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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 10, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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inheritance". and remember, you can't take it with you. kennedy: we certainly inherited a street event today, hillary clinton addressing server gate. she started talking about beijing and iran, two topics that zero people have interest in and finally in with all of this, the best you can do is would it be different?
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ask david petraeus, i'm sure that he would exchanges with you any day. the former head diplomat covering four points of her own and basically admitting that the whole thing boiled down to her being lazy. >> i opted for convenience to use my personal e-mail that was allowed by the state department because i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal e-mails instead of two. kennedy: that's right, two devices, hillary, it's not a private e-mails, it is the server. >> i have a blackberry, i have
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an ipad, a maniac many ipad. kennedy: misses technology. you can have multiple accounts on any one device. even so, you couldn't find essential big enough to carry a blackberry and iphone. oh, that's right, because you are broke. i forgot. then she launched into another lukewarm defense, apparently she deleted a bunch of e-mails because of her daughter and yelled at. >> i chose not to keep my private and personal e-mails, e-mails about planning chelsea's wedding or my mother's funeral arrangements, condolence notes to friends, as well as yoga routines. kennedy: what a tub of malarkey. and how wonderfully convenient.
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she was sending 7500 personal e-mails a year. who has that kind of time? if you have a busy and full life, are you sending as many personal e-mails as you do from work? then the fun at the press conference begins. the reporter asking questions about the mysterious well-traveled server. >> the server contains e-mails from my husband and me, and i believe i have met all my responsibilities and i think it the state department can release all of the records that were provided. kennedy: that is the thing, you are secretary of state, it's not private, the personal e-mails, they are all a sham for what has to be revealed.
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then she claimed she did not send one piece of pacified information over this account. the secretary of state. in the modern era, in this millennium. or were you so disliked and effective that you were left out of the loop? abc preserve those e-mails like a sweet jar of huckleberry jam. >> i did not e-mail any classified materials to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material. >> the one thing that she actually accomplish today raising more questions with very few unsatisfying answers, if she was smart she would have denied this part, saying that she never knowingly visited this during workout hours. but if she did, those are
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personal memories and i think that we would all like to delete those from our mental screens. tonight republicans are sidestepping obama on iran and oliver north will be here to talk about it. we have some strong evidence and moving forward with legalized prostitution, i think that's pretty good, but i will talk to some friends that disagreed. welcome to it. >> everyone who is anyone is talking about hillary clinton's press conference and i wanted to bring the master communicator to break it all down. cohost of the five, an expert about all things spoken especially in washington dc. and it's great to be on this cool show.
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>> this is really cool. >> i'm not sure i can measure up but i'm going to try. [laughter] >> speaking of this, how do you think hillary did today? if you were her handler, manager, facilitator, what would you have told her before the press conference? >> i would have said why did you break the law, let's start there. and i think that they knew that she broke the law. this story broke about 10 days ago in "the new york times." if it takes you 10 days to come up with a press conference that can't even answer simple questions. kennedy: over and over again, she started making the same points. >> they have a 1990s communications playbook for 2015
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world. i know that it's not easy, i'm quite a bit younger than she is, but even i don't understand the technology like everyone else. so they can understand what it means and of course your employer has this as well, and then this makes sense to anybody that is under 50. >> maybe that is part of the strategy. so if i tell them i didn't know what was going on with the server, even though i was hiding things, possibly deleting them, how improbable is it that this was not receiving any sort of classified classified information? >> i think that's the part where she is correct and being honest about it. and i had a part in my brain when i knew that was where top-secret information went and it was in a law rocks. and nothing could ever get out of that box and i would never have mentioned anything because
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i took it so seriously. i think that she could have done the same thing. she also said that her homebrew system was never compromised by anyone. but that can't possibly be true. >> i hope that it's true, but it's probably not going to be. >> he was the one that broke the story that she had a private e-mail account about. and hopefully the secretary of state has been communicating with the president. >> you know the problem with them is that they are not worried, it's never been that hard for them. i was super paranoid, i thought of every possible question and i would say you might be able to answer this question, but can you answer that dirt or the fourth follow-up question.
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that has happened to them already. the spokespeople for the white house and the state department have gone out as surrogates for hillary not because they want to but because they have to face the press every day and they don't get to high for 10 days like she did. so they have effectively become the spokespeople and they have been proven wrong three times. the first one was the state department, they said that they approve all the epic questions regarding the clinton foundation foreign donations. that turned out not to be true and they wrote a story about that two days later. and then they said that hillary clinton turned over e-mails and there is a broad system upgrade in the state department. and this wasn't because you did it out of the goodness of her heart. and it turns out not to be true.
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the white house counsel sent a we didn't know she had personal e-mail and then you hear that actually they did. >> how could you not know that? how could someone say now, this is the nonpoint use for everything. how could they not alert the white house and say that you have a cabinet level official who has gone totally rogue. how could they not know what? >> they did know it. that is why this story is not going to go away by tomorrow or the next day because they did and this is going to continue until there are additional answers because people get tired of it. kennedy: is it the fallout from the lies that are starting to materialize? or is there something there, follow the money. is there money to be followed and atrial? what will be the ultimate end of this story? >> i do not know. for me as a communicator, i don't know exactly where it's going to go. but what is a good thing for people out there, there is a new
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crop of reporters out there that did not grow up in the 1990s newsroom and they are not afraid of the clintons. and not only with her own candidacy she spent reckless, but with president obama, think about the last two weeks. dominating the headlines is not obama but what she has to support his regulations and thwarting along comes the most transparent administration in history. >> should try to talk about beijing and iran, she stood there for the extra half-hour, she waffled on the serval server issue and the story is only going to be upsetting.
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humming up next, should prostitution be legalized? a couple just think i'm crazy. i will debate them. but first, sending a message to iran ahead of president obama and they get labeled as traitors. colonel oliver north next. bring us your baffling. bring us your audacious. we want your sticky notes, sketchbooks, and scribbles. let's pin 'em to the wall. kick 'em around. kick 'em around, see what happens. because we're in the how-do-i-get-this-startup- off-the-ground business. the taking-your-business- global-business. we're in the problem-solving business. 400,000 people - ready to help you solve problems while they're still called opportunities. from figuring it out to getting it done,
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>> republicans have signed an open letter to the leadership in iran, warning that whatever it deal they strike with the president will not have any force of beyond his term unless it is approved by congress. a massive outcry from democrats, the white house calls it reckless and irresponsible. summing up some of the anger, labeling some of them as traitors. oliver north joins us. he is also the host of "war stories." thank you for being here. >> glad to be with you. and by the way i know this is a political issue, but if i knew so much about politics, you and i could be having this conversation in my senate office and i am across the tree. kennedy: smoking cigars and drinking brandy like the good old days. let's talk about this.
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should these have handled it differently? >> no, they are not traitors. if i were in the u.s. senate, i probably would not have signed it. but then again, i'm an adult and i remember the precedent for this. the 20th of march of 1984, the aftermath of cannata. house speaker jim wright, 56 of his colleagues wrote to danny ortega, a letter promising that they would not allow ronald reagan to overturn the communist government like they have last october. and it didn't change anything in the long run. this letter isn't going to change anything either. because the train has already left the station and nobody in washington seems to realize what the obama team has done and it
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is likely already precipitating in a major nuclear arms race in the middle east. >> i think that the middle east is a disaster on the president's watch and he had the first four years women on the second president bush but now the blame game really rings hollow. let me ask you, what do you think that we should be doing with iran? because i don't think that we should be going to war with them and i don't think we should be talking about bombing facilities. >> i don't think that we will have a choice in the thing. the meeting that took ways, it
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included the pakistani of prime minister. why would that be? because they needed to seal the deal and the possibility of this has gone up dramatically and we won't have a heckuva lot to say about that because they know that whatever they are calling this, that's not enough to change a thing on the ground, they are going to take care of themselves and that means that it's going up. the legacy of this administration which started out, remember, one of the reasons that they gave this commander in chief the nobel prize is because he was committed to the nonproliferation of weapons of mass distraction and instead his legacy is going to be a horrible war precipitated by the ineptness and incompetence toward persia.
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>> it certainly could be, but let's say republican president is elected and sworn in in january in 2017. do you think that the republican president, if that is the case, do you think that that person would nullify that executive order? what is that due to the other nations were involved in this negotiation right now i'm. >> what they stated and i read this back in 1984 and i read this one, this one is accurate because if it doesn't involve the congress and the senate specifically, it has no force other than an executive order signed by the president. every new president comes in and reissues those executive orders or cancel them. but my point is that this does not change a thing on the ground, because there's no one deal he can do inside that is
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going to change the outcome for the sunni states that feel threatened by the persians and i call it, the bottom line of all of this is the possibility of a major war and airstrikes against iran have gone up dramatically. kennedy: colonel, good to have you here. sunday night at 8:00 p.m. right here on the fox business network, make sure that you check it out and be careful. you might actually learn something. coming up next, what parts of taylor swift are insured? go ahead and legalize it. they are going to be doing it anyway. my next guest thinks i'm crazy.
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...anytime, anywhere. ♪ [ dog growls ] ♪ oh. so you're protesting? ♪ okay. [ male announcer ] introducing xfinity my account. available on any device. >> the city of rome is making plans to establish a zone for prostitution, making the red light district in the eternal city and i think it gives them more protection from the law and reduces stds. am i crazy? for thinking that legalize prostitution is a better option? some people think so. this is, "you are crazy,
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kennedy." thank you for joining us. fantastic ladies. welcome. >> thank you. >> let's start with you. why is it a bad idea to have prostitutes? >> the libertarians like to say that prostitution is a victimless crime, but the statistics do not support that at all, if you look at the netherlands and germany and the places where it's legal, you will find increases in human trafficking, australia and other places, you find an increase in explication. kennedy: i am comfortable under my rock. i do think this is a problem that is impossible to stop. places where prostitution is prohibited, i mean obviously
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huge problems because of the black market and a sensitive subject. women and men are subjected to glassman from her kennedy: i will ask you guys, i know that you are opposed to prostitution, are you opposed to pornography? >> europeans are little bit more liberal would back him a lot of married men have mistresses. and there's drug trafficking, sometimes there are things like that,.
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>> because you think it's morally wrong. sharia law is malignant moralism and i disagree with that imposition on society, i think that people are best at making and cleaning up their own mistakes. so you are a young person, you have been to harvard law, you are smart and independent and well traveled and i know somewhere in the heart of you you love liberty. what do you think about tinder. >> that's a dating service used by several people that i go to school with. i'm not sure how that ties into prostitution. >> wiki thing people are doing when they visit a place like rome. >> no, no. >> someone has a very happy ending at the end of the night because they have played for it. >> people have the right to go on dates. ecb's women living in slave like
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conditions, the reports of women come from sexual abuse. these are women who are not making rational choices and not something that can be propelled and you are sanctioning the right for powerful men to prey upon victimless women. >> i will give you that. there are of human trafficking and a lot of times the human trafficking numbers, as you know, as a rational person, those are overblown and a lot of people in the industry have gone and gotten in trouble for inflating bids. but you are not going to stop it by making it illegal. you cannot stop people from paying to have relations with one another with very little clothing on. >> but don't make it easy. >> you're neglecting the fact that women and individuals in prostitution are victims as well. this is not a psychological choice for many women. they come from sexual abuse situations, your conception of liberty is a perverse one.
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kennedy: no, it's something that's very consistent. that is what is interesting about conservatives you extract the meaning of liberty whenever you see fit when you think that someone has crossed the line that you disagree with. it's the same failed logic on war on drugs. it gets people in the system, that if the prohibition was removed, maybe they would have more choices. what do you say about that enact. >> wow, you even brought tinder into it. it is like a hookup deal, but nobody is doing a cash transaction for that. kennedy: that is why the application isn't making any money. kennedy: if you have a problem with the act of sexuality -- >> i think people need to do whatever they need to do. you can do whatever you want in your bedroom, you can do that
10:30 pm
with whoever you want to. but when you make it easy for these people who participate in prostitution, that is where the problem lies. i think that a lot of people are libertarians, i think maybe you have taken it one step too far. kennedy: i don't think of this freedom can never be taken too far and that is the problem. what if this is a choice that you're making in her bedroom with your money? i don't condone it. i've never made folly with the prostitutes, but i hear the would have outlived until you've been with a roman hooker. thank you for being here tonight. you are both kind and smart and i appreciate what you have to say, even though we have occasional disagreements. >> thank you. >> tell me what you think on twitter. am i full of malarkey? i can take it, i may not like it, but i will sniff what you're huffing. later on in the show there are over 6 million dead people, really old dead people, using
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kennedy: spring has almost none. let's get randy with random news, this is topical storm. topic number one, before he set hearts ablaze, he was quite a stalker. i know he is canadian, that's his only drawback. luckily there were cameras when he was dancing as a kid. ♪ ♪
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kennedy: even back then he was dead sexy, does that make me a pervert? take a look at that little haircut back in middle school. topic number two is speaking of a hands off dance off, taylor swift has a set of dams that could go all night. on stage. nuttier than an almond factory has insured her legs for $40 million. she really is crazy. though she's not the first to buy a policy for parts. david beckham ensured his dams for 70 million and apparently he's a better dancer than taylor swift. and jennifer lopez insured her booty and dietary insured her pr
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$1 billion. those lips. and john hammet ensured his famous sausage for $17 million. that last one isn't true. but it should be. topic number three. an indonesian clothing company catching flak for it including a blatantly sexist message on one of its products. and the company finally cleared everything up. they say that the message is instead of watching it the wrong way, you might as well give it to a lady because they are more capable. get clean, good call handing it
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over to the ladies. and there is no way a clothing company needs bad press to get millions of dollars of free advertising covered. no, they wouldn't play the internet like that on purpose, but what do i know? i'm just good at washing shirts. topic number four. this contestant roster 10 million-dollar lawsuit against viacom. so she signed up for a show where you are dating naked. and so she's suing them because they showed her bum. she said this caused her extreme emotional distress and
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embarrassment. if you don't want everyone to see your special pl you don't wo see your special place, put some clothes on in front of the camera. and she claims that she had an oral agreement with producers. yes, dear, that is how you were cast on the show. and topic number five. good news for people. ben stiller and owen wilson returned to the runway during fashion week showing off their fashions to build as good-looking people wearing clothes. it came along with news that "zoolander 2" is coming out next year. if you haven't updated your wardrobe, and you will be able to get the guidance in just a few months. have a look. ♪ ♪
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kennedy: send me a tweet, find me on instagram, coming up next, did the cia tired target apple products? and plus, a google executive says you could live at 500 years. stay right here
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kennedy: reporting that researchers have conducted an effort to break the security measures on iphone's and ipads. the revelation comes as apple continues to oppose u.s. and uk attempts to weaken the security of their products and case
10:43 pm
authorities need to bypass wireless devices. you keep your hands off my iphone six. and jillian is with us. she's a reporter at the independent women's forum. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. kennedy: how serious is this? the caa trying to bust through robust encryption services. >> this has been going on since 2006. the good news is that apple has been trumpeting security saying nothing is going to get past us. that reminds me that we shouldn't be surprised. >> i think the cia is responding to warfare, you have seen him
10:44 pm
talking about this. i do think that there is a case for what apple is doing as well. but this is not something that should surprise us. as the one that doesn't mean that they should be able to power my phone on and off with the program. i mean, that is creepy and wrong and get your hands off because i'm not a problem. it means that you're not catching the bad guys. it means that you're not catching the bad guys. >> everybody loves apple though. >> that is disclosed abuse or tactics? a lot of people says tactics which tells here is how they can operate. kennedy: maybe the tears can't
10:45 pm
afford it. speaking of another technology company, bill says that it's possible that a human being might live to be 500 years old. investing lines of dollars into life sciences. seeking everything from a cancer cure to an aging care. i'm going to ask you, jillian, would you want to be 500 are sold? >> i think that i want as long as i was still mobile. >> what is life like for a 500 euro a person remapped. >> ask a tortoise, they live for hundreds of years. we know that organisms can live for a thousand years. if you look at the lifespan of humans we were able to double and triple the lifespan through capitalism and free markets and the ability to control things. [laughter] >> there are free-market components of this. when we are looking at how this
10:46 pm
is expanded already, it's because of investments in medical technology. but the medical device tax alone, it's really going to cripple this. >> that taxation is the antidote to investment. the private market will absolutely prevail when it comes to cancer research. and this is an area that has been absolutely vilified and i think the idea of this, i think it has to happen. and that is the only way, our physical organisms cannot possibly withstand that much time. >> yes, it's interesting. so many things. they are offering a million dollars to extend the lifespan, it's really interesting what they're able to do.
10:47 pm
basically bringing your body into its natural calm state. people that are old, they are in a state of shock, basically. we are able to stabilize that [inaudible] >> you know, we have to go, but i invite you both back on the show to delight me with your wit and skill. and coming up, a report about millions of dead people, collecting social security. and 10 conservatives and libertarians form their own singularity? is the country really conservative? more on this new term coming up next do you want to know how hard it can be to breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled
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>> kennedy: welcome back as a fan from the ideology that
10:51 pm
is conservative with being socially political or awkward author of good new book called the conservative manifesto. it is in my hands. charles is a writer for "national review". hearsay it exists to fight for liberty. >> but the american red revolution is radical with any sense of the word and conservatives protect the revolution so very often in there of the same side. kennedy: think you're using the term differently then those that say i am a social conservative but those to
10:52 pm
say that tend to not fight for liberty. >> with social we need to define those terms because it is different from one another. >> but it is a question if the state interposes a selfish in the market. >> this is also the question of gay marriage. and what it will look like. >>. >> if it were touche shrink significantly but on abortion and for example, the government has said ever role to play. kennedy: i don't disagree
10:53 pm
that they have to post themselves ended is the unanswerable about having that discussion you're not necessarily going to give everyone froebel sides to agree. what is a corrective and responsible response? >> not to say we should that have a great number of emigrants i am one myself but the open borders argument presumes we don't have a welfare state. or a voting system in it is built on the idea to give citizenship test to new people. kennedy: does in a country have an open border policy? >> no. the european union cannot control immigration within
10:54 pm
the border. kennedy: they are so mad at albanians. >> they are. [laughter] but to be a landlocked with those policies. kennedy: you talk about immigration is the practical to say we should continue with the welfare state? but i have that argument for the welfare state and i agree but we are not there. and now it is the cart before the horse. >> what is the ratio republicans to a new democrat journalist? you go through a little bit of history. >> for 34 years it is biased , hispanic is started with the deliberate attempt
10:55 pm
to take over education. >> in education and hollywood and the media. >> and to be remarkably honest that helps the left there was an attempt to irritate over where education begats those like they were taught. sova as they become more logical thinkers there is. get your copy today. after this the watchdog review found millions of social security recipients are at least 112 years old. next. the real question that needs to be asked is
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kennedy: thousands of americans get benefits there are a number whose settlement to the smorgasbord 655 million belong to people who are 112 years old or older the administration inspector general review shows one person open a bank account using the social security number someone born 1869. day are stealing the numbers so what does this mean they're so technically adept they do have programs to detect such obvious forms of fraud is somebody really lives to be genetically superior 112 but 6.five factive numbers for people over 112? according to research group only 35 people are alive on
11:00 pm
the planet who are that old as of 2013. you may not have been bored - - born in 1869 but a party like it's 1999. good night. >> good evening. i am lou dobbs potential presidential candidate hillary clinton remained silent for the past week today speaking publicly about her e-mail controversy. clinton told reporters at united nations it was a matter of her personal convenience. >> i opted for convenience to use my personal e-mail account which was allowed by the state department because i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my working and personal emails instead of to. looking back it would have been better if


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