment is that the real issue to address the work that needs to be done to truly celebrate the past. will we have done as a nation should be applauded and celebrated where we live in a country with the right to vote is soldered per call my mother and father were in the struggle and they saw that as absolutely as sacred right. i wish we would look at he
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says educational reform has to be number one that hispanic complex kids cannot read and cannot get jobs. he with j -- say those in urban centers are more important dedicating himself and i believe criminal-justice reform sentencing after care or even for the victims of compensation these things can heal the racial divide and i am concerned we may sacrifice of moment where real change could happen for feel good that scratches is a political ego. >> the ego may have been scratched but he did not dent his polling on the improving race relations
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most americans say he is worse. he has done so little. so little that is positive summit is stunning to watch him find his way to the center of that celebration and it doesn't seem as cheerful as it should. >> i agree but we have to recognize he is president of united states but i do believe what you are saying is a concrete plan to dig on the issues to do with proper policing and the reports of ferguson is the it could talking point but we have to dig deeper as we have stated. i believe you will see if --
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see over the rest of the month there are three marches that occurred in the month of march, bloody sunday with 50 people beaten up also march 9th a ceremony where he stopped in the middle of the bridge and after that of white minister was killed during that time then the final 25th of march was the speech from montgomery alabama. we will be doing and the event there with the reconciled church covered these issues. lou: it is always good to talk with you. your reaction to president bush and his wife and former first lady been excluded
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from that front line photo? it left out parts of this story. >> it did. i believe it is partisan politics at its worst. i saw one of though lieutenants that was running the official meetings funded by the state said on a personal level that she was sickened by the fact that bush wanted to get involved to be up front providing this is what is harming american opera you have people bring partisan political opinions into an arena for we should be celebrating history and health and a new vision for the nation. i think we have shame that we are not honored as well as he was president of united states. lou: good to see you. >> be sure to vote with our
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poll. do applaud the senator to ward leaders of unilateral deal with the imperial president? cast your vote. graphic video services of a hit and run. a tale is told with this revolting taping and the obama administration always has an answer ready when confronted about the media about scandal will the national media ever demanded better?
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positive before the truck actually runs over the man. he has pleaded not guilty to murder and hit-and-run charges in the jury has seen the video. a few thoughts of president obama and his convenient relationship with ever national news media. this weekend obama let it be known he had no prior knowledge of the clinton emails candles. he learned of hillary clinton's private e-mail system not to his government or the state department or any of his advisers but through the media. >> when did you first learn every continues an e-mail system outside of u.s. government for official business while secretary of state? >> at the same time everybody else read those reports. lou: not exactly they tried to clarify his defensive
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comments and assertions that implied he had no basis to know anything whatsoever about urges use of the official system the white house had to witness it he did he tell hillary clinton during her tenure as secretary of state but he was not aware of the details behind the e-mail address or the server that leaves the question as to whether he or anyone else bothered to notice her e-mail address? the president was left to his own devices not the rich knowledge base that supports the leader of the world but this is hardly the first time the obama administration or our president has used the reliant on the news excuse when asked about a scandal
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obama and his administration and pleaded ignorance early and often on operation faster period it's. >> i heard of the news about "fast & furious" where allegedly guns or run into mexico and the etf knew about it but did not apprehend those. the attorney-general has been clear he knew nothing about this. lou: very clear indeed with the irs scandal targeting conservative groups emerging two years ago the president claimed he learned about the same way. >> let me take the irs situation first provide first learned about from the state news reports that most people found out. i can assure you i certainly did not know anything about the ig report before that
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was leaked to the press. lou: and then jay carney took the same line of defense the same week of the justice department scandal that they seized reporter's phone records. >> when did the president find out about the subpoenas from the associated press? >> yesterday. >> i will be clear we don't have any independent knowledge he found out from news reports yesterday on the road. lou: this administration is truly extraordinary. guess what their response was when confronted with questions about the virginia scandal? >> we learned about them through the reports for possible double check but that is when we learned about them and is when the general learned about them
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why he took the action he has taken. lou: is it over realistic gore demanding to ask that our president actually know what is happening in his government? perhaps it is too great a burden to put of those cabinet secretaries and advisers and counselors and all of the rest to work for mr. rove, who carry out his orders to put presidential policies to tell him what is going on in the government or perhaps mr. obama as government is is just as closed and opaque from the inside as it is from the outside. i don't buy that for a moment. do you? the importation from the evening. born a slave during the civil war and became one of america's most famous botanist doing most of his research at the tuskegee institute and says
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99 percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses. for further thought from benjamin franklin who offer their earlier thought that what is good for making excuses the seldon good for anything else. we will be right back. >> the president says he makes inroads with the new talks with ibm. the iranians are making inroads in the iraq. never fran beating from
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lou: breaking news today at of north carolina and new video of and their track crete -- trade that collided with the truck that was stuck 40 passengers were injured but fortunately none of those injuries appeared to be life-threatening the driver jumped out of the tractor before the crash occurred. a swiss solar powered plane to be the first of its kind solar impose roll back to is the single seater aircraft made of carbon fiber with a 235-foot wingspan departed
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of the dhabi this morning and if all goes according to plan it will return by the late july or august. iraqi forces led by iran to make gains in the fight to take back the city from islamic states. general martin dempsey about the islamic state will be defeated despite a united states not be involved in the battle. joining us now a retired general and the u.s. army war college, a good to have you with us. there is a peculiar tone to say general dempsey was in baghdad but he is not involved in the fight in recent years. >> you cannot make this up.
11:36 pm
he is trying to salvage something with iraqi leadership's. and one is that would shatter the iraqi army. so that would lead to the petition but it is the bad outcome. but it points the shia militia into the only vegetable force in it is the force that is led corps commanded by of brigadier-general in the iraqi our view so far has not shown as anything at all. this is what dempsey is going to baghdad to visit you cannot make it up. >> but if anyone could do
11:37 pm
would be americans and our policy in iraq and in the middle years. >> we have watched a four-star general david petraeus of which there are many acolytes of among the general staff in the united states military. >> but our question is simple. with united states military? but this is madness. >> is a generational fight to save the 30 years' war than to say world war ii and is our general scope and the
11:38 pm
conversation really takes to. the administration is low rolling though war is of airstrikes in very subtle and methodical program we're the only one that kills the bad guys part of the iranian military. >> part of the military 3,000 u.s. troops deployed into eastern europe. and to what effect would you expect? >> it is game set match the only way the united states can have been the effect to turn the tide is to start killing russians or killing so many the media cannot hide the fact the russians are returning to the
11:39 pm
motherland in the body bags. to counterattack that these russians camp in their country that it will not happen. lou: breeding is write-up to the point in though world's leading from behind and believe is what it is called [laughter] b sure to vote tonight to you applaud the senator for a higher rate -- warning a radium leaders about the imperialists president? surveillance cameras capture this video realm in the streets very slow i believe wild panda is rarely venture into populated areas but apparently this one late to take a stroll.
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lou: on wall street stocks are climbing higher on the sixth anniversary of the mobile market up 139 points and the nasdaq is up volume on the three board -- fly on the big board shares closing higher with a highly anticipated watch the head of the blackstone group set to become as a private
11:45 pm
security firm investments taking home a whopping $690 million last year listen to reports coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. a business -- debuting in first place with $130 million last weekend number one movie was second place with deadly dollars and fox searchlight debuting in third place with a 9 million overall it was down over 14%. 40% from the same weekend one year ago but there is good news for those involved with "american sniper" and the key nearly 340 million since debut in december making it the highest grossing movie of 2014 if you are a republican with an eye on the white house in
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2016 space plea in iowa this weekend mike mandel has the report on the rift when it comes to illegal immigration. >> candidate says dave to attract the attention it is the crowded field in the hawkeye state the big take away from early presidential politics. g.o.p. hopefuls turned out for the first iowa aig summit in des moines scott walker leads in the early polls. >> i am not a supporter of amnesty's. >> the former florida governor bush made is a space for fixing immigration system. >> people the to pay fines, elite - - learn english and don't receive assistance, earned a legalized status over the long haul and, bin the shadows to be productive.
11:47 pm
>> a packed schedule of six events to make it clear he intends to compete in i was to compete -- showing he can understand of voters. >> ago to coral gables tomorrow morning after church to prepare for sunday fun day in my house we will cook iowa beef. [laughter] >> once again going after organized labor that will help the 2016 was with conservatives. >> one more arrow in the quiver with the freedom to work not only career opportunities but those to come. >> making a misstep based on early polling but there is plenty of time and many ahead to allow the stock of those and others to rise and fall before the hawkeye voters go to caucus.
11:48 pm
lou: breaking news concerning the 26 state lawsuit against obama is amnesty for illegal immigrants the test -- a texas district court judge today announced he is not making your ruling of the way to lift this day we will just not have any developments until the 19th of march. on this day and on the lawsuit itself. clinton getting the "saturday night live" treatment over the weekend. listened to the clinton's use of personal emails to conduct official business. >> my work emails are professional and emails with friends are innocent like this one a friend wrote to me. hey girl still up for a movie tonight i heard that
11:49 pm
new bradley cooper one is hot and i responded with i want to see myself as president of united states of america. [laughter] folks on twitter said ever impression was spot on. but good news for to empty both reins to his throwing very accurately and has even learned how to throw a spiral consistently and frequent the. and he has not been in the league since 2012 and he had an awful season with the new york jets. an incredible story of survival pulling in 18 months old girl at of the overturned vehicle that was flipped over into the river and she was trapped in the bone chilling waters more
11:50 pm
than 14 hours and remained in the car before officials found her saying it is of miracle she's survived all. >> it was along the embankment so i don't know how much water was getting into the car it could have been 12 for 13 hours she was upside down in the car seat. >> she was found hanging upside down in her car seat with her head above the river that floated through the car apparently it never reached high enough to ever tighter dash 25 roll mother did not survive for she is in stable but critical condition at a hospital in in a salt lake city. months of this saying helleri clinton emails to renew the was possible? and the problems are mounting.
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lou: breaking news a well placed democratic source tells fox news hillary clinton will address the real controversy over the next few days saying it will likely be a media event planned in new york with no further details available. that is where we are we will
11:55 pm
learn about the emails and how she had grown private e-mail system. the accountability project co-founder and did you zero are radio host what do you make of them? here they go began. >> i am a democrat and a feminist and i have had a hard time criticizing anything hillary done because she is a remarkable individual and with a list of accomplishments but this is really bad against all democratic values to send the party back words that they make their own worlds -- rules they just wanted that so they did have to be subpoenaed like they were under water. lou: -- whitewater.
11:56 pm
lou: but as they learn to people find the stuff out they wish they would not and it goes on. your thoughts? >> of the above to hear that list of accomplishments last laugh. [laughter] i think you could set up your own server? why didn't we stink of that? set was clearly done to defy the law in may not be illegal but it pushes the envelope double parking all over the regulations. lou: dianne feinstein it sheds crocodile tears and she eviscerated her to say she needs to step up that it was an interesting word choices sound of latium in step down. >> to be courageous to challenge the clinton settled they she said saddam
11:57 pm
had a think she is interested to run for president so put that aside but this is tough and the situations where several democrats who may have been adversaries are getting ready for the super pac but now they are ready to launch we have the first scandal. lou: it is of absence to initiated that the obama administration has them waiting for hillary but what that they speech he gave? should there be no a nice embrace stemming there are six investigations with the expense account of the state department and other things to be looked at but looking
11:58 pm
at clinton fatigue were now from the scandals only two seconds into the race. >> not even. lou: do we ever get obama fatigue? and macadam how fatigue with him i take you are. lou: i am tired in his policies and the frustrating foreign policy of his. i keep asking for somebody to make sense of what is happening and so far i have been grossly he disappointed. we'll receive bush fatigue? >> i think americans are sick of the dynastic families in that generation will be the largest voting bloc there are sick and tired they have grown up with these families don't have anybody else? limit the third bush, a second clinton he is
11:59 pm
wonderful but the eastern establishment candidate maybe scott walker was presidential at first but i am starting to be very impressed. lou: so are others around the country and he is leading in the polls right now. of course, right now. [laughter] >> retried harvard we try gail let's get somebody there who didn't go to college or who went to a state school. >> let's start with that. may be not college that would be hard. lou: because most people with a college degree? >> that is even the best. >> ever into a state school. lou: the wildcats?
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they give for being with us. combat. >>ly leads most famous charge in american history. >> i am on side of pickett's charge. >> hundreds of main that made him immortal. >> a suitcase full of heirlooms left. >> a fast talking conman comes to down. >> he dressed well, he was glib of tongue. >> forcing general's heir into battle over his "strange inheritance." >> what was your reaction? >> i was pisd. >> it donned on me i was ripped off.


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