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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  March 11, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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made "monty python and the holy grail." there is a ringing endorsement as per their usual tone. with that in mind we turn third quarters over to melissa francis. "money" starts now. melissa. melissa: it sure does. the fight of the century. manny pacquiao and floyd mayweather. only appearance before the fight in may. fallout over hillary clinton emails. calls for a third party investigation. now the associated press is suing. "blurred lines" becoming a lot more clear as jury finds, robin thicke and pharell oh know. stopping double chins. they love it and investors love it. the stock is going crazy. even when they say it is not it is always about money.
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melissa: but first, a look at markets right now. stocks back in negative territory after yesterday's bloodbath. all eyes still on the fed, which is reportedly looking to remove rd patient, from its interest rate guidance. meanwhile oil seeing a drop in the latest weekly inventory data out of eia. charlie gasparino, james freeman, "wall street journal." brian kilmeade host of "fox & friends." james freeman, give me take on fed talks since charlie is tweeting. >> i have a twitter war. >> maybe sometime soon they will start to talk about how they will eventually get normal interest rates again. this economy is growing. almost 300,000 jobs last month. some people call this full employment. i don't believe that looking at the labor force participation rate. the point is, we are a long way from the crisis. we're in a year where we're creating 200,000 jobs anymore. so it is there is plenty of liquidity in the economy. melissa: they keep revising.
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>> this is janet yellen's opportunity to show this is not the bernanke fed. there will now be a turn. melissa: we all agree they do not have any excuse to keep rates lower any longer, right? can't we agree on that? >> no. melissa: keep them lower? they have an excuse for that? no, they don't. >> i don't have my mind made up on this but i have been reading liberal commentary. melissa: why? >> john cassidy from the new yorker. i read "new york times" editorial on rates the other day. our good friend, steve moore, who is not a liberal, when you talk to people like that basically saying this. there is no inflation in the economy. there is no, you have global competition on wages. we don't have this is not the 1980s or 1970s where we worry about prices going through the roof. melissa: there is equity bubble. >> we have wage, we have wage deflation in many parts of the economy. we also have fracking which is lowering cost of oil. there is no inflation here. why raise rates now in this environment without a noticeable
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market bubble? melissa: there is equity bubble. >> that's what you think but -- melissa: that is what i think. >> there is a lot of people who don't think that. melissa: come on. >> oil will not come on because of monetary policy. >> why are you mad at me? melissa: i'm not mad. i'm very happy with you. no. this is my loving face. this is, i love you charlie gasparino. i'm on your side, no matter what. >> the reason, janet yellen knows, and they know is, there is a big danger waiting too long. >> you're too serious about this subject. melissa: we have to move on. they're yelling at me. setting stage money versus manny floyd mayweather, jr., and manny pacquiao hosting a news conference in ahead of their long-awaited bought. brian kilmeade. >> amazing they do not do a national tour. sports needs it. fun to see them at madison square garden at forum and texas and florida. amazed to see this is taking
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place. at 38 years old these two welterweights will get it on. 100 million minimum for mayweather. 80 million for pacquiao. mayweather is well-invested. pacquiao blown $200 million in his career as we all have one point. melissa: who hasn't. >> what fighter hasn't? it is usually, the norm. it is not the norm that people like mayweather or rocky marciano who saved every penny. more norm was joe lewis getting ripped off by -- >> mike tyson. >> mike tyson spending money. you know what is interesting about this? the real fight should have occurred 10 years ago. melissa: that's what people say or five. >> payday is still huge. people still love to see the mano-a-mano confrontations. as much as media wants us to get soccer this is something the media ignores. melissa: who wants to see charlie gasparino fight anybody? >> i have seen him. he works out in tank top
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challenging people in weight room at news corp. >> i don't challenge people. >> here is what i found, james. kind of interesting, like soccer boxing is using social media to sell the sport. do you know mayweather has 9.2 million facebook followers 5.6 million twitter followers. pacquiao, 6.3 on facebook, a lot less on twitter. that is how they sell this thing. that is how soccer made it in america with mls and franchises through social media. melissa: i want to move on to hillary clinton. everyone does. new revelations in the ongoing hillary clinton email saga. the inspector general finding many state department employees are not preserving emails for the record. >> what? i'm shocked. melissa: many of them aren't. >> are we shocked by that. melissa: this cops as the associated press is suing the state department trying to get access to treasure trove of clinton emails. are you shocked by this because charlie isn't? >> they can play by a different set of rules? melissa: a lot of people in the state department are not keeping their emails.
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she is not alone. they're saying this is how it goes. >> the key to the defense is finding a midlevel bureaucrat somewhere who based just as badly as she did. therefore what can you argue about, right? >> right, right. >> i think point will really move this thing forward, unless charlie interrupts me which could happen. think about this for a second. i'm daring you. let's talk about this how about the remember the conversation when president obama was heard on mic didn't realize, liened over to medvedev, tell vladmir i have a lot of room to work in next couple years. that is what on email. all the side deals. you do this, i do that. they don't want that exposed. >> whoa, that is you're thinking. >> i don't want that out. even greater good. it is horse trading. you don't want that out, for the record unless you're dead. >> i will say this. chris christie had "bridgegate,"
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closing the lanes on gwb, when he gave the press conference, a lot of people said he did it for too long. answered every question. that is more preferrable to what happened yesterday. incredibly controlled way she did it. looked almost robotic. she looked like a liar. i'm not saying she is. with the note. >> contrast, christie stayed and essentially answered -- >> every question. >> every question anybody wanted to ask. this was short and evasive. melissa: i said that before. she would have been better off stood there for as long as it took, been hammered by the entire process. raising your hand. so polite of you brian kilmeade. >> trying to show a contrast that "wall street journal" out of control and guy from business channel seeming to tight with you. too comfortable with you. >> you're such a mom. i want you to know that. >> here's my point. the first, foes to u.n. where it is impossible to get a press pass in one day unless you're jonathan karl and owe you a lot
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of favors, and the iranian ambassador who was sick -- bahrainian. first question, turkish reporter, says i love america. i want to say. chaotic. that was controlled environment. everyone was talking at same time. no cutaway shot. what about circle head nods? what is she evading? is there a fly in the room? what are you nodding for? melissa: nocut aways. i was staring down the barrel of one shot. >> whole thing was bizarre. >> oh, my goodness. that was ready to go and sign that live. >> to your point about controlling environment and moment of dealing with the press, this goes back to the '90s where they really perfected the art of friday afternoon document dump on the long holiday weekend old news by time anyone pays attention. melissa: look at lumber liquidators, the stock skyrocketing today as more
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questions emerge about the "60 minutes" report. some salve say investors not scared away. we've been all over the story. charlie has information what is driving this today. you have upset a lot of people. that is normal. >> cnbc tried to steal my story. i said an activist investor somewhat prominent guy named bop chapman, reported he is long the stock. more people going long the stock and tried to steal it today. to them. but what we how we advanced the story today and why the why the one of the reasons why stock is up hedge fund managers are going out there and they're testing the product themselves. they are calling, basically calling the lab that "60 minutes" was involved in. basically looking at the methodology that "60 minutes" used. they're finding that the methodology was faulty. they think that if you look at the way "60 minutes" tested it we have all this written up on fox business -- >> poison tile. >> what "60 minutes" did they tested every single element in the tile and, if you do it like
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that, if you do it or wood lam minute nate if you do it like that, laminate. it is much more toxic than you do it way you're supposed to do it as a finished product. if you do it like that the toxins come down apparently dramatically. therefore london -- melissa: lumber liquidators. >> lumber liquidators. >> old in london. >> almost called them london lenny's a restaurant in queens. lumber liquidators basically complies with law according to hedge funds we spoke to. that is the main reason why the stock is up today. if you listened to fox business on thursday you made a lot of money. if you listened to cnbc today buy it up. >> closed caption work on your show? how do they spell out ugast. melissa: can't wait to see that. coddle ink came with the price. science is telling us exactly what it is. a new study reveals too much plays can turn kids into
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narcissist. >> that happened to me. melissa: kids always told they are best, develop big egos later in life. what did your mothers and fathers tell you when you were little? we know how you turned out. what did your parents tell you. >> they weren't coddling. i was kidding. i may be a narcissist and egomaniac. >> that is your own fault. >> they smacked us. they hit us. we were disciplined. melissa: tell you were smart and wonderful and will succeed in life? >> never. my father wanted me to work at ups plant behind my house in yorktown, new york. get a teamster job. melissa: that was the dream for you. what about you? >> not a lot of coddling. melissa: a lost praise? >> some. but, it is amazing how much it has changed. i coached ymca soccer a few years ago and the, demand among parents to get medals to hand out all kids not just the kids. there is a parental expectation
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everyone will -- melissa: will get a medal. do you tell your kids they're special and uniquely wonderful and, yeah? >> of course. melissa: i mean i knew that i will just own it here. >> that doesn't mean you're telling them they're great at everything. melissa: no. >> it can happen without work. >> i'm all about effort. number one, we read your book. i know exactly, we don't have enough time in the show. melissa: not enough time. >> charles payne could sleep in. let's -- i would say this. i have i had supporters didn't ask me? do you want to ask me? melissa: yeah. >> i had supporters as kid. more realistic, hey, all about effort. if i got effort i got the praise. that is what i learned early. when you coach you want to be positive. if you're not negative, the positive means nothing. you can not be too positive all the time because if you get praised when you're doing okay, or poorly it makes the thumbs up -- melissa: meaningless. >> you have special insight into this. melissa: no no.
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i think -- >> you were a very driven person as a kid. melissa: i was very driven yeah. but also praised and told that you know if you get a b it is because you didn't try hard enough. because you're smart enough to get a all the time. >> you go. as i did. i will get in trouble. i say the same thing to my kids. >> you went to harvard, right? melissa: you if you get a b-plus you didn't try hard enough. you have brain power to get an "a." i expect an ea every single time. i will get so much email. it was said to me. i say it to my kids. too much that i shared. oh well. >> trained economist. melissa: that's right. >> didn't michael landon put pressure on you to get ratings? melissa: no, he was so nice. >> i used to have crush on her. melissa: very nice. talk about after the show. we burned a lot of time there. daring jewel heist carried out in france. we'll talk about the robbery straight out of ocean's 11. speaking of george clooney.
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talking about a move out of hollywood into washington. juicy details. smart money coming up ♪
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melissa: republicans not impressed with hillary clinton response to her email controversy a top republican is calling for the former secretary of state to testify before a house panel at least twice. here is mary catherine ham from she is a fox news contributor. along with fox business's tom sullivan. mary catherine, what do you think of this brewing controversy? >> well here's the bottom line of the clintons, they are shady, they are shady. , they are shady. as a political matter, much to their credit politically, people accepted that. here is the difference, bill clinton toton is shady shady shady and slick. hillary clinton is the shady
2:18 pm
with a charisma of a banana peel. i'm not sure how long it lasts or how seriously the media takes it but seems like pretty serious. here is what the democrats will worry about. more things happen because they're clintons and how they respond. melissa: let me make play a sound bite. seems like she is just like us. take a listen. >> i chose to not keep my private personal emails, emails about planning chelsea's wedding funeral arrangements, condolence notes to friend yoga routines, family vacations, the other things you typically find in in boxes. melissa: she is just like us. it was regular run-of-the-mill stuff she had in her email box. you can tell the way she had to read back, my casual emails about chelsea's wedding my mother's funeral condolences to friends. tom sullivan she is just like us. that is what she deleted. don't worry about that she
2:19 pm
deleted it. >> i'm with mary catherine. i heard a lot of people talking about this both sides of the aisle. bill clinton would have said the same exact thing and would have done it much smoother. people would walk away going that is good explanation. she is not a as good. she is not as slick. and you get into this since i'm the man on this three group here. melissa: ohio -- uh-oh. >> complaints about the fact that women are assertive bosses or complainers or whiners, but men are assertive. she came across i know what i'm doing, i will follow this. for the rest of you pesky people, get out of my way. melissa: out of my, right, mary catherine? last word to you, real quick. >> it was imperious. she was saying literally, i took care of it. i make these decisions. people of the united states and taxpayers of united states and history don't need to know about these things. and we're done here. i will be escorted off.
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melissa: i don't think that will work. i don't think that will work. thanks, guys. you spoke. they listened. obama administration backing off from banning a popular type of ammunition. finally something to cure your insomnia. there is a spray that problem misses to get you to sleep as soon as you hit the sack. demand is off the charts. do you have too much money? ♪
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melissa: we have some breaking news for you right now. we are getting reports of a possible shooting at the florida home of rapper little wayne. police in miami beach surrounding the home after officers say they received a 911 call from someone who claims he
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shot four people. we do not know if anyone was injured. lil' wayne's record label, young money saying wayne was okay and not home during the alleged event. the raper has had several run-ins with the law and he did serve prison time for attempted gun possession. we'll stay on top of that story. be sure to watch fox business's fantastic new show "strange inheritance" tonight at 9:00 p.m. jamie colby will be featuring a family who receives 60-year-old quirky furniture worth a pretty penny. and a relative of a confederate general who swindled out of his inheritance of civil war artifacts. be sure to check out my new show while you're at it unpacked, tomorrow at 9:30 p.m. eastern. we go behind the scenes and look at exciting stories you've already seen on "strange inheritance." we give you juicy details you didn't know. we have new clips. it is fabulous. throw away the sleeping pills. there is now a spray that will
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cure your insomnia. a crowd funding campaign is funding this sleep, apply direct to your skin sleep in a can. the sprayable cofounder joins me now. god bless america. you have raised $325,000 on indiegogo for melatonin that you spray on yourself? why do i want to spray on me instead of taking melatonin pills from gnc? >> yeah. so spray on your skin is lot more natural. a lot more like your body's natural production of medical tone as opposed to a pill which gives you all at once. spray on skin you get it like your body is giving it to you. melissa: you've seen tremendous demand. you were on my show. you brought on sprayable energy which i expressed skepticism at the time. meanwhile you sold a lot of that stuff right? tens of thousands of cans, is that right? >> yeah. we sold tens of thousand, you're right, to over 60 countries. tens of thousands really happy
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people using product. it has been really gratifying. melissa: do you worry about other people jumping into the sprayable business? it is now another product seems like destined to be a hit based on much money you have raised? >> we have proprietary technology behind the products ips and patents for both. we're protected on that front. melissa: how does it work sleep in a can? you spray melatonin on yourself. do you fall asleep right there? how much faster do you fall asleep? what is the evidence? >> yeah so we recommend that you spray this, comes in bottle just like this about an hour before bedtime. it starts working in about 30 minutes for most people and people fall to sleeperly within a hour. melissa: with you always about money. thank you for coming on. we appreciate your time. good luck to you. >> thanks a lot for having me. melissa: we want a quick check on markets. all three major averages have gone back into positive territory while we've been on the air. oil, we're minutes from the close. fighting for gains, briefly
2:27 pm
turning positive despite oversupply from the report from the eia. look at that. we've seen a pop here as we head into the close. before they take the ring, pacquiao and mayweather take the mic today. with the average ticket going for $5,000, their battle could be bigger than the super bowl. plus the verdict that has the music industry singing the blues. why the controversy over blued lions could muzzle future pop songs before they hit airwaves -- "blurred lines." ♪
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♪ >> boxing all-stars set to face the first and only time ahead of their big fight. more than just the richest in the history of sports. it could also be bigger than the super bowl.
2:31 pm
the average ticket price of $5000. i am joined now by jim. also dan of the sports business journal. what do you think of this? i will let you go first. >> this does not come along very often. it is not like the super bowl. boxing is -- okay julie you have these super fights that come together. huge paydays. for boxing, once it is over, that is it. melissa: did they wait too long? there is a distant third. people want to fight. this may be the first of many
2:32 pm
fights that they have. >> they will make a bundle. those properly well. known to go through there. i would not be surprised. they have not found that. the kentucky derby. there is also the nba nhl playoffs did also the final day of the draft. >> it is supposed to be a huge sports day. they will take in a lot of wagers from that. rival the super bowl. melissa: people are already in that if you know. they are already betting. does it amplify? the mac it definitely amplifies
2:33 pm
it. the derby will be ran about six. this is a gambling issue. you have people in the casino gambling on the kentucky derby. >> i think mayweather will win. the islamic state now said to be fleeing. reports out that isis is even stealing civilian vehicles. another round of stress tests for the nationsbank. thirty-one largest banks. getting the green light to give cash back to shareholders.
2:34 pm
everyone is expected to make it through this one. google cfo announcing that he will leave the company after seven years. it is kind of funny. he is good. you spoke. they listened. the obama administration is now backing off. fox business adam shapiro joins us with more on this one. >> alcohol fire arms. thinking about changing the rules. an exemption to the armored piercing laws that prohibited ammunition. having bees green casings or tips. hundreds of like them. the atf said they were worried they could out be used in
2:35 pm
handguns. they are considering extending the ban on armor piercing ammunition to this specific kind. 80,000 opinions. the atf says you spoke we listened. it is not dead, but they are deferring it. they will put it in place as soon as next monday. atf will not at this time, seek to issue a final framework. the exception survives. for the people that are opposed to a band veered they point out that it is no more, though less lethal than any other kinds of ammunition. melissa: what is the main point? what is the main point?
2:36 pm
>> i live in new york city. i am not 100% sure but the point is. i would be lying if i know what it does. the other issue is that it is expensive ammunition. presumably that is way more ammunition. melissa: the high-stakes sexism trials. taking the stand for a third day. cape cod shores. this kind of history a be a limited attraction veered at the end of the day it is all about money. ♪
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. for a free 30-tablet trial go to ♪ melissa: i am melissa francis with your fox business brief. tim could dodging some uncomfortable questions about tesla. there was still no relationship between the two companies. avoiding all questions on the matter. chick-fil-a is heading to new york. opening its first standalone motif in the city this summer.
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it is going to be a big one. the restaurant will cover 5000 square feet. shares of shake shack lowered today. expected to report a loss of $0.03 a share. that is the latest from the fox business network. giving you the power to prosper. ♪
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♪ melissa: a developing story right now out of michigan. hey huge tanker fire after a collision with two cars. causing a serious explosion. debris scattered across the highway. motorists are advised to stay well away from the area. amazing. the dirty laundry is sliding. defending claims of gender bias. the $16 million case is ongoing. i am joined by colleen taylor. how closely our people there watching this? >> incredibly closely.
2:42 pm
you mentioned the dirty laundry that is being aired here. it seems like what everyone is really talking about. something that people are not publicly saying much about veered i think people know that this is such a sensitive topic. what happens next will be really important for future silicon valley. melissa: does business still go on in silicon valley? a lot of people want to get funding. they get work from so many famous companies. in many ways, they know better at this point in time. do people believe it? do they not take this on anymore? >> it is known as being a
2:43 pm
forefront. the partner roster has about 20% women. it is in the single is digit percentages. what we are seeing is they are trying to screen women into firms and it does not make up for the culture that is already there. melissa: keeping a pretty close eye on it. are there inconsistencies? >> that is the crazy thing. right now, she is on the stand as we speak. poking holes are a different story. contradicting herself in past that definitions. right now it really seems like it is anyone's game. big 12 she is taking $16 million
2:44 pm
in back pay thank you so much. from a the hollywood hills to the governor's mansion one for office. here now our very own cheryl casone eight who went straight to the source. cheryl: off the record one-on-one conversation. i was here in new york. mr. clooney was there. do you plan to run for governor in california? melissa, no. he said, look, i have been asked this before. i know that there have been a lot of rumors. i have no interest to run for political office. their active in all issues. he told me i just believe that d.c. runs too slow and i could
2:45 pm
not get enough done or accomplished if i was in political office. i would rather do what i am doing now because i can get something done. mr. clooney and his beautiful wife standing there by his side veered he was you know, a bachelor running around with their young women and kind of partying a lot. he really changed his personal life. again, melissa, he told me last night and i believe him. melissa: what check in with liz claman. liz: sources are telling us he now has a second song that may be in the crosshairs. this just one day after a jury returned a verdict that said guilty of copyright infringement they say that he stole the music. the beats. the feel.
2:46 pm
everything. from marvin gaye. there is now in another song that the entire music industry and l.a. is talking about. we have the lawyer for marvin gaye's family. he is coming up live. will he take a lesser settlement if vick says we will not appeal. coming up live. stay tuned for that. shipping on demand. how many of us order something that is not quite right and thought about putting it right back in the box and printing the label is too much of a nightmare. you have to hear about this one. melissa: very cool. i look forward to that. melissa: it is not sunbathing weather just yet. heights of 7 feet tall blushing ashore. meteorologists say that this
2:47 pm
could be a once in a generation occurrence. look at that. how cool is that. new england caught up in the danger zone. warmer temperatures causing chunks of ice to break free. demolishing car windshields. the damage continuing to pile up. boston's winter damage totals expected to be as high as $60 billion. very dangerous. promising a chore. a compound that will melt away fat. investors are busy buying stock right now. guess who is back on the runway. just invading the cat walk in paris. you can never have too much money. ♪ ♪ at mfs, we believe in the power
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as is his 12 and two is making money today. americans so unpaved that even the most members is six figures. $300,000 a year. that is really good. making more money on the catwalk. siouxland her. a show during valentino. following closely behind his arch nemesis. also known as zero when will send. love it. making money with good old-fashioned hard work. girl scouts.
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opening a drive through just for girl scouts. those are my favorites right now. it is on main street. now you can go get your thin mints. they have already sold 1200 boxes. i need some of those. stocks falling back. following major averages in the green. let's go to the cole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole: a pharmaceutical stock. there it is. when you look at it, it you can see that the stock is up 6%. about 52% this year. about the risk of an injection. it goes into the lower chin. it creates fullness.
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the next decision is on may 13. it will be a good one. watch this one. it has been a real winner. melissa: thank you so much. robin thick forest to cough up over $7 million for plagiarizing marvin gaye. totally justifiable. you decide. at the end of the day it is all about money. ♪
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. ♪. >> the line is pretty clear now a court telling robin thicke and pharrell to pay up. a jury awarding 7.3 million dollars to the family of marvin gaye. they found the duo did cop the
2:57 pm
late singer's hit "got to give it up." you judge for yourself. listen. ♪. >> right there. at that part, it sounds the same. here is moses avalon and music business consultant and author of confessions of a record producer along with attorney dominic romano. i think our studio lights are blinding you there. are these the same songs? did marvin gaye get ripped off? >> i'm torn on this, i'm an artist rights advocate usually on the side of the producer. the createst process is a fluid one and a lot of times you know, there is no due diligence done on songs before they spend thousands of dollars recording
2:58 pm
or millions releasing them. my heart goes out to both sides on this issue. >> i didn't hear ripoff or not a ripoff. yes or no? >> this is too difficult. even though it sounds like the same from a copyright point of view that has to be the copy of the melody and the lyric. in that case it's not a ripoff. >> no not at all. >> go ahead, dominic. >> this is one of the worst copyright decisions of all-time. a horrible decision. great for lawyers it's very bad for creative people. >> why? >> i agree. >> this is evocative. evoking a feeling of the late 70s. late '77 song is slashings -- similar but it's not the same. >> is it true they have to have the same lyric and the same melody? what is the standard legally dominic. >> they played a bunch of court progressions at trial.
2:59 pm
robin thicke did. youtube, the beatles, michael jackson, a lot of pop songs have similar progressions. if you're evoking a song from a another era it's going to sound similar to several songs from the disco and soul period. to award 7.3 million dollars is a mistake. the jury confused fact with emotion. >> moses, does this hurt creativity going forward? 10 seconds, what do you think? >> i don't think it will, i don't think there's a lot of due diligence done for these type of recordings. and i agree with dominic. >> leave it there. thanks to both of you. stay tuned to fox business "countdown" is going to speak to the attorney for marvin gaye's family and "after the bell" is going to have an interview with pharrell and robin thicke. that saul we have for now, i hope you are making money today "countdown to the closing bell" starts right now.
3:00 pm
liz: fearing the fed specifically rate hike are investors over it? green on the screen. is june a rate hike sure thing? the fed whisperer, jon hilsenrath on the two things the fed may be about to announce. today the lines are anything but blurred when it comes to knock off other people's music. marvin gaye's family twisting the knife asking a judge to stop all sales of robin thicke and pharrell williams hit "blurred lines" after the jury found they ripped off gaye's sound. you heard it melissa the attorney representing gaye's family what did it for the jury and whether the knife will stab at pharrell's most famous tune, making pharrell very unhappy. walking dead. make believe, right? not so


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