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tv   FOX News Reporting Unholy War - The March of ISIS  FOX Business  March 14, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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from new york. they shake the earth. they believe they're holy warriors. >> they started shooting at us from all directions. >> there's nothing holy about them. >> if a girl refused sex, they would rape her. >> the evil known as isis tonight. >> they tied them to a chair threw water on their bodies, and attacked electrical cables to them. >> this this house right here 18 members of the family were killed. over there 30. >> can they be stopped? >> to defeat them is very possible. >> is america doing enough? >> how do americans and other allies view u.s. leadership?
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fox news reporting "unholy war: a march of isis." >> we're coming to you from the presidential palace in cairo. a career ago much of the world hasn't heard from isis. it was dismissed by president obama as the jv team. the terrorist army come to dominate the news with the brutality. this hour we're going to show you isis as very few have seen it. up close. the damage it has brought to families, villages a whole region that simply was in the wrong place with the wrong believes. we'll also talk exclusively with one world leader who dared to challenge islamic terror and standing up to it. even daring it to call it by itself name.
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we go to northern iraq in a small village that was visited by evil. august 15th it was decision today for the people of koe cho village. ten miles south of sinjar mountain a critical cross roads and ancient landmark in northern iraq. >> translator: isis rounded the whole village. >> isis had given the villagers, like this an ultimatum convert to islam or lose all their belongings and join the you arerefugees that fled to the mount sinjar. >> isis came and they made a circle with cars. >> his cousin lived in koe cho. he was out of town but his wife and children were there. >> translator: they collected everyone together in this school
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building. >> his wife remembers ss seeing the isis fighters come that day. >> translator: i was scared. we were very scared when we saw them. >> she and allie were marched to the local elementary school. >> translator: the school had two main corridors east and west. they collected all the men in the east corridor and the women in the west corridor. >> isis then took money and mobile phones from the men and the keys to their family cars. they took jewelry and gold from the women. >> translator: isis took everything from us. >> next the men were divided into groups. they brought ali's group outside to a dried up irrigation ditch just like isis did to iraqi army p.o.w.s week before. >> translator: we were deceived. we had no way to escape. they asked us all to stand in the middle of the ditch. put our heads down, and stay there. i heard them speaking in arabic
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saying islamic state. about 25 fighters were surrounding us. and then they started shooting at us from all directions. >> he was shot in the back and arm. >> translator: at first they just shot at everyone from all around and killed most of the people. second time they went over and those who were sighing and were in pain they would find them and kill them. they would shoot at their head. >> he passed out from the pain and bleeding. >> translator: when i became aware again i crawled up to see who was alive and had gotten out before me. >> he was one of three male survivors in what would become known as the koe cho massacre. isis killed an estimated 500 men that day. his cousin was outside of the town, but isis was all around the area and they captured him. >> translator: isis kidnapped me for 17 days.
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>> he escaped from captivity at night when his guards were sleeping. once he was free, he made a horrible discovery. >> translator: my sister was taken captive with my wife. they took about 700 women and children in the village. they took everyone that we cared about. they took all of our dears. for a father a man, his wife is dear to him. his daughters, his sons, family, friends, his tribe. they took everything from us. >> ava, a villager newly married and pregnant was careing for her sick mother so she couldn't escape. >> translator: my mother was crying when they took my father. we asked them where are the men? what did you do to them? they said men are under islamic state now and they will be fined. >> ava and the women were loaded on to buses and taken to syria
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to be sold as slaves. >> translator: the buyers would check the women. the buyers would ask them to remove their scarf. they would check their hair and their teeth and they would ask their age, and if they haven't had children they would be taken a wives. and those that were sick or not in a good situation they would be taken as servants. >> ava also saw what happened to women who didn't go along with what isis wanted. >> translator: women were asked to convert to islam but they resisted and said no now we're yezidis it is forbidden in our religion to convert to another religion. so they tied them to a chair threw water on their bodies, and attached electrical table cables to them. some of the women who were tortured a lot would cut their wrists and commit suicide. others would suffocate themselves with blankets. >> because ava was pregnant she
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was not acceptable for sale. to protect herself, she also pretended to be deaf and mute. isis took her to a building with a makeshift sign hospital of the islamic state written on the front. she spent the next 50 days in a darkroom in the basement. >> translator: we asked the women with us what happened to their babies and they told us they had been taken away. they were separating women from their babies to stop them from escaping. >> after about seven weeks in captivity, she gave birth. she had already gone through forced separation from her husband, now isis was ready to strip away her child. >> translator: someone who was in charge of the isis fighters came to me and said i will take you myself. you can't take care of your child and put you in an asylum and give your baby to another family. >> the isis fighter took her to an apartment. if she wanted to keep her baby
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it was now or never. >> translator: he told me had he something to do and when he came back he would put me in asylum. then he asked me if we needed anything to eat. then i kept silent. >> as soon as he left she took a knife and used it to pry open the door and escape. luckily she was able to find a house nearby that would take her in. >> translator: i spoke with my husband through the internet and i told him i was in a friendly man's house and gave the number to my husband and we spoke on the phone. the arab man told my husband, don't worry, i'll take care of her as my daughter. after three days in their house, they helped me escape with his daughter's id. >> her husband paid $4,000 to get her out of isis territory. the islamic state insists that its actions are neither rather dom nor barbaric. the group published guidelines for what it called sinjar
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operations. enslaving the families of the infidels and taking their women is a firmly established aspect of thesha ree ya. >> translator: it had been the tradition since the early islamic conference when they took over. they have certain rules. >> this is an analyst at a research center who has made study of the rise of the islamic state. >> i think there is a tendency among people to think it's mostly in the west to say that isis is nothing to do with islam. i think that is absolutely false. isis justifies everything every act that they conduct and carry out for islamic traditions. >> the blind adherence to tradition. >> translator: my feeling was i never ever see them again. these people took the smile from our lips.
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koe joe was defenseless against the onslaught of isis. they needed a champion and they got one. would it be enough? the massacre at kojo was horrifying. more horrifying was isis cutting a swath against the middle east. repeated such atrocities whenever it went. to coptic christians. historical happenstance may have placed the villagers in the path of isis, but there was one woman who wasn't going to let the world standby and watch. not if she could help it. have a began key keel is a member of the iraqi parliament rent renting the land of jonah by the bible and the area being overrun by isis.
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many of those being slaughtered by isis were members of the yezidis. those are her people. last year on august 5th as the bodies started piling up she sounded the alarm. ignoring orders to stop talking, she then calls the assault on her community a again sidegenocide, and says, quote, brothers i appeal to you in the name of humanity to save us. she collapsed on the floor of the iraqi parliament. i recently met her. anyone who sees the video of you making that speech in the iraqi parliament can see the pain you're feeling over your people. >> i want to show that tragedy that big tragedy of yezidi people. the tragedy of those women are being kidnapped.
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the kidnapping of those women and those children. >> did you see response from the iraqi parliament? >> after that nothing happened, and i don't know why. >> she doesn't think againgenocide is too harsh a word to describe what isis it does when it offers the people it conquers a choice. that's no choice at all. >> one person in isis says you have two options. change your religion and come to islam and honor the kwororan or i kill you. most will say okay kill me. >> the yezidis worship one god like christians jews and muslims and they revere both the bible and the koran but their faith incorporate's ancient persian rights that are found in neither book. >> in the koran you are a
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believer you should -- this is thinking about that. >> she does more than represent her people in baghdad she traveled by helicopter to sinjar mountain, ten miles north of the village of kojo last august 12th on a rescue mission after the yezidis had fled there to escape isis. >> i want to help those people on the mountain. get them some food and water. >> a chaotic scene developed when dozens of refugees swarming the chopper. >> only we can help 25 people. >> the helicopter was too heavy. and it crashed. >> you were hurt. >> i broke my leg.
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and i think this is not -- >> the nightmare for the ya teeezidis continues to this day. and the mentality of isis if you are not with them -- i should kill you.
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in 2014 isis rampaged across iraq with their vision of an islamic state with death and destruction. before december, isis controlled a land mass larger than the united kingdom, but perhaps just as significant, they had captured the attention of the world. they did this through a fairly sophisticated social media campaign. as a message to everyone about their intentions, and as a recruiting tool. the one part of the campaign that no one could ignore gruesome videos. they showed such things as british terrorist mohammed emwazi emwazi, aka jihadi john decapitating james foley and james satloff. president obama responded and eight months later it was clear isis was no longer just the jv
11:22 pm
team. >> we will conduct a systemic campaign of air strikes against these terrorists. working with the iraqi government we'll expand our efforts beyond protecting our own people and humanitarian missions so we're hitting isil targets as iraqi forces go on offense. >> the plan was to degrade and destroy isil. but the effort would be limited to air strikes because the president swore that the deployment of american ground troops. the eager yezidi people had been forced to flee to sinjar mountain. many of their villages had been blown up by isis after they left or isis still controls them so they have no place to return to. thousands are still on the mountain. fox news sent benjamin hall, journalist and author of the new book" inside isis" to mount sin
11:23 pm
area to assess the situation. >> we're driving up to mount sinjar at the moment. it appears there's been a lot of heavy fighting inging around here. up ahead of us is the mountain itself where the yezidis took the refuge in june. there are many of them up there. living conditions on the mountain provided -- >> translator: there are different tents. some are cold. some are okay. in the summer it was about 50 warm now it come down to 0 degrees sellcelsius. her tent on mount sinjar was filled with family and strangers. >> some of them are my relative and some are just newcomers we welcomed among us. we share the tent together. >> not all the refugees are atop mount sinjar. those who made their way off the mountain were living newly constructed trailer parks.
11:24 pm
most of the women taken as slaves are still missing. some have been able to get messages back to their people. their plea? don't worry about our safety. bomb our isis captors. one of those messages -- >> translator: please help us. we are raped many many times in a day. we need to die. >> and the unthinkable a plea from an iraqi mother that her kidnapped daughter be put out of their misery. >> i have five girls and they tell me please, can you make someone kill us? anything? the obama administration concedes it may take years to destroy isil, but draft keel who we met earlier isn't willing to wait that long to get back his wife, children, and sister.
11:25 pm
he's occasionally been in touch with his sister by a cell phone. >> translator: she was taken captive with my wife. she was first taken to the saudi arabia border. >> he spent his days desperately hoping for a call or text. but since late november nothing. he can only fear the worst. as you walk down these streets you notice each house has a same story of woes. there's a house over here which 18 members have been killed. one over there where 30 have died. if you walk around these camps you see very little hope and very the world is filled with air. but for people with copd sometimes breathing air can be difficult. if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily anoro ellipta. it helps people with copd breathe better
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power to prosper. so far we've seen how isis are a ravaged the yezidis. it meant death for the men and slavery for the women. it was only small part that isis delivered to those in its path. the world wasn't fast enough to save the yezidis and soon the question would become would be able to turn back isis at all? if it were to be done, who would lead? isis had little trouble slashing through northern iraq in 2014.
11:31 pm
but late in the year there was a counter attack. it came from the kurds. the middle eastern ethnic minority more concentrated in the area. their fighting force the person mere georgia, backed by international air strikes succeeded in opening up a corridor to mount sinjar where thousands of yezidis were trapped. our reporter benjamin hall was there when the peshmerga faced a renewed offensive from isis. at the time the village of cojo was controlled by isis and completely inassessable. there was plenty of action around the yezidi capital of sinjar city. >> we heard isis attacked where we were an hour ago. it was right up in the front lines of sinjar city. it sounded like one man lost a leg and arm. i'm not sure he's going to make it. >> translator: the shooting you
11:32 pm
hear in the background is gunfire being exchanged between us and then. i spoke to the general yesterday, commander of the peshmerga infantry. >> translator: the fight is currently going on inside sinjar city. >> he wishes his fighters were better equipped. >> translator: the weapons we received were old weapons. we need modern weapons like helicopters, and armored vehicles. he worries his forces have been armed by isis which has been armed, ined aaded aadvertently by the u.s. >> most of the weapons given to iraqis were have fallen to isis' hands. they have modern and advanced weapons like armored vehicles. >> peshmerga we spoke to are bitter about how they were paying for the cowardess of the iraqi forces. >> translator: right now isis has their weapons.
11:33 pm
>> meanwhile others are rallying toward them. >> whether it's coming or going, i couldn't tell you at this time. >> patrick, a 37-year-old american doesn't want us to use his full name. he's one of the handful american and european adventure seekers who have joined the peshmerga. >> at lot of rpgs. i don't know how many they have but it's an endless barrage. mortars? they shake the earth, man. >> while i was there they were having a standoff inside sinjar city. the forces are separated by 150 feet. patrick who served in the u.s. army in iraq is a cavalry scout and protecting the check points set out by the kurds. >> in a snipers nest. isis are like rats. they come through buildings, you know. it's heavy fighting. >> the battle for sinjar is
11:34 pm
about more than destroying the yezidi yezidi's home. it's a dealing a powerful blow by isis to continue the campaign. according to the general -- >> translator: they are in great financial through the oil they transit. this is one of the main roads which connects mosul to syria which is why they don't want to lose sinjar. >> indeed the peshmerga as fighting a war not just for their own but to help rid the world of isis. they believe they'll need more support. >> translator: more support. it doesn't make sense. >> when i was there the peshmerga were barely able to hold their own. they're now attacking and we decided to pull out. you know, anyone who thinks that isis is being pushed back in the conflict need only to come to realize that in fact much more is needed to defeat them and
11:35 pm
until they get the weapons and the support that they desperately need, it's going to be a long and drawn out fight. >> that's benjamin hall in northern iraq. when we come back, the fight in washington over how best to deal with isis. ♪ edward jones. with nearly 7 million investors oh hey, neill, how are you? you'd expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. get fast-acting, long-lasting relief from heartburn with it neutralizes stomach acid and is the only product that forms a protective barrier that helps keep stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. try gaviscon®. the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day.
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better out there . see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. barack obama has run as an anti-war candidate. he was the one who was going to get us out of iraq. what does such a white house do when it looks like we may need to go back? >> we shouldn't fight it. >> barack obama ran as an anti-war candidate. once in office, many thought his first order of business would be to get america out of iraq. they weren't far off. before his first term was out, the last 500 american troops stationed in iraq packed their
11:39 pm
gear and left. >> we're leaving behind a sovereign, stable and self-reliant iraq. >> some worried, however, that failing to reach an agreement to stay behind u.s. forces would create a power vacuum. i spoke to the ambassador who works on the president's team dealing with isis. >> critics say by us not getting the agreement we facilitated the growth of isis. how do you respond to that? >> i do wish we were able to leave a residual force to do some counter terrorism. the iraqis made a difficult negotiation with them in very late 2011, but i can tell, you brett, we're focus order where we are now. >> general michael flynn who headed defense agency from 2012 to 2014 agrees that we have to move on. >> hindsight is 20/20. we have to admit to the mistake and say what are we going to do about it? >> as we've seen one group that filled the vacuum was isis.
11:40 pm
and one group that is paying for that? are the yezidis which brings us back to this family. >> you have been in america now for a number of days. >> she came to washington, d.c. last december seeking help for her beleaguered people. >> i'm here to have some person organization to help us. >> she made the rounds including an appearance at the congressional hearing and met with u.n. ambassador samantha power. her message? her people needed more than american air strikes. following the policy of the obama administration, vian could get no promises for american troops. >> the yezidis think there could be more humanitarian aid and help fighting isis in their specific area. how do you answer that? >> everybody in this the whole region wants more, and i wish we
11:41 pm
would do everything we can. in the case of yezidis and the case of northern iraq we have done over 200 air strikes working with them. >> the krurds outgunned. some don't have helmets, some don't have the right armor. how do you respond? >> i talk to the kurds almost every day. when isil launched its attack into the kurdistan region in early act we acted immediately. where we are today they have taken back almost all the territory they lost. congress is going to be supplying the kurds very sophisticated equipment. >> general flynn wonders why american help has been so little so late. the kurds want more air support than we're giving them. >> we have to rely on these guys. they're doing some brave things. they're looking to us to say, hey, we still need your help. >> it's too slow. we have to figure out where is the roadblock and get these guys what they need. >> we've seen firsthand the
11:42 pm
suffering of the yezidis. >> yeah. >> some horrific stories. >> yep. >> so are they the canaries in the coal mine that kind of describe what happens if isis comes to town? >> yeah. and we can't allow another yezidi yezidi. >> you were talking about the policy, and obviously it changed. it developed, it evolved. is it now degrade and destroy isil, as you call them over a period of three years? >> well you know, brett we have an assessment of the organization and how strong it is. we think within a period of two to three years, we can significantly degrade the organization. that means it won't beholding territory anymore it won't be a major threat to the u.s. or our interests overseas. it is going to take time. >> the united states can't lead from behind because we're just too big. so it's not matter of leading from behind and just sort of sitting there and twid ling our thumbs and let everybody figure it out.
11:43 pm
if we stay we're leading. lead us in the right direction. >> one major fear is that if the u.s. doesn't do more, iran will happily fill the void and expand its very considerable influence in the region. >> the administration isn't helping but also isn't condemning iran for its role against isis. especially iraq. what is your view of iran and isis? >> part of me says we have to tell iran you get the hell out of iraq. let us try to help the rest of this -- let us try to help iraq and the region stabilize what it is we need to do. but you have to back off. >> not that the u.s. is standing still. as part of the administration's evolving strategy, the military is training 25,000 iraqis to face off against isis. but the question remains will the u.s. ever put troops on the ground in this fight? >> so is your sense that we're better off encouraging other
11:44 pm
arab nations to do the fighting and we just back them up to not get drawn in or you have to engage at some point? >> you have to engage at some point, but in one of the things i have stated as an idea is this proposal for an arab nato like structure and i was actually surprised but pleasantly surprised that the president a few weeks back talked about the formation of an arab coalition kind of like that. >> and that's why we went to egypt to talk to this dynamic new leader. when we come back. we present an exclusive interview with the man who has been the most outspoken head of state in the arab world. egyptian president abdel fattah el sisi. to me, he's the leader who is finally saying what is needed to be said for a long time. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact.
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in a stunning speech on new year's day, 2015, egyptian president abdel fattah el sisi denounced killing and destruction done in the name of islam, and the clerics that support it. he believed it was time for a revolution in his religion. it was a brave words from a leader in a region where radicals are. i spoke to el sisi for what steps he needed for his country, for muslims, and for the world. >> translator: i said a religious revolution. it is not a revolution of religion. on the contrary, it is an revolution to support and
11:49 pm
reinstate the -- we are fighting all the misconceptions that are created extreme ideologies, which by turn created terrorism that is threatening. >> that is a bold stand. what has been the reaction you've received since you gave that speech and you continue to talk about this revolution inside islam? >> translator: we have to stand up andennd -- as far as the action of the extremists of course they will not be happy, and for them i am a zreebl person but i'm doing this for humanity and for history and religion itself. >> mr. president, in recent days you've met with the king of jordan, the king of saudi arabia about possibly forming this joint arab force.
11:50 pm
this coalition this alliance to counter isis. what is at stake for your country and the region? >> translator: we have to admit that terrorism is now a major threat not only to egypt or even the immediate region but it is a threat to the stability and security of the whole world. >> what do you need to make that arab force that united arab coalition a reality, and do you think it would be more effective in this fight than a u.s.-led coalition? >> translator: there is no confident between the aid of this arab coalition and the international role led by the united states. as a matter of fact our role here will be important part of the whole international coalition. in order to counter this danger. >> i sense, though, the u.s. stopped supplying military
11:51 pm
weapons and equipment after june, 2013. they stopped for awhile, and then it slowed. >> translator: it's a long time. we thought it would take time to understand what happened in egypt. they need to understand it was and has been the will of the egyptians. >> you wrote your dissertation on democracy in the muslim world when you were at the army war college in the u.s. is islam compatible with democracy? >> translator: a very good question. allow me to say to you real islam gives complete freedom to a human being to choose not only the person who is going to rule that country, but the freedom to
11:52 pm
believe in god in the first place or not to believe in god in the first place. i'm saying to people who may have to impose their religious perspective on others by force. i'm saying that god has allowed them the gift of free choice. this means an absolute freedom. an absolute liberty of choice. god created us different from each other. if god wanted us the same people looking alike and having the same religion and language he would have created us alike. >> how do you, and how do american american america's other allies view leadership in the region now? >> translator: with might comes responsibility. with power comes possibility. and the united states has a lot of might and that is why its
11:53 pm
responsibility is huge. >> we've heard people say in the middle east and north africa that america's friends no longer feel they can really depend on the u.s. and america's adversaries no longer fear the u.s. is that fair? >> translator: feels a lot of threats and really worried. and the public wants to see a big response from capable countries. countries that are able to provide assistance. for example, the suspending of the equivalent weapons and arms and negative indication to the public would be in that the united states is not standing by the egyptians while they are in the midst of a ferocious war
11:54 pm
against terrorism. >> we have seen iran expands its power. now they're fighting on the ground in iraq against isis. are you concerned about iran taking that active role or do you welcome it? >> translator: the arab countries are supposed to defend their interests. we used to -- the arab countries are capable of doing that. we're capable of restoring our capability s capabilities. >> for now the world waits to see what america will do next. but isis won't wait. if america doesn't act boldly, it is likely others in the world will step in as well. as a reminder of what this is all about, a postscript earlier this year this man lost his family was reunited with his wife and three of his children. >> translator: my wife was taken from tell affair to iraq.
11:55 pm
she escaped over a fence and got to the mountain top. she found a shepard who gave her shelter for who days in his house and helped her to escape. >> eight of his children and sister were still in isis captivity. then on january 9th a little hope. >> translator: she called me and said she had escaped from the village. >> he headed to the syrian border and spent ten hours waiting. finally, deliverance. >> translator: we have been through many tortures. >> translator: i was afraid they wouldn't let you cross. i thought they would keep you there. >> translator: the isis members who came to iraq took all the christian girls to have sex with them. i did whatever they wanted except sex. if a girl refused sex, they
11:56 pm
would rape her. it's a tearful reunion as they return to the camp but him and his wife cannot rest until they're reunited with all of their children. >> translator: i wish i were dead and they were here at least, with their father. i prefer my death to them being there with isis. there is no normal life for me. >> some such as president obama a year ago compare isis to amateurs. a rag tag bunch who, if anything, would love to draw us into war. others compare them to the nazis in their early days. a dangerous single-minded force that should be dealt with before they get even more instructive. time will tell. this much we know for sure, the carnage is real and will continue if unchecked.
11:57 pm
as the world watches with revulsion revulsion every country, indeed, every person will have to ask when enough is really enough. that's our program from cairo, egypt. thank you for watchi ♪ at mfs, we believe in the power of active management. every day, our teams collaborate around the world to actively uncover, discuss and debate investment opportunities. which leads to better decisions for our clients. it's a uniquely collaborative approach you won't find anywhere else. put our global active management expertise to work for you. mfs. there is no expertise without collaboration. it's more than a network and the cloud. it's reliable uptime. and multi-layered security. it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions, including an industry leading broadband network, and cloud and hosting services - all with dedicated responsive support. with centurylink as your trusted technology
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too. remember, while your medication is doing you good a dry mouth isn't biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. tonight, how could this be happening in america? citizens put in the crosshairs of their government by agents from the irs to the atf. >> they were looking for a way to scare us. >> and homeland security. >> homeland security raiding a guitar factory makes no sense. >> environmental authorities threatening jail time. >> we're going to use everything in the book to come after you. >> and federal rangers staging a cattle grab. >> fully armed and fully ready to square for a fight. >> what is it like when a powerful force you thought was on your side turns against you? you can begin a struggle that will last for years. >> i'm not the only one, i'm speaking for thousands, maybe


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